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Mark Thatcher

Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Baronet (born 15 August 1953) is the son of Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative British Prime Minister, and Sir Denis Thatcher, 1st Baronet, and the twin brother of Carol Thatcher.

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I remember when Mark Thatcher used his mum to drum up business for arms sales. Seems criminals get protected. While…
Tho I didn't agree with it I even miss Thatcher govt by comparison with present clowns.
Alison Moyet off looking for Mark Thatcher here
I never thought to see the day when Thatcher would regularly be cited as the voice of reason.
Just make a mark and see where it takes you!
I just want to say I still hate Thatcher (.Mark).
'are British made' what more evidence is needed & look at the Fox incharge of international trade in the land of ki…
From Farewell to Edward du Cann, the courtly Eurosceptic who helped propel Thatcher to power
Mark Thatcher? He was a criminal and a bit of a loser from memory
Did you demand Justice when UK Govt launched Coup agnst African Coun…
Mark thatcher would be swinging then or is it only traitors you personally dislike
Just about at the 20 year mark, John Hoskyn's memoir of his time as head of Thatcher's policy unit ("Just In Time") is excellent.
Thatcher did this in 1979 in preparation for crushing unions/public dissent. Stay tuned.
Same as strikes caused by Thatcher Mark one then!
Mark Thatcher is a perfect example.
Sir Mark Thatcher calls people running Fac Error Fish in paper tray Why don't they get significantly more awesome I LOLed See comment here
Mark the Thatcher miracle of privatisation of public goods. Accumulation by dispossession, or better still, theft.
was Thatcher's BA hanky/tail fin incident before or after Mark's failed coup attempt in Equitorial Guinea?
Al-Yamamah. For Mark Thatcher, it allegedly meant a pounds 12m windfall at the age of 31.
Thought I had just 2 on my list... & Mark Thatcher . but just remembered a vile couple who belong too. 😠
I'd add Mark Thatcher to that list.
Sadly our prime minister is no Churchill or Thatcher.Shes not even Churchill the dog or Mark Thatcher
Thatcher - Patriot who served her country. Blair- Traitor who served himself.
No. Thatcher did that by turning us into a self centered nation
1-Always the way isn't it? The Royal Air Force was sent to look for Mark Thatcher in the Safari Desert, altho Maggi…
Jonathan Denby and Mark Thatcher were heavily into concrete. But where does McAlpine come into the equation?
Who failed council estates? Not corbyn. Thatcher is your problem and she is a Tory.
This is sooo wrong. Never did I see any media outlet call Mark Thatcher *** despite trying to overthrow a whole…
Mark Zuckerberg flaunting progressive values while undermining American democracy is really *just the tip* of the tech olig…
Thanks especially to Thatcher's opposition to German unification
1) SIR MARK THATCHER was denied entry to the U.S. when trying to join his wife in TX. G…
Now on the Tate property from Sharon Tate later to be a Marina Oswald neighbor like Mark Thatcher & friends -- that is still for sale
1982 - Mark Thatcher, son of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, went missing.
Liam Fox reminds me of those similarly talented and insightful critics of British business, Mark Thatcher and Prince And…
In case anyone missed it: . "Outrage at Downing Street cover up as truth of Mark Thatcher's ..."
CITING YORKSHIRE POST: files about Mark Thatcher's career of alleged corruption are to be kept secret for ages
Secret files on Sir Mark Thatcher's business dealings to stay secret via
Fury as files on Mark Thatcher's 'corrupt' dealing in the Middle East kept secret until 2053 - Mi...
After 6 yrs of austerity with David Cameron now Margaret Thatcher mark 2 comes along. God help us.
Hands up. Who reckons mark thatcher's bird is with him cos of his stunning good looks and not money??
Downing Street files on Mark Thatcher's deals with Oman to remain secret after being blocked for ...: Files f...
Today's front page: Scandal over cover-up of Thatcher son's 'corrupt' deals
Secret files on Sir Mark Thatcher's business dealings set to stay secret: Critics accuse Cabinet Office of wi...
she like thatcher on steroids but we need nukes sadly Esp antagonising Russia an the likes
Files on Mark Thatcher's 'corrupt' deals in Middle East kept secret till 2053
Files on Mark Thatcher's dealings in Oman to remain secret for now
"Jesus Christ, Margaret Thatcher, Dennis Thatcher, Carol Thatcher and. Mark Thatcher" "So, Jesus and the Thatcher family"
European Corporations in Africa looting & genocides. Mark Thatcher son of Margaret Thatcher . Africa trial white men. "
Bob's Zim is no playground for terrorists where the underworld thrives like in SA eg Mark Thatcher and Simon Mann
Margaret Thatcher Centre founder botches whitewash over friendship with 'Tory bully' Mark Clarke
enlighten me who was the arab prince that mark thatcher sold the jet fighters too for a £3m kick back each 😂
Fell, Philosophy, Thatcher and House music, find out more about the forces behind Fell’s music here:
."High water mark for funding of universities = 1972, when Thatcher was Education Sec.
Vivien Schmidt and Mark Thatcher do a good job with definitions here
. Try one that wouldn't end up with extradition for Mark Thatcher?
Global corruption allows the few free movement & anonymity to destabilize governments (Mark Thatcher). What has Q E achieved. How much longer
This is about the British PM but it could be any post-Thatcher/Reagan Con. The last paragraph hits the mark.
Mark+Carol greedily gorging on mum's pendulums, at the despatch box, as Thatcher Milk Snatcher Squawks!
And how much did Mark Thatcher make in Al Yamamah kickbacks ?
Had the pleasure of seeing him up close at Dublin summit in 1979 arguing with PM Thatcher. He had a great intellect https…
Traditions kept alive on Thatcher hard at work in roof on Photo by Mark Stothard...
Bermuda registered for tax avoidance the owned by Lord Rothermere, his brother in law is Mark Thatcher
Where do Laud, Mark Thatcher and Porky fit in?
Mark Thatcher walked away with the Bakshees without kissing a**e.
Oh, Mark stitching up the patient's face after he died humanized him right away. Good scene. I forgot about Thatcher in this epi though.
did you like Tony Blair or m Thatcher?
Thatcher Demko! ( ) - he recorded his fifth shutout in six games! An unprecedented mark!
Forget the V&A – shouldn’t Thatcher’s acolytes be monetising her power suits? Mark &Carole are wealthy - donate them
NEWS: Pickett Hill in Bratton has been transformed with a 50 ft red poppy to mark Remembrance Day
Without Margaret Thatcher (and Ronald Reagan) Angela Merkel might still be a simple East German Hausfrau.
Karate was great last night. Mark has only his purple belt two stripes and his brown then it's Black. Time to get...
Apparently proceeds to be shared between Carol & Mark Thatcher - according to Maggie's will.
Millionaires Carol & Mark trying to flog Thatcher's wardrobe - as well as her clothes.
Money could buy Mark Thatcher a sat Nav if he is doing some desert driving.
Of course, if Pixie Lott married Mark Thatcher, she'd be Pixie Thatcher Lott. Would she be satisfied with that?
Stephen Glover asks why Oxford dons grovel to Russian billionaire Blavatnik, but refused hon degree to Thatcher:
£100,000 raised in 24 hours in bid to save Margaret Thatcher's clothes for the nation. By me for
"Thatcher’s mark may not be on our wardrobes, but they are all over a depleted social housing stock"
If writing a blog make sure you include the fact that Dermo is to trains what Mark Thatcher was to navigating !
A cabinet of 50% women is great, but who will they be? If they're all white women it misses the mark. And keep in mind Thatcher was a woman.
Today in 1980 Ronald Reagan elected as 40th President of USA - with Margaret Thatcher he defeated the Evil Empire.
Victoria and Albert Museum spurns offer of Margaret Thatcher’s frocks: Sir Mark and Carol Thatcher asked Chris...
Thatcher was the same. Only cried when Mark got lost in desert on a motor rally & when she was kicked out of no.10.
Sir Mark and Carol Thatcher asked Christie’s in London to offer the collection to the V&A so it could be kept together rather than
the pen has been killing us in recent games Qualls, Thatcher, and Sipp should not be pitching in close games
If I recall correctly Thatcher, as opp leader responding to budgets, used to state clearly how little notice she'd had of it
If memory serves, you start by calling Mark Thatcher
and Mark Steel was having lunch with Margaret Thatcher
so..who is up for starting a coup d'etat ? Where is Sir Simon Mann & his pal Mark Thatcher?
.great article you wrote regarding the here is Thatcher agreeing:
How can Margaret Thatcher be responsible for legislation passed 4 years after she left office?
Is this government potentially more radical and douchey than Thatcher? [1 mark]. a) Yes. b) Yes. c) Yes. d) Yes
"How to Pick Up a Thatcher Girl- Step 1 of 1: Make sure you are related to them"
Surely the son of one of our top politicians isn't using Mark Thatcher as a role model?
Well, time to stop being so miserably unproductive. Lets mark the occasion in the appropriate spirit, with a Margaret Thatcher quote (1/n)
how will Mark Thatcher pay for his GPS?
Shibata/Sakuraba was awesome. I need a money mark to book Shibata vs Gulak or Thatcher please.
Good that Carol and Mark Thatcher turned down lucrative offer from American University so that Thatcher's papers will …
. Proving again that Maggie Thatcher was 'on the mark'.
Power speaks for itself. "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are; you aren't." Margaret Thatcher
Anna Soubry's response to very reasonable, considered speech on is v poor form. Thatcher mark 2 barely cuts it
did you know Mark Thatcher is a here'd, peer, Mrs T's hubbie given only here'd peerage for 70 years.
Bruno does sing it though... Mark Ronson was the producer i think
I remember reading of Mark Thatcher's attempted Coup d'Etat as I flew to Antarctica via Cape Town in 2003.
Mark Thatcher and Joe Calzaghe on our plane home from Barbados.. ✈️
When I saw that Equatorial Guinea was trending I just immediately assumed Mark Thatcher was up to his old tricks again.
Today,2004- Mark Thatcher arrested in connection with an alleged coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea
You think the Tories would have learnt from Mark Thatcher that kids are not everything.
I have always wondered whether there has been any talk of a plea bargain, and found this article a few days ago. It to some extent explains why one was not reached, considering the stance of the NPA. Please note that this article dates back to 27 February 2013. Pistorius murder trial could reach end with a plea bargain Pistorius could end his murder trial the same way mercenary recruiter Mark Thatcher and the killers of Brett Kebble ended theirs – with a plea bargain. Yesterday, sources close to the Pistorius family told The Citizen that informal discussions had taken place with regard to a possible plea bargain deal with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). In return for Pistorius confessing to culpable homicide, the hope is that the NPA might not insist on jail time for the hero of the 2012 London Olympics. NPA spokesman Medupi Simasuki told The Citizen: “We are open to formal approaches with regard to a plea bargain deal. At this point in time, however, we would not consider any deal that doe ...
Andrew Roberts is essentially the *** lovechild of Julian Fellowes, Mark Thatcher and Nick Griffin.
In my next lives, if at all there is such a thing, I'd want to be the following: 1. a cool mercenary- yes, like Mark Thatcher..or maybe no, like James Bond- endless flows of martini, strolls on the beach and getting stuff done, dictators and wannabe dictators having my number on speed dial if they need a job done... 2. A Rock Dewey in the school of Rock..but no, he was too flab, rather like Chris Martin..or no, maybe like *** Jagger 3. A sniper or a Special Forces for a serious force, one that actually engages in combat like the US Marines or the French. Then I'd be like Jack Reacher, after retirement, a drifter without a permanent address and the trappings of life, one who keeps getting into trouble even when he doesn't go out in search of it, drinks lots of coffee with bacon and eggs, buys changes and trashes clothes as he goes 4. A serious Spy for an organization like Mossad, CIA or the KGB eseng mo ga lona mo... 5. Maybe a professional soccer player (for Manchester United of course). See .. ...
My Poem called " The Soldiers Sacrifice" It's said that he who bears The very greatest love of all Will sacrifice his life, before he'll see a dear friend fall Though people often wonder whether such a man is real I see him now. Through these engraven letters that i feel. He's sitting with his brother telling stories as they laugh Of the greatest game's he'll ever pitch of the biggest fish he'll catch. He's standing by his colours on a hillside far away He's diving through amber fire while others run away I search through all my memories of the noble and the grand. The courage and the truth that i've been taught to understand Of all the stories that are told, this shall be told of you Dear Soldier, How you gave your life For those you never knew. COPYRIGHT of Mark Thatcher @ Kombat Forces Kidz.
Gary Barlow doesn't pay his tax is the new Mark Thatcher gets lost a lot.
Everything that is wrong with our system can be summed up in three words: Sir Mark Thatcher!
The lowpoint was Mark Lawrenson on Margaret Thatcher. "People tell me that she was great."
Good News. Pity Mark Thatcher was not on hand as mentor.
Tories refuse to recognize his achievements or even mark a remembrance for Attlee but spend £10m on Thatcher
Someone please explain what breed this clapped ting is. 20 mark question. Show your workings.
Great piece in the by Mark Florman, on the passing of Margaret Thatcher:
And Lord Mark Thatcher is at the forefront
Well, I suppose Cameron has achieved something: I now loathe him more than I ever did Thatcher.
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Did Mark Lawrenson honestly just use Thatcher as an example of why women football coaches can work?Moron. "People tell me she was ok"
I'm cringing so hard listening to Mark Lawrenson discuss gender equality on 5Live. Margaret Thatcher was brilliant, so he hears.
Ha ha! Lawrenson on the radio just now: "Thatcher; people tell me she was great". Well Mark, the fans of your club might beg to differ.
And knighted by Thatcher. Surrounded by them.
Cyril Smith was a Liberal,. But knighted by Thatcher. 1/2
sorry Mark Isherwood, the unlimited right to buy instituted by Thatcher is the main reason for lack of social housing
Terry and Suarez in a week? There haven't been this many crying racists on telly since Thatcher died.
Did those decrying the Daily Mail attack on David and Ed Miliband's father show respect for Carol and Mark Thatcher when their mother died?
Okay - Two rants after listening to the news - Why the f**k did Mark Thatcher get a knighthood and Carol Thatcher ain't a Dame? She's far more a decent human being than that low- life gun dealing scumbag is!! ALSO What the f**k is David Cameron on about with the married status tax deduction. Er duh?!?!?
Well that was allot of fun... Playing for the elite at an amazing house on sat night and then enjoying the sunshine there again today. Highlight had to be Stuart Fisher finding himself in conversation with Mark Thatcher and playing for Roger Taylor and Mike Rutherford... Sometimes life just ain't so bad.
Where's Mark Thatcher when you need him? I want to take over a tiny South Pacific island and establish a totalitarian sex work society
I'll see your Mark Thatcher, and raise you an ignored Earl Spencer.
On a lighter note, I don't know but I think I've just shared a District Line carriage with Mark Thatcher.
is it just me or does the British establishment love themselves too much; Mr Rushdie - costs tax payers millions in terms of protection from his anti Muslim writings and has been honoured! Mark Thatcher - arms dealer, gets captured playing mercenaries and gets honoured! Clearly trying to live a respectful peaceful existence is wrong - I'll join the establishment and try to lure us into war with some random country... they'll probably try to make me a UN envoy!
Been researching Simon Mann & Nick du Toit's (real) attempted coup on Equatorial Guinea in 2003 for 'The Calabar Contract'. Interestingly my plot, by coincidence, happens to closely and quite remarkably match the plans for their first attempt... perhaps I've missed my vocation and should be planning coups instead for a living? Mind you, poor Nick spent 8 years in the notorious Black Beach prison in Malabo - an experience he barely survived. Note also that Mark Thatcher was thoroughly implicated and involved in the coup attempt as well. His Mother pulled every string she had to let him avoid 'justice' and was fined $480k and a 5yr suspended sentence whilst the boys on the ground suffered in West African prisons...
This page was created by Kat Thatcher, Block D, in order to examine the ideas of Huck from Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
This is a very good read from last month and since only a handful are left, please take a few minutes about some of the Greatest members of the Greatest Generation. This tells about their final ceremony. Subject: The Final Toast It's the cup of brandy no one wants to drink. On Tuesday, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the surviving Doolittle Raiders gathered publicly for the last time. They once were among the most universally admired and revered men in the United States. There were 80 of the Raiders in April 1942, when they carried out one of the most courageous and heart-stirring military operations in this nation's history. The mere mention of their unit's name, in those years, would bring tears to the eyes of grateful Americans. Now only four survive. After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, with the United States reeling and wounded, something dramatic was needed to turn the war effort around. Even though there were no friendly airfields close enough to Japan for the United States to launch a retaliation, ...
We have put together another very special Flickr group showcase , our seventeenth of 2013 with some of our favorite images and some great new talent that have been...
Getting one mark off the mark you wanted on a past paper -
is it Portillo's admiration of Thatcher or obsession with trains that concern's you Mark?
might have something to do with how her son Mark Thatcher got £millions on arms deal with Saudi Arabia
Home of Mark Twain's childhood sweetheart who inspired him to create the character of Becky... @ Becky Thatcher House
Watching Bloody Sunday. One of the *** English army officers is played by real *** mercenary/Mark Thatcher accomplice Simon Mann
It was inherited by his son Mark when he died in 2003 consequently he is Sir Mark Thatcher Bt.
Not just another golf shot. You'd have a better chance at getting struck by lightning THRICE!
Kent Creative Live is a group for creative people in Kent, art organisations and creative businesses to develop partnerships, access learning opportunities and promote their work...
Yes. "Clearing up the mess Labour left behind" is the Tory lie. Change it to "Thatcher" and you are closer to the mark.
Craig Brown on top form in latest with Charles Moore's authorised biography of Sir Mark Thatcher.
I never known Kenny Rogers without grey hair. I use to have to wait for my mother to leave just to get into her ablum to play his song and that was just in the early 80's
Yesterday I learnt that Dallas Willard passed away this week at aged 77. He was a deep and thought inspiring author and philosopher who impacted my thinking on how God changes lives and what focus ...
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You wanna see the new fast furious like we did last time
Saudi deals leaking out? Mark Thatcher back in the spotlight?
The first protester evicted from a BAE Systems annual meeting for five years was shaking as two burly security guards carried him out by his legs and arms, but his voice remained steady as he shouted out against BAE's sales of aircraft and military equipment to the Saudi Arabian regime.
Three maverick classicists explore the meaning & mysteries of the gospels for readers todayJoin the expedition as our intrepid trio sets out to read through all four gospels, blogging our perceptions and perplexities as we go. We’re grappling with the original Greek, but we invite you to read along…
I made so much money from them. They will default when it behooves them. Maggie thatcher can return from dead to roll them again.
Mark Steel and Bruce Anderson clash on Thatcher's legacy: where ...:
Mark 'very likely' used mother's financial and influence to become multi-millionaire.
Mark Reynolds has ten more home runs than Matt Kemp. Just sayin'.
Mark Hughes? I'd rather have zombie Thatcher as our next Manager.
We just announced two amazing actors as Butch & Sundance for our Hole_In_The_Wall project on Mobcaster. Couldn't be happier to have Mark Gantt as Butch Cassidy and Thatcher Robinson as The Sundance Kid. Help us get this shot at:
Harsh but true's like the blokes bloody died! Thatcher had less coverage when she popped her clogs !!!
I saw Margaret Thatcher's son lying across the pavement and had to walk across his body to get past. I definitely overstepped the Mark.
er."Europe" day from the never elected former Treasurer of CND
nice to see Mark Thatcher in the background. Cheering himself up at Antiques Roadshow.
Thatcher dead, Fergie retires. Some Liverpudlian has got one wish left on his magic lamp. Kelvin MacKenzie must be bricking it.
Thatcher to Brando: The unexpected inventors: Mark Champkins There is a saying, ‘everyone...Read more
Baroness Thatcher believed that Britain should leave the EU, biographer Charles Moore reveals via
Thatcher dead, Fergie retiring... There's a Scouser somewhere with one wish left.
A minute silence should be held to mark the end of an era .. I think if Thatcher deserves it so does Sir Alex
Well done Nadine Dorries back again prompts at 6 minute mark of his Thatcher 'tribute'
First Thatcher dies, then Fergie retires, surely there is a scouser somewhere with a lamp and 1 wish left. (via Mark Windsor)
I added a video to a playlist Mark Thatcher vs The Munchkins
the century is too young to say. But it seems improbable that Sir Mark Thatcher will go in to politics
> Andrew O'Hagan on Mgt Thatcher. A comprehensive national and localised Ayrshire view of the mark she left.
Good job Mark Thatcher wasn't at the helm. Or, like with the mercenery denier - was he?
I want Mark Sanford to hike the Appalachian Trail with Margaret Thatcher.
lots of pople admired Thatcher and she certainly achieved a lot, she was a *** too
First thatcher dies and now fergie is retiring.. somewhere there is a scouser with a lamp and one wish left.
I'm surprised and concerned to find that I'm not only reading Charles Moore's biography of Thatcher but I'm actually really enjoying it.
Alex Ferguson has stunned Man United fans by quitting after 26 years as manager.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thatcher gone, Fergie gone, only need Mark Bunn to go now
Margaret Thatcher dies, Alex Ferguson retires ...2013 will be remembered as 'The Golden Age' by bunting salesmen in Liverpool.
:( Why, why, why, why, why did the Canadian voters allow this *** Harper into a position where he could screw us around so badly?
Thatcher dead, Fergie retiring: I guess the fans were right, it truly is Liverpool's year.
that can be said of 90% of news output, this is bigger than Thatcher dying or horse meat lasagne.
Tim passed away one year ago today. It still feels like yesterday. I miss him terribly and think about him frequently, usually just tossing a nod in his direction when some little absurdity of life arises that we would battle with dueling sarcastic commentary in the past. I suppose grief runs on it's own schedule. Our cousin, Tom Smith, brightened up the day today by organizing a Senate Resolution (SR 817) in the Texas State Senate commemorating Tim's life. It can be found at at the 1:01 mark of today's "Senate session". Cristiana and the kids are shown in the gallery during the reading of the resolution. Mom, Dad, and I just watched it and the tears are flowing. Grateful to have each other for love and support.
Craving some delish french fries? Visit the Hannibal, Missouri McDonald's on Tuesday, May 14 and indulge! A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum for the Becky Thatcher House! Please share with your family and friends!
For the past five years I have lived in an almost constant state of incredulity. I was dismayed when Obama was elected for the first time. Of course, then, I had no idea just how bad things could get. When he was reelected I sat in numb silence as the election results rolled...
Watch Mark Steel talk about an "extraordinarily imaginative piece of unpleasantness" the 'Bedroom Tax'. Find out more at
Well as promised our latest iron asylum uk team member 24 years old Jordan peters Jordan will be popping over to the IAUK stand and bodypower come say hello make him feel welcome inmates Jerry Beck *** Miller Stu Rutledge Jerry Beck Steve Cart Steven Green Lukas Gabris Josh Maley Marcos Chacon Ifbb Pro Juan Roca
This is a selection of photographs of some of the most important or famous historical events that have occurred since photography was invented. In 1884, George Eastman developed the technology of film to replace photographic plates, leading to the technology used by film cameras today; nevertheless, many images exist from before that time that we taken via other photographic methods. Click the photographs for a larger view.☮NathaN❤
I am too young to remember much about Margaret Thatcher and to know a lot about her role in world history. I will definitely read a biography of her at some point in the future and learn more about he
I feel like crying and I tell you I am scared
A rational immigration reform would attempt to reorient, not accelerate, current policy.
I recently crossed the half-century mark, and two events have prompted me to contemplate what I could expect in the sunset of my life. First was the death of Margaret Thatcher, who had been staying alone in The Ritz London Hotel since Christmas. Second, and closer to home, was the plight of former Football Association of Singapore chief N Ganesan, who is bedridden and unable to pay his nursing home bills. Is there hope for those of us baby boomers? One cannot help but feel rejected each time we learn that a group of citizens have opposed plans to build a nursing home in a housing estate. Are we all expected to be carted away to anywhere out of sight and, thus, out of mind? Something gave me hope, though, during this year’s Qing Ming Festival. My aunt, who is aged above 70, uses a wheelchair and has difficulty walking up and down steps. I saw my uncle help her and ensure that she was comfortable and her needs were met. He did not have a word of complaint, nor did he give the feeling of being burdened. I ...
new bags for bodypower expo you buy the best designs you deserve to take them home in class Jerry Beck
"I was surprised, encouraged, grateful to receive a ‘phone call from the President of the Canadian Association of Physicists to tell me that I had been awarded the Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal. Recognition from the leaders in the Physics community in Canada is both an honour and a very great encourag...
After announcing the Margaret Thatcher memorial library, plans for the Mark Thatcher hospital are outlined.
Mann alleged Mark Thatcher "invested" £300,000 in the Equatorial Guinea coup
Interesting documentary on coup in Equatorial Guinea, including role of Mark Thatcher
why does Mark Thatcher look more like Ted Heath than his father ?
Blair x 2, Mark Thatcher, De Klerk, Osborne, Cameron, but Kissinger trumps them all...
Mark Thatcher really is the mirror image of Les Dennis! 😳
Mark Thatcher looks a bit like Les Dennis
Mark Thatcher does look like Les Dennis doesn't he?
Mark Thatcher looks like funny man and Mavis from corrie impersonator Les Dennis?
Mark Thatcher & Les Dennis, twins separated at birth???
Cannot help but be struck by the uncanny resemblance between Mark Thatcher and Les Dennis...just putting it out there...
Worry not, it was Mark Thatcher. Who looks a bit like Les Dennis.
when did Mark Thatcher turn into Les Dennis?, I'm so out of touch with these things
Mark Thatcher has a look of Les Dennis
"Is that Les Dennis?" "No, you knob, it's Mark Thatcher" Possibly my abiding memory of this funeral...
Have you ever seen Les Dennis and Mark Thatcher in the same room?
Mark Thatcher - The *** love child of Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis.
Mark Thatcher should be in jail in Equatorial Guinea for his criminal activities
A group of Munchkins are going to be too much for the grieving family. Might push international war lord Mark Thatcher over the edge?
Mark Thatcher's return to the spotlight
So, Clarkson drives the hearse, Mark Thatcher navigates, Tony Blair rides shotgun, and they end up invading North Korea.
I made the mistake of switching on the news to hear the words "SIR Mark Thatcher" & Nick Robinson wanking into the camera *off*
Just realised that every time I've mentally pictured Mark Thatcher it's always actually been Richard Chamberlain in The Towering Inferno.
Does this mean that Mark Thatcher is now a Barron?
THE PRINCE'S SPY: 66 On December 10th, word reached me that Mark Thatcher, errant son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was seen walking Monaco’s streets. Thatcher had just copped a felony plea in South Africa for participating in the planning of a coup d‘etat in Equatorial Guinea and had been expelled from that country. I had an immediate concern that Thatcher had chosen Monaco for his next home. Yves Subraud checked police files and confirmed it: Thatcher had officially become resident, on a carte temporaire, three months earlier. Almost all residents buy or lease an apartment as a condition of residency. The authorities do not generally recognize keeping a full-time suite in a hotel as satisfying this requirement. Except for one loophole: the Fairmont Hotel inherited this quirk from Loews, Monaco’s first American-style hotel with casino, lured to the principality by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in 1975. Crafty Thatcher had identified this loophole, perhaps on advice ...
Mark Thatcher: In his Spanish retreat, 'Scratcher' faces fresh questions over role in 'Wonga Coup'
So, it turns out Jimmy Saville was a regular guest of Mrs Thatcher. No wonder Mark Thatcher turned out like he did
Arts for India Saatchi Gallery bash .Slebs were Mark Thatcher,James Caan,Oswald Boateng ,Amanda Eliasch and the Modis.
domain names
Ok where the *** is my sat nav, I'm like Mark Thatcher in the Sahara desert without it !
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