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Mark Driscoll

Mark A. Driscoll (born October 11, 1970) is an American pastor and author. He is the founder and preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, he co-founded Churches Helping Churches and the Acts 29 Network.

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God honors a humble heart, so pray humbly, with the acknowledgment that you are a sinner saved by...
he hasn't blocked me yet strangely. (And I once got dozens of people blocked by Mark Driscoll! LOL)
.looketh like a homeschool Mark Driscoll.
.The real would be 'mortified' at what we're doing in his name.
Come out to the UNF Boathouse tonight from 7 to 8 pm for Coach's Show! Matthew Driscoll and men's tennis coach Mark Finnegan!!
Pastor Mark Driscoll explains reality of sin, the centrality of
"Idols are good things that we make God things, and that's a bad thing." -Mark Driscoll
Just completed Pray Like Jesus by Pastor Mark Driscoll, 21-day plan👍👍 didn't want it to finish 😊
I just finished day 25 of the Plan The Boy Who Is Lord By Mark Driscoll. Check it out here:…
I'm reading the plan 'Pray Like Jesus Pastor Driscoll'. Check it out:
I just finished day 7 of the Plan Pray Like Jesus By Pastor Mark Driscoll. Check it out:…
I remember a news bit on MH and a former member said,"I believe Mark Driscoll 💓 God. But I don't believe he 💓people."
Pray Like Jesus By Pastor Mark Driscoll. Pray for those who don't know Jesus
Being a man like Jesus is about being both tough and tender.
I just finished day 13 plan Pray Like Jesus By Pastor Mark Driscoll'
.I'm confused. Why exactly is a man of Driscoll's character and temperament being given a platform?
Mark driscoll video games are stupid new online games
"Without a real Adam and Eve, the Bible loses its basis for the fall, sin, the need for redemption"
The Danger of “God Told Me” Theology: Reflections on the claims of Harold Camping, Mark Driscoll, and John Piper. .
I've listened to Mark Driscoll (rip) or Matt Chandler or John Piper. One of my best friends now is in Bible college...
Hey Giving Mark Driscoll a platform is 'Destructive' and not Biblical.
Christian Post, please stop giving this disgraced & unqualified man a platform.
Idea of "soul mate" is not only unbiblical but destructive - Mark Driscoll
We discussed theory of change recently Rebecca Wells - here's a great primer on my theory. Thanks Mark Driscoll
Do you "Adam and Eve" it? Mark Driscoll on why Adam and Eve really existed.
Whatever you’re doing, if you’re not doing it for our great King, it’s not that great. ~ Mark Driscoll
You can now check out the single "Mark" from Riley Barnes-Driscoll. You can listen to Shaman B-D's album everywhere.
Controversial 'pastor' Mark Driscoll launches new church Buyer beware:
Still waiting on James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll to weigh in IMO.
The latest on the suit against Mark Driscoll & Sutton Turner by Mars Hill Church ex-members
Mark Driscoll announces new church opening date: The official opening of Mark Driscoll's new Trinity Church h...
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Listened to entire back catalogs of some pastors' sermons. Sometimes out of love (Greg Boyd), sometimes out of hate (Mark Driscoll).
Mark Driscoll, Doug Phillips, Fred Phelps. What did they have in common before they fell? Lots of critics. But Doug Wilson has critics cuz..
in other news: Mark Driscoll learns the celebrity shuttle not as robust and durable as the Mars Hill bus.
From the folks who put Mark Driscoll on the cover of their denominational magazine in late 2007 or early 2008. .
Sadly, even after being exposed they go right back to doing the same thing. I'm thinking of Mark Driscoll.
Good theology leads to loving relationships - Mark Driscoll
Some more talk and insight on Mark Driscoll and the downfall of Mars Hill with in this .
The power of a lie is that it doesn't have to be true to destroy you. Mark Driscoll
There's a ton of stuff in here to glean. It will take a while but you may want to set some time aside and hear it...
"HOW can Evangelicals support Trump?!?". Easy! Exactly the same way we support Mark Driscoll, Douglas Wilson, CJ Mahaney, and Bill Gothard.
"We need to be very clear that the way we do life is different than the rest of the world.” . ― Mark Driscoll
get refs Chris Lee & Brian Pochmara with lineys Mark Wheler & Scott Driscoll:
Shamed megachurch Pastor Mark Driscoll to launch new church in Phoenix on Easter Sunday. Metaphors!
My intent is not to bash you though. But Mark Driscoll should not be back in the pulpit and should be avoided.
Mark Driscoll: "Tragically, we live in a day when offense to God doesn't matter nearly as"
Mark Driscoll: "Stop looking for the path of least resistance and start running down the..."
I just had a dream where I stopped a fight between Mark Driscoll & Donald Trump and now how am I supposed to even start my day?
Ministry is nothing more than getting to go to work with your Dad. - Mark Driscoll
One of the churches supporting Mark Driscoll's new church. (The pastor shared a giving link in this video.)
“My job is not to use people, but to love people.” - Mark Driscoll
Just what Christianity needs, another platform for this ***
I added a video to a playlist Mark Driscoll on Prosperity Gospel and Joel Osteen
I liked a video Mark Driscoll on Prosperity Gospel and Joel Osteen
I concur - no one will mark it on a Saturday, so you can defs get away with handing it in Monday morning 👌
Mark Driscoll Comforted by Scripture: 'Do Not Repay Evil for Evil' as He Prepares Launch of New Church
Mark Driscoll Comforted by Scripture: ‘Do Not Repay Evil for Evil’ as He Prepares Launch of…
Mark Driscoll to launch new church on Easter Sunday - SpokaneFāVS
Mark Driscoll's new church will meet for the first time on Easter Sunday -
Perry Noble interviews Mark Driscoll on what he’s been going through, and on his new church in Phoenix, Arizona.
Carrabelle, Florida USA For Immediate Release Controversial megachurch Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned from his...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Wow. ECFA named as co-conspirator in Mark Driscoll's racketeering.
Its situations like Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll that convince the world that Christianity is a clown show.
Unreal!! This commenter defends Mark Driscoll based on his theology of women as sex slaves. htt…
I'd missed that in the Mark Driscoll lawsuit, the ECFA was named as a co-conspirator. That's just not good news.
interviews Mark Driscoll church today. Wonder if Noble asked about RICO?
Ex-members, in suit, charge Mark Driscoll with "pattern of racketeering" at Mars Hill Church
Former Mars Hill Church pastor, Mark Driscoll, launches new church in Phoenix after fiasco in Seattle.
Former Mars Hill Church members file RICO suit against he-man Mark Driscoll
will Mark Driscoll be talking about his church’s pending racketeering lawsuit against him?
The plaintiffs accuse defendants Mark Driscoll and Sutton Turner of engaging in... Who else has patterned...
Members of Mars Hill Church have filed a RICO suit against Mark Driscoll and another church leader. Driscoll's...
Church Leaders File Lawsuit against Mark Driscoll for Running Church like Crime Syndicate -via
Steve, why are you still following Mark Driscoll? He's a disgrace. 4 example, this was 2 days ago ->
Pastor Mark Driscoll, kicked out for plagiarism, emotional abusiveness & misogyny,to start new church in Phoenix .
I'm really sad mark ruffalo didn't win but it's all good, he's to bust saving the world to care about Oscar validation.
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At least two disgraced former pastors who have somehow chosen to retain the title: Mark Driscoll and Tullian Tchividjian.
Some intelligence concerning Mark Driscoll’s church plant in Phoenix for y’all.
There for a minute I thought you were talking about Mark Driscoll.
 Doug Bursch, hanging out in a room with Donald Trump, Kanye West and Mark Driscoll. I would pay so much money see that.
USA, the land where Donald Trump can become president and Mark Driscoll can start another mega church.
.I've been blocked by Mark Driscoll as well. Clearly he believes his views & opinions are a one way conversation.
. is back. But did he ever really leave?
When the Evangelicals (rightly) shaming Trump-endorsing Evangelicals are the Evangelicals who endorsed Mark Driscoll
"Joy is not because of a circumstance. It's in spite of them." -Mark Driscoll
Trump, Kanye, and Mark Driscoll... What happens with unrepentant sin.
Petition calling for investigation of Mark Driscoll's / Mars Hills donated funds.
Mark Driscoll preaching at an church last Sunday is more significant for American Christians than any election.
basically the fact that you can draw a straight line from Calvin to Mark Driscoll invalidates any positive doctrine he may have originated.
says a wife is a burden to her husband from God to help him be more godly.
was allowed to speak at an . Listen to what he had to say.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Mark Driscoll will give the inaugural invocation.
“What’s telling is there’s not one of his former friends or ministry partners who support him, outside of his wife.”
Elitist leaders, when asked why they didn't proceed more cautiously, and speak up earlier, with Mark Driscoll:
Jimmy Evans to join Mark Driscoll at new church plant (UCNN, 02/07/16)
Mark Driscoll's Demons - the false doctrine of the Mars Hill demon trials via
HEADLINES Divisions emerge over Mark Driscoll's new church: The saga of Mars Hill ... SPREAD 2 THE PPL
But kudos to as he dared to call out Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill for their abusive church culture.
actually i almost never paid attention to anyway, tho I was glad someone leaked his hard words re Mark Driscoll.
***COMPETITION - WIN A SIGNED BRIAN O'DRISCOLL RUGBY BALL*** . To mark the fact that the Setanta pack has both...
Idolatry: "Taking good things and making them God things." -Mark Driscoll
Congrats to for hitting the 100 point mark. You've been sniping since the middle school school days
"Since we are an independent church, we ordained the seven men (including myself), the church serving as the licensing org.". ~Mark Driscoll
i just listened to a couple of great sermons about Jesus and the Ten Commandments by Pastor Mark Driscoll on Youtube. Check them out.
is deader than Mark Driscoll's book sales.
"If you really want to be a rebel get a job, cut your grass, read your bible, and shut up." - Mark Driscoll*. *I know, I know...
Mark Driscoll was angry with his wife & he made her apologize for being a sex abuse victim!
Every Christian should be involved in ministry. And since God is a Father, ministry is like going to work with your Dad. - Mark Driscoll
The Christian life is not a life lived for God, but the life of God lived in us, through us, and with us. - Mark Driscoll
From Mark Driscoll's website...the guy whose wife had to apologize for being a sexual assault victim.
" I want you to be reminded of the Jesus you've met and then rejoice." -mark driscoll
Such a great sermon video!. Everyone who loves Jesus will be persecuted -- Mark Driscoll via
redliarbuster: FocusFamily Todd Wagner to Mark Driscoll. "Yeah, that Jesus was totally being a "hater" by calling them "whit…
I believe buying your way onto the bestseller lists is what got Mark Driscoll in tons of trouble (among other things)
The main difference between gossiping and praying is who you say it to. ~ Ptr. Mark Driscoll
iTunes has decided that Nomad is hot! But then again, so apparently is Joel Osteen and Mark Driscoll...
just in the same way that bloggers kept calling out Mark Driscoll and Tullian Tchividjian was ridiculous.
God doesn't need u to impress him, he wants u to trust him😍. Mark Driscoll
If Mark Driscoll gets his own nonprofit, I think everyone should get their own nonprofit.
Remembering the old days by listening to old Mark Driscoll sermons.
Thomas Watson would have condemned Mark Driscoll as a fanatic.
Electronic Device Insurance
That must have been Mark Driscoll writing under a fake name. He "sees things" like that.
thought the girl reading in the lobby was cute but then I realized her books were by John Piper and Mark Driscoll.
Someday Doug Wilson will be on the same list as Bill Gothard, the Duggards, Mark Driscoll, & many more corrupt leaders l…
When a pastor suggests a Mark Driscoll sermon as good material for use in ministry: 😱😱😱
The church-planting network founded by Mark Driscoll. Evangelical conformity and conversion disguised as a new "modern" church.
"In this life pain is inevitable but misery is a choice " -Pastor Mark Driscoll
Can we finally launch the Mark Driscoll Scholarship for Women in Ministry?
Mark Driscoll publicly apologises to fellow past
"A God I could fully understand would not be a God I could fully worship." -Mark Driscoll
One day Brian O'Driscoll will be referred to as the Irish Mark Bennett. Finn Russell will also tour.
Love Languages - Mark Driscoll explains love languages. Taken from the sermon The Peasant Princess:...
Funny thing is I bet every pastor who shows this video would decry Mark Driscoll's sexism yet not see it in this.
Nice to see Mike McCarthy with the Mark Driscoll look. The gray beard says "wisdom.".
Mark Driscoll, top megachurch pastor, resigns
Why do u follow Mark Driscoll? He is unwilling/unable to exercise the wisdom needed by a pastor
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Pastor Brian Houston interviews Mark Driscoll on his failings and lessons learned. I cried. Powerful. http…
Great teaching from Pastor John Piper about Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll and how we're all broken. .
Great words of wisdom by John Piper on Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, and the church:
Wise and encouraging words from John Piper on Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church.
An honest and fair perspective from John Piper on Mark Driscoll and what happened to Mars Hill Church - Seattle.
I feel sorry for Mark Driscoll. I really like his views on legalism and religious people.
Mark Driscoll publicly apologises to fellow pastor Joel Osteen for ‘sin’ against him
Tear jerking. . Hillsong Australia Pastor Brian Houston interviews Mark Driscoll and his Wife.
Some great leadership lessons from the ministry of Mark Driscoll, Former Pastor Of Mars Hill Church,
Abusive Pastor Mark Driscoll moves to Arizona. Planning new church? +
Interesting. While I find Mark Driscoll's answers to be him saying the "right thing," there remains in me a...
Great second day at Europe 2015. Great wisdom from Brian & Bobbie, Jentezen Franklin, Mark Driscoll, Mar…
Mark Driscoll still doesn't acknowledge the pain he caused. It's all about him. ++
Mark Driscoll moves to Arizona: Will new church rise from the ashes of Mars Hill? - (blo...
Mark Driscoll, in tearful interview, says he quit Mars Hill after "the Lord revealed to me a trap has been set"
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The disciples of John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Francis Chan are coming to an SBC factory church near you. Be vigilant.
Just following Christian leaders like Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble and David Jeremiah, and who know who else...
If you want to be insulted there is a variety of teachers Mark Driscoll,Perry Noble the cussing pastors!
Unbelievable day at So blessed to listen to John Maxwell, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll and Joseph Prince. overflowing
As news of Mark Driscoll coming to Australia for the Hillsong Conference this year, it had put my heart & mind...
The latest statement from Ps regarding Mark Driscoll &
Please read this important statement from our Pastor Brian Houston regarding Mark Driscoll and
I see examples of men given too much authority and then fall into error. Ted Haggard, Mark Driscoll, King David.
"Tony Jones is the Mark Driscoll of the emergent Christian movement…" - Tony Jones is trying to scrub the...
This year's Hillsong Conference will be interesting..Joseph Prince and Mark Driscoll in one meeting? It will be interesting..Lol!
Ex-Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll is back on evangelical lecture circuit: The resigned senior pastor of the…
Sutton Turner and Mark Driscoll on the Impact of Mars Hill Global on World Missions via
Former Mars Hill elder gives inside story of controversial plan to boost Mark Driscoll's book sales: Sutton Turner has revealed how a...
One of GOD's instrument that speak to my soul: Pastor Mark Driscoll from Seattle. … [pic] —
Evangelical Christians really crack me up. Mark Driscoll, a pastor from Seattle, compared doing yoga to committing adultery. Smh.
A look at burnout with Pastor Mark Driscoll //
Mark Driscoll: Collaboration and partnership is important; no one corporation can tackle these complex challenges singlehandedly.
Mark Driscoll: Corporations can be part of the solution and we have to work with those who want to change.
Mark Driscoll of now on at on the work of working with food businesses.
Q&A, Mark Driscoll, head of food at Forum for the Future
When it comes to work, don't aim for earning as much as you can doing as little as you can. Do something that matters. ~Mark Driscoll
I hope his temper didn't get the best of him. He resigned after after this?
Huge benefit of the Presbyterian system there, Mark Driscoll can't just go willy nilly start a Presbyterian Church when "God speaks" to him.
I pulled a Mark Driscoll and preached for an hour! Never done that before but Jesus last 4 1/2 days on earth are fascinating!
"Buy our software, or you might end up like Driscoll": Maybe not the best pitch to send to his supporters?
"We can’t take the parts of the Bible we like and discard the rest—God is seeking worshipers, not editors." Mark Driscoll
Louie Giglio, Mark Driscoll & Rick Warren-probably not the type of influence you're looking for, but influential none the less.
“60% of Christians are chicks and the 40% that are dudes are still chicks.”—Mark Driscoll, area toxic masculinity man
Episode 33 - Jim Henderson is up! From pastor to spiritual anthropologist, we talk Mark Driscoll & more: via
Crazy how the same Bible can produce Fred Phelps, Rob Bell, Mark Driscoll, and Joel Osteen. The continual mystery of religion and humankind.
The same Bible can produce a Fred Phelps, Rob Bell, Mark Driscoll, & Joel Osteen. That's the beautiful and treacherous scope of religion.
Perry Noble and Mark Driscoll are calling Israel tonight to figure out if announcement is a promise, a saying or a command.
Sean Palmer on internet preachers [like Mark Driscoll]. "A shepherd without sheep is just a dude with a stick!"
defend the abusive pastor JD Hall just like the Mars Hill Elders & leadership defended Mark Driscoll: with their silence.
The modern church needs to understand this: Disembodied Bodies, Mark Driscoll, and How "Pastor" Has Lost All Meaning
Biggest news of 2014: World Vision, Calvary Chapel, Mark Driscoll, and much more.
Wilson formed his cult-of-personality denomination called the CRE not unlike what Mark Driscoll did with Mars Hill in Seattle
Mark Driscoll's new website is called "Love Worth Finding Grace to You Learning for Pyromaniac Living Wretched No Compromise"
"Pastor" Mark Driscoll hits the web with a new site as Mars Hill prepar
Impossible to keep a narcissist pastor down for long! Mark Driscoll has a new website.
*** alert: Mark Driscoll is attempting a comeback.
Thoughts on Mark Driscoll and the fall of Mars Hill Church via /r/Christianity
Mark Driscoll 'believed his own hype, ran church like a business' | Christian News on Christian Today
Have any of you ever watched "The Elephant Room"?. . Its the one with David Platt, Mark Driscoll, Greg Laurie,...
Commentary on whether John Piper should have more regret about supporting Mark Driscoll:
Mass exodus for Mars Hill pastors who criticised Mark Driscoll's leadership
Aww this white guy who likes Mark Driscoll thinks he's a "voice for equality." Bro.
: "I also enjoy listening to Andy Stanley, John Bevere, Francis Chan and Todd Friel. Along with Mark Driscoll, these guys are my faves." =)
John Piper not only supported Mark Driscoll over the people thrown under the bus, he e supported CJ Mahaney. Guess being Ref…
John Piper and Mark Driscoll: lessons not learned? —
What John Piper finally said about the issue of Mark Driscoll what we wish he had said instead
Mark Driscoll, who resigned as the lead pastor of the Seattle-based Mars Hill last month due to a controversy surrounding his leadership style, appears to be planning to leave the city as he has listed his longtime residence for $650,000.
Today at TeamPyro: John Piper and Mark Driscoll: lessons not learned?
Great word by John Piper on Mark Driscoll. I appreciate both and praying for Pastor Mark.
just read about Mark Driscoll. Always praying for you, Pastor.
Mark Tooley in AMERICAN SPECTATOR on muscular Christianity & Mark Driscoll's fall.
Beleaguered former mega-church Pastor Mark Driscoll selling his Seattle home.
In 2007, on the eve of my trial before Mark Driscoll and the council of elders, Rob Smith, who was a respected deacon at the church, pastor of community groups at Wedgwood, and on track to be ordained as an elder within weeks, delivered a prophetic word to them. Rob dearly loved Mars Hill Church, its people, and Mark Driscoll. Rob and his wife Merle had faithfully served as volunteers and blessed many. For his insolence in daring to speak out, Rob was reprimanded in the most vile way. He was slandered by the leadership who later withdrew funding from orphans in a village in Africa they had been supporting, and Rob and his wife, Merle, were unofficially shunned from the church they loved. Yet, to this very day, Rob continues to speak out and advocate "for the least of these." Rob Smith saw what others refused to see. Here is what Rob wrote which incited the wrath of Mark Driscoll and the executive elders against him: "If this trial is fair and impartial the members of Mars Hill will rest in the verdict and ...
SEATTLE (AP) — Two weeks after lead Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned amid questions about his leadership, the Seattle megachurch he fo
Mark Driscoll founded one of the fastest-growing megachurches in the Northwest. It opened a Tacoma campus last winter.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When Mars Hill Was Leveled: Sitting on my bookshelf is an autographed copy of Mark Driscoll's book (written wi...
Such a sad ending for a large church family. Remember to pray for our church leaders regularly.
The same false love that has enabled Ergun Caner's lack of repentance is now being applied to Mark Driscoll's. SAD.
Unfortunate outcome but God is in control. Pray for the soon to be independent churches
hmmm so is Mark Driscoll still going to be speaking at Hillsong Conference 2015?
Then it was not of Christ or it would last. Person/pastor-centered ministries are cults, no matter what else you...
Missionary dating leads to miserable divorce -- Pastor Mark Driscoll -
If you don't think denominations are worth it consider "The Rise & Fall of Driscoll & The Dissolving of Mars Hil"
I agree w/Jeff . IMO we aren't seeing the death of a church, but God building His Church.
Powerful & authentic letter of repentance from Steve Tompkins of Mars Hill. This is a great model for Mark Driscoll: ht…
To all my pastor friends... Here's a great article post-MarsHill breakup. Wise words...
Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned his position at Mars Hill. Read more here
So sad for Mars Hill. Thankful for the way God worked thru that church in big ways, such a sad end.
While watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Adam just pointed out that Vincent D'Onofrio looks like Mark Driscoll. Nailed it.
Mark Driscoll resigned rather than submit himself to a restoration process, which probably tells you all you need to know about him.
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The Christian life is not something you live for God, it is something God lives for you in Christ! -Mark Driscoll
Don't worry Mark Driscoll. I was able to stay in ministry even after the whole Servetus episode (not my fault).
God is not a pinata and prayer is not a stick. - Mark Driscoll
"Goodbye, Mars Hill: Mark Driscoll's Multisite Empire Will Sell Properties and Dissolve" . the end of an empire .
Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Church is closed and shattered into pieces. As clearly foretold by the feet of clay and iron in …
I'm not going to forgive Mark Driscoll because he was a mean and controlling jerk and, well... now I'm going to be.
It is a sad affair to listen to those claiming to be Christians rejoicing at the fall of Mark Driscoll. While I...
Driscoll took a leave of absence in August so church leaders could investigate whether he was fit to lead. He faced …
Mark Bennett, Glasgow Warriors' as yet uncapped centre, has all the attributes to be the next Brian O'Driscoll
I just spent ten minutes explaining Mark Driscoll and Calvinism to my agnostic spouse. Taking the rest of the day off.
I think it's sad that within the church Mark Driscoll is so popular. Stay away from that 💩. He doesn't speak truth. 😫😫
Mark Driscoll's little empire of churches is already collapsing. Jeez.
Following Mark Driscoll's resignation, Mars Hill Church will dissolve its multisite network
If there is one thing I know about United Methodists, it is that they all love and support Mark Driscoll.
Goodbye Mark Driscoll: a case against multi-site churches with celebrity pastors. .
Mark Driscoll's resignation led to the closing of Mars Hill, major staff firings & a black eye on the kingdom. The enemy wins this round...
RUMOR: Lucy Van Pelt taking over as Senior Pastor for Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill. Lucy has Calvinist street cred.
Must see for those following the Driscoll story - Mark Driscoll at the Gateway Conference October 20, 2014
announcement to dissolve church comes a little more than two weeks after leader Mark Driscoll resigned:
Once upon a time, Mark Driscoll was more important than the pope, so when Mark left his church, it ceased to exist.
Mark Driscoll asked to speak by Pastor Robert Morris at Gateway Leadership Conference 2014:
Sarah Pulliam Bailey ("The Huffington Post," October 15, 2014) Mark Driscoll, the larger-than-life megachurch pastor who has been accused of
About 7,000 members of the megachurch Mars Hill have left in the wake of Pastor Mark Driscoll's departure. Here are 7 lessons churches can learn from the crisis at Mars Hill.
Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll said this week that his family is experiencing “a very trying season,” including death threats, attacks and night terrors.
But of course, Chris does not care what the children suffer, he only blames Driscoll, Any Grace?
The irony of you saying Mark Driscoll needs to repent of misogyny while you support anti-Christian garbage…
Is it to soon to ask what Mark Driscoll is up to now? I would love to give him a hug and some encouragement.
THIS SOUNDS LIKE MY LIFE... I KNOW HOW THIS MAN FEELS:. I know how that is. It has happened to me often, and I...
Principles For Christian Dating ❃Mark Driscoll❃: And I found this to be very insightful
Grayson's 5 TDs are now second-most in a single game in school history. Former AD Mark Driscoll holds record with 6.
I pray Mark Driscoll will be restored to God, his family, and the body of Christ.
I doubt we will see another Mark Driscoll anytime soon—someone known equally for crudeness and for gospel preaching. well said
Great article: "This is a classic example of the cult of personality, where Driscoll is accountable to no one."
What can an iPhone game teach us about our reaction to the failings of Mark Driscoll?
Randall Balmer Reflects on Mark Driscoll's Resignation - Now that Mark Driscoll’s fall from grace resulted...
almost all of his rants are from a book Biblical Doctrine every Christian should believe. Written by Mark Driscoll and Gerry
I am no Josh Feuerstein I don't like the argument of a tornado ripping through a junkyard. He stole that from Mark Driscoll
On Mark Driscoll's watch: immoral *** marriage and legalization of marijuana forced upon Washington.
As much as I think Mark Driscoll is a jackwagon, is there any validity to his stories about people trying to attack his children?
Excellent article. How is your church doing?
Maybe Mark Driscoll could team up with
So, just who is this Robert Morris who played kissy face with Mark Driscoll? TWW starts with an introduction.
Why Mars Hill must excommunicate Mark Driscoll, Carnal Christians, the Charismata and much more!. Show less. 1
According to the prophet, we can expect more of the same from Mark Driscoll in the future.
I see the [mainly] postmil theonomists are going after Jordan Hall like he's the next "Mark Driscoll" to hunt...
website still has Mark Driscoll speaking in Sydney and London. Presume this is a mistake?
Wow, psjimmyevans giving a prophetic word to Mark Driscoll, "You lead a great movement as a brother,…
This is what happens when a wolf in sheep's clothing tries...
Some say Mark Driscoll abused people. Fact: Driscoll never even existed. Checkmate, atheists.
FWIW, Mars Hill’s website still lists Mark Driscoll as an executive elder:
Instead of attacking or defending Mark Driscoll on social media perhaps that time should be spent on studying the word of God.
Mark Driscoll Gets Prophetic Word at Gateway Conference - anyone want to still believe that Driscoll’s a Calvinist?
Mark Driscoll's salary last year was $650,000. J Prince's last year salary was $700,000. Lucrative business men.
Issues, Etc. just posted a new episode! 3. This Week in Pop American Christianity: An Update on Mark Driscoll, H...
Thankful for Pastor Robert Morris and Gateway Church for standing with Mark Driscoll. Well done, church.
This is great! Great job Pastor Robert Morris:. Mark Driscoll at the Gateway Conference
Wow, just watched honor Mark Driscoll. So much grace and love. What an amazing God moment
The silence of those critics of MacArthur re his perennial (and accurate) warnings of Mark Driscoll is deafening. …
Mark Driscoll's resignation a good example
This is only sort of about Mark Driscoll.
John Ortberg do excellent work as usual on the larger moral issues of Mark Driscoll's resignation.
So heartbroken for Mars Hill Church, so thankful for the teaching of Mark Driscoll in my life. Expectantly I wait to see his restoration.
I'm feeling sad by Mark Driscoll's resignation - sad on a couple of different levels: sad for the Mars Hill...
Mark Driscoll, top megachurch pastor, resigns - CNN
Why should the pastor write a new study tailored to His flock? Mark Driscoll already did it for them...
Hello, my name is Mike, I'm a recovering True Believer - former Mark Driscoll confidant regrets his involvement
© 2014 Paul VanDerWerf, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio I’m not interested in rehashing the recent events and disclosures that led to the near-collapse of Mars Hill Church Seattle and the (temporary?) resignation of Pastor Mark Driscoll. The Seattle Times summed it up well with this article by Craig Wel…
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