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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban (born July 31, 1958) is an American business magnate and investor with a background in the computing and software industries.

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Mark Cuban thinks Dirk Nowitzki will go down as a top-10 all-time player.
SportsCenter Video: Brad Daugherty disagrees with Mark Cuban, says Russell Westbrook is "definitely" in MVP conver…
Brad Daugherty disagrees with Mark Cuban pushing Russell Westbrook out of the MVP race. Video - via App
Mark Cuban on Seth Curry's future with the Mavericks: "We want him to be forever. He's our kind of guy."
Seth Curry has 20+ points for the fifth time in six games since the All-Star break. Mark Cuban considers him a foundatio…
Mark Cuban says MVP is a toss-up between James Harden and LeBron James. Where is Russell Westbrook in that mix? "He's no…
anything with Mark Cuban's name attached to it is overrated
Mark Cuban predicts that creative thinking will be the most important job skill in 10 years.
Also ironic that Mark Cuban spends his whole day talking about how sensitive Trump is to media then goes berserk on BR for a joke
Mark Cuban: Don't go to school for finance — liberal arts is the future via
Philosophy, languages and timing. In my case about 50 years early.
I'm a Mark Cuban guy, always have been. But what he did to Bleacher Report was scummy, it was Donald Trump-esque bullying…
Mark Cuban crying to Bleacher Report because they made fun of Dirks air all,Warriors calling TNT after shaq made fun of javale, sensitive af
🏈 Mark Cuban's assault on Bleacher Report proves his genius yet again
I will never go to a Mavs game again. I hate you Mark Cuban. 😘
Mark Cuban: Ratings are down. What if we-. Producer: If you say "drop the losers in an actual Shark Tank" I already told…
All purpose parts banner
Cuban said: low end people who write software - they're gone! via /r/programming
Mark Cuban's assault on Bleacher Repor proves his genius yet again - Sporting News Way to go Cubes!👏🏽
. Mark Cuban ain't no one to mess with
I liked a video Mark Cuban Interview by Jason Hirschhorn | Upfront Summit 2017
Mark Cuban's assault on Bleacher Report was over the top; and a little bit genius.
Mark Cuban vs. Mark Dice LOVE THIS! Cuban makes me sick! On behalf of a ton of people, THANK YOU
So we don't have to worry about George Clooney, Will Smith or Mark Cuban?
1/2 i will take Harris, Mark Cuban, or Sheldon Brown over Andrew Cuomo and Cory Booker because Trump wants to run against them
You are going to ask for that and instead you are going to get Mark Cuban vs Mark Zuckerburg
Mark Cuban wears no. 46 NBA jersey in nod to Trump feud - ABC News - via You are in better shape too! JS
Mark Cuban dons no. 46 jersey during NBA game in apparent nod to feud with Donald Trump, the 45th president
Mark Cuban trolled Trump, wearing # 46 jersey during NBA All-Star Celeb Game, in nod to feud with the 45th president
Mark Cuban trolls Trump with No. 46 jersey at NBA celeb game
Was Cuban's No. 46 meant to send a message to the 45th president?
Mark Cuban: “I personally think there’s going to be a greater demand in 10 years for liberal arts majors”
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Mark Cuban called Donald Trump "Pinocchio." Tonight he's wearing a jersey, which he joked was because it's "two times…
Maybe.. but our intelligence agencies would trust Mark Cuban.. not some orange agent
Mark Cuban, quit speaking so confidently about things you obviously don't understand with Trump or run for President nex…
Nobody is better at trolling Donnie Demento than Mark Cuban.
Cuban wears '46' jersey in apparent jab at Trump. Run Mark Run
I think Mark is 2000 times smarter than Cuban is like a senior in college while Trump is flunking…
Mark Cuban takes apparent jab at Donald Trump with No. 46 jersey - ESPN
Mark Cuban takes jab at Trump by wearing No. 46 in NBA Celebrity Game
Oh man. Mark Cuban is going to run for president.
Mark Cuban appears to troll Trump by wearing No 46 in NBA’s All-Star celebrity game
Mark Cuban trolls Trump with number 46 jersey at NBA All-Star game
Mark Cuban couldn't even handle being interviewed by Ted O'Baxter the other night on Fox News. That Cuban dude is s…
Mr Wonderful & Mark Cuban from Shark Tank going at it on FOX News 😂
the funny thing about that is Mark Cuban and Parsons got real beef now 😂😂
Trump reportedly favored Alexander Acosta for Labor sec. b/c he has less hair than Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban offers cryptic response when asked if he's considering future presidential bid AP Photo/Evan Vucci. Bi…
Mark Cuban backed Trump "big time".yeah. Cuban was a surrogate for Hillary.
Mark Cuban; too smart, too successful, and too wise a thinking person to get bolloxed up trying to herd Republican *** in DC.
Mark Cuban is a joke of a man. Here he is one of the riches men around and all he can do is act like he knows the "poor"!
President Trump says Mark Cuban 'isn't smart enough to run for president'. Maybe not, but Trump especially isn't. . https:/…
When you get escorted out of a Mavs game for a accidentally spilling your beer on Mark Cuban after he high fives you. htt…
Mark Cuban has low character and is apparently vindictive. I'm glad that he is not VP.
my 90 year old grandmother has a better memory than you. Mark Cuban did not back you.
Excuse me, but Mark Cuban DID NOT support you, at all.
I shudder to think how "Mark Cuban isn't smart" is being woven into our nation's education policy. 😬
re: Mark Cuban not smart enough to be prez--obviously it's not about intelligence
Mark Cuban doesn’t buy married women furniture in hopes of having sex with them. He doesn’t move on wome…
Like Trump before him, Mark Cuban seems to be charting a course to the White House by picking a "fight" with a sitting pre…
I remember Mark Cuban wanting to run as Trumps V.P & said Trump was best thing to happen to politics in a very long time.
Mark Cuban is a jealous & spoiled lil beta male suffering from low T. He isn't even man enough to run for…
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Mark Cuban has no idea what Rural America is and were his food comes from. Just a big city guy who consumes
Mark Cuban is a billionaire who did not require millions of dollars from Daddy to get his business start…
and once again, Trump would be 100% Correct, Mark Cuban is a bitter and whining child.
I'll never watch Sharktank. Destroy their ratings. Send Mark Cuban our message loud & clear!
It does sound nuts, but Cuban used to support him.. Mark C is really a POS.. as a person. Trump works circles around him.
I lost all respect for Mark Cuban. He was so wrong for how he acted when he was not picked for VP.…
Mark Cuban will beat you easily if he decides to run in 2020.
.on Mark Cuban: "He's not smart enough to run for president"
I know Mark Cuban well. He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls.He's not smart enough…
Mark Cuban has a guess as to why Trump whacked him out of nowhere
Mark Cuban is just mad as he is NOT Cuban/Catholic but rather Russian/ Jew. His name is Chabenisky but he keeps tha…
Mark Cuban will go as far in his quest for POTUS in 2020 as Lindsay Graham did in 2016. Both nowheresville!
Check this out: Trump: Mark Cuban is 'not smart enough to run for president' - -. AP Photo/Evan Vucci. President D…
Mark Cuban on Harrison Barnes: "We've always talked about, when is Dirk going to be our second-best player? I... https:…
Mark Cuban: Harrison Barnes and Wesley Matthews define the Dirk-type culture in Dallas
They have interviewed Richard Brandson, Mark Cuban, the founders of Warby Parker, Air BnB, etc.
how about instead of the Super bowl it's just a *** in the cell match between Mark Cuban and Peter Thiel
exactly. Mark Cuban called out Peter Thiel this morning for claiming the media shouldnt take him "literally"
To beat Trump in 2020, Democrats cant nominate a regular politician. They better beg Mark Cuban or Dwayne Johnson to run
"If Trump is elected, the market will crash." - Mark Cuban . Dow Jones trades over 20,000 and the Dallas Mavericks go 15-3…
Mark Cuban: Give People a Reason to Listen to What You Have to Say | Inc. Magazine
Mark Cuban a Pittsburgh Native on the Fire Alarm Incident: "The shocking part is that they didn't catch Bill Belichick." 😂
Mark Cuban told Royce White it would take 2 years to earn back trust. White responded.
Mark Cuban, Chambers, Kyser, The Police, etc. are helping the girls in an attempt to extort me out of 20k, not 10k.
TRUMP overcame a biased MSM, HATERS like Mark Cuban, pledge breakers like Gov. Kasich to become our POTUS. AWESOME 🇺🇸
And so are your friends Zach Deputy, James "Groove" Chambers, Michael Kyser, Mark Cuban.
Samaki Walker and Kobe wearing their own jerseys. And the 'Mark Cuban' of eLeague thinking about how rich he's goin…
Swear ever since I found out that Mark Cuban used his power 2 draft Shane Larkin over The Greek Freak I have seen *** near every Bucks game
Michael Kyser, James "Groove" Chambers, Mark Cuban, and all of them should pay out their own pockets.
Some of those people include Mark Cuban, Michael Kyser, James "Groove" Chambers. Kris Allred(Jail will humble her as it will Frank Bailey)
"Bleacher Report on Instagram: “How you gonna play Mark Cuban like that??? 😂😂 (via via App:
Hey buddy, check out this kid clowning Mark Cuban with the dab
RIP Mark Cuban. Cause of death: dabbed on
I asked Mark Cuban for his negotiating tip. Here's his unexpected answer:
Mark Cuban says Russell Westbrook is not a Superstar Player - NBA Talk P... via
I guess we could have Peter Popoff AKA Mark Cuban fact check the fact checkers
Funny how Mark Cuban says Russell is not a superstar when they lost, the last 6 games were all wins, when his team hasn't even won 6
Mark Cuban is stupid for saying Russell Westbrook still isn't a superstar. He averages a triple double Westbrook is a beast
Shark Tank must be losing viewership bc they ran a bio video on Mark Cuban making him seem human. Didn't say he did Girls Gone Wild though
A big thank you to Shark Tank star Mark Cuban and the executive leadership teams at Texas Instruments, FedEx and...
I love the way you got owned by Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban speaks in favor of Time Warner-ATT deal at Congressional hearing via
Mark Cuban: AT&T and Time Warner merger is a matter of survival in changing media industry
Mark Cuban live on CNBC on Capitol Hill - part of AT&T Time Warner hearing. Worth listening too.him and others. Great tech conversation.
At Senate Judiciary Hearing on ATT/Time Warner. Sen. Grassley and TW CEO Bewkes. Mark Cuban looks on.
Don't start a company unless it's an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it's not an obsession - Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban has been calling Dorian Finney-Smith the team's "mini Kawhi" for his defensive versatility.
I shook Mark Cuban's hand, not impressed. I shook Ross Perot Senior's hand, a great man. Would love one day to shake yours.
Mark Cuban, who angrily denounced Trump over and over, apparently had drinks with Steve Bannon. lol.
What? Hillary champ Mark Cuban spotted at NYC bar with Trump strategist Steve Bannon
Highlight of the AMA's: watching Mark Cuban vibe out to Shawn 😂
If i didn't know who Mark Cuban was and he happened to pass by me, I would probably mistake him for a mall cop
Has Any heard from losers Bill Krystal, Rich Lowery or Mark Cuban. Just wondering
wish the media(Not Fox) wouldn't give Mark Cuban so much attention.I can't stand him,he is no better than u or I !
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Cuban, Mike Bloomberg - on and on. The billionaires have bought the Democrats!
Mark Cuban dares Cong Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) to subpoena Rudy Giuliani to hear how he learned of FBI reopening case before…
Two "media" darlings who trash Donald Trump on Tv. Mark Cuban and Bill Simmons. Simmons' show cancelled!
Peter Popoff is he really Mark Cuban? Google picture
Mark Cuban, Venus Williams, Jack Welch, Kirk Hammett, and Roger Penske all do at least one thing...
Mark Cuban: “When it’s all said and done, I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president”
Mark Cuban said Westbrook not a superstar but here he is giving the keys to Harrison Barnes...
Is there really a Mark Cuban or is he really Peter Popoff google his picture
Google Peter Popoff and Mark Cuban one and the Same! Check it out.
After the election, Trump will roam the land like Arya Stark reciting his list, "Paul Ryan, Mark Cuban, David Fahrenthold…
'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban has been a part of 41 televised group deals totaling $15.7 million htt…
Mark Cuban offers to help people scared of a Donald Trump presidency ⏩ by
Mark Cuban whining about Trump hurting his brand shows he's out of touch. Donald's putting Americans above his wallet.
Mark Cuban - Mark Cuban spars with Mike Matusow over Trump
MARK CUBAN: I 'don't have any doubt' about allegations against Trump because 'I know' victim via
"If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night .." with Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban: I'll give Trump credit on real estate business, but "everything else, he's been a major failure at"
Mark Cuban - WATCH: Hillary fan Mark Cuban tries to convince Rudy Giuliani these allegations are ‘out of the X-Files
Mark Cuban - Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban still dreams of 30-story arena and screaming from the sidelines in old age
Folks, this is how SICK Mark Cuban is' he said "Hillary is a humanitarian for bringing in refugees"!! THIS is what they'…
WATCH: CNN’s ‘debate’ between Mark Cuban and Rudy Giuliani is as bonkers as you would expect
Trump dodges question whether he will accept the outcome of the election: "I’ll look at it at the time"
yes. The majority of his net worth is assets. He can't write you a check for a billion dollars. Ask Mark Cuban LOL!
Mark Cuban said two women told him about groping in 2000. And he still backed Trump during Primary's & let Trump use his A…
Mark Cuban to Stephen Bannon is "playing" Donald Trump to benefit Breitbart after the election
Clinton: I was bringing bin Laden to justice, “he was hosting the Celebrity Apprentice”
Mark Cuban bombshell: I personally know women who have been assaulted by Trump who won’t come forward
Why is Donald Trump is whining about a rigged election? Mark Cuban has a theory:
Mark Cuban mocks Trump over leaked comments
Trump thinks the Emmys and polls are rigged, says he "should've gotten" the Emmy in 2004
Love watching CNN Mark Cuban doing awesome job blowin away the mayor J. Staying at a Embassy suite with Mr.WoodFord reserve watching debate👍
Mark Cuban and Meg Whitman will attend the debate in Las Vegas in support of Hillary Clinton https…
Trump is taking Pres. Obama's half-brother to the debate while Clinton picks Mark Cuban .
Mark Cuban: There's a 'stigma' attached to Trump's brand. It's 'done'
DNC Superdelegate Gloria Allred has found another victim of Trump Sexual Abuse. A street *** named Mark Cuban. https…
A Dallas tech startup worked with Mark Cuban to design the Mavs' new app: The Dallas Mavericks ...   10% Off
Howie Kurtz is a liberal Jew who should have stayed on CNN. He is an embarrassment to real Jews along with Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban: "Bernie Madoff has a better brand than Trump."
Hillary's penchant for hanging around known perverts or pedophiles is disturbing - Mark Cuban, Bill Clinton, Anthony Wei…
three names to make you two lumpy loads eat your words:. Elon Musk ✔. Jeff Bezos ✔. Mark Cuban ✔.
How about Congress solves the whole problem of people like Trump, the Clintons, Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet and...
Everyone tells you how they are going to be special, but few do the work to get there. - Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban and Joy Reid is like Aubrey McClendon holding a meeting with broke Oprah chatter chatter Joy does not represent Black America 💯
Mark Cuban and Joy Reid, don't gotta ask me twice to watch this 😎
Do you really Trust the media? msnbc's Joy Reid and Mark Cuban are Hillary fans.
Mark Cuban needs to go jump in a real Shark Tank
Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, and even Mark Zuckerberg are all billionaires I'd rather see become president.
This is Sweet! They should invite Mark Cuban to have a Conversation with Alec and Mock Trump!
reminds of Harry Reid, who knew a guy who said Mitt Romney had secrets in his tax return. Stop this Mark Cuban.
Mark Cuban prediction? Lol. Yeah. Everyone in the USA will be bankrupt except billionaire boy toys of Hillary.
I liked 'Mark Cuban talks Dirk, KG, and...' in the Dallas Mavs App
A bit creepy how Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban sound alike
OUCH!!! Bill Maher & Mark Cuban are competing for Trump's best troll. Hilarious!
Of course Megan Kelly has Mark Cuban on her show.
And Mark Cuban would know this from personal experience.
Clinton invited several people to the debate, including a 9/11 survivor, a domestic abuse survivor and Mark Cuban.
Mark Cuban has a long history of racially insensitive comments. I wonder if Hillary will take time to denounce her gues…
Wow. Mark Cuban's been through a lot.
Mark Cuban admits he lied about front row debate seat to rile Donald Trump
I asked Mark Cuban if he'll be making "faces or gestures" at Trump during the He said "Yes"
I know Mark Cuban and Gennifer Flowers will have front row seats to the debate, but I wonder which row Omar Mateen's fathe…
Mark Cuban is for lobbyists and pay for play, if Trump wins, it means rich guys like Mark will lose
Ginnifer Flowers and Mark Cuban need to stay out of thE lime light tonight- such a Soap opera
. Hillary invites Mark Cuban to front row at Trump offers front row seat to Gennifer Flowers. https:/…
Spotted in the spin room: a big Mark Cuban-Katrina Pierson hug.
cuban sit down and shut up. You think we want or need your opinion or advice or drivel. You embarrass yoursel…
Botox Mark Cuban slipped in with security. Afraid to debate! .
Trump? Pence? Kaine? Clinton?. Nope, that media mob is for Mark Cuban
Lester, do you mind switching with Morgan Freeman or Mark Cuban for the next debate? They will mediate it like a boss
Things not mentioned tonight: "Deplorables," Trump Foundation, Clinton Foundation, polls and Mark Cuban.
Don't King, Mark Cuban, Chuck Schumer ... Reality TV and American politics are one
"I took the for I dare Usher, Patti LaBelle, Mark Cuban and all of my fans.
Hayes: Clinton campaign has confirmed Mark Cuban will be front-row, ringside at tonight's debate. Gennifer Flowers will not.
Respect for Women. Repulsive Bill Clinton's close friend Mark Cuban invited to take front row seat at . htt…
I watched Mark Cuban on Jay Leno last night - what a jerk!
She baited him with the Mark Cuban at the debate and Thin skin Don The Con bit. He is too easy.
Donald Trump unleashes on 'dopey' Mark Cuban, via
Hillary tried to intimidate trump with troll mark Cuban at debates but trump retaliation with Gennifer garner is making dems panic big time
Mark Cuban - ACTUAL racist extraordinaire. Racism for days.
Mark Cuban saying market will tank if wins is like all "experts" who said UK economy would tank if
Maybe we should get Mark Cuban to fire Donald Trump
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“I'll prove Mark Cuban doesn’t set off my temper by impulsively inviting a guest who makes me look icky and my rival sympathe…
"Gennifer Flowers" We all know Hillary's regretting that Mark Cuban front row seat.
Gennifer; You're Beautiful! Mark Cuban probably won't mind sitting next to you at the debate ;) https:…
Mark Cuban is just rich boy entertainment. Trump & MOST of America are too busy trying to save America. That's why we
Donald Trump threatens to invite Bill Clinton's mistress to the debate. Things tend to happen for a reason. https…
When will Hillary denounce her racist surrogate Mark Cuban?
Throws Massive Hissy Fit After Learning Billionaire Mark Cuban Will Be in the front row at Monday's Debate.
Gennifer Flowers front row! LUV-IT. Media forced to cover.Used to like Mark Cuban but done w him and Sad
I guarantee if Hillary has Mark Cuban sitting in the front row at the debate ! Ms. Flowers & Brodderick will be on each side…
But Marty, Hillary invited Mark Cuban first to sit in front row to psyche Trump out. That's how Trump responded.
Mrs. Bill Clinton wanted to use Mark Cuban as distraction. Donald Trump found the perfect guest to return the favor. ht…
Mark Cuban--is an immediate and present danger to American security and liberty--he can't control his tongue! He's a ver…
Secretary Clinton: How much 💰did you get from Mark Cuban for that front row seat?
Mark Cuban's lawyer had me blocked, then:. - Unblocked me. - Told me how much they don't care. - Blocked me again. - Continued t…
Hillary invites Mark Cuban to the debate and Trump counters with Jennifer Flowers? To make it fair, Cuban will sleep with…
Mark ("I'm not *** really!") Cuban always creeps me out when his compound gates are left open when I drive by
Hillary Fanboy & Debate Guest Mark Cuban Says, "I'd Cross the Street to get Away from a BLACK KID in a Hoodie"
Hey fam, viewer ratings were down from last week. . Backlash is real. Keeping that Dopey Mark Cuban is…
Just when I think that Trump can go no lower, he does. It's one thing to invite Mark Cuban -- a political...
Breaking: Gennifer Flowers accepts Trump's invitation to sit in front next to Mark Cuban at debate.
Major League Baseball was really smart when they wouldn't let Mark Cuban buy a team. Was it his financials or the fact…
never learns,can't out-troll the Donald 😂😂👍 he is a fighter👊🏻 Gennifer Flowers to sit next to Mark Cuban at debate…
If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right…
Gennifer Flowers will remind Trump of something he is - an adulterer. Mark Cuban will remind hm of something he's not - a…
Gennifer Flowers is trending and Mark Cuban is not. Best. Election. Ever.
Maybe Clinton should just have Selina Scott sit next to Mark Cuban.
You may well be right! I don't know. I do know Mark Cuban won't rattle Trump. So que sera sera!
I might suggest you completely IGNORE Mark Cuban; IMHO he is insignificant. Good luck!
Betting Philippe Reines enjoyed all the media speculation that Alec Baldwin or Mark Cuban might be playing Trump in pr…
Why does anyone care what Mark Cuban thinks???
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Let's send Mark Cuban on Shark Tank A message!. when you disrespect .You disrespect
Please get rid of Mark Cuban!! He's a sell out just like bernie.. Shoulda kept his mouth shut on politics
Mark Cuban is going to heckle Donald Trump from the front row at the "Humbling at Hofstra" on Monday.
“The referees couldn't manage a White Castle.” -Mark Cuban on the state of college hoops:
Get this. Mark Cuban is telling CNN that Donald Trump is a threat to our security. Hilary has Wall Street in her pockets. 😡 such Crock&Bull
HR please meet with Bernie Sanders & Mark Cuban before debate. And listen to them.
This is in that "Too Good to be True" category. Max props to Mark Cuban.
Trump was scared to debate Cruz & Sanders. Scared to release taxes. Scared of urban rallies & will avoid Mark Cuban!
Dude. . I LOVE this guy, Now he's stumping 4 Guarantee says nothing about him.
"Perfection is the enemy of success. You can't wait for the perfect time." - Mark Cuban. Don't know why, but this really speaks to me
Great read on and his endorsement of .
One billionaire's thoughts of another. .
Hard hitting piece on how went from supporting to backing
Mark Cuban could debate Clinton Cash author any day but won't because M…
Mark Cuban calls out Eric Trump for using fake rally photo at home court via
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MARK CUBAN: The smartest thing Donald Trump has ever done is not release his tax returns
League of Legends - Team Mark Cuban vs. Team Brian ... - -
He "never takes on the intellectual challenge", perfect reason to leave Read more...
It was so great meeting you Mark Cuban, at the Miss America Pageant!
Fascinating interview with What impressed me the most? He changed his mind. If he can maybe others can too.
Who is Mark Cuban really? In short, a man who learned the value and power of the Internet and turned sports and...
Why Mark Cuban changed his mind on Donald Trump
MARK CUBAN: Here are the 2 most important questions about the Clinton Foundation no one is asking
I love Mark Cuban! 😂 Just wish he was a supporter. He'd be the best, most outspoken supporter!
Why went cold on Trump: Nuclear wpns, his lack understanding concept of deterrence
Would you be ok with Mark Cuban buying the Chargers?
says Trump "cares about two things, how people perceive him and how much cash he has in the bank"
My mom, Mark Cuban, Ronald Reagan, my Grandpa, Margaret Thatcher, and of course Drake from Degrassi to now lol
And the GIF of Mark Cuban licking his lips creepily during the swimsuit competition is due in 3...2...1...
Hamilton Collection
Mark Cuban calls out Trump son for false image of Florida rally
Mark Cuban is shooting fish in a barrel here and it's pretty fun to watch
Mark Cuban on presidential debates: If you press Donald Trump, he will "crumble"
I was such a fan NOT NOW Mark Cuban go count your money and play ball & shut up
Americans trust business/admire people more than politicians. Mark Cuban, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates are all lionized polit…
David, read the context of the comment. To your point, Mark Cuban did support Orrin Hatch (R) and Zoe Lofgren (D).
On that front Alex, I am trusting Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban and Mike Bloomberg on Trump.
Never, Mark Cuban is smarter than that Michael. He's a Pittsburgher like me. Great Show today !☆☆☆
Smerconish, glad that you got clarity on your show from Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, Ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg if you are still in doubt.
must see-- Mark Cuban brilliant big burn of Trump with Stephen Colbert!!!
ask Mark Cuban about brilliant big burn of Trump with Stephen Colbert!!!
“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once.” – Mark Cuban
Hillary Clinton now has the support of Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman & Mark Cuban. Donald Trump? Phil…
trump should put Buffett and Mark Cuban into the Lindsay Graham column under “fickle”.
So in the past week Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, and now Warren Buffett have gone after Trump.
Anyone else notice the only 3 people Trump didn't "retaliate" against is Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, & Warren Buffet?
major endorsement and Mark Cuban yesterday. Haven't heard anything for Dumb Donald lately.
Everytime someone like Hank Paulson or Mark Cuban touts I have a hunch that it makes many Bernie Sand…
Mark Cuban now thinks Donald Trump is 'crazy'
Mark Cuban now thinks Donald Trump is 'crazy' Was initially supportive of Trump,but has completely changed his mind.
Mark Cuban campaigns for Clinton in hometown of Pittsburgh they both benefit from wall st
owner .. scares me," Cuban said after speaking on behalf of Clinton and Tim Kaine,...
Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban opens rally for Hillary Clinton by saying 'hello' to Putin puppet Donald Trump in Russian.
owner .. scares me,“ Cuban said to after endorsing Hillary
Upset that Mark Cuban endorsed Clinton, he plainly doesn't know any better. Cuban and I both from the Burgh. Jagoff Bill thanked him
Mark Cuban trying out a future campaign slogan? "If I party, everybody parties." Talking about treating his workers well.
LOL, is that supposed to impress us!
Feed me more sheep balls Mark Cuban.
"ya because mark Cuban is an arrogant punk compared to Donald who's a liv…
Fan of Hillary Mark Cuban is an Ayn Rand fan; described The Fountainhead as "incredibly motivating to me."
"I want each and every one of you to know...that in Hillary Clinton’s America, the American dream is alive and well," Mark Cuba…
Mark Cuban: I will vote for Clinton over Trump
"Hey Donald! What's the best confidence builder?" Going against los…
Oh jeez. Hillary just had Mark Cuban speak at her rally. He opened the speech by talking Russian to Trump. These people are r…
Mark Cuban lauded Trump for having the guts to be frank, but he apparently prefers Hillary's alternate-reality BS.
Is Mark Cuban genuinely endorsing Hillary Clinton or does he have a strong dislike for Trump, competitive in business?
(Daily Mail) Cuban calls a 'jagoff' and boasts that Shark Tank 'kicked The..
Lmao Trump is not a billionaire. Billionaire versus billionaire as Mark Cuban targets Trump for Clinton ht…
Mark Cuban makes a great point about the difference between wealth and cash and how it relates to politics.
Mark Cuban is a bully who is physically very soft and therefore should immediately stop wearing T shirts.…
ANOTHER Republican billionaire trashes Trump as Clinton secures Mark Cuban's endorsement in Pittsburgh
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