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Mark Steyn (born December 8, 1959) is a Canadian-born writer, conservative-leaning political commentator, and cultural critic. Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born January 12, 1951) is an American radio talk show host, political commentator, an opinion leader of American conservatives particularly influential in matters affecting the Republican Party. 5.0/5

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Ann McElhinney on Rush Limbaugh Show with Mark Steyn. Talking about Gosnell book and movie!!
Mark Steyn, in for Rush Limbaugh today, gave Ross a sympathetic nod in a passing c…
I heard Mark Steyn filling in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday. He put to words so eloquently a thought that has been in my mind for a couple of years about young people exiting High School andCollege: "This guy, Bergdahl, is like a lot of young men. He's got a big hole somewhere inside of him where his sense of identity once was. That's like a lot of young people today. If you've had to endure as many lousy, third rate graduation speeches as I've had to sit through in the last three days, you'll be aware that there are a lot of young Americans who feel the same way. If you're lucky, when they fill the hole up with something to give meaning to their lives, it'll be climate change or transgendered bathrooms or some such. But, if you're unlucky, when these confused losers from John Walker Lindh to Bowe Bergdahl go out looking to "find themselves", they'll find the Taliban." The list of hole fillers goes on, *** marriage, bullying, animal rights, et al... and the worst, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and most recently ...
Q: How does a conservative know that the media and press are dominated by liberals and slant news to the left? A: Well, c'mon - Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Mike Huckabee and Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and George Will and Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Michael Medved and Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and Pat Robertson and R. Emmett Tyrell and Jeff Jacoby and Monica Crowley and Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager and Steve Doocy and Ollie North and Tucker Carlson and Neil Cavuto and Brian Kilmeade and Dana Perino and Bret Baier and Liz Cheney and Mark Steyn and David Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg and Ben Shapiro and G. Gordon Liddy and Rich Lowry and Victor Davis Hanson and John Podhoretz and Lou Dobbs and Cal Thomas and Walter Williams and John Stossel and Debra Saunders and Shelby Steele wouldn't all be saying that in their syndicated columns and on their national TV and radio shows if it was ...
CPAC has been hemhorraging for three years running now and do you know why? Because they call themselves a "Conservative" conference and they showcase hacks like Chris Christie and Mitch Mcconnell. That and it's turned out to be a frat party for wayward Paulbots. I think it's time for a real conservative conference, outside the Beltway! And what better place than the president's own backyard and the ground zero for Alinsky corruption: Chicago? What would you think of a conference in the Midwest that showcased: Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz, Ted Nugent, Jan Morgan, Doug Giles, Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy, Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, Mike S. Adams, Mike Pence, Governor Scott Walker, Walter Williams, Jason Mattera, Benjamin Shapiro, Ben Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Matt Barber, Steve Deace, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh? It's time we get this done, folks. Because I already know that Beck is planning something similar for Dallas. What say you?
Quote of the Day: It's Bob Schieffer, on the Face the Empire show! -- Mark Steyn, Substituting for Rush Limbaugh.
Yes, Doctor Shopping = FRAUD! . And the fraud is supported by both Rush Limbaugh & Mark Steyn
Mark Steyn (born December 8, 1959) is a Canadian-born writer and conservative political commentator and free speech activist. He has written five books, including America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, a New York Times bestseller. He is published in newspapers and magazines, and appears on shows such as those of Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and Sean Hannity
Reminder: Mark Steyn sits in for Rush Limbaugh TODAY noon ET.
The rabbit disaster plan story made the Rush Limbaugh radio show yesterday. Guest host Mark Steyn devoted 4 minutes to the story and even mentioned my name--and pronounced it correctly! The audio is copyrighted so I can't share any links to it.
Thankful for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Rusty Humphries, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Monica Crowley, Michael Gallagher, Michael Medved, Charles Krauthammer, and other conservative patriots for their courage in speaking out about unprecedented government corruption, lies, and coverups. Without their voices, the cultural decay and moral decline of our Nation would continue unfettered. {I have temper my thoughts, after all, Big Brother is watching those of us who disagree with the Imperial Presidency!)
Mark Steyn: filling in for Rush Limbaugh, "That's what Michele Bachmann offered. She could have been America's Mrs. Thatcher."
Filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, conservative columnist Mark Steyn called for completely overhauling how the federal government collects taxes, including requiring judicial approval for certain actions. First, he suggested that the "internal" moniker of the Internal Revenue Service is mislea...
Filling in Rush Limbaugh on his radio show Wednesday, National Review columnist Mark Steyn defended Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, who announced earlier in the day she will not seek re-election in 2014. SHARE THIS PAGE:
5/29/13 - More News and Video at Mark Steyn sitting in for Rush Limbaugh asks an obvious question. If the Obama White House had...
No!!! Rush Limbaugh is taking a whole week off! Who's going to tell me what to think?
I listened to Mark Steyn who was filling in for Rush Limbaugh and I was totally blown away. This guy is fantastic. His views on this adminstration and all these scandals was stated more eloquently than I've ever heard before. The questions he asked were unbelievable. He raved about Senator Bachmann which I thought I was the only one who thought she was right on and strong. He is from England and seemed to have a better understanding of what the situation than most Americans. I hope millions of people listen to him today because he is England's answer to Dr. Carson meaning to men with uncanny common sense. Mr. Steyn, I am a new and loyal fan of yours.
You SHOULD be listening to Mark Steyn filling in for Rush Limbaugh!!!
. Now I get it. You don't like Rush Limbaugh. You like Mark Steyn?
Rush - LIVE weekdays at 11am - The capable Mark Steyn will be guest host today as El Rushbo continues his vacation.
Mark Steyn reports on Rush Limbaugh's show that, for the first time, adult diapers now outsell children's diapers in Japan. Demographic implosion, anyone?
"The fish rots from the head down.". $1.4 Billion to house, transport, entertain Obama, Michelle, and his two daughters. 24 times the amount spent by the British Royal Family. -- as heard from Mark Steyn on Rush Limbaugh
Republican Racism and the Columnists Who Are in Denial Geoffrey Dunn, Posted: 9/23/12 4:00 PM Updated: 9/23/12 4:08 PM Two weeks ago, conservative columnist Mark Steyn linked me to the likes of MSNBC's Chris Mathews and Lawrence O'Donnell for comments the three of us made about the demographics -- and the racial messaging -- at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. After strangely starting out with a rant about "American alcoholism" -- his is one of the most poorly written and circuitous arguments I have ever encountered in my life (Martin Amis once declared that Steyn "writes like a maniac") -- the Rush Limbaugh wannabe accused us "white liberals" of hearing "racist dog whistles" blown by the Republican Party (and conservative pundits) whenever President Barack Obama comes under criticism. Mathews and O'Donnell are big boys and can defend themselves, so I'll stick only to the defamations hurled directly at me. Steyn -- whose anti-Islamic frothing has made him something of a hero in the rightwing b ...
This interesting tidbit from Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush Limbaugh today... Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, and former Democrat Speaker of the House, says the demand for Mitt Romney's income tax records is a "distraction." Fancy that. It appears that Ms. Pelosi has never released hers either. And only 17 or the 535 House members have. (Who really cares about Romeny's income records other than Democrat politicians? We all know that Mitt Romney is wealthy, AND he didn't inherit it.) Romney has paid his taxes, unlike President Obama's choice for US Treasury Secretary, Timorthy Geithner, aka "Turbo Tax Timmy," who owed federal taxes when nominated for the job of being in charge of the IRS among others. Also as of January 26, 2012 – reported that Obama's demand that rich Americans pay their fair share of taxes apparently does not apply to 36 of his aides. They owe $833,000 in back taxes. And that's acceptable?
Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, is talking about Canadian superheros but neglects to mention Alpha Flight!
Mark Steyn, political commentator and frequent guest host for Rush Limbaugh, has come up with one of the most succinct and appropriate political analogies related to the impending 2012 election – America’s ”lamps of liberty” are indeed in danger of Going Out.
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