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Mark Latham

Mark William Latham (born 28 February 1961), an author and former Australian politician, was leader of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition from December 2003 to January 2005.

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Rudd on Mark Latham: For a guy who is a former leader of the Labor Party to be campaigning for Trump and Hanson is 'seriously weird'
Abbott too. And you. And me. And Ross Cameron. And Mark Latham. Just about everyone really.
And we'll throw in Malcolm Robert, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt & Mark Latham for free !
Didn't realize Bolt was still on tv. Next you'll tell me Mark Latham and Miranda Devine s…
Oh Chris you do say the most stupid things Are you like Mark Latham & Andrew Blot audition…
Listening to Mark Latham tell Neil Mitchell, Sam Newman should replace Dan Andrews as Premier because gender fluidity is destroying Victoria
Mark Latham on 3AW saying Dan Andrews is part of the social-engineering PC brigade and Sam Newman should be Premier
Ben Chifley was a railwayman. Mark Latham wishes he had been
Kevin Rudd in the 'realm of evil', says Mark Latham via
In 2003, Mark Latham apologized and settled with businessman Malcolm Turnbull over comments made outside privilege https:…
Mark Latham is working with Rebel Media. Can he also work at the Daily Telegraph? | The MSM are scared 😂😂
Tonight on Mark Latham's Outsiders 8pm: the dreadful rise of Left-wing political violence, plus David Leyonhjelm's plan for huge tax cuts
WATCH: Jeff Kennett and Mark Latham discuss Liberal Party squabbling and Abbott stirring the pot in the SPIN…
To paraphrase Mark Latham, David Lederhosen is his very own Conga line of *** :-)
To sign up for new Mark Latham's Outsiders/Rebel Media partnership please go to: and enter name and email address.
You are a traitor to your roots.Gough Whitlam was a poor judge of character first John Kerr and Mark Latham.
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Mark Latham has officially joined the ranks of the ‘alt-right’. Spreading hate & division for money.
I did something on Mark Latham signing on with Rebel Media, and why it's a worry that he is still with the Tele.
Mark Latham once wrote "there's no room in my Labor Party for Phillip Adams". He was right about that.
NSW ALP has banned Mark Latham for life. (ie - should he ever try to re-join). Motion passed tonight. Bill Shorten backed…
2019 election... Mark Latham tries to get relevant again... god help us.
Former Labor leader and Daily Telegraph columnist Mark Latham has announced he is joining the Liberal Democrats. https:…
2/2 Party Officers tonight resolved that if Mark Latham ever attempts to re-join the ALP, that his application…
Alan Ramsey, Mark Latham and Michael Duffy walk into a bar. The barman is Bernard Keane. Then Paul Kelly walks in and intones . . Tbc
Mark Latham... was in Surry Hills... with all the PC lefties? I feel like Mark Latham would be mad at Mark Latham r…
This advice from the party that chose Mark Latham as their leader and followed up with Kevin Rudd
BREAKING: Mark Latham brashly claims to have a "three figure IQ" at Sydney RWNJ convention. via
Yes, libertarianism isn't just the refuge of self-absorbed white men. And to prove it, here's Mark Latham. via
"I've got an IQ in three figures" boasts Mark Latham. via 001 is three figures Mr Latham.
Are you worried Mark Latham might think you're ***
We want Mark Latham back on sky news Australia. Thanks Brad Holloway
Mark Latham: The five things that can save Australia from the disease of political correctness | Daily Telegraph
Fred Nile applies to replace Mark Latham at Sky News |
Fred Nile has thrown his hat into the ring to replace Mark Latham on Sky News
Fred Nile hopes to replace Mark Latham on Sky News
Janet Albrechtsen in the persuades me that several of Mark Latham's jibes were indefensible. But better 4 Sky 2 hv rebuked him.
Mark Latham moans about 'outrage industry' but in 2012 lodged a Press Council complaint against his own newspaper -
Mark Latham is an absolute disgrace and should not be on air.
I don't understand why The media keeps giving Mark Latham a platform. He has past form & is a loose cannon
Will Kate Ellis just miss out on the cushy super scheme that Mark Latham forced John Howard to cut back?
Then-candidate for the marginal seat of Adelaide, Kate Ellis, steps out with Mark Latham on April 21, 2004. Ellis i…
Former Labor leader Mark Latham to speak at Liberal Party function.
Worth remembering that Mark Latham, as recently as 2 or 3 years ago, wrote columns & whole books attacking the hard right, News Corp, etc.
Mark Latham making political comeback? Would it be worth it for him to split Hanson's voter base?
And watching Mark Latham and Andrew Bolt on the Bolt Report you could add them to the list too.
“Mark Latham, a three-time nominee, led a competitive political category with his comment about domestic violence …”
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EXCL: Donald Trump's Aussie Mates - Mark Latham, Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean - team up for Outsiders on Sky
Mark Latham & Ross Cameron at long last a small light on the hill in a mire of Aus propagandized lefties by ABC Chs 7 9 10 &SBS
Yes, Bevan. We all know Ross Cameron and Mark Latham are ***
Ross Cameron's comments on Mark Latham are spot on. It's a pleasure to hear his commonsense!
Mark Latham, Rowan Dean & Ross Cameron have a new show on Sky News. How can it possibly go wrong?
"For a fresh perspective on Trump let's bring in Jeff Kennett & Mark Latham..." -- a thing actually just said on Sunrise.
Rowan Dean & Mark Latham were this afternoon seen dancing together at NSW rugby club to this Trump victory song:
Tonight: Plus Straight Talk with Mark Latham and more. htt…
Eight years after the financial crisis, the world's financial system is still as fragile as ever
Watching this galoot on now, I feel quite ashamed that I once supported Mark Latham so strongly as ALP leader :(
33k views in 48 hours: indoctrination. Alan Jones with parent power from Mark Latham & http…
It does indeed stand for *** - one of the few things that Mark Latham has authored recently that I agree with!
Me & Seth have almost hit the 6 month mark but it feels longer because we've been messin with each other for almost 4 years 🤗💞
Mark Latham, Mutualism: A Third Way for Australia. 1999. Still the best manifesto for a New Politics in Australia.
Ernie Awards: Pauline Hanson, Eddie McGuire and Mark Latham called out for sexism via
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Interesting discussion on Channel 7 with Chris Bonner, Kevin Donnelley and Mark Latham on School Funding for...
& Mark Latham. This is the official dress code of our Australia PMs. Malays…
Bolt & Mark Latham attack & says masculinity is not to blame for domestic violence, 'poverty' & 'Aboriginality' are to blame.
LOOOL now i am watching the bolt report and Andrew Bolt just introduced his guest tonight mark latham, as a GURU... LOL.
Yes it's a problem with Mark Latham he is very clever And that is the reason ALP DUMPED HIM
Murdoch media wanting to appeal to right wing voters by drawing on failed ALP leader Mark Latham = 'priceless'.
Mark Latham on the 'budgie nine'. Are they larrikins or just ***
I'm stunned Mark Latham didn't do well as leader, he's great, and funny.
Mark Latham on Muslim migration and Integration: via
Mark Roden's buyers have something to celebrate -- they're the new owners of 201 Latham Works Lane in Hartford,...
Wasn't that comment about Joe Hockey from Chris Mitchell rather than Mark Latham?
Good Mark Latham analogy that the NAT's abandoning greyhounds would be like the ALP cutting adrift unions
Alan Jones and Mark Latham are talking about the greyhound ban. Great show on a Tuesday on SKYNEWS. ^TR
Alan Jones just called mark latham a commentator 'par excellence'. enjoy that RWNJ's .
Mark Latham calls a spade on Invites SJW's like to Merrylands, Sydney to see suburb destroyed by…
Mark Latham talking sense for once, Kevin bloody Donnelly telling lies, Chris Bonnor with all the facts - not asked.
The 'politics of greed' is why we have over-funded private schools. I agree with Mark Latham (first time for years)
Mark Latham is quoted in One Nation's Immigration policy
LOL, probably. Although I don't think that Mark Latham is a particularly huge loss to Nine...
Mark Latham is now back on 7 and Sky news so I think he thought id get off the sinking ship
Good discussion on school-(over)funding .Chris Bonnor & Mark Latham making sense, Kevin Donnelly not so much.
I liked a video from Mark Latham attacks Andrew O'Keefe and Van Badham
Mark Latham is one of Aust. worst citizens. He's a racist/sexist piece of crap, not a shock he supports Trump
Paul, whilst you're on holidays can you get Mark Latham to do your show please. Janine doesn't cut it.
Mark Latham talks re Bill Leak , Identity Politics and Racism: via
Australian ex politicians use it as a matter of "principle".
mark calendars for 9/14 to visit our Latham Regional Test Plot!
Donald Trumps White House bid reminds me of when Mark Latham almost became PM
Buddy Mark Latham has done a new music video for SERVERS! Check it out. Nice one Lee Wilde ! :)
Mark Latham is a naughty swear word. Make sure young children never see it.
Isnt it great to see how Mark Latham has grown and become such a great commentator on Aust politix and the economy? Wonderful.
Mark Latham. Tk God he's been overlooked as a serious political commentator
Mark Latham talking a lot of sense on
Mark Latham on why Greens senators were boycotting the census.
Nothing can make Mark Latham seem reasonable. Actually, hold that thought, I've just remembered Trump and Malcolm Roberts…
Now Mark Latham is saying the Greens didn't want to fill out Census because it would show all their slave labour and carbon footprints
Wow mate. on the same bill as Mark Latham. You have made it.
I liked a video from Anti Feminist Mark Latham destroys Feminist Van Badham
Yum, Latham 76!Going on a 500 mile pilgrimage . Yellow arrows mark the path, but this is Glenville!
Manatee County ready should there be a locally transmitted case of Zika: Mark Latham, director of Manatee Cou...
Mark Latham says trying to catch the mosquitoes "isn't going to tell us anything more than what we already know."
"The movement of the disease is by humans, by human movement not by mosquitoes," says Mark Latham of mosquito control about
Mark Latham of mosquito control speaks next about Zika in Manatee County
I'm surprised such a momentous event does not produce a grass roots sausage sizzle or Mark Latham outburst
Good point by Mark Latham - has slighted a broad cross section of the community and for what?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I would probably vote for mark Latham now.
Watching Mark Latham on makes me want to start cutting myself
Jones & Co. Please remind Mark Latham that teaching is NOT a profession. Law, Medicine, Engineering, etc. are.
. Mark Latham you should join One Nation . That would put the wind up &
For those who missed it last night, here is Luke Foley with Chris Kenny and Mark Latham on Sky. The basic message...
4. At some point during Channel 7's broadcast, Tanya Plibersek unleash an eyeroll so epic at Mark Latham, it makes worldw…
Jasper preferences recommendation likened to Mark Latham by
On second thoughts, can't bear Sky. Panel was Allan Jones, Miranda Devine & Mark Latham. Who voted for that turd as leader of ALP?
Mark Latham says Australian of the Year David Morrison is 'against diversity'
I like to hear Mark Latham's opinions on Alan Jones & his newspaper columns.
Yes Mark Latham was a Labor leader & lost. Unfortunately time has not been kind to him. Very bitter man. No longer ALP
Why is Mark Latham still quoted by the media? He lost his mind years ago and he supports Trump.
Latham canes ‘militant’ Shorten ..Billy shelf harming when he opens his mouth,confused between rebates and dictates
Mark Latham is a spoiler, destructive man with limited attributes, those being arrogance, rudeness & stupidity
Mark Latham is turning into the greatest Liberal leader that never was. Sea bin time?
Breast Cancer Awareness
A definite must read by Mark Latham. He is on the money with this...
In all seriousness, have Mark Latham and Peta Credlin ever been seen in the same room?
I just want to see them punch each other. Maybe put them on the same panel as Mark Latham.
So many people want to debate emotions instead of facts. "Two Feminists shrivel after hearing facts -Mark Latham."
Breaking out the acoustic guitars for 2012. Pic by Mark Latham. .
Don't like on ? Well have a chat to Mark Latham. He shoots the beast & skins it.
Mark Latham talking himself into a corner.
I think Mark Latham has that effect on most people.
Mark Latham on trans bathroom issue: "If you start getting male predators in the female area, obviously you’ve got a pro…
Hats off to you Mark Latham, you've finally found your niche in the world! Keep exposing these dangerous leftist idealogies!…
Well said, Mark Latham. This program in schools is appalling and fully supported by the ALP. Parents do not have…
It is a unique privilege that I am able to respond to Mark Latham's bathetic holler for relevancy *thus*.
Mark Latham wouldn't know a business plan if it slapped him in the face.
Has the ALP distanced themselves from Mark Latham formally in writing somewhere? 🤔
probably a good thing when Mark Latham is criticising you.
Brilliant Mark Latham column on the Neo-Marxist ideological underpinning of Safe Schools
If Mark Latham thinks you're doing a bad job, take that as a compliment.
Please, lots more campaign advice from noted election-winner Mark Latham.
Both pol. parties under same totalitarian spell. Mark Latham "we're fighting for the future of our civilisation"
The moment that lost the Federal Election for Mark Latham. Has he ever recovered?
Things that would wither and die if media stopped making us look at them every election: Pauline Hanson, Mark Latham, the ACL.
Mark Latham, Alan Jones and Pauline Hanson have all be on sky news in the past 10 mins...
We were too *** Mark Latham. He has more sense in his little finger than the rest of the ALP put togethe…
Albo slaps down Mark Latham: LABOR frontbencher Anthony Albanese has dismissed claims from Mark Latham that h...
lets not forget giving Mark Latham a platform every night this week so far
Best interviews by Jones so far have been with *** Smith&Mark Latham. Both those guys tell it like it is. We are in trouble
David Uren and Mark Latham talking economic good sense on
Mark Latham destroys regressive femtard and cucked white knight
Mark Latham is one glass of scotch away from signing up to a celebrity boxing match.
Would you want Mark Latham mentoring politicians , so why would you want Grant Hackett mentoring sports people ?
Another joke of a performance from this morning. Mark Latham doesn't know anything except how to be aggressive. Moron.
mark Latham the voice of reason / I never thought I'd get to say that
Viershanie Latham hits a mark of 12.70m/41-8 in the women's triple jump
Latham's mark of 6.14m/20-1.75 moves her up to No. 14 in the NCAA West region!
Viershanie Latham leaps to the women's long jump crown and to a new PR at a mark of 6.14m/20-1.75!
Nesmith matches Latham's mark of 6.13m/20-1.5 for a new PR on her third attempt
Mark Latham. I think that he could have done some good things as PM, re cutting funding for private schools and no school chaplains
Tony Abbott, Bob Carr, Mark Latham and Kevin Rudd. None should ever be given airtime.
the Opposition Leader is the dominant player and it is the Prime Minister who is seen to be playing catch-up. :
Steve from Merrigum says we should introduce a Mark Latham etiquette award.
For once I agree with Mark Latham, Ch. 9 should have paid to get the child recovery team out, they paid to get them there!
what do you think of Mark Kenny's piece comparing Latham v Howard Shorten v Turnbull article?
Extraordinary to see that analyst Mark Kenny believes Mark Latham was a political heavyweight. See the age today.
Sophie Mirabella had a fight with Janet Albrechtsen less than a week ago. She's Mark Latham with lipstick
And here in Derby, the "Jubilee City", we've closed the only public swimming pool, Queen St. Baths, to mark the occasion
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via That was something Halfwit Hadley created & his *** mates followed.
To say this is a beatup of a story gives it more credibility than it deserves. absolutely ludicrous premise
Bill Shorten v Malcolm Turnbull: Are we seeing a replay of the Mark Latham and John Howard battle? - via
Mark Kenny column comparing Shorten to Latham c.2004 is evidence of a journo desperately in need of a holiday or a decent idea.
via OMG brownnoser Kenny is getting desperate now😠almost pitiful trying to protect his boy
A puzzle of contradictions: the indomitable Kate Legge's profile on Mark Latham
Mark is reviled by Mark Latham and loved by Elaine Benes. He is living MY dream life.
Lisa Pryor settles defamation case against Financial Review and Mark Latham
Why did it take Fairfax more than a year to apologise for and retract Mark Latham's attack on Lisa Pryor?
Same goes for Peter Reith, Graham Richardson, Mark Latham, and the rest of the superannuated irrelevantsia.
Research project aims to grow Scotland's sensors industry by
Alan talks to Mark Latham about Prime Minister Turnbull and the fight2save the character of Camden
BREAKING: Our psephologists have crunched the numbers and concluded Mark Latham would become PM under the dirty deal to change Senate voting
For those of you that haven't heard our very own Ryan Latham has overcome the point mark of 1,000 career points...
Allan Jones of & callers spot on with views, anger of conservatives. Mark Latham makes sense, Halal rort is funding Muslims
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I'm in an uber and the radio is an interview between mark Latham and Alan Jones. Please send help or kill me.
Morning Brisbane. On today's show the war on terror with David Kilcullen, violinist James Ehnes & Mark Latham
Mark Latham talked about the uncomfortable truth about this domestic violence debate a month ago. was widely condemned, then sacked
is ne a misogynist too, let's not forget Mark Latham
Sydney: only needs one descriptor. Home to Mark Latham, Alan Jones and Bob Carr.
Interesting article on ALP by Mark Latham in the telegraph today, I think he's "On the money".They must change to get back to Gov't !
There is firm handshakes and then there are standover merchants like Mark Latham
Mark Latham: Why does the ALP copy elitist Malcolm Turnbull? | DailyTelegraph
I'm Mark Latham & I've been sued by Malcolm Turnbull
Ray hadley can't believe he agrees with Mark Latham but yep he does this time about MT.. he's Labor Lite..
Ray Malcolm Turnbull is urbane and charming. But he’s not a strong leader with a sharp sense of what he believes in, says Mark Latham.
Like or loathe Mark Latham he has written another excellent article today.
everyday is a party when mark and Michelle are here
LATHAM LASHES LABOR’S LEFT: My Daily Telegraph colleague Mark Latham: Outside the membership of the ALP and t...
ICYMI: What Mark Latham's 'Western Sydney' persona tells us about modern identity politics
HUGE jump for Latham as she breaks her own record AGAIN, leaping for a mark of 13.31m/43-8! That's 4th in the NCAA!
I see Lawrence Mooney is trying to fasttrack his career Mark Latham style... fair enuff, it works 4 times out of 5 for white male Oz celebs.
Lawrence Mooney, the Mark Latham of funny men.
.Lawrence doing his Kyle Sandilands and Mark Latham impersonation?
AS I keep saying this a game of currency 'chicken' before the mass inflation starts.
yet some might argue bailouts + QE was a bit like using a defillibator on a collection of corpses and zombies
well QE certainly gave them a boost in 2009-10. Then the euro crisis kicked in.
Ian when have they really stopped? We are Japan style L shape recovery all the way, .25% off interest rates next?
I have a scratch Mark on my stomach from a Pitbull and it hurts 🙃
Are journalists apparently for bank reform still silent on Yes.
"9" out of the last "5", i.e. markets are not good at prediction! Comment from on earlier this week
Thanks Al, and no I did not know that, but interesting if true.
Interesting piece Is it not true that the markets have predicted 9 out of the last 5 downturns ;-)
they lost money here, . so they're looking for money there. it's panic selling. apparently China's probs = -25%
Frankfurt stock exchange with traders in Carnaval costume
Are banks really crashing like it's 2008, asks Sunday Herald's
The Age abandons plans to give Mark Latham a column after newsroom revolt, reports ($)
The Age reportedly ditching column by Mark Latham before ever published after in-newsroom lobbying by journalists
Mark Latham will have a crack count on it
Mark Latham must have been desperately unlucky
And to think Bill Shorten's ideological predecessor is Mark Latham
A lot of well-meaning people are giving Mark Latham and MMM the publicity they craved and planned for. Best ignored.
corporal punishment is a terrible idea . except when it comes to Mark Latham.
Abbott is fast becoming the next Mark Latham | The New Daily
why not just have Pauline Hanson dancing in the background and Mark Latham banging a drum 3 crazy racists
Looks like the Libs have found themselves a Mark Latham . Abbott: I would have won election via brisbanetimes
Mark Latham may actually be more popular than Shorten now
The Verdict: Mark Latham's dig at Melbourne Cup winner: Outspoken former Labor leader Mark Latham has again st...
Mark Latham puts his foot in it. In other news, water is wet.
Latham's just being ridiculous now: "Mark Latham slams Michelle Payne for not keeping sexism claims 'in house'
Little Giant Ladders
Mark Latham takes swipe at Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne via Congrats to
I AM SHOCKED! Mark Latham thinks shouldn't have mentioned the chauvinists!!
Mark Latham slams Michelle Payne for poor ‘etiquette’ after she called racing a chauvinistic industry after her his
Mark Latham takes swipe at Melb. Cup winner Michelle Payne on The Verdict via
Mark Latham slams Michelle Payne for accusing racing industry of being 'chauvinistic'
Mark Latham lost his job because of relentless misogyny and trolling women. I want to know why the same hasn't happene…
Jim Webb like Mark Latham it's always 2005 & Bush & Howard are always political geniuses left should emulate?
Anne Henderson was on it. So was Mark Latham. Karl Stefanovic was the the inept moderator. So the answer is : not very much.
Anne Henderson is pinching Mark Latham under the table now that they're in shadow.
Ch9 if your looking for credibility you won't find it with Mark Latham on your so called "panel"
Former Australian Financial Review columnist Mark Latham has a crack at the "feral media" as if he hasn't proofread his efforts
Anne Henderson, Mark Latham and Jacqui Lambie = zero credibility... is the poor man's
So Channel 9's promo for new show 'The Verdict' reckons Jacqui Lambie & Mark Latham are two of "Australia's most informed minds".
C9 ad - six of Australia's most informed minds tackling the big issues - Jackie Lambie, Mark Latham, and Campbell Brown. Um. ***
the ad states the best informed minds in australia then shows Mark Latham and Campbell Brown (afl thug). ***
All purpose parts banner
with Jackie Lambie and Mark Latham on the show, Campbell Brown seems positively intellectual
Didnt think I'd ever hear "Informed Minds" in the same sentence as Mark Latham, Jackie Lambie and Campbell Brown
Nine's marketing the panel on their new show as 'Australia's most informed minds'. Mark Latham, Jacqui Lambie & Campbell Brown. God help us.
Life imitating wrestling.Act crazy & you shall inherit a spot on prime time commercial TV:Mark Latham on with biffo back.
although using Mark Latham to prove a point is like the other side using John Hewson isn't it?
Mark Latham for PM with Craig Thomson. As deputy. Treasurer Joe Hockey. Clive Palmer as social services ETC lol
Tis true that (say) Mark Latham, Alan Jones and Kevin Rudd are more qualified than Prince George ...
Which channel has signed up Mark Latham and Amanda Vanstone for its new late-night panel show?
All they need now is 2have Eddie McGuire on Mark Latham&Karl Stefanovic new Q&A show on ch9 via
Joe Hockey " Mark Latham's push for another republic referendum is a "distraction"
Real talk: Mark Latham is no PJK. PJK - westie, provocateur, brilliant mind. Latham cannot even hate well (one I made ea…
Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson have their say about Mark Latham on 2GB
The woman Mark Latham confronted after Melb Writer's Festival writes of the disturbing encounter here:
Surprised certain conservative columnists haven't developed whiplash from changing their opinion on Mark Latham so quickly.
The case for Mark Latham - Jeff Kennett defends Mark Latham. And, really, while Latham is in the media it ...
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Hear how Mark Latham swore at the audience at and what thinks about it:
Oh well if Jeff Kennett says Mark Latham's a good bloke, then we should all just shut up, right?
All 4 improving things where necessary but find the usual suspects, Martin Ferguson, Mark Latham, Costa & Co right pains in the neck
& Oz dodged a massive bullet when Mark Latham failed at the election - what a disaster he would have been
Why would anyone pay good money to see this poor unbalanced man shrieking out his deranged sproutings. There are...
Raw uncut... If this was Abbotts Gov media would be downing Him..why are they not bringing Shorten down // shame
So Mark Latham has nothing to offer other than personal abuse based on some outdated fiction about working class male aut…
Mark Latham in foul-mouthed tirade at Melbourne writers’ festival
Shark spat him out ,said he tasted foul mouth.Mark Latham recovering.
I propose a showdown debate between Brendan O'Neill and Mark Latham. as moderator. Bucket of iced water provided.
says she thought Mark Latham deserved to keep a column at AFR…until he spoke at the ye…
Latham swears, lashes out at audience in Melbourne Writers Festival appearance - via
Mark Latham in foul-mouthed tirade at Melbourne writers' festival
If only there had been some signs to indicate that Mark Latham is unstable and totally not a suitable speaker for a writer's f…
Thank god Mark Latham never be came Prime Minister what a scary Scary individual
- Mark Latham's accurate characterisation of current political and media scene was like a breath of fresh air. Sorely needed
I wish people would stop contexting Mark Latham's behaviour as "mental health ". He is simply an obnoxious person.
Mark Latham's inability to express himself without being narcissistically abusive is the real problem w his columns: http:…
Mark Latham. What is his problem? W.hat happened to him in his past to act this way? Just do not understand his motives/actions. Lost me.
Mark Latham handled well. Admire his presenting of the oft ugly truth. Talk back Radio needs you ML. Good man...
ICYMI - Mark Latham has unleashed personal attacks on those who have criticised him at the Melb Writers' Festival http:/…
Finally caught up with a taste of Latham & rumble. Do hope play the entire blast.
It was an off the charts performance, and it’s scary to think Mark Latham could have been our Prime Minister -
Former Labor leader Mark calls journalist 'wanker', 'bigot' and 'deviant' in public appearance -
If you're keen to hear more about Mark Latham's performance yesterday, I'll be on soon to chat about it.
But what did Melbourne Writers Festival expect when it invited Mark Latham to speak?
As an encore Mark Latham is going to walk up and down Smith Street this arvo berating anyone drinking a soy latte.
"Not the respectful conversation we value." --
Mark Latham really has become our own Charlie Sheen.
Never thought I'd agree with 'some' of the sentiments from Mark Latham.
My full recap of Mark Latham's talk at for anyone who would like to inflict further pain on themselves:
"We’re disappointed in Mark Latham’s appearance today. Not the respectful…" in
Latham unfiltered. Jonathan and audience robust and returned serve. Not impressed by his publisher's intervention:
"I don't understand why people keep giving him a platform." - Kathy Lipari on former Labor leader Mark Latham's angry ran…
Raw uncut audio of Mark Latham way past caring what people think of him. C-Bomb dropped at...
Melbourne Writers Festival hits out at former Labor leader after 'disappointing' appearance at event via
Well, Mark Latham's session was certainly ... something. If you missed it, the roundup is on the free liveblog http…
Mark Latham was possessed by Mike Carlton's wine cask. Hilarious!
Paul Murray comment: Mark Latham a voice we all need.
I'm not the first to wonder this, I know - but is it possible Mark Latham has mental health issues? His behaviour is so erratic!
Mark Latham has again landed himself in hot water by unleashing a tirade of abuse at the
Perhaps Mark Latham has been attending her school of elocution?
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