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Mark Pryor

Mark Lunsford Pryor (born January 10, 1963) is the senior United States Senator from Arkansas, serving since 2003. He is a member of the Democratic Party and former Attorney General of Arkansas.

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But did MVP have the mound visit where you'd annoy like Mark Pryor if you came out to vis…
Obama, Pelosi, Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln, & Mike Beebe. Some GOP folks didn't fight it like they should h…
Remember when dusty baker rode Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood into the ground and then they had to be sent to the glue factory ?
Our Chairman & CEO Mark Pryor presented on the integration of technology w/i the industry today…
If wearing a tie was a mark of making a valuable contribution the you'd fail your own test :p
If Senator Mark Pryor's IQ was one point lower he'd be in jail. Watching Spitzer on Hardball. It was a flop!…
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Here's former Sen. Mark Pryor, who is now a lobbyist, back in the Senate introducing a colleague to senators.
Spotted former Sen. Mark Pryor last week and he's again in the Capitol today. In other news, his lobbying cooling off period is over
Our Chairman & CEO, Mark Pryor, will present on technology at this week's ACSA Convention in St. Louis:…
We have heard the same BS before we must support corrupt DEMS BC only they can win. Remembe…
I stopped getting excited about greys when Izzy left. I stopped watching greys weekly when they killed Lexie, Mark and Derek.
A Few of My Favorite Things... performed with two of my favorite people. Mark Pryor and Dianne Grainger
I think Mark Pryor could have been great if it hadn't been for
That sounds nice... but only ONE (Tyreek) in the top TWENTY FOUR WRs had less than 115…
Three Democrats voted against the nuclear option in 2013 — Carl Levin, Mark Pryor and Joe Manchin. Only one still serves in the Senate.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Brad Berry, Bubba Schweigert, Mark Pryor, Travis Brewster, Brian Jones all reigning coaches of the year.
then why did Arkansas vote out Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln
nope, that was Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln and Martha Coakley
Don't waste time with ignorati. Vince lived 4 doors east of me; Mark Pryor lived across the street. We all know.
"You don't have to pass an IQ test to become a senator" Previous Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas
From your lips to God's ear. I wish Mark Pryor would run for Govenor!
Kerry Wood, Mark Pryor and that group were young when they choked in 2003. So young kids can definitely choke.
Arguello vs Pryor 1. Skip to 5:27 mark for a punch that should have ended it CC :.
I liked a video from Richard Pryor receives the first Mark Twain Award Robin Williams
Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line for our natio...
works against people simply cuz Liberals or Democrats. Sen Mark Pryor voted a lot with them & worked against
Cotton is an embarrassment to the state of Arkansas. Mark Pryor was a GOOD MAN.
Headed home to NJ tomorrow. Live on radio Monday then headed to year 10 in Pryor OK on Thursday! Honored to ***
In Arkansas' defense, we were stuck between this guy and Mark Pryor, the Hillary guy. I wish we had better option.
When you hear mark clattenburg is the champions league final ref
Please remember Senator Tom Cotton was lucky enough to run against Mark Pryor. That makes it much easier to win that seat.
Former Senator Mark Pryor "The NRA is now a Republican organization"
Everyone was tired of legacy Mark Pryor. Cotton also ran a pretty good campaign.
I didn't think it was possible for me to miss Mark Pryor until this cub scout from *** started spewing forth
Trump might nominate Bill Pryor to the Supreme Court. Guess he decided to leave Mark Fuller off the list.
The arms of Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood second that
He sure is. Too bad Mark Pryor ran against Obama, he might have won. That 3 M from the NRA helped ole Tommy Gun too https:…
Right. Sam Nunn, Zell Miller. Even Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. Those kinds of Democrats no longer exist.
ICYMI: See why former Senator Mark Pryor claims Arkansas is vital in the
"A legal thriller not to be missed...Manning Wolfe just put herself on my list of must-read authors." — MARK PRYOR https:…
so Terrell Pryor can't get a job as an NFL qb but mark Sanchez somehow keeps finding work
Does it take every Board member for project delivery? Mark Pryor on DirectorsTalk so was appropriate for media, but now not??
the only politician I saw, actually running on Obama's record in 2014 was Mark Pryor in Arkansas and even HE wouldn't say PBO
TODAY on The Costa Report - former Senator Mark Pryor reveals why Arkansas is vital in the
Wow. I woke up this morning to find out I had crossed the 6,000 follower mark. Not only that but my latest...
I did, Mark Pryor is a good guy and knows his stuff. EDL need a better PR team
So-called "Blue-dog" Democrats who never stood a chance: Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu to name 3.
Tomorrow on The Costa Report - Former Senator Mark Pryor will reveal why Arkansas is a vital state in the !
Perhaps, but others (Mark Pryor) can do media. Depends on how much Rufus wants Edenville promoted to the market?
hope you listened to the interview with Mark Pryor on Monday? I am sure you can appreciate EDL team is busy
CNN's Mark Preston is reporting that there will be pressure for Rubio and Kasich to STAY IN even if they lose home sta…
Tanner Rose & Mark Jammel as Charlie Hope & Dewar at the Pryor Rendering benefit in Arrow OK.
Thank God Mark Levin has held strong and still defends conservative values and our Constitution. That dude rocks. https:/…
Lisa Pryor settles defamation case against Financial Review and Mark Latham
Why did it take Fairfax more than a year to apologise for and retract Mark Latham's attack on Lisa Pryor?
In 2014, Senators Kay Hagan, Mark Udall and Mark Pryor were all driven from office by voters.
Sen Eddie Joe Williams and Sen Missy Irvin flip and give you OBcare - just like Mike Ross and Mark Pryor thank you so much!…
Webb chose not to commit career suicide like Mark Pryor.
One time the Cubs thought a series was over because the Marlins had to beat both Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood. The Marlins took both games.
HOLLOW MAN by Mark Pryor. Standalone. Musician who is also a psychopath. Page turner. Quick read. Dexter fans?
If Democrats had as much hutzpah as Republicans, Mark Pryor and Gray Davis would be campaigning in Iowa and New Hamshire.
Only TWO more days to win the book that says is "not to be missed." Mark Pryor's HOLLOW MAN
Juan Williams: A rising tide for Dems on green issues: and Mark Pryor (Ark.) were defeated with advertising th...
go ahead and give mark the money and tell him to give it to Jessica Pryor $25
. Is that Steve Jobs at the 28:33 mark at the 1982 Richard Pryor concert Live at the Sunset Strip?
especially after his 2006 playoffs. Kerry Wood was a good one. Mark pryor too.
“I am proud that, like Mark Twain, I have been able to use humour to lessen people’s hatred.” Comedian Richard Pryor
no...Daryll said keep Travis over pryor I thought
n e 1 who says " in dusty we trusty" is on a 6 month ban from the show. He ruined Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood. See ya seth!!
Funny how Arkansas voters voted Mark Pryor out of office because he was a Democrat. Now they're stuck with Tom Cotton for …
Just saw that former Sen. Mark Pryor landed at Venable, leading its new state attorney general practice:
I think a party deprived of John Barrow/Mary Landrieu/Mark Pryor is inevitably gonna head that way.
Adam Green of the PCCC pointed out when Landrieu was handily defeated by some hack GOP nonentity Saturday that the last of the Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party who prevented the public option in the Affordable Care Act-- the others being Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln-- had all been driven from office within 4 years; I think he left out Mark Pryor-- but he also lost his Senate seat last month. Good riddance to all of them. Take a look at the ProgressivePunch lifetime crucial vote scores of the half dozen Democratic Senators who have voted the most frequently against progressive values in the current session: • Tom Carper (DE)- 72.30 • Claire McCaskill (MO)- 72.13 • Kay Hagan (NC)- 70.67 defeated • Mark Pryor (AR)- 66.50 defeated • Mary Landrieu (LA)- 65.42 defeated • Joe Manchin (WV)- 61.75 - See more at:
By only ONE VOTE!!! Thirteen Democrats voted with Landrieu, including outgoing Sens. Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, and John Walsh of Montana. Additional Democratic votes came from Michael Bennet of Colorado, Tom Carper of Delaware, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, and Mark Warner of Virginia.
So, if the earth is at risk, your children's health is at risk, the land is at risk, is it a good idea to slide down the slippery slope to get re-elected? Here are the 10 Dems who co-sponsored FOR the XL pipeline. Mary Landrieu, of course, because Loiusiana would land a few temporary jobs --and then, all the cleanup work later! Landrieu had ten Democratic co-sponsors of her legislation before the vote Sens. Joe Manchin (WV), Kay Hagan (NC), Heidi Heitkamp (NC), Mark Pryor (AR), Claire McCaskill (MO), Jon Tester (MT), Mark Warner (VA), Mark Begich (AK), Joe Donnelly (IN) and John Walsh (MT). Every single one of the Democratic co-sponsors except for Warner was from a red state.
Tom Cotton defeats Gang of 8 amnesty supporter Mark Pryor for Senate in Arkansas
Ex-president and Arkansas fave son tries to boost Mark Pryor and Mike Ross
Mark Pryor, AR, was not on that list but he also lied about Ocare! He was also defeated by R-Tom Cotton.
Tom Cotton in Arkansas beat Mark Pryor because 40 percent voted to express opposition of Obama.Tom Cotton is your Sen, not Obama
Harry Reid and nem tried to protect Mark Pryor, he lost.
Politico Playbook: Good Wednesday morning (if you're a Republican). BuzzFeed calls it the "RED WAVE." It rolled across the nation, time zone by time zone, with Republicans gaining 7 seats in the Senate (one more than needed for control), and netting an astonishing 13 in the House - shattering the 5-to-10 range that insiders had expected. Huge margin for Tom Cotton (R) in Arkansas: 17 points over Sen. Mark Pryor. In Iowa, Joni Ernst by 8! Cory Gardner by 5! Sen. Kay Hagan, a big Dem hope even after the polls closed, lost to Thom Tillis by 2. In Georgia, David Perdue beat Michelle Nunn by 8, avoiding a runoff. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Georgia's Democratic revolution is stillborn.") GOP governors won in deep-blue Maryland and Massachusetts, and the president's home state. A rare break for Dems was Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) holding on against Scott Brown, 52-48. Perhaps the night's biggest surprise: In a race that could have been a blowout, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has a tiny lead over Ed Gillespie, ...
No Mike Ross and NO Mark Pryor. Arkansas is on right track now
How nuts is this election? Jeff Bell got closer to winning (-14 points) than two-term incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (-17)
Hey.Mark Pryor and Mike Ross. The people of Arkansas would like to wish you well on your future endeavors.
Let’s get real about these election results. I’m going to call this a political rant. First of all *** A Missouri based TV station focuses on IL, KY, & TN more than Missouri. Why do you do that? Move to another state if you are so interested in their activities. The minimum you could do would be to report MO news. I’m not even sure of all the MO election results. Can’t find them at all. I watch because they are more accurate with weather and keep me updated on local events than As far as election results…in my opinion it’s pretty obvious that people voted for the party…not the person. That is probably a great thing as far as the economy is concerned. Republicans and Democrats want a change! Get the Democrats out. Even the Democrats want the Democrats out of the Senate, I’m not a Republican…but obviously a change needs to be made and the voters know that. If you did not vote…shame on you. Let’s take a look at this…. This is about our neighb ...
GOP takeover: Republicans surge to Senate control By DAVID ESPO and ROBERT FURLOW The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Riding a powerful wave of voter discontent, resurgent Republicans captured control of the Senate and tightened their grip on the House Tuesday night in elections certain to complicate President Barack Obama’s final two years in office. Republican Mitch McConnell led the way to a new Senate majority, dispatching Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky after a $78 million campaign of unrelieved negativity. Voters are “hungry for new leadership. They want a reason to be hopeful,” said the man now in line to become majority leader and set the Senate agenda. Two-term incumbent Mark Pryor of Arkansas was the first Democrat to fall, defeated by freshman Rep. Tom Cotton. Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado was next, defeated by Rep. Cory Gardner. Sen. Kay Hagan also lost, in North Carolina, to Thom Tillis, the speaker of the state House. Republicans also picked up seats in Iowa, We ...
At least we know what to expect with Tom Cotton. Mark Pryor is a wolf in sheeps clothing, a republican disguised as a democrat. Speaking of these fair weather *** distancing themselves from The President and still lost, DEMOCRATS. To me that says you were never with him to begin with. And that's okay! But have some integrity and say that. I knew Mark Pryor didn't have my best interest at heart after I heard his response to the State of the Union. Glad I know how to cope.
Everytown For Gun Safety points out that Mark Pryor voted AGAINST background checks for guns & NRA still spent $2.9 million…
After all of this, Mark Pryor's margin was only 3 points less than Blanche Lincoln's.
Mark Pryor performed about the same as Amanda Curtis did in Montana.
John Dickerson on one reason for Tom Cotton's victory, which involved a lot of talk about someone other than his opponent Read more here:: Why Tom Cotton defeated Mark Pryor [ 6 more words. ]
Republican Rep. Tom Cotton has defeated Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas, according to a CNN projection.
Tom Cotton wins Washington County with 55% of the vote. Mark Pryor had 39.88%.
Right. It's Obama's fault that Mark Pryor et all ran away from the health care bill they voted for.
Arkansas' Tom Cotton is almost beating Mark Pryor by the same landslide margin that John Boozman beat Blanche Lincoln by in 2010.
No more Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor commercials after today 🙌
I suppose it's somewhat prophetic that Mark Pryor picked "Meet in the Middle" as his walk-up for concession speech:
Suck Todd spent his fifteen minutes tonight blaming the President for the GOP "wave". Funny how that works. Mark Pryor never once mentioned the President's name; Alison Grimes wouldn't admit having voted for the President, even though she was an Obama delegate to the last Democratic Convention; and both Mark Udall and Kay Hagen spent more time emphasizing their disagreements with the President than asserting their own legislative accomplishments. It seems rather odd that, to borrow an expression from Oscar Wilde, "the love that dare not speak its name" is somehow to blame for these defeats. The President can be held accountable for many things. However, he is not to blame for what happened today. And I'm pretty sure that more than one lame duck Democratic Senator is wishing he or she had accepted the White House's offer for a Presidential whistle-stop. When faced with an avalanche of negative campaign ads, Democratic politicians need to push back by owning their records and defending their leader. No ...
Huh. Amanda Curtis is winning a larger vote share than Mark Pryor.
Rep. Tom Cotton, Republican and Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, has prevailed in his quest to unseat current Democrat Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas. Fox News reports that with 46% of the precincts reporting, challenger Tom Cotton is ahead of incumbent Mark Pryor by 15 points, leading Democrat Pry…
Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor are probably going to go to a back alley after polls close and play hacky sack
Ever the statesman, Mark's statement this evening was the classiest thing I've seen in all my days.
All early and absentee ballots have been counted in Sevier County as well as electronic votes from all 16 county precincts, though election officials are still tallying up paper ballots by hand. The JP race is still too close to call with a two vote difference in favor of Dana Stringfellow over Greg Wright. For city council, so far Lawrence Wishard has the lead for ward 1 Pos. 1 while incumbent Kathy Richards is so far set to win in ward 2 pos. 1. These races are still close enough for a runoff, depending on paper ballot results. Sevier County voters joined Little River in decidedly voting in DeAnn Vaught as the District 4 state representative over incumbent Democrat Fonda Hawthorne. Across the state, the alcohol amendment has failed while voters approved an increase of the state minimum wage. Asa Hutchinson is set to be governor while Tom Cotton has taken Mark Pryor's seat on the U.S. Senate. We will provide final results in the morning!
Brad Hutto came closer to winning in South Carolina than Mark Pryor did in Arkansas.
Another victory for the Tom Cotton Unseats Democrat Mark Pryor In Rep. Tom Cotton defeated Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor in Arkansas, which combined with GOP Rep. Shelley Moore Capito's win in West Virginia and expected Republican wins in open seats in South Dakota and Montana would leave McConnell just two shy of the six he needs for Republican control." - NPR
Mark Pryor is now the first incumbent Senate Democrat to be ousted by Republicans.
Mark Pryor loses in spite of boosts from father David Pryor, former gov and senator, and Bill Clinton. Couldn't keep up with redder AR.
Mary Landrieu in Mark Pryor in Mark Begich in Kay Hagan in Mark Udall in
I knew the minute I heard about the Mark Pryor college thesis this morning on Morning Joe that it was taken out of context. And now after having read about the full thesis and it's context, it most certainly was. As I said yesterday, Tom Cotton is running what is probably the most cynical and disingenuous campaign we've ever seen in Arkansas. The guy really has no shame.
Tom Cotton says Mark Pryor votes in lockstep with President Barack Obama, but Pryor says he’s one of the most independent senators. Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor, in a tight race that could decide which party controls the Senate. Like m…
Tom Cotton: Says Mark Pryor "votes with Obama 93 percent of the time."
Few things give me more satisfaction than fast-forwarding through Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor political ads
The smart pundits telling us to not heap scorn on Mark Pryor clearly forget the big deal made over Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act.
Proud to vote early for the candidate we know will put AR first- Mark Pryor. Hope you’ll vote early!- Barbara & DP http…
Photo: workingamerica: In the U.S. Senate, Mark Pryor is working to address the student loan crisis. Tom...
The Fix: The good news for Mark Begich, Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor: People like them have survived before
."Mark Pryor...has changed." Notes previous endorsement, and subsequent votes for Obamacare an…
With the Senate seemingly up for grabs in the upcoming 2014 mid-terms, two new polls (one from NBC News, one from Marist) showing Republican candidates pulling away in Kentucky and Arkansas may cause Democrats some concern. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, even with a Libertarian candidate claiming 8% of the vote, is still shown eight points a head of Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes (47% to 39%). Perhaps this might have been no surprise if it had not been for McConnell’s difficulties early in this year’s Kentucky primary, which he won handily after his tea-party opponent came out in support of *** fighting. Democrats may have hoped that Republican in-fighting would topple McConnell, but that prospect is now dimming. In Arkansas, the race remains more competitive, but yet Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor is shown in the polls to be behind 4th Congressional district Representative Tom Cotton who is contesting for the seat this year. The numbers are 45% for Cotton and 40% for Pryor- not a goo ...
Kick out Mark Pryor and help the take back the Senate:
Sen. Mark Pryor is not good at speaking off the cuff on camera: MSNBC's Kasie Hunt is in town following the Clinton…
Kasie Hunt asks Mark Pryor about Obama on Ebola. MoJoe and even Mika groabn, grimace, weep at stuttering evasion
Today I had the privilege of listening to Mark Pryor, Mike Beebe, Mike Ross, and Bill Clinton speak at a rally held at UCA. It was an awesome experience!! These men have wonderful things in mind for Arkansas, but most importantly for the people who live in Arkansas!
Former President Bill Clinton told voters what Republicans don't want them to know while campaigning with Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas. Clinton explained that Republicans are trying use Obama to scam voters into supporting them.
Man Mike Beebe just basically told Mark Pryor his speech sucked.
.on stage now with Patrick Henry Hays, Mark Pryor, Mike Ross and Mike Beebe.
Mark votes with Obama 90% of the time and LOVES Chuck Schumer!
why take a picture with Mark Pryor when you could just take one with his dog?
Copied & pasted: Mark Pryor is from the government and he is here to help you. Nearly 16 million Americans on Medicare Advantage (MA) plans will pay more for their health insurance in 2015 as a result of Obamacare. Federal subsidies for MA coverage are being displaced to pay for the Affordable Care Act, resulting $160 billion worth of cuts, according to the Congressional Budget Office. “Right before we left on a trip our 2015 book came to our house and it said ‘changes,’” said Janet Trimble, a Medicare Advantage enrollee.“I always hate when I see the word ‘changes.’” The 2015 changes impact those over 65 with MAs who will either be paying higher premiums or paying premiums for the first time. Additionally, many MA plans will offer fewer choices of doctors and hospitals for enrollees.
What does Mark Pryor refuse to discuss in his upcoming debate? Watch our latest ad to find out.
These Mark Pryor commercials are too funny!
Bill Clinton's trip 2 Arkansas will not change fact Mark Pryor supports Obamacare & knew about lies yet still voted 4 it
Mark Pryor has allowed Obama to DESTROY the constitution and the Senate.
I hate all Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton commercials
Wow.I just witness the most racist commercial against President Obama ever.the little girl in the spelling bee,related to Mark Pryor.Racist
Next time Mark Pryor denies being a liberal, bear in mind he doesn't think Chuck Schumer is a liberal.
.returns to home state Monday to campaign for live from Conway,AR 1:30p ET
.joined tour & found Arkansans aren't leaving Mark Pryor, he left them yrs ago for Obama:
So Clinton will hit Cotton, but Cotton likely won't hit back. Stays focused on Obama. And, oh yes, on Mark Pryor.
Bill Clinton is coming to Arkansas in attempt to rescue endangered Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor…
One more month of having to watch Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor ads in the race.
No matter what Sen Dems like Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, and Mark Udall say, Election Day is a referendum of BHO "fundamental transformation"!
Join me in supporting Contribute Now to Help Mark Win via
Tom Cotton commercials are killing me! He and the Koch boys are running wild. Vote Mark Pryor! GOP LOSES AMERICANS WIN. VOTE PRYOR!
awesome! Is he protecting the constitution by stopping Tom Cotton and mark Pryor??
Fact check: Republicans blame Sen. Pryor for job losses
Best thing about watching football games in Atlanta: no Tom Cotton or Mark Pryor political ads
Worst part of watching live sports? Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor ads. Thousands of them per game.
We pick Cotton in Arkansas. help Tom get rid of ObamaCare shil Mark Pryor. Donate please!
Mark Pryor is an Obama clone. They are joined at the hip. Carbon copy. If you want more taxes, bigger government & less…
No one cares what Tom Cotton or mark Pryor voted for... Get off my tv
Arkansas Christians, Conservatives, Constitutionals, Independents. Please vote out Mark Pryor, Save America and our Rights.Unity2014
Pryor Donor Pleads Guilty to Bribery: A former Democratic state politician and donor to Sen. Mark Pryor (D., A...
'Make no mistake’ a vote for Democrat Mark Pryor is a vote for Obama’s failed policies
volunteers in Tulsa making calls to help our neighbors in hold Sen. Mark Pryor accountable!
ISIS fighters now back in USA. Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu, and Mark Pryor, haven't said a word. What are these liberals thinking?
"We're stuck with him, but we're not stuck with his friends." Get rid of Kay Hagan, Mark Begich, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu.
Great editorial on Begich/but the real silent strategy is here in w/ Mark Pryor's refusal to debate & campaign in hiding
Tonight in Little Rock this state's version of "The 3 Stooges" appeared at the same political event. No doubt their lips will be raw tomorrow from sucking up and kissing each others backside and praising their leader OBOZO. Yes, Arkansas I'm talking about Mike Beebe, Mike Ross aka Nancy Pelosi's "errand boy" and Mark Pryor who has to check with OBOZO & "Dirty" Harry Reid to see what his instruction's are for the day.
Mark Pryor needs to do an ad up in Pope county where they shut down the free clinic because people got affordable health care !
Lib DEM Mark Pryor up 5 on rep Tom Cotton in Arkansas A vote 4 his is a vote 4 REID OUST red State DEMS
This reminds me of when Mark Pryor said "You don't have to take an IQ test to be a Senator" Debbie Wasserman-speak
Watching Enemy For My Enemy perform for a charity event for the RSPCA with 7 other bands. Mark Pryor, Stephen...
to that night in June when Mark Pryor, Author took blurry photos with Megan Abbott Books and Alison Gaylin.
Harry Reid's dirty dozen. Until we remove this crew, we will not be able to touch Obama, or take our Country back! This Dirty Dozen will never allow any of these solutions to be implemented. Each darned one of them is a Big Government groupie. DOZEN DIRTY DEMOCRATS 1. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) Big Obamacare fan. Sits on the Veterans Affairs Committee and must take some responsibility for failing to act when he heard of veterans dying as they waited for VA care. Supports full funding for the anti-American United Nations. Supports the DREAM ACT and Birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants. Votes with Harry Reid 85% of the time. FIRE Harry Reid & TAKE BACK THE SENATE (click here) 2. Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) Voted for T.A.R.P., the ‘stimulus” bailout, Obamacare, pro-union Paycheck Protection. He’s a Big Government liberal in locked step with Democrat machine and Barack Obama. Votes 80% of the time with Harry Reid. Had enough? FIRE Harry Reid & TAKE BACK THE SENATE 3. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) Radic ...
to last time Mark Pryor ran away from a reporter. Remember that, ?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
What else r they doing?? "The Senate floor battle has now opened on the fake “pro-gun” bill designed to reelect endangered anti-gun Democrats up in 2014 in pro-gun states. That bill is S. 2363, sponsored by anti-gun crazy Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), with the chief cosponsors being endangered anti-gunners who are Mark Begich (D-AK), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Mark Udall (D-CO), Mark Warner (D-VA) and Al Franken (D-MN). By now, even the dumbest Senators realize that this "sportmen's" bill is nothing but a political ploy to keep Harry Reid (D-NV) and Obama’s cronies in power in the Senate. An article in The Hill newspaper made this clear yesterday: “The legislation is meant to help several red-state Democrats in tough reelection races this year. Co-sponsors include four other Dems who, like Hagan, are facing difficult reelection races this year: Sens. Mark Pryor (Ark.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Mary Landrieu (La.) and Mark Udall (Colo.).” The Senate yesterday overcame the first hurdle in movi ...
"Bipartisan Sportsman Act of 2014" (S. 2363) could possibly come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate any day now. Link to the Wikipedia page describing it: say it's a great bill and will protect sportsmen's rights: . . as examples. Others say that it is just a ruse to allow anti-gun representatives to say that they voted for a pro-gun bill before elections: "In fact, Capitol Hill experts admit this is simply an attempt for vulnerable Senate Democrats like Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Mark Begich (D-AK) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) to cast a token pro-gun vote so they can sell it to voters this fall. Even some weak-kneed Republicans -- like Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -- are pushing it in hopes of getting a pro-gun sticker and a pat on the back. " Other groups like animal rights group don't like the bill because it encourages hunting: Animal Welfare Inst. · May 27 Help protect wildlife and public safety – urge your senators to oppose S. 2363 Here is a link to the full text of the . ...
issues statement in response to Sen. Mark Pryor's campaign:
American Crossroads, turning its attention to does $414k of TV ads against Mark Pryor:
Ad: Mark Pryor is Obama's 'Rubber Stamp': Conservative super PAC American Crossroads has a new ad running in A...
I think Mark Pryor will be the next AG. They need a former senator to get through confirmation in a GOP Senate.
Mark Pryor voted to cut military pensions.
Tom Cotton and the Farm Bill: Tom Cotton (R), Mark Pryor (D). Earlier this year, Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton...
Mark Pryor is pro-Obamacare even though it hurts Arkansas Families and Seniors. Watch the Video
thanks for ruining his arm for us. Where's Mark Pryor either?
Mark Pryor said Obamacare has been "An Amazing Success Story" even though it hurts AR Seniors. Watch the Video
Every time I see a Mark Pryor commercial.I just get sick at my stomach!!! He's suck a joke and so full of propaganda among other things..
Vote for Mark Pryor, he has the balls to stand up to those *** from texass. And why anyone would not want Americans to have Healthcare
Don't forget: a vote for Mark Pryor is a vote for Harry Reid!
Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., wouldn't tell Politico whether he would vote for Obamacare again, sending an e-mail dodging the question and saying the law “isn't perfect” and he would “work to make it better.” It seems the Democrat — facing a tough re-election — is trying to gain favor with constituents b…
If you agree that Senator Mark Pryor lied, click here!
Mark Pryor is a DC liberal who votes with Pres. Obama 90% of the time. It’s time to fire Mark Pryor – Watch the Video
Senator Mark Pryor is more interested in toeing the Democratic Party line than fighting for Arkansans. As your Senator, I will fight for your needs.
So you're saying vote for mark Pryor
Brian Schweitzer is pure Montana...but is he presidential material? Well, he's sure entertaining.
Tom Cotton is not only pretty unlikable apparently, but he is also probably too far right even for Arkansas.
Tom Cotton accuses Sen. Mark Pryor of “toeing the line” for President Obama and the Democratic Party, but Pryor voted against Obama more than any other Senate Democrat.
Tom Cotton is trying to show some personality. "I'm warm, dammit!"
Goal: $26,791 | Deadline: June 21 Mark Pryor Leads in 5 of the Last 8 Polls! Mark has taken the momentum but can only win and keep the Senate if he makes his goal for the June 30 FEC filing deadline. CONTRIBUTE now to help keep the Senate majority. If Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers went into Frankenstein’s lab, the recipe for their ideal Senate candidate would look something like this: Two parts Paul Ryan (especially the attacks on Medicare and Social Security). One part Michele Bachmann. A hint of Ted “burn-it-all-down” Cruz. And a huge chunk of Scott Brown’s zealous ambition. Know what you’d get? Republican Congressman Tom Cotton. At least that would explain why they’re spending so much to put him in the Senate. In fact, these special interest groups have thrown more than $10 million into attacking Mark Pryor. They’re outspending him 3-to-1. If we don’t jump in to help Mark fight back, Kochlandia will succeed in putting their puppet in the Senate. Mark is facing a HUGE, public, financia ...
The republicans want you to believe Mark Pryor is a yes man for the president. He is most definately not a yes man. However,Tom Cotton is a 'NO' man. He votes no for all the critical bills for Arkansas.
There's good news and bad news. The good news is that thanks to you we're now beating Senator Mark Pryor in six straight polls! Our most recent poll shows that we're ahead by seven points. That means our message is resonating with voters. The bad news is that President Obama knows this, and he's raising money to help re-elect his close ally Senator Mark Pryor. President Obama held a fundraiser in New York City yesterday for Harry Reid's Super PAC, and this morning that same Super PAC launched a new wave of attack ads against me on television. I need your help to fight back. President Obama and Harry Reid will spend whatever they think it takes to re-elect Senator Pryor, because he fights for them - not for Arkansas. With your help we can change that.
Are you sick of Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor tell one lie to cover up the next . Tell you what they are going to do is both suck the system dry and advance their own self not you are me when the election is over just try talk to either no no . But now they both go out their way shake your hand .
Tom Cotton: “I’m warm, dammit." -- If you have to say it, it's probably not true.
Tom Cotton supports Paul Ryan budget, will make lesser for medicaid and medicare, don't allow this people, go vote for Mark Pryor!
GOP polls have Tom Cotton leading the Arkansas Senate race.
An internal poll conducted for a conservative super PAC that has spent more than $1 million helping Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton found that he leads Sen. Mark Pryor by 9 percentage points. The survey of 600 likely voters conducted June 3-5 by Fabrizio, Lee and Associates has Cotton leading 51 percent to…
Mark Pryor won’t say whether he would vote for Obamacare again.
Mark Pryor fights for the people of Arkansas. While Cotton votes against the farm bill, Sen.Pryor supports the farm bill and develops a second Agriculture bill. Pryor the best choice for Arkansas Farmers.
Great night at Hannah Vogler's home, fundraiser for Mark Robertson. Got to talk with Sen David Pryor.
Frontiers in GOP polling: Now Tom Cotton is suddenly up seven points over Mark Pryor
Obamacare supporter Mark Pryor refuses say whether he'd vote for the disastrous law all over again
I think Mark Pryor has a soft spot for the IRS...
.There aren't many issues on which Mark Pryor is willing to
Mark Pryor not saying much these days about the IRS...
Suddenly, inexplicably, won't say whether he would vote for again...
Do I see Mark Pryor in this group of fools...yep, he's there alright...
Sen Mark Pryor is, well, inaccurate in his claims about American wheat being perfect.
What's higher than the rate Mark Pryor supports Barack Obama? The increase in premiums faced by Benton County women aged 27-40. 97%!
Folks. Obama feels as if he has already accomplished his Middle East Doctrine. Encouraging violence and Leaving them in total chaotic state. Now, on the the country that he really despises. The United States. He's out giving global warming speeches and *** pride pep rally's while the world is in turmoil. Folks. Obama is not a leader!! In the upcoming election we must elect candidates that do NOT support this regime!! I have no animosity towards Mark Pryor, but his friend list is comprised of Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other liberal democrats . We cannot overrule Harry Reid's Anti-America agenda if Mark Pryor remains in office. It's as simple as that. You've all heard your parents or grandparents tell you that you will be judged by the friends you hang out with. Folks. We must elect Tom Cotton as our next U.S Senator. Then if he isn't up to the job, fire him in the next election!! BUT, we must Not let Harry Reid continue as leader of the Senate. Our sovereignty depends on it.
Sen. Mark Pryor: "I am personally opposed to abortion." Except when it comes to parental consent, conscience, taxpayer funding & the unborn
Order Miche Bag Online!
Senior in Craighead County? Not only did Obama raid Medicare to tune of $700b, but your premiums went up 89%. Thx Mark Pryor!
Suddenly, Mark Pryor won't say if he would vote for Obamacare again:
Obamacare is so amazing, said Mark Pryor.
This is an excellent look at Arkansas senate race, focusing on the challenger. By
Congratulations to Mark Pryor who was chosen as one of 155 finalists (of 16,000 applicants!) for an
Would Mark Pryor vote for Obamacare again? It depends what day you ask him.
JOIN US THURSDAY IN Little Rock: This Thursday morning, June 19 at 10:30AM, our moms will hand-deliver hundreds of postcards - signed by Arkansan members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America like you - to Senator Mark Pryor's Little Rock office. Can you join us? Email Arkansasif you can make it!
Tom Cotton's problem: struggling with the charisma gap & an out of touch, far right record
Cotton to voters: I'm no Grinch via for iOS
Mark Pryor's message: "I voted for Obamacare... Look over there"
Tom Cotton's message to voters: I'm no Grinch
I was struck by Tom Cotton's latest commercial so I did some fact checking. This is why I would rather politicians tell us what they're going to do instead of bash the other guy. I'm Not being sanctimonious because both parties do the same thing. Back to the point- Tom complains Mark Pryor doesn't think for himself and toes the party line, saying Pryor voted with the Democrats 90% of the time. Actually, Pryor voted with his party 80% of the time. He was the least reliable vote for the Dems. Furthermore, the truth is Tom Cotton voted with his party 97% of the time! Judge not lest ye be judged!
The crowd freaks out as Bill Clinton arrives, and then Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor speaks at an Obama rally in North Little Rock on 10/24/08.
A great one by What makes Mark Pryor tick? Apparently nothing
Update from NRSC As Senate Democrat whine about campaign contributions from lobbyists, wanted to make sure you saw that no committee has taken more money from lobbyists than the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). “No other political candidate or group received more money from lobbyist-bundlers than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which raised nearly $2.6 million from them despite regularly criticizing lobbyists and Republicans who associate with them.” (Michael Beckel, Lobbyists Boost Senate Democrats, Center For Public Integrity, 06/16/14) With the DSCC already reserving airtime for Mark Begich, Mark Pryor, Mark Udall, Jeanne Shaheen, Gary Peters and Kay Hagan it will be interesting to see how these Senate Democrats square their anti-K Street rhetoric with the fact that the DSCC has already reserved airtime in their respective states. And if you’re wondering why the DSCC hasn’t reserved anytime in Louisiana, it’s because the DSCC is looking at the same polling that w . ...
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American Crossroads and this Mark Pryor commercial where the little girl in the spelling bee spells out "Obama" is unbelievable.
Today in Arkansas: Mark Pryor takes Tom Cotton to task for voting against economic development, Arkansas tax revenue is down, Barbara Graves Intimate Fashions closes and Mara Leveritt releases "Dark Spell," a follow-up to "Devil's Knot."
LTE in today's Dem-Gaz: Cotton the better pick Here are six good reasons to vote for Tom Cotton in the coming election for U.S. Senate. 1. He grew up on a farm in Yell County and played high school basketball for the Dardanelle Sand Lizards. 2. He graduated with honors from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. 3. He volunteered for the Army and served as a platoon leader with the 101st Airborne Division, seeing combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. 4. He is a strong conservative with the courage to go with his convictions. He is willing to go against his party leadership if he believes it is best for his state and country. 5. He is not Mark Pryor. 6. John Brummett can’t stand him. I think we need men like this in the U.S. Senate. We can no longer afford lifetime “go along to get along” politicians. A vote for Tom Cotton over Mark Pryor is also a vote against Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama. DAVID L. SUENRAM Bull Shoals
. "The Koch Brothers are the Democrats’ public enemy No. 1. But there was a time not too long ago that billionaires Charles and David Koch were modest Democratic Party donors. Though the Kochs have poured untold millions into conservative and libertarian causes over the years, the political action committee for their privately held Koch Industries also has given money through the years to Democratic causes and candidates — including Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu and Chuck Schumer — as part of the influence-peddling game that many corporations and wealthy donors play. Those donations from Koch Industries Inc. Political Action Committee, or KochPAC, include nearly $200,000 to Democratic candidates and committees as recently as 2010 — including a $30,000 donation to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other top Democrats have made vilifying the Kochs part of a deliberate political strategy to rile up the party’s base and drive the party’s small-dollar f ...
It really isn't that hard. All Tom Cotton needs to do is ask Mark Pryor if he'll vote to name Harry Reid as Senate Maj…
Obozocare Lost the health plan you were promised you could keep? Lost the Dr you were promised you could keep? Praying you are not injured or become ill while outside your local network? Unable to keep your prescription due to the tight network formulary? Seeing your Medicare Advantage rates double? Ready to see $billions of taxPAYER money go to bailout insurance companies? Know a friend or family member whose full time job is now no more than 28hrs / week? Paying more for less when you were promised a $2500/year reduction in insurance premiums? The ACA passed with the minimum vote in the Senate. That means that EVERY senator that voted for obamacare was THE deciding vote and is solely responsible for YOUR hardships. If ONE of YOUR elected senators voted for the ACA that is the ONLY reason you are losing your health insurance or paying far more for much less. Here are the senators up for re-election in 2014 that voted for the ACA: • Mark Begich (Alaska) • Mark Pryor (Arkansas) • Mark Udall (Colorado ...
New Post on True North: Coal-ition by Mark Heuring. You can look past Benghazi and the IRS scandal and the ongoing troubles with the VA hospitals, and many Democratic politicians on the ballot this year would greatly appreciate it if you did that. But if you're a vulnerable Democrat, perhaps the one thing you have to worry about the most is economic disruption from regulation. And there are some very worried Dems right now: A collection of seven Senate Democrats are pressuring President Obama to scale-back the proposed carbon limits on new coal-fired power plants. In a letter to Obama on Wednesday, the senators asserted that the technology the rule is based on is not commercially viable."We are committed to improving air quality; however, the emissions standards in the proposed rule are not based on technology that has been adequately demonstrated on a commercial scale," the letter, spearheaded by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) states.Sens. Mary Landrieu (La.), Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Ma ...
I told you just yesterday that this was going to happen - but it's much sooner than I anticipated. From By KENNETH P. VOGEL 5/11/14 12:29 PM EDT 'The Koch Brothers’ main political arm intends to spend more than $125 million this year on an aggressive ground, air and data operation benefiting conservatives, according to a memo distributed to major donors and sources familiar with the group. 'The projected budget for Americans for Prosperity would be unprecedented for a private political group in a midterm, and would likely rival even the spending of the Republican and Democratic parties’ congressional campaign arms. 'The group already has spent more than $35 million on ads attacking vulnerable Democrats in key Senate and House races, according to sources, including Sens. Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Pryor of Arkansas. The $125 million projection comes from a memo obtained by POLITICO, labeled as a “Confidential Investor Update” provided to major don ...
The single best reason NOT to re-elect Mark Pryor? The very first vote he'll cast if re-elected will be to re-install Harry Reid as King of the Senate.
*** people are getting married in Arkansas, Mark Pryor is crushing Tom Cotton, and Mike Beebe has a 79% approval rating. …
This year is our chance to get rid of Pelosi and Feinstein. I know that they MUST shame even the democrats. Come on, people, kick'em to the curb! Here are 18 Democrat running for election in 2014 who knew you’d lose your health insurance because of Obama-care, but promised you could keep it anyway. These are the LIARS who STOLE your healthcare. 1) Nancy Pelosi ( California ) 2) Dianne Feinstein ( California ) 3) Mark Begich (Alaska) 4) D_l_C_K Durbin (Illinois) 5) Al Franken (Minnesota) 6) Kay Hagan (North Carolina) 7) Tom Harkin (Iowa) 8) Tim Johnson (South Dakota) 9) Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) 10) Carl Levin (Michigan) 11)Jeff Merkley (Oregon) 12) Mark Pryor (Arkansas) 13) Jack Reed (Rhode Island) 14) Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia) 15) Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) 16) Mark Udall (Colorado) 17) Tom Udall (New Mexico) 18) Mark Warner (Virginia) We the People ... will remember these 18 criminals in 2014 Help re post this thanks!
Brett's Political Pulse: Jay Rockefeller (D) is retiring, leaving the door open for long-serving congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R). Two September Polls by Harper (R) and PPP (D) had Capito leading Secretary of State Natalie Tenant (D) by roughly 15 points. (Flip to R). The obvious choice is Shelley Moore Capito who has enough political weight to beat Natalie Tennant. I have had several phone calls at the house posing about 7 candidates for US Congress. She is among the top 20 leaders in the House (Democrats and Republicans) combined. The Primaries are on Tuesday May 13, 2014. VOTE! I won't try to tell you who to vote for, but voting for Natalie Tennant will be voting for 6 more years of Congressional gridlock... gridlock that fails to accomplish the most basic task of even passing a budget. Nationally, there will be 7 Senate seats lost to Republicans but control rests on eight additional states: Alaska: Mead Treadwell (R) v. Mark!Begich (D) - Republican (4-6 points) Arkansas: Mark Pryor (D) v. Cotton ...
If the country's east Sen. Mark Pryor will send money home. So I was carrying 15 bullets and no enemies and forced...
Mark Pryor apparently no longer a Democrat: "I’m not there to represent the president and his party."
WAPOST: Mark Pryor "loathe" to be a Democrat. Will he support Harry Reid? "Maybe." He votes with Obama 90%!
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THE HYPOCRACY OF Harry Reid AND THE DEMOCRATS, KNOWS NO END!! YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE THIS FOR EASY ACCESS, COME THE ELECTION TIME!! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to turn the Koch Brothers into the modern face of political evil, having mentioned them in the senate at least 134 times on the senate floor during the past few weeks. What he hasn’t explained is if they are so evil why do so many Democratic Party members of congress take their money? During the past five congressional campaigns (2006-14) Koch money went to President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Mark Pryor, Chuck Schumer and other members of Congress. According to campaign finance records, former Koch Industries lobbyist Robert P. Hall III donated $500 to Reid’s campaign in 2003. koch reid Hall worked for Koch Industries from 1998 to 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He was previously a lobbyist for INVISTA, the Koch Industries subsidiary that Democrats are targeting in their latest ca ...
Arkansas Friends, The race for the US Senate seat held by Mark Pryor is heating up with both the Pryor camp and Cotton camp launching attacks. As you endure the "season of negativity" please be aware of Tom Cotton's position on public schools in Arkansas. He wrote to me and made this statement: "School voucher programs provide a wide variety of options for parents, especially in communities with poor performing schools, and save taxpayer money at the same time. The state currently pays school districts $6,267 a year per student. This expense would be unnecessary if the parents' choose to send their children to a private school. While you may take exception to my view, I believe that choice, competition, and freedom will help provide needed reforms to our public schools, as it does in free markets." This is a scary position, in my view. He chooses to abolish public education, a state responsibility, and replace it with private schools. I admit am biased, having spent my entire working life in public ed ...
Sebelius Out, Mitch McConnell Next Help Elect a Bold, Conservative Senate Majority Dear Conservative: It’s nearly always in bad taste to celebrate over another's misfortune, especially when they’ve lost their ‘job' like so many millions of others. But that’s not the case with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has served with infamy as the Grim-Reaper-in-Chief of Obamacare. In fact, If it wasn’t for the remaining collection of Obama leftists, liars, incompetents, and cronies, it would be patriotic for Americans to hold a 'ticker-tape’ parade about now. But there’s still hope! We can soon sweep many of Obama’s best friends in the U.S. Senate -- those who originally voted for Obamacare, or those who later voted to FULLY fund it -- into the 'dustbin of history' too. Here is the list of the 6 most vulnerable Senate Dems’: Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan (North Carolina) Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor (Arkansas) Democrat Sen. Mark Begich (Alaska) Democrat Sen. Mark ...
Heitkamp leads Senate Democrats’ new push for Keystone XL approval WASHINGTON, DC 04/10/2014 By Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor Ten other US Senate Democrats joined Heidi Heitkamp (ND) in urging US President Barack Obama to approve the proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline by May 31. “Please use your executive authority to expedite this process to a swift conclusion and a final decision so we can all move forward on other energy infrastructure needs in this country,” they said in an Apr. 10 letter to the president. Sens. Mary L. Landrieu (La.), who chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; Mark Begich (Alas.); Joe Donnelly (Ind.); Kay Hagan (NC); Joe Manchin (W.Va.); Claire McCaskill (Mo.); Mark Pryor (Ark.); Jon Tester (Mont.); John Walsh (Mont.); and Mark Warner (Va.) also signed the letter. “This process has been exhaustive in its time, breadth, and scope,” said Heitkamp. “It has already taken much longer than anyone can reasonably justify.” She said, “We cannot miss another ...
I withdraw all support from Democratic Senators and Senate candidates Mark Begich (Alaska), Kay Hagan (NC), Mary Landrieu (LA), Mark Pryor (AR), John Walsh (MT), & Mark Warner (VA) for their letter to Obama pushing for the disastrous KXL Pipeline.
Polls in a few districts that are supposed to be competitive for Republicans in the senate are actually looking good for us. I just read a poll with Mark Pryor up 10 point, one from New Hampshire showing we are doing well, and Georgia is close. Keep it up and lets win in 2014! -Tom
Sen. Mark Pryor (D) apparently didn't get the Dem Party memo about the Koch bros being the new political Voldemorts
Rohm Emanuel, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton & Mark Pryor these are the people that make the Democratic Party lose.
.on the gaffe that has Mark Pryor leading this election's Todd Akin sweepstakes.
Cry Havoc (Racism) and Let Slip the Dogs of War By Mona Charen March 10, 2014 12:22 pm When seven Democratic senators voted with all of the Republicans to reject Debo Adegbile's nomination to serve as head of the Justice Department's civil rights division, Harry Reid cried racism. It's as if Reid was on autopilot, and the aide who usually touches his elbow to correct him wasn't available. If the aide had been there, he would have whispered, "Um, Senator, you're accusing your own side of racism." (I LIKE TO ENVISION HIM WORKING IN A CASINO AT ONE OF THE TABLES.) Adegbile had been rejected, the majority leader explained, because "he stood for civil rights," and "Republicans have done everything they can, for a number of years now, to stop people from voting ... " So welcome to the club, Sens. Chris *** Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, Robert Casey, John Walsh, Joe Donnelly and Mark Pryor. By disagreeing with Reid, you're all honorary racists, which is the same thing as being a Republican, according to the D ...
In case you missed CPAC, tune in tomorrow morning as I recap the weekend with Republican strategist Hogan Gidley and RealClear Politics reporter Caitlin Huey Burns. We also mark the one year anniversary of the Arkansas legislature overturning Gov. Beebe's veto of the 12-week abortion ban with State Senator Jason Rapert. And State Representative Joe Jett catches us up on the fiscal session and the private option that passed last week. Republican National Committee Regional Press Secretary Michael Short discusses the impact on Sen. Mark Pryor's "entitlement" comment. Lance Turner previews this week's Arkansas Business and Mariah Hatta and Marvin Lessmann join in for The Spin Room.
I love how the liberal media wants to assign anything that could possibly be construed as racially motivated as being led by Southerners! It makes my blood boil! Just now on NPR’s Morning Edition (yes, I often listen), a story on yesterday’s failed vote on Debo Adegbile began “a handful of southern Democrats joined Republicans yesterday to defeat President Obama’s choice to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division.” For what it’s worth the Democrats who voted no: Chris *** (Del.) Bob Casey (Pa.) Mark Pryor (Ark.) Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) Joe Manchin (W.V.) Joe Donnelly (Ind.) John Walsh (Mont.) And, of course, Harry Reid (Nev.), who did it for procedural grounds. Not exactly Sons of the Confederacy.
Stamped as my profile picture is the image of Debo Adegbile. Debo is Nigerian-American. He is President Obama's nominee for Deputy Attorney General, Civil Rights Division. Today, seven Senate Democrats joined all 44 Senate Republicans to vote against Adegbile's confirmation. The seven Senate Democrats are: Chris *** (Delware), Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota), Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Joe Donnolly (Indiana), and John Walsh (Montana). Debo's crime: As a lawyer, Debo spent more than a decade working for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, where he served as the group’s in-house voting rights expert. In that period of time, Debo participated in an appeal filed on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal, an internationally known prisoner convicted of the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer, Daniel Faulkner. The legal defense fund began its work on Abu-Jamal's behalf well before Adegbile began working for it, however he did contribute to the filing of a 2009 court brief . ...
I'm always amazed at the things that come out of Mark Pryor's mouth.
Randall, Six seats. That is all we have keeping us from a Senate that looks just like the House – run by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party. It is up to all of us to protect the Senate by reelecting our Democratic Frontline senators: Kay Hagan (NC), Mary Landrieu (LA), Mark Begich (AK), Mark Pryor (AR) and Jeanne Shaheen (NH). Pryor’s opponent serves as a good example of what we could face if we lose our majority. Arkansas Congressman Tom Cotton has voted against equal pay, birth control and the Violence Against Women Act – twice. Stopping people like Cotton and the Kochs from controlling the Senate will take making sure our Democratic Frontline has what it takes to respond. Donate in the next 14 hours to help raise $65,000. The Kochs are already attacking – we cannot wait. Click here to donate directly to Kay, Mark, Mary, Mark and Jeanne to protect our Senate majority. The last few years have given us a front row seat to the most unproductive Congress in history. The House is doing ...
Randall, You probably don’t know me, but I asked Mark if I could send you a quick note today. I spent years fighting for women’s rights before becoming the first openly elected LGBT member of the Arkansas General Assembly. So I can’t just sit back and watch billionaire outsiders buy Congressman Tom Cotton – whose agenda is one of the most anti-women I’ve ever seen – a seat in the U.S. Senate. As I write, the Koch Brothers are knee-deep in an attack ad blitz against our senator, Mark Pryor. Why? They want a Republican-controlled Senate ready to turn the clock back on women’s rights 50 years – or more. One thing is true: If we don’t help Mark meet his $45,000 February fundraising goal, that’s exactly what we’ll get. Can you help out with a contribution now to keep Tom Cotton out of the Senate? Because you've saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately: Express Donate: $5 Express Donate: $25 Express Donate: $50 Or donate another amount. Click here ...
Ok, this will take a little time to read, but it will make you stop and think and hopefully bring some things into perspective. Share with me your thoughts? THE PROBLEM WITH TOPDOWN GOVERNMENT President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Pryor, and Mike Ross decided that the State of Arkansas should spend $2 billion per year on Medicaid Expansion. That is not the total cost of Medicaid. Just the new spending. This does not include the subsidies that the federal government is administering. Only new Medicaid spending in Arkansas. ARE YOU NOT COMPASSIONATE? THAT'S WHAT LEGISLATORS ARE BEING ASKED BY LIBERALS AND THE LEFT WINGERS. So I will ask you. Are you not compassionate? Or? WHAT WILL $2 BILLION/YEAR BUY? What could we get instead of health insurance for 250,000 able bodied adults, half who are not working. EDUCATION *How many lottery scholarships? 400,000 @ $5000/year or 200,000 @ $10,000/year or 100,000 @ $20,000/year or 50,000 @ $40,000/year or 20,000 @ $100,000/year or 10,000 @ $200,000/year (current number ...
Randall, Let’s be blunt – Congressman Tom Cotton’s record in the House has been downright appalling, especially where Arkansas women are concerned. Cotton has voted against equal pay for equal work. He’s voted to cut Social Security benefits and end Medicare – which nearly 300,000 Arkansas women depend on – as we know it. And Cotton has turned his back on women who’ve endured violence – having opposed vital military sexual assault protections and voted against the Violence Against Women Act – not once, but twice. Take a moment right now and tell Tom Cotton his anti-woman agenda is outrageous – and wrong for Arkansas. Click here to tell Tom Cotton that his record is wrong for women in Arkansas and across the country. We can all agree that the last thing we need is Tom Cotton and his anti-woman views in the Senate. Make sure you take a moment and add your voice to this important debate. Thanks so much, Stop Tom Cotton Paid for by Mark Pryor for US Senate Pryor for Senate PO Box 2720 Litt ...
Well the political adds are gearing up. Wasn't very long ago I didn't pay much attention to them or do my research, but that has changed. So far the biggest manipulators of the truth are Mike Ross and Mark Pryor. Congratulations Democrats.
We still need 186 people to make a contribution of $100 or more in the next 48 hours to pay for the production of our "Defeat Mark Pryor" TV ad campaign. To make a contribution of $100 or more - CLICK HERE.
Im tired of hearing this terrelle Pryor trade stuff, mark Davis would not let that happen. Get that threw your head
Bet Mark Pryor (Democrat Arkansas) wishes he had not passed it to find out what was in it!
Just say No to Mark Pryor and his reckless following of Barack Hussein Obama.
Mark Pryor voted to raise the debt ceiling. FYI
How much trouble for Mark Pryor? Dem group spending $310k on this one ad against his opponent
also Mark Pryor is far from a Marxist.
Nice. Our very own Arkansas senator, Mark Pryor. Democrats here are more conservative than NY Republicans.
But vote for more of Obama commie crap along with Mark Pryor
Sen. Mark Pryor (D.AR) just voted for a blank check for Obama. Voted for farm bill & ACA.He's now ready for retirement.
Thank you Sen. John Boozman & Sen. Mark Pryor for voting to keep our government open through September. Nice to see common sense win out over the Tea Party anarchists.
Senate passes House repeal of career military COLA cut 95-3 Mark Pryor (D-AK) was 4 the COLA cut before he was against it.
Anyone as politically connected as you should know what marxism is, but if you don't, ask Mark Pryor. He would know.
Mark Pryor, like our President believes that he can do what ever he wants to & the Democrats who support him evidently agree.
."'I don’t want to see us default on our national debt,' Sen. Mark Pryor said." As opposed to Tom “Take the Medicine Now” Cotton
Mark Pryor supported and stands with His legacy? Smaller paychecks, fewer workers
"Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., might not be 'booty poppin’ in a headstand,' but he did vote for Obamacare, and the RNC would like you to know."
Pryor and Farmers Blast Tom Cotton for Reckless Vote Against the Farm Bill - Mark Pryor –...
Yes! Liberal Democrat Senator Mark Pryor is already behind in the polls. This is a must-win for conservatives in...
Mark likes Pryor I guess but that means nothing. Reg has full control, 100%. And Reggie don't like Pryor.
Royal Latin School cricket team 1970. I'm second from right on back row. Others from Buckingham, include Paul Carter, Andrew Twelftree, Alan Kiddle, John Hounslow. Also Jim Robertson, the master I/c. Nigel Parker is from Marsh Gibbon, Mark Pryor from Weedon (Aylesbury). The rest were RLS boarders. One, Jeremy Shaw, is now in Los Angeles, but comes back every year to play Motor Racing with James Beckett.
I have a sponsored add Russell Gregory and David L Singer they ask if you want some one for Senator that will stand up for Arkansas.My answer is yes but it sure as *** is not Mark Pryor he slips around until dirty Harry has the needed votes then he votes the other way.
Capitol Hill update: Senator Mark Pryor addressing our group on cyber security initiatives.
Interesting update on data breach and cyber security legislation from Senator Mark Pryor.
Senator Mark Pryor now sharing his thoughts w/ the 100+ tech folks at the DC FlyIn w/ and
Arkansas Residents! Listen up, Senator Mark Pryor AND HIS FRIENDS are trying to destroy Mr. Cotton but the bills Mr Cotton voted "NO" on may of had a bunch of COSTLY CRAP he wasn't willing to dump on the citizens of America and that Mark Pryor was willing to Approve, AT THE TAX PAYERS EXPENSE. Just remember that NOT ONE REPUBLICIAN in the congress VOTED TO APPROVE OBAMACARE, YET MARK PRYOR in the senate voted for it knowing it would not ever have an effect on him. But note this, Mark Pryor must be REALLY ASHAMED of his vote on OBAMACARE because he avoids the subject like it is RADIOACTIVE! Come on Mark Pryor be PROUD of YOUR OBAMACARE VOTE!!! BRAG ABOUT HOW YOU AND Blanche Lincoln VOTED FOR IT BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS IN YOU OPINION ARE TO STUPID TO KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEM! COME ON MARK!
Today the CBO reported that 2.3 million jobs will be lost because of ObamaCare . Thanks to Senator Mark Pryor many of these lost jobs will be here in Arkansas.
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