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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (born June 5, 1971) is an American actor, film and television producer, and former musician.

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BOSTON has Chris Evans. BOSTON has Uzo Aduba . BOSTON has Mark Wahlberg. BOSTON has Taylor Schilling . BOSTON has Dunki…
Two writers sue Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson over...
Charlie Hunnam's next movie begins filming this month. "Triple Frontier" also has Mark Wahlberg, Pedro Pascal & Gar…
I had no clue that Mark Wahlberg was one of 2 Executive Producers of Boardwalk Empire. Crazy.
Report: Mark Wahlberg contacting big-name directors for Caron Butler biopic (via )
Breaking: Mark Wahlberg to play Jim Calhoun in Caron Butler biopic
Report: Mark Wahlberg is contacting big-name directors for a Caron Butler biopic. (via
Mark Wahlberg is making a movie about Caron Butler's life. No joke. Here are some casting suggestions:
So did ppl like Mark Wahlberg's Gambler remake or not? Cause I thought it was awesome. Especially John Goodman.
I've watched Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, Denzel Washington & Tom Cruise movies. All I need is an Arnold movie & this trip home is complete.
"You know that song Good Vibrations by Markie Mark aka Mark Wahlberg? Play that during the sex." 👀
Austin Powers, starring Bette Middler and Mark Wahlberg. Directed by Lee Daniels, music by Brandy. Budget: $10m
Markie Mark takes over Mark Wahlberg's body and goes on a singing spree across the US and the fans go wild. It's Freaky Friday with One Guy.
Yesterday in the library Mark Wahlberg planted a bunch of fake evidence to frame the Cool Aid man on a zamboni
Sully Erna of Godsmack has partnered with friend and fellow Massachusetts-native, actor Mark Wahlberg, to raise...
So jelly. . I'll take ANYTHING from home right about now.
👍🏼 yup seen the original , but not the other two. Also saw a very bad mark wahlberg reboot of original f…
So does that mean "Mark Wahlberg" is going to star in your next movie?
Mark Wahlberg felt suffocated upon seeing Reggie Bush sitting on the llama in the sauna
What impressed me most is that generous donations accompany
Congrats to my friend and for teaming up with & Mark always making…
Captain Barbossa died, Brian O'Conner is out, Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg aren't coming back... these franchises can be put to sleep now
Tylas type is tall dark and handsome but I swear Mark Wahlberg and Peter Andre v little??
I put on hotel tv for a minute. How are Mark Wahlberg and Carson Daly still finding work???
Patriots Day has an unusual opening act, but it's a really solid film. Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg work together so well. 👏
They're ditching the accents, because Mark Wahlberg's replacing Hugh Bonneville & he doesn't really d…
When he’s not hanging with Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers, Mark Wahlberg is making a pretty varied...
Mark Wahlberg is a great value Bruce Willis
Interviews! talks with stars Isabela Moner, Mark Wahlberg & Josh Duhamel for
Listen! Plus you never know who may show up! Seth Rollins, Todd Chrisley, Mark Wahlberg, James Ellsworth, or maybe Pimp Br…
5 reasons Mark Wahlberg is the best thing that happened to 🖐️
Will Ferrell and face off in the ultimate Dad vs. Step-Dad showdown. . Own now.
EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese is NOT happy over missing the film...
I liked the 1st one and the last one w Mark Wahlberg. It was long but I wasn't disappointed.
I can't get over how attractive Mark Wahlberg is
Wahlburgers, burger restaurant founded by Exec Chef Paul Wahlberg & bros. Mark & Donnie, will open this fall at 349 Beale Street in Memphis
.only starred in a viral video directed by Just a normal weekend. NBD.
Mark Wahlberg is one handsome amazing man.
Mark Wahlberg says Last Knight will also be his final Transformers film
I hope this racist fool get beaten by someone someday if not maybe his kids
I hope this racist fool get beat up by someone someday or maybe his kids
Mark Wahlberg bringing burger joint to Memphis via
Wahlburgers to open on Beale Street this fall - I'm so excited!!!
Win advance movie tix to The Last Knight w/
I'll eat at Wahlburgers if Mark Wahlberg himself serves me my burger and apologizes for the rollercoaster scene in Fear.
Mark Wahlberg bringing burger joint to Memphis
You guys, my dream of meeting just got closer to coming true. Or at least that's how I read this art…
Interesting... Mark Wahlberg bringing burger joint to Memphis
Mark Wahlberg demanded to meet his daughter's date, but he got a surprise
fans! Do and think The Last Knight is Bay's last film? Find out here!…
Mark Wahlberg says he’s also done playing with Transformers.
Mark Wahlberg's burger joint is coming to 🍔🍻🍔
. Good luck for tonight as if you need it x
omg Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg and William Petersen you have to watch it SO GOOD
😂😂😂. just directed and me in a Spice Girls WANNABE…
.dishes on how he spent his birthday in Italy. Hint: There was a lot of food involved…
LOCAL BIZ: from TV show w/Paul Wahlberg is coming to Beale St this fall…
Watch give terrible celeb advice to
Jimmy Butler was hanging out with Mark Wahlberg at the London premiere of Transformers.
Jimmy Butler with his good friend Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg reveals the best Father's Day present he's ever received
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
in The Last Knight...chair supplied by us here at
The dads are back! Check out the FIRST trailer for starring Will Ferrell and
.will celebrate when he gets home tomorrow - but see the stars who enjoyed Daddy Day
Mark, would you please send me your agent's contact number? I have a book I think you will like.
We chatted to Mark Wahlberg on Transformers: The Last Knight - and his forthcoming collaboration with Ridley Scott:
So just directed us in a remake of the SpiceGirls video.
Mark Wahlberg gives impressively blunt advice to Tom Holland about being famous
I'm a lot like Mark Wahlberg in "Shooter" cause I too, have opened a can of Dinty Moore with a bullet
The feds are coming after rights to Mark Wahlberg comedy "Daddy's Home" amid a money laundering probe:…
Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are Back in the Daddy’s Home 2 Trailer
Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell reunite in Daddy's Home 2 trailer "Step-dads and dads don't always get along…
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell meet the grandpas in the '2' trailer:
Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have grandpa drama in hilarious Daddy's Home 2 trailer
Watch the first trailer for featuring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson!:
See Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg extend their fatherly feud in the new trailer htt…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell form an uneasy alliance in first trailer -
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell pass the baton to Mel Gibson and John Lithgow in the trailer for
Mark Wahlberg says Celtics should trade No. 1 pick for Jimmy Butler, Paul George
Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors in whole world.
Mark Wahlberg created them both. Think it's safe to say, the man knows what lads like in a tv series 🔑
I will never get over the fact that Mark Wahlberg came out with "Good Vibrations"
I liked a video Mark Wahlberg lashes out at Tom Cruise for comparing actors to U.S. soldiers in
Mark Wahlberg blinded an elderly homeless man. This might dive deeper into the 'product of your enviro…
Mark Wahlberg, who dropped out of high school in the 9th grade, received his diploma at the age of 42 to set an example…
Tie Domi is one of the 26 people Mark Wahlberg follows on instagram
A person COULD even MAKE their OWN bullet towers a shoot THEM down... this is NOT a movie... I am NOT in 'SHOOTER'.
Tryna get that Mark Wahlberg body but not exactly like him 💪
Got questions about Mark's health and fitness? We got answers!
Jacket is Excellent outerwear for the men's!Grab it now Click on this Link:…
I cannot stop talking about robot cars in a Mark Wahlberg voice.
Update your maps at Navteq
There's a commercial on CWTV that is dialed up to three times the regular volume and it's MARK WAHLBERG YELLING
What kind of watch did Mark Wahlberg wear in Shooter? -
Sorry but this guy served very little time for the things he did. Mark Wahlberg victim says he shou…
Whatching back saw the Transformers preview! my 5yr old I CAN'T freaking WAIT! She ❤'s them as much as I do!!
Mark wahlberg aged like a banana in a dark room :|
Watch the trailer of Transformers the Last Knight
Seems Long-hair Jason w/chainsaw has partnered up with a giant mech and a giraffe to destroy young adults, a cartoon ca…
Interestingly, Dylan O'Brien has always reminded me of a young Mark Wahlberg.
I'm convinced sold his soul to a crossroads demon because he's perfect and he doesn't look a day over 30 😍😍
Oh and Lebron gave y'all one game like said to
Mark Wahlberg is 25 years older that me and 4 inches shorter. I will beat his *** idc what anyone says
A little late but Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg
I am super excited to see this movie! I love all of the movies but I tend to watch yours more
could you put on like just 20 pounds more muscle and rip Donald trump in half on the next 4th of July? [After his impeachment
Just found out Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are two different people..
Shout out the Mark Wahlberg edit of "Money Cash *** too
Mark Wahlberg can destroy my life and I'll be 500% okay with it
When I'm talking to my TV at characters during his movies. I call him Marky Mark.
Not every one. The Mark Wahlberg ATT is the loudest
I need to get in contact with you about a movie project only you could produce the way it needs to be.
Who drafted that list?! Basketball Diaries is a worthy story in spite of having Mark Wahlberg in it.
this is the night you came back for a concert on my birthday. Wondering if you remember this
Words cannot describe how much I hate Mark Wahlberg
Mark wahlberg said it best! These celebrities are seriously out of touch with reality. Sad really.
1 Month to go until The Last Knight arrives at HOYTS! Check out the latest trailer☄
They need to put a warning ⚠️ for wet pants before they show Mark Wahlberg commercials (for girls and guys obvi)
😂 I love the ATT commercial with the dramatic squirrel
He is way more Mark Wahlberg than me. I guess I can play a bear?
Hey is it too late to be a part of the funky bunch?
look at Mark Wahlberg movies the same way after you find out he's 5'7"
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Just realised who you are. You're Marky Mark "I could've stopped 9/11" Wahlberg. Congrats, tough guy. If only you'd been there.
Just my daily "cant believe Mark Wahlberg, committer of vicious racist hate crimes, still gets to be a likable funny to…
Mark Wahlberg still did it best idc💙
right ! Mark Wahlberg a good actor but I'm not sure about this movie for him
I bang with Mark Wahlberg. . . But Shia Labeouf was the 🐐 of Transformers
Just had dinner at in CLE. Loved the WahlSauce.
Imagine another 30 years from now when Donnie and Mark Wahlberg turn into a real life male version of What Ever Happened…
Mark Wahlberg will star in 6 films over the next 14 months meanwhile Donnie Wahlberg just placed 7th in a Donnie Wahlberg
Even tho SNL did Mark Wahlberg skit, I could still prob tell the story of Barky Bark & the Furry Bunch, right? A musical pup w/big dreams
all i wanna do is meet Mark Wahlberg. thats its. ill be happy.
watching at a bar with closed captions, not sure if interviewing Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon
The six billion dollar man is coming to cinema, with Mark Wahlberg, a rip-off from The six million dollar man.
Listened to "Mark Wahlberg," Chad Daniels and Apples guest from Doug Loves Movies
Remember thinking that this prequel reboot would never work on account of that weird Tim Burton/Mark Wahlberg one,…
It's Mark Wahlberg, finally confirming that Burton's APES is canon now.
The only good thing about that Doug Loves Movies podcast was when the guy who pretends to be Mark Wahlberg was on there.
Mark Wahlberg and his brothers are reportedly finally bringing their burger chain, to Chicago:
PPL standing in line for Mark Wahlberg: Guys get a taste of burgers. Women to check out his package to see if BOOGIE NIGHTS was true!
Yep! I get Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg confused sometimes. Also Blair Underwood and Denzel Washington look very similar too.
Mark Wahlberg harassment victim says actor should not be pardoned
When did we as a society accept Mark Wahlberg as a serious actor?
Mark Wahlberg is the greatest actor on the planet
I think Bruce Willis is the greatest actor of my time in life. Mark Wahlberg is second greatest and just a couple of years younger than me.
Me when I found out Mark Wahlberg was a singer before he became an actor. His name was Marky Mark.
My grandparents watch so much Blue Bloods, they refer to Mark Wahlberg as "Donnie's brother"
Gonna be a hoot when Mark Wahlberg is the lead actor in the Isaiah Thomas biography
Paying for Mark Wahlberg and Angelica Huston. Guess that's why I have to pay for part of my retiree health insurance.
Why is Mark Wahlberg even considered an "actor?"
I think we all know the only person who could've prevented the Civil War is Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson remind me of Andrew wooding and Darrien they kinda look alike in a way :/
And Tom Cruise and Denzel and Bruce Willis and Nic Cage and Danny Glover w Mel and Mark Wahlberg and T…
Yuuge Paul Giamatti "fan" . Awesome in Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg & Michael Clarke Duncan. Dominique loves it.
Still waiting to be finger banged like Mark Wahlberg did Reece Witherspoon in that one movie.
Mark Wahlberg talking Ben Affleck into doing a movie about the Patriots and Aaron Hernandez's case.
The entire script of Mark Wahlberg's next movie.
Patriots' Day isn't just a marathon, a Red Sox day game or a Mark Wahlberg movie. Patriots' Day is Boston
I was also up until 3 am, watching "Patriots Day" starring Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman. About the…
Mark Wahlberg will play her in a movie next year
You know it's an interesting movie when John Goodman takes off his shirt and Mark Wahlberg does not.
I just watched it the other night. Good film like. Mark Wahlberg in it, based on the boston marathon bombings
A shot to the nuts argument,a movie quote game,Mark Wahlberg vs Matt Damon,and 'SouthPaw' . https:…
Like if Mark Wahlberg was a city? Full of way less charming Mark Wahlbergs? 🤔
Mark Wahlberg wasn't in You're thinking of his brother Donnie Wahlberg. See Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch.
Nutty Professor, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Wahlberg. Directed by Ed Wood, music by New Kids on the Block. Budget: $150m
universal channel,all actors are the stars,Adam Sandler, Harrison Ford,Carrie Fisher,Lynn Collins,Mark Wahlberg,Jim Carrey and
Heard some Eminem lyrics today, very curious to know how he knows Mark Wahlberg has a big di**
The latest Transformers trailer has Mark Wahlberg yelling at Grimlock and I am now hype
Hey since is doing so great, what about a CLE? I know a ton of hungry 'champions' in…
Now that my husband's Gma passed, she is the first and last person I will ever get to refer to as Mark Wahlberg in an 80yo woman's body.
officially out-lifted Mark Wahlberg in 1992 and can still do so 25 years later.
Peter Berg & join forces to tell the gripping story about bravery & strength triumphing over fear. Get now.
I swear watching Ted and Mark Wahlberg fight is one of the best fight scenes ever.
Mark Wahlberg getting his *** beat by a teddy bear will always be funny.
Mark Wahlberg in Fear is all I need
the next time you're in the Ozarks and visiting Mr. Morris, please come see us at the Buzzard Bar at Big Cedar Lodge.
You are the TRUTH, *** shame it took me so long to watch Deepwater Horizon. I freaking loved it. Literally 3x watching 2day.
Hey Mark, big fan. Don't build a Walburgers in Cranberry or S. Hills, it will fail. Put one downtown Pitt or in North Shore.
Mark Wahlberg warns daughter after Decepticons fight in Transformers 5
'Death and destruction' expected as Trump moves to gut Chemical Safety Board
Ted with Marky Mark Wahlberg This is the only movie i didnt see of his
Just rewatched the remake of "The Gambler" w/ Mark Wahlberg. Goddam if John Goodman still ain't the scariest life coach ever.
when is wahlburgers set to open in Palo Alto CA?
It's probably not the movie I dislike. I just really don't like anything Mark Wahlberg acts in.
DannyBoy use 2 play 4 the RedSoxs. The team can't throw a strike, he's down on his luck, it's tough so tough.
Watching the departed and mark wahlberg looks 😍😍 love of my life
The only Ted I know is Mark Wahlberg and his Teddy bear TedX is typical Western nonsense... And folks like…
Anybody else have a never faltering hate for Mark Wahlberg?
Mark Wahlberg has the best crying scene of his career in Patriot's Day. Him and Peter Berg continue to be an incredible pairing.
Lately, I'm always waking up with the aesthetic of Mark Wahlberg from The Happening.
Really just need a day where I run into and Will Ferrell at the same time
Mark heard a rumor might have a new Hamburger joint coming to New Orleans?
should send some of that water to Somalia.
I'm fine with my life ending in tragedy as long as Mark Wahlberg doesn't make a film about it.
When tries to be a feminist PSA ... then Mark Wahlberg shows up to ruin it.
Yessuh they making a movie on the Boston marathon bombing with mark wahlberg wtff
Just wanted to say thanks in advance for bringing Wahlburgers to Pittsburgh. U won't regret it.
heart bigger than earth itself. I love everything 🤔
This would be great my son just graduated Berklee and need my…
two tough kids from the hard streets of Philly with big hearts
it is ok to confuse Jessica Chastain with Bryce Dallas Howard, or Matt Damon with Mark Wahlberg?
It's no way Donnie and Mark Wahlberg went to the same acting school.
Chris Evans is just another go along to get along Hollywood liberal. Needs to take lessons from Mark Wahlberg.
Ron Perlman, Tom Waits, and the Buseys are as distinct a phenotype as the Boston Pig-Face crew of Matt Damon & Donnie & Mark Wahlberg
This *** Mark Wahlberg can get all my money...
Mark Wahlberg to produce 'Alien Bounty Hunter,' a comic book he hopes will be his next film.
Recommend watching Patriots Day if anyone wants to watch a good film. Brilliant film, and Mark Wahlberg is just boss.
Mark Wahlberg is the biggest trash heap.
Mark Wahlberg attends the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 8th annual Governors Awards on November 12, 2016 in Holl…
How will be retold?. A Ryan Murphy miniseries of FX. or. A Peter Berg docudrama where Mark Wahlberg tries to…
Sexy United Kingdom is faster than average Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg may sing the best power ballad of all time with Steel Dragon. "We all die young" is a classic
Mark Wahlberg's Calvin Klein ad will always be a blessing to this world 😍
I'm getting hot with all the Mark Wahlberg talk Calvin Klein ads😆 and actor Shirtless in Date night
Mark Wahlberg in the 90s for the Calvin Klein fashion show makes my mouth water and makes me want to sexually assault him 🤤
Just watched a video of Mark Wahlberg walking in the Calvin Klein show in the 90s and I'm pretty sure I just went 6 feet under😵
I have watched the same video of Mark Wahlberg walking the runway for Calvin Klein way too many times today...
Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein is a blessing that i'm forever thankful for 🙌🏻
to this day Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein is still one of the sexiest things
Let's take a moment to remember when Mark Wahlberg modeled for Calvin Klein.
Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein in the 90s is really all a girl wants
Mom sent me Mark Wahlberg modeling down the runway with his Calvin Klein undies in the 90's. DAY MADE 🤤🤤
There's hot, and then there's Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein in the 90's hot.
Why couldn't Mark Wahlberg be like 10 years younger and model Calvin Klein again??
I wish me Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady were all wedding crashers at Jim and Pam's wedding
..for how painful matter how scary or how far you go you never abandons the battle. Mark Wahlberg, Lone Survivor❤. M…
I'm sorry to disappoint but I never modeled for Calvin Klein. Perhaps you are confusing me with Mark Wahlberg? I get th…
⚠️ Sienna Miller may or may not have lactated on Mark Wahlberg 😂💦🍼 . She's with + NOW 👉
Film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing & the subsequent terrorist manhunt w/ Mark Wahlberg,John Goodman.CineScore A+
Mark Wahlberg by Matt Damon, troy Aikman and Joe buck by Justin Bateman and Tim Allen. Bill played by the Darth Vader,
The triangle (instrument), Liz Jensen, Tracy Mallory, that one transformers with Mark Wahlberg, overstuffed foods, happiness before 8am
Last night's weird dream involved zombies, Mark Wahlberg and having to kill John Goodman.. I feel bad about that last one.
"It was at this moment I said to myself 'Tom. Stand your 6'4 *** up & be the 6'4 Tom that you are"-Mark Wahlberg as Bra…
For everyone slamming , grow up!! Maybe if you had kids you'd understand!! He didn't bail on his team, he was being a dad!!
I need a movie starring Mark Wahlberg about him leaving early
Mr Wahlbreg I gald for of Patroits Win superbowl 51 championship 2017
grown up privileged in Miami Kanell compare Heat fans leaving early to Mark Wahlberg leave early doesn't to jive the same .
Usher and Ludacris comforted by Mark Wahlberg after Super Bowl loss Usher and Ludacris have been on the receiving …
Mark Wahlberg shares he missed the Patriots' Super Bowl win after son got sick: 'Family first' - AOL News…
At least isn't *** sucking on the TL cuz he knows he would look foolish right now
Patriots super fan Mark Wahlberg made one big mistake at the Super Bowl
Mark Wahlberg, Patriots fan, leaves Super Bowl before comeback
Mark Wahlberg missed the end of the game cause of his sick son.
sorry to hear your son is sick. Speedy recovery lil dude
Lolll - Mark Wahlberg misses comeback after son gets sick
Patriots super fan Mark Wahlberg is getting ripped on social media for apparently leaving the at halftime https:…
If I aspire to be 1 person in life; its a combination of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell
Yup. It's a lot of these fair weather fans last night who were as quiet as a church mouse via
Since Mark Wahlberg left the Super Bowl early, does that mean we can all leave Transformers 5 early if the first half is bad?
Mark Wahlberg may be a Patriots superfan, but he had to leave the Super Bowl early:
Dear . Next year, might we suggest using Airtime to console and at the same time?…
Mark Wahlberg left the Super Bowl early - doh 😅
Never forget, New England. left the & we won the game. (via
Im 100% convinced that Mark Wahlberg is perfect.
Whats up with you leaving early. Fake Pats fan?
script for Patriots Day 2: Boston shuts down and goes on a nation-wide manhunt for the guy who stole Tom Brady's SB jersey
Family comes first. . Mark Wahlberg missed New England's comeback due to his son feeling sick. 🎥
Family first! Mark Wahlberg had to leave early and missed the Patriots' win:
They're gonna make a movie about Mark Wahlberg leaving the stadium early before the ended and it'll star Casey Affleck
Mark Wahlberg isn't sticking around for the end of this game ... 📹
Video of Mark Wahlberg leaving the Super Bowl in the 4th quarter with the Patriots down BIG. htt…
So waiting for Superbowl to begin & an ad on UK TV came on for the new Mark Wahlberg movie Patriots Day! You couldn't make it up!
Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg arrives at Super Bowl, thrilled that Eli Manning isn't there.
No, Mark Wahlberg, if Tom Brady had been Black he would be in jail!! Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick..Doug Williams, Campbell.
I added a video to a playlist Mark Wahlberg on The Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview)
A fun thing to do in Mark Wahlberg movies is to refer to the non-Wahlberg cast collectively as the funky bunch
Anyone who has ever seen a Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg film will know they're incredibly realistic.…
Mark Wahlberg as the lone moral CBP officer in Peter Berg's EXECUTIVE ORDER.
You know Mark Wahlberg's got Peter Berg on speed-dial trying to pitch this as his next project where he saves everyone.
Marcus Luttrell starred in Lone Survivor, a movie about himself, but played another Navy Seal member while Mark Wahlberg played Marcus.
And it arguably has one of the best casts ever: Mark Wahlberg, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc
I hope the Steelers go to New England and beat the Patriots so bad that Mark Wahlberg makes a movie about it
The movies that Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg make have this theme of paying a sincere tribute to everyday real life heroes.
Totally agree, great movie. Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg should be paired for life.. Successful storytelling
Best actors in the world:. 1. Tom Hanks. 2. Leonardo DeCaprio. 3. Mark Wahlberg
"Patriots Day": Mark Wahlberg & director Peter Berg talk about paying tribute to the 2013 Boston marathon bombings.
Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg making a point of real life heroism. "Patriots Day" follows "Deepwater Horizon".
Mark Wahlberg teams with director Peter Berg to retell another true story of heroism. "Patriots Day" review -
"Patriots Day": Peter Berg casts Mark Wahlberg again & tells the story of heroism in the Boston marathon tragedy.
A thorough look at Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg and by Brilliantly done.
The Verge piece on Mark Wahlberg's cinematic tragedy-profiteering and neo-patriotism (and bad acting) IS GREAT.
Great piece on Wahlberg and patriot fetishisation. // The bizarro big business of Mark Wahlberg and national tragedy
Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg last 2 films were amazing, let's see how this 3rd one is — watching Patriots Day
The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing left 3 dead, 264 injured and a nation shocked. Mark Wahlberg (one of the...
Is the Mark Wahlberg movie about the Boston Marathon bombing as bad as it looks? Almost!
I'm starting an all-boy band here in LA with Nick Jonas, Aaron Carter, and Mark Wahlberg. We need a name:
This Patriot's Day movie w/ Mark Wahlberg feels like cinematic propaganda. Not here for it.
Watch: sent his underwear photos, whether he wanted them or not >>>…
Patriots Day was unbelievable. 10/10 recommend. Was already crying 5 minutes into the movie.
was so well made. Everyone should see it! Thanks to law enforcement everywhere for your dedication!
I stayed home also and watched Deepwater horizon. You'd like it esther. Cutie I'd in it. And he's mm mm good.
why does Mark Wahlberg at age 45 look like goes to The Ranch every weekend and fights with the bouncer about the no sleeves…
Everyone go thank because patriot day is legit.
the movie was amazing! Outstanding work. I would see this again and again. Brilliant
as a Bostonian thank u so much for Patriots Day have always been proud 2 b - even more since that horrible day ❤❤❤
fantastic job on it was excellent!!the theater was so quiet during the tributes! Bravo
amazing performance in I cried, I laughed,and it was an incredible tribute to those affected.
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