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April Jones, a five-year-old girl from Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, disappeared on 1 October 2012, after being sighted willingly getting into a van near her home.

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Will do my best! 'Bridger is having a second wind post-1,000 word pulling away from the pack...'
Four years ago today: sunrise by Mark Bridger
A great report by last night about our - from 18min mark here: ht…
tickle my tummy . Photo by Mark Bridger
My RTers are not sneaking around. They are so helpful. Thank you :)
nibbles by Mark Bridger: . nibbles by Mark Bridger. . Mark Bridger: P...
New popular photo in the Animals category on 500px: nibbles (via …
Three years ago today: up up and away... by Mark Bridger
Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well. Robin Sharma. Pic Mark Bridger
chris_roberts23 exposed:- "April Jones killer, Mark Bridger is innocent"
Ian Huntley? Peter Sutcliffe? Mark Bridger? All would be deserved recipients of the death penalty
The group that believes April Jones' killer Mark Bridger is innocent of murder.
death penalty should be applied in extreme cases eg Ian Huntley, Mark Bridger etc
Blackberry picker A wild little cute water vole munching on some juicy blackberries
if Great Britain knew the answer people like Mark Bridger,Ian Brady,Ian Watkins to name a few would not B in Jail
Playtime Mark Bridger. A little otter having some fun running about
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autumn normally I shoot with prime lens (Canon 500mm or 300mm) but as I won a Tamron...
bring us back for the controversy as long as we tone down... "what's the difference between Santa and Mark Bridger?"
Three years ago today: Dusk by Mark Bridger
With Koscielney OUT Targett IN off the bench for me.. which means i make the magical 50-point mark!!
Peek-a-boo. A gives itself away when it pops its head above a wheat field. by Mark Bridger
My car crossed the 160km mark today. 900 more until 100k miles. Not bad for a 20 year old knacker.
Thank you for following us Founder Mark Bridger and VP of marketing & content look forward to catching up soon.
photographydays: little lady by Mark Bridger
please sir, can I have more... by Mark Bridger
morning mist by Mark Bridger on 500px
Photoset: nubbsgalore: photos by mark smith and mark bridger who document, respectively, the fox and the...
Coral Jones, 43, whose daughter was snatched from outside her home in Machynlleth, Powys, and killed by Mark Bridger two y…
A lion cub stretches as the rain begins to fall in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by Mark Bridger
Demolition for house where Mark Bridger is believed to have killed
"Your spirit can go free baby girl" - Coral Jones as Mark Bridger's home is torn down
April Jones’ mother and father Coral and Paul Jones and her siblings held each other as the rural home of her paedophile killer Mark Bridger, inset, in Ceinws, Mid Wales was razed to the ground today.
The parents of April Jones speak of their "huge relief" now that the cottage where their daughter is believed to have been murdered by Mark Bridger is demolished.
The home of Mark Bridger - the murderer of schoolgirl April Jones whose body has never been found - is to be torn down today.
At 6 with Emma - April Jones' parents welcome the demolition of Mark Bridger's house in Wales, and there's a breakthrough for women bishops
Parents Of April Jones Visit Killer's House: The home of Mark Bridger, who murdered the Wels...
Killer's home demolished. The parents of April Jones said the demolition of the cottage where Mark Bridger is...
April Jones' parents watch the demolition of Mark Bridger's "house of evil":
BBC News - April Jones: Parents watch as killer Mark Bridger's home demolished
New: April Jones's parents watch as killer Mark Bridger's house is demolished world_latest
► 'Huge relief': April Jones's parents on the demolition of her killer Mark Bridger's house. http:/…
The home of sentenced murderer Mark Bridger is slated to be torn down.
Wise words from ex mayor Gareth Jones. Like if you agree. Like to say thank you. Like because we'll never forget. Like because we are still proud of Machynlleth. I hope you don't mind me sharing it Gareth. For the last few months I have been having one call after another from the press and media wanting my opinion on what should happen to the house in Ceinws which Mark Bridger lived in for 5 weeks.I have constantly declined to comment on this matter, but now that the Welsh Government has finally decided to purchase and demolish it, I have issued the following press release. I'm sorry it is rather lengthy but it will be my only statement on the matter. We must now move on : "I stood aside as mayor of Machynlleth on 28th May 2013 . That was just two days before Mark Bridger was quite rightly convicted to a whole life term behind bars , thankfully we will not see him in our town again. I was the mayor of Machynlleth for all but two days of that tragic, horrific episode and because of that I was probably more ...
Mark Bridger Photographer - It was tough to pick out just one from Mark’s wonderful collection of wildlife i...
This is such a great photo. Photograph by Mark Bridger, National Geographic. Mark's profile on...
genuinely thought this was a picture of that Mark Bridger bloke...
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misty morning by Mark Bridger via via
Photo: allcreatures: Picture: MARK BRIDGER/CATERS NEWS (via Animal photos of the week - Telegraph)
While walking around an old pig farm in Berkshire photographer Mark Bridger from West Malling, Kent, managed to...
Zipper's Photo of the Day. August. 9, 2014. © Mark Bridger . Owls sharing a worm, in Berkshire.
The water vole is Britain’s fastest declining wild mammal; this gorgeous photo of one was taken by Mark Bridger... .4PhcRnS5TI
Watching the little league world series on my lunch break, and there's a kid whose first name is Bridger. Really?
Animal photos of the week includes some hungry birds (Pic: Mark Bridger/Caters)
Two years ago today: UFO by Mark Bridger
Photo: wowtastic-nature: crooked tree hill by Mark Bridger on
BREAKING NEWS: House where April Jones believed to have been killed bought by Welsh Government http…
Photo Of The Day in the middle by Mark Bridger via
Welsh Government buys house where it's believed was murdered by Mark Bridger - so it can be demolished
↩ South Wales: House where killer Mark Bridger is thought to have taken body of April Jones will ...
Former home of Aprir Jones killer Mark Bridger to be demolished
Former home of April Jones killer Mark Bridger to be demolished
The Ceinws house where Mark Bridger killed schoolgirl is to be demolished.
Troys snake Kaa preying on his food now he's happy xxx Troy Hill, Mark Bridger, Susan Hill
Excellent news about mark bridger, just hoped it would reveal where she was for parents sake how they cope with that I will never know x
Tell mark Bridger that I have made him a jam sandwhich no crusts for his luncg to... — Alright night mum love you x
Will mark sad passing of Rik Mayall with birthday boxset fest.
April Jones' mother 'disgusted' as Mark Bridger begs to move prisons - Daily Mail
Because these dogs can't be dissed. They found a fragment of April. Mark Bridger convicted.
April Jones killer Mark Bridger drops his application for permission to appeal against his whole-life sentence.
Generations. Photo and caption by Mark Bridger. A little lion cub watching the zebra with his mother one lazy...
What do you think about this speedy otter as (– It was taken by Mark Bridger
Britains Deadliest Criminals The 47 Lifers Who Will NEVER Be Freed From Jail The stories behind Britain’s most dangerous killers and the hideous crimes which lead them to a life sentence in prison Lifers: Britain's 47 deadliest criminals Every murderer knows they face life behind bars if they are caught and convicted. But only in a few rare cases does that really mean they will never taste freedom again – there are fewer than 50 people who have been told they will die in jail. But sometimes, the crime is so horrific that the law says that the killer can never be released. These are the real lifers. In May, paedophile Mark Bridger became the 46th killer on the list after he murdered five-year-old April Jones in Wales. And less than a month later gangland brute Dale Cregan became number 47 when he was convicted of the cold-blooded murder of four people, including two female police officers. Today, 47 of Britain’s most dangerous killers are on a whole-life tariff. They include Moors Murderer Ian Brady, ...
KILLER Mark Bridger is fearing for his life after being told to drop his claim for injury ­compensation by fellow lags. Terrified Bridger did not pursue an appeal against his whole life sentence for the murder of April Jones, inset below, after he was threatened by lags. And now he is under pressure…
MP Jim Dobbin bobbed in for a chat today and this was what he advised we do before July. 1) Write to the leaders of all parties before they have created their manifestoes. 2) Contact and arrange an appointment to see the Head of SS Rochdale, Sheila Downie. 3) Contact Lord Peter Smith. 4) Contact Deputy CEO Linda Fisher. 5) Contact the commissioner of police Sir Peter Fahey. This is what we said to him. We want to hold the SS accountable for its misconduct and abuse of its power and authority. We want the politician's to tackle the epidemic of abuse our women and children are experiencing on a daily basis. We want the family courts to speed up and stop placing children with the perpetrators of abuse. We want the law to be changed with regard to the Parental rights of an abusive father to be taken away. Mark Bridger killed April Jones and despite serving a life sentence this *** still has PR. His ex wife cannot move out of the area where he murdered April. Is this right? *** no. What is the underlyi ...
Featured Photo by Mark Bridger: . Editor’s Note: Each week we’ll be featuring members of the Photofocus communi...
“one misty morning... by Mark Bridger
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Photo: wolverxne: a little stretch ~ by: Mark Bridger
pakar seo * one misty morning... by Mark Bridger morning, misty, by, one, mark, bridger
* one misty morning... by Mark Bridger by
one misty morning... by Mark Bridger Peter_S_Becks1
one misty morning... by Mark Bridger
Mark Bridger happy birthday lots of love the robinsons x
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