Mark Cuban & Shark Tank

Mark Cuban (born July 31, 1958) is an American business magnate and investor with a background in the computing and software industries. Shark Tank is an American reality TV show which premiered on ABC television in August 2009. The series is based on the Sony Pictures Television International format Dragons' Den and features a panel of five wealthy investors called Sharks who consider offers from entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business or product. 5.0/5

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A-Rod, Mark Cuban and the Gronkowski brothers made for a great episode of Shark Tank
via Alex Rodriguez, Mark Cuban and the Gronkowski Brothers Made for Great TV on Shark Ta… https:…
You heard it from Mark Cuban himself, folks: "Feel free to pirate Shark Tank all you want." -AEL
Mark Cuban can't beat me at anything. He is one of many on Shark Tank and Apprentice has been a much,…
Met Hanna Lim from Lollaland. She pitched on Shark Tank & received an investment from Mark Cuban. Nice to have a ch…
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I liked a video Shark Tank - "MARK CUBAN Goes OFF on Dumb Business Owners"
Mr Wonderful & Mark Cuban from Shark Tank going at it on FOX News 😂
A big thank you to Shark Tank star Mark Cuban and the Executive Leadership teams at Texas Instruments, FedEx and...
'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban has been a part of 41 televised group deals totaling $15.7 million htt…
Let's send Mark Cuban on shark Tank A message!. when you disrespect .You disrespect
(Daily Mail) Cuban calls a 'jagoff' and boasts that Shark Tank 'kicked The..
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Will billionaire Mark Cuban jump the Shark Tank? Cuban says he's open to a VP invite
Best ending to a Shark Tank pitch ever. Mark Cuban bringing 🔥 and Mr. Wonderful dropping the F 💣.
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Honestly why isn't Mark Cuban running for president, like he loves wasting money!! Have you seen shark tank ?
Mark Cuban, Chris Sacca vs Paul Graham over 'Shark Tank' - Business Insider see more
Inc: The 'Shark Tank' offer Mark Cuban never thought he would make ahhensel via Inc
Episode 67: What happens between the deals on 'Shark Tank'? Rebecca Jarvis gets the inside scoop from Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin
[on Shark Tank]. Me: It's like a shirt, but for your legs. Mark Cuban: You mean pants?. Me: $1,000,000 for 2% of my company.
Check out the 'Shark Tank' spoof Mark Cuban sent us that replaces every judge with
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
[Inventor of space bar on shark tank]. Mark Cuban: so you made a bar in space?. Me: well it actually just puts spaces betwe…
Mark Cuban just sent us this hilarious "Shark Tank" spoof called "Mark Tank"
A condition of DeAndre Jordan's deal with the Mavs is Mark Cuban had to get him Daymond John's seat on Shark Tank.
Meet the Latest Startup to Catch Mark Cuban's Eye: Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is pa...
True: I love watching Shark Tank. Here's some advice from Mark Cuban.
Random idea: "RT Mark Cuban negotiated a new 'Shark Tank' deal with Sony entire..." see more at
What happens when a alum takes on Mark Cuban and Shark Tank?
Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and co-star of Shark Tank, is joining the fight for in
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban (says this was the "worst pitch ever" on Shark Tank.
Texas billionaire and Shark Tank television show celebrity Mark Cuban will emcee Impact Pediatric Health at SXSW…
[Shark Tank]. Sharks, I'm here to present the Robutt: The world's 1st robotic butt. *Mark Cuban leans forward in his cha…
“Mark Cuban for... president? Shark Tank's Cuban set to play president of U.S. in 'Sharknado 3'.
“Out of the "Shark Tank" and into the "Sharknado": IU alumnus Mark Cuban will play the U.S. president in 3rd film." Classic
Love Shark Tank? Check out Mark Cuban's 12 rules for start ups (infographic)
I watch Shark Tank solely because of Mark Cuban
Just watched an episode of Shark Tank where Mark Cuban made fun of someone's French accent and then turned down their offer.
"PlateTopper" is an airtight plate cover and was on Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 8. Mark Cuban gave an interview that it was the longest deal in Shark Tank hi...
"Here's why Mark Cuban's historic 'Shark Tank' deal to buy a company outright never went through
"Mark Cuban may be psychic. He predicted the dotcom burst & sold his Yahoo shares at $163 instead of $8.11 per share”
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Sony hack: Mark Cuban threatened to leave 'Shark Tank' in sal
Sony emails reveal Mark Cuban's anger over his 'Shark Tank' compensation talks: 'beyond an insult'
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Shark Tank is coming to the Minority Chamber of Commerce Miami! Miami, Florida. November 26, 2014. The Minority Chamber of Commerce hosts the TV reality show, “Shark Tank”,from ABC, perfecting their pitch while attracting investors, local entrepreneurs will present business plans to the panel composed of well-known billionaire Mark Cuban, owner and chairman of AXS TV and outspoken owner of the 2011 NBA championship Dallas Mavericks; real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; "Queen of QVC" Lori Greiner; technology innovator Robert Herjavec; fashion and branding expert Daymond John; and venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary. The “Shark Tank” will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 from 10:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M. at the Double Tree Miami Airport located at 711 NW 72 Avenue in Miami Dade, Florida. The event is not open to the public. “The Minority Chamber of Commerce is always bringing opportunities for our members and the community as Shark Tank the most popular reali ...
TCU MBA Bryan Redd proves you don't have to go on Shark Tank to get Mark Cuban's attention.
Mark Cuban sat down at TechCrunch Disrupt SF today to talk privacy and founding businesses. However, from Shark Tank to his own investment firm, Mr. Cuban, is..
check me out on Friday Night on Cristela, right before Shark Tank !
How to impress people on Shark Tank
How to impress Mark Cuban and company on Shark Tank
Mark Cuban pulls a juggling act on 'Cristela' and 'Shark Tank' - (blog)
Had a blast doing this Shark Tank Commercial - Mark Cuban - a shark on a mission - on CNBC:
If I was on Shark Tank I would walk right to Mark Cuban and tell him I have the best investment opportunity since Avion Tequila
I will be on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban will make me a very high offer to be my business partner.
On Friday nights, I go on dates with Mark Cuban. By that... I mean I sit in front of my TV watching Shark Tank.
Startups: Feel like swimming? ABC primetime series “Shark Tank” — the show that pits entrepreneurs against a panel of investor “sharks” such as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — is looking for fish.
I think we need to encourage people to first ask Mark Cuban et al for money on "Shark Tank" before launching their Kickstarters.
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban sits down with Inc.'s Eric Schurenberg to talk about his early struggles and biggest successes, Donald Sterling and Shark Tank--and offers frank advice for other business owners.
Shark Tank just isnt the same without Mark Cuban
I just had the honor of being interviewed by a high-school senior! His assignment was to interview someone extradordinary for his leadership class. His first choice of person to interview was Mark Cuban [Shark Tank, NBA owner, serial entrepreneur, etc.) but that didn't work out and I was his second choice! :) His questions were thoughtful and well-worded. So cool!
'Shark Tank' investor reveals Mark Cuban's strategy on the show and the real drama behind the scenes.
Mark Cuban needs little introduction. Serial entrepreneur, shark on ABC's Shark Tank, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, he sat down with Jason to talk about how...
Just because he stars on "Shark Tank" doesn't mean Mark Cuban lacks a soft side. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks recently made Monica and Leroy Wi...
LMAO MT Mark Cuban is way more prejudice against white women running up on the street with a "billion dollar Shark Tank idea"
I want a t-shirt with Mark Cuban's face on it saying "We're all bigots!" That's it, I'm going on Shark Tank with my idea.
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never been shy with emotions or opinions, whether sitting courtside in a t-shirt at his team's games or as a judge on the show 'Shark Tank'. Now, at a time when the NBA is...
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke at Inc. Magazine's GROWCO 2014 event in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday afternoon. The multi-billionaire investor and star of ABC's 'Shark Tank' weighed in once again on the situation surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Mark Cuban reveals his weaknesses, startup failures, and what it's really like on 'Shark Tank'
From bikes to beauty to healthy bites, check out Mark Cuban's top-picks from Shark Tank more on the blog
From - Mark Cuban of 'Shark Tank' to start Indianapolis 500 car race: Mark Cuban of 'Sha...
Shark Tank's Mark Cuban talks about the areas of technology that are exciting him the most.
Easily charge your personal electronics with the amazing products from Power Practical. Their innovative devices harness heat to power your electronic devices while simultaneously cooking a meal in a lightweight pot. Selected on reality show "Shark Tank" by entrepreneur Mark Cuban, this unique brand…
It's time to put your game face on. Perfect for amping team spirit, this brand's temporary transfers adhere to your face and peel off when you're done. Their design uses a lightweight fabric that's breathable and free from messy paints. After winning the investment from "Shark Tank"'s Mark Cuban, Ga…
If you're looking to make an appearance on Shark Tank, here's a free tip: Mark Cuban loves a good conspiracy theory.Cuban has reigned as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks since 2000. During that time, Cuban has been one of, if not the most, vocal owners in the league. His gripes usually involve the…
BIG NEWS: Mark Cuban - owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and star investor on ABC's Shark Tank - is now part-owner of The Great Bull Run! This means some big changes are in the works: (1) We're increasing the number of bulls in each run from 12 to 18; (2) The bulls...
Going to the "Indy 500" races this weekend will not only fun again but I just learned that Mark Cuban will be starter. Mark, from "Shark Tank" and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, etc. also happens to have not only the same Alma mater, but is born in the same city my dad is from. (Now if he only get that cigar out of his mouth, lol)! Plus the weather won't be so humid like usually. I hope noone gets hurt this time and perhaps I get to sit in Mario Andretti Sr's car again, which was a bit weird, as I felt like sitting on the ground. I have a photo of it somewhere. He doesn't race anymore but his son does. I hope some of you will watch the opening and/or race.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Dallas Mavericks owner and "Shark Tank" reality star Mark Cuban will serve as the honorary starter of this year's Indianapolis 500.
Shark Tank episodes without Mark Cuban just aren't right...
Mark Cuban joined his Shark Tank costar Kevin O'Leary on stage at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night to introduce Florida George Line's musical performance.
At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on May 18, it was bound to happen that someone would make a joke about Solange's attack on Jay Z, and 'Shark Tank' stars Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary each took a ...
OK I know I passed 30 decades ago but I rarely refer to myself as old. We just saw on the Shark Tank fan page that two of the sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful, would be two of the presenters on the Billboard Music Awards program. So we decided to watch it. So far we saw someone named Pit Bull (?) who I absolutely could not figure out at all. Bernard said he needed to take music lessons. We will flip between this and Anthony Bourdain from 8-9 and the Investigation GM on CNBC from 9-10. I feel like I will be shaking my head through the entire show. Since I do not have children I don't keep up with this stuff. Where are the message songs that actually say something of value?
Hello everyone, I am a brand ambassador for start-up called Packback, we have recently been on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban invested in us $250k. Are you saving money to get away, to visit your friends, to travel the world? If you are missing couple hundred bucks what better way to make them than sell your textbooks. Go to this link and get FREE SHIPPING:
ABC - "Shark Tank" - Gee, I bet Mark Cuban's had a busy week. (He's an NBA owner.) CBS - "Unforgettable" - Maybe the first round of the NBA playoffs, but the rest of it? I can't wait to forget. DISCOVERY - "Wild West Alaska" - Now that Alaska's got the new "Slednecks" show, I recommend changing this to "Alaska Gone Wild." HISTORY - "American Pickers" - The guys find some skis for a Model T Ford. It makes you wonder why cars on skis didn't catch on? HGTV - "House Hunters International" - A Southern California billionaire begins looking for countries where they never heard of the NBA. FOX - "Kitchen Nightmares" - The team descends on a family kitchen in Iowa that has run out of paper towels. CBS - "Hawaii Five-O" - It's Friday. That's our trip to Hawaii right there.
oddly enough Mark Cuban has used that same "constitution" quote responding to Ukraine situation and on Shark Tank
Zoobean enters the Shark Tank and catches a check from business mogul Mark Cuban
I have to keep reminding myself that just because Mark Cuban is my favorite on Shark Tank doesn't mean I'm supposed to cheer for the Mavs.
I'm watching the Shark Tank today and I love Mark Cuban BECAUSE he sees what he want's and he's goes for it. This brilliant guy cuts through the chase. He says what he wants,he goes for it. He pays more than it's worth at the time because he sees the value. And look at his portfolio. Rather than nickle and dime people, he goes for the win. I know sports. I know business. Mark Cuban has a high win percentage as he knows what's up.
"There is NO ONE that's not gonna take my call." - Mark Cuban, Shark Tank
Many congratulations to my friend Corey Egan who got a deal with Mark Cuban on "Shark Tank" last night for an awesome idea. That's big time, brother!
Congratulations to DC based Zoobean for getting a funding offer on last nights episode of Shark Tank! Mark Cuban made the offer accepted.
“Tact,” said the former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, “is the ability to tell someone to go to *** in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” In which case Mark Cuban is something of a smiling assassin on TV’s Shark Tank - striking equal measures of both terror [...]
Mark Cuban, 'Shark Tank' regular, accuses Silicon Valley of going Hollywood via
Mark Cuban: How businesses can learn from 'Shark Tank' via
Mark Cuban, 'Shark Tank' regular, accuses of going Hollywood via
Mark Cuban from Shark Tank looks like an older version of Gren , who agrees?
Tomorrow's Coaching Call is going to be a HOME RUN event. Check out these quotes regarding our guest Phil Black and his product/appearance on Shark Tank. GET ON THE CALL! Invite your Realtor partners as it's going to be GOOD. Mark Cuban: "You've done a great job to sell $4M of FitDecks. This is amazing." (Note: Phil has since struck a deal with Cuban to produce a series for the Dallas Mavericks) Robert Herjavec: "How old are you, 58? When did you have time to do all of this?" Lori Greiner: "I think you're amazing. I love your passion. I like the simplicity of the cards." Daymond John: "I want to do a deal with you so I can get a financial advisor, professor, bodyguard, and personal trainer all in one." Kevin O'Leary: "Phil, your resume is impressive. Perhaps the best we've ever seen on Shark Tank - and I'm not kidding." Kevin O'Leary: "I'm giving you a free pass to come back through the doors with a new idea."
"Shark Tank," "Dancing With the Stars," Mavericks fans, this is for you. Mark Cuban. March 6. Chicago.
Not gonna lie watching Shark Tank makes me wish I could sell 25% of Elite Empire to Mark Cuban right now...
Quote of the day "Follow you effort, Know your passion." -Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavs and the Shark on Shark Tank
Shark Tank... Mark Cuban there is just something about that man, maybe it's the millions!? Lol ;)
Shark Tank on love it! Mark Cuban is so intelligent to create deals, now I understand why he has a lot of money!!
I had a dream the other night that I was a contestant on that show, "Shark Tank". You know the one, where people sell portions of equity of a company to rich entrepreneur types. Anyway, I offered 25% of my photography company for $10,000. They scoffed at me and said, "WHAT IF YOU DIE?! THAT'S $10,000 DOWN THE DRAIN. I CAN'T INVEST IN AN INDIVIDUAL!" Then Mark Cuban told me my photos weren't even that good. What a jerk.
When you try to please everyone, then noone is pleased... Mark Cuban.Shark Tank
Does it come with season tickets, he asks Mark Cuban. Mark says , " yes ". The guy says, " Then you got a deal "...!! I love the Shark Tank. FYI , The Secret Philanthropist 9311
Mark Cuban has written 12 Rules for Startups      He’s my favorite Shark on Shark Tank so why would I so strongly disagree with the billionaire owner of Landmark Theatres and the Dallas Mavericks?    I agree with his Rule No. 1, which is the basis for any successful business.  But Rule No. 2 is where we take part company.   Rule 1-“Don't start a company unless it's an obsession and something you love.”    YES! YES!   Rule 2-“If you have an exit strategy, it's not an obsession.”  NOT SO!    I actually agree with Mark Cuban’s sentiment about exit strategies, because depending upon motives and how it is set up and written, the strategy to exit can be about preparing for the breakup by having one foot out the door.  Nevertheless, Mr. Cuban (you are my favorite Shark), in my experience as Rescuer of business partnership relationships, it is important to have an exit strategy from the very beginning.    The exit strategy I refer to is to be crafted within the context of love and obs ...
Vitamin Blue, Inc. (VTMB) Receives Additional Orders From a Company Owned by Mark Cuban and Featured on Shark Tank
“With every effort, I learned a lot. With every mistake and failure, not only mine, but of those around me, I learned what not to do. I also got to study the success of those I did business with as well. I had more than a healthy dose of fear, and an unlimited amount of hope, and more importantly, no limit on time and effort.” – Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, and Magnolia Pictures, and the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV. And one of the investors on Shark Tank.) What advice can you give to an individual who’s afraid of making mistakes?
*goes on Shark Tank". Hello sharks, today I have lip-balm in the shape of the president. It's called Barack O'Balm'a. . *Mark Cuban cries*
Mark Cuban reveals the best and worst "Shark Tank" pitches and more
I'm watching this show Shark Tank on ABC and Mark Cuban just offered to dunk the guy in a tank full of sharks AND THE GUY…
Watching this weeks episode of "the Shark Tank" I cannot believe Blue Diamond got passed over for a couple who invested 100K into their business of creating a small stuffed animal Elephant that costs $22.00 to make and they thought the could sell it for $69.00 Retail for the purpose of saving adult relationships. When the always smiling, good natured, Lori Grenier is even doing the Mark Cuban eye roll, you know its bad.
I have to admit it. I have a weirdo fan girl crush on Mark Cuban. He makes me love Shark Tank more than I should.
I bet you didn’t know anything about billionaire Mark Cuban other than his appearances on “Shark Tank.” You may know that he owns the Mavericks, and turned the NBA team from losers to winners. But besides that, you may not know that the feds have been after him since 2008. He had been accused of […]
I really want to not like Mark Cuban. Taunts Blazer fans at games. But watching Shark Tank he is really hard not to like.
I watched Shark Tank where Breathometer's CEO Charles Michael Yim walked away with a million in investment. Thing is he gave up 30% of his company to get that (and didn't even try to negotiate -- lesson there, always try to negotiate a better deal, even if you really want the deal to happen). By the way, my friend Scott Jordan tells me they actually take more equity than that simply for appearing on the show, so Breathometer might have given up about half of the company for a million dollars and the PR for being on the show. Pretty darn expensive! But takes me back to when Bill Gross was willing to invest in a company I was thinking of starting. He was asking just about the same. I chickened out at the last minute, so kudos on Charles for going for it! What does Breathometer do? Makes an alcohol sensor for your iPhone which sells for $49. Why did Mark Cuban like it? Turns out he's a sucker for sensors! (me too!) Of course, I was one of the first to see Breathometer. Rocky and I tried it out at CES back in ...
Digital health made an appearance on Shark Tank tonight and got treated like the ultimate piece of chum. You would think that a couple of high-tech doctors offering the future of mobile technology in healthcare would just blow away the likes of Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, right?Instead, the invest...
So, I'm watching Shark Tank on ABC. Billy Banks Jr. Is trying to get a deal with his exercise program. Daymond John and Mark Cuban offered him $100,000 and a 50% stake in his company. They are going to present it to Zumba who has 12 MILLION followers. This fool turned them down! What part of 12 MILLION followers who were going to do his exercise routine didn't he get! DUH! Daymond went after him and explained to B.B. Jr.'s wife the deal. You best believe SHE understood the deal! Lol. BTW, they made the deal!
You GO Mark Cuban ;-+ You were AWESOME on the Jeff Probst show.Ignore StuPiD. See you Shark Tank with HoLARoSie! Susie ;-+
I love watching Mark Cuban on Shark Tank! His business savy is sexy ,
2 new books,one by Barbara Corcoran whom u may know from Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and another on the…
Watching my favorite show, Shark Tank! One hour to look at the one and only handsome Mark Cuban!
This morning the New York Times reported an interesting piece of information about Shark Tank, the popular ABC show where business owners pitch their companies to a group of high-profile investors, including billionaire Mark Cuban. Just for appearing on…
I'm a faithful fan of Shark Tank...this show makes my entrepreneur mindset feel like it's on a treadmill.
They're cutting up early on Shark Tank tonight.
Who is your favorite business investor VC on Dragons' Den and Shark Tank? I like that both Arlene Dickinson and Robert Herjavec have offices here in Toronto!
My new favorite show, now that I'm back on BASIC CABLE again, is Shark Tank. Now if I could just get Mark Cuban to buy my pug catapult.
*If* I got to be on Shark Tank, I would want to partner with Mark Cuban. BUT... I don't think I would get any work done! ;)
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I was just talking about this when I was watching Shark Tank and they had the lady with kids shampoo and Mark Cuban was saying his kiddo had. Crazy seeing this from so long ago. Thanks Marcella!
50 Qualities Of A Successful Leader From Mark Cuban, Daymond John And Members Of Shark Tank MAY 25, 2013 0 COMMENTS My favorite television show is Shark Tank. Featuring successful entrepreneurs Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner, aspiring entrepreneurs make pitches in hopes of gaining partnerships and funding that will allow them to make their dreams come true. The following are 50 qualities of a successful leader gained from Friday evening’s two episodes. Each entrepreneur is listed along with their product. Then, leadership insights and principles are provided by the sharks. Drew Beaumier, Drive Suits Uniqueness – “What is unique? What can’t be copied?” – Herjavec Focus – “Do you want to be a circus performer or do you want to sell 500,000 units? – O’Leary Personal Motivation – “I’m not trying to make friends. I’m trying to make money. Be one with the dollar.” – O’Leary David A. Cox, PC Classes Online C ...
Gordon and I watched Shark Tank for the first time tonight. We both really enjoyed it. Mark Cuban may act tough but he has a good heart.
We love our new business partners Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban!! We have amazing things in the works and are so excited about our Shark Tank debut!!
Congratulations to our Stella Valle girls, Ashley and Paige, for their successful appearance on the Shark Tank tonight! It was good enough for Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban and they made a deal! Come get their jewelry at Jia! Here's a shot of Lori in her Stella Valle!
One hour left to the two hour season finale of Shark Tank, with Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Robert, Barbara and the wonderful Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O'Leary. I have never missed an episode and I look forward to the laughter, as the sharks stir up the tank. Patiently waiting!! No interruptions please.
Common mistake entrepreneurs make. Any guesses? Mark Cuban will tell you...
"Mark Cuban loves the food businesses huh" -mom watching Shark Tank
What I demand from you Mark Cuban; 1: Season tickets (preferably floor seats, half court.) 2: Get me on Shark Tank. Make it happen!!
I appreciate Mark Cuban. He is hilarious to me on shark tank lol
dam right shark tank is the best show! Mark Cuban is the man! I would go into business with him in a second.
Come on, Mark Cuban, let me pitch my beer dispensing sex robot on Shark Tank.
I would like to see Mark Cuban and that FUBU black guy in shark tank...not meet them I mean actually see them in a shark tank
Mna i have a very good 2 days here first jodon gets a call out of nowwhere from disxovery and then he got a email from Mark Cuban and told jodon he was going to be a shark on Nbc on the Shark tank and *** cool is this. He gets paid a little bit but well do it for free.
Mark Cuban has such an ego. Watching Shark Tank and he didn't get the attention he wanted and turned into a 2 year old. He's from Pittsburgh so I want to like him but he's just a little too obnoxious.
I love Shark Tank, but mainly I just love Mark Cuban 😍
Feeling like Mark Cuban in da shark tank rite now.
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Friday suggested the Los Angeles Lakers should amnesty Kobe Bryant in the off-season.
"Hello, welcome to Shark Tank." "Hi. May I present to you...the Morgan Freeman fart collection." Mark Cuban: "YES."
Mark Cuban admitted the Mavs didn't truly want Deron & that Shark Tank was his excuse to ditch the pitch. Sharp dude.
The sharks are hungry, and it's that time of the week again. Are you ready for a dip in the Shark Tank tonight at 9|8c on ABC?
Watching the View...they have Mark Cuban and Daymon John (Fubu) I love hearing them talk about how they made their millions.and I love Shark Tank!
Mark Cuban and the Shark Tank crew on the View!! Love them!!
I love Mark Cuban, but.come on, man! He says he doesn't regret not re-signing Tyson Chandler, which is a lie. Then he says he doesn't regret missing the trip to New Jersey to meet with Darren Williams so he could shoot an episode of Shark Tank. So your team is 24-29 and you don't regret signing players that could have significantly improved your team? Just admit you were wrong, man. For the fans.
Might have to watch Shark Tank with Mark Cuban tonight. The wife of Craig Miller of The Ticket is going to be making a pitch.
Props to Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec for doing this Shark Tank deal. Investors need to think about lifetime value of the entrepreneurs they invest in. Even if the first investment is not a financial success, good entrepreneurs will try & try again - and good relationships with their investors will give those early investors access to great future opportunities. With this investment the Sharks have recognised both the current project opportunity and the forward relationship value with entrepreneurs who aren't even in college yet. Well played.
Set your DVR's for The View tomorrow morning - Mark Lim '97 & Hanna Lim '98 will be appearing as a follow up to Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, and Daymond John.
LOVE "Shark Tank!!" Will definitely be watching for them tomorrow on "The View." (Did anyone out there see last week's S.T. when 6 youngsters who created a new steering wheel to save teen drivers were given $1,000,000 by Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban?? It was phenomenal!)
Wow Mark Cuban was an awesome interview yesterday on Howard. Things learned: He bought a $ 90,000 bottle of champagne after the Mavs won the championship He paid $125,000 for the American Airlines Lifetime pass way back when He sold his Yahoo stock just before it tanked and made a mint The show Shark Tank is doing better in the ratings than the Apprentice He's a lucky MF. That's a direct quote from Mark. All in all Mark was very interesting to listen to.
Mark Cuban talks about his great life & takes inventions ideas from show staff. Check out his show Shark Tank on ABC.
My older brother Trevor Benson called me this morning with crazy news: He was watching Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, and apparently my "Cowboy Coffee" invention that I had a Provisional Patent on back 2009 is now out there and is called Grinds. They are now making millions...I deciding not to continue with the product development because I lost confidence and interest. Now of course, I'm wishing I would have had the balls to stick with it. Props to those guys that made this stuff!!!
While I'm not a fan of Shark Tank, I'd like to see the look on Mark Cuban's face if Gilbert Godfried walked out asking for $1M to fund his dream invention, the waterless urinal.
Hello, new (slightly but not really) guilty pleasure: Shark Tank! Just watched the one with Mark Cuban as the guest shark. Total fun from start to finish.
I wish there was an entrepreneur book by the investors on shark tank. Anyone know Mark Cuban or Daymond John??
Mark Cuban why do you get on that stupid Shark Tank show and take accolades for being an Entrepreneur for the Mavericks? Why not take the whole ball of wax. Do you think all old people don't remember seeing your autobiography. And why does the Fubu guy always say nO. Move on get someone else. Is he there for the word NO? By the way I am totally unimpressed with that dumb show. I am glad for the people who like it tho. It just pisses me off. Since that show began it is obvious it has gotten to your heads. Step down remember you were once the nerdy guy. You all want something for doing nothing while some of the folks need some real help. Put your money where it is supposed to be. Braggarts. Go to bed! You are all grounded.
The entrepreneurs from Shark Tank (minus Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran) are at the Winter Tour. Best reality show on television!
★ What business trends do the Sharks on Shark Tank see for 2013? Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John,...
Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban is a bit of a maverick himself and is also a member of ABC-TV's Shark Tank along with being a spokesman for Skechers sneakers; the high profile NBA team owner had a thread on Reddit where he promised to answer any question and when the topic came to smartphones, Cu...
Kickstarter Update -- We'd be lying if we said there was hope in hitting the goal. Definitely the timing was not the best... we should have had this up and running the night Shark Tank aired. We're getting the message that this is not the way the majority of our fans want show support, and that's totally OK. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Too bad that "this will go down on our permanent record..." just like the Violent Femmes said. We thought we had a chance when Find Me Gluten Free approached us to put in $20-30k, but they wanted 10-15% of the business in exchange. That's even WORSE than Mark Cuban's offer. No worries. We received a training grant to help defray costs of new hires from the State of Vermont. And there's a Vermont Flexible Capital Fund that does "high risk lending" (i.e. no collateral attached) to socially responsible businsess. We're in the process of getting approved for that program now. You guys know that nothing stops us. Raising money is just a hurdle, and it doesn't make a grea . ...
Billionaire/Mavs Owner/ ‘Shark Tank’ star Mark Cuban hosts TMZ today. Says he only carries about $200 in cash on him... & then proves it!
Shark Tank Blog is about the Most Successful Shark Tank Contestants. The most successful ideas, product's and service's seen by the Sharks with a net worth in the Billions. Get on the Shark Tank and pitch your business opportunity to Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Gr...
So excited for Scotty Claus and The Living Christmas Company! What a great presentation on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban invested! Can't wait to see where they can take this wonderful and SUSTAINABLE business!!! Great job Scotty!
What do Mayor Cory Booker, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and Shark Tank's Mark Cuban have in common?
To whom it may concern, if you plan on pitching Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban a business idea via his show Shark Tank, don’t show up wearing a Lakers jersey. Cuban’s distaste for the team is we...
We watched the show Shark Tank a bit ago. Arrived home from a movie and Walmart with Lindsey and flipped through the channels and came across the show. Lindsey says Charles oh, keep it here, this show is awesome. I never heard of it before, don't watch much television these days, can't ya tell? So we watched it and I was impressed. The only person I recognized was Mark Cuban, I like the concept overall about the show, and Lindsey has really good taste in shows, great judgment by her. It's feels good not to have to talk about the law with her for one night anyway, we can forget about Law School for one night, then back to the grind come Monday.
Unikey Technologies, a company made known by ABC's Shark Tank for technology that turns your smartphone into a universal door key, has raised $1.1 million according to an SEC filing. The amount appears to be in addition to a $500,000 equity stake raised from Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary..
Love the lock deal on Shark Tank with my fav guy Mark Cuban.
We need to get Bob Nutting on Shark tank to sell the Pirates to Mark Cuban
How cool is this?! Steve Gadlin from ABC's Shark Tank who claimed an investment from Mark Cuban for his business I Want To Draw a Cat For You! is offering an amazing deal on! Usually these are $9.95, but on you can snag this deal for only $5 including shipping! Steve personally hand-draws each one of them, and he'll customize it to what YOU want it to say, just check out his work for examples and buy one for yourself and for a few family members and friends! So cute and what an awesome deal, a must have for sure!! Deal link:
I constantly think of ways I can get on Shark Tank. Maybe Dave can be a Mark Cuban-esque shark and invest in me. :-)
Would you ever in a million years turn down Mark Cuban on Shark Tank? This young chap did.
Watched an interview with Mark Cuban,a star on Shark Tank plus a billionaire, sports team owner..etc.. He said the rich people should pay more taxes. And he is voting for Obama again! I think that is really the BIG difference between these two candidates.. Obama will raise taxes on the 1%, the Billionaires (like Romney).. and pay down our debt, and Romney will not. Ask Teddy Roosevelt.. oh, well, ask his spirit then .. :-)
1. What is it like being on Shark Tank? 2. What would be your most profitable investment to date? 3. How will the Mavs do this season? 4. Is Kevin O'L...
We talked to of why we turned down Mark Cuban on "Shark Tank"…
if you're looking where everyone else is looking you're looking in the wrong place. - Mark Cuban | Shark tank
Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, "Everyone needs their nuts sterilized." I see what you did there Mark...
We will have an update on Shark Tank tonight to see "where we are" since our investment from Mark Cuban! Check it out tonight, let me know what you think!!
I cant believe on Shark Tank cats only be asking for 50k & giving up crazy %'s.. I need that 1.5 all day!!!.. Mark Cuban come holla at me!!!.. lol..
Nelson of Eastman. Have an internal Shark Tank. Pitch new ideas to senior management. Who plays Mark Cuban?
After watching 5 seasons of Shark Tank, I believe Mark Cuban can become a great President.
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Mark Cuban just verbally slapped Kevin Oleary on Shark Tank. Owned
"The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make is trying to do too much too soon, and that's why they go out of business" -Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) Been running my business this way for years, glad to know the Sharks agree :)
I HAVE TO SAY IT. Shark Tank is the best show EVER. And either Robert Herajavek or Mark Cuban should be president. End of story.
"When you try to please everybody, you'll end up pleasing nobody " - Mark Cuban (Shark Tank Season 2 Ep 2)
Don't follow your dreams, follow your effort. -Mark Cuban owner of the Maveriks, and star of Shark Tank. (on the Jeff Probst Show about how to get ahead.)
Dang, this season of Shark Tank, episode 3, Mark Cuban was a *** to the cookie couple
Shark Tank... Since when is being a hustler (to start) a bad thing? That should be admired! If you don't have hustle then you won't follow through... This Hustle Knocking on shark tank and Mark Cuban bashing every health thing is iffy... Hustle & Health are two of the most undervalued assets an entrepreneur has starting out.
Don't forget to watch Shark Tank tonight. I love that show! Who's your favorite shark? Mine is Mark Cuban.
You might all know Mark Cuban as the flamboyant, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks. You see all these great qualities in full effect during Shark Tank where Cuban constantly battles Kevin O’Leary as the most critical and harsh of the all Sharks. Cuban started out his career by launching a com...
How about Shark Tank? Can we talk about Shark Tank? MT DWill: "Don't even ask me about Mark Cuban or Dallas."
My favorite shark from ABC's "Shark Tank", Mark Cuban, is actually a pretty good author. That is all. Carry on.
was absent because he was in Cali doing something for his TV show, "Shark Tank." D-Will met with coach Rick Carlisle and GM Donnie Nelson, but Cuban's absence ultimately hurt Mavs chances of ...
Bob Nutting should go on Shark Tank and beg Mark Cuban to buy the Pirates
Why is the dude who ownes Fubu still on Shark Tank? I get why Mark Cuban is on the show, but I don't get why Damon is on the show.
Can't wait to watch Shark Tank tonight!! Mark Cuban always let's you know if your business is credible or bologna.
"You don't need to be better than anyone else ... you just need to be the best version of yourself." Leela Somaya in response to her son, Vijay, when he was comparing himself to Mark Cuban of Shark Tank.
Why is Mark Cuban doing so many commercials? Is he going broke from his "Shark Tank" investments??
“It’s great to see the American dream is alive and well,” says “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban. “I love, love, love being able to participate.”
Does anyone have a contact over at ABC Studios? Trying to reach Mark Cuban from 'Shark Tank'.Thanks!!!
You don't have to go on Shark Tank to catch the eye of a major league angel investor. Here's how one entrepreneur got funding by just sending an...
Mark Cuban from Shark Tank and not from any other business he's known for.
Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, call me. (Rescue me from debt)
An entrepreneur has a special presentation for the sharks. Watch full episodes of Shark Tank at
G+: This is what it's all about! (The Email That Snagged an Investment from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban)
Your mom snagged an Investment from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban
The first couple on "Shark Tank" tonight deserved a better outcome. When they came back with only 20% equity for Mark Cuban, I knew he would say no. He wanted 33%, so he said no. I feel bad for the couple, but they're fighters...they'll make it.
New plan. Commit to one of my ideas. Get patent or copyright. Go on Shark Tank. Get Mark Cuban to invest. Make money. Back up plan. Continue being a broke paramedic. Stress over bills. Guess there is only 1 option.
go too the show Shark Tank , Mark Cuban probally lead you 300thou.
Congratulations to Tim Weddleton's new clients, who recently appeared on ABC's Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, invested in their company! New Hampshire residents, Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn, are the owners of SurfSET Fitness...Be sure to click on this video link to check out SurfSET for yourself!
...for the record, Mark Cuban was just on the Mitch show on KJR, in part to promote Shark Tank, but also to talk about other stuff.
Does anyone watch Shark Tank with mark Cuban ? cause if so help me come up an invention and lets make millions lol
We need to make the Shark Tank required learning for all of our kids. Teach them that no matter what they need to understand what it takes to be an euntremenuer and keep that spirit alive and well. Our best resources are folks like Mark Cuban and he provides lessons on every episode!
- "Mommy! That man looks like Mark Cuban from Shark Tank! Let's go pitch a business idea to him!" Something tells me that Bryleigh's gonna be a successful business woman...
Get to know Mark Cuban from Shark Tank on ABC. Read the bio on .
If you are lucky enough to get on Shark Tank and a one Mr. Mark Cuban makes you an offer, even if its not the offer you want, Take it! And if not, your business deserves to Fail!!!
"in this world there are innovators, copycats & *** you are the innovators, now the copycats will try and copy you all" Mark Cuban in Shark Tank . simple & wise words
I once again find myself thoroughly hooked on Shark Tank. Especially when Mark Cuban gets on a roll.
Watching shark tank and decided I want to hang out with Mark Cuban. We could be bros.
Former hockey player just cut deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Surfboard/fitness concept.
I used to hate on Mark Cuban because of the whole Mavs vs Heat rivalry, but he is fun to watch on Shark Tank.
Some of these people on Shark Tank are so stupid. They get a deal from Mark Cuban and take it, even if its bad -_-
...every start-up entrepreneur looking to raise capital should be watching "Shark Tank" on ABC with Mark Cuban,...
Oh! A new Shark Tank is just starting. Great show. I love seeing people go for their dreams. Very inspiring. Plus, Mark Cuban really cracks me up.
Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about wise investments. As a self-made billionaire, who now listens to aspiring entrepreneurs peddle their wares on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” he can smell a good idea when he sees it. But where ca View cele
So, I can't get any homework done because I'm catching up on all the missed episodes of Shark Tank on the DVR.I was pretty sure that I was the only person who actually liked this show.but evidently not, considering it is still on the air. I have seen several products on shelves from the first season, which is so interesting to me (Copa Wine by the glass is now in every gas station and grocery store).but about half of my interest in this show is my huge crush on MARK CUBAN.whew, he is fine!
Gene & Julie checked in with Mark Cuban ahead of the season premiere of "Shark Tank" to talk investments and what's in store for the Mavericks this year.
Mark Cuban said it best on the last episode of Shark Tank. 'In my first business, I didn't take a vacation in the first 7 years and my girlfriend said to me "It's me or your company" and my answer was "What's your name?". With great sacrifice comes great reward.
Wow! Shark Tank season 4 kicks off with an startup turning down a $200k investment from details here:
The update on Tower Paddle Boards' continued success will be airing this September 28th at 8/7c on ABC's Shark Tank.
'Shark Tank' contestant leaves Mark Cuban's money on the table
Watch 'Shark Tank' for free on but not Hulu Plus?: The show, which stars Mark Cuban, cannot...
Who would turn down a $200,000 deal from Mark Cuban? If you watched the hit television show Shark Tank (the hit ABC television show) last week, you saw Indianapolis founder Derek Pacque look Cuban rig
Shark Tank season 4 opens up with turning down $200k more here:
Anyone watch Shark Tank? Mark Cuban was questioning this guys dedication. Told him with his first company he went 7 years without a vacation. Said his girlfriend at the time said it was her or the company. He said "What was your name?"
Mark Cuban on Shark Tank to a hopeful entreprenuer who was promoting his business idea/product~"When I first started my company I went 7 years without taking a vacation, &, when a girlfriend asked me what was more important, her or my business, I said see ya around..." What a smart shark!
Mark Cuban and Daman on Shark Tank are both wearing Panerai watches..just saying
Shark Tank is back for a fourth season, with the Sharks continuing the search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer. In the...
Recent IU School of Business grad was on Shark Tank and received a really good offer from MARK CUBAN. He turnedit down! WHAAAT?
Anyone out there think Gilberto's Gourmet Goodness should go on Shark Tank? I want Mark Cuban to be our Sugar Daddy!!!
Just saw the biggest business foul of my life on Shark Tank! Some 23 year old schmuck just turned down an incredible offer and partnership with Multi-Billionaire Mark Cuban because he listened to his broke college professor who advised against it. Some people are just ALLERGIC to money. He and his family have just lost MILLIONS of dollars!! Congrats you are a moron kiddo.. What is the lesson here?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I can't believe that kid on Shark Tank turned down the deal to work with Mark Cuban. He took advice from his business partner who was business school professor instead of going with a REAL billionaire who doesn't just teach it--he has actually done it!
Watching "Shark Tank"-some punk with an iffy idea just turned down working with Mark Cuban and getting $200,000 for 33% of his business. Who wants to come over and give me CPR?
Now watching Shark Tank. turns down a huge investment from Mark Cuban. Insanity. Also where was his business partner?
I love Shark Tank. Wonder what Mark Cuban bout to do
I love it when Mark Cuban has that grin on his face during Shark Tank and says I ain't sayin!
Who knew Shark Tank was full of marketing and advertising tips... "People say that they follow their passion when they should be following their efforts." Mark Cuban
is watching shark tank and i can't believe some college kid would turn down a great deal with Mark Cuban! wow!!! what a dummy!
Excited for the new season of Shark Tank to start tonight! Love hearing what my homies Mark Cuban & Barbara Corcoran have to say.
Each week, Scott Jordan (voted most intriguing guest and the best episode of Season 3) will give his unique perspective on this week’s Shark Tank contestants.
Shark Tank's Mark Cuban has been lurking in the water for some time and plans to emerge to give "Shark Tank" some much-needed bite this season.
The more I watch Shark Tank the more I like Mark Cuban.
Let's win in the sport of business and get Mark Cuban the biggest shark in "Shark Tank" to NIU Business!
Ever regret bringing your big winter coat to a bar? Have you lost your coat check ticket and couldn't retrieve your belongings? These are problems that one of many new Shark Tank competitors is looking to solve with his company on the new season of the ABC series.
Mark Cuban is one of the more well-known NBA Owners for his role as an entrepreneur and his involvement with the show “Shark Tank.” However, he is very well-known amongst NBA fans for sipping on haterade. In fact, he guzzles it by the gallon. Whenever team not named the Dallas Mavericks makes a move...
You've seen him on Shark Tank. And in the media, sat on his private jet. Or yelling support at his basketball team the Dallas Mavericks. But I wanted to
I'm also addicted to the show, Shark Tank.
Shark Tank premieres one week from today! Who's ready for a dip?
Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec chat with's Laura Saltman about the deals they make with companies and individuals on their ABC reality show, "Shark Tank." Why do some of the deals not go through after the show wraps?
Me and my boy Fleetwood from Shark Tank and sponsored by Mark Cuban came by to get his phone pimped out!!
Shark Tank is my new favorite show. Mark Cuban is the man!
Mark Cuban is the man on Shark Tank.
Mark Cuban on Shark Tank is a big Obama supporter. The intro says " a self made billionaire entrepreneur". Wonder how he is "self made" when I am not?
Student entrepreneur Joseph Draschil on what he learned from pitching his business to Daymond John and Mark Cuban.
My idea of Shark Week is watching Mark Cuban on Shark Tank all week
Mark Cuban is really a Shark yo! *** he just shut dude down on Shark Tank
Some super freak Trevino clone came on Shark Tank; he'd invented the Twelve Iron! "That's too much loft," laughed Mark Cuban, "I'm out ..."
Get ready for Season 4 of Shark Tank w/ Mark Cuban and Daymond John Sept 14th.
New episode of Shark Tank tonight! I get to see my baby Mark Cuban lol.
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