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Martha Coakley

Martha Mary Coakley (born July 14, 1953) is the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Hillary turned out to be Martha Coakley on steroids
nope, that was Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln and Martha Coakley
Is Hillary like Elizabeth Warren or like Martha Coakley. It's her race to lose.
You're forgetting the lesson of Martha Coakley, which is that charisma is non-transferable:
Scott Brown's election probably had something to do with the fact that Martha Coakley was his opponent as well. Her…
She would've been a great President, but her campaign made Martha Coakley look charismatic by comparison.
Gen Martha Coakley who ran a listless race but was admired as AG. We already had ROMNEYCARE which was working & liked & ACA based on it. 4/
Maybe if MA had elected Martha Coakley instead of Charlie Baker in 2014, you'd have seen Warren on the ticket.
We're really gonna do the Martha Coakley thing with Bernie now?.
So I'm not the only one getting a Martha Coakley vibe.
The same thing did in Martha Coakley twice in Massachusetts.
your efforts are in vain. Hillary is Martha Coakley on the national stage.
Hillary Clinton is a Martha Coakley-level campaigner with a once brilliant campaigner as her husband.
Did the Martha Coakley campaign staffers all get jobs These missteps and comms mistakes are horrendous.
"5 Reasons the Clinton-Sanders Race Is Much, Much Closer Than You Think" - Hillary is the new Martha Coakley
watching HRC reminds me of Martha Coakley
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Reminds me of when one of Martha Coakley's people pushed a journalist to the ground during the special election w Scott Brown.
Holy crap. Didn't we mercilessly mock Martha Coakley for similar thuggery?
Yeah, but the Martha Coakley parallels abound. Among other confounding factors.
Elizabeth Warren announces her candidacy for the 2024 election. The entire MA establishment endorses Martha Coakley anyway.
Martha Coakley will win back the seat
the Mass. Dem party of Martha Coakley and Marty Walsh
Martha Coakley says she’s not a candidate for Suffolk University president
.you're citing a pollster who had Martha Coakley beating Scott Brown in 2010
Martha Coakley is the Dino Rossi of MA politics. Jack Conway is the Dino Rossi of KY politics. Charlie Crist is the Dino Rossi of FL politics
Fun fact about one of few cities where Martha Coakley in '14 outperformed Deval Patrick in '10
Oh, look. Martha Coakley is implicated in another criminal justice scandal.
Matt Bevin is the Martha Coakley of the
The Commonwealth of Cover-up.then–Attorney General Martha Coakley deliberately withheld evidence ?
"I still cry about Martha Coakley in my sleep" -
ya'll remember when the entire progressive agenda died when Emily's List demanded that a more conserative candidate, Martha Coakley...
And there are allegations that former Mass. AG Martha Coakley, covered it up.
At a event with Martha Coakley, students discussed the stigma around mental health issues.
One year ago: Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker face off in final gubernatorial debate
Martha Coakley is very passive aggressive, disgraceful & disgusting. Shame on CNBC
I *think* meant "Former". "Fomer Attorney General Martha Coakley to represent DraftKings"
It's a MA thing, we had an AG who discouraged "self - protection " Martha Coakley.
enlists former AG Martha Coakley to fight sports probe
DraftKings retention of Martha Coakley as advisor no coincidence with current Mass AG (and former subordinate Maura Heale…
Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Diagnosis That Divides the Medical World This is how we learned of Martha Coakley.
Hillary trying to pull a Martha Coakley
No this is more like Martha Coakley watching her 20pt lead reduce to nothing in Mass to Scott Brown while she did nothing.
I didn't vote for Scott Brown over Martha Coakley. I simply didn't vote. However, it did work out well to take the stupid hit for one cycle.
My hatred of Democrat Kim Davis and vote for Charlie Baker over Martha Coakley is evidence of my bipartisan nature
Martha Coakley: Shut down operations of Griffin Shepherd Kennel as an unlicensed breeder/trainer. - S... via
Thank You, Martha "Matha Matha" COAKLEY--who's a Catholic!!--in your run for MA Governor 2014 this time around...
Martha Coakley's Thoughts on the Conference of Western Attorneys General in State AG Insights
Interesting to see where Deval Patrick, Tim Murray, Steve Grossman & Martha Coakley have done, post-public office
She reminds me of Martha Coakley. Look it up.
Martha Coakley calls on financial industry to embrace fraud prevention technology that and retailers need:
Please sign petition to shutdown here: Share on FB:
I'm sure Martha Coakley was on the job, tho.
Carlos Arredondo photobombing Martha Coakley with the Boston Strong flag 👍🏼
Martha Coakley's voice sounds so wavering. I wonder how much her speaking tone had to do with her loss as Mass Governor.
Former Mass AG Martha Coakley commenting on : A long time before this is back in the public eye. Many paper filings back and forth.
Martha Coakley: Tsarnaev death verdict will be difficult to appeal. continuing live coverage on and the app.
has Martha Coakley on the phone, giving commentary.
Martha Coakley, former frontrunner for a Senate seat and for MA Governor, now News Center 5 legal analyst.
You do know you run again in a non presidential year, right? Ask Martha Coakley how that works. Good luck getting AA turnout.
He's going to be the next Martha Coakley.
The Democratic party is determined to be Martha Coakley 2016.
Lazy today plent of time to think, noticed a picture of Charlie Baker wishing him the best but fearing the worst. Just feel deep in my heart that this State needed Martha Coakley, angry at the Grossman people for being greedy A prayer for this State
THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2015: MY ADVICE TO GENERAL BUHARI AND PROFESSOR OSIBANJO AND THE STRATEGY OF HOPE VILLA 2015 (2) BY ABBATI BAKO,psc WHAT ARE THE MEANING OF PROPAGANDA/PERSUASION/LOBBYING? PROPAGANDA, PERSUASION AND LOBBYING In modern day politics, persuasion, lobby and propaganda are indispensable components.The politics is between vision and practicality. Also, politics is a mongrel craft. So,persuasion, lobby and propaganda are indispensable tools that General Buhari/Osibanjo 2015: must use them to a maximum to achieve targeted goal. For example, in Massachusetts (USA) senatorial-by election, President Barrack Obama called for democrat party supporters to turnout massively to vote for Mrs. Martha Coakley, democrat senatorial candidate, Obama says “ –but we need your help to pay for it”. The words ‘help’ means “pleading with someone to assist, to support or to make things easier”. This is a typical example of persuasion/lobbying and good communication; such kinds of words should b ...
Martha Coakley just like governor Deval Patrick never met an illegal she didn't like! It's not illegal 2 etc
Lamest: Mike Barnicle blamed Martha Coakley's loss on the death of fmr Boston mayor Tom Menino!
Deval Patrick is by far the greatest governor MA has seen.What a shame Martha Coakley lost the election
I'd like to congratulate Governor-elect Charlie Baker and look forward to working with him on economic development, workforce training, and other critical issues facing our Commonwealth. He will have tremendous partners in Maura Healey, Deb Goldberg, and Suzanne Bump, who share an unparalleled commitment to justice and equality. I’d also like to congratulate Senator Edward J. Markey, who has quickly established credibility and clout in the US Senate, as well as every candidate and campaign declaring victory in our Commonwealth today. Martha Coakley has spent her career standing up for the people our system ignores, excludes or leaves behind. Deeply dedicated to public service, Steve Kerrigan has fought tirelessly for the citizens of our Commonwealth and our service members and their families in particular. As our country continues to struggle with uneven recovery and growing inequality, I have no doubt they will both continue their fierce advocacy for Massachusetts and our Democratic values. I congratul ...
Charlie Baker says it was perfectly reasonable of Martha Coakley to wait to concede, acknowledges he's been on both ends.
Martha Coakley, the Attorney General, called Charlie Baker at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday to congratulate him on a...
And another blue bites the dust: Mass. governor Martha Coakley just conceded to Republican Charlie Baker:
Massachusetts: Martha Coakley lost the governorship by 2 percent in a deep-blue state against Republican Charlie Baker.
Martha Coakley concedes to Charlie Baker: 'I look forward to helping you in any way I can'
Watch now as Martha Coakley prepares to give concession speech. Also present: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Deval Patrick
Martha Coakley lost in part because of the intense hatred for the Koch brothers, and, the desire to not take any chances that she's really Martha Koch-Lee.
BREAKING: Martha Coakley conceded the MA governor's race to Charlie Baker at 8:15 this morning, will address supporters at 11 am…
Republican Governor's Assoc spent $9M in attack ads against Martha Coakley over the last week.
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One girl on the book is calling Martha Coakley a baby killer. She got sent away to fat camp before junior year and came back with a baby.
The poll no one is talking about shows in a dead heat. Martha Coakley &
Martha Coakley does lead somewhere: UMass has her up (the first of 7 polls!) 47-44 as leaners break her way.
What r gov Patrick or Martha Coakley giving for's not help to constituents?
Gov. Patrick was in Framingham yesterday on the stump for Martha Coakley.
I can understand the out pouring for Boston's Mayor Menino; he was a good man. But nine hours of coverage thus far is a tad ridiculous. I noticed it didn't take long for some news people around the area to insinuate that with his death people should go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Martha Coakley. These people have no shame.
Still no word from Gov Patrick or Martha Coakley ...very disappointed 😢...not sure how to vote & for sure I vote & teach civics!!!
Hillary Clinton was in Boston trying to gin up support for the collapsing campaign for Governor of Martha Coakley when she said something INSANE...
DUMOCRATS ► Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren in Bosstown to rally voters for Martha Coakley. A total deadbeat.
On Friday, October 24, Hillary Clinton appeared at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley. And she took the opportunity to make
Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker on defensive in debate - Boston Globe
“I am so pleased to be here with your senior senator, the passionate champion for working people and middle class families, Elizabeth Warren!” Clinton said to applause while campaigning for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to campaign, fundraise for Martha Coakley in final weeks of campaign
Martha Coakley caught accepting donations from National Grid executives .
Really not sure why a massive Charlie Baker sign is by my street in Mattapan and not a Martha Coakley one. Smh.
That's sarcastic Mitt Romney campaign for Scott Brown look you lost the important presidential campaign to highly honored men Barack Obama why should people in Massachusetts want to believe in your class act. Vote for Martha Coakley because she is Politics puppets known how to run the show. Thing three identify her smart, compress, and strength
Chilling at school with Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, Charlie Baker and Jeff McCormick
Howie Carr to Martha Coakley: For the next debate, send an empty chair. It can't possibly do any worse than you're doing.
Worcester's Hanover Theatre will host debate at 8 p.m. Oct. 27 between Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker.
Former first lady Hillary Clinton to stump for Martha Coakley amid swing for Democrats in battleground...
Hillary Clinton to campaign for Martha Coakley: A Clinton aide on Friday confirmed that the former first lady ...
Clinton to campaign for Martha Coakley - Boston Globe:
Massachusetts Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Martha Coakley blasted her GOP opponent,...
Globe poll: Martha Coakley enters general-election stage of campaign with a slight lead over Charlie Baker
Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker will face off to be Massachusetts' next governor
Turned out to be a pretty easy night for frontrunners Scott Brown, Andrew Cuomo, Martha Coakley, per
"Martha Coakley is still running against Scott Brown" ??? No, Coakley is running against Coakley.
Does Baker agree his pal Chris Christie & w/ Martha Coakley that it's not illegal to be illegal?
A GREAT CHOICE FOR MA. GOVERNOR: "Don Berwick IN GOVERNOR’S RACE FOR RIGHT REASONS: PUBLIC SERVICE" by Dr. Jonathan Klate: Sunday, July 6, 2014 The Hampshire Gazette AMHERST — In the race for the Democratic nomination for governor, Don Berwick is the compelling story now. Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman, established pols aspiring to higher office for years, are being challenged by a smart, mature, experienced, unabashed progressive who has surged into serious contention for all the right reasons. I had the opportunity to talk with Berwick in a Northampton coffee shop recently. When was the last time you felt a progressive politician running for statewide office was honestly speaking his or her truth, and from a wise heart? I mean other than Sen. Elizabeth Warren? And I do mean talk with Dr. Berwick, because conversation is supposed to be a two-way street, and this gentleman doesn’t just spout, he listens. He lets you finish and makes it clear by his responses where his thinking has b . ...
Martha Coakley for Governor and Maura Healey for Attorney General support women's rights.
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“Well, it’s not fair," Martha Coakley declared after hearing from fast food workers this am.
NO--- Martha Coakley gave us Scott Brown and a worse healthcare act.
.Martha Coakley's gubernatorial run haunted by party loyalists who remember loss to Scott Brown
Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley is suing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for illegal foreclosures.
Martha Coakley, the MA AG is fighting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in court over a foreclosure law.
Martha Coakley says she's going to finally look into the 2009 Bridgewater State Hospital death (it is not a...
Martha Coakley holds strong lead over Steve Grossman in new poll, broadens edge in potential Charlie Baker matchup
Attorney General, Martha Coakley, visits Lux. Introducing her to our 3D tooth printing technology.
Steve Grossman has challenged MA legislators and Martha Coakley to make 3 reforms.
What happened when Steve Grossman debated Martha Coakley (disguised as an empty podium) on gun control? Details & analysis at 5 on WBZ News
Steve Grossman does not understand this timid rose garden strategy of Martha Coakley's
Watching Steve Grossman "debate" gun issues with Gun Owners Action League. Strange how every answer he gives has the words Martha Coakley...
A new poll shows Martha Coakley with a strong lead over Charlie Baker:
Today on the Daily Pulse we have Mayor Lisa Wong from the City of Fitchburg in for the first hour, police chief search # 3, prescription drug take back day, economic development, Martha Coakley visit, Landry Arena, and more on the agenda. After the 8am news we have the Bull & Bear Report with Christina Lashua of Edward Jones and it's definition Wednesday, after that a win/win, Walgreens gift card. And more!! All Starts at 7
Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley (D), is backing a same-sex couple in a lawsuit filed against the...
Martha Coakley to be chapter in new book about Steward Health Care System. Not in a good way .
to all lawyers in Massachusetts here is why I will my case in the Appeals Court Judge F. Saylor 1V violated my rights because there are no restrictions on people with disabilities under 2 sections of ADA 1990 Title 1 & 2 Federal Proceedure rules in Federal Courts comes last ADA 1990 Title 1 & 2 Comes First no restrictions on plaintiffs who are disabled includes motions court orders cease and desist order I have made a few motions that the appeals court has not denied me plus my evidence plus my no proof of service and united states attorney to investigate bertuccis italuan restaurant there hiring practice from July 26, 1990 to present no lawyer in Massachusetts Checked what my rights were but they rushed to Judgement based on what family did you wronged me the legislature will take care of you with fines the eeoc boston mass gave me an order to tell my family not to talk about my former disputes or my case with bertuccis corp and the future my family did not listen I want the Attorney General Martha Coakl ...
Since you are only supporting Martha Coakley in MA we won't be donating to you, or to her.
Martha Coakley is working to prove she deserves second chance
Even Martha Coakley is against the death penalty for Tsarnaev
Sidebar over. Judge tells jury to disregard defense contention that "we are here because Martha Coakley is running for Governor."
Benzan strode quickly toward the jury: "We are being scammed. We are being bamboozled." Then he said the bit about Martha Coakley.
Martha Coakley keynote speaker at Girls and Women in sports day at Fenehuil Hall
MA Attorney General Martha Coakley speaking at MIAA Women and Girls in Sport Day.
Sitting next to keynote speaker Atty. General Martha Coakley at Faneuil Hall
I'll get the ball rolling by saying I cant believe I'll be voting for Martha Coakley again.
Correction, Attorney General Martha Coakley is the MIAA Women in Sport guest speaker today in Boston.
National Press Club Conference 2010. Martha Coakley speaks during the National Press Club prior to We the People...
Filed a Complaint Against my Brother and my aunts attorney to get my money from Milford Federal Savings for Social Security Administration to Attorney General Martha Coakley complaint fraud on disabled person and violation of ADA 1990 Title 1 Employment. Brother you are not above the law filed complaint with Social Security Administration telling them I cant pay overpayment because you did not do your job as trustee you cant take my trust fund my money market and savings account because I changed my name from Robert S. Edwards To Robert S. Cavanaugh you cant do what you want anymore because I am protected class so you can have my share of what mom and dad gave me this is good by to my family doing very well financially.
A worthy successor to Martha Coakley in the AG's office.
Want to sit down at a Q&A with gubernatorial candidate Join us at our 2/11
I'm caucusing in Ward 4. If you are in Ward 4, too, come with me on February 22nd! If you're in Ward 10, click below. If you're in any other Ward/District, contact Martha Coakley's campaign. If you're as excited as I am, then join the effort to elect Martha Coakley for governor!
Last semester A block: Someone's gotta tell Sam Robinson that Martha Coakley will be at the ceremony I am going to tomorrow.
Exciting day tomorrow celebrating Girls and Woman in Sport at Faneuil Hall in Boston, with Attorney General Martha Coakley as the keynote.
We just talked about this in our sales meeting... (a good read) Welcome Relief for Homeowners, Then the Tax Bill The New York Times By SHAILA DEWAN February 5, 2014 9:07 AM Come tax time, JPMorgan Chase will be able to write off the $1.5 billion in debt relief it must give homeowners to satisfy the terms of a recent settlement. But the homeowners who receive the help will have to treat it as taxable income, resulting in whopping tax bills for many families who have just lost their homes or only narrowly managed to keep them. They are not alone. A tax exemption for mortgage debt forgiveness, put in place when the economy began to falter in 2007, was allowed to expire on Dec. 31, leaving hundreds of thousands of struggling homeowners in financial limbo even as the Obama administration has tried to encourage such debt write-downs. Congress routinely allows tax breaks to expire and then reinstates them, usually retroactively, as it did last year. But the stakes are high for families dealing with large decline ...
The next time you vote, remember these names. During a video debate Wednesday on The Boston Globe's website,, they were asked: "should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev face the death penalty?" All five — Donald Berwick, Martha Coakley, Joseph Avellone, Juliette Kayyem and Steve Grossman — answered "no."
I'm not a fan of the death penalty but I do feel that there are certain circumstances that sways me... The scumbag that killed and maimed the people in Boston in my opinion, needs to be sentenced to death... What he did while pretending to be an American citizen is beyond disgusting and rotting in a jail cell is, I feel, too good for him. Shame on you Martha Coakley for not standing up for the people of Boston
I am getting bleeped out now, I suggest people call Martha Coakley's office at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office- non profit unit to submit complaints against the NAA and their racism towards moderate functioning autism AND spreading fraud about autism. Please do this, their practices are strictly inappropriate in a democratic society!
Martha Coakley is running for governor again in Massachusetts!
Martha Coakley looks like she wants to get back outside and be the front runner again
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in front in Dem chase for governor via
Stay safe today all! It is absolutely dangerous out there! Not only did I take a fall today and hurt my shoulder, but I am still shaking from almost going into a guardrail on the highway heading towards the Tobin Bridge today! I say this from the bottom of my heart to all of you, don’t drive if it is not necessary! If it weren’t for the opportunity, and at the request by my boss, to meet Martha Coakley at my office today, I would not have driven to work at all. I am looking forward to meeting her, as I have always admired her, and I thought that it was pretty classy of my boss to tell me that he would like for me to introduce myself to her, as she “may” be our Governor one day. That meant a lot to me! Looking forward to it!
I just got a chance to read January's edition of The Bay State Banner and theres a article in there that talks about Martha Coakley have no blacks on her staff. And thats the person your clown *** community leaders want you to vote for? Sadly to inform you neither one of the parties care about you because your like sheep easily led in the wrong direction. These so called black leader have there own selfish agenda so stop being there clowns out there holding signs and careful check out each candidates record and plans for your community and vote for them. Republican or democrat
Why should Martha Coakley be Governor: I think that she is just as corrupt as the people she points the finger...
Digging into the data: Martha Coakley’s 13-point lead over Charlie Baker might seem daunting, but it’s still...
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Mass Dems came to Lowell tonight for a DSC meeting at Lowell High School - it was a well-run, productive meeting with many 2014 candidates at the 6 o'clock social hour including Steve Grossman, Martha Coakley, Mike Lake, Steve Kerrigan, Maura Healey, Barry Finegold, Deb Goldberg, Tom Conroy, Marian Ryan... Party Chair Tom McGee's colleague State Senate Eileen Donoghue greeted the DSC members... pizza, cookies and lots of bottled water were provide by the local delegation... very happy to see Roger Lau back in Lowell. The Lowell wards will be back in the LHS cafeteria on Saturday February 15th at 11am for the delegate selection caucuses...
Let Tom Hanks introduce you to why is wrong for at Marth…
Hey Martha Coakley is leading in the polls. Time for vacation Massachusetts race for governor: poll.
Democrat AG Martha Coakley leading the way in governor race.
MA Attorney General Martha Coakley grabs huge lead over all Dem. rivals
Attorney General Martha Coakley is crushing her Democratic gubernatorial rivals and main Republican opponent despite sinking approval ratings for President Obama and his signature health plan, a new Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll reveals.
"MC has experience taking on big banks...making 'sure we held big biz & Wall Street accountable'"
Attorney General Martha Coakley is the sole Democrat ranking higher than Baker, according to the new poll, which measured the standing of the...
Suffolk University poll: Charlie Baker leads over all Democratic candidates except Martha Coakley
Listening to predict Martha Coakley leading in Dem primary race. Don't believe it. Martha has proven she cannot run a strong campaign.
Martha Coakley on top in new Sufolk U/Boston Herald poll Herald Radio | Boston Herald via
MARTHA COAKLEY miles ahead for MA-Gov? Well, I wonder how she could possibly screw up a big lead in MA, right ?
Please plan to come to the Democratic caucus in February and run as a delegate or vote for a delegate for Martha Coakley, the most qualified candidate for governor. Check out the link to see when your caucus will be held. Ward 3 in Somerville is on March 1 at 10 am at the high school.
State A.G. Martha Coakley has big lead in Massachusetts Democratic Gov. primary and leads in election matchup.
Suffolk survey: remains the favorite to be elected Massachusetts governor in November.
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AG Martha Coakley leads Charlie Baker in race for governor.
BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is way out in front of both her Democratic pr...
Martha Coakley has had our backs as Attorney General. Let's have hers now & make her Sign up to
For the record, anyone who would work for Martha Coakley is dead to me
Tank the Gas Tax Coalition collected 125,000 signatures to get this on the ballot, and now they want us to get an additional 11,000 unique signatures in addition to that. Why they are targeting this ballot question? Why are they making us jump through these hoops? Please call Michael Rodriguez at Boston Office: Boston State House Room 213-B (617) 722-1114 and Martha Coakley's office: Boston One Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108-1518 Phone: (617) 727-2200
GROSSMAN ANNOUNCES CAMPAIGN CO-CHAIRS Names Leadership Team with Decades of Experience in Democratic Politics to Co-chair and Lead his 2014 Gubernatorial Bid BOSTON, MA -- State Treasurer Steve Grossman today announced the addition of three co-chairs and other senior roles in his campaign for governor. “I’m delighted to announce these leaders of our team, and I’m deeply grateful for the support of Shanti, Susan, Linda, Michele, and Cheryl," said Grossman. “Their decades of experience helping to elect progressive Democrats to office throughout the Commonwealth and the country speaks for itself. We look forward to building the resources we need to run a successful grassroots campaign and communicate our message in every corner of the state.” Co-Chair -- Shanti Fry Shanti Fry has served on several campaign finance committees, most recently chairing or co-chairing the finance committees of Alice Wolf, Martha Coakley, Elizabeth Warren, and Ed Markey. A graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Busin ...
Martha Coakley is running for Governor of MA.check her out.
File under good problems to have: there are two Dem pro-choice women running for governor of MA. Emily's List has endorsed Martha Coakley, but Juliette Kayyem has also been able to get some traction with her campaign. May the best woman win? ~Cyn
I am caucusing for Martha because she understands that income inequality is the next great challenge in achieving equal opportunity & has a record of continually fighting against inequities and injustices as Attorney General. Learn about Martha Coakley's vision for Massachusetts & why you should sign up to caucus for today!
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley met with members of the Amherst community on Sunday at the Amherst Brewing Company, one of her first stops as she begins her bid for Democratic gubernatorial candidate.
For the second weekend in a row, Attorney General Martha Coakley spent time campaigning in Western Massachusetts.
I heard something hysterical today there are actually people who think that Martha Coakley, perhaps the worst ever at her current position might make a good governor. I think that is perhaps the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. You couldn't find a worse choice.
Just returned from rally/meeting with Martha Coakley, our Attorney General, who is running for Govenor of Massachusetts. It's wonderful to meet with an intelligent person who is actively involved with major government issues, really cares about the people she represents and of course a woman running for a major government office, who I respect.
"The arts are not a luxury, they are a necessity of life" - Martha Coakley
I see that Howard Dean has endorsed Steve Grossman for governor in November and Martha Coakley is expected be his biggest rival. 9 other Dems. are entering the race but the Globe only mentions the Democrats running, leading me to believe that Republican might recognize it would be lost cause for them to run in Taxaschusetts, much like we recently saw in Boston's mayoral election. This actually makes sense since the last decent Republican governor MA had was a liberal named Weld. Mitt Romney? Please-what a corrupt loser. He implemented only 1 promise he made in 2002. He chose not to seek re-election in 2006 ONLY because he did not want to see what a landslide defeat it would be. He left that to his Lt. Gov. What shelter is Healey living in now?
A great editorial about gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley and her continuing persecution of an innocent family.
REGION (WGGB) - State Attorney General Martha Coakley will be in Western Mass today. She's making several stops as part of her campaign for Governor.Read more...
We had quite the turnout at the Martha Coakley House Party in Sturbridge on January 26, 2013.
Honorable William Carpenter, I just read the article below, and I have a serious concern knowing that the Brockton Police Department Internal Affairs Division video taped over circumstantial video, that could have illustrated the actual events that took place on that day at the police station. Now why would IA NOT KEEP A COPY IF A COMPLAINT WAS FILED WITH THEIR OFFICE? So are you telling ME THAT IF I WAS TO PUT A REQUEST UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, requesting all document in regards to the allegations of police brutality, and specifically requested that video, I would not be able to access it? Sounds like someone should call the Office of the Attorney General Martha Coakley and Massachusetts Inspector Generals office and file a complaint. Or maybe the city of Brockton should hire OUTSIDE personnel to conduct a full investigation of the Brockton Police, and it's practices, including the IA division. So once again, I would like to thank those officers who violated someone's civil rights, and cost ...
Yesterday Dr. Lively was confirmed as a panelist at the Criminal Justice Forum to be held at Harvard Law School on March 13th. Other confirmed panelists include Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, Mark Fisher and Juliette Kayyem, all candidates for governor of Massachusetts. Dr. Lively will discuss his position on criminal justice, the Second Amendment and possibly other topics, time permitting.
Attorney General Martha Coakley is spending the weekend on the campaign trail as she pursues the corner office on Beacon Hill.
Two minor campaign-finance reports popped up Thursday on the state's report log: two sub-vendor disclosures from the Martha Coakley gubernatorial campaign.
I will be attending Martha Coakley' s campaign event at IBEW Local 103 tomorrow in Boston. The race is just beginning!
Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley visited Chinatown for a Community Conversations town hall on Jan. 14 at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. She discussed education, voting rights and di...
Children’s Rights has appealed the ruling. Free Keith Winfield is rooting for Martha Coakley
Ahh, I wish this was a week day (just cause I work next door)! I will be meeting Martha Coakley on Saturday, I will put in a word to her!!!
As a candidate for governor, Martha Coakley has strongly criticized the troubled Department of Children and Families, saying it is unable to properly protect children from abuse and overloads its social workers. “During my career, I have seen, day in and day out, how the current structure of DCF put...
Hawaii Joins States Defending Affordable Care Act HONOLULU – Attorney General David M. Louie joined 14 states and the District of Columbia in signing an amicus curiae brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to strike down a lower court’s ruling that would allow for-profit companies to deny essential healthcare to female employees based on the religious beliefs of the company’s owners. The friend-of-the-court brief, co-authored by California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, urges the Court to overturn a ruling in Kathleen Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 applies to for-profit businesses and the businesses can claim religious exemptions from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ruling means a for-profit company could deny women coverage for contraception, which is covered by health plans under the ACA as ...
Martha Coakley is running for governor to create opportunity and restore the dream of a better tomorrow for everyone, including the middle class. Learn more ...
Looking forward to the meet and greet. Go Team Martha Coakley for Governor.
Uhm... I am so blessed to have friends with many different political views... and I really do enjoy seeing various posts. So, I'm sharing that the Mashpee Democratic Caucus is on SATURDAY, February 8th at 9:30am at the Mashpee Town Hall. The Caucus is a preliminary step in the 2014 elections where each town votes for delegates to go the convention to cast their vote for candidates in this year's election of a new Governor. I am a Martha Coakley campaign volunteer and am hoping to be a delegate from Mashpee at this convention. I need your vote at this caucus - where you need to be a registered Democrat to cast a vote. I AM ALSO HOPING THAT SOME OTHER REGISTERED MASHPEE DEMOCRATS WILL COME FORWARD TO BECOME DELEGATES. There are 3 male and 3 female delegate spots for the town of Mashpee. Anyone interested still has time to register as a Democrat - the deadline for registering is FRIDAY, JAN 31st. There are caucuses all over the state throughout the month of February! Be a Voter!
Really enjoyed tonight's Democratic Gubernatorial forum in Northampton. My takeaway: Martha Coakley has the most attractive campaign team. Also, still no idea who I'm supporting. Being an undecided voter is rather a novel and strange feeling.
GREAT EVENING! A FULL HOUSE at Northampton High School. Two hours filled with excellent questions, revealing answers, and photos will follow. To everyone who came: thanks for making it a great evening. And special thanks to all the candidates and the media for making it an incredibly informative evening: Joseph Avellone Don Berwick for Governor Martha Coakley Steve Grossman Juliette N. Kayyem Jim Madigan from WGBY Public Television Susan Kaplan from New England Public Radio Laura Hutchinson from WWLP 22News Stan Moulton from Daily Hampshire Gazette
News tidbits in race for the Commonwealth's Constitutional Officers.. Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz backs Steve Grossman for governor while State Senate President Therese Murray gets on the Martha Coakley train. In Boston today, North Andover State Senator Barry Finegold announces for Massachusetts Treasurer, which Grossman is vacating. Also in the race are Deb Goldberg and Tom Conroy.
Important Update: Justina remains at Way side for the time being. Her health is failing miserably. The outlook is hope for the best for next week and prepare for the worst with DCF's past track record with medical kidnapping. DCF is really digging in since the hearing last week. They have to be held accountable. Please call, email etc. Representative Linsky- He chaired the hearing last week. Duval Patrick the governor Martha Coakley AG Olga Roache, Commissioner DCF
Incredible State of the Commonwealth address from Governor Patrick tonight! His shoes will be hard to fill, but Martha Coakley is up for the task! Stop by on Sunday for the opportunity to meet the best candidate for the job, and get on board with Team Martha!
I want President Barack Obama to hold all Federal Judges in the Civil Division Accountable if they don't comply and up hold the Americans With Disabilities Act Title 1 Employment Title 2 State and Local Government Judges cant create a financial hardship[ in Federal Court such as doing motions against Employer a reasonable Accommodation is the Law if the United States Appeals Court Boston Mass does Chief Judge Patti Saris has to do it with other Judges at John Joseph Moakley U.S. Court House Boston Mass I will win my appeal Because Chief Judge Patti Saris did not check along with Federal Proceedure rules and ADA 1990 Title 1 & 2 Chief Judge Patti Saris I know who appointed to the civil division President William Clinton do you want this democrat to contact President Clinton and My United States Senator Elizabeth Warren United States Senator Edward Markey and Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy 111 I will make a report to him when he runs again for Congress in Wellesley as his Wellesley Coordinator I will endors ...
Reminder: There will be a meeting tonight for the Martha Coakley Campaign at 6:30 pm at Old Town Realty Bedford St Abington. All are welcone to attend.
Attorney General Martha Coakley has launched her bid for governor. Coakley was also the prosecutor in the case of Louise Woodward ? the nanny accused of murdering a child in her care.
Was coming. no money for the event. i hope there is another one. i do support her. but I am on disability right now. don't have all the means i need yet. But Martha Coakley I will support you! thank you for all you and your office has helped me with since I have been disabled. Thank you again!
Do you want to learn why Martha Coakley is the best candidate for Are you a professional under 30? Does watching me stress-eat pulled pork at Sweet Cheeks sound like an appealing way to spend your Tuesday evening? Cancel your plans, people. That's right, Young Professionals for Martha Coakley is TONIGHT.
Martha Coakley backs in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants in MA at Democrats' gubernatorial debate
For anyone who caught the first Massachusetts governors debate last night, Martha Coakley was advocating that we need to upgrade our transportation around Boston if we want to be a world class city. The Winter Olympics bid would be one of our best chances to rally funds for a better transportation system!!
Martha Coakley, Attorney General of Massachusetts, is out in front of the state’s gubernatorial race, according to a new poll. Coakley, a Democrat, leads Republican Charlie Baker 39 percent to 29 pe...
I attended a house party for Martha Coakley last night. I appreciated the chance to speak with her one-on-one about issues specific to the district.
She is considered one of the front runners in this year's race for governor. Attorney General Martha Coakley spent her Sunday campaigning in Western Massachusetts.
Massachusetts has numerous candidates in this year's gubernatorial race. And the most likely candidate to emerge from the crowded field is subject of my political morality tale. This tale encompasses three decades and focuses on our three most recent Attorneys General. So we begin this political tale with a question. What five common bonds do Attorney General (AG) Martha Coakley and former AGs Tom Reilly and Scott Harshbarger share? One; they are and were all Massachusetts AGs. Two; all three utilized their Middlesex County District Attorney's position as a stepping stone to the AG position. Three; once elected AG, they all chose to run for governor. Four; for almost three decades they prosecuted and persecuted the same innocent family. And five; when the truth finally emerged all three continued to refuse to acknowledge this gross miscarriage of justice and forced the family to remain imprisoned. Specifically, I am referring to the Fells Acre Day Care Center case. One of the many cases that resu ...
I just attended a house party for Martha Coakley. What I wanted to know going in was whether or not she understood the challenges for ordinary citizens the way Elizabeth Warren does (in a general sense). I came away with a good feeling that she understands the challenges and the forces that are working against the ordinary citizen from the corporate world and the super wealthy investors who dominate the economy. Despite whatever opinion you may have formed of Martha Coakley in her previous run for the Senate, when you get to meet her in person, you do get the feeling that she has the energy and the fighting spirit to be a successful governor.
Had an awesome night at the Martha Coakley House party! Thank you to William MacDonald for hosting it and to your wonderful wife Sharon as well!
EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) - State Attorney General Martha Coakley will head to the Hampshire County town of Easthampton Sunday afternoon.Read more...
Tonight we will be hosting Martha Coakley, who is running for governor, at the Art Bar Cafe. Please come to meet her. 5:30. See you then!
Martha Coakley is coming to town! Stop by and learn more about her plan for Massachusetts!
Your thoughts - The next governor of Massachusetts is probably going to be Martha Coakley the current Attorney General. Back in the 80s Martha helped prosecute a completely innocent family in the phony, hysteria driven, child abuse day care scandals. Martha continued to keep these innocent people in jail up through the 1990s and early 2000s even after the parole board recommended complete freedom. She has never come close to admitting her mistake and would rather punish innocent people then admit a mistake. This includes her former bosses AG Harshburger who moved on to take over Common Cause. And 2 term AG Tom Reilley. Harshbarger lost his race for Governor in the 1990s. IS THIS WORTH an op ed piece? It is difficult for public figures to admit mistakes or for anybody typically? Ed Sketch Barbara Anderson John Ferric or just let the past be the past?
In today's Torah portion we read that if someone breaks into your home at night, and you believe your life is in danger, you can defend yourself including using deadly force to do so. G-d says I can shoot, Martha Coakley says I can't. Who do I listen to?
Please join The Plymouth County Democratic League for their 2014 Chairman's Breakfast Middleboro Lodge of Elks 24 High Street, Middleboro $15 for pre-registration prior to January 15 $20 after January 16 and at the Door join us as we plan our 2014 strategy within Plymouth County, learn about new caucus rules for 2014, learn how to use technology offered to DTCs by the State Party and the PCDL, and take one last chance to hear from the candidates before the caucus window opens state wide. All candidates have been invited and confirmed candidates (so far) include: For Governor - Don Berwick, Juliette Kayyem, Joe Avellone, Martha Coakley; For Lieutenant Governor - James Arena-DeRosa, Steve Kerrigan, Mike Lake, Jonathan Edwards, Leland Cheung; For Attorney General - Hank Naughton, Warren Tolman, Maura Healey; For Treasurer - Tom Conroy, Deb Goldberg, Barry Finegold. The new Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Tom McGee, will open the breakfast. Please pay online using this form. If you would prefe ...
The first poll of the 2014 gubernatorial election released Wednesday by The MassInc Polling Group shows Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley in...
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley leads potential challengers in the race to be the state’s next governor, according to a new poll. The Democrat leads Republican businessman Charlie Baker, considered the GOP frontrunner, 39 percent to 29 percent, according to a WBUR poll released W...
Martha Coakley told Fox25 on Monday that she hasn't decided if she'll appeal the decision by a federal appeals court that upheld a taxpayer funded sex change for convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek.
What is there we could do to make sure Martha Coakley never runs for anything ever again?
Massachusetts Democratic gubanatorial candidate Martha Coakley, the state Attorney General, hit Republican candidate Charlie Baker Monday on the issue of raising the state minimum wage, saying in an email to supporters that Baker "would side with big corporations and leave working families to go it…
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Tickets are going fast for 1/23 Government Affairs Forum with AG Martha Coakley. Don't get left out: http…
2014 RACE FOR GOVERNOR Democratic gubernatorial candidates to hold Northampton forum Jan 29 2014 democratic gubernatorial candidates. Democratic candidates for Massachusetts governor in 2014 : Joseph Avellone, Donald Berwick, Martha Coakley, Steven Grossman, Juliette Kayyem. NORTHAMPTON - All five of the Democratic candidates for governor will be attending a candidates' forum here on Jan. 29. The event will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Northampton High School auditorium. It is sponsored by the Democratic committees of Amherst, Easthampton, Northampton, Southampton and Sunderland. According to organizers, all five of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates have agreed to attend – biotech executive Joseph Avellone, former Medicare and Medicaid administrator Donald Berwick, state Attorney General Martha Coakley, state treasurer Steven Grossman and former homeland security official Juliette Kayyem. Jim Madigan, director of public affairs programs at WGBY-TV, who moderated debates between the U.S. Senate ...
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley said she is widening her investigation of a failed investment at the MBTA pension fund, and she urged its board to adopt more stringent ethical standards or face legislation to overhaul its rules. The stepped-up pressure from Coakley follows a Boston Glo...
Just donated to Martha Coakley, Steve Kerrigan, Deborah Goldberg, and Maura Healey for their races in 2014.
Although Massachusetts has made great strides in providing quality healthcare to most residents, there is more work to be done, Attorney General Martha Coakley is set to say in a speech Friday. In particular, the state needs to increase access to mental health treatment, an issue that is deeply pers...
Friends...I was on the phone all day for a personal issue with the offices of Brian Joyce, William Galvin, William Keating, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Stephen Lynch, Martha Coakley, and a guy named Barack Obama...we cannot blame all of these people who sincerely do try to help others...there are very good people out there in office...egotists like Boehner need to go...absolute power corrupts absolutely...I was offered a job by one because of the stalking knowledge of the elderly I have, another aksed me to help write a bill (I sort of chuckled on that one)...we need to HELP them HELP us not sit back and complain about them...just sayin...again my Girl State experience coming out...I went to something called Girl's Nation as a state senator, I guess I had a forceful personality even then
AG Martha Coakley launches bid for governor in new video emphasizing resilience Jim Oâ™Sullivan, Globe Staff Attorney General Martha Coakley, launching her bid for governor in a video today, sought to position herself as a resilient figure poised to lead a state on the upswing. In a promotional video posted online Monday morning, Coakley tried to shake the perception from her devastating 2010 Senate loss that she is aloof. The footage shows her out and about with voters, shaking hands on street corners, and in MBTA stations and coffee shops. âœYou know, a lot of folks say politics is tough and it can be,â she says in the video. âœI know what itâ™s like to lose a race. I know how hard that is. But you know what, itâ™s nothing compared to what so many people go through every day in their lives.â The two-minute video features images from different pockets of Massachusetts, and of Coakley interacting with voters, as the Medford Democratâ™s voiceover strikes a populist theme. Paying tribute t ...
Still a ways to top Martha Coakley calling Curt Schilling a "Yankee fan" while running for US Senate in MA.
In January 2010 Martha Coakley was arrogant and deserved to lose. Eventually, Elizabeth Warren got that "Kennedy seat."
Midday open thread - Greetings from Netroots Nation in San Jose! California knows how to party. Not able to attend in person? Attend virtually! The Netroots Nation site has you covered. The United States has filed a criminal complaint for espionage against NSA leaker Snowden. Here's it is in full. Embarrassing: Yahoo went full birther, but has since corrected itself. Looks like we won't have a repeat of Martha Coakley and Scott Brown in this Massachusetts special Senat...
sounds like that one time Martha Coakley called Curt Schilling a "Yankee fan"
Ed Markey supporters panicking now ATTACKING Coakley said "Martha Coakley, the incompetent Democratic"
Mass. AG: Tsarnaev likely a federal case: Mass. AG Martha Coakley on latest in Boston marathon bombing investi...
Members of the department are in attendance of the 2013 National Cyber Crime Conference today in Norwood. Hosted by MA AG Martha Coakley.
LIVE NOW: Mass. AG Martha Coakley talks w/ live on re: latest in marathon bombing investigation
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hey hey, those grenades weren't illegal, they were undocumented. It's not illegal to be illegal according to Martha Coakley.
Latest survey suggests that if Ed Markey is the Dem nominee, he could be Martha Coakley reincarnated.
Massachusetts has a great Attorney General in Martha Coakley
There's my dad! Standing to the left of Martha Coakley during the latest press briefing on national news, so weird
Howie Carr was correct in his column and comments on radio. Martha Coakley and Andrea Cabral showed up to presser
Martha Coakley missing in action via
Fundraising to aid bombing victims continues to ramp up: Attorney General Martha Coakley's office has warned p...
the Attorney General Martha Coakley said its no illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts
According to Martha Coakley, AG in MA, over 145 domains registered within 1 hour masqueraded victims/charities/funds for the Boston Marathon
Beware of Marathon Tragedy Scams: Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is warning against scams in th...
I beg to differ, signed Martha Coakley
Talked with my friend, Mass. A.G. Martha Coakley.Told her the thoughts & prayers of Kyans were w/ her beloved Boston.
Martha Coakley is my Open House guest this Thu 4/18 at Lex Historical Society at 7PM cc:
"It's not illegal, to be illegal, in Massachusetts!" --Martha Coakley, Attorney General of Massachusetts
Another waste of taxpayer.s money by Martha Coakley. Defense atty says it best "a figment of prosecutorial imagination" AGAIN!
Hey you named the niners the Super Bowl champs, and called Elizabeth Warren, Martha Coakley
Hey nice job just displaying "Martha Coakley" while Elizabeth Warren was speaking. It's not like she's a US Senator or anything...
Hey. ESPN. That wasn't Martha Coakley. That was Elizabeth Warren. Come on, guys.
.reports that our friend MA AG Martha Coakley headed home from DC mtgs as soon she got word of tragedy.
- Our friend Mass. AG Martha Coakley headed home from DC conf. as soon as we got word of
Today is the worst thing to happen to Massachusetts since the day they nominated Martha Coakley.
I pray for all in Boston. The people of Mass and their law enforcement are lucky to have Martha Coakley
Opinion: Housing agency needs new leader - Eric Schneiderman and Martha Coakley: ``Underwater homeowners are ...
AG Martha Coakley preparing to announce details of probe into organized crime in Downtown Crossing. One chief suspect under arrest.
Only because Martha Coakley was the worst candidate ever and ran a horrendous campaign. And she wasnt a Kennedy
Aye, Martha Coakley, you're a great neighbor and a great person, but if Medford doesn't want a medical marijuana shop, they don't need one.
XXX 18+ only On the local scene, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last week issued a report that fou
AG says Mass. towns cannot bar marijuana centers: BOSTON — Attorney General Martha Coakley has ruled that Mas...
Atty General Martha Coakley (releases new checklists to help ensure compliance with Open Meeting Law:
The better comparison for isn't Todd Akin, but Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley.
AG formalizes req for exec. pay info Reader predicts info will come same day as new Pope
Mass AG files formal request for executives pay. NU has 30 days to respond.
reporting Mass. AG Martha Coakley has filed a formal request to get pay details from NU CEO
This Letter to the Editor of The Boston Globe by Martha Coakley in her own interest, actually defies common...
Martha Coakley presses banks on loans via
no Scott Brown did NOT win 1st election by driving n red pickup. Martha Coakley handed him win, she cld NOT meet n greet.
Scott Brown didn't "win" the special election. Martha Coakley lost it by sparse and inept campaigning. She thought (D) was a win.
AGs call for ‘abuse-resistant’ drug packaging: Attorney General Martha Coakley and 47 other state and territorial...
Program to help struggling homeowners: Initiatives established as part of Attorney General Martha Coakley’s ...
Regional educational forums to be held in Springfield and Greenfield: State Attorney General Martha Coakley's ...
ICYMI over the weekend: AG took 1st step to compel to release Tom May's full '12 pay
AG: Watch out for foreclosure scams | Boston Herald: Attorney General Martha Coakley warned consumers today ab...
: Mass. AG to host series of open meeting forums: BOSTON (AP) — State Attorney General Martha Coakley's off...
Martha Coakley (Attorney General, Massachusetts), submitted an Amica Brief today on behalf of Mass. and several other states permitting Same-Sex marriage urging the US Supreme Court to Overturn Prop 8 in California (thus opening the door for *** marriage in the Union's most populous state). Her conclusory remarks, which can be found at included the statement "More fundamentally, Petitioners’ position is illogical." The amica is easily readable, and bit by bit, and in a typically Massachusetts fashion, "Martha" eviscerates the logic of anti *** proponents of Prop 8 in simple, easily understood terms. Perhaps even Scalia and Alito will understand the brief this time. The arguments in this case and the case dealing with DOMA are being heard in Late March. The decisions will be handed down in Pride Month (June). Stay tuned.
Interesting news from Massachusetts in the Special Election to fill the seat held by Sen. John Kerry. Two Republican candidates have already announced. And a third is expected to announce. 1) Gabriel Gomez - Endorsed Obama in 2008. Gave $1,000 to uber-liberal Alan Khazei for Senate in 2009. And donated TWO TIMES to a Democrat candidate for Congress in last year's election. 2) Dan Winslow - State Representative. Former legal counsel for Mitt Romney. And regularly donates to liberal Democrat campaigns including Martha Coakley over Scott Brown: 5/20/2005: $500 to Robert Travaglini (D) 10/20/2005: $300 to Steven Baddour (D) 10/20/2005: $300 to Joseph Wagner (D) 3/29/2006: $250 to Gerard Leone (D) 5/24/2006: $250 to John Rogers (D) 2/23/2008: $200 to Sonia Chang-Diaz (D) 12/12/2008: $500 to Martha Coakley (D) 3 - Expected to Announce) Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan. Sullivan was notable for his prosecution of airport workers arrested at Logan Airport as part of "Operation Tarmac". The Logan 19 were ai . ...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Attorney Generals of Massachusetts and Rhode Island say a proposal by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to continue a tax on generating electricity will add to the burden of New England ratepayers. They've asked that it be scrapped. Martha Coakley in Massachusetts and Rhode Island's Peter Kilmartin told Connecticut officials in a letter today that a 2011 study found that generators reaped a windfall as a result of higher prices caused by the tax. They say New England ratepayers were likely to pay about $58 million more to purchase electricity. Coakley and Kilmartin say the region's relatively high electricity costs are a drag on the economy. Malloy has proposed extending the tax another two years, raising about $70 million. A spokesman says energy rates are down 12 percent in Connecticut since the tax was established.
The ghost of Martha Coakley haunts the looming special election to replace John Kerry
Martha Coakley, police seek update of wiretapping laws: BOSTON — Attorney General Martha Coakley is leading the ...
Massachusetts' Martha Coakley is essentially undefeatable as Attorney General. She has picked the safer route.
There will be a press conference tomorrow (January 24th) with Congressman Jim McGovern and Martha Coakley, regarding an effort to overturn Citizens United, from 12-1pm in the Function Room (1st Floor, Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont Street).
Attorney General Martha Coakley recently joined the FOX 25 Morning News in a segment we call "Ask the AG."
Check out the photos from this morning's Government Affairs Breakfast with Martha Coakley:
Mass. AG calls for summit to address energy costs: Attorney General Martha Coakley plans to convene a "summit" t...
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley focused on re-election in 2014
Great event this am. Hearing Martha Coakley speak was well worth the frostbite I suffered getting there.
Good to hear Martha Coakley is bringing leaders together to discuss energy issues in the Commonwealth.
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