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Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan (born in Bray on 22 September 1986) is an Irish soccer player currently playing for Sporting Fingal.

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A new film dramatically reconstructing the killing of Mark Duggan will be screened on BBC One this December.
is a conversation piece: what if Mark Duggan had lived? Might we consider second chances...…
🎬 MARK DUGGAN Documentary "LAWFUL KILLING" hits BBC One next month 💔📽💔 Find out more with me at Soul Central...
So proud to be part of this project playing Mark Duggan's sister Paulette. Tune in 5/12/16 BBC1 at 8:30PM!!…
A forensic look through the many versions of how and why Mark Duggan was killed. An production for BBC…
light of the various murders in custody & the recent 2011 riots over the police murder of Mark Duggan & the MacPherson report
LAWFUL KILLING : Mark Duggan | BBC One on Monday 5th December at 8.30pm
A new Mark Duggan documentary will air on in December:
Just clocked this is Dubz playing Mark Duggan lol
Psychology trip to screening of how the police killing of Mark Duggan led to the London riots
. confirms 90 minute documentary on the 'Lawful Killing' of Mark Duggan 👀. Monday 5th December 8.30pm
I enjoyed the compare and contrast in the section about Trayvon Martin, James Crag Anderson, Jena Six, Mark Duggan, etc
On 5yr ann. of murder of Mark Duggan & ensuing London Riots, reflecting on this: Race, Civility, & a Good Cup of Tea
protests in the U.K. mark the fifth anniversary of Mark Duggan's shooting:
To be clear; i've protested for Joy Gardner, Cynthia Jarrett, Kingsley Burrell, Smiley Culture, Mark Duggan, the chibok schoolgirls & more
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Louise Mensch (wife of the former manager of Ian Watkins) has come to tell us what a wrongun Mark Duggan was.
Jermaine Baker. Dean Joseph. Mark Duggan. . This is not only America, do not stand passive.
Get to know the names: Joy Gardner, Azelle Rodney, Sean Rigg, Christopher Alder, Shiji Lapite, Mark Duggan.. The list goes on
Sean Rigg (Birmingham), Sheku Bayoh (Scotland Glasgow), Mark Duggan, and Sarah Reed who's thread is above for more info (both London) +more
Where were you when we were angry about Mark Duggan, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray. 🙇🏿
Let's just pretend Mark Duggan, Stephen Lawrence and the 96 scousers never happened. ***
CLC Scholar Courtney Hooten explains the media's racial profiling and the Mark Duggan case at a Scholars luncheon.
Greco-Roman scribes used an asteriskos to mark the beginning, end, or section of a doc. Today we call it an asterisk https:…
I'm a blue mate got a cob on with the world
"Jean Charles de Menezes and Mark Duggan were SLAIN and then SLANDERED" This is why I lovehim vote
Kevin and Maureen Duggan mark 60th anniversary...
He wanted police to "engage with supporters of Mark Duggan" after riots. Guardian will die soon. Dance on its grave.
Miami always brings out the best of them! Oscar Duggan Don Pendas 󾍘🏾
Mark Selby clinches second world title with 18-14 win over Ding Junhui via
Big up Legal Aid Public Lawyer of the Year. Solicitor to 70+ Hillsborough families & The family of Mark…
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Add Stephen Lawrence, Jean Charles de Menezes, David Kelly, Mark Duggan to that list. It's still happening now.
How does the Mark Duggan death look now in the light of Hillsborough?. Questions remain. . And Smiley Culture? . Questions. Questions.
2-0 win for goal for and a photo with the England No.1. Night sorted. Thank you
belter goal that tonight!! What a way to make your mark seconds after coming on the field!
A Scotland Yard detective has been sacked over failures in an investigation involving an associate of Mark Duggan, whose sh…
Senior cop sacked over botched Mark Duggan gun investigation
Cop sacked over botched Mark Duggan gun investigation
Since the 2011 riots Youth services in London have been exterminated
Just went to see The Hard Stop about two of Mark Duggan's friends and the story around his case. Really powerful and insig…
the four years that elapsed after Mark Duggan had been killed. David Lammy is Ethically and Morally deficient and his ignorance of the World
yeah its from Smithdown Road in Liverpool the morning after the Mark Duggan riots.
Allsorts shoot to kill on the street, Azelle Rodney Harry Stanley, Mark Duggan, Anthony Grainger, etc
Sean Rigg, Leon Patterson, Kingsley Burrell, Mark Duggan they are unforgettable + we honour them
The families of Sean Rigg, Mark Duggan, Leon Patterson, Kingsley Burrell - all killed in police custody -...
The UK-US Justice tour begins today. Family members of Sean Rigg, Mark Duggan, Leon Patterson and Kingsley...
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You have forgotten the Mark Duggan response. That's one example and there's a ton more.
what do you think about mark Duggan?
Looking forward to my talk later this fall at -- Congrats to Mark Duggan on becoming new director!
When mark Duggan was murdered, I wonder which version of 3 events the police preferred in testimony..the truth or the lying truth;)
Superb attitude & conduct by hope her recovery goes well, I know mark, Kendz etc will be devastated
With Toni Duggan out for the rest of the season, surely has to consider giving a go! Haway!
Injury blow for as ruled out for the rest of the season. Full story:
Let's hope Mark Sampson calls up now Duggan ruled out. Makes sense but will he ??
didn't she give an address to the nation following the Mark Duggan protests and call for more walks in the park or something?
Rev Mark Duggan, our previous Pastor, will be speaking at our Baptism Service Sun 4th Oct 10:30am. Come along & hear him All Welcome! Food.
Mark Duggan, and much more. In this excellent film.
'The Hard Stop'. Doc on the killing of Mark Duggan by LDN police & the riots that ensued. cc:
Disability insurance reform is crucial: The example of the Netherlands and the David Autor-Mark Duggan plan.
If only the police in North London had used a drone on Mark Duggan everyone would have been happy, it seems...
The Queen is source of laws so it will be legal. Question is: was it just?
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You may want to consider Mark Duggan 's fate. He was shot by the police in self defense.
Curious to note that Mark Duggan was killed in self defense.
👍🏽 true mate cheers especially with Duggan being out. She's scored almost twice as many goals as anyone else!
Kirby too and definitely has to include Duggan
Could be a few surprise in form additions from w/ Fara and Toni Duggan injured.
No and no today will be a struggle but we fight to the end 💙
John Charles De Menzies, Mark Duggan, Sheku Bayoh just 3 of the 2000 people killed in police custody without justice since 1990
any chance of a personal message to a huge fan of yours retiring soon Mark Duggan
...Mark Duggan, massive increase in S&S and declaring Met post racist organisation.
* BBC to make film about Mark Duggan shooting on
What is puzzling is how silent the Telegraph is on justice for Mark Duggan or Sean Brigg yet so vocal on Leon Brittan and Edward Heath.
they were all having a laugh when they myrdered Sheku Bayoh, Mark Duggan and Christopher Alder. Deffos not racist though ://
Has anyone watched this trailer on Mark Duggan or am I that far behind lool
Or are assassinations in the UK only relevant for perceived *** like Mark Duggan, totally conscionable scientists like David Kelly;
For Mark Duggan and the others I will ride out
BBC hunt for actor to play Mark Duggan in documentary about Tottenham father's shooting
Let’s take you through a quick reminder of the Police’s treatment of Black Britons over the last 30 years:
let's not forget Sheku Bayoh, Christopher Alder and Mark Duggan. UK police are racist murderers
Congratulations to the team behind 'Hard Stop' the documentary about Mark Duggan, has been entered into the Toronto Film...
Azelle Rodney, Mark Duggan, Sean Rigg and many more victims taken. It's erasure to act as if UK police are dandelions.
. People like Mark Duggan should just have a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster.
not always true. See the case of Jean Charles de Menezez, and some may argue Mark Duggan
Not totally convinced that the Mark Duggan shooting was righteous.
Same police and same Tories that killed Ian Tomlinson and Mark Duggan
Would people still mention Mark Duggan, Mike Brown, Eric Garner ect... names to this day if their deaths never...
Examination of FOI documents following the death of Mark Duggan and how the IPCC/Met handled the shooting
If the eye witnesses to the killing of Mark Duggan had filmed it I'm pretty sure the police would have been charged aswell
Photoset: Deadpool regrets guest starting in Hulk by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley
"We still want answers" Mark Duggan's brother Shaun Hall says his family are not satisfied with the IPCC's findings
IPCC says Met Police right to fire shots that sparked London riots via
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Toni Duggan desperate to impress Mark Sampson against China and book her World Cup place .
Never forget Mark Duggan murdered by our police force and portrayed as a hard faced gangster by using a edited pic of …
RIP Mark Duggan, Treyvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott & all the other unarmed black people kill…
Toni Duggan desperate for a chance to impress Mark Sampson against China...
Independent Police Complaints Commission found that the police operation targeting Mark Duggan was "appropriate" & clears…
Metropolitan Police officer who shot gangster Mark Duggan to be cleared: The Scotland Yard firearms officer who…
“Police officer who shot Mark Duggan set to be cleared STI…
I think Kanye is basically subliminally saying that AA people should have handled Mike Brown etc like Britain handled Mark Duggan death 💭
Heading for v the Met Police. Should be a good few coming. Expect songs about Ian Tomlinson / Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan was unarmed when he was fatally shot by police in north London in August 2011.
Police lose files on Mark Duggan who was murdered by police and caused riots across the country, Victims of child...
Data from death inquiries including Mark Duggan and Azelle Rodney lost by the Ministry of Justice
No suprise disks containing information on the unlawful police killing of Mark Duggan have gone "missing"
Sensitive files on the death of Mark Duggan have “gone missing" in the post
Ministry of Justice says documents abt the Mark Duggan, Azelle Rodney & Robert Hamill inquiries have been lost in the po…
Slight difference in the reporting of 2007 loss of info compared with 2015.
Missing Duggan disc was among three lost by Ministry of Justice: Sensitive information about the death of Mark...
Sending CDs in the post ... that sounds like 1990s technology ... ... should legal sys be using Tr…
Notice any difference in reporting of two cases of government losing information? 2007: 2015:
Lol so they have apparently '"lost" the information on Mark Duggan's case in the post 😩
Mark Duggan death discs 'lost in the post by Ministry of Justice'
Mark Duggan death discs ‘lost in the post by Ministry of Justice’ – The Independent
Mark Duggan death secret discs 'lost in the post'
Mark Duggan documents lost in the post, ministers admit via
With trial due of Pol officer for Azelle Rodney death, evidence on this & Mark Duggan case 'lost'
File on Mark Duggan police shooting lost in the post: Ministry of Justice investigating after computer...
Files relating to 3 inquiries, including police shooting of Mark Duggan, go missing http:/…
all information on 3 Judge led inquiries on Mark Duggan Police shooting has GONE MISSING IN THE POST (Gossip Cat)
The family of Mark Duggan have lost their Court of Appeal bid over his shooting by police
So this was one stop offs on the spontaneous march from The US Embassy, through Oxford Street, along Regent Street to Picaddilly. Charing X police station. On to Westminster, then to Scotland Yard. Spontaneous. Peaceful. Walking in solidarity with We must remember it is evident the law has nothing to do with justice when it comes to black and brown folk. In actuality, these archaic laws were never made for black and brown people, we were meant to be slaves forever. As were the poor white working class. So why seek justice from this "law"? The deaths/murders of Mark Duggan and Michael Brown and the countless numbers of black/brown deaths, abuses of human and civil rights committed by the state's police -because it is not the peoples police force - are not in vain. The amazing people of Ferguson bring more light to the shame of the US (in)justice system and emphasizing the UK's. Organize sustainable action and resistence. That was the message for me today as impromptu as today's march was, it proved that .. ...
I keep the names Jean Charles de Menezes and Mark Duggan in my heart next to Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin.
Guess lies, spin + non prosecution of police who killed Mark Duggan or Jean Charles de Menezes don't count but Andrew Mitchell...
John Charles Menezes, Mark Duggan and Azelle Rodney all assassinated. Every citizen monitored & May says Police need more powers than ever!
wrote an article you might want to read which touches on the subject of Mark Duggan -
Listen to Mark Barrell of Boss Design Group talk about the key changes affecting the work environment and much more.. …
good 2 have Rep from campaign @ my first Bk Launch 23.11.2014 included Mark Duggan in my literature ref institutional racism!
Listening to Mark Colvin and PM, another example of the great work done by ABC.
0858GMT-Evidentially ASSERTING [6] One day the truth will be known in public about HOW the protests over Mark Duggan’s killing was hijacked
is this not a repeat of london and mark duggan? They need to look at what happened
also whatever happens justice is always hindered. It took two years to reach a conclusion on Mark Duggan's death and the story given by
Always good debating Social Media with corporate viewpoint and local message
Just clicked onto the live feed of the protest - chanting 'you killed Mark duggan' at the police has nothing 1/2
very similar to the Tottenham riots after the police murder of Mark Duggan. What sparked the riots? The police kicking a woman on the ground
Liverpool academics point to riots 'hysteria': The riots of 2011 began after Mark Duggan was shot dead by the ...
Hope you've got a special strike in the locker to mark the occasion!
Mark Draper - He is involved in property development and runs his own football school.
You came for my first play Will you come & see my new one inspired by Mark Duggan
paul Masonic: maybe if the cops had been allowed to call him n--- they wouldn't have had to kill mark duggan. Q: but they
tell Mark Duggan that, please dont erase the struggle of PoC in other countries to make a point about USA
Mark duggan tribute's makin man sad
This is the appropriate level of deference to be paid pigs when they try to hold pressers:
In 2014 in the shadow of the riots and the mark duggan trial. It's astonishing they thought it was okay.
Rev Sekou speaking to from Ferguson gives his solidarity to Mark Duggan's family and to Broadwater Farm
: Ruling due on duggan verdict appeal - The mother of Mark Duggan, whose death sparked...
Winner of the Goal of the Season 2014 voted by you!. Toni Duggan, Manchester City Women FC.
Relatives of Mark Duggan join families of prisoners who have died in police custody at protest march... |
First officer in Mark Duggan case faces serious questions following Stafford Scott public meeting...
Guardian. Mark Duggan officer faces misconduct investigation. does gov really think public will believe this rubbish?!
Mark Duggan officer faces investigation - over 3 years on
"Mark Duggan officer faces misconduct investigation" good read
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Mark Duggan officer faces misconduct investigation: ZZ46 is the first officer from the operation to be served ...
basically it's about whether he shot a gun or a sandwich. Had same here with Mark Duggan. Gun found hours later. Nationwide riot
Mark Duggan. Trayvon Martin. Mike Brown. And many more. Solidarity to the protestors in
it's not exclusive to the US. We've seen it happen twice over here with Ian Tomlinson and Mark Duggan.
and supporters, as was the case with Stephen Lawrence, forced to publicly state that Mark Duggan was not in possession of a gun when he was
Just the same as British police did with Stephen Lawrence, Mark Duggan, Hillsborough victims and more.
UK peeps: remember Stephen Lawrence, Ian Tomlinson, Mark Duggan when discussing what's going on in US. No transatlantic smugness.
. dont be kidded Edythe UK cops. beat people to death like Ian Tomlinson. pull guns and kill people like Mark Duggan
What the media did with Mark Duggan
Blair Peach, Anthony Grainger, Jean Charles De Menzes, Mark Duggan, Ian Thomlinson. They will not get justice
Mark Duggan shooting could not have been lawful, court told: The inquest into the death of a man shot dead by ... http:/…
Mark Duggan's family have started a legal challenge to have an inquest jury's verdict of lawful killing quashed.
Wednesday June 11 Registration at 11am Shotgun start 12:30 18 holes of fun and friendship 20 contests There will be a lunch buffet available upstairs and BBQ downstairs available from 11 on BBQ will be on all day so when you come by club house you can take a bite to go. When you come off 9th hole go directly to putting contest With your support you have raised over $250,000 in 10 years Kenora Rotary thanks you We ask that you give your score cards to Mark Duggan or Doug Johnson. Please add them up first. Cocktails after you're done golfing Prime rib roast buffet at 7 p.m. You will receive rainbow auction tickets at time of registration. Please bring them to dinner and put into the many bags for opportunities to win fabulous prizes! There will be a Live Auction! Great items to bid on! Looking forward to a great day of fun and friendship! Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions call Mark at 467 7639. Our President Fred Wright has been working with weather man. Rain or shine we go.
"It is not immediately obvious why a trained firearms officer should require what a civilian is not given."
Trust me to end up giving a myth card about Mark Duggan/deaths in custody to a fed bragging about how both his parents are feds at this time
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Jurors abused after they rule police killing of Mark Duggan was lawful - The Times (subscription)
Mark Duggan coroner: police created perception of collusion | UK news | The Guardian
We published an article after Mark Duggan hearing on numerous incidents involving unlawful killing against poc by police over the years
'PC Carol Howard, a black firearms officer said in wake of Mark Duggan shooting she felt she was being used to improve image of the police'
The US director of an award-winning film about a black man shot dead by police in America said today that it will appeal to Londoners because of what he claims are “parallels” with the Mark Duggan case.
Fruitvale Station dierctor Ryan Coogler says his film echoes what happened to Mark Duggan in the UK: Make your...
No change possible in un-reformable state funded institutions
Catch Fruitvale Station out in cinemas today!. See mention of our screening in the Evening Standard.
No members of the police force were jailed for the killing of Mark Duggan, Tottenham.
Stunning dining chair designed in collaboration with award winning British designer Mark Gabbertas:
Toni Duggan scores a hat-trick as England thrash Montenegro 9-0 to earn new coach Mark Sampson a first competitive win.
police framing cases to get guilty verdicts in JE charges is exactly what happened in Duggan case.
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Mark Duggan family vows peaceful fight for justice at vigil after lawful killing ... - Evening Standard
Great access to Kerry by air, rail and road networks - Mark Egan & Des Duggan
opening across London on Friday, Echoes of case
opening across London on Friday, Echoes of case.
Mark Duggan death: Shooting 'not rigorously examined'
We also found this beauty from 2000!. Brett McCormack. Aaron Flynn. Mark Robinson. Jason Spice. Rhys Duggan.
"Mark Duggan coroner: police created perception of collusion
just a few bangers... Forgiveness, mummy don't cry, rip mark duggan, Bloodstains. List to long
people know how to loot for Mark Duggan inside Footlocker so they better ride for the NHS
Allowing firearms officers 48 hours to compose themselves before being questioned is among the concerns raised by the coroner in charge of the Mark Duggan inquest.
"Officers wrote up their accounts sitting together in a room." MT Duggan coroner: perception of collusion http:…
Restrictions on access to police intelligence means undercover operations that end in death may not be properly investigated, the coroner in the Mark Duggan inquest has warned.
Police chiefs against cameras in post incident briefings + oppose some recommendations in Duggan coroners report
In his report published on Wednesday, Cutler writes: "The fact of the officers gathering in a room together for...
Yisrael does a protest track for Mark Duggan & his Family raising questions to police
Mark Duggan, whose death sparked riots in England in 2011, was lawfully killed, an inquest jury says by a majority of 8 to 2.
Mark Duggan coroner: police created perception of collusion |
Mark Duggan coroner: police created perception of collusion & critical of police handling of scene & intelligence
Don't be surprised if we find out the officer who shot Mark Duggan is receiving similar compensation right now.
Coroner on Mark Duggan's case sheds a serious light of doubt and concern
Coroners report following Inquest into Mark Duggan's death
Mark Duggan shooting: lessons to learn via
Mum of Mark says coroner's report is "a ray of hope"
About 200 people gather outside Tottenham Police Station to take part in a vigil for Mark Duggan.
Mark Duggan inquest: Report to Prevent Future Deaths, published on behalf of Chief Coroner
Duggan's mother praises coroner via "Even though the jury didn't get it the judg…
this could be a watershed: Mark Duggan coroner: police created perception of collusion via
The Met want police to continue 'colluding' over statements aka getting everyone's story straight.
Mark coroner unhappy that IPCC was in charge of investigation, but all those doing the work were Met Police office…
Mark coroner says he still "expect(s) to be told" why police 'black box' equipment apparently did not record shoot…
Mark coroner: Concerned that key police intelligence was hidden from the inquest jury.
“Lessons to learn from Mark Duggan shooting watch report &
I am pleased that there wont be a Lee Rigby memorial. Only Black deaths matter. There should be statue of Mark Duggan in Traf…
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Mark Duggan's family furious at inquest verdict of lawful killing - | Wrongly Accused Person
Profile: Mark Duggan, gunrunner and gangster - The Times (subscription)
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But couldn't cut his holiday short when Mark Duggan was killed + London was rioting. Ava Vidal shared so much truth
"Boris Johnson stayed abroad when Mark Duggan was shot but defended a radio DJ in Devon who played a song with the n-word in it"
Ava Vidal on media repres. Lack of respect shown for Mark Duggan by Boris Johnson in comparing UK to 'Boko Haram'
'Mark Duggan would have been a footnote were it not for the people of Tottenham'
The jury at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police, reaches a conclusion.
What do you feel the major differences are in the England set up under Mark Sampson. I'm making my Canada plans.
Mark Duggan was killed lawfully, inquest decides -
After Mark was executed, the Police dished out ASBOs to Mark's friends and brothers. Intimidation. Undercovers often watching - Carol Duggan
Jury believed Mark Duggan was unarmed. Yet his killing was not deemed unlawful. Young black men live in fear for their lives
Prof. Mark Duggan of posits the three facts of climate change at
"Mark duggan was killed in 2011, Cops off campus protests happened in 2013". Late much?
"The Police are not embarrassed about killing Mark Duggan... to quote an officer 'it all went to plan'"
Thoughts are with with RST client Mark Duggan after bad crash in Tour of Tweed/Battle on the Border today. He's...
Cheers guys appreciate the thoughts.
Our team wish all the best after a nasty crash today. Thinking of you mate!
Profile: Mark Duggan, proud gang member who gloried in weapons - The Times (subscription)
Critic, mark duggan send this to simmy! take care xo
Are you kidding me? Mark Duggan happened because of the Tories? A random building is on fire because of the Tories?
Shocka is the truth with them bars about Mark Duggan
Jamie FearfestMagna Duggan is in burnley next Sunday alongside , the alliance, Bryn Owen , & Mark Viollet and all...
"Work underway on ' MGM Award Gallery cc
Some people don't realise how much I hate the country I live in. Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence, Bloody Sunday, Mark Duggan etc.
From the southall black sisters to Mark duggan it was a whirlwind tour through seminal moments of black britons
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ArtsBeat: A Variety of Performances to Mark Walker Art Center’s 75th Anniversary
.Alumni, hope to see you at the keynote address w/ Professor Mark Duggan, FRI, 5/16, 10 AM!
Perhaps Mark Duggan could have invited his executioners for a cup of tea and a chat!
The issue is in order to know this, he actually has to understand something about Ed! Clearly not the case!
Can't help but mark out whenever you see Jim Duggan! Rusev was gonna kill him, until Big E interrupted. Seems like Big E will job to him
I was hoping for Mark Henry to take out the Bulgarian brute but Big E saved Jim Duggan
Nice To see Hacksaw Jim Duggan - WWE Universe Making an appearance on RAW !!! From The Ring here in Calgary To...
secret fact about me: I am a Hacksaw Jim Duggan mark and I have no idea why
Tell us who killed Mark Duggan we don't wanna know your twisted story of muslim people panorama
Whether or not Mark Duggan was a gangsta isn't the issue. It's the historical context of his killing & the inconsistencies of the police 🚶
Wrote to Met Police and London Mayor suggesting this for armed officers after Mark Duggan - no one was interested!
Mark Duggan: Angry protests in Tottenham last night - The Voice Online
The biggest congratulations to my beautiful Danni Brennan & Mark Duggan on the birth of little dolly Isla Grace 💕 She is absolutely perfect! x
Taken from the US, but easily transferable to the UK. RIP Mark Duggan.
David Lammy MP explains plans for "a peaceful vigil" this weekend for friends and supporters of Mark Duggan.
Hamilton Collection
Why not ask Doreen Lawrence or Mark Duggan's mother for their opinions about issues of trust as a starting point .
Especially since he's got the added DNA of Zeb Wells, Jason Aaron, Gerry Duggan, and Mark Waid.
Talk about the police killing mark duggan !
Glad you enjoyed the Office Hours with Mark Duggan! MT Great presentation today
How is Advantage impacted by the Find out TODAY in a free webinar w/ Prof. Mark Duggan.
Remember when the police accidentally killed a dog and apologised but wouldn't for Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan: Shot man was a threat firearms officer says - BBC News
Known Ruth since baby, some decent points, but bizarre and deficient shoehorning of Mark Duggan issue there.
Who are the Senior officers who ordered that unarmed Mark Duggan and Anthony Grainger be shot? Who are those taking UK into pol…
Incredible summary of Mark Duggan's death and Inquest by on - essential reading:
as is evident by the treatment of Mark Duggan and his family, things are same old. Unfortunately, we haven't learned much.
We must fight on for Mark Duggan, we must fight! Not loot, shoot, stab, burn, riot and raid this is disgraceful. And guess what?
I called my dog mark duggan he's always shooting all over the place
I heard they shot mark duggan for bantz?
Betsy Barkas assesses the context to the death of Mark for 'Framing the death of Mark Duggan'
get amongst it buddy, I know you got good legs today.
New Post: The Attainment of a Milestone » Mark Mullaly Have finally pressed 'send' on my book. It's…
Still goes on today man. It's never stopped. I don't know if it'll stop.You think of Stephen Lawrence over here, then Mark Duggan.
Join the Office Hours webinar with Mark Duggan re: Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) on 4/24.
That was in one of the unmade episodes.
from the people who actually heard the evidence. No conspiracist spin!.
The article on Mark Duggan published by us went through other incidents between the police & black britons
When the Mark Duggan verdict came out we published a piece titled 'the Mark Duggan verdict- business as usual'
Of 2 watch city ladies wiv good look girls
Of course!!! The pictures of Mark Duggan and the girl shot in Hackney the other week are prime examples of this
Mark Duggan's mother allowed to challenge inquest conclusion
Mark Duggan's mother wins right to judicial review
Wondering what might happen if I asked this group which one of them killed Mark Duggan?
Mark Duggan's mother wins right to judicial review. (Accusations of coroner misdirecting the jury)
on the Mark Duggan demo 2014 Alex Gordon & RMT comrades standing against deaths in police custody
Hat-trick hero hails 'new England' after side dispatched Montenegro
Just makes me so angry that the Mark Duggan verdict is being challenged. He was the author of his own misfortune deal with it.
Mark Duggan’s mother Pamela to challenge inquest verdict
Mark Duggan's mother Pamela to challenge inquest verdict: Mr Justice Mitting has ruled that Pamela ...
RIP Mark Duggan and I won't stop sayin it 🙌
Mark Duggan's mother Pamela to challenge inquest verdict
New post: "Mother to fight Mark Duggan verdict: Judge gives permission to challenge inquest's decision that h...
Mark Duggan's family granted permission for judicial review of "unlawful killing" verdict.
Mark Duggan's mother Pamela granted right to challenge "lawful killing" inquest verdict; claims Coroner's directions to j…
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