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Martin Amis

Martin Louis Amis FRSL (* 25 August 1949 in Swansea, South Wales) is a British novelist, the author of many novels including Money (1984) and London Fields (1989).

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Martin Amis covered this nicely in Harper's during election season. Dug up old interviews where DT showe…
The PPE cretins have screwed this country for years but give ex-pat Martin Amis a platform to criticise Corbyn'…
Martin Amis, he turned to speak American.' Tell Your car's face of Wales surged across the night...
Anne Enright brilliant on Martin Amis on Nabokov, Bellow, Hitchens etc
Martin Amis is the very worst embodiment of the contemporary novelist.
Yes - clearly of no great importance to the nation. What we want to hear about is Martin Amis' views on Co…
Why Zadie Smith, Martin Amis and Jonathan Franzen stay away from .
Want to sell my book so I can get me some of those expensive Martin Amis teeth.
Some cracking essays in new Martin Amis collection The Rub Of Time. Sublime stuff on Larkin, Ballard, Hitchens, Roth, his father & others.
Bruce Chatwin’s short and brilliant career, Martin Amis, & his final novel, Utz
A direct translation is 'The Salon of Martin Amis'.
As a woman you realise Amis is 'not talking to you, he is talking to someone (Hitchens, Amis himself) born in 1949.'
Martin Amis new collection of journalism is keeping me up at night. And passing the early baby filled morning.
Britain, on the eve of Brexit and in decline, is no country for an old novelist called Martin Amis via
Book review: The Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump and Other Pieces, 1986-2016 by Martin Amis…
Pet peeve: people who insist that Kingsley Amis is a better writer than Martin.
Best thing I’ve read all week. The Rub of Time by Martin Amis – brilliant, except when it’s not
"Hatred is a stimulant, but it shouldn’t become an intoxicant." - Martin Amis
Martin Amis got one thing right - - weak and limping in a straight line.
Brilliant review of by Wish I could write like this.…
My lovely little boy visiting nursery today. He was so very happy. 'I'm now so sentimental I squelch when I walk'…
Martin Amis retelling an absolute corker from Clive James on Mitt Romney. The baby is asleep, now it's just me and…
I have never, to my shame, read any of Anne Enright's novels but her review of Martin Amis's essays makes me want to
Brilliant review by Anne Enright of The Rub of Time by Martin Amis: ".. *** that fool can write."
This, by Anne Enright, is one of those rare book reviews that stands as a great piece in its own right:
Martin Amis said it was a facist and his meaning was they have an unhealthy interest just l…
Some sage advice for some malodorous contributors "We grant that hatred is a stimulant but it shouldn't become an i…
I respect Martin Amis’s views on Britain as much as those of any other rich old man who lives in New York.
Martin Amis on Jeremy Corbyn: "That good showing in the election did not improve his A-level gra…
Martin Amis spend years in crammers before he got any O Levels, so should probably stop banging on about Corbyn's A le…
The new collection of Martin Amis essays has got me involved in a few conversations about Christopher Hitchens.
"To go-it alone seems like a denial of decline" - author Martin Amis on "self inflicted wound" of Brexit
Martin Amis doesn't like anything, though, surely?
'Corbyn shows no autodidact streak..Is he a reader?' Dr Amis on man who taught himself Spanish & fav book is Ulysses https:…
"The Rub of Time is Amis at his considered best, witty, erudite and unafraid" - Anne Enright .
Excellent take down of Martin Amis pessimism
The sound of a nail being hit firmly on the head
"This is what an artist has to be: harassed to the point of insanity or stupefaction by first principles." - MARTIN AMIS
'Martin Amis makes readers feel that they are the only person there.' - Rachel Cusk
You're not a child. Bin your Martin Amis novels and cavort around a campfire.
on the plus side I'm gonna eat a massive fry up and buy the new Martin Amis because I'm all about bad choices this weekend
This piece by Anne Enright is one of the best reviews I've read in a long time...
‘Is it sorrow? Maybe it’s just Oxford.’. This, by Anne Enright, makes you want to stand and applaud at the end. https:…
Martin Amis doesn't like the "country town, rustic, beer drinking, family butcher" type of England - metropolitan snobbery at i…
It might be totally apocryphal but according to Martin Amis, Christopher Hitchens last words were "Capitalism Downfall"
Martin Amis on missing the English, Trump, writing, and his friend Christopher Hitchens:
Martin Amis recalls Elizabeth Jane Howard writing so much faster than his father Kingsley:
“I think all writers are Martians. They come and say, You haven’t been seeing this place right.” —Martin Amis
Poker with Martin Amis, David Mamet, Anthony Holden (top row). Anyone recognize the tops of the others' heads?. Photo…
And yet Martin Amis credited Jane Austen & not Kingsley for his own literary success
Carol Morley to shoot Martin Amis thriller in US with Patricia Clarkson
Carol Morley to direct the amazing Patricia Clarkson in a "radical" adaptation of Martin Amis's Night Train
My new film is a VERY radical adaptation of a Martin Amis book! Starring the sublime Patricia Clarkson! https:…
A prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, Money by Martin Amis.
Coetzee, Ian McEwan, Lucy Ellman, the non-SF of Iain Banks... I have at least broken the Martin Amis habit.
Sure, but Martin Amis always gets read in the terms of his father Kingsley, even Henry James in the terms of..
Martin Amis, Oriana Fallaci, Michel Houllenbecq - all warned of the coming Muslim tide that would turn Europe into "Eurabia."
I've got Martin Amis (with whom I also share a full set of initials - both MLAs) and Howard Jacobson. When is Tilly's?
I completely adore Martin Amis' letters home from boarding school with footnotes from his adult self.
“The deal with multiculturalism is that the only culture you're allowed to disapprove of is your own.” . ― Martin Amis
It's the summit of idleness to deplore the present, according to Martin Amis. Trump is making us all bone idle.
I've still not decided on whether I like Martin Amis. I loved The Rachel Papers. Hated Dead Babies. Gave up on Money twice.
Given up on Martin Amis's Money for the second time. Can't read anymore. (53% through on Kindle) Haven't given up on a book for ages.
Martin Amis: The Muslim community will have to suffer. What sort of suffering? Not letting them travel. Deportation…
Martin Amis also wrote about Qutb in "The Second Plane"
Martin Amis: All writing is a campaign against cliché. Not just clichés of the pen but clichés of the mind and of the heart.
Martin Amis on a Trump White House is eerily accurate.
The literary interview won't tell you what a writer is like. Far mor...
Martin Amis is an elitist buffoon.saying v foolish things about Americans!
Wonder if Martin Amis is working on a sequel to Money where John Self becomes Prime Minister...
The man next to me on the plane this morning was called Arseny Slutsky. Sounds like a jumping off point for a Martin Amis novel.
" The first thing that distinguishes. a writer is that he is most alive. when alone." ~ Martin Amis
'...Hitler was a politicians dream, anything he wanted done was done..' : Martin Amis.
"Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn." Martin Amis
Addictions do come in handy sometimes: at least you have to get out of bed for them. - Amis, Martin
1930s Germany was, as Martin Amis put it, "the most highly educated society there had ever been on earth." Don't sa…
His good friend Martin Amis said Agnosticism is the way to go.
Theory: Martin Amis&Ian McEwan are locked in a battle to come up w/ the worst possible concept for a novel&write it ht…
What if we're all living in 1984, but Donald Trump is living in Martin Amis's Time's Arrow?
another writer, Martin Amis. His collection of journalism, 'The Moronic Inferno' is amongst my favourite, and most re-read books.
. "The most interesting things happen to you when you are alone.” Ma…
Just been tidying up my guide to Martin Amis - what do you think?
Including this picture of Martin Amis looking out of a window.
Martin Amis deconstructs his character brilliantly with this book review:
I'm generally against days (overrated) but if you're looking for a good read for try The Zone of Interest, Martin Amis
The difference between Christopher Hitchens and James Fenton, as explained by Martin Amis & reported by Julian Barnes
Martin Amis working on novel about Christopher Hitchens, Saul Bellow and Philip Larkin | Books | The Guardian
Written by Martin Amis! Directed by Stanley Donen, of Singin’ in the Rain fame! Still terrible.
I've just read Martin Amis's chilling yet excellent novel 'The Zone of Interest'. It's petrifying to read in these dark days.
With a nod to Martin Amis and Julian Barnes, heads to the baize to take on
christ, Chris Morris dismantling Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens is a pull-quote fact
The Tims are on the warpath. (It was Martin Amis who said men called Tim had never achieved anything, not me)
To discuss a Martin Amis book, you must first discuss the orchestrated release of a Marti
Martin Amis' The Rachel Papers had nothing to do with Friend ;(
Martin Amis said there are two types of long book: ones that need to be long, and short books that go on for a very long time.
advice from Martin Amis: Emily Arden, author via
Hiya, are you interested in books in german? Authors like Martin Amis,Toni Morrison,Paul Auster,Irvine Welsh...
In "The Rachel Papers" (1989) Damian Harris manages to capture quite well that cocky spirit of teenage love so well defined by Martin Amis.
Simon Callow, Martin Amis and Ayelet Waldman inspiring .How short a lifetime is, all that remains unread!
Bruce Robinson, John Banville, Michael Chabon, Martin Amis, William Dalrymple - see them on Sunday at the Borris Festival
David Baddiel in conversation with Martin Amis regarding the concept of the 'Great Man'.
Hi book clubbers,. Next months choice is 'The Rachel Papers' by Martin Amis, his first novel. One those books we...
OK: if Margaret Drabble passed the ball to William Boyd but Martin Amis was between them trying to intercept, that's offside
Or the cast of a Martin Amis novel.
Love how he gets angry about Alfie Deyes and Martin Amis in the SAME PARAGRAPH! That's a LOT of coffee.
Accidentally sent a book review to Martin Amis.
domain names
Martin Amis on "...essentially incurious about anything beyond his immediate sphere.’
Sitting in London Fields, thinking of Martin Amis and wanting to shoot the hipster mums and their generic individuality
and they're really good to talk about. Martin Amis's Heavy Water is uneven but always lots of fun.
“So I am lonely, but not alone, like everybody else.” - Martin Amis, Time’s Arrow (via wordsnquotes)
If God existed, and if He cared for humankind, He would never have given us religion. ~Martin Amis
MONEY, by Martin Amis, taught me to write in verbs.
This is the dramatis personae of a Martin Amis novel, surely
Like a list of Martin Amis characters.
[This is the story of John Self, consumer extraordinaire. "Money" by Martin Amis ♦ ♠ € 7.36 ♦
“The first literature I read was Jane Austen.” —Martin Amis
New feature with some favourites from the first 3 months of 2016:
Still buzzing after meeting Martin Amis 2 nights ago. Flesh on flesh I touched an Amis. Rather pathetic of me but it's kind of wonderful.
That Teddy Blanks is really bloody talented. I love the one that rips off Martin Amis/Cluster.
Friday lineup for Martin Amis, Michael Chabon, & more https:/…
We count you as one of our better exports, just behind Catherine Zeta Jones and Martin Amis.
Martin Amis wasn’t a fan of Davide Bowie after seeing him perform at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1973.
On how Saul Bellow and Martin Amis and Danish filmmakers Thomas Vinterberg and Per Fly influenced my novel.
I added a video to a playlist Norman Mailer interviewed by Martin Amis, 1991. (1 of 4)
Finished Money by Martin Amis. I have so many to read on my Kindle, but have cut it down to the following to start next:
Money by Martin Amis, and A Visit From the Goon Squad. I would *DEFINITELY* recommend Goon Squad to you! post-modern punk lit
Join us for the in 2016! We're starting with London Fields by Martin Amis. Details to come! 📖
In Martin Amis’s new story, a man navigates Munich amidst the influx of Oktoberfest revelers and Syrian refugees:
"You can’t see yourself in history, but that’s where you are, in history." - Martin Amis
"The personality always gets in the way of the novel" - Martin Amis . True?
Got a slightly 'haunted by the nightmare ghost of Martin Amis' vibe to it. Not that that's a bad thing.
Martin Amis on Saul Bellow's The Dean's December in his excellent 'The Moronic Inferno', originally 1982
When you watch High Wind (US book title was The Innocent Voyage), look out for a 13 yr old Martin Amis!
I added a video to a playlist Martin Amis - 2015 Hitchens Prize Ceremony
If you love the novel you'll be highly let down (unless you're a fan of child actor Martin Amis)
Life is no bowl of cherries. It,s swings and roundabouts. You win some, you lose some. Arrow, Martin Amis
Dawkins, Martin Amis, Joan Collins, on a boat. They should reunite for 2020.
I've heard it's the provisional title of Martin Amis next novel
Koba the Dread. Martin Amis's biography of Stalin. Brilliant. Great writing.
On page 97 of 306 of The Zone of Interest, by Martin Amis: Bleak. There's the word for it.
It is very difficult, it is perhaps impossible, for someone who loves his mother...
we wish this were a joke. remember beautiful souls who didnt feel morally superior to Taliban
Most stolen. When I worked in a bookstore years ago, Martin Amis was the same way
Can't wait to read Of Interest, by Martin 'The Zone' Amis!
“You say the sentence or you write the sentence again and again until the tuning fork is still.” —Martin Amis
I feel weird. I'm turning into Martin Amis.
Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens used to buy a bottle of Scotch and sit in bloodiest film they could find.
Looking for a rambling maybe helpful def thrifty last minute gift guide? Check out our final for 2015
Hang on which New Yorker has the new Rachel Kushner story? Because I'm looking at Martin Amis.
Guys, Germaine Greer literally couldn't be more awful between her trans-misogyny and her 30,000-word love letter to the v. gross Martin Amis
Say what you like about Susan Sontag, she never had a thing with Martin Amis.
'Tories are over-educated and under-learned' says Corbyn, laughing off Martin Amis jibe via
If "Martin Amis is a leading figure on the British left" then who is Peppa Pig? The shadow health secretary?
Does anyone know if Martin Amis has read or can quote any other modern poets apart from his brother's godfather, Philip Larkin?
.only got GCSE maths. No wonder he doesn't understand wonder what Martin Amis thinks?
Brooklyn hipster/Oxbridge toff Martin Amis says Jeremy Corbyn is 'undereducated' and 'humourless'. Boom!
"Tony strolled over. Our acquaintanceship is becoming mildly flirtatious." -- Martin Amis on Tony Blair in 2007
Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Martin Amis fancy themselves iconoclastic, but are nothing more than a perennial gift to the ruling class.
Jesus. Martin Amis & Tony Blair in the news. I'm expecting Oasis to slag off Blur next.
Martin Amis is right. Corbyn’s bad exam results rule him out as PM. Like that other failure at school: Churchill. Thank…
What about John Major, Martin? Major didn't even do A-levels yet he still went on to be Prime Minister. Such snobbery from Martin Amis.
I'm sorry but I think all of us, lefties, Labour moderates, Tories, should unite in no platforming Martin Amis
This splendid 2007 piece by Chris Morris on Martin Amis & Islam is worth revisiting.
A brilliant self-help meets Martin Amis line from a Guardian piece on the death of the pub:
A Martin Amis film adaptation, featuring Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thornton, is withdrawn from the Toronto Festival afte…
I like to think that post is the only thing you'll read today that combines Kingsley Amis, Martin Amis, and WCW Nitro. I like to think so.
Julian Barnes, Ian McEwan, Martin Amis, Carol Ann Duffy, Brian Patten. Just a few of the authors I first read thanks to the British Council.
Style is not neutral it gives moral directions. Martin Amis ok
“I'm a moron when I finish a novel. It's all in there and there's nothing left in here.” —Martin Amis
I have a feeling there's a similar passage in Martin Amis's Night Train. No actual woman has ever spoken thus.
Martin Amis "The Rachael Papers" its just a glorious student classic, I ADORE it.
I say the sentences again and again in my head until they sound right. MARTIN AMIS.
Is one of them "never read anything written by Martin Amis again"?
on the shelf beside Martin Amis Forever thankful my…
Book Review: "Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million" by Martin Amis via
4 of 5 stars to A Zona de Interesse by Martin Amis
oddly enough Time's Arrow is the only Martin Amis I've ever managed to finish.
You are dissing Martin Amis young Toby. Why not aim high !
Is that Martin Amis's "would have made a decent 20 page story" novel?
5 of 5 stars to The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis
Inspect your “hads” and see if you really need them. MARTIN AMIS.
Apparently Stephen Fry, Victoria Coren, Ricky Gervais & Martin Amis once played a game of poker in the depths of Wales.
A young Martin Amis stars in this 1965 adaptation of Richard Hughes' 'A High Wind in Jamaica':
Martin Amis: "Salman Rushdie, like a falcon looking through a Ventian blind". Quoted by bradshaw in 2days guardian.
My (very loud) dad, who was born in late August 1949, on Martin Amis, who was born in late August 1949.
After further inquiry it turns out the suggestion was actually made by his friend Martin Amis. I still love the anecdote though.
Getting a really weird and wholly unwelcome craving to read another Martin Amis novel. Help?
Reminded me of this piece - Do people talk about how nice Martin Amis and his house is? Amy x
What's in a name? The two tales of Tim, from and Martin Amis
Right? I wanna know about all the books blurbed by Cormac McCarthy, Martin Amis, Megan Abbott, etc.
"The kitchen was a spotless laboratory of time-saving devices. Time was constantly being saved. But for what?". - London Fields, Martin Amis
Had a talk with Zach Leader & Martin Amis re Saul Bellow for Goes out Wed night.
London Fields by Martin Amis is one of the most bizarre novels I've ever read.
*** Couldn't think of a worse person for the job. On the other hand - There's Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer, Martin Amis.
If this isn't unconscious prejudice I don't know what is: I own every Martin Amis novel but only two Zadie Smith novels. And I hate Amis.
thinking Nick Clegg was "Nick Legg" very Martin Amis - and funnier than anything in 'Lionel Asbo'.
Martin Amis was originally conceived as a character in Lucky Jim.
Quote of the Day:. “When the past is forgotten, the present is unforgettable” . - Martin Amis
Work out how much we looking at ours. Martin Amis wrote a book and never goes back to me
Sex has become much more competitive, with the girls becoming sort of predators as well. It's ferocious. — Martin Amis
The last paragraph of this review by Michael Hoffman is a very good description of the recent novels of Martin Amis -
btw, if anyones thinking of reading Martin Amis' "London Fields" it's pretty much this for 470 pages.
Just finished London Fields by Martin Amis. Totally blindsided by an intense ending. Wonderful stuff.
how not to adore Martin Amis's work, I ask you.
"Male wounds. Male rights. Male grandeur. Male whimpers of neglect." Martin Amis on masculinity
... Apologies for Yellow Dog by Martin Amis. Somebody must like it.
“There are great scars and shadows in America’s history and those things don’t go away.” — Martin Amis
Reading "Success" by one of my favourite writers, Martin Amis. So far it seems to be the apotheosis of Amos - Money, sex, vile characters.
I had many visceral reactions to the Martin Amis memoir Experience. Also, still in love with Lolita.
Sadly dear Margo far too few Americans even know who Martin Amis is (nor his Father) or Bellows
Any readers out there buy 'Time's Arrow' by Martin Amis. Or just buy anything from Martin Amis- the best writer since George Orwell.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
New VF has Martin Amis on Saul Bellow's life woven in2 his work. My friend, Mrs B.was "the lavender-eyed pickpocket in "Humboldt's Gift."
“Mere fact has no chance of being formally perfect. It will get in the way, it will be all elbows.” —Martin Amis
Love is something nebulous, yet turns out to be the only part of us that is solid, as the world turns upside down. . . Martin Amis
Sooo, um, someone told me today that my writing reminds them of Martin Amis.
Martin Amis in Vanity Fair on 100th anniversary of Saul Bellow's birth June 15th (subscription only)
The NS article on David Bowie by Martin Amis (from 1973) is magnificent.
On page 80 of 528 of The War Against Cliche, by Martin Amis
Martin Amis on 'Saul Bellow's Gift' on the digital edition -
trying to decide which Martin Amis narrator most unreliable, realized Martin Amis himself is
Martin Amis's Times Arrow has good things happen in reverse too.
Embarrassing postcards, too: IDF soldiers, Dracula, me, Martin Amis and Napoleon. What does it all mean, Josef?
If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing. -- Kinsgley Amis
Brilliant Martin Amis archive piece on Bowie in New Statesman, referring to 'preludial ambience'... .nota bene...
The Diarrhea Hut. You watch Bugs Bunny with Rachel Carson. Calvin Coolidge plays with Martin Amis nearby.
Poison-pen sequel to two famous writers at Brighton crammer: Brighton can claim to have helped turn Martin Amis…
Just been listening to William Boyd reading 'My Dream of Flying To Wake Island'.
"...the marvellous creaminess of his prose, and the weird and sudden expansions of his imagery." Martin Amis on JG Ballard, in 2009: >
Martin Amis on Samuel Beckett. “I really do hate Beckett’s prose: every sentence is an assault on my ear.”.
Christopher Hitchens, James Fenton, and Martin Amis looking like they're about to drop the most fire mixtape of 1979 http:…
I made paper aeroplanes from pages of a Martin Amis and flew them into an open fire.
Have you read the Martin Amis takedown of Hannibal? Skewers this idea of Lecter as Euro aristo, and how it ruined later books.
Deemed unfit for Shaker Aamer to read: Martin Amis' The Second Plane not allowed in by the Guantanamo Censors
Christopher Hitchens and Martin Amis discuss Saul Bellow, Israel and the Jews.
"Do you want to feel good at night or do you want to feel good in the morning?" Martin Amis.
To steal Martin Amis's line, we would be up the *** of people that want us dead.
Latest: ArtsBeat: New Publisher for German-Language Edition of Martin Amis’s ‘The Zone of Interest’
Swiss publisher picks up Martin Amis's "Zone of Interest," months after German and French publishers rejected it:
~Photographed by Angela Gorgas in 1979~. ""Style is not neutral. It gives moral directions."~Martin Amis
Sorry, you left an opening to diss Martin Amis, I *had* to charge into it.
I have described both Tan Twan Eng and Michael Chabon as "lovely". Martin Amis definitely not.
I suspect no one would say the lovely Martin Amis. The lovely Pablo Neruda, however...
Have recently gotten spam emails from "John Cheever" and "Martin Amis." Can't even count the ways in which this is hilarious.
My spam mail is getting increasingly surreal. This morning: missives from Martin Amis and John Cheever. I'm moving up in my filter's eyes.
Most of the spam that gets through these days is labeled from Malcolm Gladwell, Martin Amis, or John Cheever. Good one, spammers.
Martin Amis's literary essay on James Joyce's Ulysses may just be one of the greatest, emotive essays I've ever read. Powerful stuff.
Martin Amis talks about life with his step mother Elizabeth Jane Howard.
MARTIN AMIS Novelist, poet, critic, and teacher, father of the writer Martin Amis, generally grouped among the "angry young men" in the 1950s, though he denied the affiliation. Kingsley Amis was born in London as the only son of a business clerk. He was educated at the City of London School and St. John's College, Oxford. After service in the army with the Royal Corps of Signals Amis completed his university studies and worked as a lecturer in English at the University College of Swansea (1948-61) and in Cambridge (1961-63). He published his first collection of poems, BRIGHT NOVEMBER in 1947. It was followed by A FRAME OF MIND (1953), POEMS: FANTASY PORTRAITS (1954) and A CASE OF SAMPLES: POEMS 1946-1956 (1956). Martin Amis was born in 1949, and had Dickensian early years: "I slept in a drawer and had my baths in an outdoor sink. My nappies bore triangular singe marks where they had been dried on the fireguard. It was tough. My father's dinner would often consist of the contents of the doggybag that my mo ...
If we don't have a copy of Just Kids by Patti Smith we should definitely get one!! some other suggestions - We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live by Joan Didion, The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon, The Savage Detectives/2666 by Roberto Bolano
.. fictional and real life novelists - and what they achieved by doing so: particularly Paul Auster, Martin Amis, & Philip Roth.
I don’t want to be a mentor in my bedroom. I don’t want to sit at dinner w/someone & explain who Martin Amis or Philip Roth are.ELLEN BARKIN
They're always looking forward to going places they've just come back from, or regretting doing things they haven't yet done. -Martin Amis
18th December 2014 Favourite photobooks of 2014, by Martin Amis Over the course of a year I am fortunate enough to have many different photobooks pass through my hands. Here I am sharing some of my personal favourites based entirely on my own tastes rather than deeming these to be any better than th…
"Never trust a poet who can drive. Never trust a poet at the wheel. If he can drive, distrust the poems." - Martin Amis
My favourite of 2014 including books from
"For once in [Kingsley Amis's] life he had behaved humourlessly; and humour had promptly corrected him ..." - Martin Amis, Experience
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Keith Talent was a bad guy. Keith Talent was a very bad guy. You might even say that he was the worst guy . . ." Mart…
On how we didn't used to wet our pants over actual threats
"Death helps. Death gives us something to do. Because it's a fulltime job looking the other way.”. -- Martin Amis, London Fields
I keep expecting the world to make sense. It doesn't. It won't. Ever. . -Martin Amis
"By calling him humorless I mean to impugn his seriousness, categorically: such a man must rig up his probity ex nihilo." -- Martin Amis
Time passed. Time, the human dimension, which makes us everything we are. . -Martin Amis
'Being inoffensive, and being offended, are now the twin addictions of the culture.' (Martin Amis)
Empathy or sympathy? The importance of the novel in history. Martin Amis.
Well, I read Johnny Depp is to play a darts player in 'London Fields'. Slightly bizarre to say the least He...
Just caught up with . Great stuff. Could've done without Martin Amis slumming it though...
.gave me more space than normal, so I wrote about Martin Amis and why he'd write about the Holocaust now:
"why we do this to our writers—ask them to perform their personality for us in public" on Martin Amis:
On Martin Amis & how we hold ambitious writers to a paradoxical standard, by
Loved this BBC4 doc about the golden age of TV darts, encompassing everyone from Martin Amis to Kevin Rowland:
Martin Amis is in this darts documentary, talking about "the milieu"
"Sounds rough. Just goes to show that it’s a really dumb move, being poor." - Martin Amis, Money 
“He didn't want to please his readers. He wanted to stretch them until they twanged.” ― Martin Amis
"While making love, we often talk about money. I like it. I like that dirty talk." - Martin Amis, Money 
“Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil...It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.” ― Martin Amis, Money …
Highlight of novel: When the heroine reads Martin Amis's 'Money' and asks her British boyfriend to trans…
Was this, in 1978, the first recorded instance of the word 'natch'? (Martin Amis, SUCCESS)
Twenty may not be the start of maturity, but, in all conscience, it's the end of youth - Martin Amis, The Rachel Papers
Martin Amis, Rachel Cusk, Richard Ford, Linda Grant and more in John Sutherland's fiction of the year selection:
"Why are you so frightened of male grandeur?". Robert Bly to Martin Amis, allegedly
Today was a day of Nietzsche, Pascal and (after a trip to Horton's Books) Martin Amis. Tonight: Michael Moorcock.
Kingsley an *** I know Martin Amis is a bit of a douch. His view on minorities, working class & women in his work is horrid
Leonard Cohen is my Rabbi. “reading Martin Amis on John Updike playing Leonard Cohen, can't handle…
I'm watching author Martin Amis on TV right now. They r evading the answer of why his latest novel about Hitler was banned in
Reading The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis, listening to Daniel Silva's The Heist (not simultaneously).
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