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Martial Arts

Martial arts are extensive systems of codified practices and traditions of combat that are practiced for a variety of reasons, including self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, as well as mental, physical and spiritual development.

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*THE* place to be next April if you're interested in Martial Arts
This week I went to try a class in Hixson at Rick Hall's Martial Arts and at the end decided to get…
Martial Arts. As the definition of art states, it is "the expression or application of human creative skill and...
thanks for the follow! I train at professor sauers affiliated school in St.Johns. (Mike Foley's Martial Arts) if I'm in Ohio
[ Martial Arts ] Open Question : John Cena vs Ronda Rousey, who would win in a real fight?
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We always love celebrities doing Martial Arts! Here is Bill Goldberg and Jimmy Pedro working a couple of throws...
I met Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton in the Year 2010 in Berlin. It was a great Time on the Martial Arts...
I liked a video from DSCF0012 Shane E Lee's Martial Arts display for Dead Possum
Martial Arts at Creative Warrior Academy of Las Vegas founded by Sifu Justin Cataldi is taught in a unique way you wont find anywhere else , many types of co...
DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE THE NECESSARY SKILLS THEY NEED TO BE SAFE AND SELF-CONFIDENT? Martial Arts training has been recognized as a valuable teaching and personal development tool – especially for kids! Our goal is to help kids boost their self esteem while also contributing to the development of a range of individual qualities such as Focus, Concentration, Self-Discipline, Physical Fitness, Goal Setting, Self-Confidence, Positive Attitude, Leadership, Respect, Patience, Manners, Teamwork, and Listening. Our Kids Combat Program is dedicated to teaching kids how to defend themselves, while making the learning and TEAM EXPERIENCE fun and tremendously entertaining! Most importantly, your kid will learn to avoid violence at all costs! However, if needed, your kid will also learn how to effectively handle themselves in a realistic self-defense situation. OUR DISCIPLINED, HIGH-ENERGY, FUN, AND INTERACTIVE KIDS TRAINING PROGRAMS WERE DESIGNED AS A METHOD TO DEVELOP AMAZING SELF-DISCIPLINE, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, AND ...
Check out USA Flag for Martial Arts etc. Kenpo Karate via
A true Martial Arts visionary who took the best of a # of styles and created Jeet Kune Do true deciple of IP Man
Sensei Paulsen is the owner and chief instructor of Paulsen's Martial Arts here in Colorado Springs.
Once again, I will be teaching a kid's jiu jitsu class on Saturday at 10 am to 11 am at LJJA Martial Arts , 14 East Gambier Street, Mount Vernon. Ages 7 to 12. Heather Frye McNamara Melissa Packard Steven Deem Vince Poland Ashley Cline Neer Jan Drevniak-Stauffer Heather L. Moore Ashley Huffman Bryan Moore Alan Huffman Josh Smith David Lashley Beverly Ann Shade Lindsey DePolo If there is anyone I missed, please forward. Thank you! Please feel free to message me with any questions you might have.
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Check out some cool Martial Arts in this showcase coming to Piedmont Technical College on Jan 10th.
bourne identity series on dvd Action & Adventure, Martial Arts and R rated
The Afghan Girl who chased her dreams. 20-year-old Shabnam Safa, born in Afghanistan and raised as a refugee in Pakistan, migrated to Australia in 2009. She finds her passion in Martial Arts and serving her community, challenging traditional gender roles and norms within her Afghan community where female participation in extra curricular and non-educational activities isn't greatly encouraged. She wishes to be a role model and not give in to the stereotypical limitations of her culture and traditional boundaries. BAD COMMENT BAND Hazaragi TV
I think this applies to all real Martial Arts, not just Judo. Words of Wisdom From Jigoro Kano, Founder of Judo...
Angeles 8' Pedal Pusher Holiday and Christmas Gifts Low Cost Angeles 8' Pedal Pusher :: Holiday Christmas Gift Ideas Online Deals CHECK BEST DEAL NOW! Angeles 8' Pedal Pusher Airsoft In contrast to Paintball There are a lot of techniques in which the game titles of paintball and Airsoft are very comparable. Nonetheless, the games actually are not the exact factor. For this rationale, a great deal of folks have a inclination of having confused. Angeles 8' Pedal Pusher. Parachute Protection and Buyer's Information Parachute accidents are getting common typically since basic safety attributes and safeguards are becoming missed. Choosing the appropriate parachute and subsequent protection measures can significantly decrease the danger of incidents and put the pleasurable back again in parachuting. In this article are some ideas on guaranteeing the basic safety of your parachute. Martial Arts and Ladies This report is about how women of all ages can strategy the martial arts, and what designs they can take. E ...
Fitness Stars of the Martial Arts: Featuring Profiles of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, ... -
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Our Community outreach progam at the Turtle River Montessori school, in Jupiter, Florida is a great success, the students are excited learning about the Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System. Shihan Albert Demonstrates how to use a Bo Staff for the students. Martial Arts benefits include Self Defense, better Discipline, Fitness, Stress Release, weight loss, Friends for life and much much more. Qu 3: What are the meanings of our Purple, Red and White colors found on the Purple Dragon Monograms. Answer deadline by next monday. Keep up the Great work. Good Luck to all the Candidates doing their Black Belt Testing in Trinidad this coming weekend.
Thursday nights classes at Salford Trap"n"Tap are Filipino Kali / Bjj. 7 - 9pm great Martial Arts, see you there,peace.
Throwback - Chau's Martial Arts back in 2000. Coach Mike De Guzman in his first smoker! Mike has been with...
I liked a video Martial Arts of the Philippines - Filipino Martial Arts Documentary
Watching an old episode of Walker Texas Ranger. If all of our police force were highly trained in the Martial Arts, there would be a lot less shootings unless there was an actual gun present.
One of the greatest Martial Arts fighters of all times would have turned 70 today. Bruce Lee.
Gracie Barra Santa Fe, this place has a serious history of Champions and intense training. Although we will be moving soon I believe the Legacy that was started with Professor Alberto Crane and carried on by Professor Thomas Pless will continue to grow and prosper in our new home. Loyalty, Honor, Work Ethics, and Family just a few of the traits that have made Santa Fe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy the staple of BJJ in New Mexico. Our move will not be an end but the beginning of a new journey passing on BJJ and adding more family to a bigger home. Hope to see everyone there. Oh Yeah and bring a friend. Nothing like this in Santa Fe. COMING SOON Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts, LLC in the Rodeo Plaza.
I will never forget the day that Connie Stevens had a big, fancy Beverly Hills get together with her closest friends and relatives. Our road manager, at the time, was a former Marine named Gary Billington. He and I grew extremely close during our tours with Connie. He was a Vietnam War Veteran. He was riddled with problems from agent orange, yet he never complained about it. He told me that he was denied disability countless times. I hired him to be road manager for my band in L.A. during my Martial Arts climb, after the death of my daughter, Danielle. We were both warriors, in different ways, but understood the commitment and importance of loyalty. During our lunch with Connie, the doors of the restaurant flew open and in marched a dozen decorated Marines, in arms, complete with a military drum core. A high ranking officer followed and called."At Arms!" They stood at attention, in formation. He said, "Sergeant Billing! Front and center!" Gary was in shock, but he immediately rose, like the soldier he was ...
I've a fractured non-displaced 5th metatarsal. Must sit out Martial Arts for a while. I'm gutted but have my humour.
Meiji Jingu festival of martial arts
someone should write a book about Taiwanese kids' martial arts movies.
I've always been fascinated by martial arts
Am I the only one still waiting for ? was one of the best Martial Arts films in years... I want more..
limitless mma: Limitless Mma will be a Mixed Martial Arts school with a focus on boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai ...
"Martial arts has been a way of life for me since I was a young kid. It created a discipline and..."
I challanged to a wrestling match and got OWNED by her martial arts skills.
My four year old put today's donations most succinctly: "we have a really big holy moly!" I would have to agree! Major thanks to Master Mike Black and Ms. Martha Heise for your donations, and Master Ken Peterman and Master Nicole Peterman and Master Kevin Robinson for not only donating, but also arranging toy drives at Brandywine Martial Arts and Robinson's Martial Arts Institute. While I know these toys are piled high, this pictures really don't show everything!! I can't say thank you enough!
24/11[645] asking my Martial Arts teacher & any1 else for protection to stop or prevent any more stealth health attacks on my life, period.
I�ve had no formal martial arts training, but I know for a fact the Power Rangers are wasting too much energy on unnecessary summersaults
Back in town full stop (@ American Academy Of Martial Arts in Fresno, CA)
Sophie and I were fighting with her umbrella and our sick martial arts skills and I accidentally whacked her
Wide awake n watching some dodgy martial arts film with a beer, gona pay for this tomorrow
Two of our dedicated Saturday morning Zen Warriors taking on our Ninja Sword agility battle... One of many challenging drills we expose our students to a Zen Martial Arts & Fitness!
Sorry, don't know, my sports are Martial Arts and some Hockey
If it wasn't for my years of martial arts training, which included discipline, I would have a tough time not going off on these ***
One of the best moments of martial arts life me and Curtis had a blast at Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu his…
Krav Maga scene of the actor Jennifer Lopez martial arts scene from the movie Enough. Inspiring and motivational martial arts training. Combat sport as a lif...
Answer by to What are some good techniques to disarm a person with a pistol or knife?
This is one of the fun martial arts / kickboxing combinations we've been working on in our kids martial arts classes
I can't say enough about how proud I am for these three little guys who competed today at the Bay Area Jui-Jitsu Championship in Alameda, Ca. They represented with pride and showed a lot of heart competing today. Our kids/Adults program under fighter and Blackbelt as well as and also 2nd degree with team has really been taken to the next level since starting just 2 months ago. If your looking for a place to train or just looking to start getting involved on come by and give us a try. Knoxx Martial Arts & Fitness 408.809.7073 4424 Pearl Ave San Jose, Ca. 95136
Edgar smashes Swanson's title shot hopes, but did he also clear path for McGregor?
Martial Arts is a great gift for the holidays! Get your pre wrapped uniform and 25 days of training for only $25...
Mission MMA Future Champions practicing kickboxing combo's while performing sprawl defense. High energy classes combine the modern martial arts of Muay Thai and BJJ in a traditional setting. Take advantage to our online offer and get your child started today.
The way of martial arts starts with 1000 days of training and is truly commanded after 10,000 days of training
A short video advertisement I created for SGRJ Academy of Martial Arts - The video itself was filmed by Sensei Bal of SGRJ Academy of Martial Arts - the edit...
PRO Martial Arts offers a cohesive blend of the best elements of traditional Korean arts!
Lol gymnastics would help him be great at martial arts uno
Great and sucsessful event last weekend,and I thank you all for that! But the kids need us! there is nothing like teaching the next generation, I have been involved in a lot of aspects of this Martial Art Business from Books, Magazines, the first internet site with AOL as my partner ,judging and commentating the UFC and others,creating the Action Film Academy,The IFOJJ Martial Art University, Producing Movies, MC for My brother Alan Goldberg's event to seminars around the globe. But I still believe that changing a child's life though the Martial Arts is the most rewarding,(here in the photos I still am making a deference when I teach Kids) I will next summer be running a 2 day camp for only kids and we will teach not only Martial Arts but streetwise safety, discipline, control, self esteem,honor,dignity, respect,and just becoming a better human being. IF YOU THINK YOU WANT TO JOIN ME AND HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER THAN LET ME HEAR FROM YOU! REMEMBER YOU CAN CHANGE A LIFE! GOD BLESS!
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umm watching the world martial arts tournament. Cell is dead but buu ain't pop up yet.
Debbie: *talking about martial arts in glasses*. Me: "If I did martial arts I couldn't wear my glasses. It'd have to be a... c…
Get Fit for Life not just for Summer. Our Martial arts Fitness Program can help you do that. We have early...
"Chi-Chi said I have to go out and get a real job and stop being a martial arts bum"
Martial Arts very so much, but the 30 minutes of research I've done concludes that Shaolin Kung Fu looks the most unexploitable.
obviously! I'm like a 10th degree black belt in 5 different types of Martial Arts.
In addition to being member in the official Taekwondo Hall of fame and World Wide Martial Arts Hall of fame. world Grand Master David Chaanine was recently awarded by the' World Wide Martial Arts Council' the "GrandMaster of the Martial Arts" 10 Dan Black belt, for his achievements, dedication and promotion of the martial arts around the world. Grand Master David Chaanine would like to thanks the following grandmasters who endorsed and affixed their signature on his certificate: GrandMasters: John Oliver Gary Amon Bayron Muntack Eric Lee Mike Rodriguez Cynthia Rothenrock (consultant) Dana Stamos (consultant) Jim Thomas Moss Williams Rick Kingi Damian Mohler.
This is the story of a life who had no chance to live; none believed he could even finish high school not to talk of a university second degree.   Growing up in various slums of Lagos in the 70’s to 80’s were enough reasons to be a failure. Being raised in an extreme polygamous home of six wives made survival a hard nut to crack. The social vices of Ajegunle Apapa and their antecedent implications which brought me through Gangsterism, Mafioso, Talismanism, Martial Arts, Bus Conductor, and other exposures too much for my growing up were more than sufficient reasons for me to have become a professional “Agbero”. But in all these, the GRACE of God sought and found me, then brought me to the Fold of champions.   When I reminisced the old days of failure, when Christ was absent in me, when I believed that hard work and friends would get me anything anywhere, I regrettably wondered how foolish I and all in my state had been.   I therefore express my appreciation to He alone who does great wonders, wh ...
All my American Buddies are talking about voting (May the machines be on your side) and the only real thing you should be voting for today is the - Combat Sports (MMA, Boxing & Wrestling) News Site Hall of Fame. It is out Hall of Fame for all styles of Wrestling, Martial Arts and Boxing. Please tells us who you think should be in this year. Hall of Fame: of who is in already: Combat Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Saori Yoshida Willie Pep Gene LeBell King Kong Bundy Hakuhō Shō Pat Miletich Roy Jones Jr. Stone Cold Steve Austin Masahiko Kimura Cael Sanderson Mark Coleman Taihō Kōki Sugar Ray Leonard Andre the Giant Benny Leonard Aleksandr Medved Bill Wallace Blue Demon Ernesto Hoost Sam Langford Kaiō Hiroyuki Don “The Dragon” Wilson Jesse Ventura Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Shinya Hashimoto Bernard Hopkins Bruce Lee Randy Savage Frank Shamrock Roberto Duran Georges St-Pierre The Dudley Boyz Alistair Overeem Julio Cesar Chavez Rich Franklin Jeff Jarrett Forrest Griffin Lennox Lewis C ...
Mixed NASCAR Martial Arts! Hey there might be a market. Just think of the PPV Race 500miles then fight!
lol one time I mistook Marital Status for Martial Arts as I read outloud in class -.-
As a former 2nd Dan black belt, a good read! Leadership, Virtue, and Martial Arts -
Several businesses have already signed up to participate in this year's Halloween Howl in Cottage Grove by setting up booths on Main Street. So far, we have: Dr. Jonathan Backer, United Methodist Church, Looking Glass Rural Program, Hoyer Accounting, Wholesale Blind Factory, Cottage Grove Souvenirs, ATA Martial Arts, Birch Avenue Dental, PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center, South Lane Teachers Association, Pacific Power, Matt Bjorn - State Farm Insurance, and Lane Community College Cottage Grove. If you want your favorite business there, let them know! Tag them here and tell them to call Pete Barrell with the City (541) 767-4147 or call the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce at (541) 942-2411.
The Martial Arts Council will host the MAC 2014 Recognition Night and Fundraiser on Saturday November 1st 2014 This event will be held again this year at the Polish Hall on Cumberland st. It’s a great time to recognize individuals in your club that have achieved a Black Belt rank certification and the MAC will also present them with a certificate of accomplishment . Tickets are only $30.00 ea and $15.00 for kids 12 and under For a great night of food, recognition, prizes and dancing, check with your instructor or contact Ted or Victor for tickets. The event is open to all Martial Arts schools, their students, families and friends Help support the Martial Arts and have a fun evening.
Next Wednesday, Oct. 15th, a reporter from time warner cable will be coming to the school to do an interview with Master Reid. The want to film him teaching and interacting with the students. We will start at 6pm and film as long as they need. Bring all your equipment, even sparring gear, just in case. This will be a great opportunity for Master Reid (and for us as well) as he gets ready to retire from the police and start his own Martial Arts school. Tang Soo!!
CHINESE BOY AGED 10-12 WANTED for a film shoot next week. MUST have previous Martial Arts training and...
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Trailer Just seen this movie for the 1st time if you train Martial Arts
I want to start this blog off by saying that I am a Martial Arts enthusiast. I have a black belt in Japanese Jujitsu and I'm working towards my black belt in Krav Maga. I've trained for a few years...
Krav Maga Posts from MacDonald Academy of Martial Arts for 10/03/2014 -
The Confucius Institute is hosting a Martial Arts presentation and film viewing of Shaolin Temple Details:
Higher Vision Studios in Virginia Beach offers Performing Arts, Martial Arts and Zumba classes for all ages and levels of experience. This slideshow is a com...
My son is getting his tough on (@ Cardona's Academy of Martial Arts in Delray Beach, FL)
Tomorrow, September 20th, is the release of Clash of the Clans. Get your copy of the Martial Arts fantasy on The short story is a companion book to L. Benitez's ninja warrior fiction Shinobi 7 Series. Grab your copy tomorrow and enter to win a free copy of Clash of the Clans on L. Benitez's author page, listed under 'giveaways'. Thank you! :D
[Bradenton Herald]Cameron Gonzales, an 11-year-old member of the U.S. Martial Arts team and B...
CAREER SPOTLIGHT: STEADY CAM OPERATOR Steadicam Operators are usually trained and experienced camera operators who learn most of their practical skills through hands on experience on the job. The technology changes rapidly, so they need to be prepared to keep learning. Basic stills photography, which develops their visual and composition skills, can be a useful starting point. Steadicam Operators need a good working knowledge all camera systems and lenses. They must have up to date knowledge of all available Steadicam and body mount systems along with knowledge of available accessories such as remote focus systems, video senders and receivers, and any specialized equipment designed and used by other operators. It is a physically demanding job, so awareness of stretch and positioning techniques such as Pilates, Yoga or Martial Arts is useful to help avoid injury. Steadicam Operators are responsible for the technical set up of the Steadicam system and for balancing the camera on it. They liaise with direct ...
Great article on the benefits of "Martial Arts for the Whole Family". At River Valley we have many parents who...
Are you interested in Martial Arts for you or your family?. This is a good opportunity to star with FREE Uniform!...
Chaz Bono 60 lb. Weight Loss: Dancing, Martial Arts and Healthy Eating Helps ...: Bono has said that he initia... http…
Mark your calendars for our Back to School Open House! Sunday, September 14, 10:30am-12:30pm Two hours of free play, raffle, and cake! Raffle prizes include -My Gym classes -Martial Arts classes -Parents' Night Out -Deluxe Birthday Party No need to register, just bring a friend and come on in!
When you don't have much money you find ways of working out... when I was 14 I started to work out a bit with some weights... even tho my dad wanted me to wait until I can drive before working out he thought it would make me shorter well Im not that tall anyways...So my aunt the coolest aunt ever gave me a 8lb. Dumbbell wich I used in the most creative ways 1 tool that I used to shape who Iam today Martial arts consumed me in a good way because I used the weight to train the muscle I wanted to grow and for a year or 2 I used that thing until I could use the schools gym for free and then eventually my aunt bought me some weights for my birthday 2 good adjustable Dumbbells wich I still have today She past away later when i got older but she did leave me hope! I just thought I would share that with you guys I never had alot growing up and even til this day but I appreciate what was given to me! -ShaolinStuntZ-
Due to the popular demand we opened Girls only Tricking and Acrobatics classes on Monday and Wednesday at Greenacre. Boys classes also available . Martial Arts Tricking is a high-energy sport, which consists of kicking, flipping, twisting. Combinations of tricks based upon individual choice, difficulty, or style. Tricking is a new sport which combines martial arts kicks, capoeira, break dancing, tae kwon do, karate, gymnastics with acrobatics and dance, encourages a positive body image and develops confidence, self- esteem and team skills. Beginners start with rolling, falling skills and manners. No self defense, No contacts, No violence, No fees for gradings For the Term 3 Timetable Please Visit our website at
Video of Sikh martial artists at Yudh 2014 in Greenwood.
Advancing further in her martial arts, Rena later learns new skills and methods to help make her kicks more effective.
Bisla Martial Arts will be closed this Monday for Labor Day! Regular classes continued on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend!!
"Kerwyn Carrabon, from South Warriors of Mixed Martial Arts, holds the top spot in the men’s Heavyweight division...
Derrick is 6'2" and keeps himself in good shape. He's had martial arts training too.
"Keep your political friends at arms length&your religious friends near you. Keep your childhood friends for life."(my martial arts teacher)
Hugh Jackman is the perfect wolverine. only thing I'm mad about is them not giving him martial arts skills
This *** taking a train to the Worlds Martial Arts tournament.
All my years of being involved in martial arts and the fight scene in Australia, I've never met a…
Fighter War Machine extradited on assault charges
Did a Martial Arts demonstration in a park on grass. It was an amazing feeling.
Gonna get really serious Into bodybuilding and Mixed Martial Arts again. 👊👊👊
Parents this will be great workshop designed to help your kids focus and concentrate better!
Reminder: Jindo Martial Arts will be closed Monday for Labor Day. Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you in class Tuesday!
Been researching martial arts for my other project, Thorns of Salvation. Taekwondo looks awesome!
Really looking forward to seeing him in a future cut list. That was an embarrassment to Mixed Martial Arts
I love martial arts precisely because I hated playing team sports. I don't conform well to group rules & norms. I'm not a sh…
Hate watching fights around people uneducated about martial arts
Successful tournament for Eastern Plains TKD in Fort Morgan for year two! I have so many people to thank I don't know where to start! Bev Morford, Marla Kay Stumpf, Jeff Morford, Nicolas Ng, Alisha Reynolds, Spike Reynolds thank you for set up and everything above and beyond you did! Ana Estrada Diaz, Eddy Estrada, Lurdes, Aaron Kessler, Brittelle Bowers, Breeanna Kaber, Perry Kaber, Mary Mayberry Gross, Maria Montes, Ashley Young Montes, Tiffany Holguin, Annette Roth, Nicole Shearer, Loren Sharp, Sterling Sharp, Heather Long-Sharp, Mike Gross, Rachel Nichole, Joey Lego, Derek Zuniga and anyone I missed.. (Sorry I'm tired) for running tables!! Mike Johnson, Odie Jauregui, Reggie Eugene Perdue, Edd Nestor II, Kurt Frankenberg, Rob Hansen, Dr. Karen Kramer, Molly Mcpartland and the countless other black belts who helped run the rings! Special thanks to Mr. Tony Debelak for running grappling, Mr. Debelak you're an amazing instructor and EPTKD is lucky to have your support! And final thanks to all of the scho ...
Behind the scenes of my new video Wish I was better at martial arts!
Open day at Basildons martial arts academy
... important stuff never gets properly studied. Same situation with martial arts--too much data (some bogus),not enough scholars
I literally try to talk everyone into doing some form of martial arts. Like, I want everyone to be addicted to it.
Fighter War Machine extradited to Nevada: MIX martial arts fighter War Machine is facing charges that he assau...
Fighter War Machine extradited on assault charges: LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Mixed Martial Arts fighter known as War Machine has been extr...
very cool martial arts action. Two Van Damme's for the price of one. 7/10
Another day at the office lol. Come out to train with us. Durham Tactical Martial Arts (Durham Tac) & Combat Unified Tactical (CUT). Two locations ONE GREAT SYSTEM. Come see why!!
Calasanz Physical Arts Sunday, July 7, 2013 Calasanz Appears in Hollywood Movie : Only the Strong Calasanz history and story is so unique, incredibly unique. He has pursued the true American Dream as fervently as any immigrant since his arrival. Arriving here under pretense to go to college and instead became [and remains] a world renowned martial artist, coach, instructor and inspiration through unrelenting dedication and an unshakable vision. His tale involves myriad and countless individuals; some unsavory and others the most magnanimous (and many more somewhere in between). We take a look now at an unfortunate circumstance surrounding Calasanz in the early 90's and his experience with the Hollywood movie "Only the Strong". The story as recounted by Calasanz = "I remember getting the part for the movie "Only the Strong" ... I was hired on the spot. When I was doing my audition Sheldon Lettich [writer and director] and Luis Esteban, [writer] who had worked with Jean Claude Van Damme, stopped me and ...
Subscribe to ITN News: A man tries to rob a hotel in Los Angeles when two martial arts experts interrupt. Report by Anna Drury. WATCH-...
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Here are some images from Brandon "The Truth" Vera Photo shoot for Dome Piece Audio. brandon Vera is a popular Filipino American Mixed Martial Arts fighter who had an extensive career in the UFC and now will be one of the premier fighters for One Fighting Championship in Asia. Congrats! Focus on Training...Not wires. Please feel free to share and like. Kerry Floyd
Trapping happens by accident. When you are trying to hit and your opponent puts up a barrier, in JKD we remove that barrier and continue with our hit. Here are a few of the traps I teach at Black Phoenix Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, Inc.
10 best female Mixed Martial Arts that you can not stay 10. Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez 9. Erica Montoya 8. Felice Nicole Herrig 7. Gina Joy Carano 6. Zoila...
Apparently the our nomination link for "The Record Reader Awards" keeps changing. What you need to do to vote is go to the site, then click on "professional services", then click on "favourite martial arts club", and then nominate us: Empowerment Martial Arts.
"Being a fighter is just a part of the Martial Arts journey"
*receives award*. I'd like to thank the academy -. *karate chops through award*. - of Martial Arts for teaching me how to r…
Yay, my very own mitts thanks to John and Burke's Martial Arts! Now I don't have to put my hands where other...
Chuck Norris once tried to teach a fat, stupid kid Martial Arts. Unsuccessfully. The kid grew up to be Steven Seagal.
Here's The Lowedown on "Protector 2" (NR Action/Martial Arts)...Liked it! IMDB: 5.2 Rotten Tomatoes: 4.2 The Lowedown: 6.5 When the owner of a major elephant camp is murdered, Kham finds himself the number one suspect and on the run from both the police and the deceased's vengeful twin nieces. I love Tony Jaa and Jeeja Yanin!!! The fight scenes did not disappoint. There was EPIC action and for that alone i would give this movie an 8. Jaa used a little more 'wire effects' than I'm used to seeing, and the CGI was so corny that it left me with a little bit of an aftertaste. Like diet soda...oh this tastes as good as the original and then BLEH! RZA was good in this movie, but I loved him in Brick Mansions!!! This movie must have been intended for 3D, as there was some crap flying at the screen the whole time. All in all, worth checking out for the Martial Arts fan...
ATA Martial Arts is attending the Wellness Fair! They are giving away ($400 value) 90 day membership!
Ooooh la la!! The latest fitness and dance fad NIA will be part of ABS-Solutely AWS-Some and will be getting the men in shape for the ladies night!! Michelle Norris offers Pilates classes (core strength and body alignment) as well as Nia Technique classes in Gordon's Bay and Sir Lowry's Pass. See flyer for further details! The Nia classes are for all ages, fitness levels, male or female and no dance experience is needed. It was founded in 1983 by Debbie and Carlos Rosas from San Francisco. Its a sensory based movement form using 52 basic moves formed from: Dance Arts - modern dance - duncan dance - jazz dance Healing Arts - feldenkrais - alexander technique - yoga Martial Arts - tae kwan do - tai chi - aikido Nia aims for a mind-body experience by engaging all the senses and allows your body to move naturally. Nia is not only a great all round body workout (cardio, conditioning, strength and stretch) but at the same time creates the feeling of Joy! Nia will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, en ...
Our VTM Wing Chun Sifu of the week is Sifu Alexandre Magnos de Brito (Fortaleza, Brazil) A well-known professional and instructor of Martial Arts in Brazil with International Training in Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong and Self Defense. Has devoted his entire life to the study of martial arts and began his journey at age of 11. He began his martial arts training in Karate in 1987. Following in his personal quest through martial arts, Sifu Alex Magnos studied Malaysian Wing Chun in 1989, Taekwondo in 1992, Shaolin Kung Fu (five animals and Mao style) in 1993, Moy Yat Ving Tsun in 1994, North Shaolin Kung Fu (Bak Siu Lam Mun) in 1996, Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun in 2005, Shaolin Hek Ki Boen Kuntao in 2009 and Krav Maga in 2012. In 2004, Sifu Alex Magnos founded the Shaolin Boxing Association in order to pursue a career as professional instructor of martial arts after years held demonstrations and seminars featuring martial arts skills and teaching Kung Fu privately since 1996. The Shaolin Boxing Association, through its f ...
Hmmm...apart from Joseph Pilates took some moves from Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts, the study of animals moving...
Happy Birthday to Sammy Smith - remember when she exploded onto the scene as a little green belt at age 7 on stage at the 2005 World Series of Martial Arts tournament? We sure do. Hope you have a great day Sammy!
We are very pleased to announce that we will be returning to Gretna ATA Martial Arts and Krav Maga on the 17th of...
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Watching Sonny Chiba in Street Fighter!! love 70's Martial Arts movies
Are you a Martial Arts fan? If so, El Rey network has what you want. The question is how many of you are out there?
Part of the profits from "Grown Folks Music" Saturdays, benefit youth programs in Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian. A Party with The Ultimate our children more opportunities. (Field Trips, School Supplies, Programs: Martial Arts and Boxing).
The latest from Bali Muay Thai & MMA (Coming this September!! Bali Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp is the facility for Martial Arts and fitness in Indonesia. Bali, Indonesia
Collin Cimafranca's sons and daughters Aiden: Aiden is a rebellious and hot-headed temper he hurts his opponents, bad boys and criminals by using illegal strikes. He likes fighting and sparring match but he holds firearms to kill his enemies into brutally. Collin dislikes his son because of rebellious nature and Aiden knows Martial Arts he was taught by his Father and several Masters in the whole World he likes violence and he can controll his temper. He helps his Brothers in several occasions and Collin helps him to controll his temper. He wants to be a Soldier and Collin disagree of Aiden's ambition for being a Soldier but Collin knows that Aiden will die at the battlefield then Aiden's goal is to win the war. Aiden is often to switch good and bad personality. Aaron: Aaron is intelligent and he likes Martial Arts to learn hand-to-hand combat. Like his Father, Aaron knows Police Tactics and SWAT Tactics, Military Tactics and Espionage Tactics he loves studying Science and Math. He is always bullied in Sc ...
"For me, the Martial Arts is a search for somethying inside. It's not just a physical discipline." ~Brandon Lee
FULL Encyclopedia of Martial Arts: Hollywood Stars Vol 1 feat. and the late Thuy Trang
Once again, Cameron is doing a great job of networking with some really big names in the Martial Arts industry at the Super Show. Kelly Muir from Excel Karate Systems LLC, Dave Kovar from Kovar Systems, Jason Morgan from Hyper, Brannon Beliso from One Merit Badges, Ernie Kirk from Krav Maga Universal, and Master Ken, thank you all for being so generous with your time. More photos to follow. Martial Arts SuperShow
The other day while visiting family the beach I was reminded of the trouble that has existed in Martial Arts for quite some time. My bro-in-law was having a brief conversation with his neighbors there. The Dad told him he wouldn't be around later that afternoon because his son had a Karate exam. When my bro-in-law asked, what belt? His answer was "Black belt.they give those things away." It amazes me that he would continue his sons enrollment knowing his son is at a McDojo. If his opinion is that black belts are given away and he has no experience I can only imagine what his sons ability and knowledge of his art truly is. Who you want your son or daughter with a black belt worth nothing? If that's the case don't bother enrolling them just go online and purchase a black belt. It will be cheaper than paying for years of worthless lessons. I been in the Martial Arts since I was 12. I am still learning. I am still getting better. My rank is a result of sweat, blood, aches, pains and time devoted ...
"Karate? The Dane Cook of Martial Arts?" - Archer may be my new favourite animated show.
By Oscar Wegner, Tennis has changed and is bound to change even further. I was the leader of these changes in Barcelona (1973), Florianopolis (1980s), Moscow (1989), Belgrade (1991), South America (ESPN Latin America, 1990s), Beijing (1999) and more. The USA was exposed to these techniques in the early 1990s (Prime Network, now Fox Sports) but rejected them, fought by the USPTA and PTR. The conventional, mostly forward concept of a tennis stroke is rapidly disappearing overseas, taking the top tennis rankings by storm. Not in the USA, where coaches still love the conventional, mostly forward way. Today’s top tennis has components of Martial Arts. Top Martial Arts artists are keenly aware that the instantaneous change of force direction has some powerful and devastating effects on the object so contacted. In tennis, this discovery has application in very definite ways, paralleling the effects of a whip, where the tip cracks by exceeding the speed of sound. Roger Federer’s forehand, at ...
Kathy Long will be attending the USA Martial Arts hall of Fame event in San Antonio Texas August 16 2014 Don't miss your chance to train with a real Champion at her FREE seminar
Awesome double dose of SAMA Martial Arts karate training tonight for me - loads of kijon, kata and self-defence! So, now I need to practice, practice, practice!
Heading to Los Angeles today for the biggest night ever in Saturday Night. I have been given the honor to call the fights on PPV & Spike TV! will be on the The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast tomorrow talking GLORY Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Life & other interesting topics on Joe's Podcast.
Jun 9, 2014 - MTAColorado voted for Muay Thai of Colorado as the BEST Martial Arts ... Vote for the places you LOVE on the Denver A-List and earn points, pins and amazing deals along the way. Voting ends Aug 17...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Dear SHAKU Students and Families, At SHAKU we are committed to providing the very best Martial Arts training experience for you and your family. We appreciate your continued support and we will continue to provide you with the highest quality of instruction and service possible. Our school is on yet another revolution! We are rolling out a new age-appropriate class schedule. These classes will help us target each student’s stages of development even more than before! Through scientific research and psychological developments, our new age-specific classes will provide MAXIMUM results in the classroom. Why do we say that our new age-specific classes can generate maximum results? An international study was done to understand the growth and development stages of children between the ages of 3 to 14. Children were evaluated on the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional stages. From those results, a comprehensive format for martial arts education was created for 3 & 4-year olds, 5 & 6-year olds, 7 to 9 ...
Hey guys don't miss a GREAT opportunity to train with one of the most sought after BJJ Black Belt World Champions in the Southeast, Professor Helio Soneca. He'll be doing a seminar in Huntsville at the end of the month. Click the link provided for further details about the seminar. For further details about Soneca keep scrolling and read below. This man is truly amazing both as a person and a BJJ practitioner!!! Moreira started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 8 with Black Belt master Cirilo Azevedo and Elias Martins. Having fallen in love with this Martial Art at the age of 9, he was already a Brazilian Champion. At the age of 13, Helio moved to Rio De Janeiro and started to practice with the Gracie Club, now known as Barra Gracie, taught by the Machado Brothers, Ze Henrique Leao Teixeira and Renzo Gracie. Soneca, as he is known in the Martial Arts world, chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as his career totally dedicating himself to it. At the age of 22, he received from Master Carlos Gracie JR., the ...
Just read that Miss USA is a 4th degree in Taekwondo. I'm so happy to see that people understand the value in training in Martial Arts.
Don't forget Tuesday is bring a friend day! This is also a great day to come and check out the school. 6:00-7:00 NexGen Martial Arts (Age 7 to 15) 7:00-8:00 Adult Muay Thai 8:00-9:00 Adult Kali
Dear Friends, It has been a long way since the formation of the Karate Association of India and I have been hearing and reading many negative comments against it in the crap class Martial Arts news papers. I didn't want to write on this issue as writing on reaction of the critics would make them feel noticed for which they are dying today. But anyhow, today I decided to ask a few questions to the people on the other side of the table. First, you people (those against the Karate Association of India) make such a noise like a kid that the KAI is a wrong association. On behalf of the thousands of Karate lovers across the country may I ask the you people, specifically the President, General Secretary and the Senior Vice President of the All India Karate-Do Federation how do you say so ? On what grounds do you people spread such crap rumors. I understand you people have to say something to keep on fooling those handful of Karate people with your organization (that's why we have the word FOOL in the dictionary ...
Total Martial Arts club classes will begin the first week of July. This is a belt graded system of Martial Arts...
EXPLORE Eating-Back to Nature, Pine Needles Quilt Club, Martial Arts and the Forest Jam at the Forest Community Center today
EXPLORE Martial Arts at the Forest Community Center at 5:30 tonight to help build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. FREE!
A Grand Master, an Imam, a rebel freedom fighter, a secret society member, the former head of the most prestigious Martial Arts orders in China, the enticer of the European colonialists, a medicine man and a man of spiritual power, A Sufi. It is the stuff of Hollywood, nay it is stuff of LEGENDS, it is the short bio of Grand Master Imam Wang Zi Ping. READ HIS SHORT STORY. Wang Zi Ping - A Muslim patriot in China: His deep-set eyes were radiant, always shining. In addition, his long silver beard flowed over his chest like a shimmering waterfall. ---Grace Xiaogao, granddaughter. Situated one hundred and eighty kilometers north of the Forbidden City (Beijing), Cangzhou is part of the Hebei province, and is home to the Hui. The Hui are Muslims- descendants of Persians and Arabs who had traveled to and from China during the 10th Century (the Song Dynasty - 960 to 1279 AD), and intermingled with the various Chinese peoples they encountered. Even the earliest Muslims had admired China's greatness. In a well-know ...
This is how you kick *** !! Crime rate increase during summer months! Join us for Martial Arts / Self Defense for $10 per class or ask about our $25 monthly deals!
On Confidence * If you think you can, you are right; if you think you can’t you are also right. * Martial Arts teaches us to challenge our previously held beliefs about ourselves and our world. * Don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t worry about who is better than you or who you think you are better than. Just work on yourself – that is what the practice is for. * Let the practice be a way for you to break through your limitations and your comfort zone. You create the opportunity to try new things. On Martial Arts Etiquette * Bow with gratitude and sincerity. * Bowing to others is not about a sign of submission but about recognizing “the spark” in another fellow human being. * Practicing etiquette teaches us to be mindful – from making sure we are lining up straight to bowing correctly and at the appropriate times (even when tired). It is all designed to teach us to pay attention – to keep that “bright mind”. * Once ritual becomes habit it is useless. The point is to practice it mi ...
Your Sports: Mixed Martial Arts: Intense Championship Fighting to hold first event outside Montana
Dear _kung sinu man ikaw :D _, Greetings in the Name of our Lord! Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and fitness enthusiasts will converge in the first ever Gemmalyn Crosby Sports Festival on June 13 to 15, at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City. The three-day event features an MMA tournament, a zumba challenge, and Body Search. In line with this, I would like to seek for financial assistance since I am a participant in “Gemmalyn Crossby Classic Body Search”. Your financial support will greatly help me in acquiring my needs. Thank you in advanced for your kindest help. Sincerely yours, Dwein Mark Castillo Casas Pagsanjan, Laguna
Martial Arts truly is the greatest gift you can give your child. When you think of Martial Arts you might start to think of violence. This is a common misconception about what ‘Martial Arts’ truly is. It is true that martial arts teaches children how to kick, punch and block. However it also teaches many life skills that are deeply embedded into the ancient arts. As child psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein says, The power of martial art "disciplines comes not from side kicks or sleeper holds, but rather from an unrivalled ability to teach confidence and self respect. After a few weeks of classes, kids start to carry themselves differently. They walk taller, appear more self assured and interact less fearfully with the world around them. In short, they cease to be an easy target" Children today will have to deal with many challenges ahead. Bullying at school, bullying outside of school, bullying online, negative peer pressure, the pressure to conform – in particular when drugs and alcohol are involved, a ...
TENGU - I am rarely serious on FB, but in this case I am. I just watched 47 Ronin, which many may dismiss for it's "science fiction" twist, which I can understand. But it did inspire some thought, with its addition of some Japanese folklore. Keanu Reeves plays a man who was raised by Tengu. I have a book written by a Samurai, Issai Chozanshi, entitled The Demon's Sermon On The Martial Arts. Not "demon" in the Christian sense of the word, but a mythical and mischievous creature in Japanese folklore which dwelled in the forest, sometimes shapeshifters, who possessed great Martial skill, and who loved to scare and torment those who ventured into the forest. Espescially the arrogant ones. The book consists of parables about a swordsman whe sets out to find and learn from the Tengu, or die trying. I say this because I ordered this book, fairly long ago without any difficulty. This book which was written so long ago, by a Samurai, about some of the most profound aspects of the Martial Arts. Which along with th ...
It's the day: see you at 8:35pm for zumba & toning at K2C Martial Arts & Fitness Centre :) Extra classes today not inclusive in Fabi Fitness promotions: 9:15 Yoga mix pilates older adults at the Mardyke Arena UCC 7:30 Yoga mixed levels at the Planet Health Club
Instructor Jim Lehrer Senpai educates new students on the "why" for Bowing in Martial Arts training and where...
Martial Arts and Kick Boxing Sports injuries commonly seen as a result of martial arts and kick boxing include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, and ankle sprains. Stretching is recommended to help prevent injury: specifically, a minimum of 15 minutes of stretching before performing any kicking or punching.
What Are My Self Defense Options? - Pros and Cons of Martial Arts, Non Lethal Weapons and Firearms
Exciting news! Your Academy of Martial Arts school in Ormond Beach is moving!! If you would like the opportunity to leave your mark on this awesome new location, like this post and join us on Saturday, May 24th, 10am at 615 S. Yonge St, Ormond Beach. We will be painting so come prepared, and be ready to eat pizza for lunch!!!
About The Fez . The Fez is the ancient and modern national headdress of the Moabites / Moors. The Fez is a brimless headdress — most commonly produced in scarlet red with an ebony / black tassel. The red Fez is matched by the red field displayed in the Moorish National Standard [flag]. The Fez is also produced in black, white and other color variations — indicating other meanings, social order positions, etc. . The Black Fez is the highest Degree. It is worn by the MUFTI or Mohammedan Judge (Moorish United Front Towards Islam) — Enforcement and Security. The one who wears it symbolizes that he / she knows Law In Full, and is able to defend it, including knowledge of Martial Arts (Defense physically and spiritually), likened to the Martial Arts Degree of the Black Belt. .. The Fez is worn as a symbol of the womb. The top of it has a nipple shape that symbolizes the navel. The strands of the tassel are 360º, as in 360º degrees of knowledge. The tassel is not pinned down as it is in the secret ...
This Saturday Night May 24th. 14 Demo Teams, 35 demos, 10 styles of Martial Arts, 7 different weapons, everything from full contact fighting to beautiful Chi Kung, wood and concrete breaking and so much more. Doors open at 4:30 for the lucky ones who got tickets. Tickets are sold out.
It's Throwback Thursday - check out this 2002 Charlie Lee Nationals (World Series of Martial Arts) sport karate footage of none other than Taylor Lautner that we found in the vault!
Notice to all members,as you know we have the lowest prices in the city for the amount of training you can take part in,we work hard to keep that. With that being said all members have to be under the Martial Arts association the club belongs to for insurance and liability reasons, so for June or July (when you can pay it) there is an extra $20 fee and a form you must fill out. This fee is only paid once a year and is required by all students and instructors. There will be forms at the club to sign and you can include the $20 fee with your June or July membership, this has to be done in order to continue training at the club, no exceptions. We will continue to offer you great training at the low price. For all new members joining starting after June the fee will be $80 for first time,then $65.00 after that. Anyone who is a member of Judo Nova Scotia is already covered..thank you - Ray McKinnon owner
Just an insight into my passion for the Martial arts and why? and my intentions! Ok as some already know i have been at it now since 1974 and i have seen Good, Bad, and all sorts in my experience, there used to be a time where for every hundred students shall we say for example ! one would make it to Dan grade that is of course and was based on statistics! but thats how it was ! and the only way it was achieved was through total dedication and commitment, but time as it does has changed and so has the Martial Arts in some cases, things have to move on its the natural order of things , but that doesnt mean that what the Martial Arts can do for an individual has to change ! no not at all, it still requires the Dedication , commitment, Spirit, and loyalty to achieve for whatever goal you are aiming at,, its the old adage you get out what you put in ! The Martial Arts in general over the years through idiotic media has in some cases given to the public the completely wrong image of what the Martial Arts is .. ...
THIS COMING MONDAY at the Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center in Ormond Beach: Complacency is the attackers best friend... YES... It CAN happen to you. Don't let an event like this pass you by... SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP ... Monday, May 19 | 5 pm ...1st Floor Classroom ... 305 Memorial Medical Pkwy ... Medical Office Building ... Ormond Beach Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center will offer a free workshop on simple, effective, self-defense techniques. This event is open to Women and Men. Villari's Martial Arts of Ormond Beach and Villari's Martial Arts of Port Orange will provide tips for avoiding situations and defending yourself (if necessary) with easy-to-learn methods such as escapes and vital-area striking. Space is limited, and registration is required. To RSVP, call (386) 231-2229.
EXPERIENCE the Pine Needles Quilt Club, Forest Writers Club, Martial Arts for youth and adults and Forest Jam at the Forest Community Center
Packed house at Savannah's best Fitness and Martial Arts training center. Come train where champions…
2014 Summer Camps We are excited to announce the dates for Denham Springs ATA Martial Arts 2014 Summer C..
Goytia's Martial Arts hope to see everyone tonight at 515 pm for Grappling class, 6pm Kickboxing conditioning and 7 pm JKD Kali also next Wed at 515 pm we will have a special guest Instructor for Grappling class Gracie Barra Downers Grove Prof Carlos Lemos Jr. in house hope to see everyone in class .
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Tickets to GLORY 17 and Last Man Standing: 21st, the biggest double-event in kickboxing history slams into Los Angeles! GLORY 17, airing on Spike TV at 8/7c, features a one-night, four-man Featherweight Contender Tournament, a Co-Headline event at Lightweight of American Ky Hollenbeck versus Suriname's Andy Ristie, and a much anticipated Heavyweight Headline Event of Martial Arts veterans Sergei Kharitonov and Mirko Cro-Cop. Following GLORY 17, our inaugural PPV event "Last Man Standing" features a lineup of the world's top Middleweight talent: EIGHT men will fight to the finish in a ONE night tournament, with the tournament winner being crowned the GLORY Middleweight Champion of the World. Last Man Standing will also feature TWO 5-round World Title fights, including Daniel Ghita versus Rico Verhoeven for the vacant Heavyweight Title, and Marc de Bonte versus Joseph Valtellini as de Bonte defends his newly won Welterweight Title.
Vote to make this nominee the BEST Martial Arts. Vision Martial Arts Center:
Don't forget to join us at 10am at Andre's Martial Arts inside the Town Center(1st floor by Macy's) for...
Perfect time to learn simple techniques and discover powerful tools to protect yourself. Tell a friend to bring a friend. Tell a college bound teen- help save a life! Martial Arts & Self Defense instructor, Neil Bower, will be onsite to offer demos! See you this Friday, May 16th @ 6pm Collegiate School Aquatics Center, 5050 Ridgedale Pkwy, No. Chesterfield, VA
EXPLORE a Stretching Class, Eating-Back to Nature and Martial Arts (youth and adults) at the Forest Community Center today.
Awesome night of training at Martial Arts Fitness Center. High intensity workout and then BJJ. — at Martial Arts...
BODY-COMBAT!!. Inspired by Martial Arts and draws from a variety of disciplines such as…
Join us tomorrow at Keeping Nona Healthy Community Health Fair at 12 PM for our Martial Arts & Hip Hop Demo!!
Us-k Martial Arts for all the Ft Mill students traveling to Ballantyne school for classes. The bridge on Harrisburg Rd is OUT!
So we are looking for a few donations for our BIG BASH for patty. If you can help with any of these we would so appreciate it !! These items are to be used for Patty's Event on June 7th: 1) Alcohol (all types, liquor, wine, mixers -- unopened) for our Big Barrel of Cheer 2) Instant Lottery Tickets -- all different values ($1, $5, $10, $20) -- for our Chance at Money Board 3) Gift cards/certificates -- do you receive any gift cards/certificates that you will not use? To be used on our gift card tree Donations can be mailed to the PO Box and/or if local - arrangements can be made to pick up. OR drop off locations include Maybury Riding Stables, LLC or West Bloomfield ATA Martial Arts or any of our future adoption events/ volunteer meetings etc. Send us a message and we can work out what works best for you.
BWarrior Martial Arts is now on Are you ready for some Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA classes?
News received today shows how important the fundraising campaign is for our Celtic Dragon Freestyle Kickboxing and Forms experts, we have already lost Courtney Smith from the team here in New Ross who despite hard work and tenacity in her fundraising was unable to meet the deadline for her deposit, Courtney will be missed for her expertise and excellence in her field but also as a great friend to all of the other team members. Thank you to everyone that supported Courtney, even in her huge disappointment Courtney has decided to donate her funds to two other members of the team, Courtney you represent all that is good in your age group and epitomise what is good in Martial Arts you will be very missed in Italy.
Success Saturday: Black Belt Candidates! The BB candidates went through their 3rd and final testing today. There were several times when they had to dig deep (during their 60 sit-ups) to finish. The fatigue started to creep in after their 20 minute run, the grit and determination showed on their faces, but not one of them gave up on themselves, on their classmates, or on their Goal of earning a Black Black. Holden Martial Arts is privileged to have such hard working, dedicated students! Heather Lee Linus Garth Miller Brett Hawley Sean Rhyee Camila Menard
The Fifth section. This section is very challenging. It combines high and low (changing levels) and revisits the Diu Ma (cat stance) but adds difficulty by adding Wu Dip Jeurn (butterfly palms) as well as Black Tiger Claw method. Gung Ji (or "I" Pattern) is our Foundation set and It teaches our system's important stances (rooting), bridges (hand and arm positions) and body connection. Or what I call our Martial Arts "accent"; how we express ourselves physically. At about 4 minutes in length, once the entire form is learned, it can be practiced for endurance
It is too bad that Chuck Norris and Steven Segal didn't focus more on the "wisdom" of the Martial Arts. One backs Mike Huckabee and the other backs Valadimer Puten. How pathetic is that? Good for you Willie Nelson.
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        Mr. Sathis Thiramunige introduced “Krav Maga -ISRAELI DEFENSE SYSTEM” in Sri Lanka for first time in 2011. The Krav Maga – Kapap Sri Lanka Institute (pvt) Limited, was established in February 2012, under the chairmanship of Mr. Sathis Thiramunige and he is also functioning as the founder chairman and the chief Instructor. He has taken up to Martial Arts in the early ages of 12 years and excelled in that field. Soon he became a reputed Martial Arts instructor in the country. Sathis Thiramunige has built himself a very popular name for Sri Lanka through  many major Victories in Italy, during  his long stay for the last 30 years. He is the only Sri Lankan instructor in Europe who gives the Krav Maga Israeli Defense system training.He is doing a immense service to Sri Lanka by giving training to Sri Lankan defense establishments such as Presidential security division, Special Task Force of the Police, The Air force etc:He is planning to share this knowledge with the civilian people of the ...
Cricket on the lawn? Martial Arts? Korean BBQ? It must be International Week at Tabor!
Instructors fed up paying high prices for martial arts equipment if so why not start your own martial arts supply business you now have the opportunity to do so. Dublin Ireland have fantastic prices for Instructors in the U.K. and Ireland and beyond who are serious about starting up. The prices we have includes delivery to your door. To give you an idea of our goods please go to our public webpage If you are serious about starting up please email me for prices to get you up and running now. PRIVATE MESSAAGE ME FOR PRICES TO GET UP AND RUNNING Please share this information with any friends you think might be interested in owning there own business Yours in the Martial Arts. Patrick White Mobile 086-8275075 Int +35386-8275075
Korean Karate, Martial Arts and Self Defence. Welcome to the official website of PAGE FAMILY TAE KWON-DO in Hereford. We hope that you take that very first step with our clases.
Awesome turnout for all the classes! Coach Michael Karam always runs a great youth class! Both the FOUNDATIONS Thai Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu went incredible. Really nice to see so many people making improvements! Keep training and keep focused, there is no final destination in the Martial Arts, only the constant quest for knowledge and personal perfection!
Martial Arts for All at our BJJAGB Centre of Excellence. In Partnership with the Chesterfield FC Community Trust.
A7. Hwang Jang Lee, he has such a menacing look, the Lee Van Cleef of Martial Arts. Drunken Master.
A few words on martial arts this morning. I am not an expert; I am a simple sho-dan who is very much in need of more training. This is not reflective of my dojo or my Sensei; I do not speak for either. This is just one man's opinion, please read with that in mind. Martial Arts in general, and Isshin-Ryu in particular, contains many secrets. I am not talking about secrets kept back by instructors and taught only to an anointed few, or secret hidden scrolls of wisdom, I mean secrets because they are buried inside the techniques we learn and practice daily. We practice constantly to build muscle memory. We have excellent instructors to make sure our practice is effective. Our blocks must be set correctly, our punches and kicks must be powerful, we must be shown proper balance, breathing, and work to build speed and power. When we practice, our form must be correct for the practice to be useful. But this is just the surface. All of our techniques are contained within our basics and our kata, including ...
Wow, and to think only 10 years back it was hard to come by a Martial Arts seminar / event on the East Coast. Tomorrow there is the Erik Paulson Seminar at Trident Academy of Martial Arts, Rigan Machado Seminar at Combat Fitness Martial Arts, Ajarn Greg Nelson Seminar at Marcus Charles Southside Kali and I'll be at Silver Dragon Martial Arts for a Muay Thai for MMA Seminar. Let's not forget Ultimate Fighting Championship's in Washington D.C. and the USKA Kickboxing fights in Allentown, PA. We're living in the continual rise in Martial Arts popularity! HOW COOL!
Watch GLORY 16 Denver on SPIKE TV, May 3rd at 9/8c GLORY 16 slams into Denver with the Welterweight World Title fight, the Heavyweight Contender Tournament, and the debut of USA Martial Arts sensation Pat Barry. Tickets:
PLEASE SHARE THIS FOR US !!! Thanks ! Established and rapidly growing Martial arts school is looking for career minded instructor trainees to assist us in providing top of the line customer experience in the Martial arts community. Part time positions available to begin ASAP: Weekend mornings and weekday evening availability a must. 20-25 hours a week to start, more hours available after experience is gained. Seeking those with exceptional people skills and those who possess the "it" factor. Must have above average energy, an edge, be in good physical shape, a fast learner, a team player, no ego, and possess stage presence. Must love kids and helping people. Martial Arts, fitness instruction, dance, elementary education, or gymnastics experience a plus, but not necessary. Respond to this email with current photo, resume, full availability, start date, planned vacations. List strengths you bring to a team. email: popkinbrogna
One of those days when your Senior Pastor sneaks up and taps you from behind, and you suddenly spin around and shove him and then restrain yourself from punching him in the face, all from muscle memory. I guess those four years of competitive Martial Arts remain dormant.
(EN) i did it. i understood Computer Sciences well enough. now i should broaden my horizons and focus on Enlightened Love, Quantum Physics and Martial Arts. i know i'll have to carry on with Computer Sciences and the Internet still though, including hacking.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of us Wolchek Academy of Martial Arts! We hope you enjoy today with loved...
Michael Jai White is the reason why I watch Martial Arts movies.
CONGRATS TO MY FRIEND, MR. ISHMAEL ROBLES FOR HIS INDUCTION INTO THE MASTERS HALL OF FAME THIS JUNE 7TH. He is one of the best sport karate competitors from Texas, Master Robles is a two-time United States Lightweight Champion. He was rated the Lightweight in the world by the World Journal of Martial Arts and captained the Texas Karate team, which won 3 consecutive U.S. Team titles. As a professional kick boxer he won 2 (PKA/WKA) United States Welterweight Championships and in 1983 captured the KICK World Welterweight Title on ABC Wide World of Entertainment. He retired in 1985 with a professional record of 27—3 with 19 KO’s. His students include Golden Greek award winner Master Al Garza, 7-time World Kick Boxing Champion Cliff "Magic" Thomas, World Kick Boxing and IBF World Boxing champion Troy Dorsey, 21 time NBL World Champion Regina Thompson and Judge Roy Moore — former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He served on the board and as president of the Amateur Organization of Karate and . ...
Martial Arts, As I Currently Know It: First, it is about you / me. What am I doing? How strong / tough / competent am I? Me. Some people, I think, get stuck there. I was, for a time. Sometimes I revisit it. Second, it is about the school, the team. Your school, your partners, your team, your students. It's not just about you, although we can all acknowledge it's always, at some level, about you / me, but it's also about the people in your sphere who assist you in doing whatever it is you think you are doing at this point in your life. Us/Them. I am often there. I think it I could have spent my whole life focusing on me and my team, except that I came, at some point, to a realization about # 3. Third, I realized that I wanted the community to support me and mine, but that while I was making a dent in the community, on a scale from 1 to 10 I wasn't really affecting it, engaging it, at a place that communicated or exercised my potential ---so I began to work on that, to become a more engaged citizen. To meas ...
History of Kung Fu - The Chinese Martial Arts, and indeed all the Martial Arts that followed, appear to be...
ATF Martial Arts 119 Main Street, Walnut Ridge, AR For over FORTY YEARS, ATF has taught traditional martial arts, fitness, situational awareness and self protection techniques. We are Northeast Arkansas’ oldest and most reputable training facility.with lineage that can be traced back to Chuck Norris AND Bruce Lee. Our Base Art is Tang Soo Do but we also teach Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Techniques from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali, Silat, Goju Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Jui Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Chin Na, Cardio Kick-Boxing and a wide variety of Weapons.All of which make up the ATF System. Family Rates Available.train together.Start TODAY! Would You Know What To DO? In Case Of: An Active Shooter Event DISCLAIMER: An individual must use his/her own discretion during an active shooter event as to whether he/she chooses to run to safety or remain in place. However, best practices for surviving an active shooter event are listed below. REMEMBER: Law Enforcement’s first priority is to confront and disable t .. ...
Very proud of Mason's Martial Arts students Alex Mason, Alex Ehret, and John Adams as they represented at the Bluff City Regional in Little Rock today! Results: Alex Ehret 1st in sparring, John Adams 3rd in sparring & 3rd in forms, Alex Mason 1st in forms 2nd in sparring & 2nd in combat sparring!
For most of my life, i've studied different forms of Martial Arts because of my love, passion and desire to be as knowledgeable as I can be in the areas of learning, practicing and teaching... I've been blessed to be trained by some of the most skillful Martial Artist and I've been fortunate enough to encounter or cross paths with! As I look back over the years, a lot of things have changed for me! I'm no longer interested in who I can defeat or who is better at what, I'm more interested in passing alone the knowledge and skills that have been imparted unto me, but only to those with a willingness and deserving spirit! The Martial Arts represents discipline, honor and integrity! There is no such thing as a bad student! What an instructor instills in them determines the path or road that they choose to go! Let peace be the journey that you seek and all things will fall into place as it should!
TACTICAL EDGE BATTLE CAMP will be on the 28th & 29th of June this year, & will be hosted by GMac Martial Arts in Livingston. A full weekend of high speed fek all drag combatives training with yours truely. GMac Martial Arts is close to Edinburgh Airport, making it a short taxi ride away. There is the Deer Park Premier Inn nearby, or you will be able to bring a sleeping bag & stay in the gym. ALL ARE WELCOME, not just Tactical Edge members. More details to follow.
We are proud and excited to announce that the Chandler Family Academy of Martial Arts will begin teaching the Korean Art of Tang Soo Do in the Lake Carolina/Blythewood area beginning the second week in May at the Jeep-Rogers YMCA. More specifics on class dates and times will be forthcoming VERY soon!
: I want to thank the sensei Paul Danos, on this day I asked you to please help me with my students in the Junior Olympic, which he did with respect and was a great help to get so deserves results. Were 3 golds, one silver and 1 bronze sensei Thanks again for your unconditional support, for taking your time and support, MG Martial Arts thanks you for such a nice gesture. This shows that the most important karate styles are not, but the bonds that are created between them. oss
LAST ONE FOR TODAY :) ... I started Martial Arts at the age of 9 im now 37 i have a black belt in Karate and Tae KWON DO ...JCVD showed me how to make your style look good, i still practice but now i just teach my kids and there little friends . god bless this room see yall tomaro
My little girls birthday is coming soon. She is so excited about turning 10. She is such an amazing person. Shes a Girl Scout. Shes studying Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do) She is the best part of my world.
Ladies, there is going to be a FREE Woman's Self Defense Seminar tomorrow at the West Shore Academy of Martial Arts in Camp Hill.
Fighting isn't always the answer: Tonight my front desk manager ask me to come up to the front. There was a gentleman at the front desk asking about Martial Arts classes. As he talked I noticed he was well intoxicated thats why Michelle Den Boer asked me to come talk with him. There is a bar across the street. We were in the middle of competition jiujitsu class and the boxing class had just started. I could see he was mad at the world. He told me he wanted to fight and could hold his own. He ask if I was any good? I said " better than some and worst than most because most don't do it " he didnt get the humble answer. You see I am a Martial Artists since 1985. I was also a red head Irish guy that had a short fuse. But it was when I stepped into my first dojo I realized I wasn't as tough as I thought. Dealing with trained guys that where humble and tough. Through Male mentoring that led by example inside and outside the Dojo was extremely important to me. This is what we would offer him if he ...
It is the Super Alliance Heroes joining forces to defeat evil of bad Martial Arts.
Thx to the black belt students at the Colorado Alliance of Martial Arts. They raised nearly $9,000 for us!
Question, Am I the only person that spaces out thinking of Martial Art combos? Just listen to some good music & get lost in a daydream of the awesomeness of Martial Arts :D
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