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Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont (born 1 January 1983) is a record-breaking long-distance Scottish cyclist, adventurer, broadcaster, documentary maker and author.

Baton Relay

Just about to board the TGV from Rennes to Paris to watch Mark Beaumont's "Grand Depart" at 4 am sunday from the famous Arc de Triomphe.
RSK is delighted to be sponsoring on his cycle, which starts tomorrow
Nice shout out to in this interview with -
ChitChat Scots cycling adventurer Mark Beaumont plans to break his own world record - a feat that will b…
What an amazing ambassador for Scotland with plenty – good luck 🚴
Mark Beaumont set to smash records with 80 days world cycle
This hurts just thinking about it. WOW.
Around the world in 80 days ... on a bicycle: meet Mark Beaumont, the cyclist redefining endurance
Bet he'll be needing a massage after this if you're in need of sports therapy, you know where we are!
YO JULES VERNE Scottish cyclist declares plan to ride around world in 80 days. (That's 1700 mi/week for 2.5 months)…
Cyclist Mark Beaumont in bid to ride around the world in 80 days – video.
Mark Beaumont aims to cycle around the world & smash the current record !. .
Endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont announces plans to go around the world in 80 days on his bike
Another adventure beckons for cycling star Mark Beaumont. Read more at:
Cyclist Mark Beaumont targets around the world | Vic Marks via
> | | Another adventure beckons for cycling star Mark Beaumont ...across the Tay Bridge into Fife, over the …
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Mark Beaumont to attempt 'Around the world in 80 days' record
Cyclist Mark Beaumont gears up for new around the world challenge
Is going around the world in 80 days possible without the hot air balloon? 🎈 Cyclist Mark Beaumont will find out!…
Best wishes to Mark with this. Quite a schedule!
Mark Beaumont plans to ride around world in 80 days - and he'll warm up by riding GB coast in 2 weeks:…
Cyclist Mark Beaumont targets around the world ride in 80 days
Mark Beaumont reveals plans to ride around world in 80 days
80 DAYS helps in a record breaking attempt to peddle around the world - in 80 days!
Round the world cyclist Mark Beaumont calls for laws protecting bike users.
Mark your calendars to join us on Tuesday June 21st from 5:00-10:00 p.m. at McAlister's Deli in Beaumont!
Fabulous evening at our Wider Achievement Awards! Well done everyone and thank you Mark Beaumont for being an inspirational speaker
Mark Beaumont: Law change is vital to make our roads safer for cyclists.
SuperGlu are playing this evening at Mark Beaumont presents The Monarch a show most worth popping along to
leading calls for the Scottish Parliament to change civil law to help protect vulnerable road users
Mark Beaumont's Hebridean Way cycle challenge is here! Watch the video & read the blog to discover more
Events at Birnam Arts & Conference Centre, click on attached link for more information!
VIDEO: Round-the-world cyclist Mark Beaumont backs civil law change for road users - The Courier
Mark Beaumont - I think instead we should all have dashboard cams so there is proof of fault -
Excellent!: BBC News - Mark Beaumont leads call for new road laws to protect cyclists
Round-the-world voluntary human hazard backs civil law to blame for his risks -
Amazing how Mark Beaumont managed to insert a hyperlink into his speech here:
Press release. Supporting comments from of and of .
Many Muslims to begin fasting for month of Ramadan on Monday: Millions of Muslims around the world will mark ...
In 2016 we welcomed Mark Beaumont as our keynote speaker. Who would you like to see in future years?
Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark . at Beaumont Cellars Winery . June 4, 2016, 5:30 PM. Famous Couples in Cinema...
Thousands in Hong Kong mark Tiananmen crackdown anniversary: Tens of thousands of people poured into Hong Kon...
Star cyclist Mark Beaumont is looking forward to The Big Bike Fest Gala this Sunday.
PERTHSHIRE NEWS: Adventurer Mark Beaumont presents prizes to students at Perth College
Francophone athletes make their mark in Beaumont
Interviewed Mark Beaumont yesterday as part of the big bike fest in East Dunbartonshire
Looking forward to an 'Evening with Mark Beaumont : Africa Solo' , what a legend!
Cycle Friendly Campus award for push for sustainable travel.
Today does mark my 1 year anniversary of working for beaumont though. Happy June 1st yalll 😊
Don't miss Mark Beaumont when he comes to Milngavie Town Hall this week for
Great short video of Mark Beaumont cycling the North Coast 500 route in Scotland
Mark Beaumont and the amazing cyclists all helping raise money for the STV Appeal!! . Such a pleasure to be part...
;) . did Mr Beaumont allow Bradfords Owner Mark Green into the ground or did he stick to his word?
Mark Beaumont starts his recent challenge, a 450 mile static cycle in aid of .
Jordan Carlton starts off too quickly (as usual) during his hour with Mark Beaumont, on the Wattbike.
Mark Beaumont and me going to Africa
John Leonard inspiring Mark Beaumont at today's record attempt in the Infiniti showroom!
Now at Infiniti Glasgow to take part in the 24hr cycle for the STV appeal with Mark Beaumont! 󾮗󾟫
The incredible Mark Beaumont is doing another amazing cycle for charity for the STV Appeal!. There are still some...
hi could you please say good luck to our son Noah who is 8 is going to cycle along side mark beaumont in Glasgow for charity x
He loves a challenge! tells us about his 450 mile static cycle on all for
Busy day tomorrow at Infiniti Cars Centre! Looking forward to helping Mark Beaumont with his 24hr cycle to raise...
We caught up with ambassador to hear about his experience with endurance racing
Peeps of the Diocese of BEAUMONT, TX- MARK your calendar for the nights of MARCH 13-15,2016. INFO will come from others-DONT DISAPPOINT me!
CGCSA1 Sarah Beaumont (SABMiller) talks about Innovations & Trends in the Digital Space in Retail &Alcohol Mark…
JUST LISTED BY MARK SHORE! - $445,000. In Beaumont Drive - one of the most attractive streets in Rockhampton. Just...
Fancy riding alongside Mark Beaumont as he attempts another world record?. There are a few spaces left on...
Beaumont hosts 'Dogtoberfest' for furry friends: Attention big barkers and little yappers! It’s time to mark your…
MAMIL's deter would-be cyclists, says adventurer Mark Beaumont. What do you think?
SSE employees are hoping to help break a world record in aid of the
joins Mark Beaumont as he takes on cycling challenge,
SSE joins as he takes on a new challenge:
MAMILs deter would-be cyclists says adventurer Mark Beaumont
Do MAMILs deter would-be cyclists? Adventurer Mark Beaumont says they do
Motörhead at Glastonbury 2015 review – predictable but greasily effective by Mark Beaumont via Network Front | The…
Mark Beaumont sets new Africa cycling world record - Cycling Weekly via
Mark Beaumont sets new Africa cycling world record |
Cairo to Cape Town in 50 days – Mark Beaumont attempts another world record
I remember Mark Beaumont being the only writer in that magazine whose opinion I gave a rat's *** about. He's too good for NME.
I really want to go and climb Aconcagua after reading Mark Beaumont's book.
A huge well done to everyone who took part in our Advent-Ure Week Giveaway. Mark Beaumont chose the winner from...
I would have loved it if at the end of the Apprentice Lord Sugar took out a coin and said "Heads-Bianca, Tails-Mark".
are there any cyclists e.g. David Millar 175k, Mark Beaumont 24k. Oh I see Chris Hoy is there - good.
Get ready for some real Mark Beaumont zingers and the best of the Ask Fred column.
This article is actually about Mark Beaumont being surprised he was beaten by a female, not the word 'Girl'.
My own personal perspective and what drove me to attempt the challenge. Unlike many athletes I did not spend hour upon hour rigorously putting my body through the pain barrier. I just got on my bike and cycled, and cycled, and then when I thought I had cycled far enough, I cycled some more till I was fit to drop. This is how I view my challenging endeavors. I was not competing against thousands of other athletes as much as I’m competing with the devilish cauliflower thing stuffed between my ears. When I can block out the burning and the aches in my legs and my knees, the searing in my lungs, the negative voices that are going around inside my head then I have won. You obviously do have to put yourself through some considerable physical distress, even pain, to achieve a personal goal like this, but when you have, no matter what the age or the ailments you may have, and then you are a winner. You have not just won a physical battle. You have also knocked down a significant mental barrier. These mental bar ...
I'm keen for all of this. Who's coming for Mark/Damo party next week?
The BBC has definitely lost the plot now - Mark Beaumont, presenter of the 'Queen's Baton Relay' program, said '.. I cannot live this down - being beaten by a 19 yr-old girl' in a fun judo match'. On broadcast, the word 'girl' was omitted in case it caused offence. It was also revealed that no-one at the event (but the BBC) could find anything offensive with this.
BBC is accused of censorship after cutting the g-word - The BBC was caught up in a censorship row yesterday after the word “girl” was cut from a TV documentary amid fears that it might cause offence. During an episode of The Queen’s Baton Relay, the presenter Mark Beaumont, 31, joked after being thrown t -
If Mark Beaumont had been in a spa with a 19 year old boy - I'd be worried!
[YahooXtra Blogs (blog)]The Mail on Sunday is reporting broadcaster Mark Beaumont joked after being hurl...
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Isn't "Around the World in 80 Minutes" such a good name for Mark Beaumont's 80min sesh at Conference?!
Mark Beaumont may be punched in da face. Still.
BBC in censorship row after the word 'girl' is cut from documentary: Mark Beaumont's comment, "I am not sure I can live that down - b...
When Mark and I were at the park doing his Physics thing, I really wanted to shout "In the name of Science!"
Mark Beaumont still writes for them and Johnny Cigarettes has written a couple of books
And Mark Beaumont ,does he write for the Radio Times now,he was a ***
Mark Beaumont is hopeful that the missing yachtsmen can be found and defy the odds just as he did...
Mark Beaumont explored the world cycling brings his experience to inspire Scottish enterprises
From my pal Mike Dooley to pals at SRT Mark Thayer, Tiffany Beaumont Worthen, et al.
A call out to all my musician and poet friends. I would love you to be part of this event. As you know I love music and poetry as much as I love art and the two go naturally together. I cannot play you but I would love to do your portrait as you perform play as part of the event. How does this sound ? You may of course keep a sketch of yourself. This way we have art music and an interactive live bit of arng on all in one go ! Others will be encouraged to make art in response to your music or poetry So we can have full on creative audience participation. Rosalind Webbertron, Jimtom Keith Thomas James, Mar Yo, Justin Thyme, Dave David Phillips, Phil Philip J Bricher, Mark Beaumont, Musetta Seagrove, Peter James Norman, Nathan Jones, Paul Shanahan, Marlene Packwood, Hanneke Richards-van de Ven, Kezzabelle - Poet, Katie Jones, Katie Paton, Sarah Carter
Travel Around the world in 195 days, six hours - by bike Share 0 inShare0 Email Cathy Heffernan The Guardian, Saturday 16 February 2008 A Scottish man became the fastest to cycle around the world yesterday when he arrived in Paris after nearly seven months on the road. Mark Beaumont, 25, completed the trip in 195 days and six hours - beating the current record of 276 days. After almost seven months of dodging drivers, sleeping rough and struggling to get enough to eat, Beaumont is expected to enter the Guinness Book of Records, once the feat is verified. Carrying 80kg of gear, including a tent, on a £2,500 road bike, Beaumont beat the previous record by 81 days. He said the last two days on the road had been hard, but "about 40km from Paris the adrenaline kicked in and I flew up the last hills". His trip took him through 20 countries on a route which included Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Holland last August took four hours; Germany three days. He endured floods and ro ...
US punk-pop royalty unite the Emirates in one gigantic hug-mosh, writes Mark Beaumont
Join our team at Cameron House, Loch Lomond, for the Sportsmans dinner in their Claret Jug on Tuesday 04 June This great event is in aid of the brilliant charity STV Appeal. You will spend your evening with legends of football Walter Smith and Murdo Macleod, who will tell tales of their illustrious careers and also adventurer Mark Beaumont who will share stories of his great adventures. Ticket are priced £35.00 per person or a tables of 10 for £300, to book or for more info please call: 01389 713657
Mark Beaumont, founder of explains what has helped keep them at the top of their field
“Memo to rock stars - this is how you use public transport another great read from Mark Beaumont
Ahead of Kraftwerk’s residency at Tate Modern, ShortList’s Mark Beaumont explores the birth of electronica and the early years that shaped a robotic rock phenomenon...
...Worried they were turning into couch potatoes, the Campbells wanted some inspiration to become more active as a family, so the new show seemed like a perfect opportunity. Coached Off The Couch set Amanda, Craig and their two children a series of tasks designed to introduce them to activities they could all enjoy together. As part of the TV show the Campbells completed a 10-mile cycle with world-record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont who told them about the Rob Roy Challenge. Hearing him talk about taking part in the 2012 event inspired them to do the same this year. They feel that having a target like Rob Roy provides the ideal motivation to ensure they keep up their training. Oh, and Mark enjoyed his experience so much last year that he has already signed up for 2013.
Scots adventurer Mark Beaumont cycles defensively & looks out for other people on the road who may bring him danger.
Beaumont, AB: Mark Beaumont: Bradley Wiggins and other athletes &to accidents&
Mark Beaumont: Bradley Wiggins and other athletes 'vulnerable to accidents': THE adventurer says the number of m...
My son was at Knockhill the british touring cars.Mark Beaumont was their cycled round the track in 3mins.also Sir Chris Hoy as a spectator.
Three wounded guys are about attempt three mountain stages of the Tour de France. Pretty awesome! They are doing it with world record holder Mark Beaumont. This is a great little video with them discussing why they are doing it. 3 minutes - worth watching. Support the Walk!
Mark Beaumont joins folk band on car-free journey to music festival
I surprisingly only have 2 books in my wishlist right now: Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay & Mark Beaumont's Out of This World: Muse (biography)
Looking like Mr Tumnus's supermodel sister, the Watford hopeful carves a powerful pastoral aesthetic all her own, says Mark Beaumont
Scottish News: Scots adventurer Mark Beaumont to receive honorary degree from Dundee University
Mark Beaumont: Ever wondered why I Am the Resurrection and Fools Gold feature in so many playlists? It's to allow the DJ enough time to sprint to the loo and back
"Often it felt like trying to interview the entire Internet on random search." -Mark Beaumont, on interviewing Matt Bellamy.
If you were in the Parade, there's a good chance you're in this album! Photos by Mark Beaumont
It'd be very unprofessional of me to mention Hamish McBain, Mark Beaumont, Krissi Murison, Zane Lowe, Geffen and Murray Chalmers.
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