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Mark Felt

William Mark Felt, Sr. (August 17, 1913 – December 18, 2008) was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who retired as the Bureau's Associate Director in 1973. After denying his involvement with reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for 30 years, Felt revealed himself to be the Watergate scandal's whistleblower, Deep Throat on May 31, 2005.

Deep Throat Bob Woodward Liam Neeson Diane Lane

Flawed movie but Neeson is strong Review: In ‘Mark Felt,’ Liam Neeson Is the Man Known as Deep Throat
Deep Throat's wife killed herself with his FBI revolver, 'Mark Felt' director Peter Landesman tells me.
Check out the trailer for 'Mark Felt', starring Liam Neeson & Diane Lane.
John Forsythe's Dynasty wig does an excellent job as Liam Neeson's wig in Mark Felt.
Fun in TO this week Monday Liam Neeson & Diane Lane in Mark Felt, tonight 3 Christs with Richard Gere & Jul…
Liam Neeson is a man with purpose in the poster for Mark Felt - The Man Who Brought Down The White House.
Read about Mark Felt, and get back to me. has been a reality in US since post WWII. Only it…
Somewhere in the FBI there is a Mark Felt & somewhere in the WH there is a John Dean - this sustains
Reminder: The original “Deep Throat” Mark Felt of Watergate was an Associate Director of the
I hope there's a Mark Felt somewhere in FBI&a Howard Baker(hiding)in GOP
life has never felt so bleak. I wasn't quite done after that so I went back and watched the one where Mark died after
Calvina was mowing her lawn when she felt something bite her ankle. In the following days, an itchy dark mark...
Simon Mignolet made his presence felt at Stoke and will need to again in dealing with the aerial strength of West Brom.
i was in the shower boppin to never ever and waiting for mark's part cause i Love it and apple music decided to ski…
ditto Mark a few days before my 11th Birthday,felt like luckiest kid in world to be there,still do!
In the beginning I felt so embarrassed. Not no more I'm not another static or society tally mark.
Hi So wonderful to experience you reading St. Mark's Gospel. Such joy & hope was felt that delightful…
THANK U i am proud of that one more lol i felt like mark's was too redundant and i had too much to…
just imagine the way jack felt when mark and him became friends. it's possible! :D (but is it plausible)
Simple logic. 1 planned 1st. Other felt need to "engage" and plan same day. Dude with pepp…
tonight a little girl told me her dogs name was skid mark and her name was crystal and I've never felt more connected to a tiny human
14/14 I'll end with little fun fact. Mark Felt (a.k.a. Deep Throat), and I both graduated from the University of Idaho. ✌
I'm trying to be an *** but it's just not working. Is this how Mark Zuckerberg felt?
Maybe it'd be about how she feels pressured to fame. She did say that working with Mark Ronson she felt pressured to compete to Uptown Funk.
Sat 10m behind Mark Jones last night & felt sorry for him. Players given to him were SO poor; doomed from start. H…
Mark shyly rubbed his arm, frowning inside as he felt his cheeks turn red. He watched her.
First bike ride of the spring! Definitely not my fastest, but it felt good to get out. 14.1 miles in one hour, 700 calori…
I was doing good in the 800, then I hit the 600 mark and died out. I felt like I was about to pass out afterwards TBH
Ryan felt weird cuddling with Mark but at the same time he was starting to enjoy the closeness
Mark smiled just a bit into the kiss. It felt like two worlds collided and he couldn't stop living…
Felt like he stopped it bc they ran into him
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Amy felt butterflies in her stomach, waiting to erupt. She scooted closer to Mark.
—describe the beauty in which your voice possesses." Leo felt moved when he heard Cassandra sing. G…
I felt like it was him or Reince doing some leaking. Not to say that Reince is not. Wow!
Mark Borowiecki is day-to-day, felt better by the end of the game.
Well this wins the awards for most overly-dramatic headline & nonsense article of the day. Aki is passionate & felt…
It felt so weird seeing Harrison and Mark without Carrie at Star Wars celebration
📷 This photo was taken last June 13, 2015. This was the time I felt the freedom that I was dreaming and...
It's been a hot minute and my consistency and form are a bit off the mark, but MAN it felt good…
Felix whimpers as he held onto Mark. "It much. " . He felt tears *** his eyes again.
Cheers Pales. I always felt would b more attriti…
He looked at his phone and realized what time it was. He felt bad because he probably woke up Mark. 'It went good but I woke>
I've never felt less enthusiastic to mark an election success than I do today. There is nothing to celebrate in
We remember when Ben Stein blamed Mark Felt, Bob Woodward, and Ben Bradlee for the Genocide in Cambodia
Also involves some clean-up of figures like Mark Felt, Alexander Butterfield, Bob Woodward...
Megyn Kelly special led to Diane Sawyer research & I think she really was Deep Throat not Mark Felt. Rabbi K agreed.
“I felt really sorry because I did not mark my fan club’s 10th anniversary. But, I always keep in mind that you guys are priceless"
it looks like Dr Robbert king felt like I was on the mark here he bloked me so I win.
Literally felt my stretch mark appear.
It's clear Mitch, et al, felt that any rookie development that happened wasn't directly related to Byron and his staff.…
we had a gov who shoot some raccoons once. I felt him
Sorry to hear that Mark. I've had 2 friends who felt that was their only option. It breaks my heart.
Morning Andy! This owl sums up exactly how I felt at 4:30am! Alive now though - have a great week, Sir! 👊
adulthood helped 2 make me who I am 2day.When I felt alone he was there.Now he's not.But the music & friendships live on.
What have you felt when people came only for Mark at PAX ?
Life Imitates Art: By Mark Shea | I've always felt that evolution is so fascinating to its fr...
How I felt when mark watched house of cards without me.
I'm somewhat unimpressed. It felt like mopping up the mess of the last finale. But I'm not one to give up on a show easily.
As soon as I'm a nurse I'll live in Oakland County again mark my words. Always felt like home. 🏡
woke up in the morning and felt a lil Kodak in me.
paid what i had to. I also felt like he was a better player than what i might get with a late pick in 2017 in a 14 team league
Felt good to be a part of this young mans life and basketball career, two state championships,…
well done for tonight, felt like I was there! Videos were first class as well. Speak to mark and Nicola you deserve a raise.
. off his white neck. Almost like he wanted to Ron to mark him. He felt his own climax bubble up slowly, needing something+
ah I wonder how some of you at pax have felt or are feeling right now to know you are in the same place as Mark, Sean, Wade, Ken etc
Bulldog jinxed you... Dunno those Games felt weird, somehow of the mark and not really synergetic still amazing tourny
{Ruby let out a moan as she felt his teeth sink into her pale skin on her neck and his mark was left on her as she knew he >
When you start a new job, focus on charming those around you rather than making your mark: your impact is best felt after your charm!
Felt like playing Mark of Kri again. Been several years since I played it last.
OMG I felt like puking when I saw that fence!
mate youre in the 1%. Massive achievment. I felt inspired watching it all. Bet you are proper aching now tho
Champions of daily struggles: Until you have walked in our shoes and have felt the pain we feel, keep your cruel...
Callie wasn't any better either. She had sex with Mark as soon as Arizona left and got pregnant. think how Arizona felt.
I honestly felt really bad for her when she couldn't even muster the strength to stand up to answer that last question :((
I've tried but I've never felt sincerity from Roxas, nor his wife. He's always struck me as feeling entitled because of…
I once had to mark down a play because it was set in my home town and I felt they'd got the portrayal of the town wrong ... (1/2)
If you're off to this is a v nice 9k. felt like mine after five days. manometer: totleigh 9k
Have you ever felt that you wish to identify as a beaver?
Klopp: "Some clubs are always more likely to win trophies than others. I felt it for the first time when I was at BVB.…
Felt physically sick throughout almost the entirety of matches vs Swansea, MCFC, LFC and I can't tell you how nice it's been to care again.
"Valerie" just came on in Starbucks and I felt like smiling. Mark Ronson put his foot in that remix for Amy. So so so good always.
I have never felt something as much as I feel this lmao
He eats silently, keeping his eyes focused downward. He still felt guilty for how Mark was acting.
I felt amazing today. Today was the first day in over a month that I wasn't hurting at all during my jumps. And I hit the 14' mark too :)
When your 1st vb fam look after you after of nosebleeding. Really felt d' care bombie.
📷 ashotatthenight: “I told Ronnie in confidence that I was a big fan of Mark, and felt nervous about...
You know that feeling when you missing some one while you with some one? Yea I felt like that at the 7 month mark.
I sketched myself as a Muppet, then felt more like a Muppet when I realised I don't draw them more. :/
Not having a phone for a month felt great but all good things must come to an end, we back fam 🙌
Istvan Varjas may be the cycling media's Mark Felt, but I'm guessing he's your Andrew Wakefield or Konrad Kujau.
Mark Walton was born in 1997 this is the first time I've ever felt old
everytime Liverpool had possession I felt sick too. Fingers crossed ey!
I felt so sick watching that match today, if Sunderland get beat tomorrow Saturday will be rocking!
REACTION | Mark McGhee felt his team looked sharp after an impressive home win over Hearts: https…
— and even though Mark's death felt like a part of her broke and died with him, her mind stayed in LA. Her heart stayed in —
Here's the salmon recipe. Mark Bittman did not include the editorial at the top, but my husband felt it was needed. https:/…
At the 4:59 second mark, after hearing the entirety of the solo, I felt a rush of emotion. Music is beautiful.
I hadn't felt real pain until my goggles fell off at the 400 mark during the 1500
Never been a golden age of disinterested leaks. 70s had Mark Felt as well as Daniel Ellsberg.
What did Mark Felt remember about being Deep Throat? Absolutely nothing. Bob Woodward planted that seed. http:/…
Mark Chapman to Shearer on MOTD "Did it feel like watching two teams who are really battling for fourth?", Shearer, "I just felt as a whole…
Ones that stand out and make their presence felt, they are the mark of those with pleasant disposition.
it's ok. I felt bad cause they were hella loud! & I knew you just got off work too
No joke Mark and JD both brought this up to me sayin how bad they felt
In 9th and 10th grade, I was pretty pumped and excited for the future. I haven't felt that in quite a while, and that terrifies me..
Mark felt his back sink into the soft sand and a soft, almost needy sigh escaped his lips. “Come here,” he said, dragging ~
Back in the day when I had short hair and tried to hide my facial mark partially with it because I felt ugly.
That DePaul team had Mark Aguirre and Terry Cummings. Always felt they underachieved. They had good teams in 70s/80s
"Move with balanced aggression. Make your presence felt, not your emotions" - Unks off Belvedere.
& tried to manage with 4 bananas, paid the price + the muggy weather added to it. Felt exhaustion from 3k Mark. 2/2
mark today in your calendars folks cause angiana is on fire and I've never felt so blessedt !!
Summary of Ski Trip Day 1:. 󾁅I skied my *** off- it felt amazing. . 󾁅Mark and the kids did awesome in lessons.
watching, you felt something. You know you want some of that. Start in the gospel of Mark. You can feel this way again.
Until about 40 years ago the interior dome of the Capitol was completely open to the publi…
its been so weird to mark time by anime, i realized the other day that the hourou musuko anime is half a decade old and felt ANCIENT
"Well because I thought-" it was at that moment when he felt Mark's perfect lips against his neck, Jack letting out a slight-
but suddenly Jack felt himself lean closer to Mark, his lips kissing the back of the other's neck in a sensual motion before-
The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain. "Ditto, Mark. I know just how you felt." E L Greaves Jr.
Mark was quite comfortable where he was. Laying beside and watching a movie. But when he felt that motion, he jumps and ~
Jack felt his cheeks grow a bit hot before he then cleared his throat, his gaze breaking from Mark's for a moment as he --
other to take a seat. . Honestly Jack had never felt this...happy in quite a while. . "Your *** is grass Mark.." he --
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Jack soon felt a set of hands tickle him as he playfully glared at Mark, soon letting out a chuckle afterwards. "Be nice--
Mowed the yard Friday, and have felt like I couldn't breathe ever since. Allergies. I hope my childhood asthma isn't com…
"Are you certain? I mean it's a huge mark.". [Rogers laughed softly but felt that he was blushing.]
This is how Mark Wahlberg really felt about naming his family’s burger chain Wahlburgers
"I felt like I was going to faint but like a good faint " - mark ferris 😂😂
They took the fam it's crazy it felt like just the other day we went to Wedgewood & west smh Gone way to soon…
oh yeah I felt sorry for Kieran, those two would have been a nice ship deffo, was expecting mark and Cristina to get together!
Ah ta Mark! That's nice of you to say. I did leave but felt a bit lonely
*Sean felt a shiver run up his back as Mark called him Princess, biting his lip to suppress a moan*
cool story bro. Felt like I was there.
Love it!It sounds so good plus u r having fun & it all comes 2gether in2 something that can only b felt deepwithin
I wish the first day of spring actually felt like spring
Not a nice way to mark 39th unbeaten run when you were 0-2 up in the first half. at one point i felt we may lose the match...
I just responded to an email using an exclamation mark that was totally unnecessary and I've never felt so alive
Mark sat back down, keeping his eyes on as he did his routine. Dark, though, hovered around Mark as if he felt (c)
Q4. Mark Millar's Chrononauts felt too short. It could be explored much more.
When Mark showed up falling and smiling I felt a thing... oh no
Would love to know how Mark Cooper felt when Trew picked fullertwat over him?
I'm never going back. Felt like a pensioner last night 😭😭😭
Say a pray for ya boy when u go.P.S I love u guys. I just felt like telling u guys that because I felt like spreadin…
. -- to mark. And that felt better than anything else Steve could possibly do to him. "Keep..." He stuttered out, then took --
I was honestly in tears when Mark hit his head but I felt so bad 😂
Jackson's rap felt bland too Imo, Yugyeom rapping..? JB/JR sounded exaggeratedly low and Mark way too high pitched...Idek BB was good though
After 4 years I would feel bizarre if I felt like I didn't have a more personal connection to Mark. Which's why this means so much to me 😭❤️
Patriots, if you ever felt Stupid ,Remember there R People Who are Actually going to VOTE for Hillary now that's a ( Special …
im watching prince of stride and during the "on your mark get set GO" part I literally felt nervous as if i was the one whos going to run
I FEEL YOU I felt like I was being stabbed in the chest when "Mark Sloan 1968-2012" appeared on screen WHO GAVE SHONDA THE RIGHT
i had a dream about mark again last night it seems to be a reoccurring theme n felt so Real 😔
From the present in that had had never will then bed was deeper in the sinner holds them in which he felt the mark o
Britain could BENEFIT by leaving the EU says Barclays: Bank believes worst effects of Brexit would be felt in Europe https:/…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Came out of work at 2am having worked hard trying to save lives and some one had sadly felt the entitlement to steal my sc…
watching The Departed, I first felt jipped until the very end when Mark Wahlberg avenged Leonardo DiCaprio
morning Mark and Sally. My cousin was watching Tarzan in the mornin and I felt nostalgic can I listen to two worlds by Phil Collins
He felt a sense of relief that Mark was weirded put or anything, then giving a slight laugh towards the other's own witty --
MobyDick: ... round on their seats, and tow the boat up to the mark; the moment the treacherous line felt that double strain and tug, ...
had been picking on him for the past few days. . He felt a bit tense as his eyes soon glanced back at Mark, giving a --
It was a simple question Mark. It's not my fault you felt the need to run away. Maybe grow up?
man Mark could've made it more definitive with some hammers or something, I felt like Frank was still in there.
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
When Henry died I felt so bad I cried but when Lexie and Mark died I felt so emotionally drained I hadn't gotten attached since Allison
Thanks. I felt the 10yr mark was a good time. Training starts in May, so until then I'm just gulping protein shakes. :p
Particularly I was unhappy with Mark Geiger's officiating. I felt it had an unwanted effect on the final scoreline.
Tremendous senior class. They made a mark on RMU Hockey that will be felt for years to come
Stephen Curry felt tonight like what Bin Laden felt after he found out the 4th plane missed its mark, really disappointed.
Was working and didn't start streaming until 7:00 mark cuz I'm cheap. Never really felt like UK was gonna make it interesting
i'm more *** than evangelical christian. I just felt very at home in her unsettled mind. whereas melissa...
I felt special, until I realized you talk to everybody like that way.
Shared that with you as I felt u are an upcoming bright Khattak. Work hard.Make a mark
Definitely not my day. Felt so weak can't even go through the 30mins mark.
Mark finally told Lexie how he felt, but she's w/ karev😩
we apologise if you felt that our response wasn't upto the mark. Email ID was provided as it would help handle your query better.
we opted not to go with a jock tag/2ndry mark. Felt it would disrupt the clean look of the shirt. Less was more in this case.
Mark wasnt worried, he figured force field worked even when he left. Now checking out with even more food as he felt~
TALK2CHELYNN FASHION Mark Ruffalo - There is no denying the excitement felt by "Avengers: Age of Ultron" star M...
Jack smiled as he felt Mark pull him closer, a sense of protection soon flooded Jack as he fell asleep. . Jack soon woke --
Omg I feel how Bridget Jones felt when she realised mark darcy doesn't love her anymore lol
Almost felt like I wasted my time watching that game..I could have caught up on sleep 💤💤💤
Jack continued bickering with Anti before Mark suddenly stepped inside, he felt a slight feeling of relief that Mark didn't--
This game represents what the rest of the country felt watching Alabama play when Gene Stallings was the coach.
yes he did, I felt bad for him and he was very nice, good food too !
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
yep and i dried quickly LOL poor guy felt so bad ...
Got bored at halftime, felt like attacking Cruz: DONTRUSTED
They were good at dancing... I couldn't hear anyone clearly :( really loved how personal the performance felt. Also Mark Ronson ☺️.
As soon as Mark Ronson started "Uptown Funk" I felt like it was a halftime show as opposed to just a Coldplay show.
that's a fair point. But for those that watched & felt outrage & undertook some research, it really isn't entertainment.
Sunday ride with that I felt like I was a kite
I get that. You make a fair point. I felt that too. But it needed to be made. They had hundreds of hrs of footage to compress.
I've never felt so much love towards another person before it's ridiculous mark is my everything
I had that I felt sick even at the sight of food
I felt desperate, it needs to run its course. Xx
Jack felt worried, he really wish he could take a peek at what was really bothering him, but he might as well let Mark have--
Wasn't the score I wanted but felt great. Gonna feel even better after the kick some tail
mark Scarlett and the guys from Stanway Garage who repaired the accident damage. Great guys, felt overwhelmed MLHR
when I was doing MRI, I felt sharp pain on my left leg, after test I found a needle mark on my leg and my leg had been numbness since test
cheers Pete, all for the jokes but felt that overstepped the mark
I felt that way about the champaign LOL club? Every time we are all together it's insane...sober or not. Hello!
I felt like I coulda made a mark at the Nike camp yesterday just had to take ACT
If itsnot even about Mark Mark like I just love him so much I wish I could say how I felt towards him but I honestly cant put it into words
dependent on him, and felt like Mark needed him too.
I felt so paisa last night smh I was showing up my "Mexican mark ". 😂😂 hiting my paisa scream and all that
LOL, I had my say on "this week with Mark suttcliff and it felt good, hehe never answered me though
I had an amazing time this weekend in Bonita Springs with my friends in Witch's Mark! It felt…
he paused.. it felt weird tk not be wearing his cage. "Ah love ye too mast- Mark?"
nobody felt the pain of mark and Lexie dying as much as I did
There are more pleasant ways of getting stripped and felt up, Mark.
that's a lot more flexible than I felt
I dnt believe in taking naps I have never had a nap and felt better after mark my words
Power, eloquence mark Russian maestro's Shostakovich program with CSO Symphonies that were as much …
How I felt when I realized my youngest nephew could fit my shirts
there are mixed responses about his acting. Even I felt he wasn't up to the mark. The extra ordinary script made it work.
Mark wrote it bc he felt depressed during tour. The story of the boy is fake
First time out on bike this year, felt better than I thought I would. Off to bask in my smug sense of satisfaction:
Ever told someone off and then felt really bad and sad ? Asking for Mark .
Nice run out with Mark Crossley. First one of the year. Felt great.for the majority.Last few miles we...
I just felt a long scratch mark on my back when did that happen
personally I feel that Ranieri is the great one! I've always felt that, especially when he was appointed!!
Felt that way when I read a Mark Levin book. Higher level but just pure demagoguery.
I think that's why it missed the mark with me. Just felt like a cheap laugh attempt and I know Larry is better than that
S/O thanks for posting mark anthony, I felt like I was there too 😆
"Oh... Okay." Mark kinda felt bad after what Virus told him.
OK good cuz I felt really bad when I realized your name want tagged.
I hope Mark Hughes walks before too much damage is done. . I've never felt so embarrassed by my football club. Utter dr…
Mark Jackson calling another Warriors game. The hurt will be present and felt.
[Catalina typed and typed until her fingers felt like jello. She decided to let Mark One run his own diagnostic while she +
That's my big dilemma! Forza on X360 felt a better drive! But, gran T graphics looked sharper! Arrgh! 😁 😂😂
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
They're all my teammates which meant it felt more like beating up on a brother.
Mark Felt is like the Boo Radley of the Watergate Scandal
"Whoever is happy will make others happy, too." -Mark Twain. i just felt like posting this heh
I have never felt more validated in my fashion choices.
"I felt I could do nothing to help". The heartbreak of miscarriage from a man's perspective ht…
Thank you for a wonderfully warm welcome & creative engagement with my work. Felt like a homecoming . Mark Booth
He felt his mark stinging at his forearm, and he pulled away from the kiss.
[Mark felt himself throb as he screamed Jacks name] A-Ah~!
Very nice Mark. I've always felt that your material was strongest during the basketball months.
I felt CNN there for ratings, local coverage actually covered. Keep doing your thing Mark, one of the great ones left!
Alexa prob went home because no one likes mark this season he's annoyed me this whole time- I never felt like he really supported her
hands down! Felt like I was at a performance of
Jane felt guilty and shook her head. "N-no...I...I just want my parents back..." She then got up putting back her mark -
Mark's choreography was absolutely breathtaking. I felt some serious feels during that performance. Just, wow.
Wow Alexa & Mark's eating disorder themed dance is an instant classic. Felt like I was watching two pros on not
Hamilton Collection
That was very artistic good ... Felt the depth of the story in the dance. Great job Alexa & Mark👏🏾
I took a nap in 5th block today and there was a big mark on my face when I woke up and I felt ridiculous
- embrace, it growing in width as she felt Franky's soft lips against her forehead. Whenever Mark would do that, she'd -
Last night felt so weird sleeping by myself I'm so used to sleeping with mark. 😩😩
true. I love their got2day vid. Mark did talk a lot and we could tel he felt comfortable being beside jinyoung 😁
I'm sorry if you felt rushed, or pressured. If you'd like follow up with your quote, just DM your name, state, and ph
I felt like it was Tom Mark and Travis right there in front of me
listening to on the Patty Duke Fanzine. I always felt the connection between Mark and La Duke!
In Mark Twain's autobiography he discusses money spent and earned in the 1800s. I've never felt so poor.
Back to after a 6 week lay off. Felt great to be back. I may ache over next couple days.
He took a deep breath and rang the bell, hoping that Mark was home. He had missed him so much and even though he felt horrible ~
Main Street Shopping for Amazon, Walmart Shares Says TD Ameritrade: Main Street felt far better about the mark...
Mark felt the tears go down, one tear falling down on the picture.
I'm sorry for being late to the party but I felt the need to support Mark.
Almost told off my 7yo for not bowing low enough as he went into karate practice tonight. Felt all wrong though.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
With racial equality a burning social issue in the 1960s, the late Lois Mark Stalvey felt compelled to get...
Wow!!! This is amazing over the half way mark! This is so amazing and heart felt f...
There ya go Felt like that was a fitting video for the 1 day mark.
"The public enjoyed not being ‘reached out to’ and felt empowered to make up their own minds." > life without
Passed the halfway mark on the fitgirlsguide and I've never felt better!!! ❤️
not upto the mark movie. Saw 2 parts, felt it was copied from bollywood.
Blake is the real deal. Not since Mark have I felt more comfortable at the position. Dave is the man!
Vader-thumbnail for a thing I felt like making
Maryland’s Rasheed Sulaimon recently told Mark Turgeon that he felt that him coming off the bench was the best thing for Terps.
Good morning, Highland! This is Brandon. I hope you all felt as blessed by Ali, Mark and Derran as I did...
cuz I wanted the emphasis of a period instead of a question mark and because I felt like it.
Maybe I just value it much higher than most, I've always felt it was a mark against Bethesda's writing/world design.
It was very important for Bob Woodward to convince Mark Felt that he was Deep Throat before *** "Deep Throat" Cheney beca…
This is how Bob Woodward introduces Mark Felt in All the President's Men. Notice the blatant FBI reference.
Bob Woodward's codename for Mark Felt was "my friend" (MF = my friend). His codename for *** Cheney was Deep Throat.
Bob Woodward says Deep Throat said Howard Hunt was definitely involved in Watergate. Mark Felt refused to say that. http:/…
The lil kids at GSA asked my bud mark and I our coming out stories and we felt so bad they were rly depressing and not motivational
Nudging over the .500 mark, I see. Felt like every time I clicked on your pick, it ended up losing.
It felt like 81 Mark, can you go recalculate? K thanks.
It felt like yesterday was Monday and now it's already Friday ?
Today Mark told me my booty was on fleek. I felt so honored to receive a compliment from him.
A little game called " Make a mark per death in Dead Ahead (on hard) ". I felt like a god
Why plays Mark? I genuinely think he is heart felt.
it was too long and I felt legitimately done after the 5 minute mark. I woulda rather watched Moonstone's
"Dialogue was on the mark and the descriptions were so real that I felt I was there." LUCY'S MANSION
I mean, she even put a hot towel on the back of my head at the end. That's never happened to me before anywhere. I felt like Mark Ruffalo!
is that the mark? Geez, I was hoping there might come a time when I felt like I knew what I was doing.
Pretty much sums up how I've felt this week.
just felt the need, we took the *** out of people all day, didn't want Mark to feel left out now did I..
I went to see a hypnotist last night.I felt really sorry for him.He got 7 blokes up on stage, hypnotised...
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There have been a lot of pitches on I've just felt missed the mark on giving the right hooks. Re-craft for your second chance!
. "The way I feel about you, I've never felt with anyone else." ♡
It was a little hard to understand and I felt like it already assumed you kne…
Deadlifting at 190kg still, felt more solid than past attempts, still can't break the 200kg mark…
"Did Mark Zuckerberg create the social network site because, as a geeky Jew at Harvard, he felt like an outsider and needed a place..
I’ve never felt worse about watching college sports. I blame John Oliver. And Mark Emmert.
Sadly this felt like a 3rd book, not the conclusion of a duology. It missed the mark for me. :-(
Mark Tuan's message for Jinyoung is again deeply felt~ "You're my baby girl." 💖💖💕💕.
You may not have been here physically, but we felt the support of and tonight. Thanks for the…
But yes, I think you have a good point. Full MSR impact is to be felt only when it starts.
I loved it too. Saw it at the cinema, opening day, in 3D and was blown away. Felt like I was a kid again, reading 2000AD.
It felt that way from the trailer, I'm not sure if I should go see it or not...
they are almost done! i wonder how this season will end? I have felt strongly about Sam's death ever since Dean got the mark.
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