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Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks is a science fiction trading card series released in 1962. The cards feature artwork by science-fiction artist Wallace Wood and tell the story of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians.

Slim Whitman Tim Burton Jack Nicholson Indian Love Call Natalie Portman Martin Short Nightmare Before Christmas Edward Scissorhands Glenn Close Johnny Depp Michael J Fox Pierce Brosnan Star Wars Big Fish Tom Jones Planet Earth

Mars attacks . Do u guys remember that movie lmao
Last week I planted this tree, and today when I checked I see this. Nature is truly incredible!
might delete soon but I felt cute in this pic ☺️😋😝
The Hennessy stole this man's soul. Look at his face; those are the eyes of man who is dead inside.
When you're sleeping over at your friends house and hear "let's draw a ***
try some Midnight Tyrannosaurus that some real good good
Having GTA on your workout playlist is a must! 👌
Mars Attacks! is Tim Burton's most underrated movie.
Let us not forget the victims of Mars Attacks, Men in Black 2, and Star Wars: Rogue One.
but this is still funny. They Blew Up Congress | Mars Attacks! via
Does Mars Attacks count? Pray the aliens don't land in the next 4 years
just telling like it really is. Lately I'm feeling like I stepped in the real Mars Attacks!
the best movie president was Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks
Does it seem like the Dems are acting like the humans in Mars Attacks?
THE SPACE BETWEEN US is out today. Check out Michael Gingold's review:
Iran has banned the United States from the 2017 World Cup.
This dolphin's eyes are nowhere near the sunglasses I'm crying😂
Be apart of a record breaking crowd at 6pm in the Schott
Sometimes when people talk to me, all I hear is the aliens from Mars Attacks 🙄
.the massacre, there was the Planet Earth massacre in DC (shows clip from "Mars Attacks")
Mars Attacks showed that very room :)
remember when aliens landed at the White House? Wait, that was mars attacks. Oops!
She looks like the woman-Martian from Mars Attacks, doesn't she?
Jordan Burroughs (reacts to Iran banning U.S. wrestlers from Freestyle World Cup
Whenever I see Kellyanne Conway open her mouth to tell another lie, I'm reminded of Mars Attacks!
Yeah well, Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks ticks that box too.
Would make another "Mars attacks" pun again.. but it would be a Tad repetitive.
Putting out a new one with my dude next week!!! Prepare yourself for the Mars Attacks VIP 👽👽👽
this made me laugh harder than anything i've seen tonight. and i just watched Mars Attacks!
I'm still not convinced she isn't one of the aliens from MARS ATTACKS
I forgot Mars Attacks is a movie so I've decided to rewatch it
Mars attacks! King Bruno confirmed to play the Grammy Awards  via
It's like the movie 'Mars Attacks!' A 90 day temporary ban from 7 countries and everyone's heads explode.
Think it's time to play Slim Whitman "Indian Love Call" and see which heads explode Mars Attacks style. Cos it's that mad!
Love the look!. Random factoid: We have several Slim Whitman records in our collection, all thanks to "Mars Attacks".
Donald Trump = Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" as played in 'Mars Attacks!!' He's doing more to explode SJW heads…
This probably was one of the best parts in Mars Attacks lol
And even Natalie Portman. Yes, I saw Natalie Portman in Mars Attacks before the Star Wars prequels.
I liked a video Indian Love Call in Mars Attacks!
Martin Short Lisa Marie in Mars Attacks! 1996 original movie photo 17491
Reading from Breedlove, the NATO armchair general . (from Mars Attacks?, We have to strike now, sir! Annihilate!
don't be sorry Mars Attacks is underrated comedic perfection
Mars Attacks! Wow! Vintage adjustable gumball flicker rings! available tomorrow only at
Birmingham Comic Con guest Ryan Brown shows all five of the new Mars Attacks covers he's just done for IDW.
"What if we put it out on Bastille Day?". "Does that make sense?". "No less sense than Mars Attacks."
TIL that Tim Burton's movie, "Mars Attacks" was inspired by an ultra violent trading card set made by pulp novel cover artist Norman Saunde…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
OK Lauren, Em think Mars Attacks. Think we could make a Martian costume? Fear of aliens is a thing isn't it?
You know that song in the 1996 movie 'Mars Attacks!" that defeats the aliens?. I own it.
J. Cole is the first artist in the last 25 years to go platinum without a single feature on their album 🔥
You definitely don't want to shake their hand if they look anything like the aliens from Mars Attacks. Ack Ack, Ac k Ack!!!
*thousands of heads explode like Mars Attacks*
you have some of the funniest fans I've ever heard. Chuck getting his jokes from them? 'Mars Attacks' first contact, not good♡
He's a good actor, who needs to be in good films. 'Mars Attacks!' was a silly one, & 'King of the Teds' was great, but too short.
.Nah, you better give it a tug anyway. We can't risk Mars Attacks turning into a documentary.
When Mars Attacks taught us so much.
The Mars Attacks one was the only good one.
What I would do to you is unspeakable! 😌when I have you I just want to hear you talk! 🤔
On a percentage wise, Nick and I killed 80% of our bottle of Hennessy 😂
I got to play SW:EP1 and the Mars Attacks sequel at California Extreme a few years ago. The tech was very cool.
Global Finance Officials Seeking Ways to Boost Growth: Facing a shaky world economy and political attacks on f...
Honestly I stopped caring about Bloodbornes story when it stopped being Teen Werewolf and started becoming Mars Attacks.
Hmm...I might have mucked up the sorting. And added Mars Attacks again!! Arggh you'll never let me near it again!
22 Mars terrorist attacks: . Belgian minister hit by leaks over airport security lapses.
Snapchats I wish you were with me tonight! 😩😩 baby girl where are you! 👻👻
Freedom is a lonely road, we're under control.
First I bang the drum, then I bang your mum
We are far from the fashion police - but why does Hilary always dress like a martian from "Mars Attacks"?
Whenever I hear drone on with her name-dropping and "Mars Attacks" voice, I feel like I'm peeing on cellophane.
I know, so much big cinematic events!. P.S. Love the "Mars Attacks" reference. Huge guilty pleasure of mine!
Hillary sounds like a Mars Attacks alien.
How to handle the silent treatment like a BOSS
An answer to trivia was Mars Attacks and I didn't get it this is just as bad as me forgetting Weird Science. I'm so upset.
Hillary Clinton ABSOLUTELY sounds like the Mars Attacks aliens
Is it just me or does anyone else pictures the aliens from Mars Attacks 😁
Watching Mars Attacks and I forgot just how all-star the cast was. I love this flick.
Brussels bombers originally planned more attacks in Paris
His hair is too big for his small face I'm crying he looks like the Mars attacks aliens
I'd smash but she look like the Aliens from Mars attacks
Tim Burton should’ve seen the writing on the wall when Johnny Depp turned down a role in it
Can’t help but notice you look good in gear, Just sayin’ …
Prepping for in Rio with - NJ Native & Gold Medalist in Freestyle Wresting!
Could be a son of the alien in Mars Attacks.
D'angelo Russell gotta chill man smh
Since Mars & Saturn are "opposed" to his natal planets, and from the 12th house, the attacks will be from Unexpected Quarter.
They always proclaim good motives, while maliciously plotting evil. They are like the aliens in Mars Attacks!
Today has been a "laying sick watching big movies I haven't seen", The Exorcist, Close encounters of the third kind, Mars Attacks and Scream
Also, I want to see Indiana Jones fight the campy *** aliens from Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!".
Bernie Sanders is the political equivalent of Lukas Haas at the end of 'Mars Attacks:' "we should all live in tee-pees."
Martin Short was so well cast as White House Press Officer, Jerry Ross, in 'Mars Attacks!'.
Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks! good 1s btw BR & ST. Difficult to pick a best one, Edward Scissorhands?
Please play Slim Whitman's song from "Mars Attacks". It was a topic on an old KSR show too. .
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
If the casting director for Mars Attacks! worked for the state department, we would have peace in the Middle East
I remember thinking that Mars Attacks was a direct parody of ID. Surprised when I learnt it went into production first.
He's a Welsh singer. He made a cameo appearance in the movie: "Mars Attacks"
Most whites in this world are like those white leaders in "Mars Attacks," who despite all evidence, still think their enemies wa…
"I used the theremin for Mars Attacks as a tribute to classic sci-fi scores, like The Day the Earth Stood Still."—DE
Dave and Nathan dig down to the roots of Mars Attacks! Where did it all start? How was Wally Wood involved?...
Miss the days of Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks! and Nightmare Before Christmas? Then go listen to Elfman's Goosebumps NOW
Creepy Ian is the double of the king martian from Mars Attacks
""Urban schools that have abandoned the mission of educating your children and instead become…" — Mars Attacks!
Aww, i love Tom Jones. It was great seeing him in Mars Attacks.
Overall 43% of voters believe there's liquid water on Mars, 17% don't, and 40% say they're not sure:
The partisan divide on science- Democrats believe there's liquid water on Mars 53/15, Republicans only do 36/20:
I teach MARS ATTACKS in my popular culture class : ) Students think they will hate it, then end up loving it.
I have to do a coffee tasting with my 2 DM's 😅😅🔫
karaoke tonight from 9pm! . Did you ever see how they killed the aliens in Mars Attacks? 🙉👽
We've got Mars Attacks coming up today in 8W 1.1 at 19:30 I'm sure this movie'll be seriously lacking in the silly department
I LOVE MARS ATTACKS!!! . this cosplay is awesome! Thanks for taking this picture with...
With midterms coming up, I feel this is pretty accurate
Tim Burton, Behind the scenes of Mars attacks video.
Counting for local body polls begins in Siliguri, amid tight security
attack from Mars - mars attacks was that awful movie 😂
you poor sob! Do you know who is going to be at day 1!
I was watching Mars attacks earlier while drawing can you tell?
Neighbour’s kids were singing in the garden. I sang Slim Whitman’s Indian Love Song (from Mars Attacks). Kids go silent and run for cover
I didn't realize was in Mars Attacks!
If you watch Mars Attacks, you can see the Landmark Hotel (with the elevators from DAF) get blown up.
They used Slim Whitman music in Mars Attacks to get rid of the aliens. Did you try that? No one with an ipod?
Slim Whitman worked on the aliens in Mars Attacks... Bet it could clear a crowd too...
As if Mars Attacks has Michael J Fox, Natalie Portman, Jack Nicholson, Jack Black, Piers Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker and Danny De Vito lol
Plenty of new announced at including Arenas, boardgame, and Mars Attacks!
When bae wants to go out to eat but you on a budget
I have no one to go to Disneyland with ether! I'm going to renew it though!
😣 not all of them! You should of reminded me though I would of been down!
I need to renew it😐 just expired on the 5th of this month 😭😭😭
pretty sure I asked you but do you have a pass or no?
Study tip: . stand up. . Stretch. . Take a walk. . Go to the airport. . Get on a plane. . Never return.
“A fridge like this this is you u Mexican alcoholic
The only people who tuck their pants into their socks are wrestlers and white girls
87% of U.S. mass shooting are committed by caucasians 13-56. Why don't we spy on this community?
The underwater bridge from Sweden to Denmark:
Before they were teammates, Deion Sanders & Emmitt Smith were on opposite sides of the Florida-Florida State rivalry. htt…
Customer: orders wet cappuccino Me: *makes a latte* . "OMG this is perfect thank you!!"
This crushed cup lid looks like the Millennium Falcon
[Mars Attacks!] Are Martians really just massively sarcastic dic
Tarkin...or a martian from Mars Attacks?. -Kota
““like something out of Mars Attacks that movie!…
what you want . Boy : Give me the lego skinfade. Barber : okay
Me and Humps went to a Starbucks in Long Beach and they had no idea where Pasadena was, we just say we work in major cities
bouncing in MARS ATTACKS - and there is today a (tm) to at least one day reference taht was not there BEFORE i set the techinology to
I bet would love this! Mars Attacks Frankenstein's Monster Geoffrey Blasiman
I had no idea Mars Attacks! was directed by Tim Burton. Probably because Johnny Depp isn't in it.
She looks like the aliens from Mars attacks lmaoo
““like something out of Mars Attacks that movie!”.best bit 😊😏😊
Working on some buildings for Mars Attacks.
Mars Attacks is still my favorite Tim Burton's movie, and then Alice in Wonderland.
To be honest this just means there's gonna be *** everywhere cuz I'm only pullin 3's 🏀
Hey - just watched Mars Attacks! When will our elites wake up to the reality of Martian conquest?
What are the Supreme Court justices doing there?! Haven't they seen "Mars Attacks!"?
I think the world is ready for a sequel to Mars Attacks. Tim Burton, get on that.
So can "Indian Love Call" kill any alien or just the ones from Mars Attacks?
Natalie Portman says Star Wars ruined her career? I guess she never saw Mars Attacks?
Much more collectivist social justice nonsense & my head will explode faster than Martians hearing Slim Whitman in "Mars Attacks.
Mars Attacks is such a ridiculously funny movie! Tim Burton possesses the perfect sick, twisted-to-genius ratio! Yodel away, Slim Whitman!
Anyone else think 80's pop singer "Stacey Q" looks like the aliens from Mars Attacks? No? Just me? Ok
When your girl tried to play you for the password to your phone
i know just found out mars attacks is his and i was like HOW THE *** DIDNT I REALISE which dont you like? :) xxx
Hey guys, is teaching us to play Mars Attacks dice from Steve Jackson Games at ! Join us
Never too early to knock them boots😏
Finebaum looks like a Martian from Mars Attacks
Need to get your spooky music on? Well, this week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), come check out the NSO Pops with a few folks from the Choral Arts Society of Washington as we present: Danny Elfman: The Music of Tim Burton! We'll be under the baton of Maestro John Mauceri, the founding director of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra--and we'll be doing stuff from Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mars Attacks, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands,,, and much much more!!
My ringtone, because you can't be too careful. . Indian Love Call (From "Mars Attacks!") by Slim Whitman.
Scratch the Mars Attacks, CK's definitely on some Alistair Reynolds or Larry Niven type kick. Great stuff too.
Folks said Jemele Hill looks like one of those Mars Attacks aliens
Attacks Kill 12, Wound Several in Iraq: Iraqi officials say multiple bomb and mortar attacks kill 12 people in...
Kinda looks like aliens from Mars attacks
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The systems broken, the schools closed. The prisons open!
Mars Attacks is Awesome. Yes, yes it is.
I mean a *** did a lot of waitin', we ain't married but tonight I need some consummation.
Lyor Cohen or Dior Homme.Thats Dior Homme not Dior Homie. The crib scarface couldn't be more Tony.You love me for me,could you be more phony
If you don't like Mars Attacks you're dumb
I know I'm preaching to the congregation, we love Jesus but you learned a lot from Satan
Put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin you're my sensation!
That one friend who always gets you into trouble…
No one judge me, I am going to watch UP.
I feel so hype! Got outta class early and on my way home blasting Queen! Singing at the top of my lungs!
I love that pic -its by Wally Wood who did the concepts for the 1962 Mars Attacks cards + much more
I have massive panic attacks. Poor Jeff has to deal with that. He's pretty adventurous.
Howlin for You always reminds me of Mars Attacks
I'm probably the greatest musician to have ever lived -JKilla-
I'm about to watch Mars Attacks after not seeing it for years. Super underrated Tim Burton movie
I'm not really digging this iOS8 update.
A lonely on set. Picture courtesy of our camera department.
Ew I hate the man made transformers they look like the aliens from Mars attacks
I'm positive that Danny Brown is one of the aliens from Mars Attacks
Photoset: horror-movie-fixx: Mars Attacks!, 1996 In my top 10 for favorite movies
Everyone who spent their first Fantasy Football pick on Adrian Peterson.
.Mars Attacks is older. But the trope of breaking silence to thwart evil is older still.
Everything I learned about killing evil beings came from Mars Attacks. Yodel music. Now.
Lots of small attacks on my person. They are trying and failing to take Mars. I dance a dance class like no other. lol
Mars Attacks Widevision - cards inspired by a movie inspired by cards.
How Machiavellian - say one thing, do another. Like in Mars Attacks, Cuomo "comes in peace".
Mars Attacks: The Dice Game at Gen Con 2014: Designed by and Sam Mitschke; published by —WEM
Aakkk keyeennnss ..miss this movie ! ★ Mars Attacks! (with —
Loving the game so far, just wondering is there any Legendary ships? Any that look like UFOs from Mars Attacks?
Never heard of it, I need to get our more. I was watching Mars Attacks, Martin Short and Michael J Fox were my favourites!
reading the first issue of Mars Attacks: First Born on Comixology.
Fun fact: the nursing home scene from the movie "Mars Attacks" was filmed here in Wichita Ks at the Union Rescue Mission!
Well it's June 9th and that means it's 56 years to the day since Gatwick Airport was officially opened and 29 years since Thomas Sutherland was kidnapped in Lebanon. He spent a total of 2353 days in captivity and was released at the same time as Terry Waite. Recently divorced from Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi celebrates his 71st birthday whilst Johnny Depp is 20 birthdays behind him. There are also 20 years difference between Michael J Fox who was born in 1961 and Natalie Portman who entered the world on this day in 1981. Fox and Portman both had small parts in the 1996 film "Mars Attacks!"
Remember when I was a kid in Carteret and we collected Baseball cards, Beatles Cards, I even had Mars Attacks cards . I remember having Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Bob Gibson, Joe Torre, Denny McLaine ... I think I had or at least saw a buddy have Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, Whitey Ford . ALL LOST to either 'card toss' (heads-tails game) or remarkably in the spokes of my bikes held by close pins to make that 'flicka-flicka' sound .But Hey! ...The gum was really good .
It turns out to be my best experienced trip to Vegas with Tita Delia and Uncle Junior last month. I would say continuation of "Mars Attacks" year 1996 starring: Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bennett, Pierce Brosnan. And I will call it."Jorlan's Attack Vegas: The Martian Law"
Steve and Mary's Mars Attacks project! Which you can still donate to... I think it looks fantastic!
I just saw one of the most disturbing Vice segments on HBO. It's about the polygon, an area of Kazakhstan used by the Russians for nuclear testing. The soviets detonated over 450 nuclear explosions in the area. The site was used from 1949 to 1991 and the poor people living nearby suffered genetic mutations and disease persisting today. The Russians knew, but basically didn't give a care. One guy looked like the elephant man--one kid looked like an alien from Mars Attacks. The reporter, Thomas Morton, toured a museum with a bunch of babies born with horrible defects suspended in formaldehyde. The cyclops, the child born with no brain, another with no spinal cord. It's so messed up that a personally affected doctor living nearby suggests every resident in the polygon should receive a genetic passport to determine if they should procreate.
Only bought a few things at FCBD this year. And only the one figure - Walking Dead Carl. The Mars Attacks (of which I am a huge fan of both the movie and comics) book contains images of the original cards that started the whole thing off, along with concept artwork. Thanks to my mate Rowan for spotting it!
Based on the iconic trading cards that forever changed the face of science fiction and pop culture, Mezco's Mars Attacks action figures brings these Martians to life as awesome collectibles.
is watching Mars Attacks with Bert. I can't believe he hasn't see it before!
So Noah today, out of the hundreds of DVD's at his disposal, selected Mars Attacks! to watch. While I'm proud of him for his interest in Tim Burton, I question his judgment just a little...
A small child and her little friend have been singing "let it go" on this train for the last 20 minutes. My ears. My brain. It hurts. I feel like the aliens from Mars Attacks after hearing Indian Love Call. I will find you small child with the squeaky voice. I will find you and let you go out of the door of this train.
Just saw a woman walking like the alien in Mars Attacks who's trying to act like a woman (one of the most satisfying things to see). I've alerted the proper authorities.
Another sneek peak at the painting I have done for Mars Attacks, if they hit the total of $2000 the painting will be on here in full, so its up to you guys, your in your own time now, lets get this picture out there,
Just bought the Topps "Mars Attacks" book. Can't wait to get it. ever did get the original BBG cards, so now I'll get to see the whole original story.
Funny Girl-Earth Girls are Easy-Mars Attacks (only 3 my list could easily be hundreds long...starts with Deanna Durbin & Shirley Temple movies right on up to ones like-Cloud Atlas
My top 10 films beginning with the letter M. Given to me by Caleb Gerard. Mallrats The Matrix Memento Monsters Inc Mr. Mom Mars Attacks! Mean Streets Misery Monty Python and the Holy Grail Moonrise Kingdom Like this post and I'll give you a letter
I see the battle of the sexes, as Mars Attacks, where Jack Nicholson proposes a truce... That
Mars Attacks! is an a parody of science fiction B movies, with elements of black comedy and political satire directed by Tim Burton. Based on the cult trading card series of the same name. The film was also inspired in part by a parody Howard Stern did in which Martians attack and the discovery that the only way to kill them was to play Slim Whitman songs.   The decision to hire an A-list ensemble cast for Mars Attacks! parallels the strategy used for disaster films such as The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974). The film features Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Short, Natalie Portman, Rod Steiger, Michael J. Fox, and Christina Applegate.   A sign of a great actor is when someone is unrecognizable (without the aid of makeup) purely based on how they act. Annette Bening transforms herself into an authentic portrayal of a new-age hippie. Professor Donald Kessler is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. Glenn Close all bu ...
Guardian: Hello Sarah. Is Escape From Planet Earth your first animated movie? Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick: I think, it's the first full-length theatrical release. I don't recall any more, to be honest. I've probably done short-form voice stuff, before. Guardian: And this is your third space-themed movie. Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick: It is? Remind me. Guardian: Well, there was Flight of the Navigator and then Mars Attacks! Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick: Ah, yes, you're right. I seem to be drawn to the genre, even though I don't even remember that I am. Guardian: In some ways, would you see this as the completion of a trilogy? Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick: Oh my Gad, I love that you're looking at it with such a scholarly approach, yes! Let's pretend that that's exactly why I did it. That's so smart. Yes, I have been seeking out that last film to complete the trilogy. Only the Guardian would have cracked this. Guardian: Your character in this film is called Kira Supernova. Is that the best-named cha ...
Motor City Comic Con 2014 is excited to announce Comic Guest J. DAVID SPURLOCK! J. David Spurlock is an award-winning author, historian, educator, advocate for artists’ rights, and associate to star talents Frazetta, Basil Gogos, Neal Adams, Steranko, Joe Kubert and many more. Spurlock's recent book How to Draw Chiller Monsters, for Random House, rose as high as on the Bookspan best-seller list. Spurlock's latest book, The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage has been acclaimed by the Village Voice as one of The Best of 2013. In 2012, Spurlock was appointed Director of the Wallace Wood Estate. Wood is the Hugo Award recognized illustrator of Galaxy, If, and Planet Stories as well as co-creator of MAD, Mars Attacks, Daredevil and Weird Science. A partial list of Spurlock's recent guest speaking engagements include: 2013 WorldCon (various lecture panels including on Robert E. Howard, Copyright Law, and on Margaret Brundage); with Stan Lee for Dragon Con TV and a live audience if 4,600; The Famous Monsters of ...
Just finished watching Mars Attacks, another of Mr. Tim Burton's films. Question for my fellow BSC Film club members, what are your favorite Burton films? Or if you don't like any of his, why? Mine would include of course his two Batmans (Keaton to Batman I feel is like Sir Sean Connery is to Bond) Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissor Hands, Alice in Wonderland, etc...
New arrivals this week include the new White Dwarf, new Space Marine models, Dwarf models, planes for Flames of War, Shadowrun Spell and Gear cards, lots of Munchkin including the new Mars Attacks boosters, and a ton of restocks in Games Workshop, Battlefront, and sleeves and dice. Come see!
February 17 - James Nathaniel Brown, 63, Pro Football Hall of Fame Fullback, Born February 17, 1936 in St. Simons Island, GA. James Nathaniel "Jim" Brown, is an American former professional football player and actor. He is best known for his exceptional and record-setting nine-year career as a running back for the NFL Cleveland Browns from 1957 to 1965. In 2002, he was named by Sporting News as the greatest professional football player ever. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest professional athletes in the history of the United States! I loved him in the movie “Mars Attacks", and “Original Gangstaz," (just to name a few)! Michael Jeffrey Jordon, Basketball player, former minor league baseball player, born in New York, N.Y., February 17, 1963. Known by his initials, MJ, is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and majority owner and chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats. His biography on the National Basketball Association (NBA) website states, "By acclamation, Micha ...
Presidential Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day President Dale - I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working for them, and that ain't bad. -President Dale (Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks!) Did you know? When people had their flesh vaporized from their bones, the remaining skeletons were either red or green. Tim Burton explained this had been done because the movie had been scheduled for a Christmas release. Johnny Depp turned down the role of reporter Jason Stone. Tim Burton visited Tom Jones backstage after one of his Las Vegas shows to ask him to appear in his film. Warren Beatty was originally cast as the president. Paul Newman was cast when Beatty dropped out, but then left the project over the violence concerns. Michael Keaton was also considered. The scene where characters are wandering through a collection of old neon signs was filmed at the "Neon Boneyard", located on property maintained by the Neon Museum, a non-profit organization in Las Vegas. Many of ...
OK. Mars Attacks bass has passed the James Jamerson test! Next is the Dennis Dunaway test!
Mars Attacks into Midnight Cowboy is a pretty great Saturday night.
Okay, I've been listening to a couple of Slim Whitman tunes. For you young bucks, he's the guy whose music made the Martians' heads explode in "Mars Attacks". And although I have to admit that was pretty funny, I remember seeing the guy when I was about ten years old on the Jimmy Dean Show. Errol Flynn mustache. Black and white motif on his guitars and suits. Now you have to understand that I was grooving to the Beatles and Dave Clark Five and this new sound from across the Atlantic so old Slim came across as quite a clown to me then. But fifty years later, I realize that the man possessed a tone and incredible vocal command that few present day performers could even dream of. What a voice! Amazing perfection in multiple octaves. Roy Orbison approached it. Others attempted. Very pure musical talent. Must be getting old and soft in my appreciation of things I used to ridicule. Maybe that's how this life makes its circles.
If you watched a movie with Jack Nicholson, Glen Close, Michael J Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Natalie Portman, Jack Black, Pam Grier, Annette Bening, Jim Brown, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker and Danny Divito you would think it was good but no its Mars Attacks!! Just thought that was funny.
Would LOVE to do some Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks! or Magnus Robot Fighter (preferably russ manning era cover art but I'm open to suggestion)... For the next few weeks I'm down for cutting the price a little bit if someone is interested in some of this stuff.
Have you ever seen the movie Mars Attacks? How in the world did they get all those stars into one horrible film? Jack Nicholson, Annette Benning, Danny Devito, Pam Grier, Martin Short, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman, Glenn Close...I mean geez!
Mars Attacks, 4-12,13-14 @ Fort Knox has Commanders!!! Leading the Earthlings on Defense, will be the "Legendary. Paco, Bobby Schnebel! And leading the Martian attack on the Earth, will be HueyDawg, Kent Marsh!!! This will be an awesome battle! Who would of thunk it, that Paco would command! A big thank you to these 2 fine players for stepping up to make a great game!
I thought Earl Campbell was in Mars Attacks hm LOL
6. American singer-songwriter Slim Whitman died June 19, 2013. In which 1996 movie is Whitman's version of the song "Indian Love Call" the mortal weakness of the invading aliens? Mars Attacks! Independence Day The War of the Worlds Mystery Science Theater 3000
Roberta laughing because she sent Kurt a Slim Whitman CD, as he was always making fun of him in the movie Mars Attacks. I said, you never know he might even like it. She said she didn't think so.
Ray J was in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks, took the alien guns, saved the President...and survived.
Up early with good ol pepsi,raisin bran and watching "Mars Attacks".
2 Observers the sound of Gilbert Gottfried's voice causes a reaction like Indian Love Call does to Martians in Mars Attacks
Ah, but death by Slim Whitman has - didn't U C documentary Mars Attacks. Yodelling the Indian Love Call v effective! ;O)
Hmmm... should I be worried that Anna has been watching too much Mars Attacks? ... she's walkin' around the house singing Slim Whitman. :-\
I rarely, if ever, post a review of something I a movie or concert, but last night's concert moved me so deeply, I feel compelled to share what I was lucky enough to witness. I think it's fair to say that there are few collaborations more full of dark, creative magic than that of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. It's safe to say that Tim Burton's movies, magical as they are, would have a fraction of the impact that they do without Elfman's hauntingly magical scores to round them out. How could Edward Scissorhands be as endearing and heartbreaking without that score to pull at our heartstrings? How could the frantic energy of Pee Pee-wee Herman come to life without the silly and wondrous sounds created by Elfman's score? How could Batman be as heroic, Mars Attacks be as other-worldly, The Corpse Bride be as charming without the music of Danny Elfman to make our ears recognize what our eyes see? Watching John Mauceri conduct the Hollywood Studio Symphony and the Page LA choir was to be a part of movi ...
I keep hearing people say "I love Tim Burton", "My favorite is Nightmare Before Christmas", "Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors." Yet none of those people have seen the greatest movie that he has made, Mars Attacks.
Francis Lawrence's 2007 version of I Am Legend was a box office smash taking just shy of $600 million dollars worldwide, with Will Smith proving the Fresh Prince was the King of Hollywood for a reason. The film itself is good but suffers from a godawful third act collapse when the focus detracts from Big Will, resulting in the most formulaic of gung *** endings plus the strangest dues ex machina explanation. Check out the alternative ending on the DVD for a much closer representation of Matheson's original text, by the way. So, what if that dark, unrelentingly bleak opening had continued throughout? What if the non-humans were not simply an army of CGI monsters but beautifully crafted prosthetics and animatronics? What if the script was a tight psychological thriller/horror by Skyfall/Gladiator scribe John Logan? What if Ridley Scott had directed I Am Legend? Let us head back to the late 1990s. Science fiction cinema is booming. The Star Trek films are appearing almost annually. Stargate, Mars Attacks, Co ...
it should have stopped with Mars Attacks...
u ever seen that movie Mars attacks?!! GUNGA
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say that three times in a row and you'll sound like the Martians from Mars Attacks.
I remember each Fry's had a different design theme. My local one was Mars Attacks. Complete with spaceship and laser cut jeep
Alternate Covers- which form this quality quadriptych !
Mars attacks is one of the greatest movies ever! It is just so strange yet comical :D Can you relate? :D
Mars Attacks! is the most terrifying movie I have ever seen
Sharon reminds me of Mars Attacks..Ha remember that film 😌
Mars Attacks is a much scarier situation than Independence Day
Sharon's got a bit of a Mars Attacks dress on tonight
Watching 'Mars Attacks' in German, whilst pasta cooks in a posh apartment in Cologne. Germany Rocks!!!
If anyone is proud of their involvement in Mars Attacks, I hope it's Ray J. Definitely a career highlight for him.
Mars Attacks! is both Tim Burton's homage to and his own Plan 9 From Outer Space. Discuss.
.and possibly smoke and Mars Attacks! later.
Shouts Ray J who had a wild role in Mars Attacks!
oh and i like movies such as space jam and i love mars attacks esp. when the martians go ACK ACKACK ACK ACK it calms my soul
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I forgot how much I love the movie Mars Attacks. It makes me giggle ^_^
Looks like I caught Mars Attacks, just I time
Mars attacks! is on.I promise you nothing better is happening
Just downloaded Mars Attacks. I've been trying to watch this movie forever
LOL Looking at my cable guide, HBO COMEDY has a 1996 movie called MARS ATTACKS 😁😁😁
Amber has my car keys and she isn't here 😒
I just read 'Bruno Mars Attacks' I give up on these I can never be that good.
As much as I dug Big Fish, it doesn't touch Beetlejuice, Scissorhands, Ed Wood, or Mars Attacks. Those are like untouchables
All the references to liberals' heads exploding reminds me of the Martians in Mars Attacks and Slim Whitman music.
If aliens attack earth id probably start playing "Indian Love Call" like on Mars Attacks
My neighbors dog sounds like the aliens from Mars Attacks when it barks. Where the *** is Slim Whitman when I need him?
Best thing about Mars Attacks - the grandmother's obsession with Slim Whitman. There is no beating the Yodeling Cowboy!
Watching Jack Nicholson get killed twice by Martians in Mars Attacks!
Lmao! 'Mars Attacks' is a very stupid film. To think that Jack Nicholson agreed to act in this.
That's right… it was Nick Cave look-a-like Slim Whitman. Also, sorry if I just spoilt Mars Attacks for you.
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In the last 24 hours I've learned that Meryl Streep played Jessica Lovejoy, and Martin Amis did re-writes for 'Mars Attacks'
My loyalties are with Jack Nicholson in "Mars Attacks"
Black people the worst since the Martians in Mars Attacks.
Girl walked in here looking like she walked straight outta "Mars Attacks!"
Sorry, but you're all wrong. My card was Mars Attacks! PRIZE CAPTIVE. Thanks for trying, though!
Don't ask me why I am watching America's next top model, but Tyra banks looks like the alien from mars attacks
I'm free! Finally off work! I don't go back till Tuesday afternoon! 😏👍
Comic dudes. I need a photo of a Mars Attacks ship zapping a person. Person up front. Ready go. Winner gets to be a winner.
lololol no problem. Always here to lend a hand. Or both.
she say's its better than Mars attacks.
Great I work with all girls today! 😑 I can't talk about sports at all now!
Thor, Mars Attacks, an unnamed set for Leaf are looming deadlines.
Yeah, it's a pretty awesome movie! I watched it several dozen times when coloring Mars Attacks Transformers!
Cool, I heard there was a new Mars Attacks but didn't get an invite.
My wiener is out of control. Today I got a wicked *** while grocery shopping just thinking about the movie”Mars Attacks…
OMG! This is so cute! So like are these in boxes of Mars Attacks cards?
The Campaign/ Mars Attacks/ W/ when Homer is in charge of the StoneCutters/ Quimby
this just reminds me of the martian speech from Mars Attacks.
Watching mars attacks by myself.. Time to get paranoid.
For the Mars Attacks Trading Cards c: I'm getting to do sketch cards for 'em
The Mars Attacks Martian brain is hard to draw without making it look like a butt on a head. Maybe I just need to stop drawing butt heads.
Off-strip Landmark Hotel in Las NV closed on Aug 8, 1990. Implosion later used in Mars Attacks! movie.
Karen Black has died Scenes from "Mars Attacks!" were filmed on my street. Never saw her or Tim Burton, though.
Who has two thumbs and is working on Mars Attacks sketch cards?
Aye jack nickleson was the prez in mars attacks lol "even better then Danny Glover lol"
Sketch warm up of a Darkling vs. Mars Attacks alien
So when are we going back to Alondras ? I need me some wings!
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