Mark Latham & Tony Abbott

Mark William Latham (born 28 February 1961), an author and former Australian politician, was leader of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition from December 2003 to January 2005. Anthony John Tony Abbott (born 4 November 1957) is the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives and federal leader of the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia. 5.0/5

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Tony Abbott, Bob Carr, Mark Latham and Kevin Rudd. None should ever be given airtime.
include Mark Latham as shotgun Tony Abbott vows he will Vladimir Putin at over downing of MH17
Tony Abbott will no longer be shirt-fronting Putin...Mark Latham has happily agreed to do it instead...
Tony Abbott - "I know members opposite say that was Mark Latham, he doesn't count."
“Tony Abbott promised to restore trust in Australian politics but, as with most of his promises, it was...
How did Mark Latham get driven out of politics because everyone thought he was nuts and the Tony Abbott gets elected PM a few years later?
An interesting read. Who is Tony Abbott? Overheard last week: "It's such a shame there isn't someone other than Tony Abbott as alternative Prime Minister. We think the Gillard government is bad for the country, but it would be better if we had another Opposition leader to vote for." It caused me to ask why that view might exist given Abbott's background, and I wondered if it might be that people do not know his history. So, I have put together some information which might help get a better understanding of the man. Abbott graduated from the University of Sydney with degrees in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Economics (BEc). Then he became a Rhodes Scholar at Queens College Oxford UK in Politics and Philosophy. He also won a boxing blue at Oxford. He married Margaret in 1987 and has three daughters. He is a member of the congregation of the Catholic Church. He was involved in student politics, but beyond that, biographer Michael Duffy, wrote that during his student days he saved a child who was sw ...
A Washington Post interview with Tawny Wabbitt ... illustrates a point that many have tried to make ... he is an abusive self aggrandising *** who will need to be removed by the Coalition before long ... I put him in same thug category as Mark Latham ... all mouth and muscle ... not much else. The interview was going along swimmingly - US/Sino/Australian relations, trade, boats etc. Then Lally Weymouth started asking about the National Broadband Network and the new government's revised plans. At that point the truth serum kicked in with Tony Abbott and here are the last few questions and answers as published in The Washington Post 25 October 2013. Q. Is that (fibre to the node) cheaper and more efficient? A. Vastly. Q. But Labor wanted to extend fiber to every household? A. Welcome to the wonderful, wacko world of the former government. Q. So you believe the former government was doing a lot of things that were bad for the country? A. I thought it was the most incompetent and untrustworthy governmen ...
Only one man could out do Tony Abbott and that man is Mark Latham.
“Mark Latham on Fiona Scott: 'Tony Abbott must have had beer goggles on' – video wow!
I am so outraged about Mark Latham being outraged about people being outraged about Tony Abbott being... Oh look - a kitten!
Talking politics: Tony Abbott, Mark Latham join me on Tony tells Penny she's "Hot" …
Mark Latham says Tony Abbott 'must have had beer goggles on' via
'She's not that good a sort': Sex appeal, Tony Abbott and Fiona Scott - Mark Latham's umpteenth offensive remark.    
Sex appeal controversy: Tony Abbott had beer goggles on, says Mark Latham
Who first claimed that Tony Abbott is the Coalition's own Mark Latham? Genius. via
I'm thinking BIG BROTHER is coming up why don't they put Kevin Rudd, Julie Gillard, Tony Abbott, Wayne Swan, John Howard, Mark Latham, Peter Garrett, And many more
Reblogged from The Sniper: By Barry Tucker All things being equal, the federal Parliamentary Liberal National Party Opposition, led by Tony Abbott, should have a price to pay for the kind of political campaign it has run since the last federal election.…
It has been widely reported that in the last 12 months Tony Abbott has claimed more than one million dollars in expenses. Nobody from the mainstream media has cared (or dared) to tap Tony Abbott on...
All I knew of Abbott when he entered Parliament in 1994 at the age of 36 was that he had been educated by Jesuits, had wanted to be a priest and had described himself as “a junkyard dog savaging the other side”. It was only in early 1998 that I began to take serious notice of him, and that was because of a statement he made in Parliament about Bob Santamaria, who had recently died. Abbott called him “a philosophical star by which you could always steer” and “the greatest living Australian”. I thought that Santamaria had lost all political relevance decades earlier and was astonished that anyone would honour a man who inspired so much hatred. It became clear that Santamaria had been a crucial mentor for Abbott, ever since the early 1970s. As Michael Duffy remarks in his 2004 dual biography of Mark Latham and Tony Abbott, Santamaria’s effect on the latter was “immediate and profound”. A Catholic intellectual, Santamaria created an organisation known as ‘the Movement’. Using the idea of ...
→ → Tony Abbott as the new Mark Latham via
Tony Abbott is the next Mark Latham has a real chance of being next PM if he
→ Righto nows the time to topple Tony Abbott before he pulls a Mark Latham/John Hewson and loses
Mark Latham on Tony Abbott's diplomacy in Indonesia - Should he have talked about turning the boats around?
Any truth in the rumour that Tony Abbott is being mentored on diplomacy, deportment & handshakes by Mark Latham?
Anyone else notice Tony Abbott's Mark Latham style handshake with SBY in Djakarta ?? We know what that outcome was !!!
Tony Abbott gave a great Mark Latham impersonation when he met with President Yudhoyono.
In 2004, when Michael Duffy was completing his book Latham and Abbott, he sent draft copies to his biographical subjects – Tony Abbott and me – to check for errors of fact. It can be assumed, therefore, that Abbott confirmed the accuracy of the following incident.
Mark Latham: "[Tony Abbott] has run the most fraudulently opportunistic scare campaign in our political history":
Dear Kim Beasley, Mark Latham wants to know why the media were harder on you as LoTO than they are on Tony Abbott. Any ideas?
Clive Palmer might turn out to be to Tony Abbott in the next election what Mark Latham was to Julia Gillard in 2010.
Bob Brown has helped guarantee Tony Abbott a landslide mandate for climate-change denial Mark Latham says[free]
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