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Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte (born 14 February 1967) is a Dutch politician of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD).

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In The Netherlands women are called a *** if they do that, because that is what Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his…
Dutch MP on "Mark Rutte should focus on NL-UK trade relations instead of trying to score points w…
Centrists like Mark Rutte, Macron have conservative agendas. They are pro-market, pro-Euro. But far…
Mark Rutte is still in charge to cover up al kind of geopolitical scam and scandals on Justice department ...
He had strong support from the Dutch people but eventually lost in the elections to Mark Rutte. Wilders now helps Le Pen in her elections.
Linda en John de Mol Netherlands and Mark Rutte: How is it possible that I felt so much telepatic activity after the song Togo Brava Suite?
Centrists are dominating the EU, Mark Rutte won the Dutch elections, Merkel is the favorite in Germany, Macron is project…
Dutch PM Mark Rutte SAVAGED by MPs for 'predicting UK collapse to get pat on back from Juncker'
What about that filthy hypocrite Mark Rutte's promise, eh???
Exit polls suggest the Dutch Prime Minister's liberal party belonging to Mark Rutte has beaten the far-right in nat…
Mr. Mark Rutte, current Prime Minister of Netherlands. He just won re-election against anti-Muslim populist candidate.
BREAKING: Conservative party of Dutch PM Mark Rutte defeats far-right rival Geert Wilders. Election turnout was the highest in…
“Voting under way in the Netherlands as the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, seeks to halt domino effect of...”
Polls suggest that Dutch PM Mark Rutte could be returned to office, boosted by his feud with Turkey’s president.
Dutch election results LIVE: Updates and results as battles Mark Rutte.
Dutch election: A guide to Geert Wilders and Netherland's explosive vote - USA TODAY
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I'm sure the 'Shy PVV Voter' exists in NL. Voters daren't admit to pollsters they're voting for
Diplomatic crisis escalates between Turkey and the Netherlands
Dutch PM Mark Rutte warns of chaos if populist Geert Wilders wins the election via
Mark Rutte just told me that President Erdogan's comments today on are completely unacceptable.
Dutch PM Mark Rutte urges voters not to allow Netherlands to become next populist "domino" after Brexit & trump win http…
And the Dutch have slammed back. Mark Rutte's told me Erdogan is being hysterical. And says the Dutch won't lower t…
"Erdogan's accusation that 'Dutch massacred 8,000 Bosnians in Srebrenica'" is a disgusting lie" says Netherlands…
Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders in heated TV debate, laying starkly opposing visions of their country's future
Mark Rutte: Netherlands should stop ‘domino effect’ of populism
Dutch PM Mark Rutte tells me Erdogan comments are a 'rewriting of history'. And that he becomes 'more and more hysterical…
Dutch PM admits Geert Wilders has 'REAL' chance at winning election.
Report: Netherlands PM Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel agreed to a secret deal to accept refugees from Turkey
PM Mark Rutte edging out populist Geert Wilders in late polling ahead of Netherlands elections
Tomorrow: General Elections in the Netherlands. Read what the Prime Minister has to say via
Mark Rutte's liberal (in the European sense) party is now "hard right" just like Wilders according to Reuters
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This is Dutch PM Mark Rutte telling me Erdogan is being hysterical and unacceptable, and rewriting history. This row's go…
. 'Angela Merkel and Dutch PM Mark Rutte secretly agreed to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees from Turkey.'
Dutch election polls LIVE: Updates as Geert Wilders takes on Mark Rutte in Netherlands GOOD LUCK GEERT
Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders question each other's credibility in debate before Dutch vote
Just interviewed Mark Rutte. He says President Erdogan is 'increasing hysterical'. Unlikely to dampen down this row. http…
Interview with Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, from the World Economic Forum 2017
Elections coming up in NL. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte, leader of VVD, about redirecting tax money to nursing hom…
Greetings from me in The Netherlands and my advise you to do normal (in the words of our prime-minister Mark Rutte). Rob van Houten
Mayor of Veldhoven hands over NL Smart City Strategy to Prime Minister Mark Rutte
just one? Because our Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is missing one as well...
Like Wilders or not this trial is a sham a political witch hunt so that Prime Minister Mark Rutte can stay in power.
New Dutch film "Thieves" with a starring role, the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte!
Proud that the Prime Minister of my country Mark Rutte speaks of the civil rights violations under the regime of Fidel Castro! 🇳🇱👌👏
So Netherlands Prime Minister just visited Indonesia's persident today. via *** Mark Rutte?
Donald Trump actually reminds me more of Dutch prime-minister Mark Rutte, who de-emphasizes 'our values' & manages changing coalitions.
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Students of Ukrainian universities appeal to Mark Rutte Don't kill our EU dream!
What to heck is going on in Mark Rutte's head or what's going into a bank account from ?
This is what Mark Rutte had to say regarding the blackface in 2014
Vladimir Putin can invade Europe, murder 193 Dutch citizens aboard and still get Mark Rutte to spit on Ukrainians for him. Wow.
Mark Rutte of the Netherlands says "NO!" to Ukraine's democratic renaissance and to Ukrainians defending Europe from invasion by Russia.
Dutch Mark Rutte opens the Fairphone 2. . The world's 1st modular phone is designed to be easily repaired.
From Mark Rutte or Frans Timmermans I'd believe it. Not from you.
StartupDelta in talks with PM Rutte: Dutch Minister-President Mark Rutte and HRH Prince Constan... via
This is complete nonsense! Do you have any facts to back this up? Mark Rutte now wants opt-out from the military as…
Dammed disgusting.Mark Rutte should heed the ppls concerns.He leads the party for freed…
I'm missing the patates-frites... Anyway, yay for the Walloons. Wish Mark Rutte hat such a stiff leg re NL Ukrain referendum
our Prime Minister Mark Rutte on his way to meet Barack Obama, who came by helicopter
Mark Rutte tries to keep a lid on 'Nexit' . . via
, Mark Rutte is toch the voice of Holland ?
UKRAINE: Netherlands PM Mark Rutte: The Netherlands supports the abolition of visas for Ukraine.
Mark Rutte still mired in Ukraine referendum aftermath its difficult to accept that Dutch population reject the deal
Dutch in difficult position on Ukraine treaty, reject MH17 link: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has dismisse...
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not optimistic about resolving the Ukraine conundrum.
RFE/RL: Dutch leader not optimistic about free-trade deal with Ukraine: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said ...
Europe rejects Dutch PM’s plan on Ukraine referendum: Prime Minister Mark Rutte got little support from the E...
Dutch Leader Not Optimistic About Free-Trade Deal With Ukraine: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he is no...
Dutch Premier’s demands cast new doubt over EU-Ukraine pact - WSJ: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will press...
Well ofcourse Mark Rutte speach sept 2016 sure we do not want fights that are not even ours in the Netherlands !!! Bud do you have a minute for our very own economics to ha ?!! I shouldnt be in this nabourhood I should be telling you what to do !!! YEAH right just go on like chickens without even a head !!! The King is not the economical factor of us here thats me !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Britain has "collapsed" and faces lasting chaos after vote, Dutch PM Mark Rutte says
Prime Minister Mark Rutte: "This week the Netherlands is the center of the startup universe"
Sneak peek! World leaders that will attend the WHS:. Mark Rutte - Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
Thank you to Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands and EU Council President to have confirmed his participation to the
The (Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte, asked to have a selfie, while using the stairs.
Good piece about in only.. Mark Rutte is still Prime Minister in the Netherlands.
PM Mark Rutte: 'Netherlands a hotspot for circular economy'
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Dutch prime-minister Mark Rutte spoke at the in Hannover. You can read his speech here
PM Mark Rutte must watch what is going on inside the country,there are still discriminations every where.Gemeente Den Helder must be checked
Just had a substantial meeting with Mark Rutte, Prime Minister.
.cloned their Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, urging him to change NL's position on farm animal cloning!
John Chambers met with the PM Mark Rutte today to talk about Acceleration.
Prime Minister asks for advice on royal family spending reports: Prime Minister Mark Rutte has asked the Counc...
Herewith I would like to extend my apologies for the Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands.
MH17 relatives ask PM Mark Rutte to pressure the US into releasing raw radar images taken on the day of the crash.
The Dutch take EU presidency. Does it matter at all? explains why it does, sort of...
Netherlands PM Mark Rutte on a bicycle going to work while Pres of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta going for a hair cut.
Mark Rutte/: "Our Ministerwill promote our agenda to achieve
Mark Rutte is not a leader. He is a bland middle-aged accountant who things everything is fine and dandy
Italy’s Renzi Stabs Central Europeans in the Back: Prime Ministers Matteo Renzi of Italy and Mark Rutte of the...
True reality: Mass migration into Europe is unstoppable. Mark Rutte has to know! .
Zo komen we toch weer uit op Mark . Rutte, where it all started today
Great to hear Mark Rutte to campaign for Yes in EU-referendum!
"EU presidency still matters, sort of" -- no, it does not. With 28 members it's a thing of the past!
. Mark Rutte - 20 or 30 cracks in Nuclear Reactor Borssele ? where is Ultrasound Stresstest Data?.
EU presidency still matters, sort of .
EU presidency still matters, sort of – POLITICO
.as far as I am concerned annual programme is being sent to the EP &Council for a discussion on GAC :1/2
A good read: EU presidency still matters, sort of via
'Dutch need to deliver, considering who will hold the after' - a totally appropriate BURN.
gives us good reason not to disregard the upcoming EU presidencies
On the importance of : next 3 presidencies are each in their various ways accidents waiting to happen. .
Great article on why Presidencies matter/or not. LV is not mentioned. how did we score?
As ever, thoughtful & erudite piece by Tim King: EU presidency still matters, sort of via POLITICOEurope
Very informative: EU presidency still matters, sort of via
Mark Rutte: "Our Min. will ensure that the is not only deeper but also
Mark Rutte/"Our Minister will promote our agenda to achieve
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Mark Rutte/"emphasis will be on promoting and creating
Good analysis of why there's a bit of extra pressure on the Dutch EU presidency EU -
Mark Rutte : "Obviously & international are high on our agenda"
Mark Rutte: "We have to work together in order to achieve results. To be strong, Europe has to be united"
EU’s happiness may depend on whether the Dutch government can wrap up legislation on migration . via
After The Netherlands, the great void - shaky Slovakia, mini Malta & Great-Brexit via
EU presidency still matters, sort of via
Excellent read: Why the EU presidency still matters, sort of.
Why the EU presidency still matters, sort of
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he would argue for a "yes" vote in an upcoming…
Dutch PM says will push for 'yes' in Ukraine vote: AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said ...
Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands: “My own country’s history has shown how crucial [resilience] is."
François Hollande, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi, Mariano Rajoy & Mark Rutte have never been accused of committing a sex act with a dead pig.
In the netherlands even msm is not happy … via
Even the Dutch think that photo it's grotesque and innapropriate.
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for never a dull moment with Mr. Mark Rutte's one and only 'V.V.D.' :)
Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands: BAN ANIMAL HUNTING STOP MARK VAN KESSEL - Sign the Pet... via
Our Mark Rutte ringing the closing bell at Wallstreet. He sure looks like a child in a candystore.
Netherlands offers to build sea ports in Ctg, Paira: Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte made the off...
Mark Rutte has 50 new shares available! Will you buy them when the sales open @ 08:00 Dutch time?
Honored to have H.E Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, ring today's Closing Bell 🇳🇱
Prime Minister Mark Rutte from the Netherlands commits to gender equality!
Mark Rutte and President NYSE Thomas Farley chair meeting on devt. Fintech with American and Dutch players.
; PM Mark Rutte visits NYstock exchange and although the whole day flat, market ended up in the end.
Netherlands keen to construct seaports in Chittagong, Paira: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed the int...
This weekend Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit.
PM Al-Abadi met on the sidelines of the the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mr. Mark Rutte
"We can't afford to waste the potential of half the world's population" - Mark Rutte, PM Netherlands
"Around the world, far too many women aren't free to make their own decisions" - Mark Rutte, PM Netherlands
HPM & PM Mark Rutte: keen to build in Ctg and Patuakhali
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte meets & listens to Oxfam's chief at SDG summit in New York.
Wednesday: Dutch Prime Minister heads to Luxembourg: (ADW) The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, ...
Did you read this Mark Rutte and colleagues? Refugees who could be US! Keep that in mind! .
Over to you, Mark Rutte: Finland's Prime Minister says he will share his house with refugees
For 1 sec I thought you were the Prime Minister of Holland. Look up Mark Rutte on Google images and compare it to your pic.
: friend of our Mark Rutte.liarers they are!
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Netherlands PM Mark Rutte greet each other in Dutch and Hindi on Social Media
I believe that Mr Mark Rutte the Prime Minister of Netherlands is an honest politician and in particular sensitive man.
Well this guy does the same here.Mark Rutte...
"We are in a struggle with extremists who are using a belief as an excuse for attacks."-Mark Rutte
So i take it our premier Mark Rutte will change policy and help/save whistleblowers ? Nl
& are present in the march in but not too close. Where are Cameron and Mark Rutte?
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was in New York recently and met with Jerry. Seems they had a good time!
Take your money and go also your friends
Good example freedom of speech. Pls find a translator. This writer is free to speak his mind:
called the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte a wimp.
They feel gov. is lying to them, they dont trust the whoel investigation v
Niet iedereen: Obama considers allowing torture overseas, but not Rutte
Bad timing, to put it mildly, wederom hulde
Crazy scenes in Amsterdam yesterday as Mark Rutte spoke about
'We will not be ruled by fear. We will not have our freedom taken.' . -NL MP Mark Rutte
Dutch PM Mark Rutte addressing 20,000 people in Dam Square who have gathered after the killings at Charlie Hebdo.
DS Najib Razak & Mark Rutte are expected to discuss latest developments regarding the downing of MH17 on Wednesday in Putrajaya
PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte are expected to disc...
The Netherland's Prime Minister, Mark Rutte will make an official visit to Malaysia on Nov 5 to discuss, among others, the…
Students from New York City’s Loyola High School got a unique introduction into the history of New Amsterdam today from a special teacher:Mr. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Mr. Rutte taught at the Museum of the City of New York on the known and unknown contributions of the Dutch to N…
The Netherlands set to join Nato rapid reaction force in Ukraine: FT: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has desc...
Dutch Defence MInistry distances itself from PM Mark Rutte (who today said Russian bombers "entered Dutch airspace" on Thursday /
Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the , August 15, 2014:. Netherlands, Prime Minister. . “….. What we...
I have arrived in Amsterdam to discuss w/ my Dutch counterpart PM Mark Rutte on
Held talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in our joint-effort to facilitate investigation
Please! as an obligation to humanity. , Rutte
Please! STOP NOW! As an obligation to humanity. , Rutte
That's Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte () showing us his fat *** on a cabinet away day today
The 92% of the Dutch approve the racist and fascist policies of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, against the non Dutch.
Premier Mark Rutte is a snake.. he spreads lies as if he never did anything els. He twists the truth.
they are pro-EU they are still Ukrainian businessmen. No Alexander Pechtold. Or Wim Kok. Or Mark Rutte. 3/3
Just for our PM from the Netherlands Mark Rutte and his deputy so they know were too help
We all love you Mark Rutte, PM from the Netherlands. Now DO something!
Read: Statement by PM in a joint press briefing with the PM of Netherlands, Mark Rutte on
| Dutch mood turns to anger - &, Queen Maxima and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, ...
The king and queen of the Netherlands will lead mourners as the first victims of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster are repatriated from the Ukraine today. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be in Eindhoven with relatives of the 298 people – including 10 Britons – killed when the Boeing 777-200 was apparently shot down by Russia-backed separatists over eastern Ukraine on Thursday. The Dutch government had declared today a national day of mourning. An unconfirmed number of bodies were released by the rebels yesterday and taken to the government-controlled city of Kharkiv by train. Two military aircraft will fly some of them to Eindhoven this afternoon, where they will be met by the royals, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and relatives. The Netherlands government said a minute’s silence will be held before a motorcade takes them to the Korporaal van Oudheusden barracks, where the process of identifying them will begin. Mr Rutte warned yesterday that this may not be a quick process, saying: “This ...
update: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has demanded that the bodies of those killed when MH17 crashed be "treated with respect" and voiced fears that interference with evidence would continue. Russian president Vladimir Putin has promised to help recover bodies and black boxes from the MH17 crash site, says Dutch PM Mark Rutte.
Dutch PM Mark Rutte urges Russian president Vladimir Putin to “show the world he intends to help” with the probe into tragedy
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warns Russia President Vladimir Putin he has "one last chance" to help recover bodies.
Dutch PM Mark Rutte "deeply shocked" by the crash of flight in east Ukraine
I've just spoken to the Dutch PM, Mark Rutte. I told him we grieve with him and the Dutch people.
In other news today: our Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, pays a visit to today, mostly for business talks.
David Cameron has intensified his campaign to block Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next president of the European commission, with No 10 warning like-minded EU leaders his appointment would amount to a “stitch-up”. As Labour joined the Tories and Liberal Democrats in rejecting Juncker’s candidacy, Cameron claimed the attempt by the European parliament to install the former Luxembourg Prime Minister amounted to a power grab “through the back door”. He called for a “consensual candidate” to be agreed in talks with Angela Merkel and his Swedish and Dutch counterparts – Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte – at the Swedish Prime Minister’s summer home in Harpsund. Read More: David Cameron steps up campaign to block Juncker appointment | Politics | The Guardian.
Tradition has it that when leaders visit the Swedish country residence of Harpsund, the Prime Minister rows them out on to the lake. So on a sunny Monday evening Sweden's Fredrick Reinfeldt cast off with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Holland's Mark Rutte and Prime Minister David Cameron. The images of leaders in life jackets rowing round in circles lent themselves to many metaphors but the tranquil lake hardly set the scene for the discussions ahead. Mr Cameron has suggested the UK might cut adrift from Europe if Jean-Claude Juncker becomes the next president of the European Commission.
European Union-meeting in Sweden today with the most active members of the EU. We are all in the same boat if anything goes wrong within Europe. I think this picture shows that very clear. Let's keep the peace and prosperity. From the left: David Cameron (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Fredrik Reinfeldt (Prime Minister of Sweden) and Mark Rutte (Prime Minister of the Netherlands).
The far-right Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders has suffered a setback in the European elections. According to exit polls, the PVV wins 12.2% of the vote, which is a nearly 5% drop compared to the 2009 elections, EU Observer revealed. The Democrats 66 (D66) and the Christian Democrats (CDA) appear to be in the lead with 15.6% and 15.2% respectively. The liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) of Prime Minster Mark Rutte come in third, with 12.3% according to the exit polls. Turnout was once again low, like the 2009 elections, at 35%. Official results will be available on Sunday.
One more time about 'victory' of Prime Minister Mark Rutte
End of meetings in Holland. Excellent discussion with PM Mark Rutte.
Election time in Europe, I’ve got a front row seat in the Benelux, Belgium-The Netherlands-Luxemburg. In Luxemburg things are rather civilized, the population here enjoys a very encouraging tax-climate and former Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker is a well liked candidate. In the Netherlands a strange phenomenon; none of the political parties wish to utter a pro Europe voice. When asked the question: “Are you pro Europe?” the most positive response came from the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The best he could do was: “I’m pro-Netherlands, and in the interest of a positive development of the Dutch economy, we need Europe.” It gets creepy in Belgium. The country is like a political twilight zone. The European Parliament elections take the backseat in Belgium. They hold simultaneous federal and regional elections. Belgium has 3 queens, 2 kings, 6 governments and 7 parliaments imagine the cost of that chaos. I’ve asked around, nobody seems to have a satisfying explanation for this waste. Belgium c ...
Prime Minister Mark Rutte on whether the Dutch are still pro-Europe.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte just voted. Polling stations are open in the Netherlands until 21:00 CET
Mark Rutte and Christian Lindner: Reduce Brussels to core tasks; EU should “stay out of social security” In (cont)
Gaat over happy singles. Dus is Mark Rutte te gast
more pictures of Mark Rutte at the Port of Rotterdam.
PM Mark Rutte visiting the Port of Rotterdam as part of the EU election campaign
right now.Mark Rutte . visiting Port of Rotterdam.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talks a lot of sense in interview with Dutch news site
In Die Welt, Dutch PM Mark Rutte and Christian Lindner, Germany’s liberal FDP tell EU to get out of social security.
2012 - Queen Beatrix, Mark Rutte and Alexander Pechtold are among the guests attending this year's Bilderberg
Great to welcome my old friend Mark Rutte, Dutch PM and VVD Leader to London for a catch up. Always a pleasure.
Mark Rutte. No results found: No keys found. :-(
Dutch PM Mark Rutte: “The European Council has never committed itself to these candidates”: Read our press summary
Mark 'Hot Chocolate' Rutte: I believe in miracles... via
The Dutch prime-minister Mark Rutte being *** is a massive joke. I couldn't care less if he's popping as many bottles as my boy Aaron Ramsey
It seems to be that our Prime Minister Mark Rutte is *** I don't mind.
Mark Rutte has a bf and I'm still single, let that sink in.
Official spokesman denies Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is having a relationship with a man.
Dutch newspaper NRC urges Dutch PM Mark Rutte to get off the fence and openly acknowledge Europe's increasing integration (May 17/18).
The batchelor & popular Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is thought to be secretly in love with another man
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same sleezy look as our mark rutte & same thief also rutte a billion moon a trillion theft and bribe &what is a chinese doing in UN?
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is often seen cycling to work.
Mr Prime Minister, we're working *** it, day by day: Mark Rutte: ICT moet aan eigen imago werken.
What a privilege and opportunity to have informed Prime Minister Mark Rutte on connectivity and the Equinix Cloud Ex…
White House Mijn interview met PRI-BBC he World nu geciteerd in Washington Post President Obama: (Still) huge in Europe By Katie Zezima, Washington Post the Fix President Obama's trip last week underscored one thing: He's more popular abroad than he is at home. Crowds lined the streets of Brussels, The Hague and Rome to catch a glimpse of Obama's motorcade. The crowd watching Obama's speech at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels was described as "star-struck." Obama is so popular in the Netherlands, where he began his trip, that there's an Obama Club, PRI reports. Its members get together and discuss issues relevant to Obama's presidency, including foreign policy and diversity. "These countries in Western Europe are really Obama countries," historian Willem Post told the PRI radio show "The World." "I think that has to do with the fact that this is a U.S. president who calls himself a global citizen [and urges] diplomacy first." President Obama listens to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte after the closin ...
Preparing talk and presentation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte next Thursday
Opening by Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte Holland partnerland with Welcome and Hal4!
' The light of innovation' opening in Congrescentrum Hannover met Angela Merkel en Mark Rutte
Tomorrow, Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte will open the Holland Pavilion! Visit us to see our world-changing technology!
Joschka Fischer: what Mark Rutte wrote about Europe is a moderate Wilders position
George, did you also made a paint of minister-president Mark Rutte?
everyone take account of Mark Rutte's comments on the whole farce yday
New Open Europe blog: Mark Rutte shows Clegg how it's done on EU reform
In 2 days Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel will open the HannoverMesse, NL is partner country incl.3 NL.
In 2 days Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Chancellor Angela Merkel will open the HannoverMesse, the NL is partner country
Little Giant Ladders
Interesting. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will lead a trade mission to Vietnam on June 16 and 17.
Mark Rutte 2: You Dutch have your very beautiful Tulips and we have so Happy Sunflowers at the MO Botanical Gardens!
Dutch PM Mark Rutte tells Berlin event Germany's introduction of €8.50 minimum wage is "good for (Holland's) competitive position." Laughter
"Liberals aren't sprinters, we're marathon runners," Dutch PM Mark Rutte tells FDP-packed audience at Friedrich Naumann Stiftung in Berlin
Listening to Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands at the "Rede zur Freiheit". Great speech.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte attended the opening of the Navingo Maritime & Offshore Career event Wednesday...
Today we welcome Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for a visit at our headquarters in Veghel! ^MvR
re Obama's visit to Rijksmuseum w/ Dutch PM Mark Rutte last week, Rembrandt who?
Nigerians admire bike-to-work Dutch PM Mark Rutte; I can understand | Nigerians scoffed Ojo Madueke for same; I don't understand
Mark Rutte has an accent: get over it. Alison Edwards in Trouw (Dutch newspaper).
Mark Rutte, Admiral Tromp, Nick Clegg's mum, Van der Valk, Paul Verhoeven, Marijne from Salad, your boys gave us one *** of a beating.
Hallo! to PM Mark Rutte on his merry way Dutch style. Bravo
Mark Rutte should declare 31st March a national holiday after Netherlands beat England impressively.
.looks at Rembrandt's "The Syndics" with PM Mark Rutte and Museum Director Wim Pijbes (via
Pic of Dutch PM arriving on bicycle "to meet Obama" is actually from 2 years ago: |
A joint press conference with President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of the Mark Rutte, who also...
President Barack Obama and Dutch PM Mark Rutte held a joint press conferen...
Proud that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will open ECE Startup Campus this saturday
The PM met Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to discuss Europe and the situation in Ukraine. Read the statement:
Excerpt from the papers: he Netherlands is one of the top-medalling nations in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, with totals rivaling both the much larger Russia and United States. The Dutch practically own the podium in the speedskating events. But still, there is always something to complain about in Holland. Take, for example, the Dutch king and queen's exuberant cheering for and celebration of the Dutch speedskaters' sweep of the 500-meter dash. Is this really how royalty should behave? The Reformatorisch Dagblad thought not. In an editorial, the Dutch newspaper wrote that the king's enthusiasm does not fit with the dignity of the position. “Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child,” it quoted from the Bible. The king has friends in high places, though. When Prime Minister Mark Rutte was asked in a press conference to reply to that criticism, he used the term "whiners" to characterize those who criticized the king's enthusiasm as less than royal. (The Reformatorisch Dagblad is a Dutch protestant ...
Visit of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Apeldoorn - at Aventus and Wittenborg University
As you can see the Belgium truck drivers have more work now refueling their gass stations because of all the Dutch (Netherlands) go there to refuel cause the tax is lower, the sticker on the truck reads ,,BELGIUM THANKS RUTTE FOR THE RITCHNESS" (Mark Rutte is our own prime-minister so a kind of a word play on there with a double meaning to it so to speak)
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will visit David Cameron at Chequers this evening: Read our press summary here:
lol yes Holland is way too liberal in my opinion and Mark Rutte is a bit of an *** . But sure lol
dutch politics is actually something I know very little about tbh. I know holland is very liberal and your pm mark rutte is it.
.And Your PM Mark Rutte was in poor company
Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, exclusively invited Wittenborg graduates last night to contact him and elaborate further on the obstacles they face in the Dutch labour market upon completion of their studies in the Netherlands
Curling is weer op tv. Thanks Mark Rutte
Jorrit Bergsma spreekt Mark Rutte, ‘who may need to look into getting a long-distance calling plan.’
Dutch PM Mark Rutte, 25 January 2011: “one of the ideas we will explore further is how we can get the services directive up and running"
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Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands; on his bicycle. 👏
Mark Rutte during his speech at the opening of in Brussels
Dear students, As we all know that Mr. Mark Rutte the Dutch Prime Minister will be at the ROC Aventus building today 19th- 02-2014 at 16.30. Please let's all be there and ready with our questions.
I think Mark Rutte did not say that but good point
Mark Rutte: "The worse thing is making healthy people infected."
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte gets introduced to when he paid a visit to the Dutch Forensic Institute today.
Praying for the nations: Netherlands ~ 16 Feb 2014   Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.  He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.     Background:  The Dutch United Provinces declared their independence from Spain in 1579; during the 17th century, they became a leading seafaring and commercial power, with settlements and colonies around the world. After a 20-year French occupation, a Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815. In 1830 Belgium seceded and formed a separate kingdom. The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I, but suffered invasion and occupation by Germany in World War II. A modern, industrialized nation, the Netherlands is also a large exporter of agricultural products. The country was a founding member of NATO and the EEC (now the EU) and participated in the introduction of the euro in 1999. In October 2010, the former Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and the ...
Olympic Games in Sochi highlight the lack of basic human rights 08/02/2014 Speaking ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi that begin this week, Lousewies van der Laan, Vice President of the ALDE Party said: “the world’s media attention will be on Russia for the next two weeks yet unfortunately the world’s attention is not equally on the ever deteriorating situation of fundamental human rights. Members of sexual minorities have been facing increasing discrimination and violence over the past months.” “European Liberals welcome the news that corporations such as AT&T and prominent public figures such as liberal EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes have publically taken a stand condemning the anti-LGBT law in Russia, thereby setting a strong example that should be followed by other Olympic sponsors.” “Major international sporting events will be hosted in the coming years by countries with questionable human rights records, it will be the duty of the international community as a whole to use these ...
Video: Mark Rutte & Martin Schulz at the opening of 'Routes of Liberation'. via
Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte.
Happiness and Sadness are two sides of the same coin. 1. Happiness: Today is valentines day. In 1920, a League of Women Voter was founded in Chicago signifying the milestone to end violence against women. In 2005, YouTube was launched by a group of college students. Today, it is one of the viral video. In 1952, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition of 15th Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament was born. Happy birthday to her. In 1967, Mr. Mark Rutte, Incumbent Prime Minister of Netherlands was born. Happy Birthday. 2.Sadness: In 1990 Indian Airlines Flight 605 crashed and killed hundreds of passengers in Bangalore, India. In 2011, Bahrain witnessed an uprising and revolt. In a nutshell, while we celebrate the day, let us also remember that other part (atleast ostensibly though) of the coin. Every legends have their miseries, celebraties have their sadness and every heroes with a failure. This is a middle-path and a holistic approach to life. What you say?
check this amazing speech from Mark Rutte about our partner 1%Club. If you scroll down on this page you will find a great article about the 'HELP for a HOME' school in Nepal.
Dutch ex-minister, Els Borst, dies in garage Dutch authorities have begun an investigation into the death of former health minister, Els Borst, whose body was found in her garage by a friend, BBC reports. Borst, 81, helped push through legislation in 2001 that made the Netherlands the first country to legalise euthanasia. Forensic scientists were unable to say why she died. Police have said it was either an accident or a crime. Borst, who was a medical academic, served as minister from 1994-2002. Her body was found on Monday evening and the area around her home near the central city of Utrecht was cordoned off. Initial inquiries proved inconclusive, however police on Tuesday ruled out death by natural causes. A full post mortem examination will now take place at the Netherlands Forensic Institute, they say. “She may have had an accident after she felt unwell, but that cannot yet be said with certainty,” a police spokesman told Dutch media. “So we cannot yet say whether any crime may have been involv ...
Prince Claus Laureate 2013 The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments backstage in Carre with PM Mark Rutte and Nobel Peace Pize winner Desmond Tutu at the Goed Geld Gala of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.
SOCHI, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 8: King Constantine of Greece (L) greets Camiel Eurlings, IOC member and CEO of KLM, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Prime Minister Mark Rutte after the Netherlands collected the three medals at the Men's Speed Skating 5000m during day 1 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at Adler Arena Skating Center on February 8, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
Last night, at a grand gala event attended by Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dutch Postcode Lottery presented WWF Guianas with a Euro 2.4 million donation.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte and King Willem-Alexander will each break the international trend and attend next months Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi, it has been confirmed today.
Rutte denies deal with Russia over Olympics will raise *** rights: Prime Minister Mark Rutte has denied any co...
I'm shocked people are speculating about whether Mark Rutte is a *** man. How can anyone say that? Rutte doesn't come close to being a man!
IV: supports this initiative of PM Mark Rutte. Royal representation may be the result of previous contacts of Royal Family
In MP Mark Rutte tells us in future no govt with majority in both chambers of parliament, MP deal maker.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at : "Synergy government and companies key strength Netherlands."
: PM Mark Rutte speaks, highlighting economic diplomacy, comlimenting embassies for work in 2013.
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