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Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode (born 2 July 1963) is an English film critic, musician and a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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Mark Kermode's reviews of Transformers are a genre in themselves.
Mark Kermode has just told me it is good.
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Kedi
Is it? When I think of rockabilly I think of mark kermode
Mark Kermode enthusiastically raving about the "genius of The Minions"
You should watch Mark Kermode's Transformer rants on YT...
something about it just screams 'Mark Kermode'
"There is a truthfulness in their irritatingness that is rather well captured" - Mark Kermode on Chubby Funny
Please do read my blog, trust me I need the hits. Anyway, I'm sure the wonderful Mark Ke…
Jamie East. I just find that he always seems to recommend a lot of films I like. Mark Kermode is another I listen to as well.
Just how Mark Kermode put it I think 😉
That adorable giant pig does it for Mark Kermode
Then again the mark kermode look alike turned out to definitely not be mark kermode
Girls and children GIGGLE,lets be crystal clear on this prickly subject.Mark Kermode GUFFAWS
In today's Kermode Uncut blog, Mark (explains why he loves 'Heal The Living' - out on DVD soon. 🎞️…
Not yet Poppet, but I hope to see it soon as Mark Kermode recommended it! Hope me se…
"combines humour and horror in this cross-generic incredible journey" Okja ★★★★ review in / Opens Today…
But yes, you're right. Opinions change as people change. I just like to have a reason to have a crack at Mark Kermode
Mark Kermode with a quote there that makes me hate him even more
I'M NOW A critic. I feel like Mark Kermode except at 24 my hair has receded more than hi…
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Oldboy
I liked a video I Saw The Devil reviewed by Mark Kermode
Mark Kermode really nailed Michael Bay's repeat offending with "Monopoly Guy" jokes in his T5 review.
Check out Mark Kermode's review on YouTube if you get a chance.
I liked a video Okja reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Gomorrah
Have you heard Mark Kermode's rants on these atrocious films? Classic stuff.
Mark Kermode's obsession w. Michael Bay is odd. Not as odd as Kermode's acolytes who watch films they'll hate just so they can write to him.
HBD Mark Kermode's illuminating making-of doc, with Philip K. ***
Major eyeroll @ Interior: Leather Bar but otherwise a solid list. The kind of list that makes you wish you had a...
is out ONN wednesday. Mark Kermode loves it
Mark Kermode: Werner, you've been shot!. Werner Herzog: Yes. It is not significant.
And even tho I requested this in person, with Blatty's name, the book I'm being sent is by Mark Kermode.
Latest newsletter covers lecture with Mark Kermode, Cinema Rediscovered and event with David Sedaris
Okja review – a creature feature to get your teeth into
The UK’s best-known film critic, Mark Kermode offers up 50 films every film fan should watch. https…
When I'm elected 'slow-moving pedestrians and tourists would be required to travel on entirely dif…
Hopefully another Mark Kermode afternoon rant on the new 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'. Wonder if it'll beat this -
My adage last year was "First but wring". A chapter title from a Mark Kermode book that is w…
Watched Mark Kermode's Pirates 2 review (thanks Claims if Depp is praised for Sparrow, it'll break him.
About three hours til Mark Kermode reviews the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on Radio 5.
What a start to the day - asked at work for directions to nearest Odeon by the excellent Mark Kermode. 🙌🙌
My mum had It's A Jolly Holiday With Mary from Mary Poppins! I pointed out that this was one of Mar…
I think that did get a tiny release: Mark Kermode at least reviewed it. Also Astron-6 connections might ha…
The mark kermode review still gives me life. I listen to it often.
Last chance to see our at and others TONIGHT! See why Mark Kermode gave it 5 stars.
A deserved Oscar winner, says Mark Kermode. What do you think? Watch and discuss the themes of Silver Linings Playb…
Mark Kermode joins Simon McCoy to talk about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (rubbish), Inversion and Colossal
Mark Kermode, film critic of the Observer (London), says in his review, “Told with affection but without...
Mark Kermode reckons the most terrifying thing about Rupert Pupkin is that is stand-up isn't t…
I could watch Mark Kermode angrily gesticulating all day
I was disappointed by Alien:Covenant. If you want to know why, check Mark Kermode's review.
Mark Kermode did review the remaster of Manhattan on DVD last week.
Mark Kermode once said on his podcast that he used to think it was "as the crofe lies".
I liked a video Hacksaw Ridge reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video La La Land reviewed by Mark Kermode
This Irish film made Mark Kermode cry! . Catch it this Tuesday 6.30pm with cast Q&A!. h…
I need 2 know who he is!!. Altho I've prob never heard of him so wouldn't hav seen film a…
Casino Royale. In my humble opinion and I'm no Mark Kermode, this is probably his b…
I liked a video Heal The Living reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video Lady Macbeth reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video The Promise reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 reviewed by Mark Kermode
★★★★★ from - See British drama on our screens next week. .
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Whiplash
I liked a video Mark kermode reviews Under the Skin
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Interstellar
I liked a video Mark Kermode reviews Sicario
I liked a video Arrival reviewed by Mark Kermode
Another great Mark Kermode Live in 3d event at the BFI. Great guests & great to see several members of the Mark K a…
LRT I can't believe Mark Kermode is the Nostalgia Critic
Another great night at with Mark Kermode talking to directors Mike Figgis & Hope Dickson…
Mark Kermode on Inversion again: "Terrific performances...a movie that has something to say...very powerful."
And I was that guy. Didn't realise I had once been sort of mentioned in fr…
It's a great show, and Mark Kermode (their film critic) is probably the b…
And it is rubbish. A mockney comedy. Don't believe me watch Mark Kermode's view of it.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Looking forward to a double bill of Mark Kermode and Woody Allen (in Manhattan) tonight
The only thing I liked about Sex And The City was Mark Kermode's ranty reviews
Excited to be at the B F I tonight for the monthly treat that is Mark Kermode live in 3d. Always great guests so we will see..
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is out next week. Need my drug. Need a Mark Kermode 10-minute rant
Mark Kermode's film of the week – a demon drink problem played for laughs
If you aren't curious yet listen to Mark Kermode review of
(King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword reviewed by Mark Kermode) has been published on -…
.list of films every film fan should watch - ft The Company of Wolves, screening here tomorrow
Mark Kermode on why Alien Covenant is a load of old poo.
Mark Kermode said it best in his review(s). Covenant takes an big dump on the first Alien movie.
Mark Kermode has voted Colossal his film of the week. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets here:
Joss Whedon interviewed by Mark kermode and Simon Mayo
Good to see two of our projects in Kermode's best films of 2016 http…
There is such life & compassion in every frame that the film’s tune turns to a love song. on Tuesday!…
All I’ve heard so far about it is that it’s terrible. Catch up with bbc’s Mark Kermode review, priceless 😁.
Yep! Jawbone. Ian McShane in it too. Mark Kermode gave it a blinding review on BBC1 this morning too
Danny Boyle interviewed by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo - -
Been invited to do The Light reviews on local radio! I is Mark Kermode (but will probably come over more like Simon Mayo)
I liked a video Winter Shuffle 2013: 'Sunshine' Q&A with Danny Boyle, Mark Kermode and Brian Cox
Mark Kermode looks like the love child of Alan Bennett and Andy Warhol. - Alan Bennett
Quiff makes me think of Mark Kermode and Mark Lamarr.
Maybe can get Katie Hopkins in to host next? I know he's white and male but, HELLO, Mark Kermode??
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo talk to Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy @ 37.10 fb
Mark Kermode's review of BENJAMIN BUTTON is life-giving. 'FORREST GUMP with A-levels' XDD
Mark Kermode cans Cannes and says Shetland film fest is best, reports Sunday Times Scotland
I liked a video from Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video from The Purge: Election Year reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video from Bad Moms reviewed by Mark Kermode
Mark Kermode questions Mark Cousins on Moviedome, The Story of Film, and his beautiful voice
of zoals Mark Kermode ooit schreef:No, your eyes aren't deceiving you – 3D really is a con | Mark Kermode
Can't wait to see Julieta...Mark Kermode is underused, he is brilliant at his job
03:45 The Film Review: Mark Kermode and Simon McCoy look at the Julieta, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.
.Read review of 'Notes on Blindness' (good film):
I liked a video from Julieta reviewed by Mark Kermode
Went the Globe with Mark Kermode. well I did WITH him. but he was there. . Also the show…
The Story of Film is the greatest TV series about film ever: Kermode Uncut: Mark Cousins
Fans of should listen to this great conversation with
I liked a video from War Dogs reviewed by Mark Kermode
'You had a pizza...on a wednesday?!'. 'It was like Las Vegas- but Southampton'. Mark Kermode has gone off the rails
Andrew Kötting's This Filthy Earth is film of the week! intro:
never quite got Mark Kermode's fascination with the Twilight saga!
Mark Kermode should marry his own voice.
Mark Kermode's film of the week, scored by 1 of my composition profs - Watch This Filthy Earth online
I liked a video from Kermode Uncut: Mark Cousins
Stunning insight into work+films of Come see our closing doc Sun 25/9
domain names
Hear in conversation with Mark Kermode at in their podcast:
Critic Mark Kermode has started referring to these kind of horror films as "quiet... quiet... BANG" films for this reason.
This book, hardback, left unwanted in Twilight Court foyer. *** I already paid for a paperback.
I think Mark Kermode's job is safe. But still.
Will Jason play Mark Kermode in his inevitable biopic?
I think I gave up on Mark Kermode when he accused Lars von Trier's depression trilogy of being a prank.
Mark Kermode had fun at Bad Moms. We should arrange to go.
TF2 is impressively bombastically bad stuff, I like it mainly for driving Mark Kermode mental
Not a day passes when I don't wonder which Mark has a better quiff: Kermode or Lamarr.
Listen to the first in a series of podcasts from - Ken Loach icw .
Found Footage AND 3D...Mark Kermode is sure to like this one.
Notes on Blindness review – seeing the light despite the darkness
Mark Kermode sits down with Alex Cox to discuss Moviedrome and cult film.
5 of 5 stars to The Shawshank Redemption by Mark Kermode
I liked a video Mark Kermode introduces Dogtooth | Film4
that's weird, Repo Man wasn't part of it..wonder if that was introduced by Mark Kermode?
You just know that BBC Culture's 100 Best films of the 21st Century has Mark Kermode's filthy little fingerprints all over it.
LITERALLY ME. do u know mark Kermode bc he has a podcast about films and it's rad and fun
Ooh yeah. We podcasting. Podcast Ken Loach in conversation with Mark Kermode. It's good.
We're excited to share our 1st podcast from 2016 - Ken Loach in conversation with 👂.
Mark Kermode (genre fan, professor of film, "the UK's most trusted film critic") brilliantly dissects what film critics are for.
what do I need to do to write for you as a journo/critic? Hard work)experience or defeat Mark Kermode in combat?
I'd seen Mark Kermode's on-point reviews of certain awful films and great animated stuff, but I didn't realize he was so spot-on with horror
reminds me of Mark Kermode who makes the point about those Hangover-ilk films.If only I had as much fun watching as they did making
Mark kermode is the one in the middle, in the bottom row of three
The only one who'd be close is Mark Kermode, who does written reviews and a great weekly radio show. Fantastic talent.
It's a "problematic" film. Mark Kermode, for one, thinks it vaguely fascist. But I think it retains its power.
I liked a video Mark Kermode on A Clockwork Orange.MPG
Mark Kermode's The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex Melvin Burgess's Nicholas Dane (might be a bit colloquial 4u)
I added a video to a playlist Gavin Esler In Conversation with Mark Kermode
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It's just another one of those David Lynch type telly dream-things...all will be clear when Mark Kermode reviews it for us.
Seriously overdone the "Slick Muk" hair pomade. I'll be going out tonight looking like a cross between Grandpa Munster and Mark Kermode.
Billy Butler , Bernie Winters and Mark Kermode on the same show .
I'm in agreement with Mark Kermode: "reached out to" is a despicable phrase.
Hardly listen to any live radio, so unusual to have to choose. Clash between Nat Coombs and Mark Kermode tonight. Disparate. Gone for Nat.
22:00 Mark Kermode's Celluloid Jukebox: A series showcasing some of the best film music.
Mark Kermode on texting in theaters
Did you know that our Collie MacPhaidin was also a famous film critic? Ed Smith Mark Kermode watch out!
Mark Kermode looking as handsome as ever in that pic. Swoon. Auntie xx
I'll have you know that last night, Mark Kermode declared to all assembled, that he though I had a brilliant name...Quite right.
reading Mark Kermode's Hatchet Job. Cracking so far. Enunciates a lot of things I always thought about criticism but couldn't express well
I had so much fun tonight. Thanks to Mark Kermode for inviting me to be his secret guest at BFI Southbank for...
What about this , Radio 5 live event in October, Mark Kermode and Mayo. Want us to judge them?
Any wittertainment listeners out there? I remember Mark Kermode reviewed a film I wanted to see, and I can't recall the title.
Mark Kermode's review of The Assassin is spot on. Even says what I said: palette just like Turner's:.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I have a spare ticket for mark kermode tonight if anyone needs one. C20 £13
The + subscription looks cool. chooses the classics, it includes of my favourites
Watch classic movie themes performed by The BBC Concert Orchestra & introduced by Mark Kermode in 360 video
Unseen Gems: A Response to Mark Kermode. A video response to Mark Kermode ...
thanks for sharing Mark Kermode, have a great Monday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
Booked to see Mark Kermode at tonight before I knew that I'd be starting my new job today. Now doesn't seem like a great idea.
Mark Kermode reviews 'Eye in the Sky' – a morality tale of modern warfare (Observer)
Aliens, Sharks and Spies, Friday Night Is Music Night - Watch classic movie themes performed by...
film critic called Mark Kermode gave an excellent review of FAN this morning on the BBC News - oh shah I'm so happy for you xxx
It looks great. Even Mark Kermode loves it
Best Living Movie Critics (in no order):. Mark Kermode. YMS. Richard Roeper. ...whoops...that's it…
Just watched an excellent review by mark kermode on bbc news for fan - I was so excited.xx
I liked a video from Mark Kermode reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I liked a video from The Jungle Book reviewed by Mark Kermode
Been driving for about ten miles listening to Mark Kermode on the radio and he hasn't drawn breath yet.
Embark on an eclectic tour through 60 years of pop music in movies with Mark Kermode:
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, with Jon Favreau, Eye In The Sky reviewed by Mark Kermode
Quantum of Solace reviewed by Mark Kermode. What's that title all about? ...
Skyfall reviewed by Mark Kermode. Fridays at 2pm on ...
great stuff! Fantastic to see Mark Kermode bigging up this week. Loving the masks!
I've heard Mark Kermode review it and he was praising it a lot too so let me know if you think it's worth the watch :)
17:45 The Film Review: Mark Kermode gives his take on the best and worst of the week's film and DVD releases.
reviewed by Mark kermode sir its the. First Bollywood movie reviewed by Him. . https:…
Saw Mark Kermode's review last night and the trailer - it looks amazing.
Farewell Dawn French, Mark Kermode and Rainn Wilson, my love for you could not stretch into the digital world.
Also Edith Bowman, Zoe Ball and James King, whenever they do the show. Mark Kermode ought to be afraid to go on holiday.
Mark Kermode makes his Dealz/Poundland debut! No in-store signing though. Hello to Jason Isaacs
Ah... right . Mark Kermode's job is safe then :-)) x
much awkward very wow. Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson live in the studio with Mark Kermode an... via
Oh yes! Theme from Midnight Cowboy on and it's John Barry version, without a Mark Kermode harmonica in sight. Beat that Ken Bruce
23:45 The Film Review: Mark Kermode reviews Sacha Baron Cohen's movie, Grimsby and Secret in Their Eyes.
When the fabulous Mark Kermode came in for a "quick quiff tune up" with the equally fabulous Aly Hirji before The...
I liked listening to Mark Kermode when I was in college. I especially enjoyed his takedown of "Little Man".
Besides name me one youtube critic that isn't in some way directly influenced by Movienight, Red Letter Media, Mark Kermode, Jeremy Jahns..
I liked a video from Mark Kermode Reviews X+Y
Life members, me and my wife. Mark Kermode just walked past as well.
Mark John kermode : Modomark Did u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Pls check my bi0. Thx.
Could we see Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode driving a Morris Traveller down The Fury Road.
loved Mark Kermode up until I saw his Pineapple Express review
I liked a video from Mark Kermode reviews Bridge Of Spies
I liked a video from Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode interview Steven Spielberg & Tom
The varied interests of Mark Kermode, everyone. Cool guy.
Mark Kermode had it as his film of the year - all respect I had for him gone 😳
I liked a video from The Forest reviewed by Mark Kermode
no the way to annoy him is to an impression of Mark Kermode doing an impression of him.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
How do you feel about Mark Kermode? I really trust his reviews although we do disagree from time to time
i'm binge watching Mark Kermode's bad movie reviews on Youtube. Almost as fun as HITB.
I liked a video from Secret in their Eyes reviewed by Mark Kermode
Knew what Best Film would be before I watched these. So glad Mark Kermode loves Inside Out as much as Steph and I.
Missed Live in 3D at on Monday evening? Then fear not, my latest blog post has you covered.
"The more I think about it, the more I like it" Mark Kermode continues to hail Rams on BBC News Channel's Film Review. See it tonight 7.30.
I liked a video from Grimsby reviewed by Mark Kermode
I liked a video from King Jack reviewed by Mark Kermode
Aw bless. He was probably tired and past his bedtime.
I liked a video from Mark Kermode reviews The Revenant
All I can hear is Mark Kermode now saying "Here's some of my followers attention my cockless friend..."
This is genuinely brilliant: Dirty Grandpa reviewed by Mark Kermode
Saw this on Monday sitting next to Mark Kermode. He asked 'is it a quarter-to start', I heard 'is it a two star'. Ansr: yes.
Yes, a brilliant cast. Agree with Mark Kermode that there should be ensemble awards.
It's also the film that stopped Mark Kermode getting 'film 20--' gig. 'Because Avatar is not the best film of the year, LTROI is'
Get your iPhone insurance today!
This is like Mark Kermode giving a film five stars.
Mind you, I happen to know that Mark Kermode likes 'Crimson Peak' even more than I
Will Mark Kermode's MK3D events be recorded for a podcast?
Also, I like Ben's beard. Good to have Mark Kermode and Andrew Collins back on the air.
Just watched As Mark Kermode put it, cameo by gave 'one-and-all an object lesson in scene-stealing'
I am almost loathe to share this with but us 'Wittertainees' need mercy desperately. Found these.!!
That's all from Nigel Willerton. Chris Kermode & Mark Young from now taking stand.
Nigel Willerton's evidence comes to an end. Chris Kermode and Mark Young of the ATP up next
Mark reveals the first half of the 2016 Kermode Awards.
Exploding Helicopter didn't know Mark Kermode had created this ranking system, but we approve.
I worry about you getting round to Mark Kermode.
Last night's Mark Kermode in 3D event at the was great. Planned to be a regular fixture on the Southbank. Highly recommended
Mark Kermode on Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
I see that the film Possession (1981) is trending due to Mark Kermode. If this is your bag then check out the soundtrack by Andrzej Korzyńsk
Here's what Ben Wheatley thinks about film critics: - Mark Kermode said this last year:
Honestly can't recommend Mark Kermode in 3D highly enough. (Disturbing film clips not withstanding.) Plus bonus of on Elvis!
Mark Kermode: "Brian Cox is the best His low key approach is far less impactful than Hopkins' barnstorming performance.
"He was someone who thought with his eyes." -- Mark Kermode on Ken Russell in TV tribute KEN RUSSELL : A BIT OF A DEVIL.
Love the fact that Mark Kermode is singing Stephen Fingleton's praises for his film The Survivalist. "One of...
Film critic Mark Kermode on "I'd be lying if I didn't say that from the very beginning I started smirking".
I am actually really excited to hear Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's film review of Deadpool 😱🙊
"Ben Wheatley has made me rethink Zardos. Now that's something I don't say every day." - Mark Kermode on htt…
Cinema 2015: A year of change and reinvention.
Hey Bilal is Mark Kermode referring to M Night Shyamalan as "Shyamalama-ding-dong" problematic? I think so.
oh my god I didnt realize he was being interviewed by MARK KERMODE of all people at the time
don't suppose you were the Mark Thompson that saw The Force Awakens in French and wrote into Kermode & Mayo? Unchievement unlocked
Mark Kermode: the best films of 2015
one of the events Im keen to try this month is this new Mark Kermode series- the Kermster live (in 3D of course)
Will love Mark Kermode forever for his staunch defence of MINIONS
Settling in for Mad Max with Charlize 😍 Thank god for Mark Kermode & his reviews
I love Mark Kermode's reviews of his films, always great value considering the films.
when Mark Kermode liked it and he is famous for not getting the originals at all.
Just watched Everest. Proper in bits at the end with the Sarah thing. Gonna watch '71 now. Getting like Mark Kermode, me.
Literally spending 2016 trying to make my way through Mark Kermode's top ten of 2015 list. I'm so behind!
Top British film critic put 3 animated films in his best of 2015 list! Smart fella.
Only seen one film in Mark Kermode's bottom films of 2k15 (GET HARD), but agree fully with him on that.
Christopher Lee 1922-2015: an appreciation by Mark Kermode
Only very good movie reviewer with a youtube channel I know is Mark Kermode.
What are your opinions on the brittish film critic Mark Kermode?
However again a FANTASTIC Year for Because of BAKER MURRAY and KERMODE The Rest I Take OR leave,especially Gossip!
Orloondo Bland, as Mark Kermode likes to call him.
Danny Dyer is trending. I can't be the only one who can't read his name without hearing it in Mark Kermode's voice...
have you heard Mark Kermode's impression of him?
Just spent at least 10 minutes doing a Mark Kermode-style Danny Dyer impression. The most fun you can have watching Eastenders
Big wassup to Top 10 Films of 2015, of which 9 have female central characters! Right?
Mark Kermode's Top Ten Of 2015 Part Two This time, seven were screened at IFT - with Carol and Sunset Song to come.
Oh god emotional lability has got to the point that just watching Mark Kermode's 2015 film roundup has me welling up every 30 seconds
I like how Mark Kermode just talking about Inside Out in the 2015 movie review has brought me to tears.
Top story: Mark Kermode introduces That Sinking Feeling for BFI Player+ | BFI see more
Recommended film to view if you're interested "The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson"
Have I ever mentioned I love Mark Kermode a tiny bit more than is appropriate? Yes, I know the answer is yes.
07:30 Review: Film critic Mark Kermode takes a look back at the big releases of the year.
Mark Kermode tried to verify with Blatty a few weeks back. WPB said it wasn't happening
Mark Kermode likes The Force Awakens. I noticed. He compared it to Lawrence of Arabia even... Sigh
I find it a useful rules of thumb to know a Movie is Bad - If Mark Kermode Likes it it's likely crap - if he doesn't then it's worth a see
I appear to be in a select group of one who loves both Danny Dyer and Mark Kermode.
Did I unintentionally buy exactly the same glasses that Mark Kermode wears? He is my hero, so I'm totally cool with this.
I don't wanna get into defending but not everyone can be a valued critic
Well the only reason I clocked it was it was on Mark Kermode’s worst movies of 2015 list. No 2 actually:(
"By comparison Human Centipede 3 seems like some kind of humane masterpiece" - Mark Kermode on the Entourage movie
I liked a video from Transformers: Dark of the Moon reviewed by Mark Kermode
Mark Kermode declares Entourage 2015's worst movie:
It looks it. And Mark Kermode was converted, so it must be good.
Entourage is the worst film of 2015 according to critic Mark Kermode:
I've began compiling my films of the year list. I'm South Liverpools answer to Mark Kermode.
Saoirse Ronan is brilliant in Mark Kermode is right she 'hasn't taken a false step yet' in film👌👏
Been listening to a lot of Mark Kermode videos on Youtube this evening. Disagree with him quite strongly on A SERBIAN FILM.
I added a video to a playlist Extreme Cinema - Mark Kermode on Lost Highway
Locally shot film RADIATOR highly praised by Mark Kermode starts on Sun 3rd Jan -
wait, is this a complement or an insult? Cos Mark Kermode stop calling her IKEA Knightly out of respect for her growing talent.
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