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Mark Ruffalo

Mark Alan Ruffalo (born November 22, 1967) is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter.

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ok no no no no I'm not rewatching THE Incredible Hulk. Sorry, that's a completely different actor (Edward Norton) t…
Mark Ruffalo Hulking out, but only his teeth and ears.
Mark Ruffalo closing the door to the premiere of Infinity War before Keaton tries to enter
100% of proceeds from the limited edition tee supports our work at The Solutions Project. Gets yours befo…
It makes me sad knowing that we more than likely will not get to see Hugh Jackman on screen with Chris Evans, Chris…
Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno are among dozens of writers, musicians and actors who hav…
I feel you. He and Mark Ruffalo are ultimate daddies 😍
Good news for Michael Stuhlbarg, Tiffany Haddish, and Jake Gyllenhaal: You can get an Oscar nomination w/o SAG OR Globe…
So in addition to Christian Bale, you guys are boycotting Meryl Streep, Seth Rogen, Alyssa M…
10 going on 30 Mark Ruffalo can get it.
Omg same. I hope it turns out that Mark ruffalo was secretly an fbi man who was pretending to be a no…
Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, and Steve Carell all deliver career-defining performances and the fact that Ruffalo a…
Me trying to face the fact that Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo are probably going to…
Ima start this off with my man Mark Ruffalo ❤️
I’ve been watching ROM COMS and I’m all in my feels. And now I’m watching 13 going on 30 and going to see young Mar…
You wouldn't like me when I'm GWUMPY
Mark Ruffalo: "He has the most endearing sort of patience and tolerance for me. And we literally are laughing behind everyth…
*picking a movie* . Alexa: Would you rather watch Chris Pine or Mark Ruffalo? . Me: An impossible choice honestly
Marvel: We regret to inform you that your son is no longer invited to join Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo at the Infi…
Chris Evans didn't know, neither did Mark Ruffalo, or Jensen Ackles, or any of the other MANY cele…
Laz Alonso as Ben Grimm / The Thing (In human form and would do motion capture like how Mark Ruffalo does The Hulk)
if any of these men turn out to be predators I will kill myself:. Obama. Mark Ruffalo. Urban Meyer . Elvis (?) . Bill Murray. Richa…
I will always have the biggest crushes on John Stamos, Mark Ruffalo, and Dennis Quaid. Always, always, always.
Actors in the new Avengers movie:. Scarlett Johansson. Chris Hemsworth . Chris Pratt. Benedict Cumberbatch. Mark Ruffalo. Robert…
Mark Ruffalo: i’ve spoiled half of the Infinity War movie. Tom Holland: hold my beer
Thank you! And what a nice idea. Jamie Lee Curtis as Thatcher teaming up with Mark Ruffalo as JFK…
Whoops: Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan have been accidentally giving away spoilers.
trinityxholland: when Marvel sees Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland with their phones out
David Harbour is to ST as Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland are to Marvel.
What do you get if you put Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo & Sebastian Stan in one room?. Marvel's deepest secrets.
Sebastian Stan is the new member of the spoiler team along with Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland. . Marvel is Shaking. 😂😂
Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland when you ask them why they continue to spoil Marvel movies when Marvel tell them to keep…
Cate Blanchett actually took a selfie with Karl Urban and Mark Ruffalo.
Seriously, tho. Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, and Sebastian Stan are ones who can't keep Marvel's secret they nonchalantly spilled it out 😂
Is is just me or has Mark Ruffalo regain his hotness overnight? Cause daaamn.
-Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Hopkins. In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor must escape the alien planet Sakaar in time to s…
Mark Ruffalo to star in adaptation of Wally Lamb's 'I Know This Much is True' (via
Amusing vid taking the mickey out of renowned subsurface engineer, petroleum geologist and actor Mark Ruffalo
Happy birthday, Taylor! Love you and I'm eternally grateful for my Mark Ruffalo t-shirt. Hope you have the best day😊
Tom recently followed Emilia Clarke, Mark Ruffalo and James Mcavoy on Instagram.
Mark Ruffalo was initially worried about Thor: Ragnarok “breaking” the MCU
young Chris Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo are identical ***
Watch Chris Hemsworth & Mark Ruffalo get in the spirit with some inspired pumpkin carving. https…
Because Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Al Sharpton and Mark Ruffalo know whats best for the world.
Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo at Thor: Ragnarok's Sydney premiere - Illawarra Mercury
"Standing up for what's right...that's the only way to change this sh-t." Mark Ruffalo responds to Harvey Weinstein sexual ***
Electronic Device Insurance
[VIDEO] Cate Blanchett on Mark Ruffalo Instagram live story earlier. She is so freaking cute!!
My new aesthetic is Mark Ruffalo's face when he realised he'd been live-streaming the first 10 minutes of Thor Ragnarok.
Mark Ruffalo is so pure, protect him at all costs
mark ruffalo is out there doing the most, promoting ragnarok, going on about his usual activism AND avoiding getting killed…
Mark Ruffalo has been supporting GOC for a while now. He gave me a big hug and told me he loves everything about the…
Mark Ruffalo after getting told off by marvel for the 50th time
Mark Ruffalo butt-dialed the world, leaking 'Thor: Ragnarok'
Mark Ruffalo leaving the unemployment office after Marvel fires him for leaking stuff.
Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland when Marvel tell them not to do something
Mark Ruffalo's one of the few male actors to speak out about the sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Why are o…
Whoops! accidentally livestreamed during the premiere
Leftists hate Conservatives so much espec. white Conserv. men that they get petitions started to bar you fr…
Mark Ruffalo is really the king of spoiling things, he's SO in trouble, Marvel's got the sniper over him
marvel fans: so who's gonna leak the Infinity War trailer . Mark Ruffalo:
I can't believe mark ruffalo live streamed the beginning fo thor:ragnarok he is truly marvel's worst nightmare I'm livin l…
Oh no, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Aaron Rodgers all white & they get it
Mark Ruffalo has as well as George Clooney.
Me trying to look for Gwyneth in Mark’s Ruffalo’s FB video
ICYMI: Mark Ruffalo shares video from an epic Marvel Cinematic Universe photo shoot:.
I'm trying to remember if I ever found Mark Ruffalo attractive and I keep coming up with no.
I want mark ruffalo and vin diesel to grunt in my ear forever
If you put Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, and Sebastian Stan in a room together what do you get? . Marvel’s secrets
Mark Ruffalo, national Marvel hero who constantly gives us content he's not supposed to do.
Mark Ruffalo is feeding us so well oh mY GOD LOOK AT RDJ SO SOFT
🎥 | It WAS a secret! Brie Larson's on Mark Ruffalo video with MCU cast.
My skin is clear, my gpa is up, my crops are thriving and my depression cured, all thanks to Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddlesto…
Leo, Mark Ruffalo and ben kingsley. Loaded fast
If you pay attention to Mark Ruffalo, you won't know the truth. Check it out by yourself. Is it his j…
Mark Ruffalo, Olivia Wilde and More Pay Tribute to ‘One of the Very Best’ Harry Dean Stanton
Zoe Saldana, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Ruffalo and more add their support for 100% clean energy in California:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Don't forget the cast of the View, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Miley Cyrus, and many others!
Mark Ruffalo marches against white supremacy via
Bad actors are Johnny Depp and Mark Ruffalo these people are terrorists
Mark Ruffalo is living proof that attention *** gotta attention ***
Mark Ruffalo is truly one of the best celebrities to exist
Mark Ruffalo joins march against white supremacy from Charlottesville to DC.
Mark Ruffalo. The article I was commenting on is about him.
Who needs Hollywood when you have George Strait organizing a benefit concert? Besides, Mark Ruffalo is…
I believe you are.Ask Mark Ruffalo he doesn't think the Antifa people at that rally were bad at all…
MCU (2/16): It's not that The Incredible Hulk is bad, it's just that I REALLY dislike Edward Norton. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner 5ever ❤️
I demand that Mark Ruffalo be removed the U.S.
You are an actor. He won a democratic election. Go practice your lines.
Mark Ruffalo wants Trump removed from office on what grounds?? Because he…
Mark Ruffalo plans to do something great for Texas by never showing up there again
Trump supporters, we're in trouble. Mark Ruffalo is marching until Trump is removed from office. . Kidding, he'll be marchi…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Mark Ruffalo Joins March from Charlottesville to D.C. to Demand Trump Be ‘Removed from Office’
Shouldn't bow up... you're only the hulk in movies.
.Shut your ignorant pie hole! 👉🏽Mark Ruffalo calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office
The older I get the more attracted I get to Mark Ruffalo.
Gwyneth Paltrow and on Mark Ruffalo the set of Avengers 4!. (22/08/2017)
Replace them with Squeaky Fromme, Lyndon LaRouche, Saul Alinsky and Mark Ruffalo. Because, whatever.
Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Olivia Wilde joined protesters outside of Trump Tower on Tuesday night:
Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore lead protest outside Trump Tower: "We have to fight"
At last night's protest at Trump Tower, with Mark Ruffalo, Marisa Tomei and Fisher Stevens (plus Olivia Wilde)
Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo lead Trump Tower protest after Broadway play
Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo led a after a Broadway play with Olivia Wilde and Zoe Kazan in tow
Michael Moore arranged for buses to take audience from his Broadway show, at which Mark Ruffalo showed up tonite, to the…
Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo invited theatregoers to join them in a protest by heading to Trump Tower.
Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore united to take down Nazis. .
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is a vast improvement and by far my favorite thing about the Avengers movies. Deserves his own…
Kal Penn, Mark Ruffalo, and Susan Sarandon are prime examples of celebrities that know how to educate…
Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner and bring back Quicksilver or Ed Norton's BB
Find someone who looks at you the way Tom looks at Mark Ruffalo
Check out what Mark Ruffalo has to say about the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre - Los Angeles Short + Sweet Hollywood Film Fest!
Mark Ruffalo selfie with the rest of the gang from Avengers: Infinity War
Tom Holland: Andrew Garfield :: Mark Ruffalo: crap, is it Eric Bana or Edward Norton
RDJ, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Wong and Benedict Cumberbatch at the Avengers Infinity War set!
Trying to decide whether Mark Ruffalo or Daniel Bruhl would play me in the UK version.
I look at this photo of Mark Ruffalo skateboarding whenever I feel sad:
Bruce Willis: the king of chick flicks . (and I have a major crush on Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going on 30, don't judge):
I disagree. Mark Ruffalo is the best Hulk. Edward Norton and Eric Bana were the worst
I appreciate you now more than ever Mark Ruffalo
I thought Mark Ruffalo made that up
Literally every movie I've seen in the past two days has had mark ruffalo in it, but I'm not complaining.
Mark Ruffalo is just an amazing guy and an amazing director. -
I just wanna fall in love with young mark ruffalo
i watched 13 going on 30 when i was i think 14 and i remember thinking mannn Mark Ruffalo is who i wanna marry when I'm 30 lol
I love Mark Ruffalo but his voice in this movie creeps me out
Waiting for Phoenix to come on stage and there's this dad standing in front of me who looks like a Spanish Mark Ruffalo 👀
Mark Ruffalo on the dangers of pulling out of the Paris climate agreement and what Americans can do to fight - Mic
[mark ruffalo as the Incredible Hulk in the critically acclaimed blockbuster The Avengers by Marvel to ca…
"If I was a mosquito I would suck Mark Ruffalo dry" 😭😭😭
Watching 13 going on 30 and I remembered how big of a crush I have on Mark Ruffalo
Current situation: Arguing with a low key shill who went into Mark Ruffalo's mentions to complain about the supposed lack of female--
You're the one who went into Mark Ruffalo's account to complain about the movies. . I'm not sad enough to do that.
Mark Ruffalo would need to travel 1400 years back in time if he'd want to address it at its inception.
National campaign, supported by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, sees promise of Florida solar energy
Mark Ruffalo and Ben Affleck, the guys who are not good in these topics should just buzz off and let muslims do the talking.
Mark Ruffalo is so far beyond gone, completely out of touch with reality. Reading his timeline is sickening.
MARK RUFFALO CLEARLY LOVES CORBYN. If this doesn't make you want to vote Labour, really, you have no soul and are dead inside.
Order Miche Bag Online!
by this logic... Mark Ruffalo indirected me 😎👌
Did you see Mark Ruffalo wishing you well btw?
Ditto especially b/c I think (hulk aside since we never got one aka with Mark Ruffalo) that it's th…
So by this logic, Mark Ruffalo should be moving to London anytime now...
Watching Spotlight for about the fourth time. Love this film. Love Mark Ruffalo in it.
Have we talked about my love for that movie and Mark Ruffalo in general???
I'd be excited about that face if it was the result of my 5-year-old trying to make Mark Ruffalo out of Play-Doh.
Just so everyone knows, I did pause the movie this morning to make a BLT after seeing Mark Ruffalo & Anthony Edwards sharing one.
Avengers: Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo talk on-set antics and tea... via
More people need to be like Mark Ruffalo.
Fantasia, starring Beyonce Knowles and Mark Ruffalo. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Korn. Budget: $10m
Mark ruffalo is so great i miss him
Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo are coming back together this November. Mark your calendar. We can't wait…
Call me a romantic, but I like to think that your Mark Ruffalo is still out there somewhere.
It's a star-studded movie tonight at 8.30pm, with Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad and Alecia Moore (AKA...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Stephen Colbert, Joss Whedon, Mark Ruffalo, stay out of politics. We only want to hear from big stars like…
Allison Janney, Mark Ruffalo and more snubs in this year's nominations
There's a guy at this blood donor clinic that I SWEAR TO GOD is Mark Ruffalo. May cause fainting.
First Mark Hamill, now Mark Ruffalo . . . if you get a Zuckerberg or Cuban, you've hit the Mark Trifecta! Nice work!
The show just ended and Taran Killam and Javier Munoz are auctioning off a poster for Mark Ruffalo in Arthur Miller…
I'm getting to see a play with Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo in it for free. Sometimes my school is kinda cool
Spoke to Dan Stevens about playing The Beast. (Let's all be more encouraging than Mark Ruffalo was to him.)
Dan Stevens talks about proving Mark Ruffalo wrong with
Took a Buzzfeed quiz and got "mostly heterosexual" but Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Idris Elba would definitely get it.
I have conventional celeb crushes (Matt Damon, Michael B. Jordan), but then there's the really weird ones (Mark Ruffalo, Hu…
Wally Lamb's fun time with Mark Ruffalo on Broadway.
re-watch The Normal Heart (HBO, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons) and cry now.
The movie is good, although Julianne Moore cheats on Annette Bening with Mark Ruffalo... ;)
"Hero Robert De Niro will speak at anti-Trump rally with Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Alec Baldwin" -
Mark Ruffalo: "We're coming here tonight to protect something precious to us, and that's each other."
With my fellow organizers of tonight's anti-Trump rally - Fisher Stevens and Mark Ruffalo.
"We aren't protestors! We are people protectors!" - Mark Ruffalo at NYC rally right now!
"We're not protesters, we're people protectors.". Mark Ruffalo speaks about and fighting for justice outside Trump Towe…
.. Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga and other celebs will be there.
Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin & myself will be holding a massive rally in NYC in front of Trump International Hotel this Thursday…
Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and more celebs to lead anti-Trump rally in NYC via
I'm watching Spotlight. Mark Ruffalo is making me cry. Again.
Michael Moore announces massive anti-Trump protest with Alec Baldwin and Mark Ruffalo.
Sometimes I just think about how Mark Ruffalo isn't my age :/
Bryan Cranston = Chief Brody, Mark Ruffalo = Hooper, Nick Nolte could be Quint and I see Catherine Keener as Ellen Brody.
|| Make an (Bruce Banner's HALF sister), or make a Betty Ross (single ship w/Mark Ruffalo's Bruce based on chemistry)..?
In which acclaimed film do Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo play former American Olympic wrestlers Mark and Dave…
Nick Bonino can't afford to not have a beard from here on out. Guy looks like a cross between Mark Ruffalo and Bill Dauterive
Mark Ruffalo is like a hot Ray Romano
Just quietly, Michael Peña and Mark Ruffalo are the same person.
Me: Mark Ruffalo is a nobody. Now, if Jason Patrick Leigh gave me a *** THAT would be a dream. Her: It's just Jason Patric.
Happy birthday Scarlett Johansson & Mark Ruffalo! Tell us your favorite Black Widow or Hulk moment? https…
done. happy indeed. I can scarcely think of a better way to celebrate Mark Ruffalo's bday.
Lee Pace and Ryan Gosling are my cis het exemptions, and I'm allowed to cuddle Mark Ruffalo.
Shutter Island is on. Leo and Mark Ruffalo...two of my faves 😍😍😍
Bourne Legacy also features "Hawkeye" with the best Hulk not named Mark Ruffalo in Edward Norton.
Mark Ruffalo; a well educated straight rich white man that has never let me down
Pedro Pascal's voice reminds me of Mark Ruffalo when he's speaking in English
We must listen to the Dakota Access pipeline protesters, not punish them | Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo on pipeline controversy: Native American tribes see this as a "special historical moment"
"The more quiet and serene we are, in the depths of that violence, the faster we win.". Mark Ruffalo stands with protes…
People I apparently look like, in order of frequency: 1. Andrea Bocelli, 2. Wayne Coyne, 3. Mark Ruffalo, 4. your random hipster friend
Mark Ruffalo in a World War Hulk open world game, akin to Dragon Age!
Mark Ruffalo reading Eugene Debs could not give me a bigger *** v
starring Alexander Pearce, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr., in theaters now!
Breast Cancer Awareness
If it came out tomorrow that Hillary was booking flights for Bill on Jeff Epstein's pedophile island, Mark Ruffalo would support 100% /9
2024 it's going to be Mark Ruffalo versus Chuck Norris all the debates are going to be on E! and the moderator'll be Nick Offerman
People you won't disrespect on my watch:. Chris Pratt. Ben Affleck. Chadwick Boseman. Heath Ledger. Mark Ruffalo. Karen Fukuhara. Ryan Reynolds
Mark Ruffalo and Ashton Kutcher . the resemblance is uncanny
I wanna see Mark Ruffalo or Neil Patrick Harris or maybe Jake Gyllenhaal or Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Mark Ruffalo does not have the temperament to be the Incredible Hulk.
Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene if you promise to vote. | Gradient
don't vote Trump, watch this promo.. Mark Ruffalo has to show his 🌽 if u vote right.
Mark Ruffalo vows to go full frontal nude on screen if you vote against Trump. Now that's some incentive.
Mark Ruffalo on Spotlight, Donald Trump and Oscar controversy via
I've just been more interested in doing film right now and I don't want to go away from my f
Yikes. I'm sure Lucas didn't know, but Mark Ruffalo's younger brother was murdered. 😔
Let's be real, Mark Ruffalo is the only movie-Bruce Banner that matters.
Discovering and spending the last 45 minutes on it realizing I found my people.
republicans use the craziest platforms to spread their political agendas. Like really... Mark Ruffalo getting nude
Mark Ruffalo was at a music festival I wanted to go to this weekend
Found this in my film collection. I liked mark ruffalo before he was cool.
I pulled a Mark Ruffalo today and that's going to weigh on me for a while. No "sorry, but". Just sorry.
I prefer the Jafar actor from OUAT in Wonderland 😢 he was intimidating from the 1st time I saw him 😳 this one looks like Mark Ruffalo =))
Fun fact: Mark Ruffalo auditioned for the Roger Corman FANTASTIC FOUR movie.
Apparently, Mark Ruffalo will do a full-frontal nude scene if you vote
My Spotlight review: Mark Ruffalo is the greatest actor of our generation and deserves to be treated as such
MILLENNIALS: i have 3 jobs and struggle to make rent . HILLARY: mark ruffalo will show you his *** if you vote for me
Mark Ruffalo is an *** Islamist and jihadists sympathizer.
Mark Ruffalo is gorgeous, take it off Mark, Hillary is going to win
Mark Ruffalo, you sexy, sexy man, you
BREAKING NEWS!! Deranged 1%er Mark Ruffalo offers to buy your vote by showing his ***
Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie. :)
You got MY attention...Mark Ruffalo? Ya baby! Seriously, I have faith the people who elected will not…
Why aren't feminists mad about the anti trump Mark Ruffalo ad? They literally incentivize vote by saying *** appear nude in his next movie
domain names
I liked a video from Celebrities Promise You'll See Mark Ruffalo's Peen If You Vote
mark ruffalo is such a handsome man i am SHOOK
Hopefully we get to see Mark's 'bits' in his next movie, because realistically that would just be an all around...
13 Going on 30 is literally a movie about an uggo dork named Jenna who falls in love with Mark Ruffalo, lms if you think that's
Photo from Mark Ruffalo and more celebs against Trump
Hillary Clinton approves of Mark Ruffalo's nudity pledge for the election:.
There was a really good round table discussion with Sam Jackson, Will Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Cain, Joel Edgerton, Benicio del Toro.
Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe.. when you've these actors in a single film.. you don't need anything else. !!
The real ad Trump Celebrities Say Vote for Hillary Clinton and Mark Ruffalo ...
Mark Ruffalo's *** is Bringing Millennials to the Polls - . headline
i want to watch spotlight but i Hate mark ruffalo
people keep posting that whedon advert with like "pls i need to see mark ruffalo naked" and i'm just like "I NEED TRUMP TO NOT WIN THANKS"
I do, too, but only because I wanna jump on a bed in my underwear with Kirsten Dunst and Mark Ruffalo.
A celebrity super PAC promises to show you Mark Ruffalo's *** if you don't vote Trump:
Mark ruffalo will do a nude scene if you don't vote for Trump. Or as would say "he'll have his ***
I truly believe Mark Ruffalo is heaven sent
mark ruffalo is definitely one of the most amazing whole-heartedly actor E V E R
With this in mind, is Mark Ruffalo's *** entitled to a share of the presidency if Clinton wins?
. Mark Ruffalo has that 'older brother's friend who isn't a jerk' swag
Utah boys must learn to play Good Riddance on the acoustic guiyar. Utah girls must have a thing for Mark Ruffalo. T…
I am having a hard time believing that Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Williams & Don Cheadle are Trump supporters.
If Clinton wins, there's no way to tell if it's because America trusts her leadership, or if it just wants to see Mark Ruffalo naked.
Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo commanding me to vote against Donald Trump is actually the one thing that makes me want to vote for Trump.
What's with this Mark Ruffalo i can't explain that turn me on.
If we get this right in November, Thor: Ragnarok is going to have a *** of a post credits stinger
Humor is always a good way to get an important message across. Let's face it, we all want to see Mark Ruffalo... https…
NEW BLOG: We have a chance to see Mark Ruffalo (Here is what we have to do.
Smile like Mark Ruffalo because today SOFA and Love $eat are going to BUFFALO ☂🛋🔥🔥
Joss Whedon: If you want to see Mark Ruffalo naked, vote for anyone but Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton wants nude Mark Ruffalo promised by Joss Whedon: We may not like him when he’s angry, but we’...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Wow!! I LOVE this! New respect for Mark Ruffalo, and, I 100% agree with this message. Make sure you're registered...
Clinton holding Mark Ruffalo to his nudity pledge
Clinton holding Mark Ruffalo to his nudity pledge
THR: Clinton holding Mark Ruffalo to his nudity pledge (WASHEX)
New Clinton Ad:. Trump treats women like sex objects. Vote for Hillary, get to see Mark Ruffalo's ***
Clinton holding Mark Ruffalo to his nudity pledge 🤔
I appreciate that the incentive to vote Hillary is to see Mark Ruffalo nude. Nice optics there.
Hillary Clinton is holding Mark Ruffalo to his nudity pledge
This is must-see, in so many ways: "Joss Whedon launches campaign to get people to vote and see Mark Ruffalo naked".
Quite funny. Not to bothered about Mark Ruffalo's promise though. 😉
Mark Ruffalo is what you call a sensible Sanders supporter. He supports Sanders but he's voting for Clinton. Unlike Sarandon and Woodley.
Mark Ruffalo wants to act like this huge advocate to literally everyone but fails to provide an inclusive cast for his…
Billie Joe Armstrong as an actor suddenly looks like Dana Carvey mixed with the hair of young Mark Ruffalo to me.
Wow ! I guess you like Mark Ruffalo actor too?
Good for you Mark Ruffalo for speaking the truth!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Mark Ruffalo is just an horrible actor
Mike Birbiglia, maybe? Bet it'll be Mark Ruffalo or someone like that.
Watching Spotlight and the cast is 👌🏻 Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Michael Keaton, Billy Crudup all on one screen my gosh 😍😩
Mark Ruffalo facing GLAAD backlash over casting Matt Bomer in transgende... :-(
is anyone else upset at Rachel McAdams's haircut in Spotlight bc it's wrong for the time period also Mark Ruffalo looks like a beaten puppy
Can't believe Ed Norton didn't wanna be Hulk in the MCU. Mark Ruffalo is good. But he missed out.
Ed Norton's Hulk was brilliant, I like Mark Ruffalo but his Hulk is trash
SPOILER: Bradley Cooper isn't Chris Kyle. Just like Mark Ruffalo doesn't really grow to nine feet and turn green when h…
📷 blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms: Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. as Bruce Banner and Tony Stark-...
I know no one else saw or liked Shutter Island, but it's a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo! Scored by Robbie Robertson!
So Tom Hiddleston went to see GHOSTBUSTERS with Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo then landed an Emmy nom. Pretty much the…
Finally saw Spotlight last night. Incredible. My screen crush Mark Ruffalo so deserved that Oscar. Such a good movie!
the men I bother spending my time on so far include Chris Colfer, Henry Cavill, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hardy
Spotlight is brilliant. Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton are unbelievable. Great story.
Finally got round to watching Spotlight. Amazing movie. Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams blew my mind 📇📰
Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Amy Adams and The Rock are all getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 😍🙊
Hot Video! Hoosick Falls teacher responds to Mark Ruffalo's NY environmental action video...
The Crow, starring Mark Ruffalo and Claire Danes. Directed by Kevin Smith, music by Violent Femmes. Budget: $105m
I suggest you watch a film named Spotlight. Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams.
Mark Ruffalo was a guest speaker at the Ringling College of Art and Design Graduation Commencement in Sarasota a...
Mark Ruffalo responds to criticism of Flint comments
Mark Ruffalo comes off like Jenny McCarthy in this debate with Marc Edwards. Science hero takes down action hero.
Robert Duvall, Mark Ruffalo, JK Simmons, Edward Norton, & Ethan Hawke duke it out for the Supporting Actor Oscar:
After playing as Hulk in Civil's another movie with Mark Ruffalo on it. Can't wait. :)
Watch Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo fight with Daniel Radcliffe in preview:
It's official - Mark Ruffalo will play Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok alongside Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban
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