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Mark Walberg

Mark Lewis Walberg (born August 31, 1962) is an American actor, television personality and game show host.

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If Miami FC is Mark Walberg & Dade Brigade is Ted, does that make us Sam Jones?
Such an odd combo between Mark Walberg and Will Ferrel but I think it works in
Because he wants to go to Boston to hang out with his boy Mark Walberg.
Mark Walberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and the return of Frank Welker was enough to make the movie better than 2 & 3
For months there were lifesized cutouts of Mark Walberg in stores. *** I want one.
They ruined Transformers after they replaced shia labeouf & megan foxx. Mark Walberg does not cut it for me it's just not the same
I would not watch a movie with that left wing nut Mark Walberg. Screw this movie..I hope it flops... "Will Ferrell"
Nobody can beat the dynamic duo of mark walberg and Will Ferrell!
Mark Walberg last transformers movie. Hmm I wonder who will be the next hero 😐
I watch "Shooter" a couple times a month. My favorite Mark Walberg movie.
Can Mark Walberg just fall off the planet? So tired of seeing him in every commercial and movie commercial
All you wanted marked down mark walberg was to crea…
By the way what brought this on was idea Mark Walberg getting kicked in the balls by chips being my laugh of the day.
I saw Mark Walberg confimed this is his last go around in the franchise so it begs the questio…
I should go next time and I might even see mark Walberg
So mark walberg just said that this is the last transformers movie. Please god!
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Smh mark walberg and Michael Bay both leaving the franchise
Mark walberg is the sexiest mf man with his old *** yum😍
Um when did everyone decide it was ok for Mark Walberg to be a serious actor???
Ha ha it's still there too just walked past it again . Mark walberg was there yesterday but I didn't see him 😀
There is only one thing I know for certain. That there is a reality somewhere, where everyone is either Mark Walberg or Will Ferrrell.
Mark Walberg -don't know who he is but looking proper fed up on graham norton show x
Not the first time I've seen Mark Walberg interviewed and not the first time I've thought he is a prat!
Mark Walberg talking about another Transformers movie .
Adore Linda Cardellini, fan of Thomas Hayden Church, enjoy Will Ferrell and Mark Walberg. Daddy's Home 2, why, just why?
Mark Walberg if you could be a which one would you be?
so my cousin is doing press interviews with mark walberg n I have never been so jealous 😱
Is mark Walberg supposed to be post puberty shia labouf? Hollywood got that wrong...
The gambler shouldn't even be considered for anything. Horrendous movie. Its how i kno…
Is it about Father vs Step Dad with Ferrell and Mark Walberg?
Mark walberg , Adam Levine , chance the rapper & Toosi
Ask Mark Walberg if he has any memory of the 2nd half of Super Bowl 51?
I'm in between getting really fit and being beefy. Its like should I go for Zac Efron or Mark Walberg 🤔
Mark Walberg is too modest. By "I'm not a fantastic golfer," he means that he could go pro any minute. 😉
Please stop letting Mark Walberg star in these movies. Movie was much better w Shia LaBeouf.
Watching: 30 for 30. Best of Enemies- Celtics vs Lakers. Narrated by Ice Cube and Mark Walberg
LOL you listening to this 30 for 30 narrated by Mark Walberg and Ice Cube? Holy crap...
These geniuses adhere to phonetic tones, that hold precious information, with the tones. disguised as scenes from early mark Walberg movies.
I've always had a hard time distinguishing between Matt Damon and mark walberg in movies
Mark Walberg Childish Gambino Will Smith Ice Cube Dj Jazzy Jeff and gotta put Mos Def in there as well
if you haven't seen every . Mark Walberg movie don't talk to me
So disappointed, always liked Will Smith.. Guess im only watching Mark Walberg, Denzel Washington movies, oh and Eastwood.
Okay for sure I have Mark Walberg as in the movie. Still working on and
I wish Mark Walberg would call "gumball" by his name in these commercials. Show the man a little respect.
*** Mark Walberg! Why do keep sneaking up and scaring me?
Nah, Mark Walberg gonna play both of em, and direct the movie
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
can you please explain how Mark walberg defends himself against robot in T4? I'll try to find link if you're unsure what scene.
Mark Walberg or however you spell his name *
Transformers was the ish mark walberg just became one of my fav actors
Anthony Hopkins Co-starring with Marky Mark Walberg in a Michael Bay movie. I quit.
I guess is not taking it easy on those Mark Walberg.
WOW, just finished watching Patriots Day w/Mark Walberg. Kinda hard to watch in beginning but such a good movie. 🙌🙌
Yeah lol Mark Walberg straight but it don't feel the same without Shia he made them joints
You strike me as Mark Walberg's character from the Other Guys. You'd wear one just to make fun of the other people wearing one.
Ahah.UR paraphrasing the new Mark Walberg commercial with that hideous Angelica Houston.
had me dying the other night. MARK WALBERG
Better still, name the actor that played Flash… bonus points for the Mark Walberg film he had a part in...
Temptation Island hosted by Mark L Walberg. That island couldn't contain the amount of testosterone and estrogen on it.
"You go that right 'Kid Show Thing'--Mark Walberg to odd looking cartoon character in ad for DirectTV
Interesting now only if Mark Walberg wasn't in this. Can he ever act different smdh
A dream about Mark Walberg being a badass on a super fast bike. 😏
Mark Walberg = I don't care but for now I'm intrigued
I hate that you have certain commercials volume cranked louder then your programs. Nothing like mark walberg…
Funny. I really like his tattoos but I understand. I believe Mark Walberg has spoken about this & he's an absolutel…
If this bootleg hood mark Walberg don't get out of my store 😩😭
If any Cavs fan goes to mark walberg restaurant during this series…
Isn't Mark Walberg the perpetrator of a hate crime?
Here I was just living my childhood thinking *** Mark Walberg is a man of many interests 😂
Can just admit he takes performance enhancing drugs at times? Apparently he got Mel Gibson to partake. Walberg is such a bag.
i like the concept of what they tried to do with Transformers 4 with Mark Walberg but it was eh
Matt Damon and mark walberg look exactly the same
I thought his career was over when mark walberg shot him in Ted?
Matt Damon and Mark Walberg are the same person as far as I'm concerned.
Does anybody like that movie Rockstar with Mark Walberg?.
old Mark Walberg pretty ripped as well!
Ben Afflect looks like a drunk Mark Walberg.
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Young Mark Walberg motivates me to get Ripped AF
The woman with the leopard print outfit is Hannah Dunlap. Host Mark L. Walberg kidded her about her outfit. (Lauri…
I bet Mark Walberg just walked into his garage to work on his Theo Epstein impersonation for the movie about his life that needs to happen.
This is the guy who hosted "The Price is Right" tonight, Mark L. Walberg. Another guy who does it, believe it or no…
It was New Kids. Mark Walberg was the one that beat up some guy til he blinded him.
Mark L. Walberg is tonight's host for Price is Right Live in .
Which version? Certainly not the Mark Walberg version.
White Sox make former Cubs infielder Mark Grudzielanek new Triple-A manager -
Thank you Donnie Walberg. Tell your brother mark i said hi. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Have you been to see the amazing movie Deepwater Horizon yet?. The movie is a dramatization of the April 2010...
Channel 105 on Dish network, don't forget. Created by Mark Walberg, should be great.
Fear, with Mark Walberg and Reese Witherspoon. May not be so scary, but you know, Mark Walberg.
10 yr old me: My hero is Mark Walberg in "The Perfect Storm"!. Teacher: But he dies at the end. They all di-. Me: SO AWESOME!!!
Showing at the Ritz is Deepwater Horizon. This movie, which is based on actual events and stars Mark Walberg. It...
ok what about game show and Antique Roadshow host Mark Walberg? Would he get to pm you? I mean that's pretty close ! 😀
A movie with Matthew Mcconaughey, Matt Damon, Owen Wilson, Bradley Cooper, and Mark Walberg would be all time
So Mark Walberg is at my job, nice day to work
Donnie Walberg also had high hopes for Marky Mark. That means by 2017, Carly Fiorina will be our next president of The Funky Bunch.
Well, no more Mark Walberg movies for me. Wish I could say I'm surprised!
One bottle of this and in an hour your hangover is cured. Mark Walberg and Daniel Craig approved…
i'll be honest I cried like a little baby in that movie he was in when he killed Susy Salmon Mark Walberg was great in that too
yes,and Infernal Affairs is much darker, Mark Walberg's character doesn't even exist, so it's not a happy ending...
Try the film Shooter with Mark Walberg. Pretty decent 👌🏽
I get told I look like mark walberg all the time and I think that's so dope 🙃
why is the wikipedia page for mark walberg not up to par. I'm just disappointed
we can take a pic of that mark walberg Ethiopian lookin *** and then of me and start it that way as well
she was at the mark Walberg opening!
Justin Timberlake, Mark Walberg to join Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy in Detroit for primetime golf via
Transformers 5 movie scheduled on 23rd June 2017. Directed by Michael Bay and Mark Walberg is in TF5. [~News...
Kings fire assistant coach Mark Walberg... Karl wasn't to happy about it.
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Vance Walberg got scapegoated.. In related news.. He isn't related to Mark Walberg.. Who knew??
With Vivek bringing so many 90s acts this year, could Marky Mark come to perform at halftime and stay on the bench as the new token Walberg?
Kings fired their assistant coach named Walberg. Donnie, Mark, Tyrese, and Andre 3000 are coming for you, Kangz.
*** I saw of mice and men trending I thought they were remaking the movie with mark walberg and Kevin Durand
You're all wrong. Danny Devito & Mark Walberg rapped about history in Renaissance Man
I was born in '81 and find it impossible to call him Mark Walberg
I'm watching a harrowing film on Netflix, Mark Walberg, .not sure title ...but they should've shot them first ...questions later 😳😱
have you seen the other guys? Will Ferrell and mark walberg were way funnier in that
That the Mark Walberg planet of the Apes. Underrated and worth a watch!
but it had mark walberg and a cute bear. What could go wrong?
The only reason I'm watching the Pebble Beach ProAm is bc of Justin Timberlake, Aaron Rodgers & Mark Walberg 😍
Mark Walberg got that swag.even on the golf course!
Mark Walberg has a pretty good golf game at Pebble.
Mark walberg passed right by me okay not gonna freak!!!
"Mark Walberg, former front man for the Funky Bunch."
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Does anyone else think Rubio shares some similarities to Mark Walberg?
Anyone else think Matt Damon and Mark Walberg look like brothers or something
Fear- this is the movie that made me terrified of mark walberg. Forever
100s of people dressed as they are, pay $30 ea to attend the LIVE Let’s Make a Deal traveling show w/ Mark Walberg….
had a dream that i was playing poker with donald trump, dwight howard, and Mark Walberg...
Happy All Saints Day - when Martin Luther King nailed 95 faeces to the door of Marky Mark Walberg's cathedral thus starting the Transformers
I don't remember tbh something about apples and mark walberg probably
ain't that the group that Justin Timberlake, Mark Walberg and Ricky Martin was in?
"When I was in high school, Mark Walberg wasn't an actor - he was a rapper with a band called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch."
God, did anybody ever tell you that you look just like Mark Walberg? The resemblance is frightening. LOL
Id like to thank mark walberg, Matt Damon, Johnny depp and whoopie Goldberg for this great moment
I like Mark Walberg more as a rapper then an actor
Got your back Markie! 💲please gimme some Walhbergers Please! Goin threw Walberg withdrawal s lol
Yes hello can I request Good Vibrations by Marky Mark for the '90s hour because Mark Walberg is a sionnach.
Those shirtless scenes of Mark Walberg in Daddy's Home 😍😛
'Let's Make a Deal' brings Mark L. Walberg and more to Mount Pleasant's Soaring Eagle
In case you missed Monday's premier episode of "Buried History with Mark Walberg" on PBS SoCal!
Will Ferrell won in the other guys so it's only right Mark walberg takes home this w
Only other person who shoot this good is Mark Walberg when he was on Shooter
Mark walberg and Will Ferrell are gonna kill a step-dad😂😂
That awkward moment when you're in the Creation Evidence Museum and Adam looks like Mark Walberg...
Show's a big 'deal'|Walberg happy to labor in Hall's shadow: Mark L. Walberg was a fan of game shows as a kid...
I think Jon is just a really big fan of Mark Walberg and watched Invincible last night
Can I just get another episode where they just do Mark Walberg impressions the entire time. It's my favorite.
"Buried History with Mark Walberg" TONIGHT on PBS SoCal at 7:30 pm: Episode 1 features Catalina Island's rich and...
.are you as excited as we are about tonight's premier of "Buried History with Mark Walberg''?
I checked the trailer looks like mark and donnie walberg set up their "retarded" brother for a burger tv show or something :)
I wonder if Mark Walberg is sad his little brother John Cena lost tonight. There will be no good vibrations in LA tonight.
Went to see The Martian tonight and honestly thought I'd have another argument about Mark Walberg being the main actor
I hope so. Somebody needs to cast out that demonic Mark L. Walberg.
I give it 3 Matt Damons out of a mark walberg
Tell me how this looks like a *** fashion model version of Mark Walberg lmao 😂😂😂😆
Like mark walberg in boogie nights I'm shootin dice and pipin *** so good they shoutin Jesus Christ
'Matt Damon was in ...' ' No, that was Mark Walberg. But Matt Damon was everywhere.' 'Now he is Batman!' 'That's Ben Affleck.'
It was remade as 'The Truth About Charlie' with Thandie Newton and Mark Walberg in 2002. It was Ok...but I like Charade way more.
we are not talking semantics here. There is no way Mark Walberg is playing Bond... we can both agree right?
Also, correction- the Oscar Issac and Mark Walberg film premiering at is Mohave
Dylan's going to be in Deep Water Horizon with Mark Walberg
my life just wanna model underwear Ike mark walberg
I don't feel like he would but mark Walberg might convince him to go to the lakers.
is Mark walberg in this movie. Based on that one line he seems perfect for it.
The movie fears on with MY young husband mark walberg 😋😋😍
The Gambler with Mark Walberg. 10 out of 10. Painful but I'll watch again.
Just now watching the last Transformer movie that came out and I'm loving the beginning. Mark Walberg is hilarious.
Whoever didnt know mark Walberg used to be a rapper (Marky Mark) ls a lame *** goon
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yet at my internship. I've at least learned that I am very alike to Mark Walberg in the sense that...
I think Mark Walberg is kinda cute low key
I heard that Mark Walberg is going to be the new 6 Billion Dollar Man. Would like to see that!
"Ya, Mark Walberg- the guy from Brooklyn 99" "Oh right, He was great in fight club"
Mark Walberg is def one of my favorite actors, he a raw ***
Y'all know Michael Jackson & Mark Walberg could've both died on 9/11?
I'm trying to watch transformers with mark walberg and it's just not clicking for me.
I imagine showing up to the transformers set ready for the shoot and seeing Mark Walberg sitting in his seat all awkward
Do I watch the 2hrs and 45min Transformers with Mark Walberg right now!?
Are you talking about the black and white picture of Mark Walberg.?
I love the transformers franchise so much but I refuse to watch the last one because for some reason I loathe mark walberg
Fear was a really good movie. Mark Walberg's character was crazy as ***
The transformers with mark walberg is on Netflix !
Mark Walberg is making this new Transformers movie watchable.
The new Transformers with Mark Walberg got added on Netflix 🙌
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The Third Transformers was such a disappointment you know the one with Mark Walberg
My dad randomly says Mark Walberg has 3 nipples 😂 just cause we're watching a movie that he stars in. 😂💀
The whole sequence of mistakes from 2:31:03 with Mark Walberg in Transformers 4 has me in tears. No idea what is happening.
i go for older men tbh i like OLDER men well joon tae and jimin is older & tom cruise & johnny depp and mark walberg
Love how every news site is all 'Will Bay return for TF 5', while the article is just Mark Walberg as quoted 'I dunno'.
And sang my grts hit in his different voices. He's a trip very talented. There with Mark Walberg
I love that I share a birthday with Frank Lloyd Wright, Mark Walberg, Joan Rivers and Yeezus
Antique Roadshow's Mark Walberg is infinitely better than "Marky Mark" Mark Wahlberg.
I'll never stop loving that Antiques Road Show is hosted by someone named Mark Walberg.
I need hunt down Mark Walberg & Kanye West 👀 they're both within a 10 miles radius of my house
The ad for Wounded Warriors Project on TV tonight brought a tear and a smile - narrated by Mark Walberg.
Mark Walberg speaking on stage of his premiere The Gambler at festival # @ Dolby Theatre
QUIZ ANSWERS. FOLLOWING ON FROM YESTERDAYS ARTICLE ON FOLSOM PRISON CAN YOU NAME THESE POP JAILBIRDS FROM THE CLUES? 1. This 1960’s record producer was famous for inventing the Wall of Sound – Phil Spector. 2. He was one of the pioneers of Rock n Roll but it wasn’t until 1972 that he had his 1st Number 1 with ‘My Ding A Ling’ – Chuck Berry. 3. He was the bass player with the Sex Pistols – Sid Vicious. 4. This rapper was only 25 years old when he died, one of his stage names was Makaveli – Tupac Shakur. 5. He was a member of NewKids On The Block until forming his own band and having a billboard Number 1 with ‘Good Vibrations’ – Mark Walberg. 6. This Beatle was caught with half a pound of Marijuana at Tokyo’s airport – Paul McCartney. 7. Nicknamed the hardest working man in show business this artist went to prison for aggravated assault and eluding police on an interstate car chase – James Brown. 8. She was lead singer of 90’s group the Fugees but went to prison for evading ta ...
Donnie Wahlberg’s wedding to Jenny McCarthy was not a full fledged family affair. Actor Mark…
Back when Mark Walberg was Marky Mark, this is how we used to make the party start, we would mix hen with Bacardi dark 🎶😈
Just seen the "Transformers: age of extinction" movie. It was awesome! Mark Walberg, if u were 20 years younger... ***
its a joke from the other guys. You know Mark Walberg, Will Ferrell ring a bell.
back when Mark Walberg was narky nark
Can't get over the fact that Mark Walberg used to rap
Walking with he says we're like the rock and mark Walberg in pain and gain
This Lil dude got me watching his movie pain&gain with mark walberg and the rock smh
Mark Walberg is a hot head in every movie 😂😂
I wonder if mark walberg took d-Bol or stanozolol for pain and gain
G+: Vocals remind me of Mark Walberg in but the lyrics are great.
“Lmao.ya just a phony fellow” like mark walberg said in pain and gain "no pain no gain"😬
Reasons why Mark Walberg is so sexy:. common now, he's Marky Mark. 😍😂
I am LOVING your Doug loves movies.. Podcast!!! But I don't know who does the Mark Walberg voice?? I'm a newbie!:)
My top 3 actors is Denzel Washington, mark Walberg , Will Smith
Mark Walberg been in some ight movies lately
This just in! MARK WALBERG, host of “Antiques Roadshow”, to make special appearance at weSPARK’s Comedy Night!...
That Boston Cop looks a bit like an older version of Mark Walberg lol
if it was Mark Walberg then ya but a 75 year old guy no thank u
He's so cute and hot! And I kinda love Mark Walberg too x
is it true Mark Walberg was a racist when in early 20's
I'm so going to be an actor! I'm going to be jetting off to New York and be in a movie with Mark Walberg! Trust me xx
Photo: AKA Sorry Mr. Hot *** Mark Walberg, but I got this and felt the urge to...
my dream is to own a lock of and Mark Walberg's hair.
Letter in the mail tonight. Mark Walberg filming Ted 2 about 100 yards from my house for two days next month. Kids are pumped. Word.
If The Rock and Mark Walberg did a cosplay of Goku and Vegeta. . .my life would be made
I'm about 99.9% sure I have an unhealthy obsession with Mark Walberg
As much as I am fond of Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington I am thinking that 2 Guns is going to make for a poor substitute for prime Pacino
Mark 'Down Syndrome' Walberg? Yeah I think so. Just thinking about that mong has put me off.
What happened to this basketball movie you were supposed to shoot with Mark Walberg??
Remember Mark Walberg talks to animals? I loved that sketch so much. Samberg's the best at horrible impersonations.
Still can't believe i had to stunt double for Mark Walberg at the end of Bogie Nights
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Mark Walberg backed out bc of Justin's 'bad behavior'
New coversong from the movie ROCKSTAR starring Mark Walberg STAND UP AND SHOUT with a wig…
Whatever happen to that movie Justin did with mark walberg?
why am I laughing at Mark Walberg and Vietnam?
You looked hotter in your underwear than Marky Mark Walberg in his Calvin Klein underwear! :)
My dad's gonna be guarding Mark walberg
I called dibs on him! I'm not encroaching on your Mark Walberg crush...Adam is my gimmie! But fo real you're right!
ICYMI: the host of Antiques Roadshow's name is Mark Walberg
was being challenged by Mark Walberg I don't think he knew it?
How brilliant is Christian Bale in the flicks? How he bounces off Casey Afleck, Woody Harrelson and Willam Dafo in the highly recommended: OUT OF THE FURNACE. Excellent acting roles. Again: THE FIGHTER with Mark Walberg and Christian Bale shaping right up in wardrobe, make up and physic in varied scenes for a boxing movie!
I just watched Shooter and may I say that Mark Walberg is a badass
Just watched Sole Survivor with Mark Walberg. I'm not a fan of War, Politics or Religion but this was one GOOD movie. Hats off to the...
Someone just said I look like Mark Walberg 😅
Mark walberg, one of the cool guy.. kkk
Mark Walberg popped a pink pill and said "its on today baby, 50 rebounds"
This lawyer on tv got that old mark walberg instrumental playing on his commercial. I'll definitely be seeking his legal advice
I wanna see mark walberg on chopped
Watching E True Hollywood Story of Mark Walberg...I seriously love this man.
TMNT by Christopher Nolan. Starring Keanu Reaves as Mikey, Mark Walberg as Raphael, Ben Affleck as Leo and John…
Thank you Mark Walberg.for doing the commercials for Wounded Warriors.
Bruce Willis & Liam Nelson are my uncles, Jason Statham is my brother, and Mark Walberg is my father
PREDATOR reboot with Dwayne Johnson,Jason Statham,Idris Elba,Mark Walberg,Tyrese Gibson,Terry Crews,Hugh Jackman & Jason Momoa aka that big *** Hawaiian guy from BULLET To The HEAD would you support it?
Micky Ward was 140lbs making Mark Walberg's guns even more egregious than you thought
'Antiques Roadshow' host Mark Walberg is back on familiar turf in Birmingham -...
Antiques Roadshow in the books. Had a good time. Met some of my favorite appraisers. Hung out with Mr. Mark Walberg himself and signed my first ever TV release. Once I know the air date, will let you know but for now my lips are sealed!!! With Dianne Gentry Wheeler
I feel like the go to actor for any big screen movie now a days is automatically Mark Walberg, what's next Titanic Mark Walberg remake?
- Last Thursday I was downtown for Ringling Brothers circus. I was with Mike, Eileen, and Daniel. - I liked it. Some of the acts in the first 75 minutes, I thought, were kinda long. After the break, the acts in the last 45 minutes seemed to be shorter. I liked after the break better than before because there seemed to be more acrobatics in that part. - It was hard to hear the songs and what the ringmaster were saying. Those sounds echoed too much and were about the same sound as the music. Thank you Mike, Eileen, and Daniel for letting me come along. - After the circus, I went to Andrea's and David's for what was left of their game night. I got there too late to play, but stayed for the last hour and 15 minutes. - The next night I was at Proctor's for the untelevised Family Feud stage show that is touring America and Canada. Contestants were chosen at random from the audience. My name did not come up. The host is the game show host Mark Walberg. He was very funny. I liked how the stage show wa ...
Having spent a fortune on wedding shopping today, just watched 2 Guns with Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington. Good relaxing Sat night viewing especially after watching Chelsea lose their way against Sunderland. Come on the boys tomorrow against Norwich. We have to make Man City and Chelsea's dropped points count!
By the time Mark Walberg's career is over, he'll have made a movie about every special forces military operation in history. Mark my words.
Am I the only one that confuses Mark Walberg for Matt Damon and vice versa?
All purpose parts banner
Before Don Draper was inventing love to sell nylons, Jon Hamm was just a dreamy waiter looking to bone. As unearthed by BuzzFeed, in 1996 a 25-year-old Hamm and lusciously middle-parted locks appeared on The Big Date, a poorly formatted dating show hosted by a guy named Mark Walberg (not that one).
2 people I think did well going from singing to acting, Mark Walberg and Justin Timberlake.
Watching the Kids Choice Awards and Lilly's mad that I'm drooling over Mark Walberg
.snuggled up with my two favorite little girls watching the Kids Choice Awards. Whoever said my life wasn't exciting. Oh yea and Mark Walberg is the host.
. Ian is a host for Kids Choice Awards tonight. My paper has Mark Walberg& K Bell but did not list Ian.Wonder Ian still going
Don't miss Antiques Roadshow as Mark Walberg explore how a rifle changed the odds in the Mexican-American War. Airing in 15 min on
Which one of these do you think is true. 1) Brad Pitt once worked at El Pollo Loco wearing the chicken suit outside the restaurant. 2) Bill Murray was once arrested at O'Hare airport after making a joke about having a bomb in his luggage an ended up getting searched and no bombs were found but five 2 pound bricks of marijuana were found. 3) Woody Harrelsons dad was a hired hit man and was eventually arrested and found guilty of murdering a federal judge. He died in federal prison. 4) Mark Walberg has been arrested numerous times for race crimes and did 45 days of a 2 year sentence for beating an oriental man with a large stick which left the man blind in one eye and earlier that day was yelling racial taunts to black children while throwing rocks at them.
Over the past year, celebrities have had a big impact on cosmetic surgery trends. The following glamour girls (and guys) have had people flocking to their doctors in hoards: 1. Pippa Middleton: The butt that changed the world. More people have sought out butt implants and backside contouring since the royal wedding than ever before because of this royal-related diva. 2. January Jones: The Mad Men craze isn't just influencing fashion. This classic Hollywood beauty’s cheeks have been requested by hundreds nationwide. 3. Natalie Portman: Everyone wants to look like Natalie, with her beautiful dark features. Her nose, specifically, is one of the most requested of 2012 thus far. 4. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big influence for those who want smooth, flawless skin. Other Botox lovers site Katy Perry and other youthful celebrities as their inspiration for injectables. 5. Mark Walberg has a body that most women swoon over, but it also seems to be catching the eye of men, as well. His is one of the most popular men’s ...
Just watched Graham Norton show with Bill murray and Matt Damon (or was it Mark Walberg ) BRILLIANT was pissing myself .
Movies we've seen in the past weeks: JACK RYAN-Shadow Recruit with Chris Pine and Kevin Costner=very good suspense movie, of course what more can I say about this movie with Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in it, 2 good looking guys, had a little drool going there! Lone Survivor with Mark Walberg= great movie about war and our soldiers, what they go thru and sacrifice, another one of my favorite and good looking guys. LABOR DAY-with Josh Brolin (drool) and Kate Winslet, good movie, love story type, about an escaped prisoner who falls in love with the woman he takes hostage. All I can say is --if all prisoners looked like Josh Brolin? Welcome to my world! MONUMENTS MEN- with Matt Damon and George Clooney about war and Nazis, rescuing art, good movie with other great actors, 2 more good looking guys, I'll see any movie with Matt Damon! We did see a few kiddie movies--Frozen, Walking with Dinosaurs, but these were no where as good as the first 4. "Don't Ya Give Up"/ Power in the Name of Jesus Sonny Thompson ( The Ambassador of Rhythm & Praise Boston has been known for many great things, most recently the Marathon bombings, Red Sox world champions, New England Patriots AFC Champions, and Local artist winning on The Voice and American Idol. However that’s not all of the Greatest history Boston is known for. Politically The late Dr Martin Luther King Jr. attended Boston College where he met his wife Coretta Scott-King, Malcom X came fourth out of the Boston Mosque, and most recently we discovered Our countries first African American President Barack H.Obama and his wife Mitchell Obama both Attended The prestigious Ivy League college Harvard University. Yes Greatness has always been one of Boston’s more notable traits medically, politically, educationally, And Socially. Yet while music icons like Aerosmith, JGiels band, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Mark Walberg) The New Edition, Planet Patrol, New Kids On the Block (Donny ...
at least the reruns are decent ones!! Michael Sheen, Mark Walberg and Kevin Bacon!
I've got a man crush on Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Mark Walberg
Can't wait to see Mark Walberg in action; I love all of his movies, especially "Boogie Nights".
I dont think i can tell the difference between Mark Walberg and Matt Damon
I must go see Lone Survivor ,with Mark Walberg when it comes its going to be so good .
Hey Mark Walberg check out this Canine Klein undie model his name is Barkie Bark!!! Chonies courtesy…
I will watch any movie with either Jonny Depp, Mark Walberg, or Will Smith in it.
Looked up Lone Survivor..Mark Walberg and Eric Bana..umm yes to
David O. Russell has become the new biggest director in hollywood. From his Oscar nominated film, Silver Linings Playbook and the strong Oscar contender American Hustle, he's quite the director. But that's go back to the beginning, his first Oscar nomination for directing The Fighter that also won Christian Bale is first and only Oscar. My review now. Based on the true story, a look at the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s. - IMDB The Fighter let me start off by saying could possibly be one of the best movies I have ever seen. Lead my powerful performances from its cast and being based on one of the most inspirational true stories of all time. Using elements from the Rocky films and some of Raging Bull, this is an unforgettable movie experience, I promise you. Mark Walberg leads the movie playing Micky Ward, a talented but small time boxer who dreams of going to the big leads like his half brother Dicky. Walberg gives the perform ...
My dad thinks Mark Walberg is hot and has a nice *** ..
Yo when are you & Mark Walberg making that basketball movie together? 😏
BIN LA, Eminem is the best, va te cacher Mark
Mark walberg is up there with my top actors
2guns with Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington thumbs baby#
Mark walberg is unreal in the fighter
But "Prisoners" is a great movie Mark Walberg did his thing.
Mark Walberg in 2 Guns best character in anything ever!
went with three kings. Mark Walberg, George Clooney, and Ice Cube, I chose the older movie
Any movies with denzel wash, and mark walberg are gonna be good movies
Will n i enjoyin our time 2getha at home amidst our Christmas bright lights glimmerin in our dimly lit room, N i Do MeaNn RoOm LoL in the gHeTtOe lol / - in the projectz in NYC lol, TY JC, TG - 'WE STILL HAVE EACHOTHA,' JESUS IS OUR COVERING N PROTECTION, OUR AUTHORITY - our 'UMBRELLA' - BY RIHANNA, AT HER BEST, IN HER BEGINNING W / THAT SONG..VERY WHOLESOME2 for a Husband n Wife or a couple headin in that direction..COOL SONG.. Will n i decorated 4 Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving..We chilled a'bit'2 - 2getha w / sum eggnog'n cinnamon while just b4 he put on Planet of the Apes - lol Mark Walberg...The newest'1..GOD BLESS N GN ALL...!
My bad its not Mark Walberg playing as Mike Murphy, its Taylor Kitsch playing him.
I mean its Mark Walberg playin as Mike Murphy, the greatest Navy S.E.A.L to have been alive! A real war hero!
All guys watch the same shows storage wars pawn stars restoration garage jail. So sick of all those show freaking reruns so annoying. Can't wait for January 22 mark walberg is gonna have a show now that's a show
My coworkers tell me I look like mark Walberg *** 😂😂
Low-key paul walker and Mark walberg look alike
“this? not this one it's one with the actor name Mark Walberg
"Mark was also one of the original members of New Kidz On the Block" thanks Steve for all you Mark Walberg information
"Mark Walberg has 4 children, I didn't know that" Here we go again...
In the movie 2 Gunz mark walberg says he hides the 43 million dollars at Corpus Christi naval air station .. What lol that's bad ***
I swear Steve likes Mark Walberg more then me
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