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Mark David Chapman

Mark David Chapman (born May 10, 1955) is an American prison inmate who was convicted of murdering former Beatles member John Lennon on December 8, 1980. He killed Lennon outside The Dakota apartment building in New York City.

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Do you think The Catcher in the Rye would not have been as famous if Mark David Chapman had only nicked John Lennon?
When does the first mark david chapman emerge? It's inevitable, imo.
With a name like that, we all should be worried. Lee Harvey Oswald Mark David Chapman James Wilkes Booth.
'mark david chapman' anagrams to: Hack VIP and mad arm.
Disturbing to say the least. Made me think of Mark David Chapman. Seriously.
This is what Mark David Chapman would've looked like in drag.
Mark David Chapman John Lennon would still be alive
Mark David Chapman the man who assassinated John Lennon next parole hearing is scheduled for August 2018.
+ brutal murder by Mark David Chapman was the headline of virtually every news outlet over the worl…
.See also-Mark David Chapman. Jimmy is probably like - "He just had a bad reaction to Prozac. He's not a bad guy."
"There was no emotion in my blood. There was no anger. There was nothing. It was dead silence in my brain.". ―Mark D…
Where the *** is Mark David Chapman when you need him...err. I mean.
She may go Mark David Chapman on someone
Why did Tiffani Thiessen drop Amber?3 names have been lucky in the past. John Wilkes Booth. Lee Harvey Oswald. Mark David Chapman. Oh, wait...🙄😒
John Wilkes Booth and Mark David Chapman have the same birthday. 🤔
Today is the birthday of the worst man on earth,I´m talking about Mark David Chapman
5/10/1955 born MARK DAVID CHAPMAN, is an American murderer who killed John Lennon in New York City on December 8, 1…
in 1838, John Wilkes Booth is Born in Harford County. Also in 1955, Mark David Chapman is born. 2 assassins, same birthday
Just found out Mark David Chapman is my birthday bro
Wait, so a dude called Mark Lindsay Chapman played John Lennon in that movie about Mark David Chapman? . *lil shrug* Hokay.
10 May 1955 Mark David Chapman was born. American who is known for murdering John Lennon. He was imprisoned in 1981…
Today (12/08) in 1980, John Lennon (Beatles) is shot by fan Mark David Chapman. He had just gotten Lennon's autograph…
John Lennon - Imagine HD . If there was a god then Mark David Chapman would be dead and John would live. via
It's funny til you realize that one of these deranged Pizzagaters might try to go all Mark David C…
Yoko doesnt annoy me nearly as much as Mark David Chapman. Although Yokos lame high pitched bird caw hits me like fingernails on chalkboard
John Lennon signing an autograph for his soon-to-be murderer Mark David Chapman hours before he was killed, 1980. http…
John Lennon signing his assassin Mark David Chapman's copy of "Double Fantasy" asking "is this all you want" Chapman smiled…
John died on December 8, 1980 in New York, outside his apartment, in front of The Dakota building. He was murdered by Mark David Chapman.
Mark David Chapman had that book.Chapman was reading after he shot Lennon in New York,Trump's state,after flying from Hawaii. Obama's state.
And the Viet eceleb was just a patsy. Like James Earl Ray, and Mark David Chapman.
I'm pretty sure Mark David Chapman is sitting at the bar next to me.
I heard a girl saying she had a "complicated" relationship with John Lennon. Unless she's Mark David Chapman, I think she is being dramatic.
I know this is too dramatic but someone could pull a Mark David Chapman 😩😩😩
...out what U have spoken. John Hinkley, Mark David Chapman are examples of crazed fans gone wrong!
kind of abandoned acting for 30 Seconds to Mars, but Mark David Chapman wasn't worth it. Ten years later you fantasizes about how you stayed
My brother's name is Mark Alan Chapman so John Lennon's murder by Mark David Chapman was pretty crazy! LOL
(I think I have a new stalker. My own personal Mark David Chapman.)
me thinks a Mark David Chapman esque song would be fitting for the orange oaf.
Someday a cuckoo *** (like Mark David Chapman) will track down Madonna, Charlie Sheen, Dinero and catch their a…
While we are on the topic of Mark David Chapman; lol he killed somebody bc they said something that wasn't Christian :)
I'm not even mad that Mark David Chapman claimed that book to be his inspiration for the Lennon assassination. If there's one book..
uh...that way Mark David Chapman lies
I would but Mark David Chapman beat me to it
PARDON Mark David Chapman, give his gun back along with a Photo & Location of
It kind of seems like ganging up to have Mark David Chapman the stand in for all rapists.
Mark David Chapman(1980) 6 hours after this photo was taken, Chapman killed Lennon
he would probably punch me or they'd think I was some insane person like Mark David Chapman, I'd be taking a risk!
I mean, they even made a *** movie about Mark David Chapman. Shooting John Lennon turns into a movie.
Obama still has time to pardon Chucky Manson and Mark David Chapman. The dems need to appeal to homicidal maniacs if they wanna win again.
I've got 3 words for people who say they don't like The Beatles... Mark David Chapman
are supporters of domestic terrorism. Who is next, Mark David Chapman? Khalid Sheikh Muha…
Mark David Chapman had a similar train of thought...
Trump's first act in White House: 10th anniversary screening of that Mark David Chapman movie Jared Leto almost killed himself making
John Lennon signing a copy of "Double Fantasy" for Mark David Chapman, who would murder him only 5 hours later, 1980
Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, Mark David point is this...Jonathan Taylor Thomas is going…
George: My guess is Mark David Chapman in the Dakota building with the Revolver. John: what?. George: nvm
8 December 1980. John Lennon (aged 40), was shot four times and killed by Mark David Chapman, outside the Dakota Building in…
Yes, much as Mark David Chapman massively impacted the course of popular culture.
or what John Lennon said to Mark David Chapman
The Cranberries' song "I Just Shot John Lennon" explored the day of his murder at the hands of Mark David Chapman.
Rock Calendar 10-23-80:Mark David Chapman, who will murder John Lennon, quits his job. As he leaves, he signs the security log "John Lennon"
but isn't that 20-life? You can get out in 20 but you can stay for life like Mark David Chapman. He copped 2 20/22-life
1980 December 8th John Lennon is shot outside his apartment building in New York by Mark David Chapman. He later dies in hospital
October 23rd 1980. Mark David Chapman quit his security job and signed out for the last time.…
makanya. not everyone reading Catcher in the Rye becomes a killer like Mark David Chapman.
Being mocked as a public figure can suck. But it doesn't always rise to level of John Hinckley/Mark David Chapman
Ferrante should be the Mark David Chapman of the literary world, for the opposite reason
2000, 45-year-old Mark David Chapman, the man who twenty years earlier fired five shots into John Lennon’s back, faced the parole board.
A wise woman once compared waiting rooms to jail, since you can see the worst of people. Given the Mark David Chapman jr I just saw, I agree
Some say Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon only after he refused to dance to Yellow Submarine
Mark David Chapman has to be one of the most hated people of all time
Why don't you Trump people just vote for Mark David Chapman or Jared Fogel? Sick sick sick
Grand Theft Auto Vice City HD! For an extra $5, you get to drive Mark David Chapman to John Lennon's apartment!!.
Judges who vote against The Walrus Bear can go to He11 with Mark David Chapman! >:-(
I feel that I see John Lennon now as not a celebrity. I did then. I saw him as a cardbo
In terms of real-life King stalkers, I remember the guy who claimed SK is really Mark David Chapman. Used to protest(?) at Cal
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make polls where people vote for production elements for a new track (á la MSI's "Mark David Chapman")
The best way to go is by Mark David Chapman.
"I tell them there's no problem, only solutions--apart from a guy named Mark David Chapman." John Lennon
"When life gives you Lennon's, just shoot them" - Mark David Chapman
Mark David Chapman didn't shoot people that often.
Mark David Chapman, The Joker, now Andy Warhol. It's like Jared Leto is chronologically playing everyone you're fascinated with at 15.
He played the murderer of John Lennon. Mark David Chapman ...
[John] John Lennon's Killer Mark Chapman Denied Parole He'll be eligible again in two years.Mark David Chapman, 61,…
I don't think I'm a celebrity. A chimpanzee could have done what I did.
honestly I wish mark david chapman had a time machine and that I lived in the alternate no-beatles universe
4 kinds of of people that deserve ZERO sympathy:. Terrorists, Child Molesters, Animal Abusers, Mark David Chapman. 🇺🇸
Want 10 extra points at trivia tonight???. Come with the answer to the following question... Mark David Chapman,...
Introducing our Him (aka Mark David Chapman) and Her/Gloria for our upcoming world premiere of Two of Us by Ross...
Mark David Chapman was when fandom culture should've peaked tbh
Watch out Richard, I get a Mark David Chapman sorta vibe from this guy
I think the U.S. should give Mark David Chapman an opportunity to redeem himself.
John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman denied parole for 9th time
John Lennon killer reveals chilling new detail of Beatles' star's last moments
"Never give up on your dreams kid, shoot for the stars." —Mark David Chapman's Uncle, probably.
I remember originally that Mark David Chapman almost committed suicide a few years before he killed John Lennon.
John Lennon killer labels himself ‘coward’ as he’s denied parole for NINTH time: HEARTLESS murderer Mark Davi...
He keeps sending out that dog whistle til he gets a nutter to play Mark David Chapman
It'd be like blaming Jesus for the crusades, MLK for or Ringo for Mark David Chapman.
Man who shot John Lennon admitted in his parole hearing that he has a 'sociopathic mind': Mark David Chapman,...
Man who gunned down John Lennon did it for fame, documents reveal
...this is a regular Mark David Chapman Situation
Glad I didn't grow up in the 70s and 80s and spend the standard definition era wearing Mark David chapman glasses
Mark David Chapman admitted he has a “sociopathic mind” — even as he urged to be set free from the slammer
Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, has been denied parole for a ninth time
John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman is denied parole for the ninth time:
John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, denied parole for ninth time
If only we could find somebody to be his Mark David Chapman.
Mark David chapman, James Earl Ray and bin laden all share my birthday. Ummm...yikes?
Man who killed reportedly denied parole once again:
still stuck in prison. He will never get out. Scum he is. Five people wanted him out.
Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, denied parole. promises to commute sentence if elected.
Mark David Chapman denied parole for murdering back on 12 8 80.
Mark David Chapman interview on Larry King Live tv news talk show via
Or Sirhan Sirhan or John Wilkes Booth or James Earl Ray or Mark David Chapman or. What was trump thinking? 1/2
If they let John Hinckley Jr. out of prison, how long till Mark David Chapman goes free? Crazy, crazy world!
.not to forget the fact that Mark David Chapman had religious motives for his murder.
not all, Mark David Chapman stagnates in gaol because you are hypocritical about forgiveness.
The best-known event associated with The Catcher in the Rye is arguably Mark David Chapman's shooting of John Lennon.[14]
I'm going to give Mark David Chapman you're home address
Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's killer, is up for parole next month, and I'll be ready to...(Cont'd)
Mark David Chapman might have gotten a bad break, he only killed 1 Beetle... I just killed a 15 Japanese beetles and my wife just thanked me
Same goes for Charles Manson, Mark David Chapman and David Berkowitz. Amen. God is holy .
If you could go back in history, who would y... - Mark David Chapman. The man who killed John ...
I think if Mark David Chapman had aimed a little to the left, he'd have been a hero...
Mark David Chapman plead guilty to the assassination of John Lennon- 1981
UltClassicRock: Looking back on Mark David Chapman's guilty plea:
Looking back on Mark David Chapman's guilty plea:
On this day in 1981 Mark Chapman pleads guilty to Lennon murder. via
This is a great performance...David Bowie singing in 1981 - Mark David Chapman pled guilty to...
ok, war is beautiful, starvation is beautiful, murder is beautiful, Mark David Chapman is it.
YEAH TBH like they have their instruments & the album John Lennon signed for mark david chapman & a lot more! :'0
I think they're going by Mark David Chapman's count.
TIL Mark David Chapman planned to kill David Bowie and had a front row seat (along with John & Yoko) for Bowie's Broadway show the day afte…
I willingly took John Lennon's life. What I did was despicable.
Well done to Pat in Johnswell who correctly ID'd Mark David Chapman & wins €240 thanks to
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It's a horrible thing to realize what you've done.
I spy with my little eye...mark david chapman in the classroom
If I'm to go off of logic John Lennon should have apologized for Mark David Chapman killing John Lennon
It's ok, Mark David Chapman's dad missed his son's 7th grade chorus concert for a Mets game and he turned out ok.
Yeah because Mark David Chapman was clearly just dedicated.
Who can forget John Lennon being murdered by Mark David Chapman, an unstable and obsessed avid fan?
Mark David Chapman okay I filled my edgy joke quota for the month
A Mark David Chapman no le gusta esto.
Hey Mark David Chapman asked John Lennon for an autograph then later John Lennon was assassinated by who? Mark David Chapman.
And beloved of Beatles fans scarce less than Mark David Chapman.
Mark David Chapman. (I may have missed the point of this hashtag)
have you ever watched the movie Chapter 27? It's about Mark David Chapman and the murder of John Lennon. Fantastic film
"I was Mr Nobody, till I killed the biggest somebody on earth."-- Mark David Chapman
Why do assassins always have three names? John Wilkes Booths, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman
.joins on to describe how God redeemed Mark David Chapman - no one is beyond His grace
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When you think it's harmless to distribute videos of clearly disturbed people, remember Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley Jr.
Also spoke at length with David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) and John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman
Yoko has means to probe who funded & puppetmastered Mark David Chapman-36 years on, John deserves justice
Using your first middle and last name isn't always cool. John Wayne Gacy . Mark David Chapman. Lee Harvey Oswald. Lou Diamond Phillips
He's starting to sound Mark David Chapman-ish: angry & confused about his identity. again?
Sorry, but I don't think he looks as good so thin as w/some bulk on him. I don't mean Mark David Chapman type lol
Shout out to Mark David Chapman for being a disgusting piece of scum this world created. The fact he's alive angers me. Burn in ***
‘Mark David Chapman is the ultimate Beatlemaniac’: Lester Bangs trashes Beatles nostalgia on TV via
Watching Crimes of the Century about Mark David Chapman. I just wanna beat his doofy face in!!! Taking John Lennon away from us! 😭
All of my nobodiness and all of his somebodiness collided. - Mark David Chapman
Mark David Chapman has been married to the same woman since b4 he went all MK Ultra on Lennon. He gets conjugal visits & you can't get laid
Many know that Mark David Chapman, assassin, was obsessed with The Catcher in the Rye.
Playing: Mark David Chapman - ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Madonna)
If Satan does not exist, why did Mark David Chapman assassinate John Lennon ?
Also the same school that graduated Chris Tucker, Silk (r&b) group, and Mark David Chapman.
Out of time. The answer was: Mark David Chapman
I really didn't mean to hurt anybody. I liked John Lennon.
Did you guys like that Mark David Chapman movie that played Sundance? Because if it's like that I'll explode.
I've pent up all my aggression, kept swallowing it and swallowing it.
where's Mark David Chapman when you need him
Spoiler Alert: The witch emerges from the cauldron as Mark David Chapman
Paging Mark David Chapman. You've got some more work to do.
Ed Chapman UK's leading mosaic artists who created an . Artwork to mark David Bowie's milestone birthday
Mark David Chapman had him as his target. Imagine that.
He puts on my John Lennon glasses and ironically looks more like Mark David Chapman 😳😂
I'm no advocate for murder but Mark David Chapman was definitely spot on
we can blame Mark David Chapman for that one, well done mate.. screwed that one up.. we are doomed
Naming me 'Woman of the Year' is a bit like putting Mark David Chapman on the cover of Guns and Ammo.
TV show says Mark David Chapman converted to religion of peace & was radicalized b4 committing terroristic murder of blasphemer John Lennon.
anyone who obsesses over Catcher in the Rye should raise even a wee red flag. I mean look at Mark David Chapman
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Check out 15 Years Ago: John Lennon’s Killer, Mark David Chapman, Denied Parole for the First Time
Every time I hear Paul McCartney do some hippie *** thing, I want to send a thank you card to Mark David Chapman.
I like to think of you as the Yoko Ono of Grandex, in that everyone you love ends up getting Mark David Chapman'd. Happy New Years
He's got a touch of Mark David Chapman in his eyes.
i wish they would hang Mark David Chapman publicly and interrupt all channels so they can air it for everyone to see
Unless Yankees deal Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman, late innings for LH hitters in AL East (like David Ortiz) will be a …
you sir are now my favourite comedian. Inevitably I will go Mark David Chapman on you.
Inside mind of John Lennon's killer: There was a voice in his head, a gun in his hand, and Jo...
Billy Martin says he would sign Mark David Chapman if he throws bullets.
I can never get into or finish Catcher in the Rye and I'm not sure if it's because I hate Holden Caulfield or bc I hate Mark David Chapman
"Who's the Mark David Chapman standing behind Colin Quinn?" I hope to ask one day
John Lennon's scene in Forrest Gump is so bad it makes you want to give Mark David Chapman a high five
i can't believe it's been 35 years since Mark David Chapman went back in time to assassinate John Lennon before he could be…
Cris, a nivel mundial ya sos menos querida que Mark David Chapman. Imagine all the people...
The glasses worn by John Lennon when he was murdered by Mark David Chapman, 8 December 1980
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Inside the mind of Mark David Chapman, killer
Mark David Chapman (born May 10, 1955) is an American prison inmate who murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980 https:/…
On this day 35 years ago, the world lost an icon when John Lennon was shot outside his New York home by Mark David Chapman. He was 40
CNN had special on Mark David Chapman was pretty good
i can't believe it's been thirty-five years since Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon in self-defense
The DARK WORLD ChroniclesXXX: Mark David Chapman, May your soul burn in *** for...
Mark David Chapman – Yet another Christian terrorist that robbed the world of greatness? // John Lennon shot - CBC
Today is December 8th, when the commemorates Mark David Chapman bravely standing his ground.
What is the name of John Lennon's murderer?. A. Lee Harvey Oswald. B. John Doe. C. Mark David Chapman. D. His murderer was not found
Today marks the 35th anniversary of the day George St. Geegland shouted "You don't have the guts!" in Mark David Chapman's face.
Today marks 35 years since was murdered by Mark David Chapman:
Mark David Chapman used handgun legally bought in Hawaii to kill John Lennon. Could that happen today?
Today marks the 35th anniversary of being gunned down by Mark David Chapman, thought he could have Lennon's fame by killing him
fakes kicks and real Wah Lum side Kung Fu kicks at the knee section of the left leg of Mr. Mark David Chapman, the
«Mamaaa, Just killed a man, Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's dead». —Mark David Chapman.
Ok is it me or does Mark David Chapman's wife look like Yoko Ono?
I bet Mark David Chapman is one of the reasons Americans hate Fat people
Rare photo: John Lennon attempted to use time machine to kill father of Mark David Chapman. Missed.
If it was up to he'd blame Palestinians for talking Mark David Chapman into shooting John Lennon.
nice going, Mark David Chapman. and also lung cancer
Still blows my mind that Roberts girlfriend is related to Mark David Chapman
Swing open a gull-wing door on Jack the Ripper or Mark David Chapman's face? Come on.
I wanted to be videotaped. Mark David Chapman
Why can't there be a Mark David Chapman for Kanye?
. Who is Mark David Chapman in this analogy?
'I'm a conservative voter and a big fan of Michael Gove'. Where's Mark David Chapman when you need him?
The Kardashians need their own Mark David Chapman, and they need him now.
I'm not sure that I need to take the unabomber's reading of Thoreau any more seriously than Mark David Chapman's of Salinger.
that Jim Jones article was crazy- linking him to the CIA and even Mark David Chapman. Totally believable.
another triumph of the podcasting art. Mark David Chapman shot Lennon. And an article about pizza pie
Morgan's glasses make look like an After pic of as Mark David Chapman
my biggest Jewish enemies: Mr. David Berkowitz and Mr. Mark David Chapman and Mr. James Most, who are what Mr. Kermit
Mark David Chapman was sent to stop Lennon from going too mad?. Dont believe me?. MArk David chapMAN. You figure it out, America
My 3yr old daughter claimed the other day that 'Mark David Chapman' by ...Trail Of Dead is one of her favourite songs
I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it's increasingly apparent that Lee Harvey Oswald did 9/11 with Sirhan Sirhan and Mark David Chapman.
I just heard a hard rock remake of John Lennon's Imagine. It was terrible. I hope Mark David Chapman gets out of prison and kills them too.
Important to note in this Tottenham/Beatles scenario, we’re talking breakup. So Daniel Levy is either Yoko or Mark David Chapman.
Yep, this is how I perceived scenario. Think of Levy as basically your Mark David Chapman stand-in
Not that I want them but what happen to all the psychos and murders like Charles Manson or Mark David Chapman?
Even Mark David Chapman is shaking his head somewhere.
If a crazed fan like a mark david chapman type comes to 1D concert tonight i will have to fight the urge to let him through lol
John Lennon giving Mark David Chapman his autograph. This pic is so sad and eerie. He left us way to early.
It all comes down to it that is the Mark David Chapman to John Lennon
We go down to Pete Mel to see what kind of equipment Mark David Chapman is using. Pete? "Looks like a standard .38 special."
Mark David Chapman still jerks off to pics of John Lennon. If he couldn't have him, no one could.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
In the limo on our way to the Friends Of Mark David Chapman luncheon at the golden corral
If I ever use auto-tune then I hope Mark David Chapman escapes from prison and puts me out of my misery.
Watching this documentary on mark David chapman, MDC is giving some big speech about how he's sorry and why he did it n stuff
There's a supes classy commenter on with a Mark David Chapman avatar and the username "AimingForYoko."
for example Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon 'because' of Catcher In The Rye. But was he right? Balanced folks don't...
Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon and Mark David Chapman said he heard voices…..
Exactly 20 years after John Lennon sold his soul to the devil, he was murdered by a man named Mark David Chapman.
not a good day to wear your Mark David Chapman lapel pin.
Like Mark David Chapman. He read Catcher in the Rye and got a different meaning out of it then I did. Or Ted Kaczynski and The Secret Agent
I am still creeped out by Leto's performance as Mark David Chapman, which makes me wonder what kind of direction...
"He'd gotten so boring that if Mark David Chapman hadn't of shot him, Yoko Ono would have" new show
Mark David Chapman carried around a bible, Beatles Album & Catcher in The Rye, & he was deranged, this happens too.
Jared Leto semua watak dia pegang semua extreme like the one when he became mark david chapman in chapter 27
I noticed that jim jones and mark david chapman looked alike as well
Am I the only one getting the Mark David Chapman vibe from in
Update your maps at Navteq
The man got gout in pursuit of playing Mark David Chapman. That's humor of a level I can't make up.
Mark David Chapman may be a homicidal maniac, but he know good literature when he reads it
one time I went backstage to say "great show" to yr husband & you scared me off by looking at me like I was Mark David Chapman
Those glasses of course are from the Mark David Chapman collection
you're lucky it wasn't someone with conviction like Mark David Chapman
Don't talk, instead walk the walk! Fine time - AT LAST - to show deep committed forgiveness and FREE Mark David Chapman!!!
The man who shot John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, appeared in the last photo taken of the musician.
Can U find it in your heart 2 forgive Mark David Chapman? Mentally ill need help & treatment not perennial incarceration, shunning
Watch it, I might turn Mark David Chapman or Yolanda Saldívar on you.
He Put on lots of weight for a film to play Mark David Chapman who killed
read somewhere that Mark David Chapman was reading that book before he killed John Lennon
I'm a music fan. I like good performers. But obsessive fandom . it's abnormal. Ever heard of Mark David Chapman?
LeBron James might be a bigger *** than Mark David Chapman. It's close.
Chick fila's menu has less variety than the reading list for Mark David Chapman's book club.
you assume that I'm ignorant & I care. Wrong on both counts. Leave me alone unless you'll help me free Mark David Chapman
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. Beatles. Mark David Chapman should've been released from prison a long time ago. You can't kill Jon Lemons twice. Beatles
Prepare to hate The Beatles so much you'll thank Yoko for splitting em up and Mark David Chapman for killing John. http:…
Almost all of those assassins had three names:John Wilkes Booth, Mark David Chapman,Lee Harvey Oswald.But the worst was Sirhan Sirhan.
They would defend the Son of Sam, Mark David Chapman, and John Hinckley Jr. keeping their guns
rumor has it that Mark David Chapman --prior to his infamous assassination of John Lennon- sold merch at Rolling Stones shows.
Tsarnaev deserves the death penalty. As do Charles Manson, Mark David Chapman, and other cold-blooded murderers.
And yet, we can tolerate the hearings for Mark David Chapman the person who killed John Lennon who is STILL in prison?
Let's examine why more people hate Yoko Ono than Mark David Chapman. Hint: it rhymes with shmexism. (Great read!)
So crazy that on the day he killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman was carrying a copy of "how to kill famous members of …
If it wasn't for the fact he's in prison, Mark David Chapman could help America reclaim it's heritage by going for the "O"...
Watching a show on 4Music about super fans and getting a serious Mark David Chapman vibe from about 80% of these people.
Wou niets liever dan dit zien in New York! Imagine no Mark David Chapman
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