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Martial Law

Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—(usually) only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread.

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Senator Nancy Binay, Jai. Her father was a human rights victim lawyer during the Martial Law era. How sad is this s…
Sec. martinandanar: We don't need Martial Law. It's just that we have a concern sa ilegal na droga. — Unang Hirit (UnangHirit) November 13…
I wonder if Congress tries to stop Trump's ignorance like deporting 11 million if he suspends Habeus Corpus & disbands Congress,Martial Law.
My mom grew up with her grandparents. She was a kid during Martial Law, but she remembered how the military would come to each house,
VP Robredo on SC decision: We have consistently opposed the burial of the Martial Law dictator in the heroes' sacred ground.
The Purge movies the Black Panthers are that liberation army that's portrayed. Martial Law is in effec…
Ahead of SC decision, Martial Law victims 'pray for 8' votes
Thinking US post-Nov9 we need to read up on PET, FLQ, and Martial Law / War Measures Act to understand our history and perspective.
I like how theater companies have been producing plays on Martial Law. Education + art 👌🏽
wouldn't it be coincidental if there would be Martial Law (which is not gonna happen, i hope) and there is a Benigno Aquino in the Senate??
On Friday, former President Benigno Aquino III made his public appearance when he attended a Martial Law forum in...
44 years ago today, Martial Law was declared throughout the Philippine islands
Yes, ours is a human story that brought peoples' lives beyond imagination of survival: Martial Law, September 21,...
INSANE! Time to IMPEACH such a willing President to violate OATH of office to defend the constitution. Martial Law https:/…
. On Sept. 21, 1972, President Marcos declared Martial Law to institutionalize the nationwide practice of M…
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in his autobiography wrote: “I was the administrator of Martial Law. The powers of...
Risa Hontiveros was 6.5 - 14 yrs old during the Martial Law era. 😊
From the words of Juan Ponce Enrile about Martial Law.
2/similar to Mr. Juan Ponce Enrile's assassination before and the Plaza Miranda bombing. Next is declaration of Martial Law.
"Section 10.5 - "Blame acts of terrorism on political opponents." - A playbook for Martial Law, by Ferdinand E. Marcos and Juan Ponce-Enrile
Joel Lamangan says he was imprisoned twice during Martial Law era: via
Bam set to probe status of Martial Law education in schools. . Senator Bam Aquino has filed a resolution calling...
Bam Aquino seeks inquiry on status of Martial Law education in schools
Bam Aquino calls for probe on the status of Martial Law education in schools (via
FLASH: Senators shrug off martial law threat: "He has said that before and I don't think he…
Pres. Duterte raised the possibility of declaring martial law if judiciary will get in the way of his war vs. drugs.
With potential martial law and economic collapse closing in on US. What say you if this happens? Recommendation?
Duterte threatens martial law if 'drug war' is blocked - News from Al Jazeera
I added a video to a playlist Senators do not think Duterte will declare Martial Law
People still live with traumas from the atrocities during Martial Law. You don't just tell them to move on.
PCO Secretary Andanar on President Duterte’s statement on the fear of Martial Law - Read:
In my opinion Pakistan is in a state of war and it should be under emergency rule or Martial law. Democracy on back burner.
d report on d du30 speech ws malisciously slanted 2 make it appear dat martial law ws d main pt of wat du30 said on d SC issue
The threat of martial law still happening is the reason we cannot and should not move on.
WATCH | Duterte to Sereno: 'would you rather I declare martial law?'. -->
[Inquirer] Senators shrug off martial law threat
urgently Ukraine go to Defcon 1 – . quickly as possible you must declare full mobilization & martial law – .
I laugh when I hear a politician: Mocking others that they are product of Martial Law. Claiming that he is democrat & believes in democracy.
raissawriter: Let me share with you guys excerpts from Marcos Martial Law: Never Again
Senators shrug off martial law threat
Playing with the idea of Martial Law and asserting that people would support it just means it is a possible thing with Duterte.
Let's see congressmen and senators put their principles where their mouths are, esp those who lived thru martial law. W…
Senators shrug off martial law threat via InquirerNET
With diversity there is abundance. With uniformity there is martial/Martian law
mass deportation is required implement martial law in Bradford, Rotherham and Dewsbury, Close evil down
Philippine president warns of "constitutional war" if judiciary interferes with his policies
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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens 'martial law' if war on drugs is hindered
Martial Law is evil, and so are those who espouse it. They should not be supported.
Once you play with the idea of Martial Law it just means that it may happen again.
because Obama and Hillary want to declare Martial law in order to form a national police force run by the gov.
Sir Martial Laws were camouflaged to look good but actually every Martial Law worst than the previous.
Now you can read and/or download parts of our book, Marcos Martial Law: Never Again online
WATCH | Duterte's martial law 'threat' has people guessing; lawmakers weigh in: ...
"Buti pa si Marcos may bangkay," says sister of missing martial law victim. Let me leave this here for all the apologis…
threatens martial law after Chief Justice warns judges implicated in illegal drugs not to submit to police. ht…
Can you call martial law in our POC's favor?
Duterte now casually threatening return to Marcos-era martial law. Toxic
Pacquiao goes back to boxing. Arroyo asks court to let her travel to Europe & HK. Duterte 'jokes' about Martial Law. YEY A…
LOOK: Martial Law, Manny Pacquiao in today's Inquirer front page. Read the full issue on https:…
3 more offices killed.. like I said if this keeps happening Martial Law will be declared.. look at Turkey, it could happen here.
"We don't know who's in control of the country," reports from
7/16/16:Martial Law is no Slumber Party.But PC America will act like until many run away like "Blade Runner".Silence can be evil.Wake up.
. The problem is NOT guns! The ruling US elite wants to disarm population for total Martial law ht…
Sad to say, their propaganda that was so rife during thr Martial Law is no longer working today. 󾌴
Look forward to more intensification of police violence, erosion of our civil liberties, militarization, curfews, martial…
Breaking News out of TURKEY:. Martial law in Turkey, Military Coup Under Way---. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan...
the nation can be directed by what is called Admiralty Law or martial law by simply command of the President or the authority of the land
lol Hillary is funded by Isis and kkk. Lmao . Hillary wants martial law FYI
and because the martial law has continued up to this time, from the time of the Civil war,
Turkish military has taken over the government and imposed martial law, according to announcement read on Turkish TV
Yeah Trump needs to declare martial law so he can deport Hillary's treasonous communist garbage.
Eight soldiers who fled to Greece claiming asylum to be extradited back to Turkey
MARTIAL LAW Knows a dirty raver that slangs thugs
Ya' THINK? If they can control it they will try. Watch for martial law! Ken Skeen
Turkey coup and Martial Law predictive programming
Turkey's commander of the Third Army detained by authorities
This is me to my Dad every day when he sends his martial law email chains from friends.
Active troops of America if martial law was ever executed in the states, would you follow the order?
That's what an undeclared martial law looks like; who needs a coup if he can run things like this.
Turkish police apprehend the most senior judicial figure in the country
I have been saying this for a few months - so the New World Order is moving swiftly now. . So what will be the...
Leak! U S Veteran SOLDIER exposes the TRUTH about NWO Martial Law and Il... via
And here we go again. It's starting. The Martial Law is starting. Again.
Hard to tell about Oct. surprise. Martial law may be tried but I think everyone is more than prepared. Won't work.
you know how every year there is the October surprise? Any guesses on this years surprise? Martial law maybe.
I already lived through martial law in the Philippines be indoors before dark or your *** will be detained by military
MARTIAL LAW Has a farty gangsta that jumps butts
The military took over the national tv, they announced a coup, the martial law and a curfew, have turkey in your prayers
BREAKING. Hacked messages of leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law https…
Almost called martial law. They just came backX
BREAKING: Martial law and a curfew have been imposed in
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"Obama is going to implement martial law before he's term comes to an end"
2,745 judges have been removed from their offices by Turkish authorities
The plan is to create a situation in the US whereby there is total lawlessness & we have to go to martial law
Stooges plan to use martial law to keep Obama in office Trollololol
Btw, Obama just signed an executive order preparing for martial law that allows military to KILL YOU. Keep sleeping
BLM activists plan disruption to end . at convention & "keep Obama in office via martial law."
Martial law is Obama's last step to destroy the US!
If you still think O calling for Martial Law is an unlawful order after 250+ Executive Orders/ObamaCare? You have not b…
Obama / BLM Plan To Overthrow America Leaked! Civil unrest at conventions / Martial Law / All by design by George…
Supposedly President Ferdinand Marcos' chair when he publicly announced Martial Law on TV …
Wait . if Martial Law is put in place doesn't that mean there's no election and Obama stays President?
Are Barack Obama and the United Nations about to impose Martial Law in the United States?.
Yeah, I remember when England and Australia had martial law after their gun laws...No I don't know, it didn't happen
Just wondering if you have looked into what happens during martial law?
. Must oust Obama 1st. He's instigating martial law 2 stay. If he does-no elections!
That's their plan. They want us to begin a civil war to implement Martial Law. Plus our war against sleepers.
She parachutes in, drags Farage to the Tower, puts Cameron on a ship to France, and declares martial law. You go, Elizabeth.
Not yet complete: A Working List of Martial Law Literature. For Dutertites & Marcosites who are clueless.
Next FALSE FLAG could bring Martial Law!They r practicing n testing to see how stupid Americans really are! WAKEUP https:/…
yup. Create chaos to bring martial law! These dem *** will still blame "hateful rhetoric"
The mega crash has started. Trump can not be president the elite will kill him if he is elected. Martial law is nearer. False flag coming.
Puyallup wa? How goes the military policing and martial law up there?
Is the government about ready to declare martial law on We the People?
So no martial law then? How much taxpayers' money was wasted promoting
UN will be military force here when Obama declares Martial law is what I'm hearing.
Watch out for martial law. Be prepared!
martial law! No guns no traveling without insurance and license! Welcome to fascism...
Report on u tube Seen in Illinois's 3 Convoy full of Martial law signs thousands of signs increase military build-up all around the country
To be fair, is governing by martial law much worse than governing by First Past The Post anyway?
That's where Cameron is! He's getting the hit squad ready in No10 and mobilising the army for martial law!
IT SURLEY HAS! We need to be ready for martial law.
look for martial law if Hillary fails. Obama's not ready to finish damaging US
wondering what the catch is gonna be. They voted leave, but will globalists stage a Martial Law takeover?
Prince Charles rolls a tank company onto the lawn of Buckingham Palace and declares martial law.
Oh Christ, don't tell me Farage is announcing martial law in every city?
Anti-Marcos/Martial Law activists lose their credibility when they accuse people of being paid hacks or *** just for havi…
first Britain must declare martial law and rid itself from the Muslim infestation.
Just hoping Obama doesn't unleash his private armies and declare Martial Law. That's the only thing left to fear.
Yeah, they'll insist it was legal gunowners and declare martial law.
Not too late to declare Martial Law is it?
Thank you for taking our guns and giving them to your police enforcing martial law..
That explains why there were recently 3 military bases in the mid west getting truck loads of Martial Law signs. It's Obama
Breaking--Obama wanted the World Chaos that UK leaving EU so he can declare Martial Law and stay in White House
So there will be no procrastination or martial law then?
Finally FOX News exposes MARTIAL LAW and FEMA by Ex Navy SEAL and Leaked... via
Just kill me once martial law comes into to play.
.ding..ding..ding..ding..BINGO! >>>>. “He may want Martial Law so he can stay. Hitler started out the same way”
Quick someone get the Queen to declare martial law and invalidate the vote
NRA pushing MORE GUNS, GOP will soon push Martial Law to stop our protesting THEIR TAKING RIGHTS AWAY. VOTE or LOSE!
Whats that martial law for Americans
That's the plan. And then Martial Law and confiscate guns, food, funds, and...
Imelda was very much into mining. Everything she saw she said, ‘That’s mine!’. Old Martial Law joke.
The *** will just declare Martial Law, you wait & see!
There are certain martial laws which lasted until they got jinxed. Poland is Dec. 1981 - Jul. 1983, Philippines is Sep. 1972 - Jan. 1981.
When I see people say "Marshall Law" online instead of "Martial Law" my PSCI Degree senses tingle and jump into "who tf is Marshall!?" mode😂
Infographic: The day Marcos declared Martial Law | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines via
An activist during the time of Martial Law, Nanay Soling was among the popular figures responsible for the Yellow... htt…
Books, reports, videos and published stories about Martial Law are in the UP library.
Check out UP Diliman Main Library and see the records of how painfully brutal Martial Law was.
Martial Law thingy: that time when your "hero" was a 26-yo governor who wanted to blow up Camp Crame.
Animal treatment, electric shocks, Russian roulette, the "San Juanico Bridge"...all forms of torture used by authorities during Martial Law.
It was Martial Law. With Sammo Hung, who I suspect, wasn't.
Time Anomaly: time skips to Martial Law. Like in unity: from French Revolution to time skips in WWII.
Adrienne and I are going through Martial Law, that goofy old cop show starring Sammo Hung
Stop downplaying the horrors of Martial Law and throwing off the "economic boom & stability" argument like a band-aid. JUST NO PLS
The fun activities of the period we call "Martial Law". The San Juanico Bridge, the Electric Shock, Pepper on the...
You dislike Leni cos she's from LP. You dislike Bongbong cos of Martial Law. Ofcourse, but that makes a perfect sense from your perspective.
If trump wins I kind of hope Obama will declare Martial Law and take over as King like Fox News has said for years.
"Martial Law is better than what we have had in the last 6 years – the most stupid government we ever had." -Juan Ponce Enrile. ?_?
And we thought bush was bad. lol jus wait. New world order. Martial Law.. you're bout to hear those terms used a little more often..
Y'all how about including a subject that covers exclusively on Martial Law if you want our generation to be educated for this matter
Country, but the entire world, in a nuclear standstill where we resort to a way of living that is worse than Martial Law. Where we will (c)
I CHOOSE RORO because I believe in strong leadership where basic human rights are upheld. Never again to Martial Law!
"Duterte has to declare Martial Law to fulfill promise" -JPE htt…
Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos. evaded being battered by Martial Law human rights violations by siding with the Aquinos during EDSA 1
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They are putting their faith in the Soros machines. Or that their pet Usurper Barry Soetoro will declare Martial Law.
Martial Law declared, Helga shells Liberty Hall on Wed of Easter wk 1916. Read events on Wed https:…
Given that Carlton Cuse produced Nash Bridges as well as Martial Law (San Francisco shows), it's a shame that there weren't any crossovers.
Escudero family's were crony of Marcos, chiz has also benefited out of Martial Law
U.S. Government is training for Martial Law. for Financial System imminent collapse. and mass dissidence.
Chiz Escudero I believe is the biggest disappointment for being so quiet in Martial Law.
Robredo, who is next to Marcos, says justice should be given to Martial Law victims.
Race war=Martial Law= Critical Race Law/Theory= Collapse of America. That's the agenda at play now.
What is NOT good is that Racial Wars=Civil War=excuse for Martial Law and UN intervention Trump is playing the globalist's game
Let us honor the life of Senator Jovito Salonga by constant remembrance the horrors of Martial Law, & not voting Bongbong Marcos.
same as Alex. No experience on Martial Law but affected because of Hacienda Luisita
if Bongbong has to apologize for Martial Law's deaths then PNoy has to apologize for the Hacienda Luisita and Mendiola massacres
Movie Plot Idea:. Discovery of a planet that actually is a METOER ? Project Blue Beam? State of Emergency ? Martial Law? Who kn…
Roxas and Robredo listen to stories from Martial Law here in Fort Magsaysay. | via
In my dictionary, if you are a Filipino or a Filpina, you are a Martial Law victim...
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Martial Law victims vow to block Marcoses' return to Malacañang. Watch video.
Launch of '12:01', graphic novel about Martial Law, in time for the 30th anniv of EDSA Revolution | via
14. And that is why no one should vote for Bongbong Marcos. Whatever his accomplishments are, he wants us to forget the evil of Martial Law
During term of ex Comm. Chito Salud, everyone gets fair trial & ask for explanation. Now, it's like Martial Law.
Remember the tv series Martial Law with Sammo Hung, Kelly Hu, and Arsenio Hall. It premiered on Saturday nights.
Ferdinand Marcos had the Philippines under Martial Law for a decade to " quell the rising tide of communist rebellion".
Had the most interesting Econ class - the truth about MNLF, Ferdinand Marcos, Martial Law and the Climaco family 👏🏼👏🏼
Sammo Hung must be aware of the astounding irony that, unlike Bruce Lee, he was the star of a popular American TV series (Martial Law).
Chaudhry Nisar advised to appoint General Pervez Musharraf as COAS > deal after Martial Law
Politicians and Now Army by not enforcing Martial Law. Raheel Sharif retirement means freedom for Nawaz Zardari MQM
AND: Fuel BLM! Put it ALL together & hope for Civil Unrest b4 elections to implement Martial Law in select Cities!
There is a distinct possibility, Obama, wants civil unrest,so he can impose Martial Law . Just look to Germany, to see the possibility.
BHO could try declaring martial law, but don't think our military wd follow him against US citizens
Obama was sued for already trying it ever wonder y martial law is needed they must know want pop contained b4 we do
"If [took down]etc. Could martial law have been declared? Worse? In the end we got
Obama Has Become a Tyrant - pray like crazy that he won't declare MARTIAL LAW and cancel the electio…
Is attacking the 2nd amendment a ploy to cause civil unrest so he can use martial law to stay in office & stop elections? We'll see...
URGENT:Supreme Court:ALL Americas can B FEMA CAMP Incarcerated -obama regime just has to declare martial law.
Internet's working again. Don't have to resort to martial law or cannibalism or raiding other villages for supplies.
Upon an Unconstitutional FEMA declaration of martial law we FALL EXACTLY like Germany in the 30's. DICTATORSHIP
Unconstitutional FEMA rules give a president permanent power. Once Unconstitutional martial law is declared they will never release it.
Obama gets his ISIS boys to create a catastrophic event martial law gets declared and a permanent dictator put in place. No more USA.
I hear if four moderators get together they can declare martial law and demand chocolate
2016: Obama and Martial Law Obama hints he will NOT leave office in 2016 Obama makes jokes that lend
God revealed to me that the terroristic acts in US were planned by US power groups to drive fear &to usher in martial law/ NWO
Do any Americans believe that Obama will bring in Martial Law in the US ?
This is a Urgent Martial Law Declaration of the Entire United States of America. due to the Stated
Obama rolling out more violations of during an election year? He must want martial law really badly.
Ya gov wants martial law,that`s why they allow this to happen.The bankers want it.War is profitable,sadly.
if he doesn't get his martial law. That's why he signed that executive order on gun control. To cause civil unrest.
WA State now requiring martial arts dojos to pay sales tax...
This is what Obama wants, people with guns,up against the govt. Here comes martial law and third term!
People who own guns are paranoid, thinking martial law is a probability. Paranoid and having a gun not a good mix.
Then as soon as we get our guns taken away BOOM Martial law
Probably setting us up for Martial Law
I'm more curious about Obama's Walmart prisons in Texas. Haven't they rounded up everyone and instituted martial law?
No martial law, no financial collapse, no war with Iran, no goon squads taking guns, no death panels, just pretty much life as usual.
Don't let them take your guns.They are tryna in force martial law!
in drawing parallels pre-martial law but it wasn't fascism that occurred but plain democratic power grab. Why it failed. But…
Look at Boston, when military locked down city looking for Tsarnaev brothers. Martial Law occurred in MINUTES.
yes & I'm afraid he's letting this chaos go so he can call martial law & stay in WH
Not martial law but clearly unconstitutional. Not sure what they're teaching at Harvard/U. of Chicago Law …
One of the ways that increasingly big, oppressive governments control their populations is through t
BREAKING NEWS!! FEMA Camps, Martial Law & Government stocking up on Amunition
This sounds tepid. I'm sure this won't stop the GOP from screaming that Obama has declared martial law
And we'll have to discuss this one night: / Os private lil martial law army
There's only one reason Obama hasn't declared martial law. He knows he'd get his *** kicked.
was a false flag. There was a drill live at the same time & martial law was …
Divorce and Family Law Tip of the Day: some premarital assets can become martial assets without a prenupt
Looks like Obama is wanting Martial Law. Well, we might see him in office longer. Yay. He has been working on it...
The may soon try to takeover of our nation by creating a breakdown in civil authority; giving him authority to declare martial law.
The nomadic took his talents to with Longo and Weidman for fight
Don't forget Homeland Security. & the UN assistance he could call IN; if he declared Martial Law!
They want us to get mad so they can put martial law right on us with "reason"
Obama is slowly getting the American atmosphere set for him to declare martial law!
I agree although part of me follows Savage who said don't fall for Obama's martial law trap.
.prepared for Thursday's bout by training on LI at via
And they strangely fail to expose Obama's push for martial law
WARNING to all Americans: The GOV is LIAR! (Jade Helm, Martial Law, PUTIN vs OBAMA) (Nov, 2015)
Leaked DOC from Florida exposes NWO agenda (MARTIAL LAW in U.S) (Nov, 2015)
"In his fifth parting comment, Carl Herman fails to distinguish between the World Bank and IMF shared…" — KarenHudes https:…
Why? Because he's about to declare martial law RT
"Are you telling me that the contact page on my website is not working? Your only caveat, that we…" — KarenHudes
"We are at a fork in the road: WWIII and unilateral surrender of the US through the demise of the…" — KarenHudes
I guess Martial Law in Far Right France can't stop the Far Right from winning the election.
Look what happened in France? A group of rag tag barely out of high school "terrorist" gave rise to a martial law of probable annihilation?
bottom right corner picture taken in Boston people cheering for Martial Law/Slavery
Followed by martial law, tyranny, and President for life Obama.
That's probably Obama's plan. Violence against Muslims followed by martial law and a request for UN troops to assist.
Mark my words.Obama will find a way to stay in power before the election. Probably another large terror attack then martial law
NOTICE how gun control comes into effect right around the start of the next world war and domestic terrorism. MARTIAL LAW INC SOON
I worry more about Trump getting elected and declaring Martial Law.
Is Obama Enabling ISIS in Order to Usher in Martial Law ? Whose Pulling his strings?
Jen, it seems pretty reasonable to mock your political opinions when you say Obama is going to declare martial law to stay in office.
Extremely insecure now.. advertisers pay premium & TVCs are "censored" reminiscent of martial law era.. 😕
UH OH gearing up for war Iran missles? Something else they know... Obama signs Executive Order possible MARTIAL LAW
read between the lines. Obama talking about American right wing militant as well. The stage is being set for martial law
If you expect the or to keep Obama from declaring martial don't get it!
ISIS will end up being the boogeyman the Communists were to 1933 Germany. excuse for Martial law
The Local Mayor given the Autonomy to declare martial law variances to immediate executions on guilty as *** suspects!
Don't worry. Obama is the last president. You will see much more terror and war. Martial law before the election
Martial Law Album by is avail now at
Obama won't never was never will declare martial law.
too much more to law needs to be implemented so he can claim himself EMPEROR
Astonished that quite a number of people in their 20s don't recall important parts of our history like the Treaty of Paris, Martial Law, etc
the option for american terrorists,God, is a police state, government in our house, and martial law.
BREAKING: Obama announces martial law, implementation of FEMA camps, all meat must be halal
The USA will be completely destroyed. But martial law comes first. I am a Christian & I know theology. USA is mystery Babylon.
Obama is out anyway unless he declares Martial Law or something.
If you DON'T think DOESN'T have a plan to try and declare Martial law before the next election, you haven't been paying attention.
We need to ask ALL the GOP presidential candidates what they intend to do when Obama declares Martial Law openly. This is urgent.
GOP presidential candidates need to address Martial Law by Obama: All their campaigning will be in vain because 2016 election will not be
The is just the beginning, flash mobs will be next, eventually martial law. Enjoy the FEMA camps you stupid…
Obama hopes that Law Abiding Citizens will become Criminals to implement Social Control, by action of Martial Law!
Obama is slyly orchestrating World War 3. Next would be his declaration of Martial Law. Confiscation of guns? Other libe…
Obama wants War!. It's his only hope of staying in Power. Civil Crisis 👉Martial Law 👉 Suspend Democray 👉Despotism.
hes a TRAITOR!!!. Its his plan 2start a WAR in the US so he can implement Martial Law
Food is the Currency of the Future! Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Martial Law - Alex Jones ht…
Get ready for Martial Law in Paris . and more false flags all around the world until Paris Climate Conference, ENJOYbrainwash
Chapter 2 Pretest Question 11: What did British General Gage declare to keep boston in peace and maintain Answer :Martial Law
Obama approves of his "Brown Shirts" before he initializes Martial Law to remove everyone's guns.
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