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Mark Lawrenson

Mark Thomas Lawrenson (born 2 June 1957) is a former professional football player, a defender in the Liverpool and Irish football teams of the 1980s; he since became a radio, television and internet pundit for the BBC and Today FM.

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BBC Sport pundit Mark Lawrenson gives his Premier League predictions for Gameweek 11
Mark Lawrenson about Messi:. "The world's best footballer has just destroyed one of the world's best teams in 2 minutes."
Mark Lawrenson about :. "The way he went past Boateng was sensational and then he dinked the ball over Neuer - absolute c…
(Daily Express):Man news: Sport man Mark Lawrenson makes Chelsea vs Manchester..
'They will get the three points' ... Pundit delivers Everton vs Watford…
Mark Lawrenson at his finest "When have played the bigger clubs they've got nothing, although they have only played City & Arsenal"
he’d be great in discussion with Mark Lawrenson.
Premier League Predictions: Mark Lawrenson takes on WWE stars Cesaro and Sh
Mark Lawrenson fancies West Bromwich Albion 0-2 Manchester City on Saturday. . Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson opted for Swansea City 2-1 Leicester City tomorrow. Will he be correct? .
DAILYSTAR Mark Lawrenson's Premier League predictions: Who is Lawro tipping this weekend?
Mark Lawrenson fancies Manchester City 3-0 Stoke City tomorrow. . Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson's (BBC) Premier League Matchday 7 Predictions & how the Table would look like if he was correct…
Chelsea news: Chelsea 'bound to' sign player before transfer window says Mark Lawrenson -…
I bet even members of Mark Lawrenson's own family are like 'Jesus Christ, not this guy again' when he enters the room.…
Mark Lawrenson "Goalkeepers should take penalties, because they kick the ball an awful lot.".
Only thing that concerns me about wages at the BBC is that the people's champion Mark Lawrenson earns enough to keep him in White Lightning.
Rewatching the episode of Pointless Celebrities where Mark Lawrenson describes himself as a retired genius. It's golden this.
Mark Lawrenson takes on drummer Ben Thatcher from rock band Royal Blood for the final round of this season's Premier League predictions.
Mark Lawrenson predictions: How the final Premier League table would look if pundits tips came true |
with David Brady too. after Mark Lawrenson and I chat about Wayne Rooney's sad decline...
We discuss the decline of Wayne Rooney - a sort of mute topic this season. Mark Lawrenson joins on the…
Chris and Steve spreading the message with Mark Lawrenson and QPR technical director Chris Ramsey
Mark Lawrenson has opted for Hull City 2-0 Sunderland tomorrow. Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson has predicted Hull City 2-0 Sunderland for Saturday. . Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson fancies Hull City 2-0 Sunderland on Saturday. . Will he be correct? .
The only place for news on the secret lives of Steve McLaren, Mark Lawrenson, Robson Green & the Gangs of the EPL…
Antonio Conte must be sick of the sight of Robbie Brady. Tony Cascarino and Mark Lawrenson on all the weekend's Pre…
Mark Lawrenson has predicted AFC Bournemouth 0-2 Manchester City for tonight. . Will he be correct? .
Can the please sack Mark Lawrenson and bring Alan Hansen back?
Mark Lawrenson fancies Manchester United 2-0 Hull City on Wednesday. Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson looks like Peter Stringfellow and Trevor Sinclair is dressed like he's going to Stringfellows after filming
Antonio Conte doesn't think Michy Batshuayi is ready to step up, according to Mark Lawrenson
Mark Lawrenson: "Boss Jose Mourinho has found a system that works and, no matter what Boro do, I think they will find a way through."
Mark Lawrenson has gone for Swansea City 0-2 West Ham United on Boxing Day:
Mark Lawrenson (on Roy Hodgson) "I found him a bit dull if I'm honest" People in glass houses..
Mark Lawrenson just said he finds Roy Hodgson a bit dull. Mark Lawrenson!
BBC football expert Mark Lawrenson takes on Robbie Williams in this weekend's Premier League fixtures.
LISTEN: Mark Lawrenson, Brian Kerr and Gary Breen talk about great start to the World Cup qualifiers.
Mark Lawrenson was so shocked i think he just said Ostrich-Chamberlain
Mark Lawrenson has gone for a 1-1 draw for today's game. I think he may well be correct:
Mark Lawrenson comments on Tottenham Hotspur's Joshua Onomah: Spurs lost 2-1 in last night's fourth-rou...
Mark Lawrenson feels Wayne Rooney's early breakthrough is catching up with him: Ex-Liverpool defender M...
Mark Lawrenson - sounds like he's on the verge of suicide every time he speaks
Another superb column from Tony Gillan, this time nailing Mark Lawrenson's latest criticism of
There's only one man who likes international breaks in football and that's Mark 'Lawro' Lawrenson, because as we all know, he hates football
Mark Lawrenson, because he doesn't seem to enjoy football. Or his job.
Mark Lawrenson. Great player, but gives the impression he despises football and being paid to watch the game is a real chore.
has exactly the same 'punchline sniff' as Mark Lawrenson.
Hull City bottom of the Premier League without a point according to Mark Lawrenson's 2016-17 Predictions
Manchester United top of the Premier League with 21 points according to Mark Lawrenson's 2016-17 Predictions .
IN TOUCH: Mark Lawrenson spoke to us about the benefits of playing in the and more, have a watch here…
Coming up later today, we have our exclusive interview with Mark Lawrenson, he talks about the Youdan, growing up a…
Mark Lawrenson spotted outside Rumbelows with a deck chair and flask of vegetable soup watching Aufwiedersehen Pet
Don't be frightened of failure. It makes you stronger if you learn from your mistakes.
Sir has saved life of a four-year-old by using knowledge gained from godawful odour!
if you pull out again can take your place please? But he has to do it as Mark Lawrenson
Dan Walker is joined by Dion Dublin and Mark Lawrenson to look ahead to Tuesday's Champions League games for Tottenham and Lei…
Tomorrow, we take a step back from the action and we hear from one of our guests, legendary pundit Mark Lawrenson.…
Tickets on sale now for an evening with former player and pundit Mark Lawrenson. Halifax...
My iPod's unbelievable. Seriously. The kids have put most of the music on it, but there's a
"Even Bertie Bee has his head in his hands.". Less Mark Lawrenson and more of that.
Mark Lawrenson on Joey Barton: 'he's had a career blighted by a niggling brain injury'
Second time lucky? Lawro takes on last year's worst predictor: BBC football expert Mark Lawrenson takes o...
Was this Mark Lawrenson's ingenious attempt to get Rafa to meet Robson Green?
Robson Green and Mark Lawrenson cause fire but enjoy Penrith market. Great investigative journalism from
If Danny Murphy was a giant pupa I wonder what he'd emerge as. Mark Lawrenson?
Just spat out my tea and nearly choked to death at Mark Lawrenson and Robson Green's adventures -
Mark Lawrenson drops clanger after calling Steven Pienaar 'p*' on Match of
Any wizards around who can ressurect Muhammed Ali & Nelson Mandela so we can trade them with Andy Townsend & Mark Lawrenson?
The BBC's football talent includes Robbie Savage, Kevin Kilbane, and Mark Lawrenson. All of them have no clue what they're talking about.
"How much did Arsenal pay for him?" Mark Lawrenson isn't too impressed by Granit Xhaka
Mark Lawrenson always sounds like he's on the bring of jumping off a bridge.
Without doubt, Mark Lawrenson is the worst commentator 😐🙃
Why? Mark Lawrenson has achieved the American dream: whisk.
Really wish Mark Lawrenson had gone into coaching, he'd have made Tony Pulis look like the most progressive coach in England.
Jonathan Pearce and Mark Lawrenson this really is top banter
On one hand, Pearce thinks he's Wordsworth and then Mark Lawrenson is channelling Alan Bennett. Enough already!
Mark Lawrenson's prediction was going so well for Ireland until the last seven words
Football needs a Gary Kasparov to set up a rival to FIFA. I nominate Mark Lawrenson.
That time when Mark Lawrenson cracked a joke on Match of the Day have to add to that list Mark Lawrenson, Glenn Hoddle and Micky Quinn
Mark Lawrenson and Phil Neville both saying Seville are their favourites for the game. Let's have your Liverpool price then please lads.
Sport from now until 7 on - Kevin Kilbane and Mark Lawrenson pull apart England's Euro 2016 squad next. Marcus Rashford?
Locked in a room. TV sound off. Mark Lawrenson and Michael Owen commentating to you. That would be awful. Truly awful.
Mark Lawrenson has predicted West Ham to beat Crystal Palace 2-1 this weekend.
Mark Lawrenson has predicted Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea for Saturday. Will he be correct? .
Mark Lawrenson states prediction for Aston Villa v Chelsea
Mark Lawrenson has gone for Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea tomorrow. Will he be correct? .
BBC football expert Mark Lawrenson takes on world champion boxer Carl Frampton in this weeks Premier League and FA Cup predictions.
Mark Lawrenson fancies Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea on Saturday. Will he be correct? .
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Who has the worse commentators, with Owen, McManaman and Ian Darke or with Mark Lawrenson and Martin Keown?
Mark Lawrenson states his prediction for Man Utd v West Ham: Mark Lawrenson is tipping West Ham to heap furthe...
Mark Lawrenson is so bloody annoying almost as bad as Michael Owen.
Mark Lawrenson's up there with Michael Owen and Robbie Savage as the worst pundits of all time. Exactly what he'd say
Imagine this, Michael Owen, Mark Lawrenson and Robbie Savage on commentary.
Mark Lawrenson is a worst commentator than Owen!! Mans a helmet
We go on about how bad Michael Owen is at commentary, which he is. BUT Mark Lawrenson - wow.
Mark Lawrenson needs to be added to that Michael Owen petition about not being able to commentate on football again.
Mark Lawrenson almost makes you long for Michael Owen on commentary.
Oh shut up Mark Lawrenson, you haven’t liked Reading since Robin Friday shat in your wash bag
Imagine a commentary team of Michael Owen, Robbie Savage and Mark Lawrenson though. Stuff dreams are made of...
Need more commentators like Mark Lawrenson instead of Owen and Savage!
Mark Lawrenson is worse than anyone on BT Sport. Worse than Owen, worse than Savage.
Listening to Mark Lawrenson commentate is up there with it being as painful as listening to Michael Owen 😴
IF you had to Mark Lawrenson or Michael Owen
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Mark Lawrenson: The spiritual reflection bouncing back out of a neglected pond over-populated with dead fish.
The Oxford English Dictionary definition of *** . Being stuck with Mark Lawrenson and Michael Owen at a party/wake... x.
After my first Michael Owen BT Sport experience last night, I never thought I'd be so please to hear Mark Lawrenson commentate
I think I'd rather listen to Andy Murray read the dictionary from back to front than listen to Mark Lawrenson or Micheal Owen commentate.
I hate Mark Lawrenson so much, I'd rather listen to Michael Owen and Jonathan Pearce, he really is that bad
How has Mark Lawrenson managed to scam such a long career in the media? Jesus I prefer Michael Owen.
If only sky was allowed to show all football games. There'd be no Michael Owen or Mark Lawrenson!
Keith Hackett and pundit Mark Lawrenson joined for the latest Ref Show >>
Carragher, Henry, John Hartson, Mark Lawrenson and now former referees Graham Poll and Howard Webb all say penalty. Why's there a debate?
What's the point having poor old John Hartson & Mark Lawrenson on 'the mark chapman show' aka
That slot on John Hartson's head is where Mark Lawrenson puts 50p in to wake him up every 15 minutes.
Mark Lawrenson is an absolute bellend, talks rubbish. Wish John Hartson would ping him!
Liverpool 2 Man Utd 1. March 1983. Frank Stapleton is watched by Mark Lawrenson at Wembley
The Accidental Manager. Fascinating interview with Mark Lawrenson about the great Bob Paisley on
We're talking to Mark Lawrenson next about the life and times of Bob Paisley
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Mark Lawrenson is going to regret this..
So Brian Clough made a documentary to mark Bob Paisley's retirement, we'll talk to Mark Lawrenson about Paisley at 3
Mark Lawrenson having a moment in the commentary box. "Ooooh"
so basically you'd sooner spend time with Mark Lawrenson on a Saturday night than Gabby Logan? Each to their own I guess.
Gary Neville not doing that great at Valencia. In unrelated news, Mark Lawrenson has been linked with the Red Star Belgrade job.
Mark Lawrenson's the angriest man alive.
Mark Lawrenson: The most out of touch man since Gareth Keenan's father. Audibly untrendy use of words like "bromance", 5 years too late.
Mark Lawrenson should be told: Steven Pienaar is playing. Look forward to his comments.
Don't usually watch motd3 but Mark Lawrenson is so off piste it's ridiculous... like an embarrassing uncle
Lawro blasts: £8m star isn't 'good enough' for Liverpool and he's 'gone backwards' since Spurs | LiverpoolKop
Mark Lawrenson: Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale don’t want to participate Manchester U .…
Mark Lawrenson looks a lot different in the film blended
I wouldn't challenge Mark Lawrenson for his job! You got the right score.but for the wrong team.
Mark Lawrenson: Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale would not want to join ...
Hey mate who are you talking about? Mark Lawrenson? I hate the guy so much for saying bad things about West Ham ok😕
To my utter surprise, our favourite pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted West Ham to finish in the top 6! 😳😳😳
Everything BBC post about Villa is so condescending nowadays, especially Mark Lawrenson. *** via
Our favourite critic Mark Lawrenson has surprisingly claimed he thinks West Ham will finish top 6, thoughts?
Mark Lawrenson explains why Liverpool handed Simon Mignolet a new deal
Mark Lawrenson explains why handed Simon Mignolet a new deal .
What's in a name? A lot, especially if you get it hilariously wrong. Soccer commentator Mark Lawrenson almost gave his c…
Here is the City: Mark Lawrenson explains Liverpool's decision to offer Simon Mignolet a new contract
Did Simon Mignolet deserve a new contract at Liverpool?
Great news: Mark Lawrenson has banned from ice hockey for months after biting open-source software on the hands.
Catching up on podcasts, listening to the car crash Mark Lawrenson episode. Blimey.
Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool are protecting themselves with Simon Mignolet deal (BBC Video)
Intellectual giant Mark Lawrenson asked to name a country beginning with the letter A L T or S, came up with Alaska http…
Excellent Freudian slip from Mark Lawrenson on last night...
Mark Lawrenson thinking Alaska is a country is up there in my top 5 moments
Mark Lawrenson seems to think are protecting themselves (value) by giving a new deal. Agree?
Mark Lawrenson: "It makes me laugh when they say they're going to sign Ronaldo or Bale. They wouldn't go and play for …
BBC Sport football expert Mark Lawrenson takes on Michael B Jordan & Tony Bellew in his Premier League pr...
Anyone blaming yesterday's loss on Mark Lawrenson predicting a draw and not his usual defeat? 😂
Have we unearthed the new Sid James & Kenneth Williams in & Mark Lawrenson?!
West Ham fans with an unreal chant aimed towards Mark Lawrenson.
Mark Lawrenson with something else on his mind.
Mark Lawrenson looks like he just got out of bed, a shave, before appearing on National television, might've been a good idea
Mark Lawrenson being on a programme called 'pointless' is quite ironic.
Mark Lawrenson thinks Alaska is a country and Guy Mowbray thinks Albert Finney played a butcher in Coronation Street.
The Premier League table based on Mark Lawrenson's predictions is bizarre...
True Facts: Danny Murphy was grown on Mark Lawrenson's shoulder.
I'm not a fan of Mark Lawrenson and I'm please that Alan Hanson has retired. (dinosaurs) can't forgive for his pompous comme…
Mark Lawrenson: "West Ham will finish down towards the bottom of the league, they’re not a particularly good team." ht…
Mark Lawrenson hates West Ham so much. Is he a Millwall fan by any chance?
Mark Lawrenson has predicted West Ham to lose on Saturday... what a *** Strikes me he's obsessed with West Ham for no reason.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Every week Mark Lawrenson predicts that we will lose. We would be bottom of the league if his predictions were right. He's such a ***
Mark Lawrenson tips West Ham to lose? In other news rain makes you wet
West Ham 1 Preston 0 Play off final. The reason Mark Lawrenson hates us...
Mark Lawrenson has predicted that West Ham will lose 2-1 to Wolves on Saturday. . 'Football Expert'
Mark Lawrenson predicting West Ham to lose. No surprise there...
Mark Lawrenson yet again predicts a West Ham loss. Sum up Mark Lawrenson in Three Words
Mark Lawrenson after West Ham beat Liverpool 3-0 in August. 5 months later and we're still above
Mark Lawrenson has gone for West Ham United 2-0 Liverpool today. Will he be correct? .
Give me Des Lynam, Alan Hansen & Mark Lawrenson over Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and C3P0 every day
Mark Lawrenson, Alan Hansen, Ian Rush, Ronnie Whelan, can you hear me? Your boys took a *** of a beating!
Darren Anderton and Marcus Ford, plus Gerry Francis and Mark Lawrenson who both came back to life???
Mark Lawrenson predicts Joel Campbell will become a big player for Arsenal
Mark Lawrenson is a tosser. He predicts us to lose every week. If his predictions had come true we'd be 17th. . It's tough at the top Mark.
VIDEO: Asprilla in Neville's tag team: Mark Lawrenson takes on WWE star Neville for his Premier League predictions this weekend.
Heres some of the worst of the worst...Wayne Mardle,Jim Watt,Phil Clarke,Mark Roe,Mark Lawrenson,Alan Smith
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“Tell your pal Madeley he’s a fool,” I snapped. “I’d rather die now, surrounded by good men – and Mark Lawrenson – than listen to his bile.”
Fernando stitched up like Mike Bassett's Mark Lawrenson in these opening credits
The Ref Show, with pundit Mark Lawrenson the special guest >>
legend Mark Lawrenson launching '16 last night: "I thought Merseyside had a great history. Sheffield's pees all over it."
Lebanese judge Mark has created a QR code that links to an underage dancer.
Penwortham's third hardest man behind me and Mark Lawrenson
Does life get better than serving champagne to Mark Lawrenson? I don't think so.
Radical cleric Mark Lawrenson has a tune to commemorate the creation of
Mark Lawrenson: FA right to ban Mourinho & right to reveal what he said to Jon Moss. Ref Show part 2 here...
This week's Ref Show, with former man Mark Lawrenson joining the panel >>
Mark Lawrenson runs rule over Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp
Part 2 & Mourinho top of the bill. With Mark Lawrenson & Keith Hackett on The Ref Show...+ & refs...
just what we were saying! For dog enricher Redknapp read Lawrenson!
Here's Mark Lawrenson joining KH & me for The Ref Show. That big call & more. Part 2 later...
As Mark Lawrenson said on LFC TV Palace have Liverpool's number as they know how to beat them CPFC SCOUSEBUSTERS
By contrast, Merson's rival at the BBC Mark Lawrenson got the North London Derby spot-on...
Great to have Mark Lawrenson join us for The Ref Show. Doesn't hold back on Jose! Tune in later...
NewsNoys ahoy! Mark Lawrenson enraged after finding of the Cat's kayak inside a beef burger.
nevermind what Shawcross smells like, Costa should be over the moon he doesn't play up against Mark Lawrenson, he'd honk
Nobody tells me anything...just arrived for Ref Show to be told Mark Lawrenson is on panel. Good news? Yes. Unless he's presenting!
Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool must NOT use Europa League as an excuse - they should try to win it
Lawro: Liverpool can't use Europa excuse, but other teams worried
Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool FC cannot use Europa excuse... and why fans of other ... 97
Craig Johnston and Mark Lawrenson shut out Everton's Graeme Sharp in the 1984 Milk Cup Final replay
LAWRO: 'football expert' Mark Lawrenson has excelled with his and predictions so far... htt…
How did Lawro get on this week?: See how BBC Sport's football expert Mark Lawrenson fared against boxer Amir Khan in his Premier Leag...
Signed pic of Mark Lawrenson, Ronnie Whelan and Bruce Grobbelaar all profits to current bid £31
Signed pic of Bruce Grobbelaar, Ronnie Whelan & Mark Lawrenson all profits to current bid £31
Mark Lawrenson has predicted Manchester City 2-0 West Ham United for today's game. Will he be correct? .
VIDEO: Focus Forum: 'Crazy, mad transfer window': Dan Walker is joined by Trevor Sinclair and Mark Lawrenson a...
Met Mark Lawrenson at work and had no idea until way after our conversation! Then saw Anthony Joshua on another day!
Why is Mark Lawrenson being such a bellend on football focus.
Mark Lawrenson was the 3rd great to make his debut for the Reds that day. Lawro played 356 times for Liverpool. http:/…
"The Midnight Recovery oil in his pants and watch football" -Mark Lawrenson
Mark Lawrenson has been spent pulling a blind chord the wrong way.
He can't be any worse that the dross LFC have had at upfront. Borrini, Balotelli, Ings etc .
do you remember mark Lawrenson tearing that keeper navas a new one on commentary a few years back?
How does Mark Lawrenson get paid to spout this rubbish, the guys a joke.
Great new word *Superbole* invented by Mark Lawrenson just now on
Him and Mark Lawrenson are typical ex *** Look down their noses at other clubs. Couple of bellends
Mark Lawrenson: Arsenal could pick Newcastle off this weekend
Ok Mark Lawrenson... You do remember we beat you last season too? Oh and Manchester City, now Arsenal and you again! …
Saints preserve us, thankfully being a Preston Supporter I only have to put up with Mark Lawrenson & he only moan about LFC.
Mark Lawrenson said it perfectly:City dont need De Bruyne.He'll interfere with Silva at No 10.Sterling and Navas give him more space to play
Mark lawrenson is a disgrace to pundits,just the same as souness and funny enough they both played for the same bad losers.
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Mark Lawrenson calls it as he sees it. . That toughness is still lacking in our game.
If he did football punditry he'd be Mark Lawrenson.
I'd rather listen to Mark Lawrenson squire
Send that to Mark Lawrenson will you please Tricky!
Mark Lawrenson: time for to take stock... and learn how to tough it out in games
After underrating for the last 2 seasons, you get the feeling Mark Lawrenson thought bugger it this week...
The end is nigh! Mark Lawrenson got it right for once
Also congratulations to Mark Lawrenson for finally getting a prediction right!
How did Lawro get on this weekend?: See how Mark Lawrenson fared against Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Darren Campbell with his...
will beat say Mark Lawrenson and Paul Merson
Oh Mark Lawrenson predictions has got the United and Swansea spot on with the scoreline too!
Mark Lawrenson actually got it right! C'mon
Ex Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson: "West Ham will finish near the bottom of the table. They aren't a good team." http…
Mark Lawrenson Good riddance to waste of space Mario Balotelli and flop Lazar Markovic
Mark Lawrenson: Time for Liverpool FC to take stock after Hammers blow You arrogant ***
ICYMI... Mark Lawrenson: Good riddance to 'waste of space' Mario Balotelli and flop Lazar Markovic...
When West Ham last won at Liverpool. *Mark Lawrenson was 6. *The Beatles had 2nd number 1 (She Loves You). *Harold Macmillan was PM.
Sir Paul McCartney, Stan Boardman, Jimmy Tarbuck, Mark Lawrenson, Alan Hansen can you hear me? Your boys took one *** of a beating!
Owen Hargreaves is a worse co-commentator than Craig Burley and Mark Lawrenson combined. Awful.
Ah the sound of bitter Scousers. Mickey Quinn, Phil Thompson, Mark Lawrenson and Jamie Carragher bleating on...
Mark Lawrenson has gone for AFC Bournemouth 2-1 Aston Villa. Will he be correct?. .
Lawro's predictions - opening weekend: Mark Lawrenson takes on ex-England cricketer Graeme Swann on the openin...
Express: Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool must sign new left-back to replace 'little boy' Alberto Moreno
Good media coverage of the Neil razor Ruddock Dinner who is coming to Frank Bruno, Didi Hamann and Mark Lawrenson
Mark Lawrenson, who once said "Michael Owen isn't the tallest of lads, but his height more than makes up for that"
The actual existence of Michael Owen saves Mark Lawrenson as a pundit
'Pathetic' Raheem Sterling is taking the mickey out of Liverpool, says Reds legend Mark Lawrenson (Mirror Football)
I think maybe I don't actually like football, and what I actually like is Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend commentating on football
Who is your and why? Mark Lawrenson and Roy Evans are live in the studio debating the merits of our nominees.
England's young stars paid 'too much': BBC Sport's Mark Lawrenson questions the hunger of England's Under-21 players after an early E...
to be fair he's still better than Michael Owen, Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend
Mark Lawrenson's LFC career in photos: Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson turns 58 today and so to celeb...
Mark Lawrenson's LFC career in photos (Official site)
Danny Murphy is truly Mark Lawrenson's heir apparent
Danny Murphy sounds an awful lot like Mark Lawrenson
Danny Murphy is slowly turning into Mark Lawrenson. Terrifiyng.
Danny Murphy really sounds uncannily like Mark Lawrenson
Danny Murphy on co-commentary - a refreshing change from Mark Lawrenson or any of the other tired voices we usually get.
Has Phil Brown been nicking shirts out of Mark Lawrenson's wardrobe?
BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson: "NUFC need to win to guarantee survival. I don't see that happening but I think Hull won't beat Man U"
What do Alan Hanson, Mark Lawrenson and have in common??
Mark Lawrenson fancies Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace on Saturday. Will he be correct? . .
It looks like Mark Lawrenson spent the night sleeping round the back of the bins at St James's Park last night.
VIDEO: 'Reds to beat Chelsea' - KJT's predictions: GB heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson takes on BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson in the...
John Virgo is the Mark Lawrenson of snooker commentary.
Mark Lawrenson, Phil Thompson, Craig Johnston, Steve McMahon? I think the end looks like '___on'
Mark Lawrenson fancies Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Manchester City for today's game. Will he be correct?. . …
I wonder what Mark Lawrenson thought of the Blackpool v Huddersfield game?
The Alarm's Mike Peters replacing Mark Lawrenson is like something out of Billy the Fish.
Jason Roberts' clothes are cool as. Mark Lawrenson is dressed like James May. Not a compliment.
Jason Roberts & Mark Lawrenson telling it like it is on MOTD2 - take notice Ashley & Charnley
Jason Roberts and Mark Lawrenson are the two worst pundits I've heard talk about football, Clueless.
I never imagined Mark Lawrenson would be older than Alan Hansen.
Jason Roberts and Mark Lawrenson in talking sense shock.
Tell ya what Mark Lawrenson, he's a man who needs slicing isn't he?
Obviously a huge thank you to Mark Lawrenson, Ray Stubbs and Doncaster's own Steve Womack who had the room in stitches
Mark Lawrenson says Raheem Sterling hasn't done himself any favours with his interview
I bet Jan Molby, Kenny Dalglish, Mark Lawrenson and everyone who wrote off United against Liverpool have a bitter taste in their mouths now
Jonathan Pearce and Mark Lawrenson - the dream team..
I can see Freddy Mercury, Sylvester Stalone & the BBC's Mark Lawrenson.
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