Mark Steyn & Michael Mann

Mark Steyn (born December 8, 1959) is a Canadian-born writer, conservative-leaning political commentator, and cultural critic. Michael Kenneth Mann (born February 5, 1943) is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. 2.7/5

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And yet somehow Michael Mann's come up with the funds to carry on his baseless libel suit against Mark Ste…
What do you think of Mark Steyn given his aggressive beef with Michael Mann?
Climate folks : Great stuff here from Mark Steyn - being sued by Michael Mann. Start at abt 25:00 Hilarious.
Remember that anti-Muslim Mark Steyn is also being sued by a climate scientist, Michael Mann, in the US
Football and Hockey via and Michael Mann vs the truth, integrity and of speech
2 years ago this week - the post that started fake Nobel laureate Michael Mann's lawsuit vs
Mark Steyn counter-sues the witch hunting Michael Mann
Mark Steyn reportedly countersues Michael Mann, setting up a Scopes trial of sorts for Climate Change.
Meet the plaintiff: Penn State climatologist Michael Mann. Meet the defendants: writers Mark Steyn, Rand Simberg, National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Professor Mann claims to have been defamed by the defendants for attacking his work and making fun of him after embarrassing e...
Mark Steyn writes on NRO: The story so far:A week and a half ago, hockey-stick progenitor Michael Mann sued National Review for the hitherto unknown crime of “defamation of a Nobel Prize recipient“.It was news to me that Dr Mann was a Nobel Prize recipient. It was also news to the Nobel committee: N...
Michael Mann threatens to sue National Review over an opinion written by Mark Steyn. Michael Mann is a central figure in the controversial "hockey stick" graph purported to indicate that global warming has occurred. Rich Lowry of National Review responds:
Today I'm launching a fund and I wonder whether anyone would like to contribute. Please, I implore you all, PLEASE chip in to help finance Professor Michael Mann's suit for defamation against sinister, right-wing Canadian climate-change denier Mark Steyn and the fascist-denialist organ for which Ste...
I must say this is my favourite story of the day. The climate scientist Michael Mann is threatening to sue Mark Steyn and the National Review for libel. Mann has every right to use the courts to protect his reputation, of course, but I do think he might heed the [...]
Michael Mann, a climatologist and physicist at Pennsylvania State University, seems prepared to sue the National Review over a post by Mark Steyn that, among other things, accused his theories of being fraudulent, according to Investors Business Daily.
Michael Mann is suing National Review over remarks by one of my favorite conservative columnists, Mark Steyn.
Reader may recall Mann’s hullabaloo over an NRO published Mark Steyn editorial here NRO’s headline is succinct and to the point, I like it. here’s the response from NRO editor Ric...
It's always fun to go away for a weekend and come back to another law suit - in this case, hockey-stick prof Michael Mann claiming I defamed him in a National Review post. We'll link here to any interesting commentary on the case as it arises, starting
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