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Mars Express

Mars Express is a space exploration mission being conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA).

European Space Agency Red Planet Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mars Odyssey Olympus Mons Jet Propulsion Laboratory Siding Spring Deep Space Network

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Mars Express science operations centre is celebrating today. Mars Express has operated for 5000 days, more than 173…
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How our immune systems could stop people from reaching Mars
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Thank you, Mars Express, for hiring veterans! . Alex Choe (left) received the decal for Mars Express, a...
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Have you seen there is a Mars Webcam?! Is a repurposed camera on Mars Express
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Article misrepresents scientific conclusions. There is NO conclusion that life does, or ever has, existed on Mars.
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Montmessin, F.-SPICAM on Mars Express: A 10 year in-depth survey of the Martian atmosphere
Dried out river valley & tributaries snake around mountains on New views captured Feb ’17 by Mars Express:
Just downloaded a bunch of Mars Express data. Might have to make additions to my PDS processing software...
More goodies from Mars Express: clouds over the Kasei Valles area. Maybe even a touch of fog in the valley bottoms!
Nobel-prize winner says there is NO evidence Brexit has damaged science sector
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Image of the week: Express spies nameless and ancient impact crater in Noachis Terra
Fantastic image of Phobos above Mars by the ESA Mars Express
Mars Express spies an ancient impact crater | via
Badboiz Mars/SaturnPluto in parallel: Vesta's shining love stands alone against them: dare to express love & beauty!
Germany 'urgently needs tighter gun control laws in wake of Munich mass shooting'
Mars Express spies an ancient impact crater -
Mars Express spies an ancient impact crater: This striking perspective view from ESA’s Mars Express shows an ...
Mars Express spies an ancient impact crater
Reading from Breedlove, the NATO armchair general . (from Mars Attacks?, We have to strike now, sir! Annihilate!
With friends like Brussels, who needs enemies? EU to fine Greece for saving ship builders
The face of fear!. in 2008, Mars Express captured this view of Via
'Absolute proof of Life on Mars' - shock claim after 'alien found' in NASA image
in 2008, Mars Express captured this view of from 93km of distance
Jojutla Crater in the Olympia Undae region of Mars' north polar plains, as seen by Mars Express
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First it was aliens: Now 'UFOs' found flying above the surface of Mars in NASA photos:
The "Zemeckis CGI", it was meant to be shot similarly to Polar Express and Mars needs Moms.
Next time on Beyond The BS! :All shook up? UFO hunter 'finds' ELVIS on Mars..but doesn't even realise...
Chelsea given Griezmann boost: The Express understands that Chelsea have been given a boost in their hopes of ...
Alien and UFO found carved into rock on Red Planet:
Cinematic 🔴 Mars 🎥 [images from Mars Express the first planetary mission of the European Space Agency 🇪🇺 ESA]
MONSTER MAMMAL on MARS: Shock as UFO hunters find “Huge Alien Mouse on Red Planet
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Umm 'Martian archaeologist' finds 'face carved into pyramid' on Mars'
Final proof of life on Mars? 'Alien and UFO found carved into rock' on Red Planet -
ESA's Express uncovers evidence of massive water flows and even landslides
My and stories from yesterday picked up all over:.
Aurorae Chaos: witness to floods that washed through early New from Mars Express
On the agenda, the Moon Highway and the Mars Express
Several guessed Mars Express. They can get pics at that phase, but not at that resolution. https:/…
Ceraunius Tholus & Uranius Tholus, as seen by Mars Express -
UK Built Satellites. Dr Michele Coletti of Mars Space with a propulsion unit at
Civic polls in Bengal: Violence mars civic polls that see turnout over 70% - The Indian Express: The Indian Ex...
There WAS life on Mars but 'catastrophic' event wiped it out, scientist says
I thought you might enjoy hearing this piece of music inspired by Mars Express
Japan steps up bid to land man on Moon and Mars as it prepares to launch unmanned probe
Wow. NASA says it has FOUND something on Mars and calls urgent 'MAJOR' press conference:
I was the artist for the US Mars Express project at JPL. It's actually a European Space Agency aka ESA mission.
I just bought 81st foreign postage stamp with my Mars mission art on it. It's in upper right. My first w/Mars Express
Water ice in crater at Martian north pole by Mars Express
Rocket Lab is pleased to welcome to our launch manifest.
It is a lemming, and the photo is from Devon Island in Canada which is where the Mars curiosity rover currently...
"Getting to the moon is really hard" – In 2017, the First Private Company Will Try To Land on the Moon via
There are no Mars rovers on mars they are all on Devon Island and we never went to the moon. We cannot get past...
Would you face weeks of dust storms and -150C temperatures for holiday of lifetime on
Holidays on Mars: But with weeks of global dust storms and -153C drops who would go?
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Beautiful video of Mars from orbit. Taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express.
Mars Express gives us a full orbit view of the Red Planet
On Mars I came here by the 607 express spaceship
Photo: sixpenceee: The Mars Express orbiter captured this stunning view of the north polar region of Mars...
India sends a spaceship to Mars after UK gives £280million in aid
ESA does that all the time. Mars Express VMC was designed strictly to watch Beagle 2 fall to its doom.
Written all over your face: Humans express four basic emotions rather than six.
Where will the Torch be on Friday?? ~ (So glad you asked :) ) Route 517 at Mars Chocolate North America, then...
Glass found on Mars provides a doorway to the past encapsulating the history of the Red Planet.
Mars Express picture shows 'pools' on surface of Mars
ESA's will begin rotating to point its antenna at at 15:29CET
Life on Mars? Spacecraft finds glass which 'helps preserve biosignatures' on Red Planet
NEW PICTURES & VIDEO: Watch NASA test launch the "UFO" it plans to send ... -
Have we found life on Mars through glass? via
Wilson showing pictures of Mars and Venus Express: "You can see Mars Express has a black habit, while Venus Express had more …
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Watch NASA hoist UFO into sky with a huge hot air balloon:.
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Incredible photos of Mars taken by ESA’s Mars Express
NASA 'men to mars UFO' test was "partial" success after parachute failed to ... -
.This video has a lens flare with pretty much identical structure.
Glass detected on Mars may provide clues about past life on planet - Financial Express: NDTVGlass detected on ...
Curiosity, Opportunity, nor MAVEN, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, will not phone home...
The European Space Agency's Mars Express probe launches from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan.
2003 – The European Space Agency’s Mars Express probe launched from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan.
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ESA's Mars Express (Dec 2003) is 2nd of 5 active orbiters currently orbiting the planet
One of my favorite photos from planetary exploration. Phobos in front of the limb of from Mars Express in 2010.
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Mars is getting crowded with joining MAVEN, Curiosity, Mars Express, Odyssey, Opportunity and Mars Recon Orbiter
Long lost spacecraft found on Mars - A British-built space probe which vanished 11 years ago has been found on the surface of Mars, making it the first European spacecraft to land successfully on the Red Planet. Beagle 2, part of a European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission searching for extraterrestrial life, had been due to land on Mars on December 25, 2003, but disappeared on December 19. Space experts at London’s Royal Society Scientific Institution said on Friday...
Beagle 2 has been found! The UK-built lander had been lost after being deployed from Mars Express mission in 2003.
This is so cool. As of yesterday, is releasing its Mars Express photos and video under CC.
Our coverage from the Mars Express control room. Now live in a Google hangout:
Tune in for live coverage from Mars Express control room - NOW in Google hangout
Mars got TWO new Spacecraft from Earth this week! Mangalyaan and MAVEN join 2001 Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
fun fact no. 5: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey and Mars Express already orbit Mars. will be 4th
This image, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA's Mars Express spacecraft, shows the eastern scarp of the Olympus Mons volcano on ...
This animation shows how NASA's Curiosity rover communicates with Earth via two of NASA's Mars orbiters, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and Odyssey, and the European Space Agency's Mars Express. The rover sends the signals to the orbiters, which then passes them on to Earth. This allows for more data to be transmitted at a faster rate. The paths of the orbiters around Mars are shown, in addition to the location of Curiosity within Gale Crater. The movie then switches to the perspective of the rover, showing the route of MRO overhead. Back on Earth, the signals are picked up by large antenna dishes at NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN), which has three complexes in Goldstone, Calif., Madrid, Spain and Canberra, Australia. The DSN sends the information to Curiosity's mission control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calif. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Ten years ago, on 14 January 2004, Mars Express took its very first images of Mars in colour and in 3D. To mark the occasion, the Mars Express team produced a fly-through movie of the ancient flood plain Kasei Valles. The movie is based on the 67-image mosaic released as part of the ten-years-since-launch celebrations in June 2013. The scene spans 987 km in the north–south direction, 19–36°N, and 1550 km in the east–west direction (280–310°E). It covers 1.55 million square kilometres, an area equivalent to the size of Mongolia. Kasei Valles is one of the largest outflow channel systems on Mars, created during dramatic flood events. From source to sink, it extends some 3000 km and descends 3 km. Kasei Valles splits into two main branches that hug a broad island of fractured terrain – Sacra Mensa – rising 2 km above the channels that swerve around it. While weaker materials succumbed to the erosive power of the fast-flowing water, this hardier outcrop has stood the test of time. Slightly furth ...
In 2003 Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars. The European Space Agency's Mars Express
Mars Express Full Orbit Video 2.0:: In celebration of the 10th anniversary of MEX, we have a new and enhanced Full Orbit Video generated from multiple images acquired by the VMC camera - the Mars Webcam - on board ESA's Mars Express. We'll post a somewhat extended version late next week, to coincide with the next expected VMC image set arriving from Mars (for news, follow the VMC blog Thanks to the Mars Express Science & Operations teams for a fabulous, unique-in-our-Solar-System view of the Red Planet. And happy Birthday, Mars Express!
Opportunity is here, too. Odyssey, MRO & Mars Express orbit above & I talk to the Deep Space Network all the time
Impact and flood on Mars. Large and small, hundreds of thousands of craters scar the surface of Mars, hollowed out by a multitude of asteroids and comets that impacted the Red Planet throughout its history. This image shows a region of the planet’s northern hemisphere known as Hephaestus Fossae – after the Greek god of fire – that was imaged by the high-resolution stereo camera on ESA’s Mars Express orbiter on 28 December 2007. The image has been coloured to indicate the elevation of the terrain: green and yellow shades represent shallow ground, while blue and purple stand for deep depressions, down to about 4 km. Scattered across the scene are a few dozen impact craters that cover a wide range of sizes, with the largest boasting a diameter of around 20 km. The long and intricate canyon-like features that resemble riverbeds are the phenomenal aftermath of the same fierce impacts that created the largest craters. When a small body such as a comet or an asteroid crashes at high speed into another ob ...
The flyby will be so close and fast that Mars Express will not be able to take any images, but instead it will yield the most accurate details yet of Phobos’ gravitational field.
Found out that Mars Express' Phobos flyby was a success: - possibly the most subdued space event of…
Mars Express heading towards daring flyby of Phobos via
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If you were standing on now and looked up, this is what you'd see: ESA's Mars Express moving across the sky! htt…
Just a rock! A large beautiful Mars orbiting 1. & when scanned it..
Mars Express heading towards daring flyby of Phobos
ESA's Mars Express will Today Pass Largest Moon of Red Planet, just 25 Miles from its Surface
It has been reported that the European Space probe, Mars Express, will today cross the largest moon of the Red Planet, Phobos. This space probe is said to pass just 25 miles above the surface of the moon, which was at about 45 Km above its surface on 29 December.
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Phobos as seen by Mars Express: via
Video: Mars Express flyby viewed from Phobos (Animation) via
flyby now: Mars Express is skimming past the Mars moon at just 45km, thanks to excellent ESA/NASA teamwork http:…
Before celebrating the New Year, listen to the sound of skimming Thx Bertrand Pinel
This sound file is a transposed version of the Doppler signal transmitted at radio frequencies by Mars Express on 29 December as it sped past Phobos. Its orbit was altered a tiny amount due to Phobos' (tiny) gravity, and this was reflected in the Doppler shift, which you can hear.
The Mars Express spacecraft is planned to make a "daredevil flyby" of Phobos to measure its mass.
Mars Express' flyby of will provide new details of moon's gravitational field and internal structure:
Mars Express Orbiter completes a daring Phobos Flyby at arm's reach of the mysterious moon of Mars. Completing its ten-year old mission on Dec. 29 2013, the ESA had extra celebrating to do on New Y...
Update on Phobos flyby from Mars Express engineer James Godfrey at the end of Sunday evening. Erhard Rabenau and I have come tonight in f
As you read this, at 08:09 CET, Mars Express will be making its closest-ever flyby of Phobos! [caption id=
On 2 June 2003 ESA will launch Mars Express. The spacecraft will blast off from the Baikonur cosomodrome in Kazakhstan on a Russian Soyuz launcher.
NASA DSN have reported that they collected good data at their Madrid 70m station during the flyby and saw "a slight effect in the Doppler residuals, as expected." This slight effect is caused by the gravitational field of Phobos accelerating the Mars Express spacecraft as it flies past the moon and ...
THE European space probe Mars Express will hurtle past the Red Planet’s largest moon today, passing just 25 miles above its surface.
Ten years ago this Christmas — Dec. 25, 2003 — the European Space Agency probe Mars Express took up orbit around the Red Planet. For the past decade it’s been sending back scads of information about Mars and its moons. I’ve written about it many times (see Related Posts below), and...
In a few days, the ESA spacecraft dubbed Mars Express will streak past the largest moon of Mars, Phobos. The spacecraft will make the closest approach to Phobos ever made at only 28 miles above...
The European Mars Express satellite is preparing to buzz past the largest moon of Mars, Phobos, some time tomorrow. The orbiter will come within 45 km of its surface - so close that any attempt at photography would look like a blurred mess, but it's the perfect opportunity to accurately measure Phobos’ gravitational field.
Initial tracking will be provided by DSA 1, ESA's 35m deep-space ground station at New Norcia, Australia. Then NASA will provide support with two of their 70m stations, DSS-63 near Madrid, Spain, and then DSS-14 in Goldstone, California. Finally, Mars Express will be tracked again by New Norcia.
In order to better visualize the Martian moon Phobos, images from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter have been combined to create a...
MARS FLYOVER The flyover comes courtesy of Mars Express which was launched by the European Space Agency on 2 Ju...
Mars 360: The North Pole | European Space Agency Enjoy views of the Martian north pole from all angles in this new animation from ESA’s Mars Express. The ice cap has a diameter of about 1000 km and consists of many thin layers of ice mixed with dust that extend to a depth of around 2 km below the cap. The prominent gap in the ice cap is a 318 km-long, 2 km-deep chasm called Chasma Boreale. The layers result from variations in the orbit and rotation of Mars that affect the amount of sunlight received at the poles, and thus the amount of melting and deposition of materials over time. Meanwhile, strong prevailing winds are thought to be responsible for shaping the spiral troughs. The polar ice cap in this video was constructed using data provided by the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding instrument, MARSIS. Low-frequency radio waves beamed towards the surface are reflected back to Mars Express from the planet’s surface and from interfaces between layers of different materials und ...
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450 Crores on the Mars mission is peanuts when you realize India paid 225 Crores to watch Chennai Express.
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My column on giving aid to a country with its own aid budget:
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Why give aid to a country sending rockets to Mars?
Ra.One 114cr. Dabangg 141cr. Dabangg 2 178cr. Chennai Express 208cr. Krrish 3 153cr. Still want to crib about the 450cr Mars Mission?
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GREAT...India Adopting Technology at a very fast pace. Will India region be the first region to adopt technology...
Indian Express - India - Mars Mission on 'right track' ready for orbit raising on Thursday -
European Space Agency releases video showing a spectacular flyover of Mars using data from Mars Express
10 years of stunning images from the European Space Agency's Mars Express
- Images from a stereographic camera show the landscape of Mars in 3D effect. The pictures, taken using nine image sensors on board the European Space Agency's Mars Express probe, show craters and mountains on the Red Planet. The satellite has orbited the planet almost 12,500 times to build the digital picture. -
Mars Express video celebrates nearly 10 years orbiting the Red Planet (my story in
Photo: spaceplasma: Phobos flies over Mars Mars Express captured the 6 images in this animation on its orbit...
Mars Express imaged a grand canyon on Mars
Images of Hebes Chasma from Mars Express spacecraft suggest that massive landslides may have shaped the huge trough
New raw data from March 2011 to Dec 2012 released +software update. All data are accessible from
New data up to Dec 2012 released. All data are accessible from
Mars Express:A seasonal ozone layer over - via
It's a Mars orbiter morning. We're currently communicating with MRO and Mars Odyssey through and Mars Express to come later.
Tributary of Grand Canyon of Mars, Hebes Chasma. Taken by European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter on October 10.
Missed Mars G+ Hangout?Watch it here.Fascinating science info on the Mars Express findings.
Mars Moon Phobos | ESA Mars Express. This picture of Phobos near the limb of Mars was captured in 2010 by Mars...
As NASA and the European Space Agency prepare their remote photojournalists – Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers – to capture photos of Comet ISON's flyby of Mars early next week, amateur astronomers continue to monitor and photograph the comet from .
Looking forward to closest approach to tomorrow! We expect data from Mars Express at end of the week. Stay tuned!
ESA's Mars Express orbiter detects presence of three separate ozone layers over Martian south pole:
Martian South Pole wears ozone cloak in winter:
The south polar cap of Mars, seen by the Mars Express orbiter...
Mars Express:A seasonal ozone layer over the Martian south pole
NASA to keep protective eye on Mars spacecraft as comets buzz by Leonard David Sep. 24, 2013 Comets Kim Poor This illustration of a bright comet over Mars was created by artist Kim Poor. Two comets will buzz Mars over the course of the next year, prompting excitement as well as some concern that cometary particles could hit the spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet and exploring its surface. Three operational spacecraft currently circle Mars: NASA's Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), as well as Europe’s Mars Express. NASA also has two functioning rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, on the ground on Mars. All of these spacecraft will have ringside seats as Comet ISON cruises by Mars this year, followed by Comet 2013 A1 (Siding Spring) in 2014. [Photos of ISON, a Potentially Great Comet] Crossing the sublime line The MRO spacecraft has been on the lookout for Comet ISON, said Richard Zurek, MRO project scientist and chief scientist in the Mars Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Labo ...
An exciting couple of days for Comet observing! is launching. MRO/is observing, as is Mars Express!
Fun. German space magazine publishes a Mars Express image I first featured at
The Mars Express took this photo of a crater on Mars filled with water ice.
Photo: vidorbital: A full orbit around Mars with ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft, which has been orbiting Mars...
New data up from Jan to June 2012 released. All data are accessible from
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New Active Ionospheric Sounder data from July 2012 to Oct 2012 available. All data accessible from
ESA’s Mars Express, Venus Express, SOHO and Proba-2 hope to observe over the coming months – stay tuned!
Space Galleries, always worth a visit, see how small we are - Mars Express # technology
Mars south pole as seen by European Space Agency’s Mars Express
Crater water ice on Mars at Vastitas Borealis | European Space Agency's Mars Express
Elevation update question. by mars express - 2013-08-12: ok that's great, but wouldn't this mean that...
MT Truly spectacular image of south pole from Mars Express orbiter | [PHOTO]
Start your right. Check out these truly spectacular pictures of from Mars Express orbiter:
Mars Express Captures a Radar View of the Southern Highlands of Mars
Mars Underground: There is much more to Mars than meets the eye. By using the radar on Mars Express, we can se...
Where is Discovered on 12 Aug 1877 by Asaph Hall, the orbit of the Martian moon is still not well known
Mars Express celebrates a decade at the Red Planet, and a Moore Moon Marathon update on BBC One, 2350 htt…
What lies beneath? Space science image of the week: Express explores the Red Planet’s hidden layers
Elevation update question. by mars express - 2013-08-11: ok, pity for us, but now it's clear why it be...
Space Scoop - Mars Express: . Dr. Pamela *** tells us about the highly successful Mars Express mission.
It has been 10 years since the Mars Express was launched
Echus Chasma may be one of the largest water source regions on via
Portrait of a moon. Phobos by Express via
Celebrating 10yrs of we interviewed project scientist Olivier Witasse cc
New images sent back from the European Space Agency's Mars Express show channels and erosion in Martian desert...
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beautiful colors and textures on Mars.. Enormously detailed photo of Kasei Valles | The Planetary Society
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Fantastic post by on the geological forces that have shaped the surface of Mars:
Beautiful new pix of Martian surface.
Enormously detailed photo of Kasei Valles from Express. .
Ponder the ancient, flowing surface of Mars with these new high-res images from Mars Express:
Webcast marking 10th anniversary of Mars Express. Key discoveries & new mineral atlas.
Enormously detailed photo of Kasei Valles from Mars Express: ESA celebrated the tenth anniversary of Mars Expr...
A gloriously detailed mosaic of Kasei Valles from Mars Express:
Earth and our Moon as seen from 8 million km back in 2003 photo from Mars Express cc
Take a ride around the Red Planet in this awesome video from Mars Express.
Olympus Mons, on color-coded according to height. via http:/…
A decade of data from Mars Express mission:
The Mars Express hard at work for ten years | The Planetary Society via
, (comma) as decimal seperator by mars express - 2013-06-16: My regional settings also use a comma and...
Latest revision as of 9 June 2013 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Case The 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Case involves a rape and murder that occurred on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, a neighbourhood located in the southern part of New Delhi, when a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern[2] was beaten and gang raped in a bus in which she was travelling with her male companion. There were only six others in the bus, including the driver, all of whom raped the woman. The woman died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore.[3] The incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was condemned by various women's groups, both in India and abroad. Subsequently, public protests against the Government of India and the Government of Delhi for not providing adequate security for women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces. Similar protests took place in major cities throughout the country. All the accused were arrested and ...
Again the king is back. chanai express movie on 8th august, 2013.
MYSELF:- A girl whose dream city is jammu (the city of passionate faith,the city of temples)-My sole intention of writing is to express gratitude from the bottom of my heart for my love. I am truly thankful to my love (a boy from jammu) for giving incredible memories all these years. I feel blissful to found my crush, my first love , my beloved , my guy ,my soul-mate , my man of dreams all in ONE PERSON. Am so fortunate and blessed by almighty that i did not went through switching over relationships lessons. Because i learned to love someone unconditionally exactly as he is, he was before and he is going to be in future - because people change all the time. So if you say you love truly it means you have accepted them forever. Am glad he accepted me with all flaws and promised for a beautiful home and family which i always dreamt of. Lucky again for the reason god gave me enough strength to hold his hand in his worst period because unlike many who could not help their loved ones in bad times. My message fo ...
everybody.. Initially I liked this page very much and i thought that it would grow positively in the coming times. But I observed that inspite of confessing people just post poetry and search for their lost loves and crushes. I know everybody has freedom of speech but at least stick to the core thought of the page. Recent posts baffled me and then i thought i should use my freedom of speech too. Thank you to the 30% people who confess their stuffs. I appreciate. And for rest of 70% people who post for their love .. come on.. If u don't balls to express it in front of that girl or boy, you obviously don't deserve to be with him/her. So stop writing it here which seems more like "i love you jaanu" written on walls of public toilets. offence - I agree with the confessor !! I request to all the members of this page to confess something which you haven't shared it with anyone rather than confessing about your feelings for your love!! no girl is going to accept your love through confessing it anonymously!!
Interesting thing about Thursday in 2013. 4/4/2013 Thursday 6/6/2013 Thursday 8/8/2013 Thursday 10/10/2013 Thursday 12/12/2013 Thursday. Jo calendr 1991 ka tha, . wahi,,, Calendar 2013 ka hai, Date & Day even Festivals are same, Kaun kehta hai, Ki, . Gujra hua waqt wapas nahi aata??. Enjoy the year of 1991 in 2013.! So We are back in the 90s. GDP is back to 5%, Dalmiya is back in BCCI,Murthy is back in Infosys,Nawaz Sharif is back in Pakistan, Madhuri is back in bollywood & Sanjay Dutt is back in Jail.
995 its going to be a year of togetherness now.. but he is still insecure.. i know , no one can love me the way he does.. he is an amazing guy he has his own lil world, and he likes to stay confined on the contrary i am outdoorsy, bold and quite interactive we are two diffrent people . . with two diffrent worlds but just want to tell him , he never needs to be insecure he is an awesome guy and i love it when he plays his compositions on his guitar, singing his love for me. hey boy, just stay ! House
a 20 yrs old guy. Virgin and never dated before. I am a really good student...iitian, very smart and get exceptional grades. But problem is that even though I have friends, I always feel alone. I am a guy who is very caring, passionate, decent looking and a little emotional at times. I never talk to girls much as I fear too much ! I respect women a lot and don't want her to get offended by anything I say...This is kind of frustrating me.I'm 20, very good student at iit and on my way to a huge job, but I dont have a gf to share my experiences with everyday and share feelings and emotions...that is the sad part...I dont know how to go about this...please help me.. Admin : "FRIENDS" are heaven sent creatures .. If you cant share it with them , getting a GF wont help buddy !!! Time for some for Introspection . And one advice Virgin ,IITian ,good grades yeh sab bol k BolBacchan na kar !! We are least bothered !! "Einstein" is known to be the world's worst husband !!! Get a life you moron
Never try to dominate the one who says SORRY to youfor their mistake. BeCaUsE, they understand, U are more important than their EGO..!
European Space Agency's 'Mars Express' spacecraft celebrates 10 years and has so far discovered...
my confession is nt related to love towards gf bt my confsn is related to my love towards my parents bcoz parents lv is mre imp then gf lv. i m 21 yr old Mba student. My confession is related to my bad behaviour towards my parents.Guys no doubt every parents love their child very much same is the case with me i love my parents alot more then my life even they also love me very much that i cant express in words.They sacrificed thier whole life only for me.They provide me a luxurious life.They always tried to make me happy bt whever they scold me at that point of moment i cant control my anger and i used to start argue with my parents.I dnt knw y i did this every time with my parents.Even some time i scold my parents in anger and after that i realize that i did a big mistake.At that moment i didnt control my emotions and i started crying...Instead of giving love to my parents i used to treat them badly.I want to change my behaviour bt every time i failed.God will never forgive me for my this rudely behaviou ...
___ ___ hona chahiye, ___ to ___ bhi hote hain. Fill in the blanks with your Versions - The Versions which gets max likes will be posted on page...
A guy had cancer&had only 30 days left. He likd a girl,working in a CD shop but never told her abt his LOVE. Everyday he usd 2 buy a CD just 2 spend sometime with her. After a month he died. When the girl went in search 4 him. His mom told he died out f cancer& tok her 2 his room, were she saw all the CD's unopend & d girl started crying. U knw y.. She had LOVE letters 4 him inside the CD's. BOTH LOVED bt nevr expresd.. So express ur love if u have... .[ ♥]
As early as now, there are the Binay, Roxas, Bong Marcos for president movements. Our people have obviously been brainwashed by the TRAPOs and by media. There are degrees toTRAPOism and we should despise every bit of it But what if there were those who offered a kind of politics that was totally the opposite of what we despise? Sadly, our contaminated mind would reject them.
How is demonstration?! Hope when I am out, all of them go home! Kom yu pek ke oy luy tar tik nang
On anniversary ten of the Iraq War, let's cut out the lies. It was and still is the right war at the right time with the right President.
Floodwaters on Mars created this. Mars Express captured it. (PHOTO)
Everyone dreams of how wonderful it would be to get married and most people look forward to an exciting and successful marriage. There are tips to a successful marriage that must be applied in other to make a successful dream marriage come true. Marriage is truly wonderful and exciting but every marriage is a two-sided coin. The two sides are excitement and responsibility. There will be times when marriage will seem like hard work, and there may even be times when leaving will look like a nice option. Marriage can have its ups and downs and a successful marriage is only possible when both parties are prepared to work at it. Love is an essential ingredient in marriage but love must be nurtured in order to keep it from going stale. Only a successful marriage can be enjoyed and stand the test of time. Listed below are 8 tips to a successful marriage that could be applied to make your marriage infinitely exciting and keep you two glued to each other under any circumstance:     1. Communicate. One of the ver ...
Battle Master says...OOPS cont books and knowledge away from MARS defined without my express permission. Make it so. TS-IT-ZT-DT-PT-AT-FT-ST
)0(Mythic Dawn Fan Q: I have a personal question. Is it possible to be haunted by a succubi? How do you know you are being haunted. I have been having very vivid lucid dreams involving a man of some sort. He is beautiful, but has no face, he is a shadow figure, but I am not afraid of him. He does things in my dreams that would make me blush with my husband. I can tell he is a different being, not human. His voice is like music. When I wake I feel more drained without energy than before I went to bed. I need help please, these dreams are starting to cause tension in my marriage. I don't want to succumb to this anymore. Please, help me get rid of this being in my dreams. Please keep my name anonymous if you post on page. I want to get my facts straight before discussing my dreams with my husband and what I fear it is! TY and Blessed Be! )O(
I loved a girl. She is my junior. We both are from same destination. But all this is one sided love i think. I don't have guts to tell her face to face. Thats why i am unable to express her in three years. Many time i send her friend request via fb(we are not friends too), but she didn't accept. I don't know what she thinks about me. In bus when she sits near to me, i am like a statue. I even think to take oxygen quite. Because i don't wanna do any thing which she takes in wrong way. My image is not bringing up, so i don't wanna let it down by doing silly things. Later, I came to know that she had a boyfriend, i don't know this is true or just a rumour. But it broke me. So, after that I didn't even try because I don't wanna be a ''kabab me haddi''. If she is happy, me to happy. I am still single, it doesn't mean that I don't prey for love, because I don't play with love. I still love her too much.
CHEN its is ok for you to comment on this page, but pls dont offer your advise or "wisdom". if its about computer game i respect you but on girls, study and life pls keep it to yourself because if anyone who knows you personally, i am sure they will agree that you are the biggest loser and hypocrite. let me tell everyone here about you. L_ON CHEN is single, got dump by his gf and thats why he is here seeking for attention. any girls want him? thx god im leaving end of this sem. if i need to see you for another sem i think i quit adtp this sem."
I wanna express my feelings with my music, and tell the world what I feel inside... And obvious, I wanna meet Mars!! :)
Vestal Spring Fling Lacrosse Tourney today! Good luck to all the teams participating, and for Elmira Express, "lets kick some b-oo-t-aay"!!!
pls admin post it now its vry imprtant 4 me hi m male 22 ,pune today i lost my virginity. And i m feeling vry bad for my partner bcoz she was also virgin. I am feeling guilty for the pain she has taken for me and now i want that my wife shud not be a virgin.. Bcoz i cud not c tears in d eyes of ma wife..
Responding to an open letter from a fellow Chrisian columnist, a US pastor explains his reasons for writing in defence of openly *** NBA player Jason Collins, and emphasising a need for a dialogue on homosexuality within the church.
Spanish idioms are essential to understanding and communicating with native speakers. Because Spanish is spoken in so many different countries, extra care is required when learning idioms. Make sure to pay attention to who is saying what under what circumstances before you attempt to use anything but the most common expression. Browse below to take a look at just how many different ways you can express yourself in Spanish. A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V Y Z a (la) merced de at the mercy of (n.b.: the “la” is often omitted) a altas horas de la madrugada in the small hours of the morning a cargo de in charge of; responsible for; by a causa de because of; as a result of (lit.: at the cause of) a chorros in abundance; plenty; lots a contrapelo wrong way; backwards; backassed a corto plazo in the short run; short-term; in the short term (lit.: at short place) a deshora at an inconvenient time a diario daily; every day a disgusto reluctantly a duras penas hardly; barely; with difficulty a eso de ...
Turkish Demonstrations: Just finished chatting with a former military officer from Turkey who tells me there is a large Israeli and Saudi connection to the demonstrations against the Turkish Government. The UK/EU nations are neutral but US was initially supporting but backed away when the Israel connection became more apparent. But my questions why this? Why now? Why Saudi involvement? - there were other things discussed but whats your views on what is happening in Turkey and who if any from the outside is involved?
It's ironic when Bollywood film stars who utter rape apologetic dialogues and make rape jokes on screen demand harsh punishment for rapists. Well, your dialogues and jokes are normalizing rape culture. Is Rajkumar Hirani and Amir khan listening? Remember the Balatkar (rape) jokes from "3 *** ? Why do you need to use rape as a tool to make people laugh? And the most disturbing part is, women laughed at those jokes as well. Now I wouldn't mind if they make a rape joke where the rapist is ridiculed not the victim. But usually the victim is the butt of the rape jokes. For example in 3 *** the student says , "The principal has done Balatkar (rape) after balatkar (rape) in this institute, he is a great balatkari (rapist) and we, his students are gonna follow his footsteps and become great balatkari (rapist) as well." He says the whole thing as a mistake though. He was supposed to say "chamatkar" (miracle) but said "balatkar" (rape). But the point is, when he says the principal is a rapist and has raped ma ...
2277 Once I was Walking through the streets eating my burger. it was rainy season nd my "Kaminey Freinds" planed a prank on me while i was walking near to that there was a gutter nd they pushed me , behind me there were 2 pretty girls.As They saw me falling in the gutter,they were laughing there *** off...That was the most embrassing momment for me Male Gujrat Admin __ gutter se nikalne k baad wahi burger khaya kya..???
2271 "my father is angry young man nd vry strict . when i ws in 9th class, i wrot a latter to girl which is in 8th class in my school nd this latter givn to a frnd nd said giv it to neha bt he gave ths latter to my class teacher. my class teacher called my father nd my father shouted me in front of class ""padhai pe dhyan do i love u likhne se kaam nai chalega"" that ws vry emmbarissing moment fr me nd my frnds calld me majnu." Male Delhi Admin __ 'pothi padh padh jag muwa pandit bhaya na koy, dhai akshar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy' . hi5 for Kabirdas
I wud like to express my gratitude to all those who looked up at the right upper corner of their homepage and wished me.thanx a ton gratitude extends to my buddies Stuti Singh Vidhi SinghalOzasvita SabharwalElla Khaneja Ashima Chaudhary Itanshu Goyal Anika Khullar n all my deptt mates for making it to be an extra special b'day. Was the bestest one so far. thanx a ton guys. n last but not the least my folks .love u endlessly mumma n papa. And to one noble soul who means so much to me dat words are too less to express. . Sona Arnav.Thanx everyone.:)
Words cannot express how excited I am for the Veronica Mars movie. I'm overwhelmed. Talk amongst yourselves.
Electronic Device Insurance
Taking 6 maybe 7 horses to the Del Mar Classic. Hauling in on Monday. Highly recommended that you school on that Monday to get your horse use to the fair surroundings. Will need LOTS of help getting horses settled and tent set up etc. Need someone to haul the team tack box donated by the Nelsons. So excited to have so many horses and riders representing Express Riding Team.
I wanna to say sorry to humra shakeel of 1st year for misbehaving on the last day of our exams.but i misbehaved her bcoz his frnd J T I can't able to control on my anger bcoz of J.T. J.T is main reason of all this. sorry humra
Mars Express celebrates ten years at Mars with new global maps by
TV Exchange presents Mars Express 10 years in orbit [live video]. Join4alert:
Bro:a dumb movie about a mom going to mars Me:it's polar express B:I though it was mom on mars M*lol* B:atleast I didn't see that dumb movie
7:57pm EDT: Mars square Neptune. Finally, you've found the words to express your deepest feelings. Clarity about how to move forward.
All Aboard the Mars Express: Universe Awareness - Space Scoop: Ten years ago, the Mars Express blasted its way...
Today I don't feel like doing anything *Bruno Mars voice*
Celebrating the 10 year anniversay of Mars Express | June 2nd, 2013 -
Congratulations to Mars Express' ten successful years in space! One of 3 orbiters & 2 rovers working now at Mars
The floodwaters of stunning new images from Mars Express
New mosaic from Mars Express: Ancient flood plain on Mars | Space | EarthSky:
Science Recorder Meteorites carried life-producing phosphorus to Earth Indian Express - 4 hours ago A key element that produced life on Earth - phosphorus - was carried here on meteorites, a new study has claimed. A team of scientists led by a University of South Florida astrobiologist revealed new findings that explain how the reactive phosphorus that was ... 3 new legless amphibians discovered Times of India - 15 hours ago NEW DELHI: A Delhi University professor and his team have discovered three new species of legless amphibians, commonly known as caecilians, in the forests of northeast. Zee News 10 years after launch, missions to Mars just keep going ... and going 14 hours ago Written by Alan Boyle By Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News. Follow The European Space Agency is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Mars Express orbiter's liftoff this week, and the launch anniversaries for NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers are coming soon as ... Daily Mail Giant 'lizard king' that roamed the E . ...
New global maps of Mars released on the 10th anniversary of the launch of ESA’s Mars Express trace the history of water and volcanic activity on the Red Planet, and identify sites of special interest for the next generation of Mars explorers.
For over a decade, Europe's Mars Express has detected a wide range of minerals on the surface. Levels of olivine and pyroxene speak of volcanoes and ferric oxide whispers of water in the red dust. This global map refines future landing sites.
Mars Express, launched by a mission of Arianespace’s affiliate, today marks its 10-year anniversary in space
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