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Mark Schwahn

Mark Schwahn is an American screenwriter, director and producer.

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Chad Michael Murray applauds his costars for speaking out against creator Mark Schwahn:
And here I was thinking all those scenes with Mark Schwahn and Hillary Burton were authentic.
Mark Schwahn indirectly created the army that is going to take him down. .
cast and crew have written a letter accusing former showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment
A reminder to all fandoms: Just because someone is a really nice, funny guy and kind to the fans it doesn't mean he is t…
'One Tree Hill' cast unite to accuse creator Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment via
Showrunner Mark Schwahn accused of sexual harassment by "One Tree Hill" cast and crew…
Mark Schwahn may have created the show, but without actors One Tree Hill is just words on paper. The TRUE magic behind the…
UPDATE: cast and crew members have released an official statement accusing series creator Mark Schwahn of sexual h…
Cast and crew members of ‘One Tree Hill’ have accused showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment
Chad Michael Murray releases statement of support for the women of speaking out against creator Mark Schwahn:
wow. the letter from the OTH cast accusing Mark Schwahn... didn't see it coming but my god do I stand with those incredible women.
Chad submitted a statement of support via Entertainment Weekly.
Bravo to the women of One Tree Hill for blowing the whistle on sexual harasser Mark Schwahn. Please studios and networks, don'…
cast, local crew accuse showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment in joint letter
'One Tree Hill' creator Mark Schwahn accused of sexual harassment by cast and crew
"What a long time coming. Your deeds will truly find you out in the end. I’m grateful for the oppo…
The first thing the women of OTH reunited for was the public takedown of Mark Schwahn. It's poetry. . He assembled one h…
"Female writers would try to get the spot where the showrunner wouldn't sit as to not be touched. Often men would help out by sitt…
Wilmington is a small town and is a big deal to this community. These women speaking up was heard loud…
I’m real glad Sophia is standing up about this horrible mark Schwahn ordeal. It’s a step in the right direction. An…
Okay so it's been decided. Mark Schwahn and Sara Shepard need to team up to write a PLL spin off and do us/Spoby/Emison justice. NIGHT!
Can we have Mark Schwahn write it though? I lost all trust in Marlene.
Not loving Peyton is a sin against OTH, Mark Schwahn and all that is holy. Post away.
Started One Tree Hill again. And it gets better every single time. . I'm such a hopeless romantic because of you Mark Schwahn. So ya, thanks
I just want to thank Mark Schwahn, Josh Schwartz, Peter Berg, and John Hughes for being my writing inspirations 🙌🏾
Dear Mark Schwahn, . Wished you didn't delete this wonderful scene with Nathan and Mr. James. . Sincerely, Naley fa…
I bow down to Mark Schwahn for creating One Tree Hill🙏🏽
So what's Mark Schwahn's I NEED him to create some new OTH episodes for my happiness & soul...
The actors really were so friendly and warm & show creator Mark Schwahn is as witty as you'd expect. Roll on
chad talking about james thanking mark schwahn for the kiss between james & hilarie... (Vine by
How rich is Mark Schwahn?: The post How rich is Mark Schwahn? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
If anything, I hope Mark Schwahn writes the next NBA 2k story. At least then it'll have heart and enjoyable melodrama
Don't get too comfortable with a show if Shonda Rhimes or Mark Schwahn are writing it. Enjoy your time, that's all I'm saying 😩😒😔
Meet the fabulous Mark Schwahn, creator, director & producer of On E tonight in UK at 9pm ht…
I would just like to thank Mark Schwahn for creating One Tree Hill
brilliant. beautiful. brave. . thank you mark schwahn for giving u... (Vine by clothes over bros
Hey, Mark Schwahn, thank you for saving my life by creating OTH. I would love to meet you one day and just tell you how t…
I just want to thank mark schwahn for creating one tree hill
"Jake and Peyton would've been the perfect endgame." - Mark Schwahn. - I honestly s... (Vine by
"This show is one of the biggest underdog success stories in television history." -Mark Schwahn
OTH Creator Mark Schwahn knows drama. . Don’t miss his newest series on Sunday, 10/9c on E!
.reunited with Mark Schwahn to direct an episode of this season: http:/…
Mark Schwahn is a genius for creating One Tree Hill !!!
PRAISE MARK SCHWAHN has been renewed for Season 3!! 🙌🏻
Don't miss the Mark Schwahn talks about the family coming together, but will it last?
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*** good reuniting with Mark Schwahn to direct tonight's episode of Tune in with me at 10|9c. I'll be a…
Life kicks you around sometimes. Mark Schwahn
Obsessed over Second Mark Schwahn series I've been obsessed with-- being the first, of course 💞
Don't miss Mark Schwahn tonight on Go to after the episode!
Bravo Mark Schwahn & entire cast! 👏 Every juicy episode it's a Royal mind maze. 👑 + you have good music. Will be 👀 next week.
Omg Mark Schwahn is answering my question on right now
Mark Schwahn what have you done to the royal family???
Mark Schwahn will be there to answer all of your questions.
Will we find out if the Queen is a murderer? "Yes" according to Mark Schwahn. OMG 😳
I mean this is Mark Schwahn we're talking about. Of course he's gotta do a love triangle!
This is mine and Sarah's album cover photo that mark Schwahn took while we were climbing out windows http…
Life kicks you around sometimes. . Mark Schwahn
but if you go back and look at mark Schwahn's interviews he states "Lucas and Peyton have always been endgame"
Mark Schwahn did an amazing job writing and directing this finale.
Dudeee.I am way more famous than Mark Schwahn is and I can say that with full confidence because Britney Spears believes in me 💯
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Got nostalgic with & Mark Schwahn. Stay tuned for the chat http…
Mark Schwahn's scenes on OTH were with Peyton/Hilarie only. A coincidence? I don't think so.
Happy Birthday Mark Schwahn! . thanks for putting together One Tree Hill and having great people on it!
With Mark Schwahn & getting ready for the finale of season 1! Get ready Loyals!
Lol this is awk...well happy EARLY birthday Mark Schwahn...but this man should be celebrated every day amirite?
Happy Birthday mark schwahn! Thank you for creating a show that has changed my life in so many ways💕
Happy Birthday to the legend, the mastermind, the one behind it all; Mark Schwahn. .
Happy Birthday to the one man on earth I'm thankful for. Mark Schwahn thank you for all those years writing such an awesome part of my life.
p.s. you share a birthday with the coolest person ever, Mark Schwahn, THE CREATER OF One Tree Hill, aka our love 😍
Happy Birthday Mark Schwahn. Thank you for making Tree Hill our home. ❤️
Happy Birthday to Mark Schwahn!😇 thank you for creating the greatest show ever ❤️ 💯💪🏼
Happy Birthday Mark Schwahn 🎉💕 changed so much souls in this world. My too ❤️
it's mark schwahn and scott Holroyd's birthday!
Happy Birthday to the genius behind Mark Schwahn. 🎉
LOLLL RIGHT? y u gotta be that way mark schwahn?
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Happy Birthday Mark Schwahn! Thank you for creating the show that changed my life! No show will ever compare to OTH. h…
Happy Birthday Mark Schwahn, thank you so much for creating One Tree Hill, hope you have a great day :)
So tell me should I start watching The Royals? I'm thinking about it bc of Mark Schwahn
Loyals, we know you're still reeling from last week, but tonight is Mark Schwahn's FAV episode. . Get.👏 Ready.👏
idk if I trust Mark Schwahn with season finales. Track record ain't good, he always breaks my heart like no ty
Photoset: “I always thought the show was just about people trying to find their way” -Mark Schwahn, One...
. Mark Schwahn is literally giving me a heart attack. 😳
Annnd shoutout to Mark Schwahn for creating a character that has the potential to rival Nathan Scott in my heart (cc
unconscious guy giving life guidance to other characters.. total Mark Schwahn move.
Please, tell Mark Schwahn to stop using London Grammar in the show, it's destroying their great songs.
Mark Schwahn, RIB & Julie Plec must be the best of friends
Officially addicted to 😍 thank you Mark Schwahn for making a new show I can become addicted to. :)
The fact that was renewed even before the first season aired just goes to show how good Mark Schwahn is.
James and Stephen hanging out with friends at Mark Schwahn's house! 💛
and were at Mark Schwahn's house yesterday.
Have you considered inviting Mark Schwahn to the convention? That would make FWTP3 very very special! :)
God bless mark schwahn James and joy
I really need to meet Mark Schwahn and personally thank him for making One Tree Hill. This programme has done so much for me.
I think mark schwahn was really unfair to brucas shippers in the later seasons with brulian, spesh with the girl behind the red door
are you watching the new Mark Schwahn's TV show "The Royals"? It's amazing
The new Mark Schwahn's TV show is INCREDIBLE. You guys should watch.
I wish Mark Schwahn would write my life
"You'll find out along the way that there's only one Tree Hill, and that's your home." -Mark Schwahn
. But why come back as such a mystery Why stand there when he is a Prince?!. Mark Schwahn you're too good!
BLOWN AWAY by Mark Schwahn once again. The last episode of was everything 🙌🙌
"There will never be another OTH." -Mark Schwahn, talking about his new show ❤️
Great episode this week by our creator Mark Schwahn!!!
HUHUHUHU it's the magic of mark schwahn 😭❤️
Julie Plec should take writing lessons from Mark Schwahn, his season six was like a starting point, hers feels like the beginning if the end
As One Tree Hill wraps today, I think we all owe a thank you to Mark Schwahn. He dreamed it all up and changed our live…
You should contact Mark Schwahn & see if you can get him to the OTHcon. He was the mastermind behind it all!
When the dog eats dans heart that he was going to get for a heart transplant on OTH how does Mark Schwahn come up with this stuff?! 😂😂😂
a parallel from 6x17 to 9x13 Mark Schwahn is a sneaky with these throughout the show & I cant believe I didnt notice this one
I suggest that Mark Schwahn starts working for Arrow. (He never screws up)
"So I kind of wanted to leave the fans with that, like Tree Hill will always be here. And I think that’s a nice place to be." -Mark Schwahn
Also, how exactly do we go about making sure THE MASTERMIND aka Mark Schwahn is invited?! it wouldn't be right w/o him!
last week on OTH set with Mark Schwahn & Your new album ROCKS dude!
when mark schwahn is in eps of oth I laugh so much it's like ryan acting in glee
Mark Schwahn. By writing characters and plot lines that so beautifully relate to people, he inspires me on a regular basis.
Joy m&g: Haley was supposed to end up w/ Lucas but thanks to the chemistry bewteen Joy&James Mark Schwahn ch…
S/O to Mark Schwahn for creating the best tv series out there
This Wednesday, fans will watch the final episode of "One Tree Hill" when the ninth season wraps with a two-hour goodbye event on The CW. Though we'll bid farewell to our favorite characters, the show lives on within the show, as Julian combines his two passions - film making and Brooke. But just how final is this finale? There's no denying the popularity of remakes, revamps, and the ever-trendy "reimaginings" these days. The CW's "90210" comes to mind, of course. This season alone, The CW is developing two series -- "The Carrie Diaries" and "Beauty and the Beast" -- based on television shows that wrapped years ago. It's only natural to wonder whether "One Tree Hill" could resurface, whether as a reunion movie or a revived series. Zap2it checked in with creator Mark Schwahn for one last "One Tree Hill" chat this week, and he told us that he'd certainly consider visiting Tree Hill again in the future. "I'm leery to answer, because some people are like, 'Why won't he just let it die! Let it go! It hasn't be ...
Mark Schwahn, the writer of One Tree Hill, wanted to call it "An Unkindness Of Ravens" but the WB network didn't want it to seem like it was mostly about basketball, so they told him to change the name. At the time, his favorite album was The Joshua Tree by U2. So One Tree Hill came from the song and he named the town Tree Hill. Karen tells Lucas in Episode 1.21 that "There is only one Tree Hill - and it's your home." The address of Tree Hill High School is 1 Tree Hill
Somehow I think Mark Schwahn is an Edgar Allen Poe fan.
“For me, it was always planned—Nathan and Haley. But for the fans it was very unexpected.”-Mark Schwahn (& it was perfect, Mark)   10% Off
and with there will be a mini James family reunion! Just wish Mark Schwahn was returning :)
K, I'm on th bus and the bus driver looks exactly like Mark Schwahn, I swear. LOL
The man behind the camera, the creator of "One Tree Hill", Mark Schwahn
I think Mark Schwahn is the love of my life
One Tree Hill's Mark Schwahn is working on a new project - The Royals is a "contemporary family ensemble" drama...
Mark Schwahn has changed my life for the better. Thank you.
Did you Noticed that Mark Schwahn has Penned a Pilot for Lionsgate?
I could listen to Hunter Hayes, Carrie Underwood, and Mark Schwahn interviews all day everyday! Love the way they look at life.
Congrats to client Joey Falco on another pick up with E!
What is your favourite TV show? — One Tree Hill. Mark Schwahn is an amazing human being.
E! announces their new Scripted Series lineup. to Executive Produce
"I get my inspiration from Nicholas Sparks and Mark Schwahn" The most insane thing I've read all day.
so great to be in business with the amazing at the E network
Apparently mark Schwahn was seen on campus. THIS IS NOT A DRILL
IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why are we not all talking about the fact that Mark Schwahn, creator of One Tree Hill, is…
I never get to brag about friends. But today have reason to celebrate:
Wait but seriously Mark Schwahn is doing a take on Hamlet for E! and I've never needed to see something so badly/not have it exist so badly
BIG Congrats to my bro Well Deserved “E! Developing Scripted Projects. via
Mark Schwahn developing a new scripted project for E! and will produce with Joe Davola and Brian Robbins. (!)
Mark Schwahn and Josh Schwartz developing scripted projects for E! Details:
Mark Schwahn has a net worth of $35 million. No wonder his car looks like it's from the future.
check this out. The legend, Mark Schwahn has a new project in the works with E! (thanks )
-- Information on Mark Schwahn's new project; Part fairy tale, part cautionary tale, this (cont)
Julie Plec, Marlene King, & Shondra Rhimes are almost as Amazing as Mark Schwahn, just ALMOST. Mark is the best & always will be.
I got to spend pretty much the whole day with my Mark Schwahn(: oh and Nicholas. Kinda lol
"I'm the guy for you Brooke Davis, you'll see" -Lucas. I really wanted to fly off to NC and slap Mark Schwahn for taking that back in S4. :|
"Josh Schwartz and Ryan Murphy, two people notorious for running out of steam after about two seasons, can learn from Mark Schwahn." Amen.
At least I know where Mark Schwahn got the idea for One Tree Hill...
As much as I love him, this is NOT John Green's quote. It belongs to Mark Schwahn. Misquoting is lame.
But, honestly, if Karen isn't OK, I am gonna curl up in a ball sobbing for several days and then maybe go hurt Mark Schwahn.
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dans-revenge: Mark Schwahn got it so wrong. Peyton shouldn’t have married Lucas, she should have ended up wit…
"Just saying goodbye to the River Court was a BIG deal for ... Everyone" - Mark Schwahn. Yes, it was.
"There were a LOT of tears because just on a human level we've all been together for so long. 187 episodes is a long time" - Mark Schwahn
Mark Schwahn in OTH 5x13 :D LOVE his moments with Peyton!
" I think Haley is probably the most beloved character" - Mark Schwahn
"One Tree Hill is a testament to the director Mark Schwahn and his creativity." - Stephen Colleti. Ok, I love that dude.
I like the way Mark Schwahn introduced the 9th season of One Tree Hill...he is a genius.
Thank you Mark Schwahn for making One Tree Hill into a television series and not just a two hour movie.
Still boggles my mind that Mark Schwahn wrote Coach Carter... Loved that movie.
I love my Mark Schwahn! She always knows what to say when I need a life talk ❤️
That arc was strange. It was like Mark Schwahn read some fanfic and decided to make it happen.
Mark Schwahn you genius. 'The Comet' was simply brilliant! "The boy saw the Comet and suddenly his life had meaning" MY FAVORITE :')
"Considering where we came from, the huge odds against us, there are not many more greater underdog stories than us" - Mark Schwahn.
Ill be forever grateful to mark schwahn
they better leave my Mark Schwahn alone! I will get them all back lol
Will strip for Mark schwahn in order for season 10 of one tree hill to be made
"Mark Schwahn dreamed it all up and changed our lives." - James Lafferty.
i wish i could have worked with Mark Schwahn on seasons 1-5 of One Tree Hill
Imagine Mark Schwahn worked on Gossip Girl. Then we might have gotten a half-decent final season.
Mark Schwahn is a writer for the show Nashville?! Need to watch every episode now
Mark Schwahn for creating an EPIC show, making us believe in love with EPIC couples. Mark is a genius. We love him.
you, mark schwahn and all the crew. You made us dream during years, kinda like santa do :)
When Brooke breaks down and Jamie reaches for her hand. I can't even. Mark Schwahn, you are a genius.
Mark Schwahn knows how to break our hearts.
I just want to be able to meet Mark Schwahn and give him the biggest hug and the biggest thank you in the entire world
I think Mark Schwahn should write a OTH book series, i would reda that.
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? — Mark Schwahn
What 5 famous people would you have to dinner ? — Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, Daphne Zuniga, Mark Schwahn, an...
Mark Schwahn got it right, Grease 2 is classic.
Mark Schwahn is an intellectual genius.
I love you Mark Schwahn! You're beautiful and dont let anyone bring you down :)
After the 1st kissing scene with Joy (aka Haley). James ran and went to see Mark then said : "Thank you Schwahn".
Screen writers/producers/directors like Mark Schwahn are such geniuses, love him! One tree Hill will always be my fav series.
"We may not want to be the biggest show, we may never become the biggest show, but we'll always be someone's favorite show"-Mark Schwahn
I'll be forever grateful for the magic that Mark Schwahn made.
"Everybody has obstacles and difficulties, but sometimes quietly it's nice to hear that it's going to be okay."-Mark Schwahn
I hope Chad and Ben become best friends and then I want Josh Schwartz and Mark Schwahn to make a TV show together.
I am thankful that a pop culture junkie like me has had the opportunity to meet so many of my heroes & people I admire including Billie Joe, Bruce Springsteen, Tre Cool, Aimee Mann, Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood, David Sedaris, Marilyn Manson, Sophia Bush, Mark Schwahn, Al Pacino, Ron Wood, Bill Hicks, Sterling Morrison.
I Just got my Boxset of One Tree Hill. Iv'e never been able to fit my life into a box until now...
Mark Schwahn is my favorite person ever.
“There’s no excuse for having bad music in your movie or your TV show anymore.” - Mark Schwahn
Thank you one tree hill and Mark Schwahn my life wouldn't be the same without you
It's been 9 years from the pilot of OTH i want to thank Mark Schwahn for creating this splendid tv series! I LOVE OTH!
Masterpiece by Mark Schwahn , the producer and the writer of One Tree Hill
I wish I was mark Schwahn, I would be so proud.
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what would happen if Mark Schwahn never created one tree hill?
Somebody needs to show this to Mark Schwahn.
'The last line of the script said, "frozen in time, for all time"'. -Mark Schwahn
was this not the best show ever invented?! thankyou Mark Schwahn!!
I love that Mark Schwahn is in some episodes of One Tree Hill. It's like he got to interact with his own characters. I'm envious.
The creator of One Tree Hill Mark Schwahn went to University of Maryland 🙌
One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn talks about his big break at Sundance, music's role in television.
Kevin Lyles and myself just got to meet mark schwahn from One Tree Hill
Shonda Rhimes is no Mark Schwahn to be honest! :)
"Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment in your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?" — Mark Schwahn for "One Tree Hill"
"We might not ever become the biggest show, but we will always become somebody's favorite show." -Mark Schwahn
It was last month, I met Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley, Stephen Colletti and Mark Schwahn during Comic Con, amazing day :)
Mark Schwahn is my favorite person in the world. Thanks for creating the best show to ever come into my life!
is being my favorite drug in this moment... I think a perfect actor... Thanks Mark Schwahn for creating OTH!
I love how Mark Schwahn kept Lucas and Peyton involved in the last 3 seasons of One Tree Hill even though they weren't in them.
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Mark Schwahn told me he was going to cover the theme song & do a punk version. I'm still waiting Mark.
Mark Schwahn is a genius. If you don't know who that is then we cannot be friends.
Spent most of the day in my OTH archives. Yes I was a Leyton shipper, lol. Have to say Mark Schwahn wrote some really good stuff
On a serious note Mark Schwahn would of kept Brucas if Sophia and Chad didn't get married off screen.
Me and Mark Schwahn are going to save the world from lack of inspiration :)
I drew me and Mark Schwahn as superheroes.
Mark Schwahn has to be my biggest inspiration ever.
I'm so thankful to Mark Schwahn for being the creator of my home. It's an One Tree Hill thing
Can you please tell Mark Schwahn to make a 10th season of oth?! that would be amazing and make my life complete! thanks!!
I love Mark Schwahn because he completed my life !! nothing will ever replace !
Mark Schwahn of course!! Maybe he can start off with Hamlet in a hoodie dribbling a basketball on a bridge :) missing
Mark Schwahn is the god of writing.
"Our show started out about fathers and sons and it ended up about fathers and sons."- Mark Schwahn (creator/executive producer/writer)
can you PLEASE tell Mark Schwahn to make a 10th season?! I really need some oth in my life right now! I want to know more! thanks!
My life is so much better due to the existence of one man, Mark Schwahn.
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Mark Schwahn in one of the episodes!
My life is what it is, due to the amazing Mark Schwahn.
Mark Schwahn went to the University of Maryland =O! How am I only finding out about this now? (*eek*) And here I am, about to become a terp!
Mark Schwahn is on his way to Paris. Yaayy! :) xx
and today is it Mark Schwahn's bday ?
Is it the Bday of Mark Schwahn today ? ;)
Hello! Its the birthday of Mark Schwahn today? I will meet him on a few days and i don't want to miss it! xoxo
oh my goodness gracious ITS MARK SCHWAHN'S BIRTHDAY ah Happy Birthday to one of the most incredible men on earth!!!
Thank you & ! See you tomorrow with Mark Schwahn.
you should go to Paris these days. If you wanna meet and Mark Schwahn :P
Video: Whilst wathcing this episode I vowed that if Brooke died, I would hunt Mark Schwahn down and hit him.
dear Mark Schwahn, i love you for creating such an epic TV show but i hate how we did not find out if Millie had a boy or girl!
Any question for Robert Buckley or Mark Schwahn? Ask them here:
Mark Schwahn thank you for giving us one tree hill.
This week i will meet: Mark Schwahn. And, maybe and Can't wait. ♥
Mark Schwahn you are god for creating one tree hill, god bless your soul .
& Mark Schwahn are U ready for meeting in ? We are so excited! :D
; yourself & Mark Schwahn should seriously combine your genius genes & create another series! I shot-gun the lead !
I want Mark Schwahn to write for Once Upon A Time S2 !!!
Hi perfect girls! Can you say to Mark Schwahn that he changed my life with OTH? And that I want to marry him! :)
if your name happened to be Jamie and Lydia.. blame Mark Schwahn.. :P NALEY always and forever..
" They learned something from the show that made them a little bit better. " Mark Schwahn ♥
Mark Schwahn describes Hilarie as "The Welcome Wagon" on the show OTH because she is friendly and welcoming to work with on the set.
I'd do ANYthing to meet Mark Schwahn and tell him how he's changed my life. Thank him for everything.
Mark Schwahn is an incredible man and I have SO much to thank him for.
“I think if Dan had lived, Rachel would’ve come back and revealed that she never signed the divorce papers,” Mark Schwahn tells us.
"You're way too young not to believe it's gonna be okay." - Mark Schwahn
How can you say your a fan and not know who Mark Schwahn is?!
He will be at the Comic Con (in Paris) next week :D With Robert Buckley, Stephen Colletti and Mark Schwahn *-*
Mark Schwahn I love you for creating the best show ever & hate you for ending it
Finished my collage with and Mark Schwahn.
Mark Schwahn is my favourite person ever ok
can no longer watch a single episode of OTH without cring :( mark schwahn you changed my life
I know for a fact that Mark Schwahn the creator/writer of ONE TREE HILL is my soulmate. I mean that so seriously. I love him.
Hey as you probably know or may not know, Mark Schwahn, Rob Buckley, Austin Nichols and Stephen (cont)
Mark Schwahn deserves an emmy or something for that Dan and Keith scene
I swear I saw Mark Schwahn today in Portland...or at least his long lost twin brother!
Imagine Mark Schwahn writing They are already epic, but if he wrote them, they would be so epic that your TV would explode.
Mark Schwahn is THE god of writing. If I ever meet him... *speechless*
*** you Mark Schwahn. You go and write two epic couples like Clay & Quinn and Clay & Sara and I'm forced to ship both
wow I'm so glad mark schwahn was so thorough in his research of comas and hair colour
I swear I'm crying at Mark Schwahn comments on One Tree Hill. CRYING.
That one tree hill moment when you really want to thank Mark Schwahn for the shirtless scenes.
Mark Schwahn, PLEASE, change my life again and make a movie of ♥
Mark Schwahn you are brilliant. Thanks for creating
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Mark Schwahn talks about giving Paul Johansson and Tyler Hilton more prominent roles in the 9th and final s…
Do you miss One Tree Hill? Creator Mark Schwahn tells us the series ending that never happened:
Created by Mark Schwahn. With Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz. This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, ...
His writing, his passion, the way he explores the things we will come across in life. He is a genius. Fact. Mark Schwahn is Our Inspiration.
Mark Schwahn is Our Inspiration; who is Mark you ask? Oh just the most amazing producer ever. Thank you for making One Tree Hill. ♥
Nashville Skyline was a special project for OTH Season 7 Finale :) Here's Mark Schwahn's story about it:
Mark Schwahn told me what happened to Queen Rachel Gatina!! Look for an article tomorrow. :)
I still think its hilarious seeing Mark Schwahn as Max in OTH s3 ep10 - HA. He is such a geez. :)
and Mark Schwahn will be here also. :'( ah excuse me while I jump off a bridge.
"Don't forget to not only see the magic in the world, but the magic in yourself." - Mark Schwahn
Okay, "Danny Boy" (9.11) might just go down as one of the best episodes of Perfectly played, Mark Schwahn!
I only want to to to Comic Con Paris to see mark Schwahn rob Buckley and Austin Nichols hehehe 😍
I owe my life to Mark Schwahn for creating OTH.
I wish I was going to Mark Schwahn, & will be there! Someone take me to Paris?? 🇫🇷💋
Just ask him what's next?RT Talking to Mark Schwahn at this weekend. Any (cont)
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Talking to Mark Schwahn at this weekend. Any burning unanswered questions?
“It's official Mark Schwahn is TV Show guest of honor at Comic Con paris. Rob Buckley & Austin Nichols will be there too!" FEELING BETRAYED.
Can someone invite Mark Schwahn to please!?
Good news fans! will be in Paris for the with Mark Schwahn & Cc
Mark Schwahn is going to Comic Con Paris!! I have to be there. Seriously. My goodness.
About to see Blind Pilot Be jealous, Mark Schwahn, wherever you are...
GURL! I know. Who knows what will be happening this time next year. Probably chilling with Mark Schwahn (let me dream).
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