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Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Terrell Lynch (born April 22, 1986) is an American football running back for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

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What if Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement just to do National Anthem protests?
You guys know that Marshawn Lynch has been sitting for the anthem for the past 11 years right? Why is this trending on either…
Michael Bennett joining Marshawn Lynch...They can't cut them all
National Anthem protests: Michael Bennett sits; did Marshawn Lynch lie to his coach?.
Marshawn Lynch definitely came out of retirement just to sit during the National Anthem lol this dudes a legend
Feel like this the perfect time to bring this back to the TL. Find your inner Marshawn Lynch and prosper ✊🏾
I'd be more offended if Marshawn Lynch sat through DMX's Party Up.
Marshawn Lynch hasn't cared what y'all thought since he stepped in the league lol.
And as for Marshawn Lynch sitting down, done it his entire career. It's not a stance for anything. But NOW it's a problem 🙄
If life has taught me anything, it's to count on Marshawn Lynch
If u are worry about Marshawn Lynch sitting during the anthem but not worry about the racist and terrorist acts in Charlo…
What's the deal with Marshawn Lynch? Do you mob me? Am I a syndrome? Am I an actual raider? Just what am I?
Marshawn Lynch sits for anthem prior to Cards’ preseason win over Raiders
Marshawn Lynch tells Jack Del Rio he's been sitting during the National Anthem his entire 11 year career. Called it "a…
Let's see the NFL try to blackball Marshawn Lynch for sitting down, quietly and non-violently like Kaep I must add, during…
That Marshawn Lynch jersey is as good as copped.
Marshawn Lynch, the perfect provocateur (via
If you're mad at Marshawn Lynch for sitting during the National Anthem as a protest against racism, YOU ARE APART OF THE…
Wait, there's Nazis rioting in Charlottesville and people are worried about Marshawn Lynch sitting during the anthem? What…
Marshawn Lynch too legit to not sit!
Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the National Anthem before tonight's preseason game in Glendale:
"Marshawn Lynch" Let him do what he do. Get off his back.
Raiders HC Jack Del Rio on Marshawn Lynch: "He said This is something I've done for 11 years" Being himself . •Del Rio…
After what went down this weekend in EVERY black athlete should be sitting right next to Marshawn Lynch!!!
Marshawn Lynch the really of the real niggaz. California niggaz just be super real for the most part. Especially in the Hood
Del Rio said that Marshawn Lynch told him he hasn't stood for the National Anthem in 11 years.
Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch sat during the National Anthem before Saturday's preseason game against the Cardinals https:…
Marshawn Lynch is the hero we need.
Marshawn Lynch, at this moment, has borrowed a photographer's camera and looks to be taking pictures. Hilarious.
Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch peacefully protests during a preseason game, but the NFL owners will ask for his head for this "stunt"
Im reading that Marshawn Lynch has never stood for the National Anthem, which makes this even better
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Tbh the National Anthem should stand for Marshawn Lynch
He sat on an orange cooler with his arms resting on his knees, while others around him stood
Marshawn Lynch is the realest man alive. ✊🏾
Marshawn Lynch sat during the National Anthem in his first preseason game since coming out of retirement. (📷: htt…
Marshawn Lynch can do no wrong in my eyes. That's granny's baby.
Also, if you criticize Marshawn Lynch but don't denounce the white supremacist acts in Charlottesville, your opinion is equally worthless.
"Marshawn Lynch" Every since he didn't want 2 talk 2 the press when he was with the Seahawks, ya'll been on his back. Leave him alone. ***
Marshawn Lynch is exactly the type of *** we need to sit during the National Anthem cuz he don't give not one single f…
Shout out to Marshawn Lynch.. Every single Black athlete should be sitting during the National Anthem based on the nazism…
running back Marshawn Lynch sits during the National Anthem prior to game against Cardinals.
Someone's going to call Marshawn Lynch "Unamerican" and Marshawn's response is going to be a classic, watch.
He did not ! come on "Marshawn Lynch" please stand for the anthem big dawg 💯 it's not worth it
What's the deal with Marshawn Lynch? Doesn't the syndrome have enough mobs? Who ARE these people?
[Seattle Post Intelligencer] Macklemore, Marshawn Lynch troll Patriots in new music video
(Jerry Hughes was a bust for Indy. Marshawn Lynch was a bust for Buffalo.)
Yes, you do: e.g. Jerry Hughes or Marshawn Lynch
Why fans need to temper their expectations for Marshawn Lynch. (Via
Marshawn Lynch needs his own tv show after his NFL career 😂😂😂😂
Marshawn Lynch was on top of his game before he retired. At 31 years old, after a year off, will he still be at that level? https:…
I added a video to a playlist BEAST MOVE | Marshawn Lynch ask Colleen Wolfe out ONAIR (Shes Married)
Thought Jon was gonna tell Davos "Aye homie don't be telling ppl I got killed out here, cuz" in a Marshawn Lynch voice…
"Marshawn Lynch brings a toughness that the Raiders did not have... they were not tough last year." —
AB doing his best marshawn lynch impression 😂😂😂
Marshawn Lynch needs his own TV show 😂
Marshawn Lynch live on Nfl Network is so real and hilarious 💯
Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch was on the NFL channel, and the interview was entertaining to say the least. Check this out. http…
Marshawn Lynch cursing on live TV and hitting on a female host. Dude is a legend .
This is my list of top 5 current / active favorites... 1. Derek Carr. 2. Steph Curry. 3. Marshawn Lynch. 4. Marcus Mar…
I would never want to interview Marshawn Lynch or Bill Belichick. They would be horrible/dumb interviews.
Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch are what all athletes should be.
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one year league, no PPR- Marshawn Lynch for Tevin Coleman and Jeremy Hill- who do you take
Former Seahawks FB Michael Robinson discusses what Marshawn Lynch brings to our team.
Marcus Peters promises Chiefs will "beat the dog (expletive)" out of buddy Marshawn Lynch. .
Marshawn Lynch hits the beach and Derek Carr talks NBA trades. Get caught up. Raiders Round-Up: https…
Marshawn Lynch playing soccer is probably the best thing ever 😂🙏
Turning on our Spotlight on the Positive hear the great things Marshawn Lynch & are doing…
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny ??
Marshawn Lynch is not just a beast on the football field 😂 (via
Marshawn Lynch out here training like he in a *** Rocky movie bruh
cj anderson is fourth best... Marshawn Lynch. Jamaal Charles . Melvin Gordon . Cj Anderson
I have the same birthday as MGK, Marshawn Lynch, DJ Drama, Jack Nicholson and Chris Sabat(the voice actor for Vegeta)
QB Derek Carr, throwing it up for the for Marshawn Lynch. Epic.
Marshawn Lynch's jersey selling well. 24 is a big # in history - see Willie Brown & Charles Woodson.
Lebron James, Serena Williams, Marshawn Lynch, Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, and Allyson Felix are my favorite athletes of all time.
Beast Mode to the house. . Marshawn Lynch broke off a 30-plus yard TD run in OTAs yesterday.
Marshawn Lynch is getting touchdowns in practice and Jack Del Rio is pumped
[Larry Brown Sports] - Jack Del Rio shares video of Marshawn Lynch looking good in practice
.talks what RB Marshawn Lynch brings to the table for the Silver & Black on ESPN. . Watch: ht…
Marshawn Lynch starred in a Train music video - George Lopez and Ken Jeong are also included in the video.     ... https…
How is Marshawn Lynch fitting in with the Raiders? - The Mercury News
Marshawn Lynch had a block party in Oakland and it was lit
Marshawn Lynch's mom really stopped Hector at the casino last night just to tell him that was her sons jersey.
If Donald Trump can be president, there's no reason Marshawn Lynch can't
Marshawn Lynch really gone have me rooting for the Raiders 😍😍
NEVER EVER forget these wise words from Marshawn Lynch
"Marshawn Lynch shares his thoughts on quantum physics and engineering"
Can't wait to play with Marshawn Lynch in madden IN A RAIDERS UNIFORM
Marshawn Lynch is going to be the second coming of John Riggins. Age 31+. BOOK IT!
Jack Del Rio recently joined NFL Total Access to talk the addition of Marshawn Lynch. Watch:
I had a scary dream last night about Marshawn Lynch
Adrian Peterson is a Saint. Marshawn Lynch is a Raider. Jamaal Charles is a Bronco.
To update three of four leading rushers from 2012:. Jamaal Charles is a Bronco. Marshawn Lynch is a Raider. Adrian Pete…
So Adrian Peterson to the Saints, Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders and Jamaal Charles to the Broncos. LeGarrette Blount re…
Brandon Mebane, Corey Liuget, Melvin Ingram, and Joey Bosa will eat up Marshawn Lynch x2 this season
And so Marshawn Lynch is a Raider. Adrian Peterson is a Saint. And Jamaal Charles could be a Bronco.
Marshawn Lynch is a class act with a Thank You to Paul Allen &12s in big Seattle Times ad = great leader, respect + Beast Mode at its finest
The NFL is a better place with Marshawn Lynch back.
Here's how Marshawn Lynch celebrated signing with the Raiders.
Frank Clark and Michael Bennett react to Marshawn Lynch leaving - 247Sports
Greg Papa knows his stuff. He nailed the Marshawn Lynch signing, he knows Raiders are strongly looking at DB's
Cam Newton’s play, Marshawn Lynch as businessman and Chris...
Check out the biography GIVE ME MY JACKET!: Marshawn Lynch's claim to the Hall of Fame by
Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement is like the McRib coming back to McDonald's, man. Wow. He's a McRaider now. I'm lo…
I watched Running Wild with Marshawn Lynch and I swear that MF funny 😂😂
So Adrian Peterson signs with the Saints and Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders (pending physical). Charles and Blount still…
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How much less intimidating would Marshawn Lynch be if instead of Beast Mode, people called him Beastie Boy Mode?
Cam Newton's play, Marshawn Lynch as businessman and Chris Petersen's acumen
Raiders receive Marshawn Lynch and a sixth-round draft choice in 2018 in exchange for Oakland's fifth-round selection in…
Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch are off the market, but a couple of notable names still remain free agents.
Lynch set to join Raiders after trade from Seahawks - (The Sports Xchange) - Marshawn Lynch is coming out of re...
Marshawn Lynch will score more fantasy points than Adrian Peterson this year. Book it.
Marshawn Lynch will rush for more yards in 2017 than Adrian Peterson.
Marshawn Lynch is slated to return from Haiti. Expected to be today. He'll have a new contract & uniform
Marshawn Lynch will be joining the Raiders, pending physical of course. Hopefully hasn't been eating too many skittles.
RB Marshawn Lynch to join Raiders once he passes physical via
Marshawn Lynch is about to be back in the NFL like
Marshawn Lynch and Raiders have agreement in place, as Nfl Network reported. "It’s getting done,” said source with knowle…
giving Marshawn Lynch $3 million base salary in '17 and additional $2 million if he runs for 1,000 yards, per
"[Marshawn Lynch] is going to bring the spirit of Oakland…They legitimately are the team that can face up with New England.…
Stfu will smack marshawn lynch an malcom will have cooper in shackles. An crab tree lost his chain
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Marshawn Lynch scheduled to be at Raiders' bldg today to undergo physical. If he passes, Raiders and Seahawks expected to…
Can’t wait for Marshawn Lynch’s interview when he signs with the Raiders.. Gonna be like “Choices Pt. II”
From me & & reached agreement on trade for Marshawn Lynch. Contingent on physical
Raiders and Seahawks agreed to trade late-round picks in 2018 for the rights to Marshawn Lynch.
Marshawn Lynch is joining the rated offensive line in the league.
From the archives: Marshawn Lynch leaves behind a legacy like no other with Seahawks | >>…
What size would you want in the Marshawn Lynch Jersey? (men's) I might just have a bunch for sale at the 🤗
How many Raiders fans are ready to order a Marshawn Lynch jersey?
.Details on Marshawn Lynch trade: will send 5th-round pick in 2018 to for Lync…
Is Beast Mode back???Raiders and Marshawn Lynch finally agree to deal, pending physical - Yahoo Sports
Good morning. It’s finally done. Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement as and agree to trade, as ESP…
Do you think they will make a Marshawn lynch movers??? 😮😲
Beast Mode is back! The are reportedly working out a deal with the to make Marshawn Lynch a Raider! 🏈🙌💯
Marshawn Lynch with possibly the greatest quote of my generation:
Compensation for Lynch trade: Seattle gets Oakland's fifth-rounder in '18 in exchange for Seahawks' sixth-rounder https:/…
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Seahawks, Raiders to swap late-round picks next year in trade for Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch is getting a two-year deal from the Raiders, per source.
Marshawn Lynch plans to officially announce his signing to the city of Oakland at an autograph signing/block party Thur…
Me tryin not to act too excited about Marshawn Lynch coming back to the NFL Beast Mode Back.
Since they entered the league in 2007, no one has more Rush TD than Adrian Peterson (Most) and Marshawn Lynch (2nd-Most). http…
As Marshawn lynch nears a return to the NFL with the Raiders, QB Derek Carr welcomes him to the "family." .
Breaking: Seahawks trading Marshawn Lynch to Raiders pending today's physical, per
Marshawn lynch officially signed a 2 year deal with the raiders 💀💀
NFL players react to Oakland's deal for Marshawn Lynch
This is what Marshawn Lynch is going to do all season for the Oakland Raiders. 😂😂😂
Here's to hoping Marshawn Lynch upstages the NFL Draft
Breaking: Marshawn Lynch to sign a 2-year deal with the Raiders pending a physical which is expected to happen today. (vi…
AP source: Raiders agree to deal with Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson both might get new deals with new teams this week. Next up: Jim Brown.
Raiders GM issues a soft deadline for Marshawn Lynch to make a decision
Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Marshawn Lynch give back in Haiti. READ MORE:
Stephen Tulloch said he's flying to Haiti tomorrow with Cliff Avril and Marshawn Lynch to build schools.
Cliff Avril and Marshawn Lynch building schools in Haiti!
Everybody needs a friend like Marshawn Lynch..😂
Marshawn Lynch agrees to terms on a deal with the .
Marshawn Lynch: Return of the Beast - thoughts on Beast Mode's return to…
Nfl Network's Mike Silver reports that the Raiders and RB Marshawn Lynch have agreed to contract terms. Oakland wi…
Marshawn Lynch and Raiders agree to terms, Seahawks still hold rights (Nfl Network)
Marshawn Lynch has agreed to terms with the according to Nfl Network report. Trade from Seattle all that's left…
Correction: Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders have agreed to terms. Trade with Seahawks still needs to be completed.
How do you feel about the Marshawn Lynch likely un-retirement?
Great, so Marshawn Lynch started off killing a baby. Pass. 😂😂😂
My all time favorite RB is Marshawn Lynch and I'm glad he's back in the NFL
Marshawn Lynch has signed with the Raiders (ESPN)
All things are a go for Raiders acquiring Marshawn Lynch, the only thing being worked is the rework of the contract.
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Seahawks RB to retire from NFL at 29, agent says
Marshawn Lynch agrees to terms with the Oakland Raiders
Marshawn Lynch nearing agreement on a new contract with the Raiders; RB responds to reports . http…
DEVELOPING: Marshawn Lynch & the Raiders have agreed to terms. The Seahawks still hold his rights. (via &
Marshawn Lynch headed back to Oakland like
Marshawn Lynch's is def eyeing that Super Bowl ring. He's a smart guy to know the Raiders will give him that. Plus, he'…
.agrees to terms with the Raiders, next step is trade: (via + https…
Marshawn Lynch has signed with the Raiders. Terms to come.
Love Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders. Not the player he once was, but they need a little bit of championship swagger. And Skitt…
Per Marshawn Lynch and the have agreed to terms. Now the ball is in court for a trade, which…
BREAKING: Raiders release new logo after signing Marshawn Lynch. Credit -
Marshawn Lynch: Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles hit the open market, but the…
Love seeing Marshawn Lynch enjoying Cane's at the Las Vegas Bowl with Eddie Griffin and our team from
If there's a silver (& black) lining to the taking Jihad Ward over Derrick Henry, it's Marshawn Lynch comi…
Marshawn Lynch in fantasy will be a ...
Just got a text from Marshawn Lynch's agent: "There is no deal." FYI
Seahawks public enemy number one if they don't allow Marshawn Lynch to play in Oakland.
Looks like Beast Mode is coming home: Marshawn Lynch, agree to terms.
Marshawn Lynch got signed by an NFL team before Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and LeGarrette Blount did and the man was retired lmfao
Where would you place Marshawn Lynch among running backs?
Sources: The & are expected to work out a trade for Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. It’s contingent on a rework…
Marshawn Lynch is "expected' to be traded to Raiders, per
Mike Gillislee or LeGarrette Blount? Blount or Marshawn Lynch? and discuss.…
Marshawn Lynch has reportedly begun the reinstatement process to return to football.
Source: Marshawn Lynch has begun NFL reinstatement process, hoping to play for or could team with Richard Sherma…
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are the interview GOATs 🐐 😂
If the Patriot's get Marshawn Lynch and Ryan Switzerland I'm not watching football for the next five years.
Moving the to Vegas is one thing. But I swear to god, Mark Davis, if you let Marshawn Lynch play for the Pats…
marshawn lynch is said to be interested in Pats if talks with oakland fall through. How funny would it be for lynch to be in…
Former RB Marshawn Lynch is in Foxborough today visiting the per sources.
The New England Patriots are EVERYWHERE this offseason. Next up: Marshawn Lynch?.
Why do so many people not understand Seahawks still own Marshawn Lynch's rights? And he can't just go to the Patriots "becau…
Reports are Marshawn Lynch privately expressing interest in Pats if he can’t get on Raiders? Wow.
If the Pats sign Marshawn Lynch, I'm not watching football this year
Imagine getting Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman on the Pats 😭
Marshawn Lynch is reportedly interested in joining the Patriots if Raiders talks break down.
Ayyy, now we got Marshawn Lynch on board. I'll gladly take him or Peterson any day
Talked to source inside Pats org. Tells me Marshawn Lynch would have to be "much less of a pain in the *** than he was in…
Marshawn Lynch return saga taking some predictably strange turns
Field Yates on Beast Mode to the Pats: "I reached out and everything that I got is that the Patriots have not yet discussed M…
Based off deleted Instagram post, LeGarrette Blount got word of Marshawn Lynch reportedly being interested in Pats https:…
I was really hoping that if Marshawn Lynch returned to the NFL that he would go back to the Seahawks.
Marshawn Lynch is a big name that probably won’t be playing who may scare LeGarrette Blount into signing.
Howe: Marshawn Lynch to Patriots still a "long shot":
Told the Patriots haven't considered Marshawn Lynch, and more to the point, Lynch still wants Oakland, then Oakland, then O…
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Marshawn Lynch reportedly expressing private interest in Patriots
If that pats get Marshawn lynch or AP they winnin the Super Bowl as long as Brady QB
No longer retired, Marshawn Lynch reportedly has expressed interest in joining the Patriots.
Marshawn Lynch update: He has privately expressed interest in playing for Patriots if talks break off with Raiders. Keep an…
Marshawn Lynch has privately expressed interest in playing for the Patriots if talks fall through with Raiders, per
Joining on to break down all things Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Desmond Trufant and more. Watch now 🏈
Marshawn Lynch has reportedly 'expressed interest' in playing for the Patriots -
Including playoffs, Marshawn Lynch leads the league by 66 broken tackles since 2013. And he retired a year ago...
This is back from the Super Bowl but Marshawn Lynch has me in tears 😂😭😭😭
** John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch -
John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch via
Oakland wants Marshawn Lynch, a Seattle Seahawk. The Raiders need a cornerback and Richard Sherman is apparently on the market. Huh.
John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch
Career highlights of Marshawn Lynch as a Seattle Seahawk
Marshawn Lynch slid through Scotland, they need to give him his own show
On Marshawn Lynch: My understanding is that meeting with Jack Del Rio is the final hurdle. If the coach signs off, d…
Marshawn Lynch says he plans to unretire
Is there anyone more "Oakland" than Marshawn Lynch? If he can understand The Raiders decision, what does th…
The hoops Marshawn Lynch has to jump through to play for the Raiders is precisely why Tony Romo asked to be released b…
DEVELOPING: Marshawn Lynch told the he intends to un-retire. (via
Return of Beast Mode? Marshawn Lynch visiting Raiders - Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch could be lo...
How Marshawn Lynch has spent his retirement
Despite missing the entire 2016 season, Marshawn Lynch leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns (51) since 2011 (his 1st seas…
Marshawn Lynch is visiting because have granted permission, league source said.
It would be cool if Marshawn Lynch comes out of retirement and wins a Super Bowl with Oakland his hometown. Before they…
Report: Marshawn Lynch tells Raiders he’s ready to un-retire and play for them this year
Predict the Numbers. Marshawn Lynch will have. - Kyle . . . A. 500-800 yards . B. 801-1000 yards . C.
Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement in February of 2016. Since then ... he's had... by via
BREAKING: Oakland Raiders sign Marshawn Lynch to 3-year deal that includes 1.5m bags of Skittles.
The Raiders met with Marshawn Lynch today. The meeting took place at Oakland Coliseum's 1 yard line.
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Retired RB Marshawn Lynch did, in fact, tell he intends to un-retire and play again, I'm told. It's a long process,…
Marshawn Lynch is at Raiders' facility today, as reported. Source believes eventually "it will happen."
Report: Marshawn Lynch tells he plans to unretire, return to (
At this point, Marshawn Lynch is simply visiting the I’m told. Seattle would be OK with it.
Hi Coach! PLEASE give the go ahead to sign Marshawn Lynch! will help the get to the dance!
Let's all take a moment and appreciate one of the finer moments in Marshawn Lynch's career and it just so happened to be…
A transcript of Marshawn Lynch's interview with the Raiders has been leaked:
Retired player Marshawn Lynch is, in fact, in the building today… as noted. Short trip from his Oakla…
Source: Adrian Peterson's desired destination is the Raiders but they're locked in on acquiring Marshawn Lynch, right now.
Kawhi is like Scottie Pippen mixed with Marshawn Lynch and Romelu Lukaku. (Only true sports geeks will appreciate that.)
DeMarcus Cousins channels inner Marshawn Lynch, gives same response to questions about playing Kings…
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny 😂 .
Adam Caplan said Marshawn Lynch has always wanted to play for the Download podcast
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny 😂
First time I saw Marshawn Lynch play was in high school when he played for Tech going against Skyline High. I knew he would play in the NFL
Just got done helping coach but Justin Britt football camp with Marshawn Lynch and Ricardo Lockette
Report: Marshawn Lynch met w/ Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider on Thursday and asked for his release.…
Marshawn Lynch met with Seattle GM John Schneider and Pete Carroll on Thursday asking for his release, per Huffington Post.…
This is about Marshawn Lynch, who would have to be acquired in a trade. And it's accurate. An option for the Raiders
A chance to see Marshawn play in Oakland is too tantalizing to pass up.
Raiders tryn to acquire Marshawn Lynch from Seattle?? Wow i thought he was retired! Guess he'll play for the home town huh??
Marshawn Lynch had the greatest retirement announcement ever. Don't ruin that by coming back man.
Wait so the raiders tryin to get marshawn lynch😳
There are rumors national treasure Marshawn Lynch might make a comeback. Time to bring this back up.
Report: The are attempting to lure Marshawn Lynch out of retirement.
Report: exploring possibility of acquiring Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch added to the running back discussion for
Oakland's Marshawn Lynch would be one *** of parting gift to Oakland fans with team possibly entering its fin…
If the Raiders sign Marshawn Lynch out of retirement, you might see me praying today.
Also a side note: One way to keep yourselves relevant in Oakland & Bay Area after announcing a move (if they do) is to add…
"After that Super Bowl, I don't think (got that taste out of his mouth." — on a possible Marsha…
Raiders should have kept Marshawn Lynch story quiet
Marshawn Lynch is in shape. He's thought about playing. Raiders are interested. But would the actually trade him? W…
Report: Marshawn Lynch to Raiders 'could really happen'
Halftime!. - St. Patty's Day Madness! . - Opening day action from NCAA tournament. - Marshawn Lynch to Oakland?. -...
Whoa. Raiders are 'strongly considering' acquiring Marshawn Lynch from Seattle (he's technically still there) or via hi…
Report: 'Very good chance' Marshawn Lynch ends his retirement.
Marshawn Lynch ending his career in Oakland would be perfect!
I'm sipping the Marshawn Lynch Kool-Aid for now
Here is the story from and me on the consideration for acquiring retired RB Marshawn Lynch: http…
.interested in possibly bringing Marshawn Lynch back: (via
The Raiders are interested in trading for Marshawn Lynch (Still on Seahawks) if he is willing to come out of retirement.
Raiders strongly considering acquiring RB Marshawn Lynch, either through trade or by his release, sources tell
Marshawn Lynch grew up a huge fan and has told me before how much he loves the silver and black.
Yes, Carr will take less money, but not for Marshawn Lynch. It'll be for extension on Mack.
Ive been a fan of you since your first run on the team... you remind me of Marshawn Lynch with the way you run. Thanks FatRob!
lol it's well on it's way for that... Chris Givens, Miles Austin, Marshawn Lynch, S.Smith..
I'm just saying that a chat show about books with Emma Watson and Marshawn Lynch called "Beauty and the Beast Mode" is…
Marcus Allen or Marshawn Lynch 🤔Idk who to get. What's your opinion?
2016 was a year Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, & Kevin Garnett left us in the sports🌎
Marshawn Lynch on his support of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee for injustice in America. . Via
You've never really seen anyone rush the ball until you've seen Marshawn Lynch.
VIDEO: Tom Brady and Dwight Freeney play video game on 'Conan'; Marshawn Lynch steals show
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