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Marlay Park

Marlay Park is a suburban public park located in Rathfarnham in the administrative area of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, in County Dublin, Ireland.

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I'll never forget the time Green Day came to Marlay park with Joan Jett and Paramore and I couldn't go..
On this day , June 29th 2014 Marlay Park ... Gig of a Lifetime !
Seen 7 years ago in Marlay Park, Tomorrow I'll see them in Dublin
Going to Longitude Festival in Marlay Park on July 14th, 15th or 16th? We have special direct bus services from...
Travelling to from Dublin city centre? Book your return bus ticket with Marathon Coaches now!…
We found this news about Irish band Kodaline that made us like them even more. The band wrote a song for their 17...
What a great weekend of Football for the Gers Girls, match reports below. . 🖤💛
This is like when Eamon Ryan turned up at Marlay Park and worked the bar. Just. Like. That.
Never liked the idea of marlay park, always seems fair dodgy to me, full of young wans always too ffs
True, I can't complain too much but being stuck in Marlay park for hours in pure darkness and almost get…
Yeah I saw them in Dublin too - around 08 at Marlay Park AND made it to Vital a few years ago. Just pure joy from their shows!
Few snaps from walking around Marlay Park this afternoon. @ Marlay…
Around this time last year saw them both in Marlay Park, but other way round on bill
Ciara Lawlor's mum told me she loved the song wrote in her memory, as it was "written from the heart.".
Mum of Irish teen Ciara Lawlor who died at Kodaline’s gig praises ‘beautiful’ song penned in her memory
it was superb wasn't it. last time i saw them was in Marlay park & the Olympia before that, early 2000's, brilliant.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Saw them do Creep back in Marlay Park in '06, so…
Malahide Castle. Such a pain to get there. Can't do it. Last time I'd seen them was…
Saw them in Marlay Park 11 years ago. They were so bad that they apologetically Creep during their encore
Seven years ago I saw a little band in Marlay Park Dublin and it was the best night of my life
Today in Parahistory: 7 years ago today, Paramore took to the stage with Green Day and Joan Jett in Marlay Park, Dublin!
Longitude will be taken place at Marlay park
The Longitude Lounge is returning to the Marlay Park festival next month
They are in Belfast on Tuesday. I seen them last year in Marlay Park. Wembley should be Good!
No, Grange Road, opposite Marlay Park. But thanks for the tip, and I'll check out Nutgrove when I'm passing
and follow for a chance to win tickets to the in Marlay Park!
Kevin Shields gets mistaken for Jimmy Page at Stone Roses gig [Marlay Park]
Marlay Park lovely regency walled garden followed by coffee. Great day.
Isn’t tonight’s warm breeze just fantastic? Sitting on my terrace sipping chardonnay listening to whoever’s crooning in Marlay Park tonight.
Ready to serve our friends at in Marlay Park! Dave's Wood-Fired Pizza's always on the best festivals
How many were at in Marlay Park last night. Never seen it so jammed.
DUBLIN: Traffic is busy now on Taylor's Lane and Grange Rd following The Stone Roses' show in Marlay Park.
Cause Ireland is green and we love it!. Pic: Marlay Park
...It's cloudy but warm, and we think It'd be great to have you in Marlay Park! Grab a pizza and sweet potato fries from us!
So gutted kodaline in marlay park sold out the day BEFORE I was gonna get tickets :( :(
2 Kodaline tickets for sale for 8th July in Marlay Park, Dublin✨ DM for deets😊
Two ice creams are better than one 🍧🍧. Catch us at Marlay Park Market this Saturday June 11th…
Thanks for visiting The Garden School in Marlay Park to learn about The New Growth Project
Longitude Lounge in association with Coca-Cola returns to Marlay Park
the new single is a Beautiful Thing, both literally and figuratively. Can't wait for Marlay Park.
are you gonna see Kodaline in Marlay Park next month?
Listen: The Stone Roses' second new track definitely isn't as bad as the first one
New Stone Roses track is great can wait for Marlay Park!
My Mam hates it though so who wants her ticket to Marlay park
So yeah. This is happening after Marlay Park gig on July 9th. . Spread the word, yo!
Apologies to anyone who had to listen to me singing Horsey Horsey around Marlay Park today.
mention me 2 mani imelda coming over 2 the Marlay Park gig
any chance yous are also playing with the roses at Marlay park??
a month today until Marlay park lads! 👍🏼
Oh this is fab! Love that you are working together. Are you gonna see them in Dublin next month (Marlay Park) then? 😊
Sitting in Marlay Park. The tranquillity is actually quite therapeutic.
Only one month till in Marlay Park with I'm so excited 🎉🎉
your tour bus spotted in Marlay Park this evening - at Picnic in the Park.
IJDC setting up for the Picnic in Marlay Park, Dublin in aid of 4pm to 7pm today.
Ahead of their July 9th headliner at Marlay Park in Dublin - The Stone Roses kicked off their new tour with an...
Still shouting out for 2 x tickets... Marlay park.. It's my birthday 😞can't miss it. ..
I may be in Spain but still giving the promo! Exactly a month until Marlay park 😱
I need to see the Stone Roses in marlay park !!
Make up booked for Marlay Park wohooo💃🏼
Anyone know of a ticket going for at Marlay Park, for face value? A friend is looking for one.
Sometimes i feel crap and then i remember i caught Caleb Followills guitar pic @ KOL Marlay Park and life is gud x
Hands down the best day of my life was seeing in Marlay park with the lads 🍻
Stone Roses in Marlay Park and then Indiependance next month yes
like "what the heck just happened oh my god??" We decided to leave Marlay Park, but we didn't know at the time that it's difficult
As we approached Marlay park, which is huge by the way, the taxi driver asked us which entrance we wanted to go through (there's 5
marlay park tickets x 2 needed... Here's hoping , its my birthday and all 😵
Selling 2x tickets for The Stone Roses, Dublin, Marlay Park 9 th July open to offers message me
Concerts in Marlay Park are always the best
This morning's run in a beautiful , warm , Marlay Park had some heat in the music too.
Not a bad run in the sun, if I do say so myself 🌞 @ Marlay Park
Just over 1 month till I see my faves in Marlay Park and just over 3 months until I'm 21 💃🎉
Post 5km park run tea, fruit & chats in the Marlay park cafe with my members! ☕️. Snapchat 👻
Miles will support at Marlay Park in Dublin on 12/7/14 with
Today: Marlay Park and Bloom 2016 in Phoenix Park. Grab some food and enjoy the fun
Shameless .still up to their old tricks this morning,
Our first day rolling in Marlay Park Market tomorrow from 10-4! 😀. It's set to be a scorcher…
Getting ready and warming up. This weekend, our spots are: Marlay Park Sat and Sun, & Peoples Park just Sunday.
Marlay Park: Artisan Food Market, shops, toilettes, a forest 2 go for a walk & more!. Join us every Sat & Sun 11-16:30 & Love at first slice!
Marlay Park is full of beauty. Pop in through Grange Road in Rathfarnham and visit its facilities...
Yearly visit to Marlay Park to see my lil babes with my lil babe is a go😎🙆
I'm going to at Marlay Park in Dublin, Ireland - Jul 9
Hi guys can u tell me is der any plans to release more Kodaline Marlay Park tickets.find it hard to believe it's sold out 😖
go see her the Saturday of longitude in Marlay park!
Like the Stone Roses in Marlay park,Indie,the Strypes and Placebo and probably a few in the Marquee
We can't wait to be back in Marlay Park!
Excellent album Gaz. You should definitely check it out & looking forward to Marlay Park
at marlay park is now But we still have two tickets to Check out our pinned...
Don't miss out on our dlr Leisure Sports FAI Summer Soccer Schools taking place this summer on Marlay Park All...
All green, sunny, peaceful. This is Marlay Park. Enjoyable & lovely!. Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 11-16:00
Selling 2 tickets for Stone Roses at Marlay Park on Saturday July 9th face value €75 each if anyone interested?
Hippies play their first away game this evening against Marlay Mustangs in Marlay Park. Use the College Road...
Are you going to see Kodaline in Marlay Park in July?👀
Come to Marlay Park Monday & join us for four Guided Tours of House 11am-2pm NO BOOKING required.
oh damnn take and me there after Marlay Park as I just told her we should go there, is we have any time.
Marlay Park's one of our spots today. Join us or pop in at Peoples Park 4 sourdough pizzas, sweet potato fries & sun
they are not playing Longitude in Ireland, the are playing their own show 9th of July in same Park, Marlay.
Would do anything to relive AM in Marlay Park
Drinking wine watching the while avicii is playing brings me back to the time I was drinking vodka/wine in Marlay Park at Avicii
Me & Max after the 5km Marlay park run today! We finished first out of the group of Slimming…
Don't forget to keep the 19th June free for Marlay Bark in the Park :-)
I completely forgot about having Stone Roses tickets until today because I was listening to All for one and now Im buzzin for marlay park
Tomorrow, we'll be in Marlay Park only!. From 11 to 16:00 with sourdough pizzas and sweet potato fries. Love at first slice!
Anyone interested in a bus up and down to Marlay Park for The Stone Roses on 9th July let me know. Trying to sort numbers👍🏻
Its real Oasis, Marlay Park 2005 weather out there lads xoxo
come to Marlay park 8th of July and go see with me and 🌚
Now that's a welcome return. Did they bring the sun? Looking forward to Marlay Park in July so!
Squire's guitar is awesome, I'll be bouncing around Marlay Park to it in July.
been out. Not heard yet. Have tickets to Marlay park. Is it that good? Can't wait
Glad I didn't spend €80 to hear them sing it live in Marlay Park
Cannot wait for the Stone Roses in Marlay Park, special band
aye Marlay park for me, sell it and go to Dublin would be worth your while
The new song is an absolute belter! Roll on 9th of July in Marlay Park
I was like many praying it wouldn't be a let down looking forward to marlay park all the more now
Marlay Park looking lovely this morning.
Marlay Park - Rathfarnham. The Red Stables - St. Annes Park. Terenure Village - Bushy Park. Join us today, 11 to 16:00 and Love at first slice!
Can we go back to Marlay Park this year just to get this really great pizza
:what a beautiful winters afternoon yesterday at Marlay Park Dublin
Macklemore in Marlay Park was a deadly concert but I got swarmed and had to get gardai around me. Now he's...
Have you all signed up for the RNLI Reindeer Run this year?? - great event for all ages!
Wouldn't mind being back at Avicii in Marlay Park💥
My money is on a date in Marlay Park too!
Nah the Rebels moved next to Marlay Park apparently that's on the 75 line. hypE
✓ Our 2nd Birthday ✓ 1st Nov 2013 our first day at Marlay Park Farmers Market
1st November in Marlay Park, not too shabby.
thanks Keith, Marlay Park is stunning at this time of year.
Good afternoon from a stunning Marlay Park
Marlay Park, 1st November, wearing just a t-shirt. And trousers obviously, but still!
Spooktacular halloween sunny Sunday to join us at Marlay Park and Peoples Park 😀
Solitary lap of Marlay Park in almost total darkness .fantasticly spooky!
Saturday team away to Mt.Merrion today, kick off 2Pm in Marlay Park ⚽️
My prints can be purchased at reduced prices! at BUSHY PARK today (Saturdays) or MARLAY Park on Sundays at Canvas craft framing stall .
It really really upsets me that Macklemore is playing in marlay park when the orals are on :((
A marlay park gig needs to be announced ASAP
It's that time of year again, Glucksman Gallery, Marlay Park and the National Crafts & Design Fair preparation is...
Tomorrow we'll be at The Red Stables, Marlay Park and Terenure Village Market for fun and delicious food!
yo Daniel you should go to that halloween thing in Marlay Park. Sounds right good
'Dark Hour ' run in Marlay Park just before closing. One of my late autumn favourites.
Next set of dates for our location in MARLAY PARK are now live to BOOK! . Location: Marlay Park , Grange Road...
Registration now open ! Please come and join the fun at Marlay Park Dublin on Sunday 6th December.
...through Dundrum TC and across Ballinteer to Marlay Park
Annoying that at 8am you can't go for a walk in Marlay pk, gates bolted still don't fully get why 9 is the open time for public park
change your concert from the 3 arena to marlay park in July/August instead please? I'll give you my prized Flanagan?
Looking forward to dinner already. Have shoulder of lamb. Picked up in Marlay Park Mkt on Saturday. 😋
Brilliant design, sound and lighting at Park Haunted walk!
Kudos to for the Samhain spooky walk in Marlay Park - brilliant fun for the kids and v well organised!
Dave's Wood-Fired Pizzas are today at The Red Stables, Terenure Village Market and Marlay Park. Love at first slice!
Heading to Marlay Park tonight? We’re ready at the bar to get your party pumpin’!
to hanging out with for the first time (with and watching in Marlay Park last yr
Any idea what time Imelda May will be on stage in Marlay Park on Saturday? Thx.
I can't believe I haven't seen the Arctic Monkeys live yet, it pained me that I couldn't go when they were in Marlay Park with Jake Bugg.
Stage a little smaller tonight than last summer in Marlay Park for these Arcade Fire folk
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Great day today alongside at and can't wait to convert more to the revolution 2mrw at marlay park
I'm going to at Marlay Park in Rathfarnham, Ireland - Jul 4
8 hours left for online registrations! Thank you for your support! REGISTER HERE:
Marlay Park was stunning this morning. Hot chocolate and a Danish, perfect.
Watch out for our Ballinteer team in Marlay Park this afternoon...they may be coming along with some fun sized bites!
Forgot to mention all bday cakes are ready to go ;-) fun bits for Marlay park tomorrow now ...
tomorrow at 11am for Register here or at the starting line .
Lovely day at Marlay Park Market, come and join us!!
Good morning followers! Today, we won't be at The Green Door Market. Find us at Marlay Park, The Red Stables & new Market Terenure Village
I'm definitely not prepared to go to Marlay Park for that line up. Call me if Bowie announces!
He's on the bill at Marlay Park on 17th July. should get him to do a show while he's here.
Special Olympics 5k in Marlay Park this Sunday at 11am! Register here or on the day!
IHL Finals Sat. in TRR -Marlay Park. Support PW Men 1st XI. They've been generous with time to coachJuniors this season.
Can't wait to be off my face swaying around Marlay Park to Caribou spaced out of it
I will genuinely never forget how much I enjoyed the Arctic Monkeys in Marlay Park last year, easily one of the best nights of my life
If you could kindly RT... Special Olympics 5k run/walk in Marlay Park this Sun. Apr 12th at 11am!
4 more days to go!! Special Olympics 5k! Sign-up morning of 12th or register online:
Dear Walkhikeireland, Special Olympics 5k walk/run takes place this Sunday at Marlay Park!
Hi Will, any plans to come back to Ireland soon? Your gig in Marlay Park last year was awesome!
Tickets are now on sale for Marlay Park in Dublin - Sat 12th July -
great day out with the kids in Marlay park summer 2013
This weekend we'll be selling our delicious goat meat & free range rose veal & Marlay Park
Register here! Thank you for getting behind Team Ireland! SOI_
Special Olympics 5k takes place in Marlay Park this Sunday at 11am! Great cause!
We're at The Red Stables today from 10am to 4pm, Marlay Park as well, and The Green Door Market from 12pm to 7pm! . Love at first slice😅
🙌“Oh hi Dublin, excited to play to a home crowd again. See you at 3pm in Marlay Park on the main stage of
Great review Arctic Monkeys Gig in Marlay Park on Sat. Great gig, agree on encore but even so!
I got to photograph the beautiful Ellie Goulding last night for the 4th time while she was supporting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Dublin's Marlay Park. Always a treat to photograph Ellie.
Incredible picture of performing in Marlay Park last night! Who was there?
Miss out on getting tickets to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tonight? Wanna see Ellie Goulding rock Marlay Park? Win here:
Electronic Device Insurance
The and Ryan Lewis and Ellie Goulding concert in Marlay Park tonight is now SOLD OUT
We are servicing buses to the Arctic Monkeys on in Marlay Park this Saturday. Bus tickets cost only €12 each! Bargain!😃
DUBLIN, IRELAND!! Our show at Marlay Park is on the 10th of July! It’s a special show for us.. check it:
Lost camera at Kings of leon Marlay Park
Kanye West requests tea for Marlay Park gig
Kanye West wants tea served in fancy cups at Marlay Park - Irish Independent
We're delighted to announce that the legendary Greg Wilson will be performing on the Red Bull Music Academy stage at this years Longitude. No stranger to Irish shores, the resident DJ from the Hacienda Club (Manchester), will be bringing his electro disco to Marlay Park on Sunday 20th July.
will be in Marlay Park 4th of July!!. Red Cow Moran Hotel have great deals on accommodation and dining! .
Big Soda are getting ready for a busy weekend at the in Marlay Park and Dun Laoghaire
it better be as sunny in Marlay Park this year!
Kings Of Leon will make their return to Irish shores with a headliner at Marlay Park on Friday July 4, where they will be joined by Irish superstars Kodaline...
Arctic Monkeys will play Marlay Park in Dublin on 12/7/14. Support from
This summer, Arctic Monkeys will be playing an outdoor show at Marlay Park off the back of their best album yet AM, on Saturday 12 July, the week before Lo
Arcade Fire are playing one of the BIGGEST shows of 2014! and they're bringing PIXIES as special guests. June 29th at Marlay Park!
Marlay Park is a great place to go with kids for a day out, with a market, playground and lovely gardens
Liverpool V Celtic match in the aviva on Saturday & then beauty and the beast at 2.30pm in Marlay park on Sunday 
Don't forget we're still running fartleks in Marlay Park. Meet us at the South Entrance car park. Every session is...
Fun-Run in Marlay Park 15|9 Great cause please follow & get out your walking shoes everyone!
Some great free films in Marlay Park this weekend, incl The Hobbit & the not-to-be-missed Muppets Take Manhattan
don't miss out on my Fun-Run! 15|9 Marlay Park. All proceeds will be going towards my rehabilitation!
More importantly ladies footballers get there championship campaign underway at 7.30 in Marlay park against be there
FREE movies this w/e at Marlay Park. Find out more on CouncilMatters, 11am every Wednesday on Dublin City-fm (103.2)
good lad! I don't know the Marlay park death trap though.
my main route is Marlay park, plenty of hill climbing in it too, but feic I'm still a bit slow.. I was really into sport in my
Just been reminded of one of the best intros I've seen, Marlay Park 2008:
Wow, in a week it's 5 years since Marlay Park
donno why but I didn't even go to it. Jack it was better than Marlay park
The amazing 'Fairy Tree' in Marlay Park.For anyone with fairy loving kids, it's a must. Gorgeously sweet.
Seen some players do some last minute prep in Marlay Park this morning. Leaving nothing to chance.
Would love to be seeing again at Oxegen! He was quality at Marlay Park last year!
All purpose parts banner
"flip Longitude/Marlay Park with Swedish Hoyse Mafia/Phoenix Park" Northside should be the new Southside prop
I've managed to dodge being knifed at the last oxegen shm and guetta in marlay park. Im batman.
Div 6 leaders YMCA 3 travel to Marlay Park. Sandyford 1 won this game last year, so have hope
All set up for Marlay Park Market, come and join us! :)
Movies & times for next weekends Outdoor Movies in the Park just announced. Sat 10th & Sun 11th in Marlay Park.
Marlay Park is the place to be be for outdoor movies this
Peoples Park, Marlay Park & Cabinteely Park. Great locations, great markets, great day out! .
Hi there Will you be taking part in my Fun-Run 15|9 in Marlay Park Pls RT
Series 1 nearly ruined Marlay Park for me
Check out our Saturday photos of Longitude 2013 in Marlay Park.
Has anyone heard the rumour that The Stone Roses are going to play Marlay Park in Ireland on either the 3rd or 4th of August this year?
Longitude is a brand new music festival organised by promoters MCD, which will be held in Marlay Park, Dublin 16 on the weekend of Friday 19th of July to Sunday 21st of July. The festival is a mixture of rock and electronic artists, headlined by Kraftwerk, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and Hot Chip…
Kraftwerk to headline new music festival in Marlay Park in south county Dublin. Sounds like a super event!
Kraftwerk, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Foals, Villagers, Modest Mouse, Hot Chip and many more have just been announced for Longitude Festival, July 19th - 21st, Marlay Park. Eek! Excited?
Spring is on its way! Cherry blossoms in Marlay Park, Dublin.
Let's get active! Free walking event will be held this Saturday the 19th January at 10.45am in Marlay Park, Dun Laoghaire. In conjunction with RTE’s Operation Transformation programme
Join other Muse fans around the country for a chance to win VIP Backstage Passes for their upcoming The 2nd Law Tour.
Welcome to January 2013 the month of broken bones.
Hi all - Marlay Park as usual this Saturday (12th Jan) 10 -3pm. We have a nice selection of boys stools in particular at the moment but will be taking pre-orders for designs due back in in February. Trading days for January / February: Sat 12th Jan: MARLAY 10-3pm Sat 19th Jan: AWAY Sat 26th Jan: MARLAY 10-3pm Sat 2nd Feb: AWAY Sat 9th Feb and every Saturday thereafter: BACK TO NORMAL :-) Please note: Monkey Pod is no longer at Dun Laoghaire People's Park on Sundays.
Home Needed ASAP :( Companion to the one below.need out of POUND TODAY :( Please share and help these pair ..
We've had reports of little, green and orange elongated bugs in plague proportions in the local area. Has anyone else had problems or knows what they are?
"NOW it's free" - join us for a Saturday morning walk & talk in beautiful Marlay Park @ 10am at the car park.
There's a 4k and 8k in Marlay Park at the end of February if you fancy doing that with me as part of your training!
Aproveitando q dia ta lovely pra trazer as kids no playground @ Marlay Park Playground
Out for a lovely walk and some fresh air (@ Marlay Park)
Operation Transformation walk taking place in Marlay Park on 19 January.
One of the Highlights of last year hearing the lads cover "Praise You" in Marlay Park
We sell hand painted, high quality spanish ceramics in a beautiful range of designs and a wide array of styles at amazingly low prices. Find us in Marlay Park Farmers Market every Saturday and Dun Laoghaire Farmers Market on the occasional Sunday.
MTB Club Spins are back: introductory spin on Saturday (12th of January) at 8:45 am from Marlay Park car park.
The third edition of the Biking Blitz Series kicks off in February with events taking place in Wicklow, Limerick, Galway and Dublin. There will be an overall series winner, taking the best three results from any four rounds. Mountain bike trail centres are used for these events to ensure a fast flow...
More people in marlay park this afternoon than on a fine summers day
Up for a nice walk and some lovely fresh air! (@ Marlay Park)
Any dog today that want to play with Jago? Maybe malahide beach, or Dublin 15 or some place not to far away? :)
Seriously excited for example. He was the best at Marlay park
If Oxegen doesn't go ahead , another Phoenix/Marlay park gig better be organised!
Lots of walkies in Marlay Park !!! Also, Check out the Puppy Parties at Nutgrove Vet. Great way to get her used to other dogs.
I wish some warmth would come with this sunshine. I wanna go to the park 😔☀
found the coronas gig from Marlay Park on the Internet... ❤ literally skipped a beat at Mr M!! Jeezo!!! 😉 x
"What do you do with your dead xmas tree? can I burn it ! marlay park take them x
Time to watch a bit of in marlay park
I want chocolate ah must not give in no
The ducks are quiet and overfed. The water surface strewn with bread. park Dublin
I'd do anything to go back to Swedish house mafia or Marlay park :-((
The best gig I've ever been to was Metallica in Marlay Park in 2009. It was like a mini festival. Yep.
Watched the Marlay Park concert on TG4 last night,really good show!
Marlay Park looked deadly on TG4 last night! Will anything like that be done with the O2 gig? :)
Really enjoyed watching at Marlay park. Nearly as good as a live show :) Talented and gorgeous group of lads! Proud to be Irish!
just watched you're concert in Marlay Park (2011) on TG4 makes me miss you guys in the O2 in December :(
Flicked to tg4 when I seen that they were showing gig in marlay park in 2011! Feels like just yesterday, ..AGAIN?
Awh at marlay park. Loved that gig & playing one of my favs now "closer to you" ☺
Watching play from Marlay Park last year..
The Coronas at Marlay Park was the best concert ever!
live in Marlay Park on tg4 absolutely amazing :O
Watching the on TG4 marlay park 2011 .really good defo gonna catch them live at some stage in my life! !!!
In bed watching live in Marlay park :)
watching tg4 memories of Marlay park, great gig, super band!! 🎼🎹🎤
Came home to find dad recording Marlay Park concert for me.
At least I have The Coronas from marlay park recorded already
gig at marlay park will be on tg4 now! !! Does this count as a fifth time seeing them? Lol
are on TG4 tonight at 10.05! Get to watch the Marlay Park gig once again whoo! xD
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Amazing gig!!! Marlay Park 2011 on TG4 2night at 10:05 :D x
Bit of exercise - always a nice walk here in the Park (@ Marlay Park)
fell in Marlay Park and split my arm open ahahhaah
Oh my God there's a video in Marlay Park playground, I remember I used to think that all those slides were the biggest thing in the world!
New Play about Orson Welles and co performing A Christmas Carol on radio in 1938, at Marlay Park.
sorry… sorry.. Marlay Park. Not Marley (that's the country gal coming out in me)
Right time for a nice cycle then off to Marlay park for the afternoon with Trev and Ava :)
Putting up Michaels and my show in Marlay Park, Dublin this thurs afternoon. Between rainy and westerly showers and Tanya Chiang doing the rounds to help loads. more of my selected images of my images at Lot of installation images to come soon here
Bitta tennis in Marlay park before work
I saw that last night and had a good *** to myself too. It's up there with the last Van Morrison poster:
Me hat from shm and marlay park is stinking out me room but refuse to throw it out
I really want to go to the park and play soccer with you guys ;(
and then after that can we go to a park and play soccer with Lizeth whiskers and Shabris?
'Someone forgot to put 50p in the meter' Noel Gallagher, at a concert in Marlay Park last week.
He told us all at Marlay Park he is releasing them soon :D
Russell Leetch, Marlay Park Ireland, 2011. [Permission to post and photo by Peter Neill]
Heads up to all the Marlay Park Bootcampers and all you Mummy Bootcampers too; We're still training up by the...
Just randomly remembered a quote from Marlay Park: "The guards can't arrest me, I'm clearly not a scumbag, I have a quiff!!" -
Example. Coming back to u.on at the min ...come at me u tune and a half park
When Noel sung supersonic at Marlay Park... so so so much better than Liam
Thanks :D livin for the new album & u were brilliant in Marlay Park david guetta hadn a patch on your set
Olives & Hummus. Unfortunately, I have no lyrics that go well with this photo. (Taken w/ a Ni @ Marlay Park
Just realised didn't play Hooligans at Marlay Park!!
Didn't know you were a Van fan. I was him in Marlay Park last week, and going to see him in Belfast next weekend :)
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