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Mark Sanchez

Mark Travis John Sanchez (born November 11, 1986) is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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So Mark Sanchez is here to be a coach/mentor only. Is that worth a roster spot on rebuilding team?
Trubisky and Mark Sanchez will split the practice reps this week to prepare for the Falcons.
I'll start off early for you. "MARK SANCHEZ STILL ON THIS ROSTER...SO BEARS!!!
Come on. They won 4 playoff games with Mark Sanchez. Our $27M a year QB hasn't won any. They had their fun.
Do you agree wth the using a roster spot on Mark Sanchez?
And got roasted for eating on the sidelines? Comeon
Dak Prescott told me that Mark Sanchez was enormously helpful to him throughout his rookie season.
When your team finally confirms that you're a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez
Orchestrated by Chip Kelly, who traded for Sam Bradford, signed Mark Sanchez and got rid of…
I'm grabbing Pablo Sanchez and I'll take all the guys in the navy hats. Yes even the one in the wheelchair. Kluber'…
Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see Mark Sanchez on the list
Tottenham Hotspur's new Ledley King, mark my words, this lad Davinson Sanchez is absolute quality.
He better then mike Glenenon, mark Sanchez, whoever the brown got , Jay Cutler...…
Alexis Sanchez last season was the first Arsenal player to hit the 30 goal mark in all competitions since Robin Van Persie in…
Mitch Trubisky passes Mark Sanchez on Bears depth chart
GM Ryan Pace on Mark Sanchez: "He's taking a lot of pride in this role."
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GM Ryan Pace on Mark Sanchez: "He's valuable for us...He's the kind of guy who just exudes positive energy wherever he is."
GM Ryan Pace on Mark Sanchez's role: "We were honest and upfront with Mark about the reasons we value him."
(2010) Mark Sanchez leads a game winning drive for the Jets!
Here's the Bears' first 53-man roster. It includes Mark Sanchez, Pernell McPhee, 5 TEs and 5 WRs:
False. His brother Mark Sanchez probably knows him better
you can’t risk Mark Sanchez in those situations. Pull your head out.
Literally Mark Zuckerberg is the best. And he is literally responding to almost all the comments. Wow.
we need another veteran QB on our roster.. we should bring in Mark Sanchez !!
The season y'all celebrated beating Mark Sanchez but 2 years later criticized us for beating Sanchez.
We could win under those circumstances with Mark Sanchez, what's your point?
Halas Intrigue podcast: Has QB Mark Sanchez made the roster? I debate with the great
Mark Sanchez was put behind an absolute fortress in 2009 and was decent. QB still has to play. Need…
The case for keeping Sanchez was discussed at length on the latest Bears podcast w/
Transfers: No winners in Arsenal, Manchester City battle for Alexis Sanchez - Mark Ogden (ESPN)
have decision to make on Mark Sanchez with roster cutdown looming this weekend via…
Hamilton Collection
The whole club relies on Kompany being fit Mark. We've needed to address this since 2014 & w…
Mark Sanchez will be the starting qb for the Broncos?
Media slaughtering Arsenal for not selling Alexis Sanchez to City. The same media say Liverpool have done a great job keeping…
"We're trying to pick our 53 best guys.". Mark Sanchez could sweat it out as Bears make roster cuts…
Kyle Fuller looks like you've made the team. Has Mark Sanchez?
I share a birthday with Mark Sanchez
You mean the one who couldn't displace Mark Sanchez?
Howie gonna put Foles on PUP and sign Mark Sanchez when the Bears cut him. Heard it here first.
Yea defo with that Sanchez he's suppose to be pretty decent
People close to Alexis Sanchez say he no longer has any motivation to play for Arsenal and feels "messed around" by then. […
Sanchez, Coutinho and van Dijk when they return to their clubs next week 😂😂😂
The press will love Sanchez staying. Can report on 'dressing room splits' etc. Cue the fractured Arsenal crest on the back pages
As far as I'm concerned I've only ever seen give his absolute best for Therefore, I'll support him until the end.
Sanchez wants reunion with former boss Pep.. Just like Dani Alves? 😴 Strange how it's only City journalist that come out with these things 🤔
I am happy to tell you, Sanchez is absolutely delighted to stay at this club. I spoke to him earlier and he was crying…
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I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to seeing Özil, Sanchez & Lacazette play together. Just ignore the fact that w…
I'm up to date he was world class and the elite from the moment he signed arsena…
It's World Cup year, one hopes Sanchez may still get out there and try to ma…
I have a soft spot for Ozil so wouldn't mind him as a fallback for Coutinho/Lemar. How would mad would that make Sanchez by the way?
We're now getting abused for NOT handing title rivals our best player 😂😂😂 Some incredible journalism out there 🙈
Backup QB Mark Sanchez could sweat it out as Bears approach final cuts
We missed out on Sanchez. That was it. Obviously Evans but he was a squad player. Great window for us.
Arsenal sold RVP to a rival and got hammered . Arsenal keep Sanchez and get hammered. . Almost like the media have an agen…
If we really wanted Lemar, pay up early. We are also left with unhappy players in Mustafi and Sanchez who either wanted out or we wanted out
Bear Download podcast w/ The case for keeping Mark Sanchez .
ICYMI, our new Bears podcast episode. Mark Sanchez's roster outlook, WR fallout from Cam Meredith's injury & more:…
Bears plan on letting Mitch Trubisky play in their final preseason game and sit Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez.
.answers your questions on Mitch Trubisky vs. Mark Sanchez and more
Chip Kelly's offense made Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez look good. Look at 20…
I swear I'm jersey cursed. I just got an Isaiah Thomas jersey. Following my Brandon Marshall, Ray Allen (Celtics in 2012), Mark Sanchez.
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Free Agent FB Michael Burton running hard for his job after a quick out route from QB Mark Sanchez
Colt McCoy still in game , brandon weedon, mark Sanchez all browns QB all jet…
I remember I used to say Saul looked like Mark Sanchez lmao
Glad the bears finally decided to let him go and then they signed mark Sanchez over kaepernick 🤦‍♂️
That Mark Sanchez headband is on maximum prosper.
My bad for not including Mark Sanchez
😂😂😂 we shall see there Mark Sanchez in the 2 minute warning
Ummm, I'm dead, can I at least can USC Mark Sanchez to me?
That's good news for the Mark Sanchez is a key piece - my neighbor stuck in 2010
YANKS 4 games behind Red Sox. Judge slumping. Gary Sanchez catching like Mark Sanchez in butt-fumble years. Well, that's baseball, Suzyn...
Chill but *** fumble mark Sanchez still suits up and gets paid by the NFL?
mark Sanchez had good games. Everyone does. Consistency matters. He's horrible
Stephen Miller: "Mark Sanchez is the most gifted quarterback of our time, and he's the best passer to lead the Jets in generations."
Nope. I have faith. This is the year. ✊🏽
I got mark Sanchez...let me get my affairs in order before I die
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Mark Sanchez only good in the 4th quarter anyway lessgetit
2013 Jets qb situation worse - Geno Tebow injured Mark Sanchez but still so
Imagine drafting a QB 3rd & he can't beat out mark Sanchez or Mike Glennon
release first depth chart of preseason. Mike Glennon No. 1 at QB followed by Mark Sanchez and then 1st rd draft pick…
Lmao this is like asking Mark Sanchez to help out with your quarterback situation
is kap better than most of the backups in the nfl? yes. now STFU cornball. m…
Also guys named Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez are in front of him
take a look through these QBs and tell me that argument still stands…
How's Tawana's arm doing? because the Bears have signed Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, and a first round pic…
Can I just say.. I liked the Jets with Mark Sanchez don't @ me
I mean the only one with a worse arm to cutler would proba…
Forget North Korea. We are living in a world where Mark Sanchez has a job and can't find work. That's scary
My debut Friday Insider for on Mark Sanchez’s advice to Mitch, from preseason games to real estate
"Gentry hauled in a deep touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez with one hand as he fell backwards in the end zone."-Jeff…
Tanner Gentry. Camp standout. Burns Kyle Fuller one-on-one in two minute drill. Catches impressive TD from Mark Sanch…
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Really starting to worry with how good Mark Sanchez has been looking in camp. Very few defenses can do that.
I kno these things take time but I see Mark Sanchez is still on the roster so umm explanation
Bears camp 2017, hoping for a good season.
coach John Fox: "We'll start with Mike Glennon, then we'll go to Mark Sanchez and then we'll go to Mitch Trubisky."
I've been watching the republicans fumble this whole situation worse then Mark Sanchez on thanksgiving day
# what you just described was Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez looks like a lunch lady with a beard
Friendly reminder that Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife Tebowing while wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.
On an NFL roster...but those are mark sanchez stats as well as his completion % is under 60..cmon spike..…
Check his stats that year. They weren't good. Mark Sanchez went to back to back AFC t…
I got mark sanchez, might as well start digging my own grave
I actually like Connor Shaw I rather have him than Mark Sanchez
Mike Glennon is terrible. Blaine gabbert terrible. Mark Sanchez. Jay Cutler is su…
Mark sanchez and ryan fitzpatrick have jobs for christs sake
Undrafted rookie WR Tanner Gentry has caught three TDs in various team drills from No. 2 QB Mark Sanchez and Mitch Tr…
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Although I don't want to see mark Sanchez play a down, he does add value in the classroom, for what it's worth. I'd rather Sh…
A clear window into why the Bears value Mark Sanchez...
Cruz at one point you were in love with mark Sanchez..
Im a jets fan. But im with Sanchez all the way. Vamos mark. All the way to the super bowl
Mark Sanchez didn't wanna be Ritchie Valens in 'La Bamba,' so he studied Spanish. Now he translates playbook
He couldn't even beat out Mark Sanchez. MARK SANCHEZ. For a chance to start. How does he deserve a spot?
Would have to be QB . Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford prolly
Mark Sanchez taught himself Spanish at USC to better talk w/ Hispanic fans. Now he's translating the playbook htt…
30. 2010 Divisional goes one and done after a 14-2 season. Getting outplayed by Mark Sanchez at home.
Mark Sanchez was the best QB the Jets ever had
Mark Sanchez dropping some major wisdom on how to navigate the highs & lows of life. No matter what season you're i…
Found this interesting from Mark Sanchez: IR QB Kellen Moore is breaking down film for coaches for projects weeks in advan…
Two words: Mark Sanchez. Like crappy QBs don't get rehabbed and signed and put into different programs??
Who is worse, Kellen Moore or Mark Sanchez? It's sad there isn't a definite answer to that question
Isn't that great! Just a little Mark Sanchez? Another little Mark Sanchez, but for the Cubs? It's g…
It's not Mark Sanchez, so that's a good thing.
It's really not about his on-field performance though. It's about his veteran presence for these yo…
LT was so good, he made Mark Sanchez seem like a solid QB. And we all know he's worse than garbage
Halas Hall Pass: The value of Mark Sanchez and Victor Cruz to the Bears
2/2 For example, would DeShields say "When you see his fastball, think Sonny Gray - when you see the change, think Sanchez"?
is better than most of quarterbacks signed this free agency . *cough josh mcown *cough mark Sanchez wha…
Is Mark Sanchez worth keeping as the Bears' backup quarterback? . column:
Did mark sanchez make it to the super bowl tho
I just heard Sanchez is overrated... Mark from the Jets, not Gary from the
Her: I bet he's thinking about other girls. Him: Why did Mark Sanchez have to run into the offensive line on Thanksgiving 20…
Is Mark Sanchez worth keeping as the Bears' backup quarterback?. Read more:
Mark Sanchez has a team but Kaepernick don't 🤔🤔🤔
My favorite Mark Sanchez touchdown pass was to Rob Ninkovich
What role does Mark Sanchez have in all this? And will Geno help negotiate Brexit?
John booty, Matt leinart, and Mark Sanchez, only one still in the league is carson palmer.
In my madden game Mark Sanchez is leading the Browns to a 8-2 record rn.remember anything is possible
People should be going after whatever teams signed Mark Sanchez, Ryan Mallet and Matt Cassell
Tell me how guys like Mark Sanchez, Landry Jones, Brock Osweiler, M…
Notes from today's Bears OTA include more on Mark Sanchez's injury & Victor Cruz's practice debut:…
The Bears' first OTA practice is completed, with Mike Glennon, Mitchell Trubisky and Mark Sanchez splitting reps at quarterba…
Miss me with that Kaep ain't that good mess because Josh McCown Matt Cassel and Mark Sanchez are all still in the league
Mark Sanchez realizing that every fumble by Jake Butt will be a Butt Fumble.
and if he fumbles, will Mark Sanchez be off the hook for the butt fumble?
The future of the I mean after Cutler can't get much worse. Well... Mark Sanchez but, worse than butt fumble? Not likely
That's like crediting Mark Sanchez for taking the Jets to the playoffs. Alex Smith = garbage
In the last 10 NFL Drafts, the Jets have selected two offensive players in the first round: Mark Sanchez and Dustin Keller.
Bears QB's Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Smh but Kap can't get a job come on Jason he his better than a…
RELATED: Bears signing of Mark Sanchez sends loud message all 31 teams, you want Zane Gonzalez or K…
Here's a list of QB's that have more playoff wins than Tony Romo(2):. Mark Sanchez. Colin Kaepernick. Cam Newton. Mark…
Pete Carroll didn't think Mark Sanchez was ready for the NFL.
you call this crack? the Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez, they're our number 1 & 2 Qbs 🙃😂
Up late: Filling the bottom of the roster or signing Mark Sanchez changes nothing for the Bears. Take a breath:
Not outraged about Mark Sanchez going out with a 17-year old gal, but having sex before marriage with anyone at any age is…
Mark Sanchez found a job. Kaepernick remains unemployed /
I'll hit it top corner just for you mark
I do believe you mean that jets quarterback. Wasn't that mark sanchez
where's Mark Sanchez when you need him??
Not giving credit to Mark Sanchez for his playoff record. His defense dominated those games. Only good game he had was vs the Pats.
mark Sanchez couldn't teach himself to stop turning the ball over 😂
.Noise around Mark Sanchez misses far more important goal for 2017 offseason:
The fact that Mark Sanchez has a job in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick doesn't is just sad.
Im just glad the bears picked up my boy
[CSN Chicago] - Bears believe they got more than just a No. 2 QB in signing Mark Sanchez
mark Sanchez /who work for Ericsson/ Goleta calif.10 min to santa Barbara. Just had /along with there London open mouth in cert foot
The Bears went from Jay Cutler to Mark Sanchez. It's true, Mexicans do take all the jobs white people don't want.
The have signed Mark Sanchez to a 1-year deal (ESPN)
The Bears signed Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon... Here's a look at the locker room next season
P-Money used to go to Duke too. Mark Sanchez took Broncos teammates to California last year. . Siemian hurt. Will L…
Ryan Pace says Mark Sanchez's experience makes him a 'really good' backup QB
The new QB's for the Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon took their first team photo.
How many first-team reps did Lynch get opposed to Trevor Siemian and Mark Sanchez??.. I'll wait.
Wait...the Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez? Where have I seen this movie before?
Mark Sanchez is neither really good nor solid. Mediocre, maybe. And, that's reaching.
That's cause he didn't, competition was between Siemian & Sanchez initially. Lynch was only mentioned once Mark fai…
When the Bears QB coach walks in the room and sees Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, and Connor Shaw
Hub Arkush: Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace discusses Mark Sanchez, draft strategy and more from NFL meetings
Ryan Pace to reporters in Arizona: Mark Sanchez is No. 2 quarterback behind Mike Glennon.…
Bears replacing Jay Cutler with Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez is worse than the Batman guys replacing Katie Holmes with M…
re-sign Connor Shaw and everyone loves it. Bears sign Mark Sanchez and the franchise is doomed. It’s just depth, peopl…
If Mark Sanchez means they don't draft a QB high, myself and other Bears fans will hate this signing. 1/2
Out of all the quarterbacks the bears picked Mark Sanchez... I wouldn't say that's much of an improvement.
Live look-in at a Bears fan, who just read that his team will have Mark Sanchez in for a visit:
Bears agree to terms on deal with Mark Sanchez
Bears sign Mark Sanchez for experience, but drafting quarterback remains priority
Mark Sanchez moves on from Cowboys, marking change in Dak Prescott's QB room via
Live look-in at a Chicago Bears fan, after reading his team is now actually signing Mark Sanchez:
Our running analysis of the free agent move now features Mark Sanchez
Yet Colin Kaepernick can't get a job Jesus effing Christ on a pogo stick
Mark Sanchez's signing reminds us that the Bears are the NFL's most QB-clueless team.
Up late? Here's our podcast on the signing of Mark Sanchez, the Schefter/Jeffery thing, pro days and more:
Four factors to consider with the signing QB Mark Sanchez:
Mark Sanchez's departure from Cowboys isn't surprising, but he had found a role in Dallas - Dallas News (blog)
While the Lions went out and signed TJ Lang and Rick Wagner, division rival Chicago Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sa…
Cutting Jay Cutler and signing Mark Sanchez is like trading in a McRib for a fish sandwich from Long John Silver's.
Jay Cutler's reaction to the signing of Mark Sanchez.
The Bears are trying to replace the Browns as the NFL’s sorriest team
People asking why Mark Sanchez forget, iron sharpens iron. Sad QB Carousel on today's PMT https…
Mark Sanchez has a job but Colin Kaepernick does not. vs
Bears QB depth chart will be something like this: Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Hard to imagine t…
The Bears signed veteran QB Mark Sanchez to a one-year deal, the team announced Friday.
Mark Sanchez signing reminds us Bears are NFL's most QB-clueless team - Sporting News
So yal tellin me Mark Sanchez Mr. Butt Fumble himself is good enough to make an NFL roster but Kaepernick just "isn't…
The Bears signing Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez to be their QB's is the most Chicago Bear thing they could've done this…
Yes.. But can't wait till Sunday for this.. Glennon and Mark Sanchez... That QB room is awesome isn't it…
How does Mark Sanchez keep getting jobs? I don't get it
We have officially signed QB Mark Sanchez to a one-year contract. Welcome to Chicago, Mark! 🐻⬇
DH: It's official: Bears sign QB Mark Sanchez to a one-year contract
Whales do not want Mark Sanchez on their team.
officially announce one-year deal for backup QB Mark Sanchez.
If you add the skills of Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon you still don't have a starting NFL QB, and for that…
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Bears fans that wanted Cutler gone, insert Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. new era
The logic just not adding up. When Mark Sanchez getting signed, Manziel getting dinners, Kap not even getting a call, it's not fie…
How do you trust a team that signs Mark Sanchez?... How?
the Bears sign Mark Sanchez, that should position them nicely for a Super Bowl run, maybe they can sign Johnny Maziel next
The replaced Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer with Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez.
Mark Sanchez has found work. Don't be surprised if he beats out Mike Glennon. But Colin Kaerpernick still can't find work. h…
Gabbert is still unemployed. So are Jay Cutler and Robert Griffin III. And Matt McGloin and Christian Ponder and Mark Sanchez.
No, still Kellen Moore, Mark Sanchez, and Chase Daniels, could be Josh wants to much
Eagles will probably carry three QBs, here are some who are available:. Mark Sanchez. AJ Feeley. Rodney Peete. Ty and Koy Detmer. Bobby Hoying
Mark Sanchez got as much bidness in a jersey as a jack rabbit wit side pockets *** NOW!!
This is an awesome file of the top 150 free agents. No. 1: Brandon Williams. No. 150: Mark Sanchez.
Mark Sanchez sent us this beautiful photo of the Gaviota Coast on Highway 101. Look at all that green!
thats how it is watching the Jets. The Curtis Martin days, Mark Sanchez's first 2 seasons, '15 with goes on & on
Peyton had a defense carry him through his last year to win the super bowl. He had Mark Sanchez that year
Mark Sanchez, 4 more playoff wins than Stafford.
remember when Valenti said the Lions shouldve drafted Josh Freeman or Mark Sanchez over Stafford.. 😂😂 Muzzle This Guy
The man who brought you Mark Sanchez and John Idzik will now be overseeing relations with one of our greatest allie…
Hard to believe Cowboys are this successful with Derek Dooley and Mark Sanchez on the sideline
Last time the Patriots looked this bad @ home in the playoffs, Mark Sanchez beat 'em. Rust? Took Houston lightly? Just…
we've always lived in a world where Mark Sanchez has more than: Moon, boomer, drew bledsoe, fouts, kosar, Randall.
ESPNCowboys: "It can only get better for Dallas QB Mark Sanchez after Philadelphia game"
The 15 funniest memes from Cowboys-Eagles: Poking fun at Mark Sanchez, Philly
Mark Sanchez has made $72.1M on the field in career. He has 86 td passes & 86 picks.
Mark Sanchez struggles for Cowboys in return to Philadelphia - Fort Worth Star Telegram
Hello it's Mark Sanchez and you're watching Disney Channel.
"The Cowboys OL is so good that ANYONE can look like a star behind them.". Mark Sanchez: "We'll see about that."
Mark Sanchez, ladies and gentlemen. 1-5, 9 yds, 2INTs by Jordan Hicks.
let's see how many times my cousin says "garbage" talking about Mark Sanchez 😂
I think Mark Sanchez was on whatever Maria Carey took last night.
everytime Mark Sanchez trends i think it's
Remember when Mark Sanchez was a starting quarterback? Lol
Tom Brady has thrown 2 INTs in almost 12 full games. Mark Sanchez has thrown 2 in just 8 pass attempts
Mark Sanchez has thrown as many interceptions in his few drives today, as Tom Brady has all season.
I think Mark Sanchez thinks he's still plays for the Eagles
If Ford Frick was NFL commish that Jordan Hicks INT would come with an *. * Mark Sanchez pass.
had Tony Romo take almost no snaps Wednesday, then a slight increase Thursday. Mark Sanchez should still get majorit…
Dak Prescott still will start Sunday, but Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez are expected to see action; for how long remains to…
[San Antonio Express-News] Mark Sanchez to see most snaps at QB in Cowboys' regular-season finale - San Ant
Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott will start vs. Eagles; will Tony Romo or Mark Sanchez back him up? |
Mark Sanchez went from being the starting QB to Dak Prescott's coat guy in just a few short years...
Mark Sanchez is now dressing Dak Prescott in his jacket. Nice role for the
Eli Manning is the second-most sacked quarterback for Tyrone Crawford. The QB he has sacked the most is Mark Sanchez.
Remember when the Jets were fun and Mark Sanchez went to AFC Championships and they had a good defense and D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Y now it's time for the gangling show starring Mark Sanchez. Oh, Anne Curtis-Smith.
would you rather have Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow? It doesn't matter they both suck! 😂 Eagles draft party! You deserve this!
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sorry we got excited after dealing with Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb, etc for the past few years
He also gets burned sometimes. See his Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford coverage this offseason
Sam Bradford traded to the vikings and Mark Sanchez signs with the cowboys, it does not get much better than that
I would rather have just signed Mark Sanchez rather than trade a 1st for Sam Bradford.
Vikings fans beware: Bradford & Mark Sanchez have similar career stats. He's slightly better than Sanchez.
Sam Bradford is the white version of Mark Sanchez but keeps getting starting jobs because he's not Mexican.
Told the team I was bringing turnovers today and they said go back to the kids table with Mark Sanchez. Happy Thanksgiving to…
Mark Sanchez is having a good thanksgiving night connects to Matthews for another touchdown!
Have a look at this. Mark Sanchez with a touchdown pass to Matthews: Eagles up 14-0
In honor of the butt fumble’s anniversary, check out the Top 5 moments Mark Sanchez probably isn’t too proud of. https:/…
Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, Marcus Smith, Nelson Agholor, and Mark Sanchez perfectly describe Chip Kelly's time in philly.
Biden—"And that's why the Cowboys should start Mark Sanchez."
If they don't look like potential franchise QBs all were getting is a Brady Quinn or Mark Sanchez.
Mark Sanchez to Dak Prescott: 'You don't understand what you just did, you have no clue yet' via
Tony Romo getting reps in behind Mark Sanchez today. Passes looked good.
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I just realized: Mark Sanchez now has more passing yards this season than I do...not sure I'll be able to show my face in pub…
You know you had a good game when Mark Sanchez is on the field 😂
BREAKING: Burger King trades star cook Mark Sanchez to Taco Bell for cashier Vince Young and the rights to Tim Tebow a…
Cale smith will be the next Mark Sanchez
you haven't watched enough NY Jets Bryan, especially the Mark Sanchez years. Dear god it was hard watching 🙈
The Vikings and Eagles combined for 5 turnovers and 2 first downs in the first 10 minutes. It's like Mark Sanchez is p…
against the cards, 2012: Mark Sanchez, bad day, Mcleroy saves day
After a 31-13 dismantling at Heinz Field, the Jets' woes in Pittsburgh continue. Mark Sanchez is the only Jet QB to…
Some other thing named Chaz Schilens caught a pass from some other thing called Mark Sanchez. It was an exciting game...
but if he's below average garbage, you release below average garbage. Pick up Aaron Murray or Mark Sanchez, let them have a go
I thought Mark Sanchez was Tony Romo and I was like "why is he wearing a jersey...wait why is it number 3?" 😂
Jacoby Brissett is the 2009-2010 Mark Sanchez. Hand the ball off, throw for under 150 yards wit 0 INTs, let the defense do their thing.
Jacoby Brissett is 7th rookie QB to make NFL starting debut vs Texans. Attempting to become 3rd to get W (also Mark Sanchez & Matt McGloin)
Jets beat the Cardinals 7-6 after Rex benched Mark Sanchez for Greg McElroy. The backup, Tim Tebow, was out with a rib injury.
Why you can't have expectations for Cowboys; Mark Sanchez signing came too late -
"I could do that, why did they cut me?!" - Mark Sanchez watching at home
I think it's hilarious Dallas signed Mark Sanchez lmao
Good luck winning that one. I'm sure Chase Daniel and Mark Sanchez would love to hop in on a class-action.
This is probably what Jason Garrett meant to say about Mark Sanchez.
When you see the Cowboys roster is one Dak Prescott injury away from Mark Sanchez taking over as QB.
*** I just read that the Cowboys signed Mark Sanchez, *** dude 😐 they better not start him over Dak Prescott
Mark Sanchez cramming to get up to speed to back up Dak Prescott on Sunday
Despite learning a new offense, Mark Sanchez expects to help Dak Prescott on Sunday.
Mark Sanchez joins Cowboys, can relate to rookie starter Dak Prescott:
Mark Sanchez is an accident waiting to happen. Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford and Brock Osweiler are better choices.
Finding out that the Cowboys signed Mark Sanchez is the saddest part of my week..
actually my team signed Mark Sanchez today and he is quite
, really?!? Mark Sanchez... Really and good bye I'm a Titans fan now. That just shows how desperate you are.
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