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Mark Rylance

Mark Rylance (born 18 January 1960) is an English actor, theatre director and playwright.

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“I am dying from the emptiness of cautious and clever people.”. INSTITUTE BENJAMENTA (1995). Mark Rylance, Alice Kri…
Excited that and among actors pushing for pension investment…
Good on Mark Rylance, and others calling on Aviva to divest from fossil fuels!
NEW EPISODE!! I air my thoughts on mainly the way Mark Rylance serves tea.
Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance took part in the this week - here's why. Pledge to take part here:
Mark Rylance and actors inc. Maxine Peake & campaign for low carbon pension
Definitely, have a talent crush on Mark Rylance...
All that fuss they make about Ian McKellen and Mark Rylance. This is how to deliver the Bard...
One minute he's Mike in The Dumping Ground and the next he's Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall. On to the next job!.
James D'Arcy, Jack Lowden, Barry Keoghan and Mark Rylance attend the 'DUNKIRK' premiere in New York...
Actors are asking their pension provider to move their money away from which harm planet & pocket >>
Excited to be attending this today, another reminder of how the movement is growing in the theatre worl…
Like Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies it's both joyous(great performances) & frustrating(why not more) to…
Mark Rylance, the Oscar-winning actor, isn't happy his pension fund is invested in fossil fuels
Oh God. It's the episode of Bing Bunny where Mark Rylance can't say Atchoo... it's just weird.
This week, we bring you a 2004 interview with Mark Rylance, first artistic director, from the archive: http…
Mark Rylance & Zoë Wanamaker among actors calling on Equity pension fund to divert money away from fossil fuels
Mark Rylance among actors to press Equity over fossil fuels - Financial Times
Mark Rylance calls on to divert £120m pension pot into clean energy https:/…
Mark Rylance and Simon Callow? That's not a bad cast. Kiss of the Spiderwoman opened this day 1985.
Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy and Mark Rylance come to rescue me? Sign me up!!
Also, "you need to campaign to win"? Mark Rylance, Mo'Nique, Mahershala Ali, etc. would like to disagree with you.
When mom buys you tickets to see Mark Rylance at the theatre. So excited. Countdown to Christmas starts now 😍
Mark Rylance on why was designed to work without lighting design and amplified sound - from Stephen Purc…
Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy on set together in Urk
Uhhh...Mark Rylance is simply splendid in Wolf Hall. One of the best performances I've seen in a while -- subtle, real, careful, deliberate.
Every time a fan asks, is this the time to panic, I think of Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies: Would it help?
Homosexuality is the power of knowing Mark Rylance in "Bridge of Spies" is less Oscar-worthy than Joan Cusack in "Addams F…
was so much better than anticipated. Tom Hardy had me throughout as did Mark Rylance & son.
Number 8 has a bit of a brothel-creeping accountant Mark Rylance look about him.
I hated Bridge of Spies. Mark Rylance was the only good thing about that movie.
You think Mark Rylance could get better voice work.
Bridge of Spies is a starring Tom Hank & Mark Rylance.
Dunkirk is going to sweep the BAFTAs. They love nothing more than a British war film by a British director with Mark Rylance in
Harry and Mark Rylance at the Dunkirk premiere after party.
Go see Follies at the National and if Mark Rylance is in anything see him. It is so much fun!
Full cast announced for starring Mark Rylance
Is trying to name as many actors as possible to test his powers? Mark Rylance is in good health, for now.
PS- This means I'll be seeing Bruce and Mark Rylance on stage in the same week!
Some me video footage of Mark Rylance having range.
Wow. Mark Rylance's character is based on a real person. He was second officer on Titanic and in charge of filling the lifeboats.
Melody Grove to reprise her Olivier nominated role in 'Farinelli & The King' on Broadway via
who are stuffed creatures of some kind. Bing's caref is Flop, voiced by the silken throated Mark Rylance.
My interview with MARK RYLANCE about going back to Broadway with for
Gliding about a ballroom as homage to Mark Rylance as Countess Olivia in Twelfth Night, outfit made by me, no wheels of an…
Mark Rylance was Rey's father the whole time.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Dunkirk is in cinemas today! Watch our interview special with the cast, inc. Mark Rylance, Harry Styles &
Mark Rylance: African American actors are now in a 'stronger position' thanks to Chris Rock
Mark Rylance and Patricia Arquette have kissed on the cheek
I know u like him. I'm excited he is back on Broadway. Check out this article on
.has found its full Broadway company!.
Complete cast has been announced for Broadway transfer of starring Mark Rylance…
Can someone make a parody of Sound of Silence called Sound of Mark Rylance?
Mark Rylance is heading back to the Belasco in
Mark Rylance- My favorite word is telly-telly bunkum box. It’s such a great word for the Television.” htt…
Just found out the person on which Mark Rylance's character in is based on the man who was 2nd Officer on the
Stephanie Thompson reviews the drama, “Dunkirk”- Starring Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh.
I'd love to see Mark Rylance as Hamlet, love this man's acting
We see your Hamlet and raise you... Mark Rylance, 2000 💀 .
Tony Winner Mark Rylance returns to Broadway in Farinelli and the King - Get Tickets Now!
Dunkirk - must watch film. Christopher Nolan's best yet. Wonderful cast but Mark Rylance steals the show featured in NBC s Science of Love
Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Fion Whitehead. Amazing. With limited no. of dialogues they nailed in every sense.
The 20-year old fangirl in me is crushing *** Fionn Whitehead. Dunkirk was pure art. Loved Harry Styles and Mark Rylance's roles.
The cast are all very good. Fionn Whitehead and Mark Rylance were my fave. . So yes, it was very stressful and I cried, well done Dunkirk!
If it really was for his skills, what about Fionn Whitehead? Tom Hardy? Mark Rylance? Cillian Murphy?…
Best Supporting Actor for Mark Rylance or Cillian Murphy, and possibly Fionn Whitehead. That boy is going places.
Excellent acting by all, Mark Rylance is incredible as always but young cast just as good including young Fionn Whitehead.
Fionn Whitehead and totally surprised me. Mark Rylance, what can I say!
Mark Rylance was unparalleled. Kenneth Branagh outstanding as always. Loved Fionn Whitehead and Harry…
TFW people think it's news that Mark Rylance can really act.
stars Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance in key roles.
Also Mark Rylance is the sweetest man in real life and on the screen how is that even possible
We chat to the legend Mark Rylance and impressive newcomer Barry Keoghan on their roles in Chris Nolan's Dunkirk:
opens Friday. How many genuine Little Ships can you spot? Moonstone helmed by Mark Rylance is not a Little Ship…
Mark Rylance accuses Barry Keoghan of owing him money
The in this is so good. The 3 MVP’s (in my opinion) are Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and Harry Styles.
Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and are outstanding and thanks to them you realise the true heroes of this story
📸 | Harry and Mark Rylance at the premiere in NYC • July 18, 2017.
LOVE Mark Rylance, always have, way back when he was best known for theatre work. He is a genius actor:
"I enjoy how much Mark Rylance always looks like he just wandered out of 1946" v much with here
Watch our fan Q&A with Nolan, Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance and Jack Lowden!
Actor Mark Rylance talks about real-life heroism that inspired …
🌹💎• Harry with Mark Rylance at the Dunkirk premiere after party!. ©• July 18, 2017 • 🇺🇸 -WN
Pff casuals. The only way to experience Dunkirk is to reform One Direction with Zimmer on keys while Mark Rylance h…
Girls everywhere, girls hiding in the sand dunes: Mark Rylance on working with Harry Styles
On air: Mark Rylance on the pull of and Christopher Nolan’s fascination with time in
Well, this is kinda reassuring. Think You Know What Happens in Ready Player One? Think Again.
Tom Hardy and mark rylance really did THAT
You forgot the bit where Mark Rylance says, "It's a Bing thing." Seems to excuse any crime, no matter how heinous.
Aww adorable, Harry & Mark Rylance at the Dunkirk Premiere in NYC
The calm, guiding voice of Mark Rylance in 'Dunkirk', but for depression
Update your maps at Navteq
MARK RYLANCE. his character was a mariner and his boat saved so many soldiers. He did so much for his character, he drove the boat everyday
Just discovered that Mark Rylance voices Flop in Bing. meet me in COBRA, five minutes.
Here's the super Steve Wright's Mark Rylance interview is raving about this morning!
Mark Rylance's wife Claire Van Kampen uses his knighthood to get into restaurants
| Harry and Mark Rylance at the Dunkirk premiere in NYC today, 7/18!
Brilliant boost for the excellent as Sir Mark Rylance becomes a patron.
Such as Sir Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy & Sir Michael Caine. Not to mention, they're actually supporting casts. The lead cast
Hello from me and the big lad, Mark Rylance. .
only Toby Jones, Tamsin Greig, Sue Perkins or Mark Rylance will work for me now
Ideally Mark Rylance, because Mark Rylance. Toby Jones would be great too. Maxine Peake would be amazing if they're going woman.
The only good thing about the film is Mark Rylance and Kristin Scott Thomas as the Boleyn parents
Tom Wilkinson and Mark Rylance are two of my favourite actors.
Just been woken from fascinating of Mark Rylance having rap battle in Inuit with Zoe Wanamaker playing Joan Littlewood in the snow...
Here's the anti-strikes letter to David Cameron. Signed by Mark Rylance, Brian Eno, Frankie Boyle.
I adore Mark Rylance for he's a master of acting. I adore Damian Lewis because he's also excellent, but devastatingly handsome too
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Claire Foy, Damian Lewis and Mark Rylance star in Wolf Hall. Watch an encore presentation of the series Sundays,...
Sunday @ 9: is BACK! Mark Rylance & star in this drama following the rise of Cromwell in th…
Claire Foy, & Mark Rylance star in back for an encore presentation Sundays, 4/2-5/7 at 10/9…
And the Academy Award for Best Introduction of an Academy Award goes to Mark Rylance.
A great moment for as Viola Davis accepted her Oscar (from Mark Rylance) & spoke about August Wilson
Tickets sorted for matinee performance of Nice Fish with Mark Rylance (voice of BFG/Bridge Of Spies) then...
A moment to appreciate that Oscar winner Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh are in the same film http…
'The Red Barn', at the National Theatre, is a brilliant and innovative production. Mark Rylance sat two rows away from me!.
Every time someone mentions Mark Rylance all I can think of is this yellow blanket. Seen him on stage & Wolf Hall e…
Interview: Mark Rylance and Claire van Kampen on Nice Fish, Bing, Emma Rice and why they want you to dress as a fish ht…
Proud to see that RADA alumnus Mark Rylance has been awarded a knighthood in the New Year honours list
(Mail Online):Ray Davies, Mark Rylance and Dodd have been knighted in the
Mark Rylance and Ken Dodd knighted in New Year honours
Ray Davies, Mark Rylance and Ken Dodd all knighted in New Years Honours
Andy Murray, Ray Davies, and Mark Rylance knighted. Is there a holier trinity than thou?
Fascinating: chuffed for the great Mark Rylance, Kinks' Ray Davies & at 87yo it's about time for Patricia Routledge!
Really glad to also see that Ray Davies & Mark Rylance are joining Sir Andy Murray on the knighthood list
Ray Davies and Mark Rylance. Can have no argument on that score. Entertained me plenty over the years. Andy Murray likewise...
Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mark Rylance, Ray Davies and Ken Dodd among new knights/dames in
Looking forward to checking out the big boss of acting Mark Rylance in Nice Fish tonight 👍🏻 🐟
*Oscar night, 2017*. Mark Rylance: And the winner for Best Actress in a Supporting Role is.Julia Roberts, "Mother's…
Watching Bridge of Spies today. Crazy performance from Mark Rylance and Tom Hanks with Expert cinematography 🎬
Mark Rylance on Bob Dylan, Steven Spielberg and coping with the death of his stepdaughter
Five things we learned from the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk
I mean, I like Mark Rylance but I honestly dont think Cromwell had the romantic interest of both Boleyn sisters and Jane Seymour
Don't forget, for those of you keen to see The Rylance in the flesh, Nice Fish remains on for a limited period.
Mark Rylance: ‘Backstage, I always have one ear to the house’ -
Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance star is Christopher Nolan's drama.
that Oscar was criminally stolen from him by Mark Rylance but if the Academy rewards actors like Halle Berry, we can't expect much
Mark Rylance is a sensational actor. 'Jerusalem' was amazing. Oscar 100% deserved.
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Meeting Mark Rylance and chatting to him about the film really was one of my favourite moments of the year !
I know I'm late to the party but absolutely loved Bridge of Spies. Right up my street. Mark Rylance is goals
Mark Rylance is absolutely incredible and so, very casual about it.
Mark Rylance casually reconfirming he's still the greatest thesp of all time in tonight. Thought provoking & funny
Get yourself to see at the You'll laugh. Mark Rylance will make sure of it.
Lots of laughs to round off 2017 in Privilege to meet the amazing Mark Rylance. Keep on swimming!
Is that the Mark Rylance one? We're seeing Art in a couple of weeks :o)
"I don't even know who Mark Rylance is but I do not want him seeing me like this!"
Thinking about Simon's writing. He wrote plays for the West End. One had Mark Rylance in it :)
.explores Mark Rylance’s understated performance in THE BFG.
It's not out until summer 2017, but the trailer for is here featuring alumni Kenneth Branagh & Mark Rylance https…
Decided I needed some Mark Rylance in my life so I watched the entirety of Wolf Hall today. An excellent decision.
Oscar winner Mark Rylance pretending to be a snowman. What more could you want from a play? Our Nice Fish review:…
Hilarious, nihilistic comedy from Mark Rylance at the Harold Pinter Theatre tonight
Oscar winner Mark Rylance is in the West End right now! Our review of
Saw Nice Fish at Harold Pinter Theatre last night. Surreal, funny, brilliant cast. Mark Rylance is a genius! Fab start to C…
"Is there a way I can get that Oscar from Mark Rylance?". "Probably. We can do a law. Sure. Yes.". "I'm in." .
Watch the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s WWII Movie starring Mark Rylance and
my boys Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance you mean?
..and while we're on Henry V, here's Mark Rylance in the title role in the 1997 Globe production. https:…
Sorry to start problematic I know but Mark Rylance (maybe only in Wolf Hall outfits?) Mainly for this hat/kitten co…
Rewatched Wolf Hall. It is sensational, Mark Rylance is a god.
Our next Flix night is this Friday 'Bridge of Spies' starring Tom Hanks & Oscar winning Mark Rylance. . Doors...
Anti-war film is on at mac tonight 7pm, featuring Mark Rylance, Damon Albarn & Salma Yaqoob. http…
When a different film about the same subject matter has Spielberg, Tony Kushner, Oscar Isaac, AND Mark Rylance on board, (1/2)
Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance said it as well that Harry should continue acting as he has lots of potential.
I'd like to be in a play with Mark Rylance.
We just unknowingly pulled Mark Rylance, Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner this year, up on stage for audience participation o.O
Mark Rylance, Conrad Atkinson, Matthew Herbert & others call for BP’s 5yr art sponsorship deal to be dropped
Mark Rylance had compared Harry to Sean Penn who was in The Thin Red Line which is Nolan's favorite who's making a similar movie with Harry.
Some more quotes from Mark Rylance talking about Dunkirk:
We're doing a special one-time London screening Sun. Aug. 7th. Mark Rylance, Martin Shaw and director Haydn Reiss...
Now with the addition of Mark Rylance, 'Dunkirk' is looking to be a very promising upcoming release in 2017
Tickets from £38 for Nice Fish at the Harold Pinter Theatre with Mark Rylance -
Audiences to Mark Rylance new West End play are being offered free tickets if they turn up dressed as a fish.
Fans of Mark Rylance will be glad to hear that he has been added to the cast of 'Dunkirk'
Releasing next year, 'Dunkirk' has added Mark Rylance to its cast!
Mark Rylance shined in Bridge of Spies and has now been added to the main cast of 'Dunkirk', Nolan's upcoming film
Mark Rylance praises Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk as "simple and powerful"
'Dunkirk' is an upcoming WWII epic, helmed by Christopher Nolan, with Mark Rylance, Harry Styles, and more!
📷 Christopher Nolan and Mark Rylance on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ in Urk (12 July 2016). https:/…
More news about the upcoming 'Dunkirk', Mark Rylance has been added to the cast of the new Nolan film!
It will be very interesting to see Mark Rylance's talent directed under Christopher Nolan
VIDEO || Mark Rylance talking about Harry and his acting!. (©TheHarryNews)
Steven Spielberg and Mark Rylance: the bromance behind t... via
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Oscar winner Mark Rylance stars as the which has its UK premiere in Leicester Square later
EXCLU: Oscar Isaac in talks to co-star with Mark Rylance in Steven Spielberg's THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MONTARA
Mark Rylance speaks about Dunkirk, Barry Keoghan, Cillian Murphy and their work on the Moonstone to
Best Actor in a Supporting Role goes to...Mark Rylance,
What's it like to work with Steven Spielberg? stars Mark Rylance & Ruby Barnhill gush to THR
The BFG has plenty of Spielberg schmaltz, but Mark Rylance is magical:
Knit wit in Ipswich - see Cardinal Wolsey as never before... want to try the robe for size Mark Rylance? :)
I rode by the Guthrie Theater tonight. Minneapolis -think about it. Worked out well for Mark Rylance
Mark Rylance, who won an Oscar and a Bafta for his work in Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies and the BBC drama Wolf Hall, will…
In 'Bridge of Spies', Tom Hanks repeatedly asks Mark Rylance "aren't you worried?". Each time he replies, "will it help?".
Why Steven Spielberg immediately knew Mark Rylance would be the perfect
Mark Rylance steps in to help the plight of Brazil's indigenous people, with Survival International
When I discovered that Derek Jacobi & Mark Rylance support this, it was like finding out they were scientologists or something.
I'm completely flabbergasted to learn that Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance doubt Shakespeare's authorship. Blimey.
so maybe for the photocall it's only gonna be Fionn, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Brannagh, Cillian Murphy & Mark Rylance?
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Mark Rylance and Suranne Jones triumph at awards – see the winners in full
Harry will join Mark Rylance, Kenneth Brannagh and Tom Hardy in the war film Dunkirk remake. -MumLei
Harry Styles is getting acting lessons from Oscar-winning Mark Rylance – for a price
and renowned actors Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy & Kenneth Brannagh are to play the supporting characters.
Steven Spielberg's latest, "The BFG," stars an all-digital Mark Rylance. Read our review:
Mark Rylance is now an Act for Change Ambassador Photo: Steve Pyke
Mark Rylance and Suranne Jones claim top BAFTA awards - They claimed the awards for Wolf Hall and Doctor Foster...
Wolf Hall's Mark Rylance and Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones won the top acting prizes at the TV Baftas last night.
Leading actor winner Mark Rylance also speaks out in support of the broadcasters at the ceremony
Has Stallone's brother kicked off about Mark Rylance winning a BAFTA yet?
Finally started Wolf Hall today. Any and every scene between Mark Rylance and Damian Lewis is electric
Acting is a sport - especially working with Mark Rylance. There is competit...
Going to rewatch Wolf Hall because Tudor history and Mark Rylance as Cromwell is so good. But Anne Boleyn.sheesh.
that Richard II with is the best I've seen. Ben Wishaw just superb. And I've seen both Ralph Fiennes and Mark Rylance play Richard.
Met Bryony Kimmings, then Mark Rylance smiled at me in the street. Very good day.
Mark Rylance's ranking is 1,231. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
FABULOUS interview with stars of the film NOTHING IS TRUER THAN TRUTH Sir Derek Jacobi & Mark Rylance
Heard Mark Rylance & Derek Jacobi badmouthing on this morning and I'm like, dude, he just died.
Sir Derek & Mark Rylance chatted wi/ today about Shakesspear's possible true ID. They kindly introduced themselves as if we didn't know
Admire Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance greatly as actors, but found their anti-Stratfordian arguments this morning unconvincing.
A big friendly giant is coming to town.
So disappointed Mark Rylance is an Oxfordian/Shakespeare conspiracist.
Follow the top Mark Rylance stories for Apr 25 on our topical page:
I wonder if Thomas Cromwell was really so dry witted as portrayed by Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall. Very cool. Must've been mortally dangerous
Mark Rylance is best known for his roles in Bridge of Spies, Intimacy and The Other Boleyn Girl.
Mark Rylance massively deserved best support Oscar by an absolutely country mile. Fantastic actor.
Oscars 2016: Mark Rylance pips Mark Ruffalo to win the best...
Mark Rylance and Steven Spielberg to re-team for 'Ready Player One' and 'The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara'.
Seem to recall Mark Rylance's Hamlet in a string vest. Must be a coffee table book in this.
I first saw her as Beatrice to Mark Rylance's Benedick back in the day. Wow. Still wow. 199?
I'm lucky to have seen saw Mark Rylance on stage twice.Thrilling to watch, a true Artist & master of his craft
the cute actor playing horatio caught my rose and i saw Toby Jones and mark rylance ✌🏻️
same year I think I saw Mark Rylance in Arden of Faversham, and thought - ooh, one to watch!
is for all. I once saw Mark Rylance's Romeo on a basketball court in a Middlesbrough community centre
Tired but happy. Some of today's highlights. Yes it is Mark Rylance!
Mark Rylance to play the Pope for Spielberg and more odds and ends:
Actor spots at Hamlet: Toby Jones in flat cap, Dominic West in inside-out bobble hat, Mark Rylance in Rylance-hat, Keysmash, Quigley, ...
Will you be bidding? enlists the painterly help of Ed Sheeran, Mark Rylance and Dominic West:
What a wonderful show was. Would've loved to see Mark Rylance there though.
if they don't cast Mark Rylance as Ranieri they should just not bother making the film
And Stephen Fry and Mark Rylance in Twelfth Night won the heartiest laughs from the crowds
I may or may not have just smiled at Mark Rylance. Clue: I DID
Bridge of Spies is a brilliant blend of character-driven story, writing and direction. And one amazing performance from Mark Rylance.
Spent the whole thing standing 4 feet from Mark Rylance and had no idea, oops
The wondrous Mark Rylance decided that the Comedy Store Players would work well at Shakespeare's Globe. We're back May…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Mark Rylance emerges amid the groundlings to applaud his successor, Dominic Dromgoole
What a lovely thing a Sonnet Walk is! And this one concluded with a glimpse of Mark Rylance.
Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance to star in Nolan's . Cant wait 😀😀
Steven Spielberg & Mark Rylance team up for new film: Historical drama 'The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara’ via
Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance has joined the cast of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One:
Mark Rylance to reunite with Steven Spielberg on Ready Player One
BFG? More like Steven Spielberg's new BFF. Mark Rylance signs up for his 4th Spielberg film http…
Harry Styles is going to live at sea with Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance for new ... “Harry is used to ...
Mark Rylance is the best friendly giant.
A worthwhile half hour to listen to one of my heroes: Mark Rylance. .
We could listen to the voice of Mark Rylance all day.
Spotted at tonight's Frances McDormand-starring production of MACBETH @ the Berkeley Rep: Joel Coen and surprise Oscar-winner Mark Rylance 🙌
Cillian Murphy has joined the cast of Dunkirk. He will join Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Harry Styles. Christopher Nolan directs.
Just realised Mark Rylance plays Flop in the dystopian future nightmare that is the Children's show Bing on Cbeebies
must sever links with . Letter from Mark Rylance & others. http…
British Museum must sever its links with BP: Letter from Mark Ruffalo, Mark Rylance, Emma Thompson and others
I know who the celebrity is - if you're thinking Dame Judy or Mark Rylance you're going to be a tad disappointed
In pics: Colin Morgan, Mark Rylance and more in The Tempest through the years at the Globe - http…
Oscar-winner Mark Rylance faces competition from Luther star Idris Elba in the bid to be named best leading actor at this year's Bafta TV
This is who I think/want to see nominated for Best Actor at the Awards. . Mark Rylance. Ben Whishaw. Peter Capaldi. Aidan Turner
Mark Rylance and Game Of Thrones star Jodhi May strip down for FishLove campaign
Had the privilege of working at in college when Mark Rylance was artistic director. Love this story:
Mark Rylance on Wolf Hall, Cromwell and his debt to Brad Pitt
Mark Rylance wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Bridge of Spies role...
[VIDEO] Mark Rylance shocks the Oscars with upset Best Supporting Actor Win...
Acclaimed stage actor Mark Rylance wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 'Bridge of Spies'...
Mark Rylance wins Best Supporting Actor for "Bridge of Spies"
And now I know why Mark Rylance won Best Supporting Actor
"Nice Fish" at - the first and last time I'll see Mark Rylance squirting Miracle Whip into his mouth.
Blimey! Surely 'Dunkirk' is now the ultimate "But.." game movie winner. Tom Hardy, Ken Branagh, Mark Rylance.. but Harry Styles.
Russell T Davies and Mark Rylance among many BPG winners passionately defending the BBC
Wolf Hall's Mark Rylance wins Best Actor at Broadcasting Press Guild awards
Mark Rylance named Best Actor for Wolf Hall role at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards
Spent a fascinating chunk of time on (or near) an ice floe tonight: 'Nice Fish'. Always a joy to watch Mark Rylance work.
Excited to see new Oscar winner Mark Rylance ice fish at the stylish new
Mark Rylance wins Best Actor for Wolf Hall with video accept from set of Nice Fish in NYC
Mark Rylance def gives an Oscar worthy performance in Bridge of Spies. But I've got to say that Sly Stallone was robbed of that statuette.
Also: Adrian Lester in RED VELVET, Mark Rylance as RICHARD II & in JERUSALEM, Sharrock's EQUUS, Mendes' OLIVER! with Jonathan Pryce.
winners Mark Rylance and Asif Kapadia have both pledged to respect the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Isra…
And what does Dustin Hoffman think of recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance? Read on:
I love Dustin Hoffman. Even more so now that I know that Dustin Hoffman loves Mark Rylance. Who I also love.
Don't know what you're saying, I'm just jumping in like, but Aidan Gillen and Mark Rylance are my absolute favourite actors.
Alicia Vikander, Mark Rylance, and the team behind "Inside Out" talk to Lara Spencer backstage.
Mark Rylance is up against Benedict Cumberbatch for an Oliver award
Mark Rylance should not have won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor over Tom Hardy.
Huge congratulations to Mark Rylance for winning Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Bridge of Spies http…
On heels of Mark Rylance big win at last night's check out recent interview w/ on
Mark Rylance's Oscar caps stellar 18 months since his appearances as Thomas Cromwell in "Wolf Hall" & as Philip V in "Farinelli & the King"
Delighted to see Mark Rylance winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the - congratulations!
Here we go! Best Supporting Actor goes to Mark Rylance for
Mark Rylance wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar
Mark Rylance wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actor
Mark Rylance took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the 2016 Academy Awards.&Rylance won for his portrayal of Rudolf Abel
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