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Mark Madden

Mark Madden (born December 29, 1960) is an American radio sports talk-show host in Pittsburgh and also a former World Championship Wrestling color commentator.

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Paul Joseph Watson is almost as bad as Mark Madden
In this year's Madden, the Gronk Spike is now also a Fatality. (GIF via .
There's nothing like watching people take Shots at Mark Madden, in one way, shape or form 😂😂😂
Want an image of what a Steeler fan looks like? Google Mark Madden, also look at him on YouTube, that's how they so…
But it's like 2-1 in our Madden league with me at the helm.right?
This isn't East Lansing. Pittsburgh=pro sports town. Now is the time 2maximize any buzz Pitt football can generate.
If Haden replacing Cockrell/Sensabaugh wins one extra game, it could mean a bye or home field, writes
He is a Mark Madden wanna be who does it poorly. So awful. No idea how the fan employs him.
New post (New York Giants’ Sterling Shepard is not a fan of his ‘Madden NFL 18’ rating) has been published on -
Don't let me play Madden '18 this year Mark w/out Keg Leg on our roster. Your Dad would make it happen.
Like your easy money UNC call? Or Akron could stay with PSU. You're an *** trying to be mark madd…
Why is hospital CEO turnover so high? B.E. Smith's SVP of Senior Executive Search Mark Madden weighs in
For everyone who complains about The Commentary, that's on & today... Just Imagine having Mark Madden on Commentary too...
If you think Mark Madden is right about anything just stay out of my mentions
Madden is so unrealistic this year smh 🙄
I was reminded that Mark Madden exists, so I now have to do something positive & uplifting.
There goes the Madden 18 name generator, making up people again.
Ever notice that Mark Madden looks exactly like
Mark Madden I know where to buy tips now. Lemme express myself on a wall ... Join in with me.. I'll teach u...
never trust Mark Madden, they're probably wrong
I'm nearing the end of WCW...but thankfully I can enjoy these Nitro's & PPV's without listening to *** Mark Madd…
when you put on the 1st WCW Nitro of 2001...and there's no Mark Madden on Commentary...
Madden 18 has is ranked as the worst team in madden .. Still gang for the jets but mark Sanchez's *** cheek…
.comments on Sexy Star incident and how long the backlash will actually last.
When the game looks too much like the game 😂 Go in today: https:…
When you coming back to call matches Tony!? Bring the best looking big man in all of sports e…
For me, it has to be Mark Madden... The Guy is TOO Over-The-Top,,,
Right? Even fat *** Mark Madden was a better heel commentator than JBL. At least he didn't forget he was…
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (Madden NFL 17) My Texans-Cowboys Team vs Eagles live at
33' | Carrie Madden breaks past her defender to put a shot on mark, but the CMU goalie scoops it up. MU leads CMU 1-0.
Mark Madden has a talent for saying things completely disconnected from reality
Mark Madden, please just leave the internet. for all our sakes.
Zeise has gotten angrier and more arrogant. Not sure if he wants promoted to the Morning Show or as sub for Mark Madden
Podcast: Kaboly on 105.9 the X talking Steelers with Mark Madden
He was fine until 2000 when he very obviously gave up. Props to him for…
Yinz just asked Mark Madden if they could pay LeV Bell in barrels of marijuana. We are done. 😂
Mark Madden on Nitro in 2000 sounds like Jimmy from Better Call Saul. Not in what he is saying-voice wise
Chad Kuhl set the tone 4Bucs last night. Who's going to do it tonight?
Remember how I beat mark brother on madden 😂😂
I'm starting 2 think that the competition isn't between players&teams its between u & Mark Madden. Do u not like Pgh or r u Devil's Advocate
"I often want to criticise Jane Austen, but her books madden me so that I can't conceal my frenzy from the reader" -Mark Twain
Phil Kessel can be a handful. But if the keep winning, he's not leaving Pittsburgh, writes
Hearing a Matt Mertz Plumbing commercial not yelled to me by Mark Madden makes me feel dirty. I'm not sure which one I'm cheating on
I just create myself on madden & pretend it's a real game, I even pause the game for commercial breaks.
Since the won back-to-back Stanley Cups, Phil Kessel isn't going anywhere this season, writes
When mark madden is a voice of reason
Mark Madden: Phil Kessel has his flaws, but he's won two Cups, so he's not leaving Pittsburgh via
Hearing Chris Kunitz be called a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Mark Madden right now is WEIRD.
Kunitz is gonna be on The Mark Madden Show. What's the over/under on how many times Madden does his fake laugh?
[Beaver County Times] - Mark Madden: Steelers' Le'Veon Bell should look out for himself because the NFL system che…
i feel sorry for you if you like Mark Madden
Mark, you should check out the interview with Joe Madden last night on Charlie Rose. Fascinating int…
Commentary for this event are . Tony "The Yet-ay" Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden. . Hello, mute button, my old friend.
But when Mark Madden gets walloped by me, then what? I am top chief, son.
Weekly studio hit on with today was all about FUTURE ... this was a lot of fun:
Mark Madden is absolutely crucifying Rushel Shell on the radio and it's glorious.
Mark Madden gotta be one of the corniest doods ever.
What I'm expecting from Roman Reigns. Money in the Bank predictions. Mark Madden comments on Russo/Cornette . Listen!
Seeing my timeline is full of political banter and trashing Mark Madden
I hate mark madden so once again wrong.keep trying
Excellent. Didn't know Mark Madden had a secondary account. Awesome to know!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
And Mark Madden finds a donut in his pocket.
why would anyone listen to Mark Madden
I hate you barstool and pat macafee but I'm all in on jumping mark madden with you
Order Mark Madden a pizza with pineapple on it
Can't wait for mark madden to blame cole for that and call this whole start an L
Mark Wahlberg created them both. Think it's safe to say, the man knows what lads like in a tv series 🔑
KDKA-TV reporter turns violent on-air during S. Side celebration last night.
Mark Madden is driving the bus on that
No team has won a third straight Stanley Cup since 1982, but if any team can, it’s the [READ MORE
Wonder if the Pens r gog to have a Mark Madden Float at the Parade tomorrow.?
I hope you realize every steelers fan I know hates mark madden. You're the only mark in this thread that matters
In my madden game Mark Sanchez is leading the Browns to a 8-2 record rn.remember anything is possible
Imagine if one day we woke up and Mark Madden just never went on the X again??
Even if you are a Penguins fan, listening to Mark Madden talk about their Cup win could easily make you hate the Penguins.
Ok. I would like to unsubscribe from the calling list for any automated message that begins with "Hello, this is Mark.."
All purpose parts banner
Let's not paint the fan base or our sports journalists and…
Listening to Mark Madden on the Pat McAfee Show was the most annoying thing. Dude is the ultimate yinzer hardo.
No im saying Mark Madden isn't. Love all the heartland guys. Do not like Madden
winston: welcome to the moon everybody. genji: Uu Holler Holler get Dollar John madden john madden john madden que…
In any comparison but three, Sidney Crosby is better, writes
listening to this Mark Madden interview. We just going to forget Crosby's free vasectomy clinic and taking off Methot's finger?
Winning is winning, and impact is impact. Those notions apply any time, and all the time, writes
Mark Madden, Dejan, Rossi, Paul and John Steigerwald, Errey, The weather guy, etc... They're all trash. Mike Lange…
I used to hate Mark Madden for his brutal takes on Pittsburgh Sports. Then I realized that's his racket. Rob Rossi is totally serious though
Mark Madden said that he was told the like USC CB Adoree' Jackson and they would take him at No. 30th overall…
Wonder if businesses realize having Mark Madden as their spokesman actually makes people want to avoid patronizing them lol
Mark Madden is trash. The internet would be better if they just left.
in for Mark Madden today. HOF'er Mike Lange just landed with the Pens' team charter in Raleigh and joins us NEXT!
the only person upset will be Mark Madden
It is absolutely comical how often Mark Madden contradicts himself. What an ***   10% Off
But if the Pirates trade Cutch they're cheap according to Mark Madden. Is keeping a player who is a "loser" a good thing?
Mark Madden goin off on unintelligent yinzers' is incredible.
In an era of hockey that is is designed for less scoring, Sidney Crosby continues to produce, writes
Hey Mark Madden thanks for the follow!
Mark Madden: Sidney Crosby's path to 1,000 points more difficult than his predecessors' via
you could listen to Mark Madden, or you could make the correct choice
- Mark Madden laying down the truth. The Penguins are fine. A tweak won't hurt but not necessary.
Mark Madden wears the same hawaiian shirt each time he's on that show good lord
Mark Madden kills his credibility immediately calling Lex Luger the most polished athlete.
I just realized. Where is Mike Tenay? I have more Mark Madden to deal with.
Mark Madden Is so wrong on Sports while he fills his pockets with your listening dollars
lets get Mark Madden in there as well
When they wanted Reggie fired,they blamed Mark for they like Reggie & credit Madden.smh
Watching 50th Aniv. On and instantly ruined by having Mark madden on the show. Biggest joke of Pittsburgh radio.
Cathy Brennan is almost as bad as Mark Madden
"God works through who we are. If you don't think you're holy enough, get that out of your head now.". -Mark Madden
Me and John Madden down by the schoolyard (2:45 mark) via
Playing Madden 17 with Cohen this morning. . (Something cool happens.). Cohen: Sweet Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! That was crazy!
TBT to that time mark madden defended inline hockey
Wait. Will it be a Wyatt cosplay at show or a MARK MADDEN one?!
yeah he was real annoying after about '98. But he'll never be Mark Madden annoying...
the world is a worse place because of Mark Madden's opinions
My family has made charlee listen to mark madden on the radio when they're gone.. they have said she "enjoys" it
Think today's Sandusky had nothing to do with 'elite' Pizzagate takedown? Think again- article from 2011.
As near the trade deadline, Matt Duchene may be a possibility. MAY being the key word, writes
Mark Madden: Colorado's Matt Duchene tempting for Penguins as trade deadline approaches via
How does Mark Madden keep his listeners, he is so rude to all callers.
Going into Q2 of WCW Monday Nitro 2000 the toughest thing to stomach is defintely listening to Mark Madden for two hours
good guess but I obviously meant Mark Madden
Seeking to learn the lessons of the past:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
[Beaver County Times] - Mark Madden: Steelers giving Antonio Brown big-money deal would be insanity
Well, Trump may have just won the Mark Plotkin endorsement
Traded romo in my franchise on madden, next game dak gets hurt and now I'm stuck with mark Sanchez for 8 weeks 😅
Hello Mark Madden and welcome to my group of followers. To learn more about me click this link:
I'd say Ron Wolf, John Madden and Ken Herrock they are the ones who told Mark to hire Reggie
The late MARY TYLER MOORE was awesome in anything, but I especially loved her on "That '70s Show."
I don't really like Mark Madden, but he might be on to something saying Ben is unhappy with the young guys and lack of focus.
Why was mark madden in the dream I just woke up from
It's been 4 days since the Boston massacre. Ron Cook says 'we are spoiled '. Mark Madden agrees. Mike T is paid millions to win the big game
mark Madden says AB won't be extended and is actively being shopping for a trade. ***
PODCAST of my weekly visit to and all front to finish:
this is like talking with mark madden, but better. My "brush with greatness"!
Mason said, i cant believe there's no commercials... mark is playing Madden 😂😂😂
Jimmy, Mark Madden calls himself . "The Super Genius" now. How is this possible did he add the actual wings he ate to his iq
he must be calling Mom right now. Mom, Mark Madden. You didn't?
I heard mark Madden says AB will not be signed long term & were actively shopping him for a trade? *** !
I hope you call the entire Royal Rumble show! IDC if your partners have to be Mike Adamle or Mark Madden lol
Stay out of this Jordan. It's between the real and Mark Madden.
Can't wait to listen to Mark Madden at 3 p.m. lol.
[Beaver County Times] - Mark Madden: Sunday's win was no surprise, but Steelers must continue to play to strengths
[Beaver County Times] - Mark Madden: Pressure's on Steelers Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Maurkice Pouncey to pu…
Mid month looks like it could turn colder. As for Madden, I wouldn't like to comment. ^Mark
Congratulations to Mark Madden of awarded SC Envr. Awareness Award this week!…
Questions For John 1.What is your thoughts on The ECW Fans? 2.Why is Mark Madden a Tool? 3.Who's more over Cole or Roman?
but nobody likes a tattle tale Mark Madden. What if he was getting Mark a Xmas gift. He looks like he likes Hickory Farms
Boy that Mark Madden should maybe find out y he didn't show up b4 he talks crap on AB
so Mark Madden says that AB was supposed to sign autographs 4 kids at a school and was a no show. He says he's a me guy
We care about OPS too much? I think you've been listening to Mark Madden too much.
What a joke. I would give John madden more credit than Mark.
I heard he didn't show up lol it was on Mark madden
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mark Anything. Good day Sir Mark Madden . Which do you like more. Fast Times At Ridgemont High or the Breakfast Club?
I loathe Mark Madden. By far the worst. He needs to get off his fat *** and play a sport.
Hi Mark, you can post or check for solutions on this subject here: -Dennis
Never was a fan of Mark Madden. I'll be a Pirate fan till the day I die, through thick and thin
"When the truth is found to be lies..." ALTAMONT took place 47 years ago today. &again today at 3pm on
i can't believe Mark Madden fans exist
The homie Mark Madden been working on this project for a few months ... customer for life. will…
Big reason for defensive improvement? It's the rookies, writes
I was on this morning discussing the on-going police cover-up of the Bar Massacre - 41:30 min. mark htt…
I liked a video from Madden 16 Exposed Unlimited Team
I bet Mark Madden probably posts in
Even I can't defend Mark Madden. Dude was hot stinking garbage.
In my dream last night, Joel Madden and Mark Hoppus were giving medical advice to people after a show 😂🙈
The Mark Madden and football camps are where you go to learn the game from the greats.
SEAN DAVIS=great talent. Has solidified Steelers D. But he should have knocked down his interception, not caught it.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
man, we gotta get it in madden first!! Lol
Bob pompeani Colin Dunlap and Mark Madden are the only 3 people in the media that has the Pirates figured out.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Cornette Shoots *** Mark Madden
I do. That is why I'm smart. Just like Mark Madden. Lol! Love ur coverage. U guy's are talented and very likable
thanks Mark! That’s insane about Madden being out that SNF game. How prophetic. What a time to be alive.
Ray Lewis 'Leave Your Mark' (Madden 13 Intro). This still pumps me tf up to this day
Lol Michael Bennett is a legend. That mutant-Madden analogy is hilarious. and pretty on the mark.
Our Madden team rating is heading for the 60 overall mark quick.
Buckeyenation01 Madden, nba, MLB, titan fall. Whatever you wanna get beat in, let me know.
As much darts-at-a-target Mark Madden does, this was before we saw first hand the atrociousness that is Bell in OF
The Maroon and Gold game will be played on Saturday, April 15th, 2017. Mark your calendars!
Mark madden thinks Wisconsin will beat us. Ok, "supergenius", ok
Mark Madden trying to talk baseball makes my head hurt.
Mark Madden only wants listeners who don't actually understand sports.
my favorite is Mark Madden searches for himself. A real super genius indeed
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'd love to see one thing regarding Pittsburgh sports that Mark Madden has been wrong about. Would probably take a *** of a lot of digging.
Mark Madden makes more @ a Shultz ford appearance than u do in 6 months subscriptions to PP
Gene Okerlund/Mark Madden feud must have ended the PPV show with the line, "Hulk Hogan, you can go to *** " [7/96]
WCW commentating is the most unprofessional thing I've ever heard. Mark Madden & Tony Schovanie are the worst.
I know you guys my not play the video game madden 17 all that much but I plan on giving Gronk 1 more ring in
great point. Especially tonight. Hertel will be very busy. Maybe I'll drag my brother Mark Madden over!
Bout to get angry aka play madden online brb
if you could create a Mark Madden sandwich or Burger, what would it be
If you listen to Mark Madden, you probably suck.
with an exclusive podcast-only interview with .this weekend. Listen here:
Listen to this amazing podcast with then go throw money at her this evening at
hey man, tell to put you in madden. And get a *** blue check mark so we know this isn't a fake account lol
Oh lord, Madden is saying "snoochie bootchies". Please don't make me hate Kevin Smith, Mark.
Remember when Mark Whipple ran the Madden offense at Miami ?
My girl in the kitchen cooking for me while I'm busting *** on Madden. Life's great
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
The best deal the Vikings give up for Sam Bradford in Madden 17 is two 4th round picks.
The only time I thought I'd ever see Mark Sanchez in a cowboys jersey was in draft champions in madden 16. .
stop your madden season. Mark Sanchez just traded to the Cowboys
I knew that Mark Sanchez was going to Dallas. I called it before hand on madden 15 last night lmao.
Let me know if you want to play United Games with me click the video link from Madden creator Mark Mongie
my names mark and I get finessed in madden
Absolutely packed last night for the legend Mark Morriss! Thanks to all who came...
As punchable as Mark Madden is, I can't help but agree with him whenever he mocks Hulk Hogan.
you should talk to Mark Madden, he's another one who doesn't know anythung, but thinks he knows everything.
Do I like Sidney Crosby enough to listen to him get interviewed by Mark Madden though
Listen to the Mark Madden, Super Genius Episode - MADDEN - SEPTEMBER 2 - SIDNEY CROSBY INTERVIEW on...
rewatch cont finals and finals. Murray was average. Team dominated. Murray admitted this in recent interview with Mark madden
On this date in 2000, a storm was brewing on when Gene Okerlund took on Mark Madden. h…
TONIGHT! frontman Mark Morriss live at from 8pm!
Love playing EA sports? Mark Mongie, creator of Madden football is the genius behind United Games coming in Oct. the app is insane!
Website Builder 728x90
After this game of Madden I had with Mark Sanchez I'm convinced he should be the started for the Broncos and no one can tell me otherwise
he's giving it the Mark Madden "ratings are slowing so I'll ruffle the feathers" technique.
CUTCH *** Check out his stats since the beginning of last September. Has Cutch's career hit a wall? READ!
Coming up tonite at 11:35 On WPXI...I will tell you why we are doomed.Final Word with Mark Madden, Dejan Kovacevic and Bill Phillips..
this *** mark deleted his running back in madden 1 time because he got folded and fumbled the ball and he was like "i dont take L's bruh"
Mark your calendar and join at his 1st Annual Madden 17 gaming tournament. Details coming soon!
Mark Madden is up there definitely. So *** annoying. You want flat out terrible? Rob Bartlett or Alfred Hayes take the cake.
Tank is gonna hurt innocent people until Goldberg fights him. He beats up Mark Madden. I'm ok with this.
It appears that Mark Madden is incapable of closing his mouth. I really despised this guy.
"Mark Madden you lying human sack of snake feces." -Cornette
Not much time left to become a part of the 1st LIVE interactive game app. Created by Mark Mongie of Madden
and at the same time, Mark Madden was probably the worst wrestling announcer.
1989 Mark Madden article on Shane Douglas and the Dynamic Dudes
Get # Mark Mongie's latest creation 1st. Created 13 of top apps ...Madden Football & more.
Watching Holy crap Mark Madden is the worst colour commentator I ever heard. Pretty sure he's worse than Josh Matthews.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Listen starting at 11 minute mark. EA tells u all you need to know about future of Madden & Frostbite.
Mark Hunt called it, he's juiced to the gills
I'm about to dust mark in madden OMG
Sing up now and get on the waiting list! Don't want to miss your chance come madden 17! Best community around!
I liked a video from NEW ACHIEVEMENTS IN MADDEN 17
Mark hunt was never forced to take that fight, if hes stupid its his fault he just wanted that money
Mark Madden should never ever talk baseball.
Mark Madden admitted that some of New Japan dojo.
hey why does the Mark Madden podcast now include all commercials and goes on for the full 60 minutes per hour
I'll be going on with Mark Madden at 4;15. 105.9 The X
Jeff Zatkoff takes the Stanley Cup down a water slide in Cary, NC! VIDEO!
POETRY IN MOTION...tra-la-la-la! Does really want to play for If he does, they should let him!
Mark & I would not be here tonight without the support of LD Nursing Students we receive this award fo…
Pittsburgh, eh? I'm pretty sure the first time I heard anything about JS, it was a Mark Madden piece some time in the 1990s.
Sitting in traffic, listening to mark madden. And getting paid. Life is good
Shocked doesn't play Madden but plays FIFA and knows who Mark Viduka is
I'm the Ethan that called in when you were on mark madden last week filling in. From Ga. I'll be back in the Burgh
Would you like to get paid to share a Sports App by Mark Mongie the Creative Director for Madden Football?
The new PSU stuff isn't suprising to hear, but these statments made by prominent alumni are pathetic via
When did Mark Madden start driving for Uber?
or madden. Before u search for game it has an option to change ur depth chart. U do it. Play a game. Finish that
Free PODCAST of my weekly hit at with just now, covering Paterno, more:
I liked a video from Epic MADDEN 2016 Game Ends with questions ULTIMATE TEAM
Mark your calendar for Community Services' Madden Tournament next Tuesday from 11am -2pm.
just a reminder that this guy is on the radio in Pittsburgh. Check out Mark Madden (
of course that was mark madden. Of course it was.
I ran a kick return back on madden to win the game. Thanks😂
Trying to listen to Mark Madden's show. I just can't. He's an entertaining personality, but the yinzer callers...yikes.
Nothing like coming home listening to Mark Madden cus people out on the radio 😂😁
and here's the radio station that employs Mark Madden
Remember DC, no matter what happens against the Penguins, at least we don't have to call Mark Madden one of our own.
I've seriously never heard of this Mark Madden guy.
you guys check out Mark Madden's timline ?
Man, Mark Madden is almost as mad as when Vince McMahon fired him lol
It is okay women of the world. Mark Madden was just playing a radio character | The Pensblog This
it's mark madden. He's a sports snd wrestling guy up there. He's sports opinion are trash
If Mark Madden asked Tom Wilson about the Cowboys' offensive line starting with the words "Talk about" I'm pretty sure that'd be it for me.
Uh oh Mark Madden in my timeline, gots to log off by rule.
Meant to be a mark a minute niamh not 7 in a whole hour
yinzers gonna yinz. Get your daily news from Mark Madden?
Why are Moniker and Madden trying to stop The Real Mayor of Troy Mark McGrath from being involved in the IDA/LDC? Shameful.
your not Howard Stern or even mark Madden
I can appreciate that perspective. I think I just lump them all in w Mark Madden
Spike wants back in wrestling biz. Buys TNA, brings in Paul E. Says "Start Fresh" hire JR and Mark Madden. Who's the next hire?
Onita's booking is almost like reading a Mark Madden parody, then again, maybe that's where the idea came from. [7/92]
Mark Madden and Rossi dragging khalifa is legendary.
FREE BRADY + BEST SALARY CAP TEAM EVER! (Madden Ultimate Team) watch this video from lol 8:20 mark
Read my self-story to Mark last night. A first. Self-limiting belief number 321 exterminated!
you've also got Bobby Madden reffing an game. There'll be talking points, mark my wurdz...
Tai, are you still in touch with Mark The Chicken? I'm a big fan of you been cheering for you all season!
Jags defense overall on madden just went up 20 with and
Mark Madden just went off on this one dude 😂😂😂😂
I will be on 105.9 The X. with Mark Madden at 4;15.
and then seeing Mark Madden make an actual, valid point was a bit of a stunner too
IT MAKES ME WONDER. Watch dissect the writing& construction of "Stairway to Heaven." VIDEO!
Anyone who can carry Mark Madden deserves their own HOF wing.
Mark Madden's voice makes me want to stab myself with a pencil.
Is there any possible way you can revive the brain cells I have lost being forced to listen to Mark Madden?
Mark Madden likes to start trouble doesn't he
that was off madden Mark, good try.
Everyone seems to be out for Ryan Pace's job tonight. Get back to Madden you strokes.
Mark Madden in:. March: Pens miss playoffs with injured 71. April: Pens should scratch healthy 71. Now: Pens should rename Consol to MalkinZone
You know it is a shady law firm when Mark Madden does the advertising for it.
bring back ZAC Hackett mark n Leo Devlin Hesham Elkhershi n paddy madden,we need to win tomorrow,we r staying up
This is a great sport but it takes patience to watch it cause they don't score much! This ones for Mark madden, Lp.
stayed up late last night to watch you close it out. The Madden family was proud 💙
Mark Madden (who I like) & Matt Farmer are WON HoF voters yet Steve Austin & Ric Flair are not (I believe).
all that is needed is Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden on commentary lol. Maybe even Scott Hudson lol
Someone tell me why Mark Madden is still on the radio? He's the most arrogant, slimy pile of human excrement I've ever heard. Absolute trash
last night madden and mark told me they were voting for Donald trump... my jaw literally dropped
Mark Sanchez is the worst QB ever in Madden!!!
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