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Marshall Plumlee

Marshall Plumlee (born July 14, 1992) is an American college basketball player who currently plays for Duke University.

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All 3 of Duke's bench guys—Marshall Plumlee, Matt Jones and Grayson Allen—were ready to check in before that timeout.
A: "Is nobody too depressing of an answer? I guess the only other answer is Grayson Allen, because it sure is heck isn't Marshall Plumlee."
This afternoon, Mike Krzyzewski won his 1,000 game as Duke defeated St. John 77-68 at Madison Square Garden. In a career that has spanned almost 40 years he has won by being flexible, but still respecting the game. Today's win was an example he put in Marshall Plumlee with his star freshman center Jahili Oakfor. He handled the win with the typical humility and grace that made him a college basketball coaching legend. [ 40 more words. ]
Congratulations Coach Mike Krzyzewski on your 1,000 career win. Coach K, who played for basketball for West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, visited Fort Bragg with members of the Duke Men's Basketball team in 2012, helping inspire player Marshall Plumlee to recently commit to joining the U.S. Army upon his graduation from Duke University.
Marshall Plumlee follows up a Rasheed Sulaimon miss with a tip slam to put Duke up 14-10.
Duke had four wings in there just now with Marshall Plumlee down low. Cook, Matt Jones, Sulaimon, Winslow. Winslow at the "four" guarding PG
The Blue team will be Quinn Cook, Rasheed Sulaimon, Grayson Allen, Semi Ojeleye, Marshall Plumlee, Nick Pagliuca and Sean Kelly
'Marshall Plumlee' appeared on Sunday 23 at the 10th place in the Top20 of Raleigh's Trends:
Marshall Plumlee is the worst basketball player I have ever witnessed
Duke really needs2get some bigs in the paint. Marshall Plumlee must step up his game. Duke needs to drive to the hoop.
Marshall Plumlee sure is making his presence felt.
is it just me or is Marshall Plumlee showing some daylight ??
If Marshall Plumlee can be effective when Duke plays a bigger team, they'll be tough to beat.
Looking past the charge call, Duke may have found their missing piece in Marshall Plumlee
BDD writer was able to correctly predict a big game from Plumlee last night!
My family taped the Duke vs Cuse game for me&I'm watching now...that dunk by Marshall Plumlee in the 1st 5 mins was disgusting!!
Casually ran into Marshall Plumlee last night
It's 10-8 at the U-16 TVTO. Marshall Plumlee leads Duke with four points. Indeed.
Marshall Plumlee had 0 points and 2 rebounds in Duke's first meeting against Syracuse. He has 4 and 5 tonight, plus two…
marshall plumlee also just stopped someone from dunking, AND tried to bang on someone himself. well all right.
Marshall Plumlee is officially my boy: he gave me a thumbs up during the game confirming it.
Lost in the fallout over last night's ending was the 1st half performance by Mr. MVP -- Marshall "Victory" Plumlee!
I'm giving everything one more week to flush out. See if a sixer is worth adding. Will marshall lose minutes? Is Plumlee done?
Ahhh Marshall Plumlee is the new B.M.O.C after the W last night!
I guess my kid set a screen yesterday, she just told me "I tried to be like Marshall Plumlee." It's all for this kid.
Marshall Plumlee is a considerably less talented Hansbrough with a greater IQ
Marshall Plumlee jams home a Duke miss against Syracuse.
I'm watching Marshall Plumlee make out with his girlfriend in a bus and Quinn Cook touched me
'Marshall Plumlee' shows up at this time as Trend in Raleigh
To clear the record, whether that was a charge, block, or no call the truth of the matter is Boheim lost his cool and cost Syracuse a CHANCE to win the game. A 1 in 18 chance, mind you, but still a chance. It's funny that no one said a thing about the obvious foul at the end of the first game against Rodney Hood. I didn't say much because you aren't going to get that call on the road at the end of the game ANYWHERE. The real difference in the game was Duke's physical play in the post a la Marshall Plumlee. The difference maker is a a 4 year player who gets little PT but plays like a "Devil" when he gets in. Interesting, huh?
I feel like Marshall Plumlee could score 20 a game if he could be controlled with an xbox controller
Photo: Screening zones generates opportunities: Marshall Plumlee sets a possible flare screen on the top of...
Duke C Marshall Plumlee channels his older brothers and slams the missed 3-pointer home against Syracuse.
Great job tonight Marshall Plumlee! You were THE MAN in the first half!
marshall plumlee should get the game ball tonight! real talk!! plumlee brothers should be real proud tonight!!! Dukenation
Coach Beheim will have to keep his cool to succeed in ACC! Nice timely 3's by Quinn Cook and JP. How about Marshall Plumlee! Wow. He showed some promise for rest of this year and 2 more to come! Wow! Huge win and way to bounce back Duke! Those 3 words! Lets Go Duke!
Marshall Plumlee's pregame meal was clearly Wheaties.
Nothing against Amile Jefferson, but I'd love to see Marshall Plumlee start with this team going forward.
I'm impressed with how much Marshall Plumlee has improved. It has shown significantly in the past two games.
The game ball should once again go to Marshall Plumlee.
Marshall Plumlee and Mike Gbinije were among the standouts for each side. 26-26 at the half. Stats:
“Trivia question: What's large and awkward and named Marshall Plumlee and annoying?”
Marshall Plumlee was cramping up in the second half which limited his availability. K said he's got to get used to playing more minutes
They say you are what you eat, so Marshall Plumlee clearly ate his two older brothers today.
Lost in the end of the game… Marshall Plumlee was fantastic today. Last two games are the best of his career by far.
S/O out to Marshall Plumlee for his contribution tonight, dude played his butt off.
Fun fact: Syracuse vs Duke in Basketball game ... Marshall Plumlee playing for Duke, and Rakeem Christmas playing for Syracuse. Marshall's brother is Miles Plumlee and Rakeem's brother is Dionte Christmas. Miles & Dionte both play for the Suns. I'm thinking the two older brothers are both watching the game, maybe even in the same room.
Marshall Plumlee would be nasty if he got more minutes. Lets go Duke!
Marshall Plumlee finally realized his genetics make him good at dunking. He also just passed Cooper Manning on the “Third Most Athletic Brother” list. Still chasing Vince DiMaggio, though.
Both teams were equally bad in the first half. Marshall Plumlee was awesome though.
ESPN said that Coach K said Thursday night might have been the best game Marshall Plumlee has had. He didn't do much Thursday night, so if that was his best game then he's not very good.
Mannn decent half but free throws and offensive rebounds are killing us! Marshall Plumlee showing glimpses of potential too
That boy Marshall plumlee is finally coming around! Let's go duke!
When we play like this im a happy camper!!! Just compete on both ends!!! BIG UPS MARSHALL PLUMLEE
Marshall Plumlee is showing me something tonight!
Marshall Plumlee is on point the rest of the team need to get on his level!!
Marshall Plumlee just makes me laugh. Goofiest player in the country hands down
Marshall Plumlee is reminding me of an aggressive Heels player named Tyler
Marshall Plumlee is playing with some serious heart and emotion!
Marshall Plumlee seriously looks like shrek. I would rather watch Sheldon Williams brick free throws
Marshall Plumlee is turnin' into a MONSTER... Blue Devil NATION...
I'm loving the play from Marshall Plumlee! But, go Orange.
Where were you Marshall Plumlee? Now you are starting to play like your brothers and a real Center. Keep it up Blue Devils!!! C'mon.let's go!
Marshall Plumlee! WHHAATT!!! Whoohoo! If you're not watching this game you should! My boys are down some, but this is a huge game :) :) Duke vs Cuse
I'm confused, I didn't know Marshall Plumlee could actually make somewhat of a difference in a game?
Marshall Plumlee finally ate his wheaties
Marshall Plumlee is trying to make a name for himself.
Marshall Plumlee bringing his game tonight love it.
FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY.his name is Marshall Plumlee, not Marshall Naismith
Marshall Plumlee is - BY FAR - Duke's best player tonight against Syracuse.
The coming out party for Marshall Plumlee
You can tell how bad Duke is based on how many references *** V makes to Marshall Plumlee being a great rebounder.
We should have been playing Marshall Plumlee
Marshall Plumlee is the most useless 7 footer.
Marshall Plumlee is playing like a beast!
is it just me or is Marshall Plumlee a poor man's Tyler Hansbrough ?
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The Blue Devils need to stop running their offense here to shoot three point shots! Syracuse is already spread out because of their fear of the three, so drive and dish is available. Attack the defense, don't settle for three point attempts, and use Marshall Plumlee as a weapon! And for all my fellow North Carolina Tar Heels forgive me, but Let's Go Duke! We can't let the newcomers come in here and win OUR conference!!!
Marshall Plumlee is better than his two older brothers. How many are there?!
Well hello Marshall Plumlee welcome to the NCAA.
Marshall Plumlee. You're getting better and better every week big boy.
Can marshall plumlee set anymore moving picks come on now
Marshall Plumlee must have had an ultimatum from his girlfriend. LOL
You people blow my mind to all u tarheel fans good game hard fought win!!" To all you dumbaas people saying syracuse is a better rivarly,yall are just being stupid ! That rivarly will never ever ever replaced! Quit being stupid!!" Derek Lucas brenda had her baby named her marshall plumlee!""!!
Finally watching this game. Marshall Plumlee aint jack lol
Even though we lost, what about Marshall Plumlee?? Looked a LOT better this game!! He wasn't awesome but made some key rebounds and made a few good plays, and even got him a little Duke in lol Go Plumlee!!!
Great win for the Tar Heel Basketball team over an excellent Duke Blue Devil Basketball team. Jabari Parker is a truly versatile player who is a really good kid. Marshall Plumlee really impressed me too for Duke. Nate Britt stepped up big for the Heels late and Leslie McDonald really did well too :) The thing that made me the happiest though, was hearing that Marcus Paige was a 2nd Team Academic All-American for North Carolina and that Andre Dawkins is in Graduate School at Duke. Hearing things like that makes me very happy :) It's nice to see that especially today :)
Rasheed Sulaimon, Amile Jefferson, tyler thorton need to give up there scholarship at Duke. That Duke game was the worst performance I have seen Duke play since coach K had back problems in 1995 Cherokee Parks could play better these wack *** Marshall Plumlee needs to go in a gym learn how play in the post Go Watch Hakeem, Patrick , or even Kevin McHale cause yall are trash yall not going make it out the 2nd round of ncaa tournament. Harrison play bettter
*** smdh.we had the game bruh. just went away from what worked for us. *** this is gonna sting until March 8th. X factor from each team are: Duke: Marshall Plumlee Unc: McDonald. Gotta love that the state of NC can produce such great games n nba talent. Hurts though. it hurts but I'm still down with Duke. Hope we don't go into Saturday's game with a hangover. Good win unc but we will meet again.
What did Marshall Plumlee do to *** off Coach K? Why bench your top rebounder for the last 10 minutes?
Marshall Plumlee tests helmets for NASCAR in the offseason.
Marshall Plumlee playing like he is makes Duke a contender.
Marshall Plumlee.where ya been all year?!? Love it.
I think *** Vitale has a man crush on Marshall Plumlee
whoa,Marshall Plumlee just took a shot. He didn't make it, but...
GD apparently Marshall Plumlee is the new Bill Russell as well.
This is the hardest I've seen Marshall plumlee play
Who's this Marshall plumlee character... I like it
Marshall Plumlee is as talented as Chuck Nevitt, but gets the calls of Lebron James
Marshall Plumlee a great athlete really?
Dang I think Marshall Plumlee is better than his two brothers. As I type this he misses a free throw..
Watch out: Marshall Plumlee sighting. wait to flop bud
Marshall Plumlee with an unbelievable rebound, he'll go to the line for two.
Marshall plumlee get big why don't ya!!!
Marshall Plumlee is playing so hard right now beast mode
Marshall Plumlee looks like Justin Bieber with gigantism
marshall plumlee leads the NCAA in hustle
Marshall Plumlee: When you make a copy of a copy and it's just not quite as sharp as the original.
Marshall Plumlee.the Cooper Manning of the Plumlee brothers
Attention Duke fans please help Marshall Plumlee see this video.
I would let Marshall Plumlee hold the rope.
Marshall Plumlee enjoys a hilarious visit to the tallest tent in Krzyzewskiville history
MUST-SEE VIDEO. A hilarious visit to THE TENTAGON by Marshall Plumlee. Smiles guaranteed.
Marshall Plumlee draws the 3rd on Devin Thomas and Len Elmore wonders how such a thing is conceivable.
Trevor Cooney and Marshall Plumlee were the real winners out there, only white dudes doin it.
Marshall Plumlee nets a huge block on Talib Zanna. Pitt recovers and gets a couple cracks at the basket but can't convert.
a lineup with Marshall plumlee will work. No other lineup he makes will work because they will be lacking size
If I was Marshall Plumlee I would transfer. If he doesn't play any this year he won't even dress next year with Okafor.
If coach k would put Marshall plumlee in I think that would solve some of our probs within our intearer defense.
Don't matter how sorry Marshall Plumlee is, he needs to play. 7 feet on the bench for nothing. 😓
After the Brian Zoubek debacle, you have to wonder why any 7-footer with pro dreams would go to Duke. Marshall Plumlee might be next mess.
If Marshall Plumlee can play even a tiny bit, Duke needs to find out now, before this season goes off the rails. NO inside game at all.
I would much rather have Marshall Plumlee in over Josh Hariston.
Coach K should start Marshall Plumlee at least when he plays he GIVES ENERGY AND EFFORT
I cannot for the life of me imagine why Marshall Plumlee doesn't get more time.
What do you think about Marshall Plumlee? Too soon to play him?
there are holes in the defense mike get your team going get Marshall plumlee going get him established as a post prescene
No way Marshall Plumlee that bad that he can't get on the floor when he would seemingly fill our biggest weakness
Man this year's Duke team is PISSING me off!! Man I'm writing a letter to Coach K to revoke Marshall Plumlee scholarship brah is a WASTE
Duke won't be successful until Marshall Plumlee gets significant playing time
Coach K, i love ya to death but put Marshall Plumlee in!!! we obviously need more rebounding and more inside presence and he's our answer!
Marshall Plumlee is not playing because? K is too stubborn
please play Marshall plumlee more. Thanks.
I realize Marshall Plumlee is probably nothing special but Hairston gets all of his minutes. Doesn't really even give Plumlee a chance
This is why having Marshall Plumlee being underdeveloped is a problem for Duke
Did Marshall Plumlee sit in super glue?
I just don't understand why Marshall plumlee doesn't receive more pt .
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It'd be nice to see Marshall Plumlee in the game and really develop
Marshall Plumlee should announce he's transferring right now by giving K the double bird and walking off the court.
Soo is Marshall Plumlee not even an option? He seriously can't make this worse
man..we HAVE TO play Marshall Plumlee for size..the dude is 7'0, Coach K gon regret not playin him
I really wish Marshall Plumlee didn't suck.
I get he looks lost sometimes, but Marshall Plumlee can at least rebound better than they are right now. Put him in!
I guess this whole Marshall Plumlee boat has sailed for this season and getting out rebounded is cool
Worst free throw shooter in college basketball: Marshall Plumlee, He's 0/15 in 2 seasons at Duke. And I thought his brothers couldn't shoot.
If Marshall Plumlee could contribute even half of what his brothers did Duke would be a complete team
Rip up Marshall Plumlee's scholarship in front of his family *In my voice*
The guy *** . 7 foot bust as a player. Did Duke make a deal to offer him if the other two Plumlees went to Duke?
“Roy recruit some goofy looking white guys.. They usually can hit 3's and FTs... you can have Marshall Plumlee
Miles, Mason, Marshall.The Plumlee trio is hard to keep in order lol
Commenters arguing over Marshall Plumlee or Josh Hairston being more deserving of playing time. This occasion calls for Junior Mints!
Got a pic of my man Marshall Plumlee 😍
A few years ago Dukes PG was Greg PAULUS. Recently brothers MASON, MILES, and MARSHALL Plumlee have played in Dukes front court.
Marshall Plumlee needs to get as far away from Duke University as possible, he's so under-used
What do Georgia tech and marshall Plumlee have in common? (They can't hit free throws)
Everytime Coach K puts Marshall plumlee on the floor the whole team and atmosphere changes! He needs to get more minutes hes a great post!
I've said since the first time I watched Duke that I don't think they will be very good this year. Marshall Plumlee needs to be a factor.
I'd really like to see Marshall Plumlee get more minutes. Hairston should not be playing much. MP3 is a 7 footer. Use him!
Put me on board with the Marshall Plumlee needs to play more argument
I wanna see the lineup with Matt Jones and Marshall Plumlee again! Looked effective.
I want Marshall Plumlee to start playing like his brothers
“Marshall Plumlee working on his post moves lord knows he needs to.
stop calling Marshall Plumlee MP3. It's an embarrassment to CP3
Why do people say Marshall Plumlee is *** He never gets to play? Y'all need to chill. He's better than josh and josh been there 4 years!?
Marshall Plumlee should get more playing time
Marshall Plumlee reminds me so much of the
start playing Marshall Plumlee Bc no one can get a rebound and he protects the rim
Who does Marshall Plumlee think he is, showing up to play and whatnot. it's about time he made something happen.
I really wish Marshall plumlee was good. That would help so much
Marshall Plumlee with the monster block!!
Marshall Plumlee reminds me so much of
Duke needs to play Marshall Plumlee more. Need a legitimate big man on the court.
Great play by Marshall Plumlee. He'll probably get benched on the next dead ball.
Why does Marshall Plumlee always look like he's about to cry?
Marshall Plumlee block may have brought the loudest cheer yet from crowd.
Matt Jones & Marshall Plumlee check in for the Blue Devils. 2-point lead for Duke with 8:51 left in the half.
Marshall Plumlee off the bench with Matt Jones, Rasheed Sulaimon, Rodney Hood and Jabari Parker on the floor.
Marshall Plumlee needs to step up and be serviceable.
Alright Duke put Marshall Plumlee in for that interior D. Can't keep getting abused like last game.
No questions just put Marshall Plumlee in the game. His presence is needed.
“Marshall Plumlee working on his post moves
Marshall Plumlee working on his post moves
Well Carolina drops the first one to Wake since 2010 and Duke loses to Notre Dame. Sad for the Heels and I always haven't been the biggest Duke Basketball fan, but the silver lining in all of it is that at least all the schools at least have SOME guys on their teams that ARE playing basketball and ARE also STUDENT-ATHLETES. Unlike teams like Kentucky who only recruit one and dones. Yeah people can criticize McAdoo for not living up to the talent that people say he's supposed to have according to prep scouts ( yes he should work on your free throws until you drop and every aspect of your game) but I give him credit for sticking around when he could have left for the money and been a lottery pick after his freshman year. Also Duke fans should lay off Marshall Plumlee. I'm no Duke Basketball fan, but the guy is working hard and from what I hear he is a good guy and for me that counts for a lot. So if any of you Carolina Basketball fans OR Duke Basketball fans want to continue to have absolutely NO gratitude ...
This Duke basketball team has two ways of making the final four: get Marshall Plumlee to do his Zoubek impression or expect Jabari Parker to be amazing every game. P.S. Rodney Hood is not as good as people thought.
Duke will not go far in the tournament this year unless Marshall Plumlee or someone else steps up in the paint. They cannot defend in the post.
In two minutes of game action, Nick Pagliuca has made more career free throws than Marshall Plumlee. Plumlee Power!
The world may end when Marshall Plumlee finally makes a free throw. He is now 0-15 for his career.
Does anyone else see a lot of young Zoubek in Marshall Plumlee? Marshall seems uncoordinated and unsure of himself out there. I've seen him shy away from contact and make weak plays that have led to bad turnovers. Hopefully he blossoms as much as Zoubs did for us also!
Marshall Plumlee is 0-12 lifetime from the free throw line. That's hard to do.
Marshall Plumlee was suppose to be the best of the 3 brothers but he sits on the bench , guess that was a waist
Marshall Plumlee's block and then goofy layup is like a bizarro Willie Cauley-Stein sequence.
I was hoping he could get a few rebounds for Duke a few blocks and 5 fouls per game. Now I just have to think that is hurt or is so bad that coach K will not let him play becasue they are worse with him on the floor. That is sad when your tallest player is 6'8.
Sensing Marshall Plumlee will play more tomorrow night. They'll need his size versus McGary of Michigan.
yea usually its a plumlee brother but Marshall is nothing like Miles and Mason
Andre Dawkins & Marshall Plumlee need to play more if duke wants to start having some success. & find a true leader.
Duke going to have to keep learning dat dey have to start Marshall Plumlee
After sitting on the toilet for multiple hours, I think that may have to use Marshall Plumlee more.
I wish I could have a conversation with Coach K, because sometimes he puzzles me with his decisions. Your starting lineup *** What does Tyler Thorton do? He scores 1 point a game and he fouls out of every game. Meanwhile Andre Dawkins can shoot 10x better than him, he is taller and he can drive and finish. Next, why is Amile Jefferson even on the roster much less starting? You have a 7ft guy on your team that has played like 5 minutes all season. You can't tell me that a string bean like Jefferson can play defense better than Marshall Plumlee! Hello you are getting thrashed on the inside! You gave up 51 points in the paint against Vermont! You know why Plumlee is playing confused when he gets in the game? Because he never plays in games! He is a sophomore and I bet I have seen coach K court more than him. I always hear how coach K gets the most out of his talent, well these past few years I question that. Amile Jefferson was like the power forward in high school󾰕 that dude has zero skills in my book .. ...
Coach K said "we don't have a center." Umm yes you do. his name is Marshall Plumlee. You played him for 1 minute.
In specific, I'm curious as to why Plumlee and Dawkins didn't see more time..could've really used Marshall's size and Andre's scoring
Marshall Plumlee has to step up if Duke is going to be any good this season
Feel bad for Alex Murphy and Marshall Plumlee. Wished they transferred prior to the season...they should get a shot at some PT
Coach K has to start working Marshall Plumlee into the rotation
Has to hurt Marshall Plumlee hearing this. RT“Coach K: "We talked about we don't have a center and we have good players."”
"Jefferson isn't a Center." they could have played marshall plumlee
I need Marshall Plumlee to get his big behind together there is no reason you should be 7 foot and on thedang bench...
It absolutely blows my mind that Marshall Plumlee, Josh Hairston and Amile Jefferson are the best big men Duke can get. SOFT!
How is marshall Plumlee go from a McDonald's all american to not being able to get on the floor 3 years later? Simply amazing.
they should revoke Marshall Plumlee's scholarship after exams end. He is a joke. If he wants to stay, let Mason pay his tuition
on all 3! Don't get me started on Marshall not so Plumlee who has found a way to be worse than Miles
Marshall Plumlee needs to play more
I find it hilarious that Duke fans had all this god awful faith in Marshall Plumlee.
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Someone needs to ask the McDonalds committee how Marshall Plumlee was a McD AA
If Duke had an a 7 footer in the middle. They would be tough to handle. We'll see if they find someone to fill the spot (Mars…
Oh wouldn't it be a blessing if Mason Plumlee had face surgery and dyed his hair so he looked like Marshall but played like himself last yr
Josh Hairston and Marshall Plumlee are both weak. Idc what anyone says.
Coach K still hasn't learned the Brian Zoubek lesson, or in other words, the value of rebounding. Marshall Plumlee has to play more.
man he had like 8 and 6.he killed them at the end bro, trash ...Idc Marshall Plumlee is 7'0 he need to play more
Something must not be right with Marshall Plumlee. Coach K wouldn't even put him in to go up against a sub par 7-footer.
Duke's issues: perimeter defense & lack of interior presence. Still waiting for Marshall Plumlee to play. Arizona is a…
In order for Duke to win a national championship, Marshall Plumlee needs to be a factor due to his ability to protect …
More importantly, u think Okafor can beat out Marshall Plumlee for the starting center spot???
Yeah boi just met Marshall Plumlee and QC.
After further consideration I will call Marshall Plumlee Plumdog Millionaire after all.
those 4 dudes with Marshall plumlee would put a beating on 25% of NBA teams
Can't wait too see my *** mcadoo bang on Marshall plumlee this season
The ultimate goal is Marshall Plumlee and I will not settle.
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Duke coming to chicago this season.. I know what i want for christmas. A pair of tickets and mr marshall plumlee.
I agree. Hopefully Marshall Plumlee beefed up a bit n can stay healthy this year. He was projected to be the best of the 3.
they are absolutely loaded 1-4, but Marshall Plumlee might be their downfall
Preseason prediction, Duke to the elite 8 this year and ill be happy. Jabari Parker and Marshall Plumlee leading the way
Now my Dad is in chapel with Marshall Plumlee...what is life.
Quinn Cook, Rasheed Sulaimon, Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, and Marshall Plumlee. Duke is about to kill it this year!
you like a mature Marshall plumlee bro I feel you joe but daniel franz Logan, more like 855 or 9
Marshall Plumlee gotta step up this year
Duke brings in their 11th player of the game as Marshall Plumlee makes his first appearance
Marshall Plumlee steps onto the court for the first time today. Lineup is Plumlee, Hood, Jones, Ojeleye & Thornton.
We're tied at 27 as Duke takes its first TO with 4:26 left in the 1st half. Marshall Plumlee is checking in.
With Marshall Plumlee's entrance at the 4:26 mark, every scholarship player except Rasheed Sulaimon has played
And now Marshall Plumlee checking in along with Ojeleye. Sulaimon not
Duke's frontcourt will struggle this season. Not much depth and Marshall Plumlee will actually have to play significant minutes.
Can't believe I'm watching Miles Plumlee play in the NBA for the same team that trade/released Kendall Marshall. Crazy
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unfortunately there is another plumlee at Duke Marshall
there is still another plumlee at Duke! Youngest bro Marshall is a sophomore
Marshall Plumlee is a current Duke player
there IS a Plumlee still at Duke, the youngest one Marshall
Marshall plumlee should be feared at duke!
there is still a plumlee! youngest brother Marshall is a soph at Duke now
Marshall Plumlee sighting at the concert tonight
I know right it's like two white guys on the active roster I think. Alex Murphy and Marshall plumlee lol
Low ranked kids who go to Duke/UNC always seem to get on McD's team like Marshall Plumlee or JP Tokoto who weren't even top 75
The last Plumlee standing, Marshall dances his way on the court to Ain't Too Proud To Beg
So Miles Plumlee has double-double in NBA game and C.J. Leslie, Lorenzo Brown and Kendall Marshall are all looking for work.
Proof that sometimes b-ball doesn't make sense: last night Miles Plumlee scored 18 pts. Meanwhile Kendall Marshall is an unwanted free agent
I'd like to put money on Marshall Plumlee getting hurt this season, happens every freaking year
Marshall Plumlee has the hard hat on, doing work. Two powerful rejections. 5 quick points. 90-57.
Marshall Plumlee interviews brother Mason at Brooklyn Nets training camp at Duke. Marshall and Mason were Blue Devil teammates for two seasons in Durham. Mas...
THIS IS YOUR 15 DAY'S AWAY WARNING!..Coach K has officially announced his high octane take no prisners starting 5,..or at least his first starting 5 on this stacked an loaded Duke Squad..Check It,..Rasheed Suliamon,Jabari Parker,Rodney Hood,Amile Jefferson & Quinn Cook...yeah haters i know you thinking WHAT! THAT DON'T SOUND just think,Coach K still has in his arsonal at his disposal Tyler Thorton,Andre Dawkins,Matt Jones,Semi Ojeleye,Alex Murphy,Marshall Plumlee & Josh Hairston...Wowww yeah i know,.scary thought aint it...very scary thought.IT IS WHAT IT IS THOUGH :)
Also, C Marshall Plumlee to begin full-court work Monday
Saw Coach Wojo at airport tonight and Marshall Plumlee this past weekend. What is going on?
Kenny Smith, Kyrie irving, Rasheed sulimon, Quinn Cook, Nolan smith, and Marshall plumlee all in the same day
Lack of size but Marshall Plumlee is 7'0" and has put on 25lbs of muscle this summer. Amile Jefferson has put on 20lbs.
Duke starting five. 1. Quinn Cook. 2. Andre Dawkins. 3. Jabari Parker. 4. couple good contenders. 5. Marshall Plumlee. Best team in the country!
got a picture with Marshall Plumlee
Marshall Plumlee ladies and gentleman. He is a bit tall @ Maggiano's Little Italy
Marshall Plumlee is 260 pounds now, can he just be a defensive anchor, rebounder, and space eater?
Duke basketball reports Marshall Plumlee has put on 25 lbs of since end of season he is gonna be a
did you see Marshall Plumlee is up 25 pounds from last year? And Amile is +15! We're going to be so tough.
S/O to Marshall Plumlee putting on 25lbs in one year! That's tough!!!
Pretty sure Marshall Plumlee is at SVC right now, except he hasn't bought anything. As a good Tar Heel, it's my duty to kick him out, right?
You can throw Semi in the mix with Jabari Parker,Rodney Hood an Matt Jones..this dude Semi has got crazy mad just think,these guys are joining forces with returning experienced an talent loaded Quinn Cook,Rasheed Suliamon,Amile Jefferson,Tyler Thorton,Alex Murhy,Marshall Plumlee an Andre Dawkins...just the thought of this team is epically scary,i'm excited every year for Duke Basketball but honestly in all my entire life as a Blue Devil fan i have never been as excited an more anxious to see one of our Duke Squads as much i am to see this mind blowing highlight reel stacked 2013-2014 season squad,.WOHH! GO DUKE Blue Devils!!
Marshall Plumlee gained an inch and put on 25 pounds since last year's roster. 7'0" and 260 pounds... via
Ty Thornton too! 🙏 Hopefully Marshall Plumlee, Alex Murphy, Josh Hariston & Amille Jefferson step up this year!
praying that Marshall Plumlee doesn't completely suck
My momz bf met Marshall Plumlee today im so jealous !
we have Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, Quin Cook, Marshall Plumlee, Rasheed Sulaimon ,Tyler Thorton Duke got a squad
Zack and Tim are at Duke Basketball Camp. Here are a few photos they took with some Duke players, Marshall Plumlee (younger brother of Mason and Miles) and transfer Rodney Hood
Duke forward Marshall Plumlee out 3-4 months after foot surgery
Duke rising sophomore Marshall Plumlee out 3-4 months after left foot surgery, university release says. Same foot he injured in preseason.
Report: Marshall Plumlee undergoes surgery on injured left foot. No official release yet by the university
true, but duke does have Marshall Plumlee and Rodney Hood, who are young developing players like Cook was, along with Jabari.
if Marshall mathers plays like a plumlee well be looking good!
Andre Dawkins coming back to duke next year, they could be really good if Marshall Plumlee can produce in the paint
and Jabari along with Marshall Plumlee should help do that. I want a team not so dependent on the 3
- I guess Marshall Plumlee's inability to even graze the rim on layups has people concerned.
Marshall Plumlee's ceiling closer to Miles or Mason?
Feature flashback: Marshall Plumlee is Duke basketball's funny man: Whether or not goofy is the right word, Ma...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
yeah all we need is Marshall plumlee and Hairston to step up big time an we will be straight
Feature flashback: Marshall Plumlee is the funny man of Duke basketball
good write up on ACC next bball season. You think Marshall Plumlee will finally emerge at Duke? He is better than his bros?
Duke will have a frontline next yr that features Marshall Plumlee, Josh Hairstom, Amile Jefferson. Not very formidable
. would you rather fight one Marshall Plumlee-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Marshall Plumlees?
Michigan had one big, I mean Marshall Plumlee can be serviceable.
squad is looking tough…we just need a 5. I'm not a Marshall Plumlee believer right now lol
“Pretty sure Duke will have me in the building in Dallas next year.” LOLz Marshall Plumlee shall set them free
they have 2 top 20 recruits and 3 top 50 next year with Marshall plumlee , Thornton , suliamon , and cook
- Hold off on that for now. Marshall Plumlee needs another offseason.
Yeah. Really hope that Marshall Plumlee can step up and man the 5 spot…otherwise it will be a committee of 6’8-6’9 guys.
Every time I see I think "all you guys have is Marshall Plumlee" and I laugh..oh I cannot wait until this kid plays on the Hill!
Just saw Marshall Plumlee I'm person and he's hella tall!
Marshall Plumlee was on Duke this year as a redshirt freshman. Next year he will start.
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