Mark Latham & Julia Gillard

Mark William Latham (born 28 February 1961), an author and former Australian politician, was leader of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition from December 2003 to January 2005. Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia, in office since 24 June 2010. 5.0/5

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Mark Latham asks why Julia Gillard supported notorious bully Kevin Rudd for the Labor leadership & for Prime Minister.
One thing could swing this. Mark Latham could shake Putins hand before the fight and Julia Gillard apply the vaseline. Team Australia.
I stopped listening to Mark Latham when he said that Julia Gillard didn't have empathy because she didn't have children. Then, she was PM.
Oh yeah, gave real good advice to Mark Latham, Kim Beazley and Julia Gillard. ***
The greatest scandal with the AWU slush fund is how many in the media aided the cover-up Andrew Bolt December 10 2013 (7:50am) The AWU scandal There are actually two scandals. One centres on the AWU slush fund that Julia Gillard helped to create. The other involves the many, many senior journalists of the Left who didn’t just ignore the story, but in many cases aided Labor’s spin and attacked those trying to get at the truth. Victoria’s Chief Magistrate, Peter Lauritsen, yesterday ruled that documents prepared or overseen by Julia Gillard as a solicitor were part of a fraud by her then boyfriend and others, and police are therefore entitled to seize them: For those documents that (would otherwise attract legal professional privilege under Section 118 of the Evidence Act) I am satisfied that, in each instance, the communication was made or the document prepared in furtherance of the commission of a fraud or an offence. Lauritsen in his finding referred to this affadavit from Victoria Police’s lead ...
Let's get something straight. Julia Gillard did not lose power because of her gender. She may have kept power because of it (but I think it's because she is a very good negotiator). She kept power far longer in the face of truly disastrous polls than Bill Hayden or Kevin Rudd or Mark Latham did. It wasn't until the Labor party was facing the worst defeat in electoral history, which would have annihilated the leadership for ten years, that she was forced out, and that only by a few votes - and she wasn't supported by female members of caucus more than males. She was treated with kid gloves, and I think that if it wasn't for her gender, she would have been attacked far harder over things like: - Taking the solo parent benefit off 84,000 women and thus plunging 200,000 children into poverty (a completely unnecessary decision and one that Rudd, a worse Prime Minister but someone who cares far more about women and children than Gillard ever will, reversed in the first two hours after he took power) - Clos ...
So let me get this strait, the ALP gave Kim Beasley the flick because they thought they had a better chance with Mark Latham, he didnt win so they gave him the flick for Kevin Rudd, then when the polls showed he might not win - even though he was elected by the Australian people - they knifed him in the back and installed Julia Gillard - who didn't win the election anyway until she jumped into bed with the independents - and then when the polls showed she wasn't going to win again they flick her off again and reinstall the once they knifed in the back 3 years ago - seriously they ALP is one big joke and anyone who votes for them does not have the best interests of the country at heart - and if that offends anyone then I'm sorry but that's how I feel. Honestly we must be the laughing stock of the world - cant think of any other country recently who has sacked their president or Prime Minister mid term!
IF Julia Gillard was hoping the 'menu-gate' scandal might win her back some support after her 'men in blue ties' attack on the Coalition she'll be sorely disappointed in the reaction on social media.
Kevin Rudd wore a shiny blue tie as he walked through the shopping hub of Hurstville on Wednesday, mobbed by adoring fans. The day after Julia Gillard derided the men in ‘‘blue ties’’ who run the country, Mr Rudd's choice of a stridently blue neck ornament was notable as he campaigned in the federal...
Julia Gillard has completely lost her marbles
Julie Bishop - Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard should admit like Mark Latham has, that they were wrong to dismantle the 'Pa…
Julia Gillard is preparing for one last leadership challenge pitting her against Kevin Rudd when parliament returns next week, according to reports.
According to newspaper reports, Julia Gillard is telling Kevin Rudd: "I'm going nowhere". Rather an unfortu6ante choice of words on her part, wopuldn't you say?
While there’s a widely-held view - even among her supporters - that Julia Gillard is unlikely to win the upcoming election, there's no clear strategy for her removal. But nor is it clear what a return to Kevin Rudd as leader would bring. In the brief recess before Parliament resumes next week, feder...
Former Labor leader Mark Latham says Kevin Rudd should be given a ministry instead of working behind the scenes to destabilise Julia Gillard.
To Western Sydney...From the party that wanted Mark Latham to be Prime Minister, we present Julia Gillard for your consideration??
Anthony Morris QC with some news for Jon Faine The worst form of defence Mark Latham makes a flimsy case for Gillard 16 CommentsAnthony Morris, QC 3 November 2012 Spectator Australia readers have seen enough of Mark Latham’s writing to know his attempts to project a blokey anti-intellectual persona are largely window-dressing. His is probably the sharpest mind to have graced Federal Labor’s front bench since (at least) the retirement of Barry Jones. Latham is perfectly capable of formulating a cogent and rational argument, if so minded, provided the facts allow for it. So, when he offers (Latham’s Law, 27 October) a lame simulacrum of a defence concerning Julia Gillard and ‘the Slater & Gordon allegations’, only two explanations are open: either Latham’s heart really isn’t in it, or the evidence doesn’t allow him to do any better. He begins with an ad hominem attack on Rebecca Weisser, which would doubtless be characterised as misogynic had it sprung from the lips or pen of a person lackin ...
You're wrong if you think knocking Mark Latham & Peter Garrett makes Julia Gillard & Nova Peris look better,
"The negotiation skills of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, are not all they are cracked up to be". ''The Prime Minister is always cited as a great negotiator but I have pointed out it's not about whether you get an agreement, it's about whether the agreement you get actually delivers''.''The credibility of those negotiations is coming under increased scrutiny because no money has been raised and the loophole is so great,'' Greens leader Christine Milne, re Mining tax.
VIDEO: Mark Latham on Michael Smith - best mate of George Brandis - calling for Julia Gillard to be assassinated.
Watch former Labor party leader Mark Latham meet Prime Minister Julia Gillard at an election campaign event at the Brisbane Showground.
Clive Palmer might turn out to be to Tony Abbott in the next election what Mark Latham was to Julia Gillard in 2010.
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