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Mark Whalberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (born June 5, 1971) is an American actor, film and television producer, and former musician.

Matt Damon Will Ferrell Alec Baldwin Denzel Washington Patriots Day Ashton Kutcher Will Smith Calvin Klein Brad Pitt Leonardo Dicaprio Boston Marathon Jack Nicholson Marky Mark Stanley Tucci Michael Bay Bruce Willis

TBF Casey Afflec hasn't been found guilty of anything Unlike Mark Whalberg, Matthew Broderick & Will Smith
Live streaming from a toilet near you with an epic rendition of Mark whalberg in " a perfect storm "
>Mark Whalberg as a scientist. wow this movie was really badly casted
Shooter(Mark Whalberg) Strip tease (Demi Moore) and then between Set it Off or Man on Fire!
Gabe thought Marky Mark and mark whalberg were two totally different people so πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mark Whalberg seen here leaving the during the La La Land acceptance speech.
Okay but why do we need Casey Affleck when Mark Whalberg is still around?
Arts Editor James Candler destroys Mark Whalberg in a viscous attack on the Boston actor's integrity
Loved Patriots Day! I do love any film with Mark Whalberg in it though 🀣
But Mark Whalberg really had a slick flow as 'Marky Mark' πŸ˜‚
How great is Mark Whalberg's hair in "The Departed"?
The final scene of The Departed is more satisfying every time I watch it. Mark Whalberg for the win.
I forgot how good the movie Invincible with Mark Whalberg is
There are some affecting scenes and one astonishing action bit, but the fictional Mark Whalberg throughline feels very contrived
My Girlfriend is the same, she thinks there is one actor out there called Matt Mark Damon Whalberg Dillon
Mark Whalberg is so gorgeous like he is so sexy it's unreal
Remember that scene in Fear where Mark Whalberg goes in the women's bathroom to assault Reese Witherspoon? Anyway, off topic I guess -
a lot of people forget Mark Whalberg blinded a man
My dad is having that conversation with me AGAIN about how he always mistakes Matt Damon for Mark Whalberg and vice versa... And then...
Also out today is the action starring Mark Whalberg and based on true events 'Patriots Day'. Book now here…
I just had a dream Mark Whalberg chased me on the freeway in a fedora on a motorcycle to ask me what was on my shirt
come hangout with me in GR, today. I could use a few laughs.
Is this coloured Mark Whalberg or what?
watched HW - brilliantly tense and involving thriller, but did it really need Mark Whalberg as a lead?
* tear in the eye *.I thank god every day mark whalberg wasn't in this masterpiece
Drunk in Faneuil hall cause what would mark whalberg do ?
Totally would have taken today off to see Mark Whalberg walking around the downtown Hy-Vee. πŸ˜…
News of the day! Now all we need is our Nathan. If they choose Mark Whalberg I'm gonna slap somebody.
I don't think Mark Whalberg will let that happen
so who is the bigger *** You or Donny? I remember you punks and you may be fooling Hollywood but not me
to be with Donny whalberg you must have very low self esteem,he's a Fgoon, bigger than Mark
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
TIFF had the right idea last year when they had a gala of "Deep Water Horizon" starring Mark Whalberg, directed by Peter Berg
Lmao there's so much gossip in my office about who mark whalberg was with when he was in town πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching The Departed now for the 26th time. Matt Damon Leo Mark Whalberg and Alec Baldwin are life.
Is Mark Whalberg just starring in movies about disasters that happened in the last few years? Patriots Day quite unnecessary.
when Mark Whalberg makes the harambe movie
lol. Autocorrect knows nothing about mark whalberg. Thank you!
My boss is trying to tee off with you at 1:57 at the Mines golf park. He will give you $100 if you beat him.
I have Tee time at 1:57 at Mines Golf Course in GR if you'd like to join!
Well I look at Mark Whalberg when he was a Calvin Klein model and I stay away from them lol
Better than his first choice of Mark Whalberg
Still cant tell the difference between Mark Whalberg and Matt Damon
you should've come to GR 2 weeks ago to play in the hippo tourney:
Saw a trailer for Patriots Day with Mark Whalberg. Why are Hollywood glamorising the Boston bombings? Seems completely unnecessary.
plus first that guy is going to have to win a cage match vs Mark Whalberg and Matt Damon
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You and Donnie are the best must have watched LONE SURVIVOR about 15 times all love from South Africa. Me 2 tours afghanistan
This is the official hat of every mark whalberg character
Mark Whalberg playing his Transformers character. But still enjoyed it and Kurt Russell.
Peter Berg and Mark Whalberg have turned into the best filmmaking team for true stories. Suspense, emotion, action, realis…
WRs id rather see play for the instead of Agholor; James Thrash, Torrence Small, Jeremy Bloom, Mark Whalberg pla…
Deepwater Horizons starring Mark Whalberg is having a screening on 9/21 at the AMC theatre in Somerville! Come by OCL office for FREE Tix!
As of right now, Mark Whalberg, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, and Jennifer Lawrence are the 🐐's of acting
Flattered when you find the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Mark Whalberg, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Kline, Alec Bladwin,...
Watching Inception like "Man, Mark Whalberg's character is a *** " Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are the same person in my head LolπŸ˜‚
I haven't felt like this since I found out that Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg were separate people.
I just want to look like Mark Whalberg ate Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg is such a great actor
my 2nd guess would be Mark Whalberg... I'm not sure?
I think Mark Whalberg probably had a family intervention about it. Or just beat Donnie without an explanation, and instead
Braintree woman appears on Mark Whalberg's music video...
Daddys Home-very funny! Can always count on you for a good performance! You must have laughed a lot while filming.
On the same campus with mark whalberg while he's filming a movie 😜
Just signed up to be an extra in a scene with Mark Whalberg for his new movie!
Love and lion beef reminds me of will ferrel and mark whalberg lion and tuna fish speech
That was not a bad movie, Boogie Nights. I think that was Mark Whalberg's debut in films. Pretty good performance
hope you enjoyed the round Watch out for the on the back9.
I am *MOST* excited about this, because I've been informed I'm "the Mark Whalberg" of this project!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Me: mark whalberg is in Southbridge. Pauline: yas let's go. Kev: who's in Southbridge?. Pauline: mark whalberg. Kev: you don't even like guys
Chris has got a brother. Or Mark Whalberg
Live with Erin and Mark.Whalberg that is.
The first scene between John C. Reilly & Mark Whalberg is priceless!!
For all you youngsters this is a joke referring to the song by Mark Whalberg called Good Vibrations
picture of you and my sister. She has cancer and not doing well in hospital. You are her favorite!
started out w/a life of crime&drugs.He turned it around to become an amazing role model&started
Niall and Mark Whalberg aka Jimmy's best friend OMG
ty buddy. as mark whalberg once said to Alicia silverstone *fingers u on a rollercoaster*
My cousin saw Mark Whalberg today filming his movie at the Boston Marathon & got to take pictures with him 😩😩
Mark Whalberg and Mila Kunis in Ted 1 are goals.
Am I the only one who feels that Mark Whalberg doing a movie about the Boston bombings is exploitative? . Yes? . Ok.
Oh ya and ice cube and mark whalberg movies and tv shoes
Volunteered at Boston Marathon and had a nice conversation with Mark Whalberg
Get your man Mark Whalberg he got me deadycyan 󾌴
It's cute that Sam still has hope that I'll learn the difference between Mark Whalberg and Matt Damon
What's better than the AND Mark Whalberg on Hanover St???
Look closely... Think that is an officer at the finish line? Not quite, it is Mark Whalberg. Pic via
Literally having a full on convo with Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg juiced out he's head in every film ... Arms like fat bags of soggy rice πŸ“½
Mark Whalberg served 45 days for attempted murder after beating a middle-a…
*Mark Whalberg signing his contract for The Big Hit*. Alright, I'm gonna be a hitman but I'm gonna do it all like Spider-Man. . "please don't"
Mark Whalberg always has the best music lol
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I just watched a movie where Mark Whalberg turned people into spaghetti
Forgot how amazing mark whalberg looks in 😏
C's went ham tonight and mark whalberg was there too lol
Mark Whalberg at the Celtics game, mah niggah
Mark whalberg plays the same character in every movie
It's time for another Mark Whalberg movie where he's a copier repairman.
by show you mean movie and you were definitely referencing Mark Whalberg's character in the Gambler.
Imagina o Mark Whalberg fazendo review de smartphone. "So come on now, feel the vibration!" πŸ˜›
Remember that one time I got close enough to Mark Whalberg to take this picture?
is my dad, but Mark Whalberg is also my dad. John cena is my father
I'm so happy Mark Whalberg walks this earth
Dylan O'Brien and Mark Whalberg on set of
It's interesting that the faces of domestic violence are Ike Chris Brown, & Bobby Brown instead of Sean Penn and Mark Wh…
Also on the hatewatch. Did you know Mark Whalberg hosted the event?... Good vibrations.
I hope they make a new TMNT movie starring the Rock and Mark Whalberg
I love Denzel movies too I was just referring to the comical side, if we going drama its Denzel and Mark Whalberg
Sometimes I get really homesick for the US when I remember I'm not living in the same country as Mark Whalberg.
wait, back up, who invited Mark Whalberg to the cookout?!
Somebody invited mark whalberg to the cookout?
that was only for a movie. Check his real life story, dude is racist AF. Just google "Mark Whalberg racist". 😳
Mark Whalberg impressions, these are the funniest things ever. Please do more. (2/2)
Trying to look like Mark Whalberg for block island, who's with me?.
Mark Whalberg is my favorite actor.
It has Mark Whalberg in it as well. Recommended
kinda want a clingy boyfriend that's all about me , kinda don't want him to turn out like mark whalberg in the movie "Fear" //:
I thought mark whalberg was one of the good guys πŸ˜“πŸ’”
why have I just seen what mark whalberg used to look like
Mark whalberg is a racist with a history of hate crimes
fair enough, but I saw the original film first so it all played out like a remake for me. Mark Whalberg was best in that one.
Stuck between wishing I looked like Mark whalberg or Leo dicaprio... Decisions decisions
Mark Whalberg walked up cool asf in Four Brothers b4 the fight @ the end
Minions . Hateful eight. All the other best picture nominees. That Will Ferrell Mark whalberg movie
hey can I get a shoutout with your Mark Whalberg impression?
Mark Whalberg, hope you will that Oscar for your space movie!!
I might not be only in L.A. but can give me a shoutout using his Mark Whalberg impression?
turned on tv to find oscar, instead saw mark whalberg on my tv screen. I turned it off. lol
Adam McKay should have won for Best Hobo Who Has an Orgy in Mark Whalberg's car in "The Other Guy"
Mark Whalberg is an absolute rotboy.
Who did Mark Whalberg bribe to get a "Daddy's Home" AND "Ted 2" clips included in this montage
I look like mark whalberg when he played a brother in four brothers in my avi
I dont like J. Bieber that much, but Id have to say him and Mark Whalberg were the best Calvin Klein models.
Curry shoot like Mark Whalberg on a covert mission.this is ridiculous
Back when mark whalberg was Marky Mark, this is how we use to make the party start
Seeing Mark Whalberg almost die in a movie gets me everytime... I cry but I still hope he'll make it and everytime he does
Just a little help watching your swing earlier try lifting your posture at address and realign your shoulder …
why does Trevor look like mark whalberg
Great am I going to expect a dumb lecture from Mark Whalberg now?
Mark whalberg . You laughed about me . Ask your wife ex Victoria secret model. With lie detector test what asked about me . Vin diesel to!!
When Will Ferrell found out that mark whalberg didn't make the Cinnabon 😭😭
Anyone looking for a good laugh to cure their winter blues, be sure to see starring Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg!
I want Mark Whalberg to make an appearance in every
I knew i wasn't only the one who had noticed, pfft. Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg too bruh lol.
Mark whalberg was convicted of beating a Vietnamese man to near-death while screaming racial obscenities at him.
Honestly Mark Whalberg is my one and only
That moment when your 4 year old sees Mark Whalberg on TV and yells look dad it's I'm dying...
Mark Whalberg could be 70 years old and he'd still be a daddy.
I don't think Will Ferrell or Mark Whalberg are sturggling..
yes I have it's the one where Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg don't get along, which leads to some hilarious incidents and they 1/2
MerryChristmas my daughter worked on DH- dance scene and I want to say thanks for being so funny&kind to …
The movies' called daddy's home because mark whalberg is so daddy omg 😍😍
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well there's already human characters like Mark Whalberg & odds are its gonna be 3 hours so there's no way I'm seeing it
I would let current mark whalberg and Marky Mark do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING he wanted to me like nothing is off limits, kill me if he wants to
So, 1-10 ... how was it? I like will ferrel and mark whalberg!
as long as that annoying chick isn't in the movie again πŸ˜‘ Mark Whalberg was cool, but his daughter needs to go
never have I ever had more in common with Mark Whalberg
Here's your exclusive first look at series 'Love'!
Bruh this girl told me she was horny n to tell her a story so I paraphrase Invincible wit Mark Whalberg... She was PISED πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I want mark whalberg to be my baby daddy or just my daddy either is fine
Daddy's Home was such a cute movie. πŸ™ˆ And my god, Mark Whalberg is so sexy. 😍
I think I'm in Love with mark whalberg
nah, Will Ferrell and mark whalberg
My grandpa talking about Mark Whalberg in Ted: "I just lost respect for him at that point"
Mark whalberg & Will Ferrell time. β€” watching Daddy's Home at West 21st St. Warren
Just increases my love for Mark Whalberg 😍❀️
Thus prolonging Mark Whalberg's career in the process. I'll not forgive Ferrell for this.
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I look like mark whalberg every time I wear a backwards cap
they were playing Lapdance in the trailer for Daddy's Home with Will Farrell and Mark Whalberg
I can't handle that young mark whalberg and young Leo live in the same era bc there both babes
I wan go see the movie wit mark whalberg & Will Ferrell n it
Cinema world Lincoln RI seeing daddy's home. Let's go!
Have to say, was great but I did not like how they portrayed mark whalberg in it.
Mistook Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg for eachother, what am I.
Is that he Mark Whalberg one? Watched some but fell asleep. Pain & Gain is my favorite of his
One day I'll sit in bar with Rob Lowe, Mark Whalberg, Dana White, and Mac Miller
Mark Whalberg will forever be amazing looking and when he's old he can be my sugar daddy
If you haven't seen Daddy's Home with Mark Whalberg and Will Ferrell you are missing out bc it's hilarious and it's a great family movie πŸ‘πŸ‘
Here. This picture of Mark Whalberg giving the finger with some text over it.
I just lost a dollar because I bet it was mark whalberg with my mom, I trusted you dad and you failed me smh
Mark whalberg is my boy. Let's go see one when u get back Nikkole
I never realised how much im in love with Mark Whalberg ..😍
Can't tell if this is mark whalberg starring in this movie I'm watching or if it's just a look alike
Bruh why Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg look so alike *** they trippin me up
Some celebs I want to try to kick in the head - Freddie Prinze Jr, Mark Whalberg, Steven Seagal, Denise Richards, that Paul Blart ***
Mark Whalberg cannot be human. All that before 8am?! Get out of here 😳
Celebrity sightings so far include Mark Whalberg,
Speaking of remakes I'm sure Michael Caine is just glad Mark Whalberg or Jude Law isn't destroying ANOTHER classic of his again anytime soon
Mark Whalberg will be playing the lead in the biopic.
Mark Whalberg and Joseph Benjamin, I dont feel them at all in movies..
can not wait to see you in a movie with Mark Whalberg
Ted2: hilariously hits cinemas for a 2nd return starring -
Tom Brady and mark whalberg are in an episode of entourage ? Oh my life is complete
He looks like a black mark whalberg.
mark whalberg, Anthony mackie and the rock get swole af and scare this guy out of money but then the police intervene
Shooter prolly one of the coldest movies mark whalberg played in.
I hope they make a Ty Pennington biopic one day directed by wes Anderson and Ty Pennington portrayed by mark whalberg
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dumb Jason Statham is as good as dumb Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg is the hottest man alive hands down. 😍
Watching this morning. LOVE Mom Whalberg! Changing things up! You boys were raised right!
I've often said that too. Mark Whalberg is fit though.
What if Mark Whalberg started rapping again ?
Whalberg I've been drinking, I've been drinking. Drunk in Love!!!
Did you know there's a reality show about Mark Whalberg and his brothers owning a burger joint
The main character would be like Mark Whalberg or something, but then early in the film they meet their friends Mark, Felix, and Toby.
Mark Whalberg flexes muscles for new TV spot Pain ...
About these poorly written and acted characters. Cmon man mark whalberg is NOT an engineer
The Mark Whalberg Mass Gainer one of the best mass gainers I've ever taken
Zero tolerance for mark whalberg slander around here
Time to learn with the best baby, Mark Whalberg great actor one of my fave.
Never let Mark Whalberg forgot Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
How did Mark Whalberg end up as an executive producer on Ballers?
Is there a guy like Mark Whalberg mixed with a little Luke Bryan 😍
At least I get another Will Ferrel Mark Whalberg movie lol
I'm sad I'll probably never see a Chris Tucker and Mark Whalberg movie
they're about to make a Mark Whalberg movie about it so it could a boon to our film industry.
it's Alec Baldwin, Mark Whalberg, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio, and the woman from The Conjuring
I did see The Departed, many times, & I'll watch it again! If u notice, everyone dies except: Alec Baldwin & Mark Whalberg.
I watched a Mark Whalberg movie about Vince Papale last night. Forgot what it's called. I need the audio from this one scene...classic
or like a brown Mark Whalberg. Lmao. I was just hella swole!
Well that's another week down, and with the weekend comes some brilliant new releases! Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, makes his directorial debut with what is being hailed as one of the best British sci-fi films, Ex Machina. Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac star in this thriller about a young coder who is invited to a private retreat of his reclusive CEO to engage in a top-secret experiment. Mark Whalberg is The Gambler. A literature professor by day and a high-stakes gambler by night, Jim Bennett is in trouble after losing all his money borrowed from a gangster. Can he outsmart his debtors and make a second chance for himself? Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ewan McGregor star in the comedy Mortdecai. An eccentric art dealer and British aristocrat, Charlie Mortdecai is asked by MI5 to help them locate a stolen Goya painting. However, he isn't the only one after the painting, as it is rumoured to hold details of secret Nazi gold. Also on previews this Thursday is Kingsman: The Secre ...
Yeah that Vietnamese man will never get his eye back but Mark Whalberg forgives himself and that's what matters most http:…
Office Queen (Comedy) A film about a woman who finds a new job at an all male company. Amber Marchesa is a 32 year old advertiser, that finds a new job at WILMORE & CRUNC advertising company, and find herself being top dog. Cast Rick ross as (Post man ) Ryan phillippe as Fox Princeton (Mr Smooth) Ashton Kutcher as Calvin Chisom (The player) Justin Timberlake as Harry crusaack (Class clown) Jay carter as Jason biggins(Hood g) Amma as Amber Marchesa (New girl ) Usher Raymond and Mark Whalberg as (Mike Wilmore & Jay Crunc The Bosses)
No that's not Mark Whalberg... It's the real Marcus Luttrell.
Turns out Denzel Washington wears my watch in his next film, just like Mark Whalberg in Shooter. James Pomroy I think its time you hurry up and join the club pal
is here w/ and Mark Whalberg slinging burgers in Herald Sq!
Mark Whalberg, Ct fletcher, & Arnold Sch. have become such an inspiration in my life recently.
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This movie where Leonardo Decaprio and Mark Whalberg are coke heads lmao
category for Leonard Maltin Game: "I made a bunch of smart monkeys" - movies where James Franco or Mark Whalberg talk to apes
if a movie is called Lone Survivor and Mark Whalberg is in it you know who's surviving
mate its got mark whalberg in it... I literally can't wait!
looks like question's been answered. I'd pay good money for that Mark Whalberg version
Just found out Mark Whalberg is in the new Transformers flick. I can now die happy.
Mark Whalberg deserves whatever he wants. 😻😻😻
Mark Whalberg in Pain and Gain is intense!
I freaking love Mark Whalberg... Just a great actor all the way around
now by mark whalberg are you talking about old school like Marky Mark and the bois or marky now I suggest Marky Mark
walking into looking like Mark Whalberg on the 27th
Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg had a baby and named him John Cena.
mark whalberg in pain and gain. My goal
Zyzz, Arnold and Mark Whalberg will always be my greatest inspirations
What happened to the basketball movie with mark whalberg
Not that amped that Mark Whalberg is here. Celebrities are people that bleed like us. Except when they bleed, they have gold band aids .
Mark Whalberg is not cute to me am I missing something here ?
Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg are the same person I swear
The second one was entertaining and clever but it had Mark Whalberg in it. The acting equivalent of a of brick.
Just got finished watching four brothers Jesus the scene when Mark whalberg fights Victor sweet makes you wanna fight. Lol
All I know is that Mark Whalberg is THE SEXIEST THING on this planet. πŸ’‹πŸ‘…β€οΈ
It's long past time for Mark Whalberg to give up on this acting fantasy and return to music.
Entourage is literally exactly how it is out here, especially how they portray agents/managers. Doug Ellin and Mark Whalberg killed it.
Aaaahellno some 12 year old girl saw mark whalberg on screen for an ad and yelled "NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU" I care Marky. I c…
Bruce Willis, Mark Whalberg, Jason Statham always gonna be the GOATs to me
If Mark Whalberg was my thunder buddy I wouldn't mind having a storm every day
"Wow honestly surprised mark whalberg survives in the end". "Dad...there's a reason it's called lone survivor". "Go to bed Alex"
Mark Whalberg is the greatest actor in the world.
Shooter is such a good movie, mark whalberg is a freaking badass
My dad just met mark whalberg and I didn't get to :(
Hamilton Collection
Mind you it was better than transformers. Mark Whalberg can do no wrong.
that's good! There is only so much of mark Whalberg in a tight t shirt I can watch before it gets dull
are you eurghing at the thought of mark Whalberg!
I love mark Whalberg but Shia was transformers
What and be a lone survivor like mark whalberg?
sick man! Rowdy roddy piper is having a biopic made about him! MARK WHALBERG is playing him!!
My mom met mark whalberg yesterday, safe to say she isn't coming down from cloud 9 for weeks
If ya'll didn't know Mark Whalberg was a rapper idk what to say
it could be good and I like mark whalberg, but I couldn't get into it
Who else thinks that Mark Whalberg and Nathan Reuss look really identical
it's not terrible and I love a bit of Mark Whalberg but it is 2hrs 40 long!!!
But Mark Whalberg is still a better quickscoper/sniper than Chuck and. Jackie (Bruce is a better sniper)
I like being called the more tan Mark Whalberg.
Mark Whalberg and Leonardo Dicaprio are the best 2 actors
The fact that Mark whalberg slept with a massive lip during Lone Survivor
22 years old and Mark Whalberg still scares the crap out of movie because of that Fear movie. Eeesh.
Shooter gotta be my favorite mark whalberg movie πŸ™Œ
Mark Whalberg probably has a room full of unopened Shooter royalty checks from AMC/TNT/TBS/FX .. I'm not mad about it tho!
My love for mark whalberg grows deeper as his muscles grow bigger ❀️
Directed by Michael BayΒ  (Starring Mark Whalberg, Kesley Grammar, T.J. Miller, Stanley Tucci) I will try my best to do this review as an actual review as opposed to a rant. The reason I say that is because I am filled with so much anger for this franchise that I can hardly contain it. Everything with this film is wrong. Films like this exist for one purpose and one purpose make money. Want substance? It's not here. Want good storytelling? It's not here. Want interesting characters? They are definitely not here. Michael Bay has the ability of sucking potential out a film and spewing out a few hours of special effects and horribly written characters. A man of quality would of at least given us something to work with...but not with Michael Bay. And if Dark of the Moon wasn't horribly enough, this one pulls out the same bull that Bay keeps on producing. The one positive I will give this film is that of Mark Whalberg, who seems to be the only one trying to put on a good performance.Β  I'm afraid If ...
Transformers 4.. It was.. Pretty? Fun? Cool? I get it. Michael Bay has his own style and it's something I can't do myself (for now) but honestly the best things about the movie were Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, the guy that was Kelsey Grammer's right-hand-man, Mark Whalberg did pretty good, Optimus Prime, Lockdown, and the Dinobots. Not enough to make the movie good though. Too much lens flare (like always) Too many continuity errors Too many characters Too many transformers that sucked An American playing an alleged Irishman with an Australian accent (bad) Too many inconsistencies And too much cheap and unnecessary dialogue. I couldn't buy into it. I'm mean it was fun to look at but that was about it. John Goodman was the voice of one of the Autobots and he had way too many lines for a side character and none of it was good dialogue.
Mark Whalberg + Optimus Prime = possibly the greatest combination of all time
I'll see any movie that has Denzel Washington, Mark Whalberg, Brad Pitt, of Will Smith in it
Movie Review: "Shooter" (2008)(*** out of 5) - If you were to take the best parts of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series (Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger, Sum of All Fears) and mixed in the best parts of the only good Rambo film (First Blood) you would end up with something akin to "Shooter". "Shooter" is a smart, engaging and all out enjoyable action flick that never pulls its punches and always surprises you when you least expect it. Mark Whalberg plays the role of Bob Lee Swagger, a former military sniper who quit the army following a disastrous mission where his best friend and spotter is killed when they are left behind. Three years later he is hired by a Colonel (played with gusto by Danny Glover) to figure out how a suspected assassin is going to attempt to kill the President from over a mile away, a shot that few could make. Swagger figures out how it is going to be done and is asked to supervise locating the sniper on site. But on the day of the supposed assassination, Swagger is set up with t ...
Um, Mark Whalberg, Charlize Theron and Joaquin Pheonix are all stupidly pretty in this
Pretty sure Mark Whalberg just said he's gettin into a part ownership in the South Sydney Rabbitohs.
THE CONNECT: What do Brooke Shields and Mark Whalberg have in common?
it's a movie with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Ray Winstone, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Whalberg, Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen
What I would do to spend a day with Mark Whalberg
Mark Whalberg my favorite actor by far!! But I still rocks with Denzel, Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith, & Johnny Depp
Mark Whalberg getting the generation award at the . I love most of his movies.
I'm so excited cus Mu Favorite actor Mark Whalberg is going to be winning the generation award. Like finally...
7 MILLION VIEWS! Who is ready for Ted 2? The Thunder Buddy Song from the movie Ted (2012). This video features John (Mark Whalberg), Ted (Seth Macfa...
And of course Mark Whalberg produced it
Oh that is Donnie Whalberg. Brother to Mark Whalberg. He was also the crazy person who shoots Bruce Willis in the 6th Sense
Is it wrong that I'm watching the Kids Choice awards just to see Mark Whalberg?
Hella windy out here & we felt that aftershock in LA. Kids Choice Awards is wrapping up here... about to go back to my hotel & get packed. Today was hella fun... I my my fav actor Mark Whalberg, Ariana Grande, Michael Strahan, & more.
Emma Watson is in Noah with Russell Crowe who is in Broken City with Mark Whalberg who is in The Fighter with Christian Bale who is in Batman Begins with Ken Wanatabe who is in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.
Everybody is taking those if you were to have a movie of your life who would the actor be that played you quizzes. People are getting cool answers like Matt Damon and Mark Whalberg and Brad Pitt. I am scared to take it cause i dont want them to tell me that Rosie O'Donnell would be the best actor for me.
Mark Whalberg saving the world in the new transformers is so much more believable than Louis from Even Stevens
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