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Mark Meadows

Mark Stephen Meadows (born 1947) is an attorney, former Mayor of the City of East Lansing, Michigan, and current Assistant Leader of the Michigan State House of Representatives.

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Senators/Representatives who support this garbage bill should pay the price in Nov. 2018. So…
Here's Mark Meadows stepping out of his Tea Party Express to focus on his…
If you think Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows are fine people, I'm not going to take any of your opinions seriously.
We elected some of the ONLY reliable and praiseworthy conservatives in office today: Cruz, Lee, Sasse, Nikki Haley,…
NC here too living in a Democratic county that was gerrymandered so the GOP Mark Meadows could be our…
I hope so, Mark. Meadows has a stronghold in Caldwell County. His tenure is contingent…
The future leadership and “Freedom Caucus” wings of the Republican Party are going to make Paul Ryan and Mark Meado…
Question for your panel: what are the odds the abomination that is the Senate tax bill passes the hous…
"Mark Meadows claims lawmakers are covered due to keep their income if GOP
Congratulations to Maggie Staton from Mrs. Roger's class! Your ornament was selected as Upward Elementary School's…
If you find yourself moaning about something inconsequential, take a look at this hero and reboot yourself
Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Breitbart News that Republicans will only succeed in the midterm elections if “they get behind th…
House Speaker Paul Ryan faces grumbling from far-right flank, including Rep. Mark Meadows
.you're quickly not becoming my fav congressman Mark Meadows: Wall May Have to Wait https:…
Reminder that chairman of house Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows, brought down John Boehner.
Chairman of House Freedom Caucus is Mark Meadows, who brought down John Boehner. House Freedom Caucus is Koch Bros controlled
Mark Meadows? Thomas Massie? Dave Brat? ... you mean the ppl who voted Republican regardless but not his backers
"They've been whipping it all weekend, like an old mule." -Mark Meadows on GOP leadership pushing Graves' 12 bill spending omnibus proposal
Mark Meadows says HFC will invoke obscure rule to cut CBO staff; suggests analysts aggregate think-tank analyses instead.
Mark Meadows took Heath Shuler's seat. Gerrymandering has something to do with this, as d…
The MOST Conservative man in Congress, Mark Meadows, says pass BCRA. I suggest we listen. He gets the big picture.
Don't be deceived.Those were tears of joy.If he cared he'd try to do something about it.
Oh screw Mark Meadows and his fake tears. Screw the Freedom Caucus right in the eye hole.
Safe to say this chap won't be too impressed with the weather at Ferry meadows!
"Mark Meadows claims lawmakers are allowed to
I hope Mark Meadows pays more attention in future voting. surely will!
Gerrymandering. In NC: Asheville looks like it was carved OUT of CD-11, where Rep. Mark Meadows essentially runs without opposition.
Worst playoff final in history so far. Both these sides will get eaten alive in the Premier League
real story:2016 platform REPEAL FATCA. Tax plan doesn't mention this but Rand Paul and Mark Meadow…
Remind me to bring this up next time we're in the pub &
Republican congressman cries after learning what's in health bill he voted for: Report
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I suspect Mark Meadows has the bigger headache right now.
Seriously? Your talking about Mark Meadows. He doesn't understand the concepts of up or down.
your coverage in Ferry Meadows Peterborough is dire. No 4g 3G or enough signal to make a call. Very very poor service.
If his tears are to be believed, Rep. Mark Meadows truly didn't realize how awful the bill he helped write was
💡Let's Repeal and Replace Mark Meadows in 2018 >>>
Been there 6 times this season. Rubbish crowds unfortunately. But Bowyer done a brilliant job.
I hear ya! Mine are Burr, Tillis and Mark Meadows 😬
Blackpool's win at Wembley is set to net them around £500,000, which means they've got an extra £0 to spend on transfers.
Blackpool fans at Wembley: 2010 vs 2017. . This is what the toxic running of a football club does to its fanbase. https…
Blackpool fans celebrating miss the point. We`re still 1 division below and 5 years behind where we should be if it wasnt for that family.
Meadows' rightly human reaction to CBO finding his plan really does threaten people w pre-existing conditions
"A Landscape View to Longs Peak on the Drive to Beaver Meadows" by Mark Stevens.
You *** you signed off on a bill you dont even understand. . via
Republican AHCA architect tears up talking about family member with preexisting conditions via
Mark Meadows choked back tears after reading CBO report. QUERY : Any tears from ?.
'Mark Meadows chokes back tears after finding out the impact of the health care bill he helped write': '
🙋 Hi Mark, is that Ferry Meadows? Hop you have a great day. You can't beat a bit of Ferry Meadows
Confused Mark Meadows and Mark Sanford, which means one thing: there are too many white men named Mark from South Carolina in Congress.
Top Republican tears up about family after discussing the latest CBO score on the GOP healthcare bill…
tfw they say Mark Meadows cried about the CBO score
Here's Mark Meadows laughing, smiling about passing Here he is acting surprised that it will hurt people with pree…
Tune into MSNBC, where I'll be talking health care and Mark Meadows' response to the CBO score in a few
as an end stage cancer patient, I find the &
Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows now says he is 100% confident this exemption will be taken out of the bill.
STARTING NOW: Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Mark Meadows, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and more join Tune in!
Rep. Mark Meadows said this morning that Trump has "done more in 65 days than any president in modern history." Just puttin…
Scott DesJarlais and Mark Meadows say there are side assurances on the health care bill that we don't know about.
No vote today as bill not cruel enough per Mark Meadows. John Boehner smiling! Jil…
Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows not pleased with leaked Obamacare replacement draft, via
. Has great reviews. Unfortunately nothing on those dates! Thanks for contact though :)
Update your maps at Navteq
our man runs a mean Alexanderplatz tour.
Quote of the day. Most legislators have the backbone of a banana. --Rep Mark Meadows R-NC.
This Max Meadows home was destroyed in a fire this afternoon. . Here's the details we have:
Congressman Mark Meadows, Chair of the Freedom Caucus: "Most Congressmen have the backbone of a banana."
What a terrific conference! Mark Meadows, Dave Brat, and Warren Davidson on stage with Tim Chapman!
Mark Meadows: If u think u r better than the people that elected you to Congress, shame on you!
Mark Meadows-"my team is back home in western NC not D.C." He appreciates us
Tim Chapman, Heritage Action for America COO, moderating panel of good guys-Hon. Mark Meadows, Dave Brat, and Warre…
Excellent day at Butterfly Conservations Ryton Wood Meadows improving the habitat for the Grizzled Skipper on the butterfl…
unrelated; Mark from Meadows is going to Ballarat to see his Mrs. Won't be in the pub. Confirmed
Seems like Mark Meadows (chair of Subcommittee on Government Operations) is the man to convince. Oversees Exec Off…
My fav line from Pence in this story "Buckle up,” Pence said, according to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.)
My face whenever I see mark meadows or Emma Morgan getting rt'd onto my timeline
Jazz Musician, Artist and Composer of the Year: Mark G Meadows. Thank you!
Rep. Mark Meadows said Pence spoke about Trump as being "a man of action and a man of leadership."
My interview this morning w/ on the HFC's role in a Trump presidency, & earmarks
raft clay pad soon revealed presence on this stretch of River Stour Meadows
Please realize how very MANY of us are VERY UNHAPPY with Ryan being speaker again. Must choose someone new. Mark Meadows?!
3 found dead from suspected fentanyl exposure in Winnipeg home, police say - Winnipeg |
1-Representative Mark Meadows on the Republican Agenda | 2-Presidential Transition | 3-Russian State and the Media
is right. There should be consequences for Members who break the rules. # Accountability.
Ryan and McConnell is NOT what WE THE PEOPLE wanted! Mark Meadows, should be speaker.
Full interview this morning with discussing the the lame duck, and priorities.
Out tomorrow but you can listen to a taster now: magical White Mountain 🏔
1-*Representative Mark Meadows on the Republican A.. | 2-British Inquiry into Iraq War, Part 1 | 3-Science Education
Mark Meadows will fight for what's right, because he understands tha...
“Steve Bannon is not only a very capable individual, but he’s someone who’s quietly been able to understand what... htt…
The words we speak are extremely powerful, and although unseen, leave an lasting mark. Use with care.
The Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, et al screwed America 4 the 2nd time in less than 15 months. Bet you'…
Mark Meadows ... you have protected a sexual harasser. You have violated Congressional ethics. We will not forget!
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Mark Meadows you have shut down the government and cost Western North Carolina millions! Feel powerful? You are not!
Mark Meadows ... what have you done to help the economy of North Carolina? You've done nothing. What have you done t…
Jodie & ask if 's character is based on Today Show host?
President DO NOT LET Paul Ryan stay as speaker he will sabotage you again in 2020!!! Mark Meadows would be a…
Freedom Caucus members consider leaving the RSC: Rep. Mark Meadows says he and other caucus memb...
Is it an impromptu Sunday night protest? Naw, it's Silent Disco in The Meadows. Looks like fun!
Not acceptable for 'Match of the Day' to put Tag Heuer logo up when match times appear. This is the BBC. There should be no…
Bizarre seeing a bit of promotion on Match of the Day. A little Tag Heuer sign appeared next to the scoreline in the West Brom…
The time on MOTD sponsored by Tag Heuer... How do they get around that one then?! 🤔🤔
What's the script with the Tag Heuer sponsorship on ?
If Match of the Day can advertise Tag Heuer does that mean I don't have to pay my TV license anymore 🤔🤔
may I have my tv licence money back please! I just saw a Tag Heuer ad whilst watching motd, what you playing at?
.Motd Tag heuer advertising needs investigating. It is a BBC insert not by side of pitch. Clear breach of bbc no advert rules
Has started advertising? There's a quick Tag Heuer logo appearing on the top left. Refund please.
Why is there a Tag Heuer logo by the score on MOTD?
Why is Tag Heuer's logo appearing by the clock on I thought the BBC couldn't do advertising?
Tag Heuer sponsorship on MOTD? Are they sponsoring Lineker's pants?
Why did a really small Tag Heuer logo pop up beside the scoreboard during the Southampton game on
Many questions to be asked about the new relationship between and Tag Heuer and where the BBC sits within the relatio…
Mark Meadows: Americans, People across the Globe are Making Sure ‘Sovereign Rights are Respected’
R2D2. You even took R2D2. 2016, you really are a complete and utter ***
what is going on with TAG advert by scorebox on Motd? Surely against bbc rules?
Anyone else spot the weird TAG advert inserted by the score in the top left on couple of occasions on motd. Surely against bbc advert rules?
Im coming to berlin tomorrow what should I do or where should I go to find what to do, thanks in advance :)
Next Tuesday - join for his trip through film and music heritage (on the 26th too).
First day at German horse racing today and made a very tidy profit.
Banbury take the lead through Mark Bell
Another reason to mark your calendars for farm days!?.. The elusive side unicorn alpaca!…
Pasig-Valenzuela-Green Meadows-Valenzuela-Pasig. On a stormy weather like this. Mark of a true…
"We lost to a bunch of cowards. The better team did not win". Hope Solo on defeat to (via
"What did you enjoy most about the Trump rally this evening?" - Reporter. "I liked that it was open to all ages." - Mark Fol…
In case people don't remember Mark Foley: .
check out the meadows music fest in October
Rep. Mark Meadows: 'Trump coming to WNC would be great.'
Photo Flash: First Look at Mark G Meadows, Cleavant Derricks and More in JELLY'S LAST JAM at Signat...
On Friday, explore the lesser known parts of Alexanderplatz with our man
Join Congressman Mark Meadows and Sheriff Joe Arpaio on August 22nd. Click on this link to purchase tickets!
Our system is broken. Our tragedy responses are missing the mark. Victim services aren't working. We must do better:
10 year prison sentence for anyone caught using the phrase 'Team GB'
So excited to round out the seasons with two more Breastfeeding Group Shoots at Woven Meadows. . Mark your calendars!
This Friday you can explore the less obvious parts of Alexanderplatz with
Claire Meadows takes her reader on a journey straight into the dark heart of love
Thank you for that Do you still think that 16th is where Blackpool will finish the season?
Here is a great Interview with PUNKY MEADOWS on METAL SLUDGE with Gerry Gittelson. Also hope you can all make our... h…
Mark Meadows: "The American people always wonder about this stuff. They watch House of Cards and say,‘Is that real?’" http:/…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Conservative lawmaker introduces resolution to oust Boehner .
Rep. Mark Meadows started the process by filing a request to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner in 2014! Ryan needs to go!!!
Thanks Justin Thomas, Mark Meadows, Jason Greene, Don Andrews. Thank you for trusting me to serve your churches! UMATTER2me!
Nice chatting with Mark Meadows and Russ Baum today. Both came out to help me out in the new diggs. Was good to...
. my 3 suck! and two are GOP. Justin Amash, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy . good 1s
Con. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Member of the Gov't Oversight Comm. has agreed to hold a hearing for Dr. Thompson
Reopening ancient pipeline to Canada under St. Clair River--good or bad idea? E-L Mayor and Mark Meadows--next!
Mark Meadows, the guy who retired John Boehner endorsed In other news, supported Mitch McConnel in his 2014 race.
Mark Meadows intro'd at SC Tea Party conference as "the reason John Boehner is no longer Speaker" and gets standing O
Jenny Maybin representing Congressman Mark Meadows shares pride in "our" rescue squad.
House oversight committee OKs bill introduced by Gerry Connolly, Mark Meadows to combat fraud at agencies.
It's Black Cherry Vanilla and Almond Joy today!. Mark your calendars for the 20th, Santa will be at the meadows! 🎄🎅🏻
Heard at "Fed govt't spends $80 billion dollars on IT, and much of it needs to be modernized" - Rep. Mark Meadows -NC
Mark Meadows has mining in every county he represents??? Is that what he said?? His district produces ZERO coal.
Morse now expendable, Bell back in OF, and makes Polanco for Shelby Miller possible. In future, move Bell to 1B and Meadows to OF.
Tim Tillis, Mark Meadows need to vote for continued care of 911 first responders.
Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. to Feds: Apologies on behalf of Congress for blaming u for every thing that goes wrong in gov't
"There is no human nature, there is human behavior, and that's always changed throughout history." - Roxanne Meadows, The Venus Project
In which Mark Meadows compares himself to a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Mark Meadows thinks he's John Hancock, and other notes from inside the Freedom Caucus revolution, from
A House Divided: On July 28th, Mark Meadows, a Republican representative from North Carolina, walked to the we...
mark your calendars! And buy a laptop bag big enough to sneak in a TOSA! http…
Congressman Mark Meadows backs halt to Syrian refugees
Mark Meadows files to run for third term in US House.
How begins her motivational speeches, "okay, if mark richt was here, what would he say?"
I'm super excited to share images from Amanda & Mark's wedding at Temecula Creek Inn. Thank you to Carla Kayes...
we thought it was a bad address because the only registered misty meadows is in Sandy
Weird. We had a Misty Meadows in my ward growing up.
THANK GOD is praying for victims. Sky Daddy is going to heal their pain because MARK MEADOWS prayed for them.
Mark Meadows (for example): What? I'm only worth half as much to you as Steve Womack?! Are you kidding me?
North Carolina Rep forced to pay back government for fraudulent mileage reimbursement:
Rep. Meadows: Refugee vetting process not there yet: Rep. Mark Meadows, (R-N.C.), discusses the latest on the ...
Mark Meadows files for third term via
This Friday you can join mark_meadows for a trip through fascinating Film and Music heritage
. WHO is the Mark Meadows in the senate, Ted Cruz cant get a second on a bag of potatoe chips?
'Really disapointed in Justin Amash, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows & Tim Heulskamp. Thought they were better than this.'
House Leadership: Rep. Mark Meadows in no rush to endorse Jason Chaffetz - POLITICO
Sorry you thru Mark Meadows under the bus. He is a real Statesman.
Freedom Works not as good as Conservative Review (e.g. Jeff Flake). FW. Mark Meadows 87%. Louie Gohmert 92%
GOPer paid aide severance for months despite sexual harassment complaints from female staff
I know there is concern because of the Mark Meadows deal.
RINO Jason disqualified himself in his despicable actions against Mark Meadows
Plus look what he did to Mark Meadows!
Next Sunday: join for his unique tour around Alexanderplatz.
Did Kenny West have some dirt on Mark Meadows?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The "Top Aide" accused of sexual harassment was Kenny West, Mark Meadows' Chief of Staff (and 2012 primary opponent).
Chaffetz was the Boehner lapdog who fired Mark Meadows for daring to stand up to Speaker Boehner. And he supports an Internet tax.
Chaffets should apologize to Mark Meadows if he wants the Conservative vote for speaker.
You,Mark Meadows,or Walter Jones because all of you try your best to be humble & honest and keep government sma…
Not only did play dirty re Mark Meadows, but he advocates an Internet T…
Not a bad morning to listen to Rep. Mark Meadows speak at Leadership Institute's
Mark Meadows has good sense of humor
At the wonderful Leadership Institute breakfast with the Hon. Mark Meadows (R-NC) in Arlington, VA
GOP congressman kept aide accused of sexual harassment on payroll via
The congressman behind de-funding Planned Parenthood has skeletons in his own closet via
Hi Emma, I will do what I can to help the Save the Meadows campaign and am contacting Mark Stephens this week.
I would hold out for Trey Gowdy, Mark Meadows or Louie Gohmert. *conservatives
Rep. Mark Meadows presents McDowell fire department with grant
Please follow and support Rep. Mark Meadows who is trying to fire Boehner as House Leader!
Move to oust House Speaker Boehner ratcheted up Mark Meadows' support among some folks back home
domain names
Reps. Dan Webster, Dave Brat, and Mark Meadows could be biggest losers in redistricting
Mark Meadows has filed a motion to try to force John Boehner from leadership post
Boehner coup leader an army of one: Even fellow conservatives were blindsided by Mark Meadows' move on the speaker.
Mark Meadows to Fight GOP House Leadership: ‘Sometimes You Have to Make Changes to the Coach’ | Good Youngblood!
Senate Conservatives Fund tries to use Rep. Mark Meadows' demotion to raise money in fundraising pitch:
The removal comes after Mark Meadows bucked House Speaker John Boehner in opposing a vote that would give...
Looking towards The Meadows with the Mark Twain showboat
was very little real violence... Really proud to see a proper protest, well staged that achieved its aim...
maybe you could keep doing it until he goes? No gate receipts = no money.
I dont condone criminality usually but it had to be done at Bloomfield Road today to show the world how strongly we want !
A couple of thousands Blackpool fans joined the pre match protest, all well behaved and well far.
From Rolling Meadows Huskie Boys T&f, Matt Frey got 3rd in discus. Mark Egan got 2nd in pole vault. Harrison Beard got 3rd in hurdles.
At BRFC to protest Venkys we released a chicken on the pitch. To protest Oyston you should release an…
If Berlusconi gets the reported €500m from Bee etc for 51% of AC Milan he's a magician.Apart from brand/training ground wha…
SAT, MAY 2nd 2:30pm as CapitalBop presents AKUA ALLRICH at Funk Parade Day Festival. FREE! . Mark Meadows on...
Update your maps at Navteq
REPORT: Catch up with all today's action from and here
Who doesn't love a dog at a wedding? .
Jason Manford has today apologised for these comments made about Blackpool owner Karl Oyston:
Followed since start. New album is def `s album. Guitars are beautiful. No hits but nice listening. Vocals so so
Rep. Mark Meadows, (chairs DC oversight subcmte) , testifying in favor of disapproval resolution, but acknowledges he wanted to avoid this
Interview with Commissioner Holly Jones,T.C. Roberson Town Hall meeting with Mark Meadows, and Counsel Bill Stanley.
3/3: Rep Mark Meadows to security officials about team effort on gyrocopter: The Bad News Bears were a team and they didn’t do too well.
Thanks, Mark! I am terrible to my characters. Next book ends with fluffy kittens and frolicking in meadows ;-)
We have some new May tours up on the site, including two for this weekend cc
Dear, From Mortensen's everywhere, we would like you to know that this is the final straw.
RIP in peace Jayne Meadows. Long time friend and an Alice on the Jackie Gleason Saturday night TV program Steve...
Just been reading about that odious ferret who runs Blackpool FC, Karl Oyston. Pack your bags lad & leave the club some d…
NFL waives tax-exempt status. US Reps Mark Walker, Mark Meadows had role in pushing for change.
Let's be clear, there is NO valid reason for the removal of Morty's statue. If it's for maintenance it could have waited …
Said it before but it is absolutely outrageous that Sammer sits on Bayern bench. If I was Guardiola Id walk out just because of that
This is what I like seeing Congressman Mark Meadows visiting with the Veterans in Asheville.
So Jayne Meadows has died. Wonderful words about her in Steve Allen's MARK IT AND STRIKE IT, one of my fav books.
Jayne Meadows, actress and TV personality, dies at 95(Orlando news)
A special thank you to Mark Meadows, owner/operator of Chick-fil-A; Robert McCulley, manager of HomeGoods and...
Mark your calendars!! The Meadows is having a Spring Savings Sidewalk Sale this Saturday, May 2nd from 10am -...
Mark your calendars for May 14th. Check out these 10 things to do as 6-miles from Bay Meadows.
The Meadows was looking stunning this morning
Dont always agree with leftypolly but Boris shocking this am. Changed my mind+now think Lab will be largest party
Bertrand picked in PFA team of year yet he seems bottom of the list of left backs by Hodgson. Figures
Smalling has been playing well of late and Jones was improving too. Cahill hardly looked at 25/26 to be a future champion
If you really believe Jones, Smalling, Rojo, McNair are CBs for next term`s champions you are going to be very disappointed
I'm sorry Mark but nonsense! This team has been the best in the league in 2015, next year they will challenge for title
Come see Mark and tour this gorgeous barely lived in home - tons of upgrades and fabulous lot for just $500,000!
But a club like Man U should not have been left with such crap centre backs. All Fergie`s fault, left no on-field legacy
before halftime in fact, he was that much of a liability. But otherwise, he's mostly done quite well, for a youngster
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
every time Ive seen him he has made a mistake for a goal. I remember LVG yanking him off at halftime in one game ( ooh err)
harsh, very harsh, he's mostly played well and earnt plaudits. You'd be over the moon to have him at Blackpool
Good point by Roy Hattersley that SNP would have to be answerable to Scots if they allowed Tories in by not getting deal wi…
I know he is young but McNair is probably the worst United player of EPL era, even worse than Cleverley. Hummels cant arrive soon enough
This how Karstadt am Hermannplatz looked before it was blown up by retreating German forces.
Outstanding evening with Congressman Mark Meadows at the Henderson County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. Well done!!!
Mark Meadows says maternity care shouldn't be included because he's too old http:…
Packed house to hear Rep. Mark Meadows speak before the 11th District Convention today!
Did you consider reading the audiobooks yourself? No criticism of Mark Meadows (he's GREAT, esp. as your cats), just curious. :)
The GA GOP ran a state of the art ground game in Georgia. They did a tremendous job in Georgia. TPPCF made phone calls in Georgia. We were on the ground in battleground states . Jenny Beth Martin, chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF), the Independent Expenditure-only SuperPAC affiliated with Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest Tea Party organization, which made more than 2.4 million get-out-the-vote calls and knocked on more than 100,000 doors in targeted states, responding to tonight’s historic victory for Republicans at all levels – including TPPCF-endorsed candidates Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina, Sen. Jeff Session in Alabama, Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas, Sen.-elect David Perdue in Georgia, Sen.-elect Joni Ernst in Iowa, Sen.-elect Cory Gardner in Colorado, Sen.-elect Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Sen.-elect Ben Sasse, U.S. Rep. Steve King in Iowa, U.S. Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan, U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows in North Carolina, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert in Texas, U.S. Rep. Jim ...
Okay guys we need your help!! We have been advised to contact our congressman and senators about the delay in getting the DNA processed that was gathered in Chris' apartment. It has been 8 months now since he was murdered, and we know they are backed up and understaffed, but time is of the essence and we need his case to be made a priority. Please consider copying and sending the following email to the NC state senators – Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, and Mark Meadows, the congressman for the Asheville area. (Asheville zipcode: 28803) It won’t take but a few minutes of your time. We need as much participation as possible to make an impact. Let them know that Chris’ case is important!! _, Your help is needed with the Chris Ortega murder investigation. Chris was killed on October 26, 2013, and we are desperately seeking answers about his murder so that the case can be solved and his loved ones, the people you represent, can begin to heal. The DNA collected in his apartment is currently being held at the ...
Gina McKee to star opposite Martin Freeman in Richard III Gina McKee has been cast as Queen Elizabeth in Jamie Lloyd’s production of Richard III at the Trafalgar Studios in London. She will appear opposite the previously announced Martin Freeman, who will play the title role. Other cast members announced today include Forbes Masson, Maggie Steed and Jo Stone-Fewings. They are joined by Gerald Kyd, Paul McEwan, Simon Coombs, Philip Cumbus, Paul Leonard, Mark Meadows and Lauren O’Neil. Richard III is the first production as part of the second season of shows directed by Lloyd at the Trafalgar Studios, called Trafalgar Transformed. The show runs from July 1 to September 27 and is produced by Jamie Lloyd Productions, which is a joint venture between the director and the Ambassador Theatre Group.
The Macon County Democratic Men's Club will be hosting a candidate forum beginning at 5:30pm in the big courtroom on the fourth floor of the Macon County Courthouse. Among the candidates expected to participate are: Tom Hill, who is running for Congress against Mark Meadows this fall. Jane Hipps and Ron Robinson, who are vying for the opportunity to run against Jim Davis in the 50th NC Senate District this fall. Todd Raby, Nikki Tallent and Kenneth Blaine are all seeking the Register of Deeds office. The winner will face Jamie Cochran this fall. And who knows who else will show up? Macon Media will be there to capture video of the event to share with those of you who are unable to attend this event so you can make an informed decision on who to vote for in this primary. videos of similar candidate forums (including videos from both the Democratic and Republican party conventions in Macon County) can be seen on my Youtube page at I haven't had the time to add them to the blog yet. :(
Please pass this on (even if it's to only one person) as you can be sure it will not get any media attention! As we can all recall, Chick-Fil-A was the center of controversy as they were accused of “forcing their religious views” on others when president Dan Cathy made his political leanings known regarding *** marriage. You’ll never guess what the once demonized business is now forcing on others now – FOOD. Yep, that’s right, food. According to Fox News, a local Chick-Fil-A came to the rescue as a rare snowstorm in the South left citizens stranded on icy interstates and highways, including Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the restaurant employees and owner, Mark Meadows, a good number of stranded motorists were able to find food and shelter from the storm.Meadows closed the restaurant and sent his staff home when the snow started to accumulate, but a few hours later, many returned to the restaurant, unable to get home due to the weather and road co .. ...
This piece of crap actually thinks he's a dictator! . Mark Meadows, Patrick Mchenry. where are the impeachment...
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Public Land Management – Passage - Vote Passed (220-194, 17 Not This is for fracking and other corporate poison pushers and the extraction faction. Who said they could have their way with the People's land? Mark Meadows did. The House passed a bill Thursday that would exempt public land access, land conveyances, and land restoration activities from federal environmental review requirements. The bill would also extend the term of new grazing permits on federal lands from 10 to 20 years and allow currently expired or transferred permits to remain in effect until new ones are issued. It would prohibit the Bureau of Land Management from acquiring new land until it creates a website database that lists all BLM lands suitable for disposal. The bill also would require a comprehensive plan and budget for state and federal efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed and instruct the Agriculture Department to implement a lumber salvage program in California's Stanislaus National Forrest. Rep. Mark Meadows v . ...
Mark Meadows (NC District 11): Gave Boehner and Cantor the idea to shut down the federal government over Obamacare.
Rep. Mark Meadows. He was the architect of the government shutdown. Bill Maher - help us save North Carolina.
I have called about half of the Congress folks who support Fast Tracking the TPP... Mark Sanford of SC holds fast to his support and Mark Meadows of NC plays 'My Country Tis of Thee' when you are on hold!
What magical fun Saturday--- Mark Meadows' vocal harmonizing while I sang lead on the trio gig. On a couple of songs, he sang lead & I made up some harmony. Ahh!! Then, today, attending Sunday services where we had played a quartet gig last Friday, I was once again treated so warmly by the friendly congregation. They had an amazing mixture of piano-backed songs, a cappella singing/harmonizing, a music track-backed song and an organ accompanying the fevered part of the sermon. And the morning message was powerful and brought me to tears. New Friendship Baptist Church. Later, sang outside of Read Street Books again, 4 part vocal harmony with violinist Noah Stone and a couple of guitarists. Lastly, a wonderful birthday party for a wonderful friend.
KOKO exhibit 3: "We are always looking to get better players to improve it, but we can’t always match their demands."
Karl Oyston exhibit 2: "Obviously we have certain constraints, we aren’t one to go throwing money around."
Karl Oyston exhibit 1: "We have more money than we know what to do with, so if we find the right player we will try to bring him in."
I think we can safely say George Bailey will be making his Test debut at the Gabba. 156 today as he continues brilliant ru…
can trump that, the team England should be playing thurs is the Alcohol Think Again Western Warriors - I ki…
's Ballon d'Or coach list is so Euro big boys centric. I thought FIFA were the world body and were trying to grow the game?
's Ballon d'Or coach list an absolute joke. Why do Mourinho and Wewnger deserve it? Why not Iceland, Bosnia or Nigeria coach?
. tells me *** Patel is a real name. Good on for keeping her cool.
It's a real name - he's on the local broadcast news in the Midlands reasonably often - especially when it snows!
. just interviewed an RAC guy called *** Patel. It's either the greatest name ever or somone is having a laugh.
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We'd prefer to be banned than gagged .
Those who moan about NFL having too many adverts should go to a live game, when the play clock is running it is a very fast sport
Greatly enjoyed my first live NFL game at Wembley last night, it truly is a wonderful game...even if the Jags are truly awful!
Mark Meadows called on to act on immigration reform this year, cosponsor HR15.
Teabagger Mark Meadows & Texas wants this. talks about the Social Security Act. Bill Text - H.R.2810.IH -
This is what WNC Mark Meadows & Texas wants to do to expanded Medicaid THOMAS - Bill Text - H.R.2810.IH -
Why aren't Newcastle in their change kit? Can barely tell the teams apart
For once I actually agree with blatter there...points deductions would soon make cska and lazio deal with it
Blatter says it's a 'nonsense' to punish racism by fining teams or banning spectators. Says teams must be thrown out of…
Rooney and Suarez headers best you'll see. Only hernandez back flick header last season comes close
GOP Smiling *** mark meadows rep NC,says they will subpoena sebelius,these *** can't help themselves,don't care if works,VDEM.
Mark Meadows. Sebellius et al couldn't care less about your questions or subpoena. In fundamental change, Congress will no longer exist.
Me believing Mark Meadows is the smartest man in Washington comes from me being one of the dumbest men in NC!
I wondered why us English always get accused of smugness/arrogance in oz till I saw that they show the eggheads on tv. Case …
Double standard? All due respect, you signed Mark Meadows letter pushing to defund ACA with CR. Own it.
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Rally in Asheville against shutdowing down the gov't
As ever the official behind the goal provides no assistance. I've seen Jack Rodwell make greater contributions.
NC: "Cardboard Mark Meadows": the shutdown cost the 11th District $1 million per day WLOS News13
Jeebus. I had no idea Mark Meadows moved to NC just before running for office. He truly does NOT represent this district.
Small group of protesters in Asheville rally against Mark Meadows. (w/ video)
My hope for the day: Mark Meadows stops talking.
Hey look! People in are rallying against their congressman --> -
So our locally grown yahoo Mark Meadows (R-NC11) is a Tea Party joke! Happy player in the and owes Gov $24 billion *pay up*
Does the Bible sanction child abuse? Rep Mark Meadows should be watched, he must be sick.
Protesters rally against Mark Meadows in Asheville: ASHEVILLE -- About 25 people rallied Wednesday afternoon to...
Rep. Mark Meadows pushed for a shutdown. What did it bring his...
Rep. Mark Meadows, still sticking to his guns. Hey, what's a little human suffering in pursuit of a principle?
NC Congress Mark Meadows and Wife Debbie gives the Henderson County Republican Womens Club an evening tour of Capi…
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