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Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender identity.

Northern Ireland Supreme Court Brian Gleeson Affordable Care Act Simon Coveney

18c to cover religion will never happen. Marriage Equality groups could then not oppose ACL for their religious belief in SSM.
. Marriage Equality will destroy Australian Society. It is one of the various tools of evil to degrade womanhood and motherwood.
All we want for Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland - 'Tis the season to be equal!
If republicans try to repeal Marriage Equality and Supreme Court has to rule it again I will take a flight to Washington and protest myself
Northern Ireland needs your help to win Marriage Equality! We need & support now more than ever to defeat
The plebiscite can now be pronounced dead and given the burial it deserves.
.says he's devastated Labor and the Greens 'stuffed up' opportunity to achieve marriage equality by voting…
I want a president who will appoint justices to defend Roe v Wade and marriage equality
Although Taiwan is moving closer towards marriage equality, Australia says no
Obama did not support Marriage Equality when I voted for him in 2008. But he seemed easier to lobby than McCain.
Don’t Vote Reason 226/275:. Opposes marriage equality and wants the Supreme Court to overturn their decision a…
Tim Wilson says marriage equality "has been dealt with" in the 45th parliament. Suggesting the matter is off the agenda now.
"There was time for a more mature debate that got beyond slogans like ‘equal love’ and ‘marriage equality.
If Trump wins that means no more *** marriage equality& if you're not 23 & have full benefits you'll have to get your own bc Obamacare 🤘🏼
says it perfectly. If you don't defend marriage equality, you're no friend of mine.
Loving v. Virginia paved the way for people like me to get married, and Mildred Loving supported marriage equality. Bawle…
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Fundamental civil rights don't belong on the ballot. Australia's parliament should act on marriage equality.
If Trump wins, he is literally going to reverse marriage equality. Idk how anyone LGBT could support him?
I can't believe a year ago I was celebrating marriage equality and now I am fearing a man who believes I'm not equal wil…
With plebiscite rejected, Australia parliament should do the right thing & approve marriage equality. Catch up time…
Commentators: now we'll have to wait 3yrs for marriage equality bc the gov said so. Me: do you understand what political camp…
(30) Hillary will fight for federal equality for all LGBT Americans—not appoint judges that will reverse marriage equality.
.vowed to rescind marriage equality & would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn last year’s histori…
Taiwan gets ready to become the first Asian country to say 'I do' to marriage equality
I would call marriage equality, surviving recession, first step toward single payer health care, good start.
Michelle Obama says "I'm so glad. that we have finally achieved marriage equality" Did he/she mean her and Barack?.
WATCH: Cute cattle ranchers want marriage equality ASAP
It's time for the next stage of the marriage equality campaign. Here's the plan | Rodney Croome
"marriage equality is finally a reality from coast to coast" - sure is. Thanks for the help with that
“Marriage equality is not a high priority so let’s spend millions polling everyone about it.”. What happened to basic logic?…
The path ahead is clear and direct and remains what it has always been - a vote in Parliament on htt…
Mr Turnbull's wasteful, divisive plebiscite has been defeated tonight in the Senate. Let's make marriage equality law…
I'm not voting for who led the fight against marriage equality, and followed the rest of us only when polls changed
In 2009, only 4 states recognized marriage equality. Today, marriage equality is a reality in all 50 states! Progre…
HILLARY 4 OUR SHARED VISION ". where Marriage Equality is a right, and discrimination a wrong."...
Sign the petition to on Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland - Sign the P... via
Be who you are. Love who you love. Closets are for clothes. on Marriage Equality | Northern Ireland
*** Scottish Tories thanking Mr Cameron for giving "us" Marriage Equality. . Er?
Sarah Hanson-Young: Marriage Equality would impact our trade relations with Asia... more foreign policy insight fr…
Northern Ireland has been left behind on Marriage Equality. Please help Sign@ https…
💖 Marriage Equality has been vetoed 5 times in Northern Ireland. Please sign to ht…
Catholic church warns agains Marriage Equality but never warned against child sexual abuse by its priests? Strange pri…
My private members bill on Marriage Equality submitted today & from colleagues on FFA, Integrated Ed, Flags, Animal Welfare…
I liked a video Alyssa Edwards' Secret - Marriage Equality on Hollywood Blvd
Bernie was 4 marriage equality yrs B4 HRC. . Anyway, Be a loudmouth if it's fun, or gratifying, or productive, or whatever.
supporting for gender equality in all aspects of life.. Work, relationships, marriage etc is AMAZING!!! 50/50
Right, that's why she wants to shut down planned parenthood and overturn marriage equality.
. When itComes toDreams. UsedTo be some people laughed atAbolitionists,laughedAt voting andCivil rights.laughed at marriage equality
. There is no such thing as *** marriage. It's marriage equality. Right. . 👫 👬 👭
I took this days before the Supreme Court announced marriage equality lol 😉
NOH8 campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality.
Together we CAN in Northern Ireland! Help on love. Sign here: ✍ 👍❤️
FUN FACT: the voting date for marriage equality in ireland was on the 22nd may 2015, which is also my birthday which makes me :D
As if the church has any power over our secular country anymore
Utterly discredited church tells *** CEOs at Qantas, SBS to stop supporting
and Bernie opposed marriage equality in his own state, then lied about it:
To the person you love should be a right not a priviledge!
Indeed. On other issues (marriage equality, pot) evidence is that older get infected by liberal views of the younger
can you help us get our message out to support LGBTIQA staff at Telstra :-)
Ireland already said Yes to equal marriage, now we can shout stronger a thunderous YES n support. NOI
Stone even lobbied for Marriage Equality bill. Said he helped write it.
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No apologies but I like many want to vote on the social issue of marriage equality
That's Minister Gamble to you Vote "yes"marriage equality at plebiscite!
Cameron&Mathew 🎩🎩💍 Vote yes for marriage equality at the plebiscite!
All because of marriage .. What happened to 'the customer is always right?' . I dislike most republicans..
Bernie Sanders voted against Marriage Equality in Vermont in 2006.
I swear to god if we get a republican as president & they overturn the marriage equality act I'm leaving. Please don't take my rights away.
Church told *** CEOs at Qantas, SBS to stop supporting marriage equality via
Facts do matter. What vote did he cast against Marriage Equality?
Some people still haven't signed to stop the bigotry in Northern Ireland do it now please ! ht…
After its criminal protection of pedophiles, the Catholic Church lost any right to deliver moral lectures.
Hey - don't back away from Sign petition here: via
And Bernie Sanders voted against Marriage Equality in 2006 and didn't endorse it until 2009. Facts matters!
The are abusing equality legislation to block equal marriage 😢 Sign@ ht…
Bernie never keeps it real:. Brady Bill. PLCAA. Guns on Trains. Marriage Equality. Immigration Reform. Minutemen. Sierra Blanca
Breaking news: "Peter Pan Live" persuades hold out states to accept Marriage Equality.
The Australian Senate will have a vote on Marriage Equality on Thursday:
Di Natale: There is no greater supporter of Marriage Equality in the Australian Parliament than the Australia Greens
Shout out Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for bringing Marriage Equality to America
-Sign the petition to on Marriage Equality in NI https:/…
meanwhile local papers are trying to argue Malcolm Turnbull will totally do Marriage Equality if not for those nasty unions holding him back
Alongside killing ISIS, GOP also wants to wipe out Diversity & Justice, Minority Progress, Marriage Equality & Respect for the Pope!
Stop the DUP using the 'petition of concern' to veto Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland ·
Which is good for us! Healthcare, Marriage Equality, Job Growth and a smart guy in White House! Nothing better!
"One day you'll be a republican" yeah sure, when they are pro marriage equality and pro choice and have better health care plans then maybe
This Sunday Slovenia votes on marriage equality. We hope they back love & progress. It's time for YES! https:…
If the church would have defend separation of church & state, marriage equality wouldnt have ever been an issue.
Elton John takes to Instagram to make a plea for marriage equality: ... took to Instagram and stating he and h...
Is the final frontier of marriage equality when women can get down on one knee?
I hate how Christians hate marriage equality and women's rights. Like why can't they just accept people for who they are?
Some crazy people, frightened of marriage equality, join the Ted Cruz campaign; but this one joined al Qaeda instead
Past year'd be good record for an entire presidency:. 5% Unemp. Climate pact. Marriage Equality. Iran. Net neutrality. Cuba. Ove…
After what said about *** & Marriage Equality haven't heard ANYTHING from his *** supporter
when I see posts in protest of marriage equality
The Right Sees 2016 as a Chance to Take Over the Supreme Court, Reverse Marriage Equality
Fascinating that Rubio thinks his path to the presidency allows for pledging to ban marriage equality. It really really doesn't.
*** and *** marriage are not inclusive terms for the LGBTQ community, marriage equality, or same-gender relationships.
Straight people voting down marriage equality. Now who is forcing their lifestyle on others in this situation?
They also declared marriage equality a priority and HRC the leader... so we obviously can't trust their judgement...
2015 brought marriage equality, historic climate agreements, and more. Chip in to keep the momentum going:
"Marriage equality is not possible because a marriage is between a man and a woman"-- a tautology
✧ families shattered & kids battered/abused because of on LGBTs & marriage equality groan. F1 is pure peronist
Marriage equality almost didn’t happen: The strange tale of how it all started
I will believe it when he stands up for women's rights and marriage equality.
“Many factors, like gentrification and the fight for marriage equality, have contributed to the rise in...
.attacks marriage equality at Wednesday audience.
Marriage equality? Yep. Millions more insured? Check. 2015 was historic—ready to keep up the hard work in 2016?
The should stop celebrating it's false success in marriage equality when clearly ALL POLYGAMISTS are discriminated against !! LIARS!
"Reasons to oppose marriage equality"
Major legislation which will promote equal treatment of citizens under law
in case u forgot, homophobia didnt end when USA got marriage equality !
2015 in Review: Marriage Equality, Mass Shootings, Pope Francis and Islamic State: The opposition has continue...
Time to lay ground rules for respectful debate
You'd think conservatives would fight on the side of isis with anti-abortion, anti *** marriage, anti-education, anti-equality...
Southern Judges Continue to Defy SCOTUS on Marriage Equality | Advocate. I am posting from Alabama. JV
Great start to our Impact of Marriage Equality on Texas Law course today at the Texas Law Center!
Still time to register for The Impact of Marriage Equality on Texas Law happening live and via webcast tomorrow!
The Northern Ireland Assembly is due to debate Marriage Equality on MONDAY! Please sign and share!
Marriage Equality the work of the devil but paedophilia understandable .. vi…
Mary McAleese - Former President of Ireland - Why My Family is Voting YES to Marriage Equality
Your days are few as PM, Going out in style?. Emissions trading scheme. Marriage Equality. An Australian Republic.
Kevin Swanson: Says all 50 Governors will go to *** for upholding SC Marriage Equality decision via
Hey SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act & Marriage Equality get over it and look for a different group of people to hate
Perhimpunan menuntut Marriage Equality di Sydney Town Hall. After this, we will rally for polygamy right! Lol
'Marriage Equality' and the Politics of Love via
New York Times: Battle for *** rights doesn't end with marriage equality
I'm all for *** marriage and equality but what does this represent?I don't go round with the need show I'm str
As a Blk trans woman I am not int'd in inclusion, marriage, equality. I am int'd in liberation of Black ppl"
I am no interested in inclusion, marriage, equality. I am interested in the liberation of my people
"Not interested in inclusion, equality, marriage. I'm only interested in liberation for all black people."
is uninterested in equality or marriage. She wants the liberation of black people. And deserves it.
Not interested in marriage, inclusion or equality I am interested in the liberation & freedom of Black ppl
We just got marriage equality. Israel prohibits its citizens from marrying Palestinians.
stages tho. They think equality =Muslim *** marriage slavery. I'm only marrying the women!
Abbott puffs out his chest on terrorism ..but scuttles away from Marriage Equality, Domestic Violence, Racism & Bronwyn's thie…
Today 🇺🇸 2015 👫 and 👬 and 👭 is ok. Marriage equality procures positivity and tolerance. A good good day indeed X
Polyamory: The New ‘Marriage Equality’? via Now that love is all one needs to marry, why not?
So proud to see marriage equality for the LGBTQ community in my lifetime! Now, I'll tell you what I tell the straight f…
How the media are promoting polyamory. The new ‘marriage equality’?
ICYMI why marriage equality isn't enough by Betsy Lucal on WWIH
Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals how she would have written the marriage equality decision. By
Enjoy your evening and much deserved celebration
he even posted awhile back he wasn't for marriage equality when it became legal lol. Bigots.
Watch this to know what would it be like if there was Marriage Equality in India: ENJOY :D
What would it be like to have Marriage Equality in India?! Watch my video to know : :)
Moving video shows journey to marriage equality in the US
God and the incredible civil rights success of *** rights. My column
I liked a video from 7-Year-Old Explains About Supreme Court Marriage Equality
I feel like if every person who was against marriage equality would just own up to this, we all would…
Sure, Ken Paxton just got indicted, but at least beforehand he was able to embolden some county clerks to resist marriage equality…
Belfast Pride calls for marriage equality in the North
Thousands march for marriage equality at this years
Why is it that the people who stay posting bible verses are the ones who speak towards *** marriage and racial equality wi…
believe it is time for Marriage Equality. May be it is - but trust the Australian people to decide. Nothing to fear from a vote?
Labour sticks to conscience vote on Marriage Equality for 2 terms. Shorten calls on Abbott to give his party room a free …
He'll have to deal w/ Baltimore mayor stuff, but STRONG Obama supporter, anti-death penalty, pro-Marriage Equality & weed? BRUH.
Marriage Equality makes us, Amber Atkins, Rebecca Ann Leeman, Leslie Miller, and Molly Howard, proud to be an...
Send in Federal Marshal's to enforce Marriage Equality in the States of Texas and Louisiana, and...
Our Timely Topics page has been updated with new topics! Get quick research links for Marriage Equality,...
Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia Welcomes Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality
to lead Sydney *** Mardi Gras in support of Marriage Equality
Forcing the Spring : Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality by Jo Becker...
Mike Huckabee said that people who stand up against the *** Marriage Equality ruling will be like Martin Luther King. Warped Logic is fun
I liked a video from 2.5 Oyajis - Midnight Show: Guns, Flags, and Marriage Equality
What an AMAZING celebration it was yesterday for Marriage Equality under the shadow of Independence Hall!. Here...
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He needs to take his own advice after his comments on the Marriage Equality vote.
Basically reading anything SCOTUS/Marriage Equality related or Game of Thrones related. All in all, good reading material!
Marriage Equality across America. Thank you SCOTUS! Northern Ireland is next :)
"I'm looking forward to Marriage Equality in all 50 states" -Blaine Anderson♥
Marriage Equality is official the same day I'm seeing Seth Numrich on a NY stage. We're getting married y'all, he just doesn't know it. Yet.
Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian reports Live from the Supreme Court on Marriage Equality
Man, between the ACA decision and Marriage Equality, doomsday must be upon us. President Bartlet has a very import…
HISTORIC DAY as rules in favor of Marriage Equality!!! "Green is the brightest color in the rainbow"
U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Marriage Equality. Screw you conservative bigots.
Pastor threatens to set self on fire if Marriage Equality passes. I'm bout to start a kickstarter for gasoline undies
Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Promises To ‘Veto’ Marriage Equality: “There can be no surrender on the p...
Michigan is making a desperate attempt to halt Marriage Equality
I'm still rather excited! Marriage Equality has finally been made Legal here in Florida and Many other States
Will you sign my petition? Michigan is trying to put another halt on Marriage Equality
In case you're not already glued to your monitor. Affordable Care Act and Marriage Equality are my two big ones.
everyone has the same right to the institution of marriage in Northern Ireland. Stop abusing the term 'equality'
Marriage Equality rally in Belfast City Centre this afternoon.. Excellent turn out
The core values that matter: dignity, equality, respect, consent; marriage is NOT the core. -David Gushee
Happy protestor march for marriage equality
Video: Marriage equality campaigners gather at Belfast City Hall on eve of march via
Standing in Belfast as 20,000 people say "I do" for marriage equality. It's a basic human right, ULSTER SAYS YES!
Thousands at a rally for *** marriage equality in Belfast. They are calling for the same rights as Irish people and those in the rest of UK
Sen Penny Wong tells a Melb rally that the marriage equality movement is 'unstoppable'. .
Trade Unions well represented at Marriage Equality March today. 😎👍
Great speech at the today speaking about how students support marriage equality.
Best of luck to our friends and colleagues up North today as they march for civil marriage equality.
Fabulous weather for marriage equality demo too. God clearly LGBT...
Americans expect Supreme Court to rule for marriage equality (let's just hope they're right...)
Great to see so many people at the Marriage Equality March today.
."Northern Ireland must not be left out in the cold on
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Incredible show of support for marriage equality today!We're on the right side of history and we'll achieve equality!
Great turnout at the Belfast marriage equality march today.
"Let us honour the word marriage with another word, equality". speaking at
Ulster says YES to marriage equality.
Supreme Court's about to rule for marriage equality. People going to get *** married and then be like "Wow, marriage *** "
A sunny day in Belfast with thousands saying YES to marriage equality
1.Massive turnout for Marriage Equality March here! Some photos coming up.
Huge turnout at City Hall for marriage equality. This is our referendum.
Students calling for marriage equality "Diverse group of young students. *** straight, whatever"
Loving Day celebrates national legalization of interracial marriage
Designated day for Marriage Equality rally in Belfast. Elizabeth approves, so she does.
marriage equality rally: Love and politics - Vocal Republic
The huge first step toward LGBT equality, but not the last
It's not easy for some of us. Some of the fiercest advocates for Marriage Equality were afraid to come. I'm proud they're here
Thousands of people attend march for same-sex marriage in Belfast. Love is a human right
Peeing down in the Shire and the Sun shining down gloriously on those marching for Marriage Equality in Belfast. Love it.
Beat Surrender. Drumming up support for marriage equality in Belfast
'Ulster says yes to marriage equality' thousands at Belfast march
Ireland chose equality, but *** couples in Northern Ireland still can't tie the knot. Call for equal marriage:
Thousands march for marriage equality in Belfast: submitted by SquareBall84 [link] [comment]
Melbourne equality Love and politics: Human rights commissioner and…
It's time to let love rule and for nationwide marriage equality! Let's
Great to see such support for marriage equality in Belfast!
Marching for Marriage Equality in Belfast. No doubt where this city stands in battle for equality.
Melbourne marriage equality rally: Love and politics marriage, rally
More people support marriage equality than oppose it —in every region of the country
Solidarity with in Belfast from Hoping for marriage equality across island
Feminist: There is no equality,men before their marriage have sex but not the women. Me: With whom do men have sex?. Feminist: W…
As if we just saw Gary Lightbody in the marriage equality march and just let him walk past us
No backsies, Noddy. You proposed kids under 13 be allowed to vote in a referendum on marriage equality.
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Good Read: Does Freedom/Marriage Equality mean Govt can coerce Disagreers into acceptance of SSM? via
Here’s What Happened at the Supreme Court’s Oral Arguments on Marriage Equality
New on Match blog: Marriage Equality is Human: By Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD.  Marriage equality is human equality.
Having said that. Would love a Referendum on Indigenous constitutional recognition, Marriage Equality & Republic ;-)
From Constitutional Convention to count centre - Why we are having a referendum on Marriage Equality
Finally, it's been the same people actively campaigning against contraception, divorce, abortion, and now marriage equality.
Thanks for supporting marriage equality Wayne Swan
'Every human deserves equal rights' - Conor McGregor has his say ... - Irish…
Hailo introduces 'heterophobic' taxi driver ahead of marriage equality vote in Ireland
Oi! Oi! You! Any chance you could get some followers to shout out for a to their Irish followers (marriage equality)
"I don’t want to move to another country to marry" Irish couples fighting for equality.
Excellent reporting by our -an unfortunate allegation regarding (Green) study
Alex white TD speaking at Labour press conf on marriage equality
I made high school fun. War is not the answer stickers. Marriage is equality stickers. What can I say they were free.
One year has passed. We still have a long way to go toward FULL equality. -- David.
domain names
I nominate who are days away from hopefully achieving marriage equality in Ireland.
Give me your hand: Couples fighting for marriage equality in Ireland
Those other people featured in the viral campaign include talk show host Stephen Fry and comedians like Kather...
Footballer & on the importance of marriage equality. ……/
Labor had a binding vote on from 2004- 2011. It can again
""We already have marriage equality. Everyone is equally allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex""
Today's the 1 year anniversary of marriage equality in PA! The work continues to ensure equality for all!
Beautiful mural appears on castle ahead of marriage equality vote: http:…
Me when people think *** are gonna stop demanding rights after we get marriage equality
Romeo and Juliet then Pat Carey and now Roddy Doyle. A truly Noble Call for Marriage Equality in the
Sandra & Lee, 2 *** want to be married. Lee's dying. Marriage Equality launched an online campaign. See Pls RT
Why would it be splitting Labor? Simple, Act on Climate Change,Free Palestine & Marriage Equality,what's wrong Labor.
Do you want to help campaign for marriage equality to make history? 50 hrs lef to donate
Australian CEOs including call on political leaders to support marriage equality
Legalize SAME SEX marriage here in the Philippines. Please! 😢 👭
this referendum is about marriage equality not people's inability to accept homosexuality. Take your other old agenda elsewhere
Great news. Gill and Singer are funding a major org. The fight for equality doesnt stop at marraige.
Opponents of Marriage Equality Campaign in a State that Supports Same-Sex Marriage via
T-17; Time to secure 10 people YOU KNOW to vote Yes in the
Just the Supreme Court is taking up the marriage equality issue in a so call Christian nation the US. Many States have as you know have
CEOs Australian call on political leaders to support marriage equality
Australian CEOs call on political leaders to support marriage equality
Y'all *** want marriage equality yet I find your *** cheating on your other half... What a SHAME.
United for marriage equality: Today we hope to talk about an issue of utmost importance for our generation—an issue…
Labor fears it is losing urban strongholds is behind the push for binding marriage equality vote
VIDEO: Aidan Gillen calls for a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming marriage referendum.
Zombie Sock Monkey supports and celebrates marriage equality. *** or straight, happy couples taste great! Mmm, love! http…
Do you believe in marriage equality for all? Tell the world with your limited ed...
Favorite thing about *** marriage: the inspiration I get from their suits on Pinterest. My wedding is going to be fabulous. Also equality!
Funny how harm "sanctity" of marriage yet creates a reality show circus bastardizing with strangers
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How great will it be for our kids to grow up in a country w/marriage equality for all? The world is watching the Supreme C…
people are using it in the marriage equality debate - even when it’s trotted out in my favour I hate it.
To friends in Ireland. Vote YES on 22 May and make your country first ever to legalise marriage equality by popular vote. …
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the desk to talk marriage equality:
AU : Help these two women get married  - Australian Marriage Equality has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to help…
POLL: Regardless of which political party you support, where do you stand on the binding vs conscience vote debate:
Same-sex couples have waited far too long for equal constitutional rights. It’s past time for marriage equality.
More coverage of our Marriage Equality case, YAY! We represent Danielle. Courthouse News Service via
Simon Coveney is coming to UCC next Thursday May 7th for a public meeting on the Marriage Equality referendum, be...
The Declaration of Independence's line of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is argument enough for Marriage Equality
Traveling to to speak on Racial Equality within an Marriage Equality age at Power of One Conference in Montana.…
UCD are hosting a public meeting with Min. Simon Coveney on Wed 29/04 on the Marriage Equality referendum! http:…
Hey Australian Labor, It’s Time to Bind on Marriage Equality by Alastair Lawrie. via
One month to results, and today is the two year anniversary of the passing of the Marriage Equality bill by the French parliament
Marriage Equality. Affordable Care Act. End to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mentions/work on civil rights for race-based stuff.
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On Wexford's South East Radio with Alan Corcoran speaking about Fisheries, Marriage Equality, and a fair deal for the South East
WATCH: Ruth McCabe and Brian Gleeson star in Marriage Equality video: An affecting call for a Yes vote soundtr...
Bring your family with you to vote MT Brian Gleeson in Marriage Equality info
Brian Gleeson and Love/Hate stars feature in this Marriage Equality ad calling for a Yes vote...
Brian Gleeson, Ruth McCabe and other familiar faces star in Marriage Equality promo
Ireland to have a very meaningful Harvey Milk Day this May 22! Marriage Equality! As uncle Harvey said, "I know...
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown will be giving a speech on Marriage Equality at 4pm EST from the Senate floor. Watch...
Church of Ireland Bishop Michael Burrowes calls for a Yes vote in Marriage Equality referendum. "Christians should support…
Irish living overseas? You must have come across this issue... Nothing to do with Marriage Equality!
First Wedded Same-Sex Couple in Montgomery, Alabama, on Fight for Marriage Equality & Civil Rights via
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