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Marquis Teague

Marquis Teague (born February 28, 1993) is an American college basketball player for the University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

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Thibs wanted to draft Draymond Green but the Bulls went ahead and got Marquis Teague instead
Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Denzel Valentine have been the 1st round picks since 2012. Wow.
Interesting. Out of curiosity, where do you stand on Marquis Teague?
You know what's funny?. Bulls LOVE drafting 4-year players from NCAA blue bloods, yet passed on Draymond Green in favor of Marquis Teague.
There's mythological aura around Pop like he won with this staring 5. Brian Scalabrine. Mark Madsen. Marquis Teague. Ricky Davis. Michael Ruffin
Couldn't agree more. The picks of guys like marquis teague and Nikola mirotic show how great these guys are. Give t…
ooh I knew it that snake lol remember Marquis Teague lol that dumb pick
Literally have no idea where he's at. Along with Marquis Teague... 😂😪
Marquis Teague in the only Calipari point guard to win a National Championship
if Briscoe thinks he will be on a roster next season the NBA he's crazy. If he keeps this up he'll be the new Marquis Teague
Isaiah Briscoe makes such poor decisions sometimes, that I mistake him for November-February Marquis Teague
Lol the bulls took marquis Teague over Tim hardaway jr
The Bulls of Chicago really drafted Marquis Teague over Draymond Green in 2012...I just want yall to know that
Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine. Add in draft day deals for Mirotic, Doug McDermott and you have…
Harrison twins, Marcus Lee, Marquis Teague and Jorts Harrelson would spank em
Marquis Teague hitting the 3 pointer over Wayne Blackshear.
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Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, Eloy Vargas, Jerrod Polson and Darius Miller are available for a training camp contract
Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague and Darius Miller are all available I believe. I wonder what it would take for NOP to get MKG from Charlotte.
Agreed. Just make sure you're ready. Don't end up like a Doron Lamb or Marquis Teague that is…
That Kentucky team with Anthony Davis Michael Gilchrist and Marquis Teague was legendary
So, according to this game, Marcus Smart is LeBron James and Jeff Teague is Marquis Teague.
I think the Warriors should rest curry the entire 1st round, I mean they could beat the rockets with marquis Teague as PG 😂
*** yes id give Thibs full control of the team. Dude wanted Draymond in the first round but ownership made him draft Marquis Teague. 😂😂😂
Thibs begged GarPax to draft Draymond Green, they drafted Marquis Teague.u got nothing to worry about
Thibs is out here petitioning for Draymond while the Bulls draft Marquis Teague, no wonder he had to get that front office power this time.
Had thibs been in control with the Bulls they would have drafted gorgui dieng instead of snell and Draymond Green instead of Marquis Teague
I mean Thibs wanted to draft Draymond but instead management went with Marquis Teague.
Tom Thibodeau wanted Draymond Green, wanted (and got) marquis Teague. I think thibs will do just fine with head of player personnel
Marquis Teague started with the Chicago Bulls.
Forget about Tyrus Thomas & Marquis Teague? These players are clear example of raw talent.
Are people telling me the god Marquis Teague wouldn't win?? The blasphemy..
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Didnt Tibs want to draft Draymond? Then FO went with Teague. Marquis Teague
Still kills me that Thibs told GarPax to draft Draymond Green and to flex their power they instead chose Marquis Teague.
If you once wanted Draymond and your boss was like, "No, Marquis Teague," then you too would demand absolute control.
he's smart man, he wanted to draft Draymond Green over Marquis Teague
Him like he wanted to draft Draymond Green but they went with Marquis Teague The FO never really liked him the owner wanted him
Nailed it on the head. Example: Thibs and staff wanted Draymond Green, the FO took Marquis Teague.
Tom Thibodeau wanted the Bulls to take Draymond Green over Marquis Teague, the Bulls FO disagreed.
also FYI the secret rumor around town is that Thibs wanted Draymond in the draft. Garpax took Marquis Teague
if i had to rank them : . Wall. Ulis. Knight. Fox. Andrew Harrison. Marquis Teague. Harrow. Clearly ahead of Harrison/Teague
And as pointed out, Thibs wanted to draft Draymond but the dumb Bulls F.O. went with Marquis Teague. Thibs+DG? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
yeah Thibs wanted to draft him but the Front Office said nah and got Marquis Teague
He's really smart on personnel. Wanted to draft Draymond instead of Marquis Teague (yuck). Threw a fit when we traded Korver.
Blame the Bulls for this record, they drafted Marquis Teague over Draymond Green LOL
The owner picked the GM who drafted Marquis Teague over Draymond Green.Thibs was on record wanting him too. Yes he needs pwr.
As he should...He wanted to draft Draymond Green and instead they told him "Here. Take Marquis Teague." lmao
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Paxson: "There were many reasons we made the coaching change...Tom wanted Draymond Green, we wanted Marquis Teague, for example..."
- You're 100% right. They're *** They took Marquis Teague instead. Thibs wanted Draymond too.
The draft has been big for you, which is why Marquis Teague got 2 years of playing time.
Yup. I hope on GarPax's tombstones it says "Picked Marquis Teague over Draymond and Tony Snell over Gobert."
This man Marquis Teague in the barbershop w/ a *** takin legit photos of him lmao
coach cal's 4 players who left too early- Daniel Orton, Marquis Teague, Archie Goodwin, & Dakari Johnson
he can team up with Andrew Harrison when he gets there. Or Dakari Johnson. Or Deandre Liggins. Or Daniel Orton. Or Marquis Teague.
4 of their last 5 first rounders: Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott.
Hornets rookie Aaron Harrison will be third ex-Cat on the roster. They already have Marquis Teague and Dakari Johnson.
D-League OKC got 18 points & 8 assists from Marquis Teague and 16 points & 7 rebounds from Dakari Johnson in a 117-116 win over Texas.
Former Cats Dakari Johnson and Marquis Teague playing for the OKC Blue in their D-League Showcase matchup vs. Grand Rapids Drive on NBATV.
Did he just say Marquis Teague the beneficiary??!! Get real, get him off the mic, Marcus Lee isn't even close to that.
they just called Marcus Lee, Marquis Teague (sp?)
Dane Miller, Marquis Teague, and Talib Zanna are the only returning players for the Blue this season.
Marquis Teague did not sign a rookie extension at yesterday's deadline (heh)
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Never forget Gar Forman was supposed to pick Draymond Green but picked Marquis Teague. Could have picked Rudy Gobert but p…
When you make fun of Marquis Teague and he blocks you and calls you a "Corn Ball"
EVERYTIME I see Jeff Teague I get mad at Marquis Teague 😡
Somebody made a great point last night.Trey Lyles & Marquis Teague were two of our biggest recruiting battles, no mention from Katina tho
Ya... Marquis Teague was the definition of trash 💀
ever wonder why Powell never mentioned Trey Lyles or Marquis Teague in her "book"?? Kinda fishy
Reminder that the Bulls could have drafted Draymond Green, but no, the front office wanted Marquis Teague instead...smh!
Is Marquis Teague ever going to get back in the league?
By the by, the Marquis Teague trade exception ($1.1 million) expired on the 24th for the Brooklyn Nets
Kings need to get after Marquis Teague tbh
I have a feeling from early returns that Bobby Portis will be better thought of by Bulls fans than Marquis Teague.
To NCAA: what did Ohio St, UK, & LSU give him, Marquis Teague & Antonio Blakely for them to decommit from LVille?
When the hawks play so I can see Jeff "My Brother's Name is Marquis " Teague get buckets?
According to Zaldy it's "b." but I adhere to Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague, etc.
Kermit broke up with Piggy after his Louisville visit. Also, wonder if they tried this with Marquis Teague?
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Idek why I still follow Marquis Teague bum ***
It's all Marquis Teague's fault. He chooses UL, Shabaka Lands remains as Dir of Operations, no scandal.
You think they tried to seduce Marquis Teague?
Colin Cowherd is like the Marquis Teague version of Skip Bayless.
Doron Lamb and Marquis Teague to name a couple.
If Marquis Teague or Doron Lamb didn't leave, our 2013 team would have had a guard, and would have helped us and them..
Yeah, if Pat Beverly and Marquis Teague aren't included.
Wo oh yeah.Marquis David mondays is supergirl tuesday is flash Wednesday is arrow wo
*** that coulda been Marquis Teague spot
LRT Steph showing love to his brother. Hopefully they matchup don't end up like Jeff did Marquis Teague 😂
When Marquis Teague got crossed by his brother his own teammates reacted as if they wasnt even on his team 😂😂😂😂
. We had a great group kids today. Marquis Teague…
Lol I ain't kno marquis Teague worked out in Paterson now
the other one is signed by Anthony Davis Marquis Teague Doron Lamb Terrence Jones and Michael Kidd Gillchrist
Pike: Courtney Lee, Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague, and now R.J. Hunter...any other public H.S. have four guys in the NBA …
The top 5 that year: Austin Rivers, Marquis Teague, Josiah Turner, Myck Kabongo an Jahii Carson lol
he was a forward doesn't count. Still better than Doran Lamb, Archie Goodwin, or Marquis Teague.
last time they had them I bought one hoping for D-Rose or John Wall and got Marquis Teague... -_-
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marquis Teague, Doron Lamb, Terrance Jones, and Anthony Davis came out from UK in 2012
With Darius Miller, Patrick Patterson, Enes Kanter, Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, and Kyle Wiltjier on the bench...
Marquis Teague dishes out his tenth assist and Mo Sutton lays it in. . Talib Zanna likes it and smiles the whole way down the court.
Nets trade Marquis Teague, pick to 76ers for Casper Ware
John Lucas, Mike James, Marquis Teague? so many choices for Thibs
No. 9 pick jumps out: Marquis Teague, formerly with Chicago and Brooklyn, by the OKC Blue as the parent club, the Thunder, needs bodies.
Other first-rounders for the D-League Draft today: Marquis Teague, Chane Behanan, Eloy Vargas, Michael Dunigan, Brady Heslip.
Marquis Teague was taken ninth overall in today's D-League draft by the OKC Blue. Yes, the Thunder's D-League team is called the Blue.
OKC Blue selects Marquis Teague with pick The Thunder organization knows talent.bit of a steal at
waive Marquis Teague and Elliot Williams, claim Jordan Hamilton and Joe Inglis off waivers, per
"a collage of NBA stars like John Wall, Keith Bogans, and Marquis Teague would look perfect on this wall."
Marquis Teague WILL win Most Improved Player this upcoming season "You heard it here first folks"
didn't they do that Marquis Teague? and I believe the Spurs have done it a time or two, as well.
2 things make me feel old. 1) you are my daughter's age, 2) I went to high school with Marquis Teague's dad.
right like why it couldn't happen to marquis Teague
AJ don't that *** look like marquis Teague from the bulls😂
Sooo it's august now and on the Bulls calendar it's a big picture of Marquis Teague 😒
Beasley destroyed Rose in summer league and Marquis Teague looked like an NBA player
Paul Pierce on Jeff and Marquis Teague: "The ugliest pair of brothers in the NBA, by far..." (h/t
NBA connection: Marquis Teague lobs it to Shabazz Muhammad! -
Congrats to Kevin Ollie and the UConn Huskies, the 2014 NCAA Champions! But I can't be too happy for them, because in a way, I feel like they cheated. UConn used a bunch of 21-22 year olds. Kentucky only used 19-20 year olds. If John Calipari knew he was allowed to keep his players for 4 years, this game would not have even been close. Here is what Kentucky's roster could have looked like: C-Enes Kanter (3rd pick in the 2011 NBA draft), PF-Anthony Davis (1st in 2012), SF-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2nd in 2012), SG-Archie Goodwin (29th in 2013), PG-Brandon Knight (8th in 2011). On the bench: Nerlens Noel (6th in 2013), Terrence Jones (18th in 2012), Marquis Teague (29th in 2012) & Doron Lamb (42nd in 2012).
John Calipari's PG alumni though.. Derrick Rose, John Wall, Brandon Knight, Marquis Teague and soon to be the Harrison twins.
The Bulls have already traded away Luol Deng and Marquis Teague this season, and there are several …
FanSided NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls unlikely make any trades FanSided For the Chicago Bulls, the only thing they asked NBA Santa Claus for this year was to be under the luxury tax — something that they currently are. After trading away Luol Deng and Marquis Teague, the Bulls seem content with...
For all the talk about the front office throwing in the towel on the season, if it really wanted to lose dramatically, it would have stuck with Marquis Teague as Kirk Hinrich's backup. Or maybe it didn't realize Augustin would be this good. With Augustin playing big minutes, the Bulls are 18-13, having improved from 8-12 to 26-25. With one game left until the All-Star break, the Bulls are no longer the walking dead. They are in fourth place in the weak Eastern Conference. They have survived another crippling Derrick Rose knee injury and the trade of franchise linchpin Luol Deng. Noah and Taj Gibson are dominating the paint, and the guards are seeing dividends.
Marquis Teague better not get a MVP snub this year.
Bulls likely to face competition for D.J. Augustin in free agency: The failure of the Marquis Teague experimen... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just went to check the homie Marquis Teague and get him right for tomorrow game... Threw the half moon…
Met my boy Marquis Teague at GSP. Creds: herbs13
Marquis Teague at the mall right now
Well to be blunt, last night's loss was awful. Specifically the 1st half. Our starters couldn't get anything going for us, allowing Detroit to continue extending their lead. Leaving our bench a 29 point deficit to erase in the 2nd half, they were able to cut it to as low as 9, to give this loss a bit of dignity. The men that worked the hardest to do that are: Marquis Teague (3 steals), Jason Terry (18 points on six 3's), Mason Plumlee (13 points and 8 boards), and Reggie Evans (11 points and 9 boards). Those 4 were hungry to cut their lead. Nobody expected them to do it, and still they managed to come quite close to reversing the final outcome. We can consider the lack of starter power as a result of playing the night before, but tomorrow— coming in off a day of rest— there are no excuses Song: Oyster Perpetual- Rick Ross
In the near future, we will find out that it's not actually Juwan Staten, but Marquis Teague, who got sick of never playing in the NBA
FYI, Toko Shengelia is a 6-9 forward acquired from the Brooklyn Nets for Marquis Teague.
Feb 15th at Cardboard Heroes we will have from 1-2pm Jeff Sheppard, Cameron Mills, Anthony Epps, and Ravi Moss and from 2-3pm Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, Kenny "Sky" Walker and a player to be named later!
forgot Marquis Teague was on the Nets.
Marquis Teague needs to be cut asap
I don't know about you guys, but I like Marquis Teague.
Marquis Teague is the Nets' best player tonight. He's a +3.
Yes Marquis Teague is as bad or maybe even worse than advertised - can we get Toko back
Marquis Teague is in in the third quarter.
The Nets' future is in the hands of the best point guard on the team, Marquis Teague, and Mason Plumlee.
Feb.15th!!! Dj Skills+Doron Lamb+Marquis Teague is about about to shut Tangos DOWN!!! 18+ event!! NBA…
Somehow I'm gone find a way to blame this game on Marquis Teague and Carlos Boozer
Marquis Teague over Draymond Green, though. (I know has some thoughts on that draft, I'm sure...)
Tom Thibodeau is the point guard whisperer. If only Marquis Teague wasn't deaf
Tom Thibodeau is the point guard whisperer except for Marquis teague he just sucked.
Is Marquis Teague the only point guard that Thibs couldn't make productive?
Marquis Teague plays and the beat the spurs for the first time I think since the finals. Nice to see Shannon Brown back
Can we get Marquis Teague overseas already?
Marquis Teague just entered the game. He bout to straight kill these dudes!
When did marquis Teague get traded to the spurs ? I had no clue
Brian Scalabrine was sorry af, but people could joke about it. Marquis Teague is so garbage you can't even joke about it cuz its so annoting
Here's a list of Bulls who have fewer Offensive Win Shares than Carlos Boozer: Marquis Teague. That's it.
acquire forward Tornike Shengelia from Brooklyn in exchange for guard Marquis Teague: http:…
and Fav to win this autographed Marquis Teague photo
First offer of $3 snags this Marquis Teague RC Auto!.
I dont care if youre Kobe, if you arent trying, your *** is one the bench!! Ill play marquis teague if he'll give me effort!!
Pierce called out the reserves: "Our bench has to play better." Marquis Teague, Jason Terry and Reggie Evans had rough g…
"Shabazz is taking flight on Watch Marquis Teague throw the lob to
any chance the Nets sign Pierre Jackson to a 10-day contract so we don't have to watch Marquis Teague anymore? Lmao
Marquis Teague in Lex? He need to be focused on staying in the league man lol
Reading about Pierre Jackson has me looking at some Summer League stuff, which led me to this:
Willie Cauley-Stein up 8 to 163 passing Bret Bearup, Marquis Teague. Alex Poythress up 1 to 136
I wanted the Bulls to draft him last year. They took Marquis Teague instead. So, you know, it worked out.
Marquis Teague, Nerlens Noel, Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones, MK Gilchrist would still be at Kentucky.
and marquis Teague makes twice as much as the president to suck at basketball. welcome to life.
Wildcats in the NBA: John Wall (WSH) 17pts/15assts/6stls...also named to All-Star team! Enes Kanter (UT) 23pts/14rbs in a loss to the Clippers, but got his starting role back! Brandon Knight (MIL) 23pts/7assts in a loss to Memphis Terrence Jones (HOU) 17pts/7rbs in a win over Cleveland Anthony Davis (NO) 24pts/8rbs/6blks.hoping to get reserve All-Star pick this week! On the down side. Daniel Orton was waived by Philly, now has no NBA team in the D League. Keith Bogans has left the Boston Celtics team (wasn't getting ANY PT), not sure of future for NBA at 33 y/o. Marquis Teague was traded from Chicago to Brooklyn...hope he gets more mins there. Eric Bledsoe's still out (knee) & DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) missed last 4 games with a bad ankle. DYK?.playing in the NBA D League right now are Orton, DeAndre Liggins and Ramon Harris? Liggins having a great season and Harris has really bulked up!
New New Jersey Net: Former Pike star Marquis Teague, who is now with the Nets after the Bulls let him go
NEW YORK -- Kevin Durant's 30-point streak ended at 12 games when he scored 26 in just 30 minutes, and the Oklahoma City Thunder won their 10th in a row with a 120-95 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night. Serge Ibaka made all 12 shots and added 25 points and nine rebounds for the Thunder, who were so good that Durant sat the entire fourth quarter, the only way to slow him down right now. The NBA's leading scorer finished 10 of 12 from the field, though his scoring average during his sensational January dropped from 36.6 to 35.9. Oklahoma City shot 63.6 percent, highest in the NBA this season, and outrebounded Brooklyn 41-17. Shaun Livingston scored 16 points while drawing the impossible assignment of defending Durant for the Nets, who dropped their final two games to finish 10-3 in January. They started the month by holding Durant to 24 points in a victory at Oklahoma City, but Brooklyn was never in this game. Reggie Jackson and Thabo Sefolosha scored 14 for the Thunder, on their longest winning ...
Marquis Teague had 7 points 3 ast and 2 rebounds for the nets..Improvement..
Brooklyn Nets traded Tornike Shengelia to Chicago for Marquis Teague. Brooklyn Nets traded Tyshawn Taylor to New Orleans for the draft right to Edin Bavcic.
Younger brother of Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague is only in his second year in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets traded Toko Shengelia to the Chicago Bulls for Teague who played his college ball at the University of Kentucky. Teague helped the school win a National Championship alon
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If Mike James is honestly better than Marquis Teague then it's time for a career change. James shouldn't be on an NBA roster.
Pro bowl time!! And oh yea what is marquis teague doing on the Brooklyn Nets?
Good to see WCS get out of his slump. Andrew Harrison is coming along much like Brandon Knight and Marquis Teague did. Julius "Mandle" is now getting rid of the ball as soon as he gets triple and sometimes quadruple teamed instead of trying to force up a bad shot. Alex Poythress has put the fear in any defender that's try's to stand in his way when he drives in for a dunk. Dakari Johnson is solidifying himself as another "starter" that has to come off the bench. My Cats may see another loss or 2 before the tourney but I guarantee you, there's no team out there that wants to play us come March!
Former Bulls point guard Marquis Teague told ESPN Chicago he knew he was going to get traded. “I wasn’t really shocked. I knew a lot of changes were being made around there, so I was kind of prepared.” Teague practiced with the Nets for the first time yesterday, and told the media it didn’t workout ...
After a Brooklyn Nets practice yesterday, Marquis Teague revealed that he knew he might be on the trading block and when it happened, it didn’t really come as a surprise.
NEW YORK -- Marquis Teague kind of had a feeling a trade was coming. I wasn't really shocked, said Teague, who practiced for the first time Thursd
Marquis Teague was the nation’s top-rated high school point guard in 2010, and two colleges that recruited him hard were Louisville and Kentucky. He chose Kentucky and coach John Calipari
Getty Images Marquis Teague says he wasn't surprised he was traded and that the Bulls style of play didn't fit him. Marquis Teague was officially traded to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday and practiced for the first time with his new teammates on Thursday.
Thinking about this today, Gar-Pax have done a pretty terrible job running the Bulls. My examples… Drafted LaMarcus Aldredge (dominant all-star) and then traded him 5 minutes later for Tyrus Thomas (total bust) When Kobe was still in his prime he wanted to get traded to the Bulls because he was unhappy with the Lakers. Lakers agreed and asked for Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon and Luol Deng, to which Pax said absolutely not. ONE YEAR LATER the Bulls had already cut Thomas and decided not to re-sign Gordon. We all know that Deng is now gone as well. These dopes cost us 5+ years with the 2nd best scorer of all time. Totally bombed out on picks like Tony Snell (WHO?!), Marquis Teague (2012-traded already), Norris Cole (2011 – playing well for the Heat), Kevin Seraphin (WHO?!), James Johnson (WHO?!) Since 2007 the Bulls have drafted 14 players, only 5 remain (Rose, Taj, Butler, Noah and Snell) They fell into drafting Rose, you can’t give them ANY credit for that. They get a few points for Taj and Jimmy B ...
Marquis Teague isn’t the biggest fan of Bulls head coach Tom Thibadeau. According to Rod Boone, Teague had some choice words for Thibadeau’s system upon arriving for his first practice with the Nets: “It just wasn’t clicking with…
Marquis Teague guarda avanti Marquis Teague looking forward to the future
Adios Marquis Teague. Guess that experiment is over for the bulls. Must suck to get traded for a bag of peanuts
Marquis Teague on what went wrong in Chicago: "It just wasn’t clicking with Thibs. Just trying to figure his system out was tough for me."
No new players were added and of course, the recently reported trades involving the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Pelicans, swapping Marquis Teague for Tornike Shengelia, and sending Tyshawn Taylor to the Pelicans, have not been reflected. Injury status for some players are also outda...
ex net Tyshawn Taylor was apart of the three team deal that sent him to the Pelicans, Marquis teague to the nets and toko shangalia to the bulls. a few days later he was waived from the pelicans
See this is what happens Chicago when you trade marquis Teague. Rose and hinrich out who is left after Augustin! No one!
Brooklyn Nets have acquired Marquis Teague from the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Toko Shengelia. - McGrady
The Bulls have acquired forward Tornike “Toko” Shengelia from the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for guard Marquis Teague, the team announced on Tuesday.
22/01/14 Celtics sign Vander Blue to a 10-day contract. James Nunnally signs a second 10-day contract with the Hawks *Bulls –Nets TRADE* Bulls traded Marquis Teague to Brooklyn for Toko Shengelia.
We told you this trade was coming last Friday night, now it is official: The Chicago Bulls have sent Marquis Teague to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Tornike Shengalia, the teams have announced. What the Bulls get is money — the little-used Shengalia can and will be let go after this season. Teag...
I'm so glad we traded marquis Teague. His brother should be ashamed of his nba play lbs
This guys is happy to say that we will never have to watch Marquis Teague play in a bulls uniform if the bears would just release Conte my two least favorite Chicago athletes would be gone!
Marquis Teague traded to the Nets !! Thank u Jason Kidd unless u see somethin we don't !!
Drafting Marquis Teague 2 years ago in the first round (29th over all) was terrible!!
The Brooklyn Nets could afford to take on Marquis Teague, but that is no justification for this weekend's minor deal that has financial implications.
How is anyone, anywhere expected to get ANYTHING done on the day when Marquis Teague is officially no longer a valued member of the Chicago Bulls???
acquire Marquis Teague from the in exchange for Tornike Shengelia.
BREAKING NEWS: now that the NBA offices have reopened, the Bulls have officially traded Marquis Teague to Brooklyn and have acquired Toko Shengelia
Most pundits seem willing to give up on Marquis Teague after a year and a half under Tom Thibodeau. Bulls fans considered him a bust who never fulfilled his promise. Hawks fans felt the same way about his brother Jeff. How'd that work out?
Marquis Teague's tenure in Chicago is coming to an end, as the Bulls reportedly agreed to a trade that would send Teague to the Brooklyn Nets. The trade won't become official until Tuesday.
We've been gone for a while here. But now we're back. After Nick Young hit three free throws to send the game to overtime, Taj Gibson had a buzzer beating layup with 0.9 seconds left to lead Chicago to a 102-100 victory. D.J. Augustin had a season high 27 points, Joakim Noah had 17 with 21 rebounds, Jimmy Butler had 13 points with 11 rebounds, Mike Dunleavy and Taj Gibson each had 12 points, and Carlos Boozer added 11 points. Next up for Chicago is Wednesday when they will play against Luol Deng for the first time in his career. The game is in Cleveland, and can be seen at 6:00 on CSN. NOTES -Kirk Hinrich left the game in the 3rd quarter with a right hamstring injury. The Bulls will only have one other point guard on the roster tomorrow, as they are trading Marquis Teague to Brooklyn. -Joakim Noah has grabbed at least 10 rebounds in 13 straight games...
Well, it looks like after many stints on the bench, some time in the D league, and many underwhelming performances on the court; the Marquis Teague experiment is over. According to Adrian Wojanarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Chicago Bulls have traded second year guard Marquis Teague to the Brooklyn Net...
The Bulls traded point guard Marquis Teague to the Nets for 6-9 small forward Tornike Shengelia. Teague likely will be headed to his new team by Tuesday, when NBA offices reopen.
New @ SB Nation - Marquis Teague trade analysis thing. Guess which team I like the trade for.
in case you missed it, Marquis Teague was traded over the weekend
Marquis Teague Traded to the Nets for a Brooklyn Cab driver.
That's really about the end of what the Bulls got for Marquis Teague. Out of his low cost contract for next year, so low that even the vet minimum cap hold will only be around 600k less than what he's making...
TRADE: Bulls receive: Toko Shengelia Nets receive: Marquis Teague Not much in this trade but a trade is a trade! Any thoughts?
Report: Nets finalizing trades with Bulls and Pelicans to free up roster spot The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly close to making two separate trades that will be of little consequence to their product on the court, or to the average fan. But they may be setting themselves up for something bigger in the future. The Nets are finalizing a trade with the Bulls that would send Tornike Shengalia to Chicago in exchange for Marquis Teague, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. A separate deal with the Pelicans (also reported by Wojnarowski) has Brooklyn sending Tyshawn Taylor to New Orleans with cash in exchange for a future draft pick. The latter move is likely of more interest, since it creates a roster spot that could allow the Nets to use the disabled player exception they were granted when Brook Lopez was lost for the season due to injury. There’s a prohibitive cost associated with using that $5.25 million exception to go out and get some additional talent, likely in the $16-$20 million range when luxu ...
Bulls agree to trade Marquis Teague to Nets: According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Chicago Bulls have agreed on...
Nets acquire Marquis Teague from Bulls: Via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Chicago is finalizing deal to...
Link: Chicago Bulls complete 3 team trade sending Marquis Teague to the Brooklyn Nets: (Credit: Adrian Wojnarowski) -
Trade Alert: Chicago Bulls have traded PG Marquis Teague to the Brooklyn Nets for F Tornike Shengelia. (Source: Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo)
I hope Gar-Pax finishes the job and get rid of all the crap on this team: Here are 3 trades that Gar-Pax should consider making if possible. Sorry these are nothing flashy, but would set us up nicely for next year. 1) Trade Carlos Boozer and a 2nd round pick to Phoenix for Emeka Okafor (Phoenix wants more offense and Okafor isn't even playing so Boozer can help them out with playoff run. Makes sense for Bulls because Okafor contract expires and would not have to pay Boozer anything after they amnesty his contract. 2) Trade Kirk Hinrich for Jermaine O'neal and Toney Douglas. Golden State needs a point guard with playoff experience and Chicago needs to give DJ Augustin more playing time to see if he has a future here in Chicago. 3) Trade Mike Dunleavy Jr and Marquis Teague for Thabo Sefelosha. Thunder need more scoring with Westbrook out and could use a young backup point guard. Thabo's contract expires and would be a decent backup to Snell.
As fan of the NBA, its very disappointing to see a Thibs coach Bulls team struggle this year. They Won 45 games, playoff series, good year, no Derrick Rose and injury hit all year. Bulls are worried going over the cap and saving money, if they still had Nate Robinson and Marco Bellinilli they would be winning these close games. Man, OkC is very good. Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb are good young players they developed good. And to see Marquis Teague compared to those two, Teague is bad and no confidence. Disappointed in the Bulls.
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The Bulls have signed free agent PG D.J. Augustin. He'll join Kirk Hinrich and Marquis Teague in rotation replacing Derri…
Marquis Teague = the next Tony Parker. Jimmy Butler = the next Joe Dumars. Taj Gibson...
Lmao Mario Chalmers look like Lil Durk and Marquis Teague look like Lil Reese.
“assign guard Marquis Teague to the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League" We coulda kept
Article: ESPN experts all agree that Derrick Rose can return to MVP Level but have no confidence in Marquis Teague - h…
Chicago Bulls backup point guards Mike James and Marquis Teague are shooting a combined 5% from the field since Derric…
Taj Gibson said he has no doubt Derrick Rose will return [and be 100%] from his second setback. (Source: K.C. Johnson) Chicago Bulls front office was hoping Marquis Teague would step up as Kirk Hinrich is a free agent after this season. (Source: Joe Cowley) Chicago Bulls Marquis Teague: 4 teams were interested in trading for Teague in October at the end of training camp. (Source: Joe Cowley) Tony Snell is averaging 13.3 PPG, 53.6% FG, 46.7% 3PT since becoming a starter.
0...Number of points for Kirk Hinrich, Nazr Mohammed & Marquis Teague. Maybe Coach Thibs starts Kirk 2morrow @ POR...or maybe not.
Marquis Teague, Mike James, Tony Snell, Erik Murphy and Nazr Muhammed should all be in the game right now. No reason for Rose to be in.
I see you are followed by Jeff and Marquis Teague. I went to high school with their dad, I feel old now.
The Locker Room update BLEACHER REPORTS 15 BOLD PREDICTIONS ON THE BULLS: 1. Taj Gibson wins 6th Man of the Year. 2. Jimmy Butler Makes the All-Defensive First Team. 3. Luol Deng is traded before Christmas. 4. Derrick Rose plays 80 games. 5. Tony Snell makes All-Rookie second team. 6. Marquis Teague is traded before October 29th. 7. Mike James plays significant minutes at some point. 8. Erik Murphy is the X-factor in numerous games. 9. Jimmy Butler leads the team in minutes. 10. Joakim Noah plays 30 minutes or less. 11. Thibodeau wins Coach of the Year. 12. Bulls lead the league in wins. 13. Chicago holds opponents under 90 points per game. 14. Derrick Rose wins MVP. 15. Chicago Bulls win the championship. Which points do you agree/disagree with?!ate...
Tony Snell sprints over to his Marquis Teague to help him up after a very light spill. Love this dude.
Marquis Teague and Erik Murphy check in for Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer.
Chicago Bulls it wouldn't shock me if they are open to trade offers for Marquis Teague. Haven't picked up his option. (Source: Aggrey Sam)
Chicago Bulls beatwriter Aggrey Sam stated Friday if the Bulls keep Mike James, he believes they could trade Marquis Teague before February.
no prob for the bulls without Derrick Rose , Marquis Teague did a great job offensively
Chicago Bulls if they keep camp invite Mike James, I won't be surprised if Marquis Teague is traded before February. (Mailbag: Aggrey Sam)
Chicago Bulls Tom Thibodeau said it's possible Marquis Teague could make the rotation but Tom hasn't made his decision. (Source: Aggrey Sam)
Tom Thibodeau, look at Jimmy your Butler, and do the same with Tony Snell and Marquis Teague!
At a high level pick-up game here in Indianapolis watching Georgetown's D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Marquis Teague and 2017 Justin Roberts.
This guy just got followed my Marquis Teague
you're counting marquis teague are you? He doesn't even get minutes
what to expect from Marquis Teague this year
I got a feeling Marquis Teague gone be cold this year
If you missed it, I interviewed Marquis Teague yesterday. He talked about his offseason, his rookie year and more:
Waiting to see how, marquis teague going to do this year.
we should've took Marquis Teague instead of Fab. Smh...
Marquis Teague warming up and ready for the save, if needed.
Chicago Bulls Marquis Teague said last week: “I came in out of shape last summer. This year, [I'm more prepared]." (So…
Chicago Bulls Marquis Teague feels he’s just beginning to show off his talents. Wants to show work/commitment pays off…
Still extremely weird to me that I'm 6 months older than Ariana Grande. And two months older than Marquis Teague.
Got a auto graphfrom marquis teague yesturday ask him do u wanna play one on one
Marquis Teague is looking great for next season. Excited to see his game improve.
guard Marquis Teague talks about the 2012-13 season and preparing for year No. 2 in the LISTEN:
Perry Jones or Marquis Teague would have been far better picks. Arnett Moultrie as well
Marquis Teague puts in work while awaiting his opportunity
I talked to about adjusting to NBA life as a rookie and putting in work this offseason:
From Marquis Teague talked to Blog-a-Bull about everything he's worked on this offseason:
Doron Lamb was hitting mad 3's, Marquis Teague got wherever he wanted on the floor and Anthony Davis was just catching EVERYTHING
Join guard Marquis Teague for a live chat on -
They have Marquis Teague so I guess I have to like them...
PIC: Marquis Teague threw out the 1st pitch at the Reds-Cubs game earlier today in Chicago. (Associated Press photo)
NBA Guard Marquis Teague joins to enable youth athletes to contact Marquis Teague for advice and data while going ...
Marquis Teague threw out the first pitch at the game today.
Marquis Teague taking offseason to improve his skills: (
.guard Marquis Teague (joined us earlier for today's ceremonial first pitch:
The Bulls believe in Marquis Teague that much where resigning Nate wasn't a priority you couldn't give Nate more than 2 yrs $4mil?
Tss even Daequan Cook argh why not Marquis Teague argh
Marquis Teague improved. I see more confidence
Ima miss yellin marquis teague whenever i see marcus in the hallways
Well Marquis Teague seemed to play well for bulls in summer league. *** I dislike UK but bulls need backup pg n he seems to be comin around
Marquis Teague is the only reason the commentators on 2k know how to say Marquis
we don't need him when we've got drose back. Also Kirk and Marquis Teague as back ups.
PIC: Marquis Teague was 8th in Vegas in scoring (18.3 per game) and 5th in assists (4.8). Associated Press photo.
I predicted it lol.. Buh Marquis Teague gon do aighh..
Marquis teague gonna snap even doe nate will be missed
I'd rather have Nate Robinson than Marquis Teague's weak ***
Hardest dude to guard was prolly Tu holloway or MKG (Mike kidd-Gilchrist) or marquis teague that Indiana *** *** lol they all was smooth
with rose at starting pg they got marquis Teague as a backup for the future Nate just gonna be by team needs
idk I guess they felt like he cudnt play with drose & we have Kirk & marquis Teague as back ups
Marquis Teague has been playing well, I'm assuming they're trying to develop him! Can't develop if he's 3rd string.
Marquis Teague is tearing the summer league up why waste the money?
bummer bro. Its time for Marquis Teague and his perv mustache to go in.
Watch Derrick Rose get hurt again and the Bulls have to start Marquis Teague
he's better than Marquis Teague will ever be, but that isn't saying too much
There is no way Marquis Teague can fill the void in my heart left by Nate Rob...
true but marquis Teague got some shoes to fill
Marquis Teague showed me enough in Vegas so I'm good. bulls offered vet minimum as did others
Jeff Teague didn't breakout until he turned 23. Marquis Teague just turned 20. Still think he needs time.
I'm not, Marquis Teague will make a perfect replacement. I'm happy for Nate, he earned that deal.
No Nate and No Marco. Ain't this something. They put in work last season, but Marquis Teague still on the squad :/
Bulls fans: Great piece by on Bulls Summer League Takeaways, and how 13-14 roster may shape up.
2nd joint of the day -> Marquis Teague Making Impression On Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls via
Wrote a quick 1,000 words on what I saw from the Bulls' summer league team:
Marquis Teague, Archie Goodwin, Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb, Darius Miller all showing they have bright futures in the NBA this summer
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Coach Thibodeau impressed by development of Marquis Teague:
Coach Thibodeau impressed by development of Marquis Teague: Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibode...
Chicago Bulls believe they have a better chance at winning a championship with Marquis Teague than with Nate Robinson.…
Chicago Bulls Tom Thibodeau was impressed with Marquis Teague. Hopes he makes leap like Jimmy Butler did last year. (S…
Marquis Teague, Andrew Goudelock lead to win in opener, writes
"Coach Thibodeau impressed by development of Marquis Teague:
Bulls: Tom Thibodeau is impressed with the development of second-year guard Marquis Teague in the summer league. http:…
Marquis Teague looks like an athletic Steve urkel LOL for real
The 2012 Kentucky National Championship team will be playing the 2010 UK Elite 8 team in a HUGE alumni game matchup in September. John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Liggins and others from Coach Cal's first team along with Anthony Davis, MKG, Doron Lamb, Darius Miller, Terrence Jones, and Marquis Teague from the group that brought us return to Rupp to give us a game matching 2 of the top 5 teams in UK history with the players in the prime of their careers. Can't beat UK basketball in September!
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