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Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is an event where one person in a relationship asks for the other's hand in marriage.

Isabel Oli Abu Salem John Prats

Will Serena Williams Getting Married Affect Her Tennis? - She and her fiance announced the engagement on Reddit...
I'm one to say "NO" to a proposal if I feel ambushed... Talk to me first, see my reaction about marriage & take it fro…
"Please be my coach until I retire!". "It's almost like a marriage proposal, I wish you'd never retire"
Worst marriage proposal in history. Dude said "delete it and we'll do it again" 😂😂😂
I liked a video from YOU DON'T KNOW JACK | The Marriage Proposal
Lol. Well my marriage proposal from 2 yrs ago doesn't expire until 2086. I'm still 💘. Oh and I don't have either one either ☺
A *** will DM you and forget it ever happened until you *** bring it up like it was a marriage proposal.
Big news! My now fiance surprised me at home with the ultimate marriage proposal. View it here:
Always a good night when you get a marriage proposal😂😂
I just received a marriage proposal after someone saw my channel, I've always dreamed of being proposed to through…
I think you have to accept a marriage proposal actually directed at someone else to one-up yourself now.
I'm so emotional, I just cried after watching a marriage proposal
Veteran pilot takes his marriage proposal to new heights by asking his girlfriend to marry him mid-air.
This "thank you" I'm writing sounds like a marriage proposal
*** *** That's not a date that's a marriage proposal and I do
My tío and tía are deadass arguing about how his marriage proposal could have been more romantic I'm d y ing
Went to an open house and got a marriage proposal lmao
"What the *** is this?". "It's a proposal...". "What kind of proposal do you think it is?". "Pretty sure it has nothing to do with Marriage."
To paraphrase- men fear women will laugh at them, women fear that men will kill them.
Dominic Lawrence has planned this marriage proposal for six months. Nothing can go wrong—until his Nonna calls….
I added a video to a playlist Achmed The Dead Terrorist deals w/ a marriage proposal in Ireland | All
Hey guys! Really ready to pop that question, but you just can’t quite set the perfect scene? .
Son of Greensburg woman murdered over marriage proposal says "everybody falls in love with her"
Is this supposed to be a marriage proposal? 😷
A Greensburg woman is murdered after she turns down a marriage proposal. Who else was in the home when her body was fo…
VIRAL: Man makes marriage proposal in the middle of traffic
Watch This Dude Lose Ring during His Failed Marriage Proposal Attempt, in Front of Millions of People
may be to late for that, especially after I delivered the marriage proposal
Ever wonder why ugly guys don't try that public marriage proposal thing? She just gon say i am sorry and leave you on ur kn…
book is the best ever! The words "hoisted" and "pinky toe" should find their way into every marriage proposal, if you ask me.
A woman turned down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Then he killed her, police say.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Been in Washington, D.C. for 2 hours, been asked out on a date and one marriage proposal already...
Pilot surprises girlfriend with a marriage proposal at 35,000 feet
skimmed the script for an inevitable kissing scene w/ chase's character but all I found so far was a marriage proposal and a firm handshake🤔
Another woman has been murdered after turning down a marriage proposal:
Pilot's in flight marriage proposal is adorable & will allow you to continue to believe in love!
An Indiana woman was shot to death by her boyfriend after turning down his marriage proposal. https:…
I liked a video *** Marriage Proposal at Burning Man 2013
"Are you %$with me??" and Other Ways to Accept a Marriage Proposal" Romantic moments gone awry with
Well great call bringing into his marriage proposal is Ratings Ratings Ratings
Deputies celebrate graduation with a marriage proposal
will kim give me a follow back? Will she ever accept my marriage proposal ? Find out on the next episode of dragonball z
I liked a video from Best Surprise Marriage Proposal
Marriage proposal !!!: Are you needing a change in your life? Are all your friends married with children? will you…
Fish photobombs marriage proposal attempt at Toronto aquarium
Im a sucker for marriage proposal videos hay
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
16. When Raven didn't know she accepted a marriage proposal 😫
That engagement at a Ted Cruz rally was really a fake couple's anti-Cruz performance art
.stages fake engagement in post-Iowa Rally to lie 2 voters results Read:
Watching marriage proposal videos and imagining they're A&M. ♡♡.
Making an outline for a marriage proposal to an imaginary girl was the weirdest thing I've ever done.
'Determined (BLANK) valiantly tries to stop marriage proposal'
Second marriage proposal of the day. So, at least I've got that going for me.
Off to the writing cave, I have a marriage proposal to write...but not your typical proposal ;)
what is this marriage proposal? why didn't I know this? young lady you need to give some good explanation!
What better way to propose for all those fans
lol show me the women who meet a man they genuinely love who would say No to a marriage proposal at any age.
In ancient Greece tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.
Read the new blog by The Heart Bandits here and leave us your comments!
Its too late for a marriage proposal though 😁
I liked a video from Best Marriage Proposal Ever (Warning: You will Laugh and Cry)
First ever O2 Academy marriage proposal! 😱 congratulations to Robbie and his future wife!
When your cousin from overseas refuses your marriage proposal
ANT and Dec helped to organise a LIVE proposal on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.See the full story here: .
There is a lovely tradition in England that a man cannot refuse a marriage proposal from a lady on Leap Day, Feb 29th.…
that was the first time I'd see a marriage proposal at a sporting event. I know they happen; guess that's of my bucket list.
The chances of me saying yes to a marriage proposal are exactly proportionate to the amount of cheese present when ask…
The most beautiful marriage proposal💍✨. (Vine by
Did anyone else see this at the epic Victoria & Dan & best wishes for the future
Determined stingray valiantly tries to stop marriage proposal
Whenever my parents ask about marriage I become a govt officer and sit over the proposal for days for no reason
Unique ice castle built for marriage proposal in Gander
It's a friend request not a marriage proposal
It was supposed to me a marriage proposal but I licked the ring ❤ @ Jacksonville University
Romance Magicians: "Are you f---ing with me?" And other ways to accept a marriage proposal
Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved . “J Cole Breaks Up With GF After 3rd Marriage Proposal
“can I play with your hair?” is basically a marriage proposal GOD YES YOU CAN PLAY WITH MY HAIR
Tonight at 7pm Marriage Proposal at the Hudson Theatre lmharnisch's photo
Abu Salem agrees to marriage proposal from a 26-year-old woman: Peru President completed his Marriage in prison:
Abu Salem says Qubul Hai to a ridiculous marriage proposal, here’s why! .
I've keen interest in reading Obama's reaction to Mugabe's proposal to marry him.To be sure he meant business promoting same sex marriage.
What DM actually means:. Direct Message. What girls think it means:. Direct Marriage proposal from a chichora guy and i should block him
"I do: Jailed gangster Abu Salem accepts Mumbai girl's proposal for marriage - Firstpost"
*** marriage is now legal...I'm waiting for my proposal
It is too early for a marriage proposal. Too god *** early.
Not time to accept a proposal of marriage so I shall be mostly breathing.
Marriage proposal in the middle of NYC Pride March! Thanks Alyson Palmer!
Proposal would get Texas government out of marriage license business:
At this rate i'll never be part of a viral marriage proposal, but I'll totally be part of a viral breakup.
🎉 Celebrating marriage equality with and a proposal! ❤... (Vine by
Love. guarantee a marriage proposal, but have hotels in romantic destinations
1)The pic girl sends for an arranged marriage proposal.. 2)The girl in real life..
Dear future lover. . The ONLY way I'd ever accept a marriage proposal is if you get to sing at our wedding. The wa…
From OTC contraception to the end of marriage licensing, there's no progressive proposal from a Republican won't criticize.
The Rupee has now fallen lower than the mentality of Indians who reject a marriage proposal because the girl doesn't h…
A proposal 68 million years in the making ❤🐊
Ah so sweet! In a geeknerd romantic pedantic marriage proposal at the end of the acknowledgements way .
This is an honorable proposal of marriage made at what I consider a most opportune moment.
Awww: Read this scientist’s surprise marriage proposal, hidden in a paper about a…
Elaborate marriage proposals bore me, but when a paleontologist embeds a proposal in a research paper, I'm in! .
Awww: Read this scientist's surprise marriage proposal, hidden in a research paper
Marriage proposal in the acknowledgements of a Current Biology paper:
This paleontologist just snuck a marriage proposal into his paper on a new dinosaur - Vox
Every time I watch a 'super-romantic' marriage proposal in a movie,I alwys wonder wht they talk about after tht in real life.Must be awkward
Seth McMurry's girlfriend Cymber wanted one thing from her marriage proposal: to be surprised. And that's exactly what she got. On May 7,
A man’s heart rate was monitored during what may be the most nerve-racking time in anyone’s life – a marriage ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The most interesting marriage proposal! . He did it in a scientific paper 😬.
1. Find new dino . 2. Call it Hellboy . 3. Include marriage proposal in paper describing Hellboy . (4. Win at life) . https:/…
Heart rate machine tracks man during marriage proposal and shows just how stressful popping…
In geekiest proposal ever, a paleontologist proposes to girlfriend in footnotes of a science paper
I added a video to a playlist Marriage Proposal Video with Violinist Lizz Lipsombe
This has to be the most adorable geeky marriage proposal of all time
Currently signing marriage proposal forms for anyone willing to take me to coachella.
Still getting over the shock of a marriage proposal by a guy at the bucket during lol
I kinda want a big & extra marriage proposal but then I kinda want something small & simple
Corey wants me to live with him over the summer, and he wants me to accept a marriage proposal.
. you know, he even sent a marriage proposal of himself for Tagore's niece. (Sarla Devi).
This moment is already made up in my mind since you forgived me .. don't worry it's not a marriage proposal *giggles*
never thought his song would be used for a marriage proposal! And it all took place on an airplane >
Dataviz: Tracking a man's heartbeat during his marriage proposal. Astounding!
Mallys proposal of marriage being rejected
Watched that Home Depot marriage proposal video again, and now balling my eyes out. Why do I do this to myself?
“Yes Please Lebo”. So you'd like me to say 'yes' to your marriage proposal?
“Am Still waiting for Your Respond about what u Said ull think about it.”. Your marriage proposal?
Video: She’s giving him a rusty trombone while he sits on her face.  I hope a marriage proposal followed.
Which was the funniest proposal you got? — I havent received a proposal yet. Not ready for marriage. 😂
Also saw a marriage proposal during the race. 2nd time I've seen this!
Step up your proposal game - 18 Guys Who Took Marriage Proposal to the next Level
MARRIAGE PROPOSAL TIP: Get down on 1 knee. Ok, now the other. Great! Lie flat on your face. Quickly roll away don't get …
Marriage is a huge deal but these proposals turn out to be a huge mess.
~ marriage proposal. "The Lord of the Rings was a spectacular series. I read it five times growing up," he wriggled himself~
Got my first marriage proposal at a wedding last night 🙌
Hmmm. Is your man marriage material? Ask yourself these questions:
The irony is that naysayers are arguing against a campaign and proposal that is pro marriage and stability
JUST IN: Kathryn kissed Daniel after saying yes to the latter's marriage proposal in the middle of the crowd.
Church of Ireland Bishop Michael Burrowes calls for a Yes vote in Marriage Equality referendum. "Christians should support…
So asking the guy next to me to read a poem and not me is now the biggest miss of my life. But that marriage proposal...
.and I just watched a marriage proposal onstage at Bob's Burgers Live!
There is a god. He agreed to my proposal of marriage in 12 years of we are both still single af
Why y'all *** acting like prom a marriage proposal ?
yeah I did the same to a year ago. haven't gotten a marriage proposal yet
saw the CUTEST marriage proposal at the Spurs game 😭❤
Those prom proposal are too much ! you asking a girl to a dance not her hand in marriage 😒😒
I just watched a marriage was waaay too cute
You weren't just asking to have a drink... That was a marriage proposal.
This tiny camera will capture your marriage proposal from the ring's perspective.
omg apparently I received a marriage proposal I am mortified what is wrong with people
We had a marriage proposal during tonight's game - she said YES!. Join us in congratulating Ryan & Lauren!
Today is National Marriage Proposal day! How did you get proposed to? We'd love to hear!
Just witnessed a marriage proposal at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks and I may or may not be sobbing
As if we just witnessed a marriage proposal on Kiss Cam at the game 😂😂
Just witnessed the best marriage proposal ever! Wish I got to snap that!! A walking dog brought it to the fiance
In some cultures, this proclamation counts as a marriage proposal. The cool ones, mainly.
I see everywhere about relationships, babies, marriage & 2 top it off its national proposal day! It's just the best 2 see it when ur single😒
I don't mean to brag but.. I just received my 11th marriage proposal via DM.
Just witnessed a marriage proposal at Indie bookstores = love.
Video: Alaska flight attendant gets big surprise with inflight marriage proposal via
I will take that as a marriage proposal
My sister has just got a marriage proposal 😭😭😭
my mom said I got a marriage proposal that was kinda serious but she refuses to tell me who the guy is omg
Ohhh no!!! I understand how all the other teams feel when they saw the marriage proposal. Imagine I had to buy my own ring. 😂😂😂
A marriage proposal at the pitstop, that's never happened before.
Yay for marriage. Go karev for marrying her. Yay Derek for that proposal.
Around-the-world scavenger hunt ends in marriage proposal
Remember that time KFC rejected my marriage proposal
sucha lovely girls evening. Marriage proposal videos, nails, twisters and cups of tea. Missing my though
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
TIL in some European countries, if a man refuses a woman's marriage proposal on February 29th, he is required to p…
Is this proposal romantic to ppl? Then I must hate romance bc I thought it was super lame.
If I ever get a marriage proposal I just hope I'm in love and it's the sweetest and most thoughtful proposal, ever. 💖
Can anyone help get to help him with his marriage proposal?
You at red lob on your twenty first? At this time on my 21st I had blacked out 3 times and broke up a random dudes marriage proposal
Marriage Proposal: Lady gets engaged after scary prank [VIDEO]
I gave ryan sr teru and that's a marriage proposal to them
A marriage proposal at our # PAX East booth thanks to the people at Labs. Congrats
Work news I mean. It wasn't a marriage proposal or anything. 😱
SO SWEET: Woman's around-the-world scavenger hunt ends with boyfriend's marriage
Last night I got a marriage proposal from a guy. He said he was completely het, but he was in love with me.
When ignores your marriage proposal so you sit there like
Received yet another marriage proposal from a student today. I think I'm going to start wearing a fake engagement ring 😂💍
Cute! Any video game related in a marriage proposal is good for me. -u-
Relax! He's probably writing a really great marriage proposal, then he'll text you back.
Sebastian Stan. This is a marriage proposal. Do you accept? . Y/N? (circle one)
Is wondering if would be willing to help with a marriage proposal at the Puerto Rico comic con
trying to get in touch with mr brooks about possibly announcing a marriage proposal at his show in BUF
She had no idea his proposal was coming — and it will give you all the feels!
Anambra police arrest man for duping girl of N1m…after a fake marriage proposal: The Anambra State Police Comm...
I liked a video from Marriage Proposal Failure
Lisbon accepts Jane's marriage proposal... about it. Sorry if that spoils you.
disertQuoge: type Thesis Proposal on Same Sex Marriage for cheap...
2/2 accepting his marriage proposal. His words and his leaving was just hurtfull
It's WCW not a marriage proposal. There's to many awesome women here for me to stop at one list
I met someone, love is in the air.. did i catch a praying MANtis , he a ladybugs? Marriage proposal n 2days of knowing him..??
Idec cause out of all the couples Klaine got the most romantic proposal and the longest engagement. . Marriage is part of their story
Hey guise, Pat said yes to my marriage proposal.
Improving good hope marriage proposal near telemarketing: HzNVtbk
I hesitate to say the offer of a dishwasher clinched the marriage proposal, but
Congratulations to Tim and Nicole - Gallery 133's very first marriage proposal - What a unique experience!...
Imams Abu Hanifa, Shafi'i, Malik, all hold the view that it's a sin to put a proposal of marriage against the proposal of a…
Hugh Keevins said if Celtic paid the money for Armstrong then he (HK) would receive a proposal of marriage from Jennifer Lopez.
I think I just fall in love w this guy ... now I've to wait for his proposal marriage!! Yeapp
My prof wants me to do my essay proposal but like I just don't think we're ready for that kind of commitment yet marriage is hard
next time slip them my number, I need to get a marriage proposal in 2 years.
We can help you plan a romantic marriage this Valentine's Day at Hever Castle. Email info
My most romantic gift was my marriage proposal.
Want to surprise your sweetheart and pop the question on our show? Enter here!
Want to PROPOSE with these phone cases???
Not asking for a relationship or a marriage proposal, just asking for someone to be the big spoon and buy me chipotle
Oh, sorry, that was just a congratulations gesture. Wasn't a marriage proposal or anything like that.
Celebrating a special event at marriage proposal? baby announcement? new ink? Share a photo w/ and WIN WOC gear!
celtic spend that money on Armstrong in Jan I'll get a marriage proposal from J-Lo"he actually said it …
Thank you for your marriage proposal Lol! I'll consider am proposing,you look hot, chic, sassy n sexy on your profile pic   10% Off
I liked a video NEW Creative Surprise Marriage Proposal in Egypt
ICYMI: Live speedrun turns into marriage proposal.
8th part days were passing AND both of them were living their corporate life but still they were busy in thinking of each other. now months has passed but mukul didn’t receive any mail or call from lily. Mukul every day used to send her mails in which he used to tell her hw is his life was going, how much is he missing her and how strong he was now. at the other hand lily was also became strong but still she was in love. She neither call him nor checked her mails bcz she didn’t want to get hurt as now she just used to think that stupid one day love when they were talked and she was happy with that(her heart accepted that this was the best way to live a happy life). Now around 2 years has passed and they didn’t talk to each other from two years but still they were unable to forget each other. now parents of both of them were thinking about their marriage. Now one day an incident has taken place in lily’s life and for the first time she think to send a mail to him but she was surprised to see that . ...
Matt has a special surprise for his girlfriend, a marriage proposal that she will be able to watch again and again. This young man took very careful and thoughtful planning to pull this proposal with such fun for his new fiance
For the next fortnight, any brides that place a new order over £150 will get a 10% discount. So if any of you lovely ladies received a marriage proposal over the festive season, pop into the shop and see what we can design for you. (A 50% deposit must be made to be eligible for discount)
Elaborate Irish marriage proposal features advice from U2's Bono and Keywest.
In ancient Greece, throwing an apple at a woman was considered a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. This tradition still continues - throw an apple (iPhone5) and she will say YES!
"Before I accept your marriage proposal, you'll have to swear never to look at any other lady besides me; and also, that titles such as 'dear', 'sweetheart', 'baby', and allied terms, would be exclusively reserved for my enjoyment." "I'm sorry, I can't do that". "You see, all men are the same!" "You probably have hundreds of other women all around; you only want me as a house wife, while retaining others as companions-at-large." "That's not true, dear." "Don't you 'dear' me, John!" "You're probably one of those men who'd leave their wives at home, all day, only to sneak in like Nicodemus at unholy hours of the night." "By the way, I was only kidding about the swearing thing; you really thought that I, a graduate, would subscribe to something as archaic as swearing, as a form of love insurance?" "It doesn't even matter anymore; you have failed my test, woefully!" "But, sweetheart ..." "Don't 'but sweetheart' me; my answer is a capital No!" "Meggy, could you please hear me out?. Think of ten years from now, ...
At the marriage proposal, is that you flipping out?!. Seeing that live must've been amazing!
I swear, xhosa parents feel like the marriage proposal must come to them first
Live marriage proposal at our school. I was kinda hopin' I'd get chills but I felt nothing. Too much publicity kills romance.
We love this subway jam marriage proposal
Inclination thy marriage proposal pointed over and above past master sardonyx rings: lhwSmCVXh
who hasn't dated Roger Bobb? That's y I feel sorry 4 Demitria. It's like she is cluelessly waiting for a marriage proposal
Women nt worth a long and prolong relationship, this creature worth a marriage proposal
Here's how to pull off the Perfect Marriage that surely wouldn't go into waste disposal.
Me and went out to get B-Roll footage and ended up being part of a marriage proposal 💞
by you following me I accept your proposal of marriage. 😌
Guys, is talking about going to the gym. Marriage proposal coming up!
Find a LIVE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Is it FOR YOU?! Find out this wk!
I see a double tap she see a marriage proposal 😒.
Start the week with a lil bit of love thanks to our LIVE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL
Boss Chick but you turned down marriage proposal. Cc:
Love is in the air with another skydive marriage proposal right here at Skydive Abel Tasman. Toomas surprised...
My dad got emotional for watching some marriage proposal video LMAO omg what?
I want a marriage proposal like that 😭
I got the best marriage proposal idea 😏
In 1 week I got 3piercings. A relationship request. A marriage proposal and a twisted ankle...I be doing the most it seems like
lml I got u but u sure u dont have no marriage proposal deals on thee table?
A marriage proposal is so beautiful. I just don't see that in my future
Why do girls trip about they're bf liking girls insta pics. It's a like *** not a *** marriage proposal
I will not accept a marriage proposal if the man doesn't get on one knee.
That'll have to be a condition after the marriage proposal.
I added a video to a playlist John Prats and Isabel Oli (Marriage Proposal) OFFICIAL
Just witnessed a marriage proposal on the So cool.
Would you use a film as your marriage proposal inspiration?
witnessed a marriage proposal on the bus when I was coming to work
Will you marry me?: marriage proposal. Will, you, marry, me: a foursome inquiry
When Gucci Mane get out, gonna be waiting there with a marriage proposal.
Now we've seen our share of geeky marriage proposals in our day, but Isaac Lamb's insanely epic live lip-dub proposal last Wednesday, May 23, might just be the most epically awesome "she said yes!" story of them all. Watch the viral post originally on YouTube here:
Police helicopter spots marriage proposal from the sky
Police in London spotted a marriage proposal by helicopter – with thermal imaging capturing the special moment, showing a person dropped on one knee.
Watch this exciting kidnapping proposal! Click this link
Would you be able to help with a potential marriage proposal?
If you don't ask my mama for permission, you might as well kiss that marriage proposal goodbye.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Woman accepts man's illuminated marriage proposal
not sure to accept marriage proposal which I want to or be disgusted that you are the one who has brought society to this point
Huge demand for defense official daughters in kerala for marriage proposal... . (Considering the current beverage condition of kerala) . True story...
If I tell you sit on my face embrace yourself for a marriage proposal shortly after .
World Mystery proposal caught on camera: A POLICE helicopter’s night-vision camera has captured on camer...
So cute and romantic marriage proposal captured by police helicopter
I'm so exhausted I would probably accept a marriage proposal to be some prince's 3rd wife right now.
0wned by DodePersie ~ In Ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a woman was considered a marriage proposal.
But didn't acknowledge how he's my my marriage proposal.. You win some, you lose some guys ✌️
oh? That's not the correct response to a marriage proposal ***
Will you marry me = a marriage proposal. . Will, you, Mary, me? = A foursome inquiry.
Also, foreign dudes from India got mad when I wouldn't accept their marriage proposal or when I told them I was a ***
There is a marriage proposal from ISIS fighters; anyone interested from your family?
Pretty soon we're gonna live in a glorious country where the biggest obstacle to *** marriage is saving up 25K for you…
Prince Harry Receives a Marriage Proposal from a Middleton While in Chile
Prosecco deserves an extravagant marriage proposal. So delish !!!
Woo hoo! Marriage proposal on the WSSC Train today!! Congrats to the happy couple.
Got a marriage proposal today at work.
If youre as cute as him then marriage proposal accepted
Just saw the cutest marriage proposal like oh my gosh! Gave me butterflies 💗😭
The story of Justin Timberlake, a selfie, and the bizarre twist behind an Israeli marriage proposal. -
I liked a video from Worst Marriage Proposal EVER!
kendykiogora That marriage proposal is coming up.
That marriage proposal is coming up.
I was going to break up with my bf with a marriage proposal. Or would you call that an ultimatum
I've got a marriage proposal on the line if becomes the world f1 champion so come on Lewis
20 years Into the marriage, he tells you the whole proposal was a joke and the marriage wasn't serious to him. What would you do?
I just finished My favorite out of the whole series. That marriage proposal made me cry. So good.
This may be the best marriage proposal I've seen on the internet. What a guy.
I'm gonna get you so drunk that you're gonna accept my marriage proposal and marry yourself to me
Get 6 Free VitaTops
If its a marriage proposal then it's way too early for that..
Today I decided to go on a relaxing hike by myself & while I'm enjoying my lunch (alone) I witness a marriage proposal. GOOD ONE VERY FUNNY
When you get a match do you just go straight in with the marriage proposal or a simple hello?
I was feeling a bit let down with no marriage proposals in the last couple of weeks from the head of the US Armed Forces.but I've cheered up I just received one from Robin Hood :-O
Uff aise behave mat karo as if sje said Yes to ur Marriage Proposal! :p
Oh Tia honey, did you see the way he danced with me? A marriage proposal can't be far behind
If my marriage proposal is not cute I'm saying no. Real talk.
Getting rejected after saying "i love you" gotta feel like getting a marriage proposal rejected. Wont hear from me again
Want to guarantee that special someone accepts your marriage proposal? Propose at an improv class! The only option is "Yes, and.."
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