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Martin Amidu

Martin A. B. K. Amidu was the Ghanaian Attorney General and Minister for Justice from January 2011 till January 2012. He was man, who introduced the word ‘gargantuan’, into the lexicon of Ghanaian politics, when he opened the can of worms about the Woyome scandal which is set to be the worst financial scandal in Ghana’s fiscal history

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There has never been a subtly twisted organization in Ghana than Occupy Ghana. Now Ace Ankoma, Martin Amidu,...
Martin Amidu has seen his level...Mr Rawlings must be made to know his level as founder of NDC. He is the founder...
Martin Amidu is a bad nut, and must not be allowed to spoil the rest. . Amidu now.
.Mr Martin Amidu dey confuse you with the Hon. MP oo.
My final response to Hon. Martin Amidu's attacks:
It's time Martin Amidu grows up and stop acting like a product of Nkrumah's free education. Always complai…
Wen wil Martin Amidu hv tym for his grandchildren nd stop this knowing all syndrome ? No wonder he is Rawling's puppy.
Ask God's forgiveness for the sin of lies,false witness,fictitious dealings and may he replenish Martin Amidu's ink
Sack Martin Amidu from the party now.
Here’s Martin Amidu’s new letter berating Charlotte Osei, John Mahama & his appointees - Follow us for more news.
New post (Martin Amidu Fires Back At Ablakwa's 'Mischievous' Denial) has been published on
Can Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa deny whether or not he attempted to corruptly induce Martin A.B.K. Amidu, to approve the...
I acknowledge the response of the Hon. Martin A.B.K. Amidu to my most sincere and honest denial in which I assert...
My response to the Hon. Martin A.B.K Amidu's latest article:
Ablakwa used a pseudonym to attack me , Martin Amidu insists
According to the avowed critic of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) , Ablakwa left too many foot prints that...
Former Deputy Minister of Education and Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu Constituency in the Volta...
Martin Amidu fires back at Ablakwa's 'mischievous' denial
New Story Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa is my son; I’ve forgiven him – Martin Amidu
Thanks to the Supreme Court and Martin Amidu. Change is really coming.
Martin Amidu's silence over the BOST boss is deafening. Isn't it?
I think Martin Amidu should be on that committee and also Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings
The much anticipated showdown between former Attorney General Martin Amidu and Alfred Agbesi Woyome has been...
Martin Amidu cross examining Alfred Woyome would be an interesting episode in the Supreme Court-Robert Ahomka Lindsay (NPP)…
Why did Martin Amidu come up with this whole issue when he knows we have 19 more days to election. Hate and bitterness won't win
Dear Chief Justice of Ghana, please allow TV camera's in2 da court room again on 24th Nov as Martin Amidu meets Woyome; in Gh…
Martin Amidu can make NDC lose this elections. Woyome will vomit that money
Martin Amidu is a national treasure. He stands for justice, he's an anti-corruption campaigner and a real patriot. Amidu wins…
So, the Attorney General appointed by President Mahama on our behalf is now preventing Martin Amidu from...
Martin Amidu wants to collect the money from but the is in Court resisting that move . , what's going on ?
It isn't as if Martin Amidu wants to collect the money from Woyome and then pocket it o! Every pesewa of that...
The Supreme Court will on Tuesday rule on whether or not Mr Martin Amidu should be granted leave to orally...
We await Supreme Court's ruling on Martin Amidu's application then we will critique it - Yaw Oppong [Lawyer]
Dr. Ayine's posture at the Supreme Court today, vindicates Martin Amidu's claim that Mr. Mahama ordered the AG to...
The Supreme Court has set Tuesday November 15, as the day to rule on former Attorney General Martin Amidu’s...
Judgment debt: Supreme Court to rule on Martin Amidu vs Woyome on Tuesday
Why is the AG preventing the God sent Martin A.B.K. Amidu, from retrieving the fraudulent money they...
Martin Amidu has questioned the AG's position to oppose his application to question Woyome
Supreme Court Judge sets November 15 to rule on application by former AG Martin Amidu to cross examine business man Mr. Woyome.
The Supreme Court has adjourned to Tuesday 15th November to give ruling on former Attorney General Martin Amidu's...
"President-elect Donald Trump’s victory is also a victory against the world political elite and establishment who...
Former Attorney Genera and Minister of Justice, Mr Martin Amidu has lauded US President-elect Donald Trump for...
Ghana’s former Attorney General Martin Amidu has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the U.S.
The person talking about rigging of the elections is an NDC member himself, Martin Amidu. Mike Oquaye Jnr.
I think we are giving this Martin Amidu guy more than necessary attention. He should prove beyond than the noise
Martin Amidu u an old man kindly respect yourself
‘EC still determined to rig elections’ – Martin Amidu |More here:
. If every Ghanaian behaves like Martin Amidu our country would have been a develop nation by now
EC determined to rig elections Martin Amidu
Martin Alamisi Amidu is one of the finest brain, I urge you to read some of his articles on constitutional law.
The New Crusading Guide: Martin Amidu rips into gov't white paper...
Martin ABK Amidu has a special place in heaven.
Martin A.B.K. Amidu, Esq. has once again exposed the NDC's government hidden agenda, against incorruptible Nana...
Martin Amidu :Mahama is a disgrace to northerners Mugabe :Mahama is a disgrace to Africa Mahama:look at them
Ma opinion Martin Amidu has outlived his essence with his recent epistles
Martin Amidu accuses government of plot to 'destroy' him - Local News | via
Mr. Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General, has said that government intentionally altered the report submitted by…
Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, has said the conversion of the report of the Sole Judgment Debt Commissioner…
Martin Amidu On Judgment Debt Payment: We the people of Ghana in solemn declaration and affirmation of our com...
Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, has accused government of smuggling extraneous matters into the Sole Judgmen…
Well he would soon be seen as government enemy and ousted like Martin Amidu
Amidu defends Nana Addo on judgment debt payment: Anti-corruption campaigner, Martin Amidu has jumped to the d...
Govt on mission to ‘destroy’ me – Amidu Mr Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General (AG) ha…
Martin Amidu defends Nana Addo on judgment debt payment
Amidu: Mills as Veep and Prez usurped AG role Former Attorney-General Martin Amidu has sai…
if Martin Amidu is in npp,he would have be suspended by now.Ndc is too tolerant than npp.
Prez Mahama could not have ignored Martin Amidu & Anas if he was keen on fighting…
Father and Son Exchange of the Year: This is a tie - ET Mensah & Samuel George, and Anas Aremeyaw & Martin Amidu.
Ghana News - MANASSEH'S FOLDER: John Mahama and Martin Amidu are both Northerners via
Accra, Ghana (Ghana Web): 'Anas is working for the government' - Martin Amidu.
Don’t allow external influence in your work- Martin Amidu to law students via
stop de lies,you did same to Martin Amidu on judgement debt and you came to deny...we no you,,Baby with corrupt mind
Attorney-General and Minister of Justice. Do any of them except Martin Amidu realize what a huge portfolio this is?
I honestly think for this Woyome case to be laid to rest, Martin Amidu must be made Attorney General again.
U sack a corruption crusader like former AG Martin Amidu and you turn around and shout: "I am fighting corruption". Who are u fooling?
When I grow up, I want to become a good standing professional like Martin Amidu and learn how to intercept documents like kweku Baako
Who gave Woyome exhibit 32? Did Martin Amidu make that public in his epistles?
I now understand why Martin Amidu was taken away from the Attorney General's department..smh..
In life you win some and thieves also win. Martin Amidu, hope you slept well. May God grant us life to fight another day. A-G, well done ooo
Citizen vigilante Martin Amidu saw it cming. 51m cedis wld be retrieved as directed by Supreme Court now or later
Oh yh!. "Martin Amidu is my favourite Ghanaian now."
Martin Amidu is my favourite Ghanaian now.
lol, the prosecution wanted him to be free soo bad. Remember why martin amidu was replaced?
WOYOME here,Woyome there,Woyome everywhere,Walahi Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu would be very unhappy about this verdict,this is Ghana 4 u
In this case what happens to Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu's fight for Woyome to cough out the GHC51.2m?Has his effort gone waste?Only time
Mr Martin Amidu's work has been in vain
Wayome will still go back to court soon. I trust the likes of Martin amidu
Same people who were jubilating over Martin Amidu's wins in court now don't believe in the rule of law? I just hate DEMOCRACY
Why act surprised now...Martin Amidu told us the State was EAGER and WILLING to pay Woyome.he even got fired for exposing it
Where is my main men Mr. Martin Amidu aka Citizen Vigilante and Anas Aremeyaw Anas pls come help your country wai. Wayome
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So with all the evidence presented by Martin Amidu in court, this man has been acquitted and discharged after...
With respect to Woyome winning the case. What happens to Martin Amidu's Supreme Court Ruling ?? Null & void ?? . Doesn't stand ?
Hold on. Martin Amidu's 'ruling' still stands right? The state will get the cash back.
because of Woyome, reckless and irresponsible Martin Amidu became some people's hero!
Martin Amidu will be very disappointed, what a country?
"Martin Amidu abr3 agu"oh my brother...hmm..well it was exoected though
lol..Are u sure Kennedy Agyapong wasn't the whistleblower? I thought Martin Amidu came in later..Ah well
Every govt has bad nuts bt govt has too many of those. Funny enough, de good ones are picked out. Ask Martin Amidu .
Manasseh’s Folder: John Mahama and Martin Amidu are both Northerners: ghana opinion, opinion news, ghana news
Thank you Martin Amidu for fighting a just and well deserved course for mother Ghana. You are really a 'citizen vigilante'. As a country governed by rule of law, we can always trust our courts to give us justice.GHC51.2 million ordered by the highest court of the land for Mr. Woyome to refund back to the state.
Martin Amidu can "No politician cn salvage dis issue, not NDC, NPP, CPP or their cohorts. . Candidly speaking..
Ken Agyapong says State should honour Martin Amidu -
"As for the section of the rented NDC press calling for my removal or dismissal from office, I wish to assure them that I never begged to be appointed Attorney-General: I opposed it on four separate occasions. That criminal section of the NDC press should be assured that I am ready, able and willing for that eventuality. The inescapable fact is that at the end of the day truth will prevail over falsehood in the Republic of Ghana." Martin Amidu, Press Release, 2012
Assin Central Legislator, Kennedy Agyapong, says former Attorney General, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, mustbe arrested for the role she played in paying Ghc51.2 million to businessman Alfred Woyome some four years ago as judgment debt, for a contract he allegedly had with the Government of Ghana,which he claimed was illegally terminated.“Betty Mould-Iddrisu should also be arrested. She used illegal means to pay the money,” the opposition Legislator, who felt “vindicated” by the Court ruling, told a mini rally at Okaishie in Accra on Tuesday, adding that the former AG took Ghanaians for “fools” and went ahead to “unlawfully” pay “huge judgment debts” to “…those who did not deserve to be paid.”Ghana’s highest Court, the Supreme Court, ruled by a unanimous decision on Tuesday that the money was fraudulently paid to Woyome. He has been ordered to refund the whole amount.Woyome received the money during the tenure of Mould-Iddrisu as Minister of Justice and AttorneyGeneral. It was paid in t ...
Every where Martin Amidu. Y eve some God or something? I don't knwooo
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Martin Amidu should be made national hero in fight against corruption! He fought against his own party crony.
Martin Amidu "citizen vigilante " hope the govt does not negate his hard work with their ineptitude
Abu Ramadan feels like Martin Amidu right now .lol
This is the man, Martin A. B. K. Amidu . The one who was dismissed by Our Government for daring to speak out...
Martin Amidu deserve to be Honoured by the State
Hats off to Martin Amidu. WOW! So finally d gargantuan amount of money wrongly paid to Alfred Woyome will b...
Mr. I doff my hat for you. You're indeed a great warrior. You've inspired me to stay put and start...
I'm surprised why Martin Amidu is not trending instead of better celebrate good than bad.
The Supreme Court judges only make rational decisions when CJ Theodora Wood is on the bench. Kudos to my vigilante MARTIN AMIDU.
HONOURABLE in the classic sense of the word: Martin A.B.K. Amidu.
How I wish Martin Amidu will be appointed AG eh...but Mahama wont
Martin Amidu is the second best thing that happened to Ghana after Dr. Nkrumah
Similar dubious judgment debt payment have been made in the past , but for lack of courageous people like Martin Amidu, it went undetected !
at the end of the day tho'...Martin Amidu for President! Citizen Vigilante No.1. No size.
Martin Amidu is a real patriot, he has achieved such a great feat. He will forever be remembered
Martin Amidu does it again! If is serious about fighting corruption he will make Amidu AG!
If not for Martin Amidu, this case would have been like the other rulings that went against the state. So Martin Amidu did well
Congratulations to Martin Amidu. I pray we have more people like this who truly love and serve their country.
Court orders Woyome to refund money. Well done Martin Amidu, self vigilante.
Martin Amidu has demonstrated that not everyone could be bought with money.
on the interest point made by Sedem. Maybe Martin Amidu was not seeking same. But i think Woyome shd cough the money asap
Kennedy Adjapong and Martin Amidu has done the nation good. One exposed the rot One took it to court.
that Martin Amidu did not do anything. He deserves 1% of money. Woyome
: Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu deserves 1% of the Ghs 51million Woyome money, IF it is repaid.
Martin Amidu all the way,the name woyome hates most
God, please give Ghana a lot of Martin Amidu's kind. Bless he and his family abundantly. Amen.
Big thanks Martin Amidu.Now this fraudster should face trial in court and jailed with all those who paid the...
can find Martin Amidu and Kill him for Wayome ..
GHc51.2m was a fake gov't judgement debt paid to Wayome.Thank God Martin Amidu has been so Patriotic in providing the requir…
So i ask based on what did President Atta Mills fire Martin Amidu?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Martin Amidu had always got me believing that my reluctance into fully and consciously becoming a card bearing member of a Ghanaian political party was rightly informed. To quote him..." there are hardened criminals parading the corridors of power all in the name of being a card bearing member of a political party to perpetuate gargantuan crimes against the state" And I know deep down myself that in my young life, my parents thought me to work hard and get the things I want legitimately so how can I associate myself with the majority of people who see party politicking as a way to amass wealth? Okudjeto, Ofosu Kwakye, etc are my perfect examples. I believe Ghana needs another Kwame to re-direct it to it's former glorious ways. Enough of all these colonial 'Johns'!!! We had our own names before the imperialist invaded our colony with their beliefs. Nana Akuffo Addo, Paa Kwesi Nduom etc. are a reflection of what and how a true Ghanaian must be properly identified. You might be wondering why? Simple... most ...
Candidates for the 'new Nelson Mandela': 1.Julius Malema 2.Martin Amidu 3.Richard Kingson 4.Jentle K.Mike... *Applications still welcome...
President Mahama, I know time is running out on everything, most important the economy, time is running out. But there is one way you can redeem the dwindling trust millions of discerning FACE BOOKERS have harboured against certain acts of your understandably turbulent first year in power. These very knowledgeable millions of FACE BOOKERS are not unaware of the monstrous corruption, as never seen before, that have perceptively and in reality dogged your administration. But we can work it out and we can rebuild the confidence once more. Even though your comrades Alban Bagbin and your own Attorney General, Martin Amidu, Citizen Vigilante have passed judgement on your inability to deal with corruption, I still believe in you, at least and that should count. So, how about we all live a Mandela Moment for once, on this very worrying bank sale?. I want to appeal to you as an interested public person in Merchant Bank, on behalf of my father, a pensioner, whose contributions built that bank, to cause the Bank o . ...
Mahama can be impeached over Waterville, Isofoton scandals – Amidu Former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu, has stated that President John Dramani Mahama is not serious about fighting the corruption menace that has engulfed his administration, accusing him of engaging in “opportunism, propaganda and downright disingenuity” with his public utterances about the fight against the canker. Mr Amidu added that he was amazed that the president was expecting “the support and involvement of all Ghanaians to sustain this fight against corruption”, wondering how Ghanaians could do so “when the President who utters these supposedly noble words is not known to encourage those who have already shown the way in the fight against corruption upon the success of their endeavours.” He noted that “When Government uses the power at its disposal to victimize and continue to victimize those who have and still fight against corruption, abuse of power and impunity, such exhortations on public ...
The Chronicle Of John Mahama ’ s Corruption -Part 1 * President John Mahama and his NDC administration have been badly saddled with corruption and has as a result put Ghana squarely within the sights of Transparency International and other international monitoring organisation. Ghana is now ranked third in the world of corruption globally. This is the latest corruption perception index report issued by Gallup indicates that Ghana is seriously galloping in corruption from one institutions to another and from one person to another especially government officials. This is a sad situation for us all as a nation , a south Sahara African country ( Ghana ) to first gain independence. The sadder part of the situation is that the government is not even taken this global negative perspective on Ghana into any serious thinking plan . It is rather fire fighting everyone who mentions this negative report. This knee jerk reaction to the fight against corruption is making it more and more believable that corruption is ...
Martin Amidu and Victoria H. on my mind. Hmmm! Ghana
ORGANISING FOR GHANA We have become a nation without a voice. A democracy without participation. A people with needs without advocacy. So we have representation without accountability. How did we end up here? Some say it’s apathy. Apathy? You mean when a Ghanaian sees his neighbor’s house on fire he just walks by? One of our last hopes for advocacy, TUC, who threatened to embark on a demonstration for the increase in utility prices cancelled the demo because the government reduced the tariffs by 25%. Does it matter if the percentage is reduced and the service is still terrible? We need groups of advocacy and more groups. That is one of the strong ways we can organize a collective protest and let our voice be heard. In Brazil, it is said that when the government called concerned leaders to discuss the issues relating to their recent protests, the minimum number of groups invited were 25. Think about that. There were representations from numerous student groups, advocacy groups for women, children, the ...
Sound familiar? A retired Professor of Economics at the American University in Washington, D.C., USA, Professor George Ayittey, has suggested a drastic cut in the size of government in the country. He observed that the size of government, which had grown so rapidly, was suffocating the economy. He said, for example, that in 1997, there were 88 ministers, regional ministers, as well as their deputies, in a country, with a population of 25 million people. According to him, in 2004, the number reached 92, but had now shot up to 97, while the United States, with a population of 300 million, had 40 secretaries and assistant secretaries. Prof Ayittey, who is also a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), was briefing the press on the state of the economy at an event organised by the IEA in Accra yesterday. He cautioned that if the government failed to drastically deal with the bloated bureaucracy, the structural deficit it inherited would continue to exist and the government would hav ...
I am saddened by the extent of unpatriotism and moral decadence sweeping through our dear nation Ghana as epitomised by a leaked tape recording of a sacked Deputy Minister. How come the current performance of a Minister of state in Government is being controlled by her obsession to make a million dollar first before exercising any influence? Is there any future for a country where citizens like Martin Amidu would not be allowed to operate in government for refusing to put interests of themselves/parties/groups over that of the nation? A country that would rather reward submissive but mediocre, self centred performers?
Corruption in now is like football commentary ! to BartonOduro , He sent a long one to . Isofoton to Waterville,but used his defending ability get the ball out of woyome's hand, Martin Amidu is still with the ball,he beat waterville beat isofoton and waterville gets the ball back And sends it nicely to , to , She sent a long one to .corruption team have possessed over 98% in this match controls nicely , he beats one man , pass to the goalkeeper . He kicks a long one to , Akumfem to Betty , Betty to AbugaPele ! is being substituted .We die finish ! Stealers .
The signpost?. Don't tell the truth in Gh. From Martin Amidu to Victoria Hammah. While Woyome and GNPC monsters dine freely.
Martin Amidu exposed and told the truth, ndc sacked him. Vicky's driver is alleged to have recorded the tape that exposed the million dollar target intentions of John Mahama's deputy ministers, and the police is sent to harass him...And you have Mahama coming to tell us he is fighting corruption. Does Mahama think we are fools like Amaliba?
Fighting corruption: ina Ghana rub-a-dub style 1. Attempting to steal $1 million from public coffers: fired (Victoria Hammah) 2. Actually stealing 1 million or more from public coffers: no punishment (too many names here) 3. Attempting to retrieve money stolen in (2): fired (Martin Amidu).
So this "politricktians" won't let me have a good weekend; abi? How I was enjoying Amakye Dede's songs and this scandalous tape has poped up to spoil my mood!! After I heard this scandal, I changed Amakye's CD to that of LIL WAYNE's; "Young money baby - a millie a millie a millie ... a million here a million there tougher than nigerian hair." But come to think of it, if a private conversation by somebody who is "attempting to kill" can lead to her sack THEN WHY IS YAW BOATENG GYAN still moving freely in GH? Folks, what's on the tape is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG, there are a lot more BEHIND THE SCENES!!! Do you remember when Martin Amidu, said there are some people who are planning to dupe the nation gangantually? And what happened to him? He rather was given a SACK, whiles the THIEVES continue to STEAL from us!!! Folks, instead of teasing that woman, DO WELL TO PRAY FOR THIS NATION for some people are planning of steaaling even more than what the lady was dreaming about!!! SLOWLY BUT SURELY, their BAD d ...
"If you are Alban Bagbin or Martin Amidu then consider yourself out of coverage area" Lol
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For Alban Babgin and Martin Amidu consider yourself out of coverage area.
Martin Amidu was sacked for speaking the truth, so also has Vicky Hamma been sacked for enumerating several truthful acts and ommissions of moral decadence in the presidency, executive and judiciary.
Martin Amidu revealed the rot in the late President Atta-Mills administration and he was fired ..Victoria Hamah also reveals the rot and corruption in President Mahama's administration and she's been fired ..If President Mahama thinks he can use Victoria Hamah as a scape goat to cover up the inability of his government and himself to fight the corruption and rot in his government ,then he must think and think again .Let no one take us for fools .
Corrupt political leaders aren't fired but rather politicians who cause "Political Suicide" are always fired. Its so surprising that most Ghanaians are happy with the idea of they being fired instead of realizing that these politicians are rather the ones we need. Citizen Vigilante, Martin Amidu was fired by Former President Mills and now Victoria Hammah even though their situations aren't similar. What do we mean by Code of Ethics or Oath of Secrecy and Political Suicide, when the masses are been cheated and robbed. I'm non-partisan but a patriotic citizen of our dear nation, Ghana .
Victoria Hammah Did someone at the Flagstaff House fall and hit their head? I thought I’d begin with this question since it’s the question I ask privately anytime the presidency makes a poor decision. And I consider the swift firing of Ms. Hammah as one of those. Like us, folks at the presidency must have been stunned at how much she dished in that conversation. I’m also sure they are still working on the tale they would spin for us hence that terse statement. This is not in defence of Ms. Hammah but I’m upset that someone recorded her private conversation and played to the hearing of all 24 million Ghanaians. It is such an intrusion of her privacy and we shouldn’t condone this new culture of leaked tapes. There was no committee, no review committee to review the work of the first committee, and no propagandists to Ms. Hammah’s rescue. 24 hours after the tape was leaked, she is out of government. It is the kind of swiftness you expect from a president who is committed to the fight against corr ...
Judging by the precedence set...with the dismissal of Martin ABK Amidu...for raising concerns about corruption in govt...that is...if even Martin Amidu could be sacked...then Victoria Hammah did not stand a chance...!!...A failure by John Mahama to act on dis level of indiscretion...would have called for a revolution...!!...LOL...!!
Haahaahaa Eeeeh, first it ws martin amidu, sec. Babgin n today is victoria secret tape. Who is next to declear JM as sarphonia leader, why JMcan't be like the two proud boy of the north. Ooooewo atubigah wat hv ghanaians done to u? Tell us.
Citizen vigilante has issued a firm warning to the president? Eih! Martin Amidu what again?
The most patriotic, only second to Martin Amidu “The person who recorded the convo did a great job.”
I remember the day 95% of Ghana's newspapers captured the same headline "Martin Amidu must go". I guess its Vicky on her way out now...
Are there good men in politics and leadership ? And are they at risk of being good men ? (A certain Martin Amidu comes to mind )
Even when Martin Amidu fights to get our money through the courts,John Mahama n his govt cant collect our cash from Woyome
Would the GBA take this matter up? Our 1992 Constitution is founded on sound principles and not emotional outburst. The Constitution provides that a man is innocent until proven guilty. I dont understand why Senior Lawyer Martin Amidu continues with this attitude of running his own trial of Woyome and has even pronounced him "criminal"even before the High Court comes with its verdict. OF LAWit is because it relates to woyome.
Mr Martin Amidu to be appointed the next AG if NANA wins 2016 election.THINKING ALOUD.
Mr Martin Amidu and Mr sumani bagban we are really proud of you from the north because what John Mahama is doing hm
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Can the npp go and show us the account in which they deposited the proceeds frm the sale of the drill ship??? Please our monies o... Can somebody also tell Woyome to pay our monies and stop dragging Martin Amidu to court... Oh Ghana... Nobody cares abt how our monies is being spent ooo.
What is Bagbin Saying? the president is not fighting corruption. well that will mean fighting himself. John Mahama will go down in history as one of the most corrupt presidents that Ghana has ever had. take a look at his stands on the judgement debt to Woyomey, CP, Watervell, SADA and all the dubious practices of the Attorney General's office at the time of his vice presidency. John Mahama defended them vehemently when he went to the USA By the way if he wanted to fight corruption he would have reinstated Martin Amidu as the Attorney General but what do you see? He has surrounded himself with those who will assist him to loot the economy. Take a good look at the GEEDA scandal. who is the president going to prosecute when he indirectly owns most of the companies involve in the scandal? the president is only deceiving Ghanaian with his soft speech because Ghanaians think that soft speech means humility. The fact that NDC emerged from a coup d' tat that saw many people killed for a penny and yet take a good ...
General News of Wednesday, 6 November 2013 Source: Mahama isn't interested in fighting corruption - Sir John Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie Sir John General Secretary of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, has described President Mahama’s promise to introduce new measures to tackle corruption as a sham. “Instead of the president availing himself of the opportunities that have been created by His Excellency J.A. Kufour to fight corruption, he is not interested because he himself will be implicated,” he said. President Mahama on Tuesday announced that “in the next few weeks we will announce new measures to tighten the system to ensure more transparency and make corruption more difficult to undertake.” Government has come under pressure to fight corruption with the public sector after it was revealed that the Ghana Revenue Authority paid a private company, Subah Infosolutions millions for no work done. Two prominent members of the governing party, Alban Bagbin and Marti ...
Alan Kyeremanteng now working for NDC by trying to divert attention from NDC's corruption ( Bagbin, Martin Amidu,etc. blast) volcano? Why won't he resign again to join NDC completely without return?...Aba!
more citizens vigilante rocks tamale as they storms former mce's house demanding the return of a stolen pick up. thanks to Martin amidu
Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Arthur Kennedy has asked President Mahama to seek help from former Attorney-General and Minister for Justice,Martin Amidu in fighting corruption. According to Dr...
They did the same to Martin Amidu now Bagbin?
Sam George you have been caught lying pants down about Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu & you want us to believe your rantings...Please.
Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, who spearheaded actions in court to reclaim the monies from the two companies, was arrested by the National Security under the cover of darkness, for no apparent reason. He spent the 4th,5th and 6th of Dec at the BNI. A sad story of the man fighting for the poor! How can Mahama and the NDC do this to Martin Amidu?
Great quote from Mr. Martin Amidu “It’s time for patriotic citizens who believe in accountability to speak out against corru…
JM change d gear bcos I can smell burning clutch , Use Martin Amidu as corruption minister ,reduce all including urself salary by 40 percent,tax all churches instead citizenry n change all non performing ministers n all shall be well
Martin Amidu said it,ASK Bagbin has followed. What is actually happening there?
If President Mahama wants to fight corruption he must stop insulting his critics and re-instate the good state patriot Martin Amidu.
Dear Mr President, reinstate Martin Amidu to fight corruption!!
watch out: 4 another episode of Mr. Martin Amidu, Oya oopen ur eye o
Former majority leader Bagbin should resign from John Mahama's government to keep the principles behind his act intact + sustainable.John Dramani should publicly sack Stan Dogbe!. Bagbin should take a cue from Martin Amidu. There is credibility in crusades of integrity. Ghanaians will stand by you if the principle is true!.
And did I hear Mahama say that his comrades(Alban Bagbin and Martin Amidu) dont know him well when it comes to fighting corruption.??Tweaakai...h3rr! woti pupu aa wo bi di!! What happened to the retrieval of our stone money through the judgement debt as directed by Supreme Court?...Mahama should stop making mockery of himself.
THIS IS INCREDIBLE ! All that Our President could say in response to the numerous accusations of curroption in his government by Rawlings, Martin Amidu and Alban Bagbin is to wait and vote him out in 2016. Well, we all live to see 2016.
Dassorrr "With apologies to former President Rawlings, maybe what the President needs now is not support but strength. To date the only NDC Minister who lost his job in the whole” Woyome affair” was the man who was trying to stop it, Attorney General Martin Amidu. If President Mahama needed support, he should have stood with Martin Amidu, not against him. Let the President lead the way in an uncompromising assault on corruption and many, including me will follow him through *** He has no support because he has not led. Too many see him as part of the problem rather than the solution." Arthur Kennedy.
Hmmm its difficult to fathom or belief or ignore or even disregard what what is currently happening in the group of people that I share my conviction. Is it greed? Is it disrespect? Is it neglect? Rivalry or PHD or even I don't caresm? How can the most if u like learned and revered persons like Hons. Martin Amidu, Tony Aidoo and now Alban Sumana Bagbin do this? Public? In the open? Is there anything there for us the youth in this group to learn from their outbursts. Can they ever gather any momentum, courage or impetus to advise us the young ones should we try this lol at home. My heart bleeds, I am crying my eyes out. What will they gain? Do they really care about any consequences after their actions. Why will they after having fun fair through this same group want to kill our future for us? Please I don't even have the courage to go further but I believe like many youth if there was any good alternative party apart from this NDC and NPP not born of greed and selfishness many are the youth who will ...
According to Martin Amidu de prez is corrupt so how will he welcome Hon Bagbin to advice him on corruption issue.
I think I like this man, MARTIN AMIDU.
alban ghagbin and martin amidu, the truth shal set u free...mahama n co dnt like d truth.. How can u copare felix to hon alban gbagbin? 10%:90% respectively.
There are dire warnings about corruption in our society coming from everywhere. Chief Justice Wood, former President Rawlings, P.C. Appiah Ofori, Hon. Bagbin and the Auditor General have all expressed concerns about the inexorable march of corruption in our country. Addressing the 18th edition of the Ghana Journalists Awards in Accra, the Chief Justice said “Ghana needs men of integrity, able visionary and decent leaders urgently.” She added that “unhealthy politicization of corruption only breeds equalization.” In the Auditor-General’s report on 2011, he lamented, according to paragraph 24 that, “The cataloguing of financial irregularities in my report on MDA’s and other agencies have become an annual ritual that seems to have no effect because affected MDA’S are not seen to be taking any effective action to address the basic problems of lack of monitoring and supervision and non-adherence to legislation put in place to provide effective financial management of public resources.” The AG ...
I want to charge my president if he is really want ghanaians to believe he is fight again corruption he should then bring the campaigner on board like martin Amidu?
Alan Bagbin. Martin Amidu. My hereos in Ghana...never afraid to talk and fight against corruption amongst their own colleagues.
We, the people of Ghana need to take immediate steps to change the disgraceful image which John Dramani Mahama, has per his corrupt character, created for the nation both internally and externally. The Chief Justice of Ghana has rightly made relevant comments about the scandals but has unfortunately failed to recommend a solution to the moral decadence that has eaten into the judiciary as well as the presidency. Georgina Wood, jsc, must be bold to accept that Ghana has a corrupt president and a corrupt judiciary ! Why would Georgina Wood not get sarkawa Justices William Atuguba, Akoto Bamfo and Baffoe- Bonnie to team up with worthy sons of Ghana of the type and calibre of Alban Bagbin, Dr. Tony Aidoo, Martin Amidu and the rest to stop President John Dramani Mahama from subverting the economy of Ghana, the practice of cronism, nepotism, bribery and corruption ??
It is amazing that JJR, acknowledged as BLUNT, FORTH-RIGHT & BRAVE, would allege in General Terms & make sweeping statements that dissappointingly falls short of making NAMING NAMES. Martin Amidu goes on the same tangent & also capitulates on naming names. Enter Albin Bagbin & its same same same. Where is the BRAVERY of these people if they can NOT NAME & SHAME? Is it cos they have NO PROOF or are NOT SURE of their SUPPOSED FACTS? I can't, for the life of me, understand these people!
Top cadres, Bigwigs, Snr members, Gurus . Familiar words in Gh politics. However, class is not permanent so at some point some people fall out of this class and to know, this is how: try to stamp your authority on a matter and do it publicly in the media. Some have tried it across the political divide and have received their fair share of BASHING. For Alban Bagbin, he's proved he is still a BIG FISH in the NDC fraternity. Party executives say unlike Martin Amidu or Tony Aidoo, he cannot be dismissed just like that. Roar onto deafening heights till some listening is achieved. If you are MOROSE by this post, you may attempt to TRANSMOGRIFY it
TO CURRENT AND FUTURE PRESIDENTS OF GHANA If u ascend the highest seat of the land by merit or chance, and realise it was a mistake for u to be there. PLS dont panic and kick ur penalty shot to a throw. 1. People have been in government b4 u ... just be truthful to urself and form a formidable team from previous government appointees who have worked well 2. Give all deserved praises to good work done by previous regime and outline ur immediate plans 3. If u lack ideas as we see happening currently, pls just faithfully persecute the already excellent initiated projects of ur predecessors. in this case, NHIS, School Feeding Project, NYEP/GYEEDA, PSI, etc (if they were 10% done by the end of ur tenure move them above 50% and u will be praised for that) 4. U, as the leader, should spearhead the fight against corruption by a) eschewing all acts that portray u as corrupt. b) cracking the whip on all and sundry who are found to be corrupt in the country. This will not be new, u just have to insist the law works. ...
I think Bagbin should join Martin Amidu for collaboration
Inbound Papa Jay, Martin Amidu, Sumani Bagbin are speaking. Outbound Her Ladyship Georgina Theodora Woods, Yvonne Nelson n even me are all speaking one language: the corrupt and ineptitude that has been unleashed to this ecominy of ours by a gang of crookish cronies, greedy *** evil dwarfs. We need people of integrity indeed.
Honourable Albin Sumani Bagbin the distinguished policy maker, astute politician a noble statesman and perhaps the baby sitter of President Mahama takes issue with Stan Dogbe, a baby with sharp teeth for insulting him whiles reacting to statements he Bagbin made about President Mahama. I largely agree with him on this since this is alien to Ghanaian custom to disrespect the elderly more so if this elder has paid his dues to the state. But isn’t this the ostrich mentality, burying his head in the sand and pretending not to see the truth. Or is it the case that the shoe only hurts on the other foot? The President can be ridiculed in public and honourable Bagbin sees nothing wrong with that. Oops, my apologies, he nurtured him to be President and so that affords the luxury of talking down at him. This is how the cookie crumbles my northern people. Amidu & Nde Bugbri on my mind#
Martin Amidu Statement. FIGHTING GRAFT AND CORRUPTION UNDER THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS OF GHANA: BY MARTIN A. B. K. AMIDU I have expressed my apprehensions about the sincerity of the Government to fairly and impartially prosecute the bundle of criminal offences committed by the National Democratic Congress’ alleged businessman and bankroller Alfred Agbesi Woyome, his foreign collaborators, Ghanaian public servants, and political ministerial collaborators in creating, looting and sharing gargantuan millions of Ghanaian Cedis, United States Dollars, and Euros. No less a person than a distinguished, honourable, and upright Supreme Court Justice said so forthrightly in his judgment that there was collusion and collaboration between the State and private persons to create, loot and share in the constitutional case presented by me at the Supreme Court. As the Attorney-General of Ghana I had pleaded in my application for leave to amend the Writ and statement of claim in the High Court, fraud and fraud ...
Bootlicker Randy Abbey is the chief houseboy of John Mahama's household. ~ Albin Bagbin Views... 'It’s time to stop the ‘create, loot and share syndrome’ - Martin Amidu. fillas to share peeps
This is the time for all patriotic citizens who believe in accountability, probity and transparency to speak out for the fair and impartial prosecutions of all crimes, particularly those involving graft and corruptions by associates of governing political parties in Ghana by insisting on putting Ghana First. All patriotic citizens have the right and duty under Article 3 of the Constitution at this time, more than any other, to defend the Constitution. The diversionary propaganda of persecuting non-Government associates while invidiously protecting hard core associates suspected of crime must be stopped. Martin Amidu!
..the NPP are sick and tired of people like Wereko Brobbey and Arthur Kennedy, while the NDC are calling Alban Gbagbin and Martin Amidu their greatest traitors. why not just swap and be free?
Hon. Hannah Teteh has also waged in smh. these ppl cannot just b a lil stratrgic concerning an already messed. corruptically xposed and fallen gvnt. it really does nt worry me if its internal but these are rsponses to the prez being weak, incompetent and corrupt made by a senior party member. Mt. Martin Amidu spoke his mind aba the prez bein corrupt etc, now its Bagbin and Dr. Tony Aidoo. u can leave the country for us and go and fight. JM is a mess, is that wht u dnt und or knw???
Is the NDC fraternity gripped by GROUPTHINK? I proceed on the simple premise that the chances that Martin Amidu, Alban Bagbin, Tony Aidoo are all wrong at the same time is very low (borrowed from H Kwasi Prempeh). Every democracy needs bold dissenters who aren't afraid to risk their careers to help offset groupthink before it takes a costly toll on the nation. These dissenters need not be saints. A group, in this case, the ruling party of Ghana, becomes vulnerable to groupthink when a) its members share similar in backgrounds and persuasions b) when the group is insulated from outside opinions and c) when there are no clear laid down rules for making decisions. Symptoms of groupthink 1. Self-appointed ‘mindguards’ – Members protect the group and the leader from information that is problematic or contradictory to the group’s cohesiveness, view, and/or decisions (E.g. Randy Abbey, Stan Dogbe) 2. Direct pressure on dissenters – Members are under pressure not to express arguments against any of the ...
Martin Amidu told you how as a Vice President,. John Mahama inflated the cost of aircraft when. he was sent by his...
Govt might need another ''Martin Amidu'' to pursue the GYEEDA Report saga.
Information reaching me indicates that Mahama intends to kill Mandela Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie. That is why they are moving him round the prison. If we don’t pray, Mahama will send guys to kill him and blame it on road traffic accident. According to my source, Mahama does not want him to live since he has been a thorn in his flesh. Mahama was angry that it was Ken who made Martin Amidu popular with his writings when he started his anti-corruption campaign. He said he won’t allow him to live and then expose his corrupt ways. Pray for Ken. Ask the mighty savior to protect him from these evil plans. Say amen if you believe God will send him an angel of guidance. Frank Mandela Bawumia Frank Agbenyo Apostle Frank Owusu Mensah Okatakyie Kofi Kusi Amponsah Npp Atiwa Constituency Npp Obuasi Constituency Mugu Yaro Victus Avevor
MY TRIBUTE TO MARTIN AMIDU: HOW TO WIN SOME AND LOSE SOME, BUT WIN, ULTIMATELY The NDC government’s dismissal of Martin Amidu was Ghana’s gain. When the government thought that it had gotten rid of the irritating pain in its backside by firing Martin as Attorney-General, it only gave to Ghana, a reluctant hero and champion. I do not agree with all of Martin’s positions, which is natural. But I must applaud his dogged, fighting spirit. In the face of the blatant stealing of this nations’ monies by a cabal with obvious official participation and complicity, the shameful and reprehensible cheering and defence of the stealing (notably by persons working in the office of the then President, at least one of whom has now been rewarded with a Ministerial appointment), the appalling and inexcusable ‘interim’ non-investigation by EOCO, and the shocking and scandalous lack of interest in prosecuting the civil recovery and the crime (until recently, and I must commend the current AG for this), many of us ...
I believe no NDC member wants to hurt or insult hon. Martin Amidu. We just want him to be man enough 2 tell us d whole truth about d so-called "gargantuan" corruption that supposedly happened in the Mills administration. we wanna hear him mention names, d names that he got sacked for not mentioning if indeed he's as bold as he wants us to believe. I think I'd just call him the bluff, coz if he really had anything to say, he'd hv done it by now... itz been 1year since he was sacked for inappropriate behaviour n bringing embarrassment to the Mills adm't... What the *** is he still waiting for, or he was just speaking from anger then?
SUNDAY NEWSPAPER REVIEW PROGRAME IN DAGBANI IS ON NOW ON NORTH STAR 92.1FM TAMALE.MAJOR NEWS MY PANELISTS ARE DISCUSSING ARE:National Security to investigate Tamale Teaching Hospital SAGA,Kofi Annan,Former UN Secretary General urges Judges to be fair in the election petition hearing,Former Attorney General Martin Amidu claims his life is being threatened by NDC party and Government officials but Government assures him of his safety and Supreme Court proceedings resumes on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 and Ken Kurankyi,Kwaku Boahen and Stephen Atubiga are to appear before the panel of the Supreme Court judges to answer questions relating to some publications and commentry they made.Your comments are welcome from now to 6:30 and comments shall be read live on air.
MARTIN AMIDU CHALLENGES GOVERNMENT OVER JUDGEMENT DEBT SAGA: The citizen vigilante has explicitly extended a cordial chance for government to willingly point out ministers in the current administration who were actively involved in the payment of the refunded judgement debt ELSE he shall personally call their names out. I second n support the citizen vigilante because most of our leaders in the liberated territories still behave like poultry chicken released from captivity in the centre of a market place.they still do not have the courage like Martin Amidu to take up their rights,privileges and freedoms to challenge their greedy,corrupt and fraudulent leaders.but Martin Amidu has got that courage to dare government.Martin Amidu is teaching we the youth that,the education we receive today is to make us brave enough and open our minds to speak up against injustice in society and the uncouth corrupt behaviour of our leaders.thank U so much mr. Martin,I will be making U my second role model in addition to Nan ...
Martin Amidu – Beyond Politics Coming events, the adage says, cast a long shadow and so it has proved to be with Mr. Martin A. B. K. Amidu, former Attorney General of the Republic. A very interesting Daily Graphic report of September 2000 which has been published on the Modern Ghana website proves to be prescient in the light of recent events. When information leaked that then Vice President Atta Mills had selected Martin Amidu, the then Deputy Attorney General as his running mate Mr. Huudu Yahaya, the deputy chairman of the NDC is reported to have said “Mr. Amidu is well known for his frank and independent opinions and transparent life style”. As both revelation and prophesy that remark was definitely spot on. The choice of Martin Amidu as vice presidential candidate in the 2000 election was confirmed shortly after that report, and he and Professor Mills, despite a spirited effort, lost to Mr. Kufuor and Alhaji Aliu Mahama of the NPP. Four years later, Professor Mills defied a vigorous behind the s ...
Pls Hon. Martin Amidu help teachers of ghana to collect our arreas 4rm de gov. Even if court action koraa pls TAKE.
Nice!!! ""Close up with Martin Amidu great read!!!"
"Close up with Martin Amidu great read!!!
When will the ndc party learn its lessons. Why r they now challanging martin amidu to produce the letter naming those involved in the judgement debt fiaaco. Do they want to open up a further can of worms? The sacking of the man by former prez mills may well be unconstitional since the reasons r not clear. Theyve been embarassed n shown to have acted illegally, they should relax n tell their supporters to prepare themselves. The best is yet to come.
The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Joe Ghartey, appeared before the Commercial Court on Tuesday to testify in the litigation involving the sale of Ghana Telecom to Vodafone International BV in 2008. An original subpoena was issued in 2012, for Mr Ghartey to appear before the court on May 22...
THE JUDAS OF OUR TIME. Reading de Gospel of Judas, oh yes, thank God we live in an era of ICT, so you need not doubt if in deed de Judas Gospel does exist - just google it, & I wish U read the history to find when it was written( some 1600 years ago) & why it did not find its way in de biblical canon of orthodoxy. But that is far from my reason for this piece of writing, Like de biblical Judas Iscariot, Martin Amidu has sacrificed de few for de interest of de many. According to Judas, Jesus after realising that he(Judas) has understood de masters teachings far better than de others, said him: ''U are de one who will sacrifice de man who cloths me'' By this Jesus had programmed Judas as de one who'll help him to exit de material world for de eternal aeon. But what has de name Judas been associated with for close to 1800 years now? Villain, traitor, betrayer instead of a hero. that's political propaganda to establish one Christian doctrine for de Rom world. Martin Amidu must be careful.
“Whatever happens, I, Martin Alamisi Amidu will not regret dying for defending the Constitution and people of Ghana,” Citizen Vigilante Wow...he who has a purpose is never afraid of death.only cowards die many times before their death!
Martin amidu no body in the ndc have ur time, so he should allow us to think. We the ndc have better things for ghanaians.
Somfyn tells me Hon.Martin Amidu's been watching series-wat name does he call himself!
Martin Alamisi Amidu ;i salute you;God bless you Roaring Lion for you died standing,beaten,battered n disgraced;by your own'family'u still defended de national kitty;kept your oath of secrecy n ethics; 30 yrs hence we will look back n say dis was your finest hour,our generation is watching n posterity will reward you n be linient to your short comings;enough respect
Martin Amidu is daring John Mahama to prove he is not a thief by publishing a letter he (Martin Amidu) wrote to late President Atta Mills in which he listed the names of all ndc government and public officials who are part of the Woyome Create, Loot and Share scandal.This incriminating letter is part of the reason Atta Mills was murdered and now this same yaanom are threatening Martin Amidu's life. If anything happens to Martin, John Mahama is responsible.
It seems to me Gov't is afraid of Martin Amidu more than any other thing. He writes and then very loud ministers and deputy ministers goes dump.
I'm not trying to steal Mr Martin Amidu's thunder but his heroism stems from utter incompetence on the part of gov officials in simply...
Ghana: Pressure mounts on Martin Amidu to go to court again: Nana Ato Dadzie, a former Chief of Staff has call...
Offeibea i no you are behind me .. At da end we will be vindicated like Martin Amidu.
What you need to know about Martin Amidu: Long before the issue of the fraudulent payment of large sums of mon...
What you need to know about Martin Amidu
And who describe de great Mr Martin Amidu letter as political timebomb?
Why do yaanom keep on provoking Martin Amidu when they can't accept his challenge? Kwaku Baako asks.
I think the government machinery is not that "smart" in dealing with Hon Martin Amidu!! The best way to handle this and "kill the negative" effect on the govt/ndc is to "FOREVER REMAIN MUTE" on the matter because if they try pursuing the Citizen Vigilante, they will end up EMBARRASSING themselves..Finito!!
Martin Amidu; a hero or a villain only posterity will tell.Ones victories does not necessarily make them great it is their willingness to show decorum and humility after the victory that makes one a hero.
"Ghana a naturally rich country in which the vast majority of the youth, even with university degrees, are unemployed and poverty is avoidably daily extinguishing the lives of my fellow citizens. Fear is the enemy of Change!" by Martin Alamisi Amidu.
Ghanaians cannot afford to lose Martin A B K Amidu
Evidence is grudually emerging that those who deliberately signed dubious 'contracts' on the people's behalf and failed to seek the people's approval (NPP) which they could abrogate easily and by which they could use the state institutions to award judgement debts to their cronies - These people may have more questions to answer than those who later paid the judgement debts (NDC) to avoid the take over of Ghana's international properties, even if they did that in haste for fear of the ever accumulating and skyrocketing interest charges or due to ill advise from colluding technocrats at the A-G department . There are definitely elements within both NPP and NDC whose deliberate actions or in-actions worked in cahoots with foreign and private interests in Ghana to steal the people with respect to the waterville, Isofoton, Woyome and other dubious judgement debts paid out in recent years. I think we should be moving the discussions into areas of who caused financial lost to the state. Let people adhere to a . ...
These NDC guys should not dare touch Martin Amidu oo. their plans will fail. they want to kill the man. God is watching.
So its true that some people have threatened Hon. Martin Amidu with death??? What has this man done wrong except to tell the truth... I said it... That some people dont want the truth... They know it bt wuldnt say it, or allow others to say... Now they they want to go to the extent of taking a life??? God save us from people like this...
Did you just hear Martin Amidu the citizen vigilante? He said. and I quote 'I will bring J.G to Ghana, and I will shake this country'. Wow wow! Mr. Martin, please take reason hoo, if you shake, don't shake my area, for we don't do yawa. We are very clean people! No shaking in my heaven.
newsfile @ 9am: 1 - the fear of contempt vrs freedom of speech. 2 - should Amidu's "political time bomb" gargantuan judgment debt criminals in cabinet letter be published? 3 - Ashaiman demo/riots for attn to deplorable roads - commendable? Decorous/civil debate or comments on the ISSUES may be read.
Martin Amiidu dares Mahama to prove to Ghanaians that he was not part of the judgment debt saga.martin 'citizen vigilante' amidu,in a letter to the late saint atta-mills,actually listed the names of government and public officials who "created,lootedand shared" the gargantuan woyome booty. the question therefore is;why has this letter neither been published,nor,have these criminal state officials,mentioned,arrested andprosecuted?
A Ghanaian residing in Canada once said, "if you wanna embark on social change (changing Ghana's corrupt and unfair systems and subsystems), you are definitely putting your life on the line." I disagreed, for i was younger. Today, the experiences of Mr. Martin Amidu and other anonymous reformers confirm this. I quit my profession. I am patriotic to my life, not to my ingrate nation. I wanna be a pastor, not a social worker in Ghana.
Solomon Nkansah making a lot of sense on Peace fm now.
Why has President Mahama failed to acknowledge and give a word of praise to Martin Amidu for his recent exploits
SAMUEL OKUDZETO MUST STEP DOWN We the members of the Citizens Awake Forum (C AF) wish to add our voice to the calls of the resignation of the Deputy Education Minister, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa in his involvement in the payment of $325,472 to the isofoton SA Okudzeto Ablakwa in his capacity as the then Deputy Information Minister knew very well that Isofoton SA did not have any contract with the Ghana government to warrant any payment. Rather, Ablakwa used his position in the ministry and mounted platforms defending Isofoton to reasons only know best to him. It was rather unfortunate as a Deputy Minister of the State, sworn before the President to uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana as by law established acted as the negotiator, the arbitrator as well as the spoke person for the Isofoton Today, if the court in his wisdom had justified that for an individual to pursue a mission in the interest of Isofoton rather than that of the state had his own motive and agenda ...
Show some difference, pay no attention to Martin Amidu, NDC is far far different from NPP!!! The president has his eye on the ball & no amount of detraction will move him from taking us to the promised land. We are guided by the humble soul of the late Prez. JOHN EVANS ATTA MILLS! Long live NDC.Long live GHANA!!!
Gov't assures Martin Amidu he is safe via
I get amused when people lambast Obama for not sticking to African values (however defined). Excuse me. Let's do some reality check here. The man was born in America and spent all his adult life there. He hardly knows his father. Yes, his father was African but he has never lived on the continent. Yes, he has an African name and he has African blood coursing through him. But that is about it. He does not speak a word of any African language. To all intents an purposes, the man is an American foreigner. Africa chose to hail and embrace him as one of her own when he was gunning for the presidency of the US. Yes, it was symbolic and beautiful, but the expectation that on his election, he would suddenly veer sharply towards the values of his father's continent and abandon those of his mother's continent where he was born and has almost always lived was and is a fanciful one.
Friday the 28/6/2013 the last Friday of the month of June and halfway through 2013 at 20:20hrs... Recap of highlights of this month...major event Martin Amidu wins court case..major statement CREATE, LOOT and SHARE. Hmmm let's see what July would bring
If Martin Amidu was as it were a member of the NPP he would have been sacked long ago for the manner he speaks is so appalling and disheartnin to the Party
Ask him for me Hon.Okudzeto..."Martin,what do you think you are doing"? Destroying your young comrades? Hm
Mr. Martin Amidu and Hon. Kennedy Agyapong have done what is expected of a good citizen of Ghana..what about you Patriots??..
Fear is the enemy of change. Martin Amidu(A.K.A. Citizen vigilante)
Govt and NDC treat to eliminate Martin Amidu cos he has exposed their corrupt deals. Hm our eyes r watching.
You can pretend to be fighting for the poor in the name of citizen vigilante.Were Ghanaians rich when you were depoty attorney and under the reign of NPP? God will speak for NDC.
fear is an enemy 2 change by martin Amidu
at least i got the mention of the 'citizen vigilante'; being in the good books of such a national hero is indeed heartwarming Post Script/ "I phoned Mr. Charles Takyi-Boadu of Daily Guide at 3:20 pm today, 27th June 2013, to thank him for reading my current thoughts by re-publishing a previous story under the title: “My Life in Danger Martin Amidu cried Out” yesterday. I told him my statement of rejoinder to the accusation of my theft of documents from the Attorney General’s office will be posted today to appear on my webpage tomorrow morning. I asked him to send me his email address so I could send him a copy, which he did. At 3.58 pm the National Security Coordinator phoned to say he had just returned from abroad and read the concerns about my security and wanted us to talk. I asked him to read an email I had sent to him on Friday 21st June 2013 first and let us continue talking. I add this post script to this statement for purposes of accountability and transparency to the public as I completed t ...
Marthin Amidu,if this is how you wish to pay us(NDC) back,then prepare to face the wrath of God.
Martin Amidu is becoming unbecoming. He should rather mind his choice of words. Who and are after you.
What sort of joke is Martin Amidu trying to display in our great Ndc party ?? Masa , stay cool and enjoy ur heroism of judgement debt collections wai!!
Why would government want to endanger the life of any citizen, let alone Martin Amidu? It doesn't make any sense to me at all. Citizen vigilante must come again!!!
Gov't assures Martin Amidu he is safe 28-Jun-2013
The campaign of vilification against me must cease! - Martin Amidu fires
Hon.Martin Amidu Goes wild paa Ooo copied National Security Capo is about to EXPLODE
Gov't assures Martin Amidu he is safe
"In any case was it not the same Solicitor General who supported Nerquaye-Tetteh’s memorandum in her memo of 3rd November 2011 to me requesting me to authorize the withdrawal of the Woyome action pending at the High Court and to make further payment to Woyome which I refused to endorse? At that time I had not yet been informed as the Attorney General that Nerquaye-Tetteh was suspected of having been paid an amount GH¢400,000.00 by Woyome, half of which he used to deposit for a house at Ridge and the other half used in buying treasury bills. It was later alleged that the cheque was issued in the name of his wife. Under the watch of the Solicitor General, her officers were operating on incomplete files in settling unconstitutional contracts, so why am I being accused unjustifiably by the Government which is still comfortable working with the Mr. Nerquaye-Tettehs and their likes.".Martin Alamisi Benz Kaiser Amidu.
Govt assures Martin Amidu of protection: The government has denied allegations by former Attorney General, Mr ...
Martin Amidu helped the government to win a case to retrieve monies paid into wrong hands and is praised into the high heavens. Now Joe Ghartey is being invited to come and help clear some issues which might help the state achieve something and the NPP is shouting to the roof top? What kind of hypocritical human beings are these? They beat my imagination every day and time as well as logic!!!
the govt has a duty to protect da life of Martin Amidu and the whole world is watching. Alex- suhum
the govt has a responsibility to protect da life of Martin amidu or da whole world is watching
Yes, fear is the enemy of change says Martin Amidu. The Lord is with us
We get government's response on Martin Amidu's claims that his life is in danger.
now let all the lovers of citizen vigilante Martin Amidu go and secure his person against all danger including earthquakes, immediately!
THE HYPOCRISY OF THE ELEPHANT! When Martin Amidu draws to court and wins 2 case against a govt formed by his party, castigates his party leadership and ask nagging and politically incorrect queries of his party, the NPP calls him a citizen vigilante and the only original GENERAL in politics! Ironically, TARZAN goes on a similar tangent against his party, and vituperative aspersions are hurled at him! THEY BEAT AM!
Now Mr. Martin Amidu has become the NPP darling boy? Wonders shall never end!!!
They're are capable of doing anything under this sun. My heart goes out to Esq. Martin Amidu. Please if you pray, say one for his him, too!
Hypocrisy is what saturates Ghana's geo-political space. Martin Amidu was vilified, verbally assaulted and labelled a traitor by members of his own family, because at the time, it was against their interest. Today, its quite the opposite: he is being hailed a hero by the very people who rendered him a villain just months ago. its shameless!
Why do some people in NDC wants Martin Amidu dead ?? What has he done to them ?? . God is in control .
Can't believe the NDC is accusing Martin Amidu of stealing files from the Attorney General's office in wining his case against Waterville. What a party! You fight against one of your own for saving millions of £s for the nation.
Martin Amidu has done more for this country's financial feasibility and enhanced it democratic credentials than most past government. Bravo!
I am pleading to Supreme Court to invite SIR JOHN, who in plane language insulted the judges on boiling point on OMAN FM
Along the path of history are written names of men n women who sacrificedto shape society n ink their names in gold. Spartacus of ancient Rome fought to stop slavery. Nkrumah was in the vanguard of liberation of humanity frm expoiltation n colonialism. Martin A B K Amidu of today is pouring his blood out to stop corruption n looting by state officials in the name of judgement debts. I know history will forever hold such patritic citizens as matyrs. Live up the dream of Ghana first. Good afternoon Comrades n friends.
'fear is the enemy of change' by Martin Alamisi Amidu.
Oh Martin Amidu ur name will be carved in Gold in Ghana's history, what a patriot !!!
'fear is the enemy of change'. Martin A B K Amidu :)
Honestly speaking, it does not make any shred of sense for me to post messages on this platform just because i want to make my political opponents happy. So those my friends who do not share the same political phillosophy with me should take it easy because i will NEVER satisfy your whims to the neglect of my party. the only way to cool your anger is to simply go and attempt to burn the sea. Political naivity.
I hear martin amidu the citizen vigilante has mentioned me in his latest epistle;hope he's not coming after me cos my hands are!
Gov't assures Martin Amidu he is safe: Government has assured former Attorney-Generaland Minister of Justice, ...
If anything happens to Martin Amidu, we know its John Mahama.
Did Adawudu actually mention Martin Amidu as having taken the documents away?How can Mr Amidu claim that govt is sponsoring the attack on him?Are we not going too far?CANT FIGHT A MAN,IF U DONT KNOW HIS MOTIVE#
Social Media is indeed a wonderful thing. Martin Amidu is a hero.
BREAKING NEWS: Martin Amidu will be given fully security (infor minister)
Body pains be wat..need a thorough massage..,
Martin Amidu must learn to be civil and shut up for once. I have come to believe that, Amidu is just on a self-glorification mission. Now, he's become a talkative. He enjoys hearing people singing his name in the media (radio and newspaper hailing him). He is going too far and it's getting nasty. He should be warned!!!
Gov't assures Amidu of his safety: Government has assured former Attorney General Martin Amidu of his safety a...
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