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Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza (born July 29, 1989) is an American boxer. In May 2012, she qualified to compete at the 2012 Olympics, becoming the first American woman to qualify for the Olympics in the first year that women's boxing will be an Olympic event.

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Marlen Esparza, doesn't seem to be very serious about boxing. Has she ever done a sit up? Does she diet? The other woman
You got to do your homework before you go live on Marlen Esparza - in fact if you cover women's boxing LEARN it first
I'd love to go on a date/ training sesh with Marlen Esparza 😍🥊 Yes kick my *** I wanna learn
Hey Lainie no news bout da fight or how Marlen Esparza did. Btw you always look so very pretty.
I wonder how Marlen Esparza looked tonight.
Flyweight Marlen Esparza (3-0) wins by Unanimous Decision in her first 6 Round…
Marlen Esparza goes the full 6 rounds with Aracely Palacios in their Flyweight match up winning with great footwor……
Marlen Esparza remains undefeated tonight with a UD of 60-54 on all 3 score cards
Marlen Esparza picks up the unanimous decision win on the undercard to improve to 3-0
Marlen Esparza defeats Aracely Palacios 60-54 on all three scorecards to open
Esparza in clear control, and landing some of her best shots of the fight in the 6th and final round. . 59-55 Marlen Esparza
Marlen Esparza looking good against Aracely Palacios so far fighting 3 min rounds
Seat for the night. First fight playing out now is Marlen Esparza vs Aracely Palacios (112). Watch on…
Boxing is underway in Vegas with Marlen Esparza in the ring
Marlen Esparza missed weight, and comes in looking pudgy. In her third fight. Her third fight. Not looking like future greatness.
Let's go Marlen Esparza, so excited to get to watch you!🥊
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marlen esparza is fine. You watching the undercard fights?
Women's Boxing to open up the pre-show Marlen Esparza vs Aracely Palacios, Flyweights
Opening bout of / . Marlen Esparza vs Aracely Palacios - flyweight match
Marlen Esparza comes in at 111.5lbs. She has 1 hour to lose 1.5lbs.
Marlen Esparza comes in 1.5lbs heavy & you can tell she knew it all along.
Marlen Esparza 2 pounds overweight. Total pro on the big stage.
Wow didnt even know marlen esparza is fighting on tomorrows undercard 👊
Marlen Esparza dedicates her Flyweight bout with Aracely Palacios to everyone struggling to recove……
Olympic & pro boxer Marlen Esparza talks living in the San Francisco Bay Area & training at the SNAC facility. Dreaming Lar…
Nicola Adams wants to win a boxing title before girlfriend Marlen Esparza
"We will never fight. Never." Nicola Adams opens up on relationship, being a role model and pro aspirations
Nicola Adams: ‘Marlen Esparza used to be my arch rival. Now she’s my partner and I’ll never fight her’
Elite female boxers & both . excited to turn pro. We are so PROUD of them!
For boxer Marlen112Boxing, it has always been fight or ... fight -
News: For boxer Marlen Esparza, it has always…
For boxer it has always been fight or ... fight -
I've thought about it a hundred times. I even buy bridal magazine...
If I look good then I feel good and if I feel good, then I'll fight g...
Next up in my practice on form. This piece used a photo of Marlen Esparza by Norman Jean Roy as…
As an athlete, confidence makes me more competitive and helps me p...
I used to be so aggressive, but after a while I started learning. I...
I'm obsessed with getting married, but I don't even have a boyfriend.
I look forward to continuing to be a role model to women across th...
I don't have to think. My only job is to show up and win.
The first female boxer for the USA Olympic team, and proud Latina, Marlen Esparza in the July 2012 i
Marlen Esparza - Boxer who became the first American woman to qualify for the Olympics in the…
I thought that when I won the Olympic trials I was going to be the happiest person in the
"If no one thinks you can, then you have to." . -Marlen Esparza
I think I remember reading about boxer Marlen Esparza, swimmer Dara Torres, etc.
Eat Like an Olympian: Marlen Esparza: Eating healthy while traveling is harder to do, but it is definitely st...
Eat Like an Olympian: Marlen Esparza - Ever wonder what it must be like to walk in the shoes of a professional ...
"The only punches that hurt are the ones you don't see." - Marlen Esparzav
If you really know... what you want and how to get there, then everything else really falls i
What it's like to train like a world-class boxer:
Marlen Esparza – Working Out With Team USA. “The only punches that hurt are the only punches you don’t see."
This is what it takes to train like a world-class female boxer:
Do you know Marleen Esparza, the 1st American woman to qualify in boxing for the Olympics?
Absolutely should. Should have when she won her first gold too. Marlen Esparza had deals, and she only won bronze
Proud to have a spirited fighter like on Team Chobani.
The super great boxer Marlen Esparza who's killing it with the o2trainer !!. She's getting ready for the 2016...
USA Boxing’s Marlen Esparza among group of ambassadors for 2016 women’s world…
The San Francisco Bay Area has been missing you girl. Can you come & visit us sometime soon? Marlen Esparza rocks!
I know y'all don't care about Olympic boxing, but Marlen Esparza not representing Team USA next year is pretty shocking.
Marlen Esparza returns to U.S. Olympic trials on a mission via
Marlen Esparza returns to US Olympic boxing trials on a mission - USA TODAY
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Feliz Cumpleaños to Olympic champion and medalists Marlen Esparza!🎉 Can't wait to see what 2016 summer games has in store for you!👊
Marlen Esparza wins first semifinal. Winner between Bujold and Valencia will face the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist American.
Claressa Shields and Marlen Esparza to Lead Team USA at the Clash of Champions in Atlanta (United States Amate...
to Lead Team USA in Action @ Women’s International Clash of Champions on April 25
Marlen Esparza and Claressa Shields to Lead Team USA in to International Action on U.S. Soil
Don't miss Marlen Esparza boxing at the Women's International CLASH OF CHAMPIONS on Saturday, April 25 at...
🙌😩 marlen_esparza you just kilt it like its dead tho 😲. Change is good if you tryna get…
National Pal Champion Marlen Esparza with Injured Derae Crane who unfortunately had to take a medical…
Marlen Esparza’s stats are unmatched in women’s boxing. She was ranked in flyweight. Won 6 nation
As an athlete Confidence makes me more competitive & helps me perform better-Marlen Esparza
Put up your dukes! Check out MAKER Marlen Esparza, the first American woman to qualify for Olympic boxing:
Marlen Esparza discusses the benefits of boxing to Los Angeles Times: "The most important part of your body that you use when boxing is your core. If you don't have a strong core, you can't do anything."
Congrats to on winning her 8th gold at the 2014 USA Boxing National Championships!
WOAH Marlen Esparza dyed her hair red?! 😱
Watch Shark Tank this week. Our client Nexersys is on the show with Marlen Esparza, Olympic female boxer. It is going to be awesome.
112 lbs National Champion, Marlen Esparza, photo album by
I waited on the boxer who fought Marlen Esparza
A big congratulation to two of Houston's finest, boxers Marlen Esparza and Jermell Charlo, on big wins tonight. Charlo defeated Gabe Rosado by decision 97/93 99/91 100/90 (total domination). Esparza, the 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist, won the National Championship in her weight class up in Washington. Great job guys!!
Marlen Esparza defeated Ginny Fuchs, who is also from Houston, in a unanimous decision.
Pulling double duty tonight with marlen_esparza
Olympic bronze medalist (Marlen Esparza) sets a new record tonight with her 8th USA Boxing National Championship title
Tough loss. Marlen Esparza defeats in a decision to win the USA Boxing Nat'l Championship
Congrats to Marlen Esparza on winning another National title
Marlen Esparza takes her record 8th USA Boxing National Championship with a 3-0 win over Virginia Fuchs in the women's flyweight division
Ryan is official glove girl at US boxing National Championships where Marlen Esparza just won another title!!
More semifinal results from Nationals: & Keep Winning:
Who said women can't fight!!! marlen Esparza from Houston is a beast at this sport
> wins & will face fellow Houstonian Marlen Esparza in the National Championship tomorrow
My big sis marlen_esparza put in that work she a monster love this girl
2012 Olympic bronze medalist marlen_esparza is opening our evening semifinal action tonight
Marlen Esparza & Queen Underwood were in the SWX Studio to talk boxing with Watch!
Marlen Esparza focus on winning...losers focus on winners."
You don't want to meet Marlen Esparza in a boxing ring. But it could be good for you to invite the 24-year-old flyweight into your living room to teach you a few moves.
Gulf boxers performed outstanding on Wednesday at the 2014 USA National Championships in Spokane, Washington. Dominique Sosa & Marshall Sanchez opened the day's action both in Bout 1's, each taking a different ring. This taxed the coaching staff, especially when Sosa suffered a vertical cut over his eyebrow, but we spread our resources and the result was two 3-0 Unanimous victories! Next Carmen Vargas took to the ring in her first trip to Nationals and handled her business as well! The final Gulf bout was DeVonte King Williams stepping in versus the seed from NY. This bout could not have been any closer, with not only a 2-1 overall split decision, but every round was split 2-1 on the scorecards. DeVonte, recent winner of the National PALs, will come back even stronger after this test. Dominique, Marshall & Carmen advance to the Friday semi-finals where they join Gulf boxers Marlen Esparza, Ginny Fuchs, & Sarah Dawson in bouts only one step from the title match. theRingside.BIZ Network's Fan-based, Company/Athlete-Promoted Year End Honors decisive votes. VOTE TODAY! Humanitarian of the Year: * Top Amateur and US Olympic Hopeful, Marlen Esparza, teamed up with PETA to stopping the abuse of animals * Female Champ, Ava "The Lady of Boxing" Knight, held position of "Honorary Chairwoman" for the Butte County NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk for 2013 * Chicago boxer, Trinidad Garcia, used his two matches this year as motivation with his Fight for Autism Awareness for his son and his school * United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have made Kazakhstan boxing legend, Serik Sapiyev (The London 2012 Welterweight Men's Gold Medallist), UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Sport (promoting education and sport programs)
unfortunately i lost by 2 point!! to the number 2 guy in the nation and last years national champ. this was my first national tournament and a great expeariance i loved it. thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks for the support on to the golden gloves my freainds. on the upside of things i met andrade ward middle weight world champ and my duaghter finally met queen underwood n marlen esparza to girl Boxers she talks about all the time!
Returning from the 2012 Olympics in London with a bronze medal and a handful of lucrative endorsements, Marlen Esparza was poised to start a new chapter in her life that did not involve taking punches to the face. Esparza, 24, sold her new home, put college on hold and moved to Colorado Springs to l...
Are you a fit person who has gotten pregnant, had a baby and is looking to go back to your pre baby energy levels? America’s first female Olympic Medalist and Seven Time National Champion Marlen Esparza has created four high intensity total body workouts for the fit parent.
My snowed in agenda. Write three asigned articles including my interview with Marlen Esparza, America's first female Olympic Boxing medalist. Then I'm going to snuggle up and finish reading a Clive Cussler book one of the favorite authors of my youth. Then I'm going to do what I usually do and deny the fact that weather exists. Just outright deny it because its insane.
4 HIGH-INTENSITY WORKOUTS for TOTAL-BODY FITNESS • Get fit, lean, and strong with REAL boxing moves • Work out with a CHAMPION Box with a champion as your guide! Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza is passionate about the benefits of boxing. This empowering sport gives you streng...
I uploaded a new track, "Olympic Boxing Medalist Marlen Esparza", on
Hey I did marlen esparza and Brenda villa. They're both Mexican Americans who went to the Olympics for the u.s.
Marlen Esparza: My Olympic teammate Claressa Shields is a semifinalist for... via
Born in Texas to Mexican Parents, Marlen Esparza represented the USA in the London 2012. Learn more:...
The Stoplight Party that was scheduled for February 28th has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check out the next Chukar Entertainment event next Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 PM. Bronze medalist, Marlen Esparza will be making her way to Treasure Valley for an incredible program. See you there!
Marlen Esparza – Women’s Boxing – USAIn May, Marlen became the first American female boxer to qualif
Omg now im just shaking!!! i will cry when i meet Marlen Esparza!
OMG ME TOO! Ahh!! And we have to dress all nice too!!! What LIA are you part of? I'm just so excited to meet Marlen Esparza!!
A rant of mine on womens and this whole controversy that came about from the Ava Knight-Marlen Esparza spat:
Katie Taylor could be star, she sold out 2000 tix in Ireland tomorrow. Kaliesha West, Ava Knight, Marlen Esparza, Holly Holm
You've got to read this ... point is we should ALL be together on There is NO place for attitude. Know what I mean?
I get to meet my idol! Marlen Esparza!  ah and she will sign my gloves and I will talk to her 
Olympics female boxer from Texas featured in Vogue Magazine.
What Justice America Ferrera and Marlen Esparza have in common
I liked a video SNAC Team Training with Nonito Donaire and Marlen Esparza
Marlen Esparza courtesy Vogue inspired the character of Emilia Cruz
What Justice Sotomayor, America Ferrera and Marlen Esparza have in common
Cool, Marlen Esparza, Latina Olympian is against animal abuse. Way to go, herman a
US Olympic Team Boxer Marlen Esparza is fighting animal cruelty and I say WTG! Olympic Medalist Marlen Esparza and 2012 Fighter of the Year Nonito Donaire train with the SNAC Team using new-school training techniques such a...
US Olympic boxer has her gloves on, but this time she's fighting animal cruelty!
Had the opportunity to speak with Boxer Marlen Esparza about joining PETA's "Never Be Silent" campaign. She says she learned to care for animals from her mother. Check out the interview.
Local Houstonian Marlen Esparza is the Cover Girl of PETA's "Never Be Silent" campaign. This fiery Latina has a bunch of projects coming down the pipeline. Like her page and get the latest.
Team Olympic boxer is ready to fight animal cruelty
Boxer Marlen Esparza (is a knock out as she fights animal cruelty for
Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza is ready to fight animal cruelty - NBC Latino
Olympic Boxer Marlen Esparza Mantra "'I deserve to win.' People give up on themselves because they don't think they're worthy of something bigger or they think someone else should win. This reminds me I've earned it."
March please come- Vicente Fernandez concert, and I get to see MARLEN ESPARZA at the Latinos In Action conference! Stoked!! 😊😍
YEP YEP! Great way to finish a day ~ there r more than a dozen of at my gym whose heroine is Marlen Esparza.
Marlen Esparza: Yesterday, Marlen was apart of a special event with sponsor Coca-Cola and...
Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza's plea is that we never forget about animals in need. Speaking up for animals can save their lives.
We're editing a fun SNAC training video w/ 2012 Fighter of the Year Nonito Donaire & Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza. It will be posted soon
What are your thoughts on Female Boxing Olympian Marlen Esparza's new PETA campaign against animal cruelty?...
In 2012, the sport of boxing crossed a milestone. For the first time ever, the world was able to see women mix it up in the squared circle at the Olympics. Of the crop of female U.S. boxers ...
LatinaOlympic boxer Marlen Esparza joins with PETA to campaign against animal cruelty:
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The Overtime Page reporter, Luis Ortiz, gets to talk to and get in the ring with Marlen Esparza as she talks about how tough her journey has been, the fighte...
The best Latino social media moments of 2012: Ryan Lochte & Marlen Esparza at Summer 2012 London Olympics, Shakira reaches 50 million fans, election 2012, and more.
Boxing champion Marlen Esparza will be the official grand marshal of the 20th Annual...
Women's boxing makes its debut as an Olympic event at this summer's games. Houston native Marlen Esparza is the first American lady boxer to qualify.
Female Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza inspired a young member of the Boys & Girls Club to change her life for the better.
Met Marlen Esparza and I saw an actual bronze medal from the olympics. I am fully inspired right now.
One day event that prepares girls in grades 9-12 to become leaders. The keynote speaker will be US Olympian, Bronze medalist, and Cover Girl- boxerMarlen Esparza! Read more about Marlen at the link below.
Marlen Esparza: In case you didn't see the photo of Marlen with famous professional boxer...
It was great seeing you again last night at the Foundation party! Hope it was a fun night!
Friday is grand opening. I hopefully convinced Marlen Esparza Olympic bronze boxer to come.
No I'm not related to Marlen Esparza!! It's funny how often I get asked that lol
Marlen Esparza: Here is a behind the scenes photo of Marlen with two other U.S...
Marlen Esparza: Tonight, Marlen will be attending the 2012 Annual Salute to Wom via
From earlier this year, but well worth another read: Article on Olympic boxing medalist
Marlen Esparza: I don't feel complete yet. Fresh off bronze in London, Esparza is planning her strategy for 2016 -
Marlen Esparza: Thanks to Junior League of Midland, Texas, who had Marlen as a guest speak..
Well there's Erislandy Lara, the Charlo bros, Liakovich, Edwin Rodriguez, Brian Vera to name a few. Marlen Esparza.
Just talked to a boxer that trained with Marlen Esparza.
"Dad told me I couldn't be a boxer...he said I was too small." -Marlen Esparza
S/O to my new follower Marlen Esparza :)
Before the press, before the fans, and before her trainers, there was always one person Marlen could count on. To find out more, go to
I would like to thank Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza for being with us on the Babybull radio show yesterday.
Me, Marlen Esparza, and my homegirl. What what ? (:
How awesome Marlen Esparza showed up to the phs homecoming game...super cool! :)
Marlen Esparza Is crowning the King & Queen tonight at the game!
So Excited .. HomeComing Game !!! thanks Marlen Esparza for making time to come out ! Good Luck to the Guys and Update on my last post My lawyer is from class of 1983!!! awesome and So i guess ill be meeting you tonight(: [Crazy Girl dont ya know that I ...]
My next stories will be on Marlen Esparza, Jermall Charlo, and then something special on Ronnie Shields and Plex Boxing.
I wanna blindside and knockout Marlen Esparza so I can say I knocked out a Olympic boxer and people will think I have hands
in van nuys, lol thx they picked up u.s. olympic boxer Marlen Esparza! she rocks
Marlen Esparza: Thanks to Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) for sharing his photo with Marlen and Le..
Shout Out to Marlen Esparza, keep doing your thing.
Register for the Future Leaders Forum for Young Women! Hear from Olympian Marlen Esparza & learn about leadership!
Saturday, November 3 at 8:30am in CDT at University of Houston, 210 University Center, Houston, TX 77024
Marlen Esparza...Bronze Medal winner for team USA Olympics 2012...women's boxing.
Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza gave an inspirational speech at a university last night .
Marlen Esparza of USA goes away with bronze medal in boxing - Join Talk at:
Just met marlen Esparza, she's cool, she won a medal at the Olympics for boxing :)
that moment when ur sittin dwn eating n some1 comes up 2 u n says hey u were the guy who got beat up by Marlen Esparza
Marlen Esparza: Last Thursday, Marlen received the Icon of Style Sports Award from Vanidad..
"You don't have to be a stereotype. I'm just like you." -Marlen Esparza
Monday, October 1 at 7:00pm in CDT at SMU-Multicultural Student Affairs
Thurs Night Primetime Boxing Returns. I'll be ringside w/ Female Olympic Boxing Medalist Marlen Esparza! Tix at
Long week ahead ..but for some reason I'm only looking forward to one thing... Saturday Alumni Take Over at PHS Homecoming Game!?!?! Hope Everyone can Make It! It's also Gonna be Cool to See Olympian Marlen Esparza there too!:D
Yesss, my bad ! :D ! sooo many belts, they'll think you're Marlen Esparza ^_^
Greatest Show on Earth. Presented by the one and only Lou Savarese...
Marlen Esparza should go to Eastwood.. ),: to bad I'm not there
Marlen Esparza: Yesterday, Marlen got the opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Hous..
My parents met Olympic boxer, Marlen Esparza, at the Astros game!
Olympians Ryan Lochte, Brenda Villa, Jessica Steffens, Danell Levya, Marlen Esparza, and Leonel Manzano onstage at the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on September 16, 2012 in Pasadena, California.
Marlen Esparza: If you missed the ALMA Awards last night on NBC, here is a grou via should check friend Marlen Esparza :)
Congrats to our Latino Olympians, u rock Marlen Esparza!
Tonight Boxer,Latina Marlen Esparza is being honored on ALMA Awards.
Marlen Esparza: Tonight's the night! Tune in to the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards on NBC at 8 p.m...
Marlen Esparza: Thank you to Yale student Sylviia Zhang for sharing her photo with Marlen...
"If your mind can dream it and your heart can believe it." -Marlen Esparza Inspirational words spoken by an amazing women who reminded me why I am here :)
lol @ me and birdwhistling pachabell's cannon in D major while waiting for a picture with marlen esparza
Marlen Esparza is taking about being a strong woman, winning a metal in the first Olympic women's boxing events, and being a great athlete!
"Oh, they're not watching me; they're watching LeBron watch me." Thanks for bringing Marlen Esparza to campus, Dean G!
La Casa kicks off Latino heritage month with Marlen Esparza, an Olympic medalist in boxing
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Marlen Esparza talking abt what boxing did for her
marlen esparza, American boxer speaking now!
Marlen Esparza: Thank you to Yale University for hosting Marlen today who will via
Marlen Esparza: Along with the gorgeous male celebrities and athletes in attendance at the..
Can't wait to hear Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza speak at the Sterling Memorial Library tomorrow evening. She's...
Tomorrow Ill be presenting Marlen Esparza Her hall of fame award :)
Khoa Huma Dao Jessyjam Dallas and Myself will be rocking it out this Thursday! WQhats up Pablo Ortiz You ready!
Dean's tea with Olympic medalist marlen Esparza this Wednesday at 6:30 in sterling library! Can't wait!
With gold medalist Marlen Esparza at the good times!!!
I met Danell Leyva and Marlen Esparza yesterday at the ALMA Awards. Real dope genuine athletes with a passion for what they do. Thanks guys
Shes a very great boxer. Im so glad about her. Go Marlen!!!
I take this,,picture for marlen esparza,,i hope like you
this ain't marlen Esparza s rule I bin doin this from day 1!
5 years of kickboxing and i MIGHT look like this! o.O ...
Marlen Esparza!! The Star spangled banner waves!! Hope you're doing great out there ? GOD Bless you.
'If no one thinks you can, then you have to' Marlen Esparza via
"Before you judge me... make sure you're perfect”- Marlen Esparza♥
Just got out of work :) who knew at this job I would meet Marlen Esparza. Today was a good day
Shared from Marlen Esparza: In case you missed the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Paralympics, here is a photo of the celebration that took place at Olympic Park! Click like if you enjoyed watching all of the Olympics and Paralympics coverage this summer and the tremendous athletes who competed at the highest levels and poured their hearts out for their country! Congratulations to every Olympian and Paralympian around the world, you are all winners!!
Marlen Esparza: A very BIG THANK YOU to the City of Pasadena and Mayor Johnny I via
just did a boxing work out with Olympic Bronze medalist Marlen Esparza!! She may only be 5'3'' and 112 lbs but that girl knows what's up. AND, did I mention she's a Cover Girl? She was awesome! Pics to come soon!
I WON!! Unexpected!! I just kept thinking about Marlen Esparza lol.
"Before you judge me... make sure you're perfect” By Marlen Esparza♥
Honored to have met Marlen Esparza,(USA Olympian Female Boxer) shopping for a gown for the Alma awards,at my
Listening to Rose Arce who teamed up to create a great doc film boxing champ Marlen Esparza
i get a super geeky smile stuck on my face for like 5 mins after getting messaged back by Marlen Esparza lol
Marlen Esparza: The sun is setting in Olympic Park and on the final weekend of the Paralym..
Marlen Esparza: Here is a photo of Marlen in Beverly Hills yesterday doing some shopping a..
Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza was honored Tuesday in a celebration outside City Hall in Pasadena
Olympian and bronze medal winner Marlen Esparza now holds a key to the City of Pasadena.
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“city of Pasadena honoring Marlen Esparza, 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist, at 6 pm today at city hall!
Hey guys just got back from seeing Marlen Esparza..@ Pasadena City Hall She was Awesome had lots of fun hearing all that she has accomplished,& she sign my sunglasses,and her picture wooo hooo.lilbiti also pray for her journey to FAME...Amen!
The City of Pasadena will hononor Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza on Tuesday (Sept. 4) at 5:30 p.m. in the Mayor's Office (in City Hall - 1211 Southmore).
I will get a reply from Marlen Esparza even if its the last thing i do... (ಠ-ಠ)!
With female boxing dead wonder if bronze medalist Marlen Esparza will try MMA. As u can see in pic she's a beauty also
We have got some GREAT news!! Marlen Esparza is planning on boxing in the Olympic Games in Rio!! She said she will take a little break, and then start training for Rio! GREAT news for this Houston, Texas girl!! Having known her while she was in High School, I know the drive she has, and am so glad she is going back to try for her GOLD!! Way to go Marlen!!
Who watched E! News last night and heard Marlen Esparza's big announcement about her plans to go for the Gold in Rio 2016? We hope most of you had a chance to watch her segment on E! News and in addition to this there was also a local segment that ran with NBC2 in Houston.
Marlen Esparza ...Were sooo pround of our Houston Tx Girl !!!
Marlen Esparza: Who watched E! News last night and heard Marlen's big announcement about h..
Victor Conte says three athletes at London 2012 are using the same cocktail of drugs that he prescribed for Dwain Chambers
Who will be the first to sign her to $um major money? She and Ms. Shields won in non triditional female sports and so very little attention is being given to them. Why?
Imagine how far Marlen Esparza could go in MMA...and it has far more opportunities than boxing.
Been working so many hours I've been knocked outta society! Is all good though my comebacks are epic! Talked to Marcelina my baby daughter today think we gonna make a trip to the boxing gym Monday, hey I want my own Marlen Esparza. She has her Tia Jackie, Her momma, and my Tia Magalys blood in her Olympics on our Mind!
Marlen Esparza sits down with Nick Giovanni to talk about her new fashion line, and life after London tonight at 10:00!
Marlen Esparza sat down with us for a one-on-one in the park.. and I got punched in the face... that's tonight at 10!
Marlen Esparza on E! Looks like she will be in Rio for 2016 👍👊💪
Marlen Esparza: Who is ready to watch E! News tonight and hear some BIG announc via
in Jesus Name i pray to meet Marlen Esparza someday soon and that it'll be a great moment; Amen!
Love God. Love what you do and love yourself. You can't go wrong with that!!! Adapted from Marlen Esparza, an American Olympic boxer after winning a bronze medal.
Marlen Esparza was at the same club I was at that bronze medal looked too dope! She's hot wordd I took pics SgDHLFS SJKFSA
Seniors first theme is Olympics... I'm gonna be Marlen Esparza 😁
Marlen Esparza: Thank you to Geno Cruz for sharing his picture of Marlen with her during h..
"Knockout Olympic Boxer To Launch Fashion And Beauty Line" Check out more with E! Online: via
Flyweight Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza might have lost her semifinal Olympic match today, but she will forever live in the … Read More
not really :c lol only Ray William Johnson follows me :o but he follows everyone :p oh & Marlen Esparza ^.^
Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza is the next mogul in the making! via
The Marlen Esparza coke commercial made me cry, I know I say this a lot, but tears really came down my face, I was literally sobbing
"Is boxing for me?" Read the story of Olympic Boxer Marlen Esparza and her next steps. Her achievements remind...
Some of my staff @ VC & Marlen Esparza Olympic medalist for USA!!
On May 9, 2012, Crittenton Services awarded Marlen Esparza the first Bright Light Youth Award for being such a positive role model for girls...
Congrats to for all the big things she is doing!! Proud of ya! via
Knockout! Olympic Boxer Marlen Esparza to Launch Fashion and Beauty Line: She's already a champion in the ring. ...
With a beaming smile and a shiny Olympic bronze medal, 23-year-old Marlen Esparza said she was just happy to be home.
Out of the blue, Tara shows up and coaches U.S. boxer Marlen Esparza. Because if Team USA wins gold, Tara could win prizes. Get in the game at
Its official AUGUST 30th MARLEN ESPARZA will be partying with us only at LIVE @ BAYOU PLACE Thursday's! Book your VIP section NOW!! 832.590.9152
Great Picture that I have to share.
The Olympic Women kicked butt didn't they? Did I read they earned 60% of the medals? Thank you Title IX. Women's sports would NOT be where they are now without TITLE IX. All parents of young girls/women make sure they read/know/acknowledge what Title IX did for them and what a hard won fight it was. I remember!! Check out Marlen Esparza.. young boxer from Houston ,Texas. She won a bronze medal. 1st time women boxers have been included in Olympics. Check out her "red dress" Photo. Beautiful photo. Shows young women they can be both beautfiul, Ahtletic and strong!
Dang it-- I missed the girls boxing- Marlen Esparza...why was'nt it telecast on prime time channels or announced or I didnt see any of the winning highlights. Por que??? Instead, I saw some chicks with ribbons and a ball, WTH? Didn't know that was a sport??? I think I will compete in that field- or they should have a Matamosca event. I'd get Gold!!! Sucka Faces
When I went out into the ring and won my first fight, it was so great to have all that support and to see so many people at women’s boxing. I never expected it. I was also glad to be able to help out Team USA and be the first to reach a medal round.
I need to interview marlen esparza from houston who won a medal in the olympics.. if anyone has a contact let me know!
This week’s highlights: America’s Olympic medal winning models, Marlen Esparza and Dotsie Bausch; MM’s Vanessa Lake on the cover of People magazine, Lauren Calaway on the cover of Nailpro; and more…
Congratulations to this Texas Raised inspiration young athlete, Marlen Esparza
Aww man, the Olympics is officially over and I missed the American boxer Marlen Esparza! Now what do I do with my evenings? Sew..I guess! :)
congratulations to marlen esparza from Houston,Tx for winning bronze in london 2012 team usa boxing
Marlen Esparza of the U.S.A won a bronze medal at her weight in boxing so that means... don't mess with me or my family because we will knock you out. :)
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I went to London today but I am enjoying the closing ceremony in my hotel room. Hope to post pictures soon. Was with a few other great flight attendants. Met the USA female boxer in a bar and had our picture made with her. The one who does the McDonald commercials. Marlen Esparza. Beautiful woman. 22 years old.
this is how you was years ago and you is still bad *** my little one. the big (Z).
Alright after eating a great breakfast, now its time for some kickboxing in 98 degree weather. First work, then play. Nice to see Mexico as gold medal champions. Congratulations to Jose Ramirez from Avenal for competing in the 2012 Olympic Games and Marlen Esparza representing Team USA in boxing. IF you gotta a problem with people being proud of the country their family came from, then you'll hate me for this. VIVA MEXICO! Y VIVA LA RAZA.
Victor Conte says top 20 atheltes in each Olympic event used performance-enhancing drugs in the last year Victor Conte expected controversy when he arrived in London on Aug. 3, headed for the Olympic Games. He found it this week, after he openly criticized Olympic drug testing and was quoted by the Times of London as saying he thought that 60% of the athletes were using banned drugs and that the International Olympic Committee was ill-prepared to do anything about it. Conte, the BALCO mastermind who has provided nutrition and training advice to bronze-medal boxer Marlen Esparza, says what he actually told the Times was a little different. “What I actually said,” Conte said Friday, “was that of the top 20 athletes in each Olympic event, about 60% have used performance-enhancing drugs in the previous year during their preparations for the Games.” That, Conte said, “got translated into me saying 60% of Olympic athletes use drugs. What I do believe is there is rampant use of synthetic testosterone d ...
Marlen didn't win gold, but, she goes down in history as the first female to medal in the history of the Olympics.
The trainer for Pasadena flyweight Marlen Esparza believes the judges at the Olympics in London did his boxer an injustice as she lost to China's Ren Cancan in the semifinals.Esparza takes home the b
Before the FNF start, let's send out congratulations to USA Olympian Claressa Shields (gold) & Marlen Esparza (bronze) for winning the only medals our boxing squad won in London.
This 23 year old Houston native is not only in this year's Olympic Games, she is also a trailblazer. She has become the first woman to ever win a gold medal in Women's boxing. A beautiful face and a lighting quick jab, two great combinations in a woman. At the end of the games she has stated that it...
Dispatch: Bronze medalist talks to Vogue of her London experience so far:
Is it just me that's fascinated with Women's Boxing in the 2012 Olympics? I saw a segment on Marlen Esparza, Bronze Medal winner, on CNN a week or so before the Olympics began. I was hooked. I searched for her each day. Low and behold, I never saw her boxing only in the commercials. What I did find, and even now I'm grinning from ear to ear, Claressa Shields, GOLD MEDAL WINNER IN THE 2012 OLYMPICS! Just wow and wow! This is the first time women are allowed to box in the Olympics and they win gold and bronze, and the gold medal winner is from Flint, Michigan! Burt tells me that's a rough place. See what you can overcome if you're determined to do it? Wow and Wow! (By the way, I shielded my eyes and flinched throughout the bout she had with a 33 yr. old Russian.) Wow and wow!
                      For the first time women’s boxing will be part of the Olympics. And Latina boxer Marlen Esparza is going for gold in the featherweight class. Born in Texas to Mexican parents, Esparza will make her Olympic debut on M...
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