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Mark Antony

Mark Antony (Latin: M·ANTONIVS·M·F·M·N) (January 14, 83 BC – August 1, 30 BC) was a Roman politician and general.

Julius Caesar James Purefoy Bernie Sanders Marlon Brando

I love My Girlfriend Miss Van Halen, The Juliet to My Romeo, The Cleopatra to My Mark Antony, The Cher to My Meatlo…
When Sweden 🇸🇪 is playing Denmark 🇩🇰. It is SWE - DEN. The remaining letters not used are DEN - MARK.
you get news and sentiments wrong as usual. Thats the reason for your downfall. Read Shakespeare's Mar…
How autistic am I that I can tell this is Mark Antony
I'm totally agree with you My dear friends Mark Antony
Jackson will be at Florida's Friday Night Lights tomorrow to watch. He does not plan on competing.
“In a world of rapid change you do not need to outrun the ‘robots’, you just need to outrun your competition.”…
I love Enrique. I'd marry him in 2 seconds. And Mark Antony. Do you listen to him? Love him! I l…
10. At least I shall not die a coward and I know I have One true friend, Mark Antony. For my last words I have chosen..…
“I’m looking forward to seeing a couple of dogs out there,” said.
Kaiir Elam will be at UF tonight for Sensational Sophomore Night. So will Boca's Dante Lang and Michael Pratt.
John Dunmore (and Mark-Antony Richards (will be in Gainesville this weekend.
Mark Antony & Cleopatra defeat Octavian at battle of Alexandria. Western civ. based directly on Egyptian culture in…
Hi Faye, just pushing my friends short "Caesar" for him. I played Mark Antony. Could you give it a RT
Nero was the Great Great nephew of Augustus and Great great grandson of Mark Antony
Fun fact Nero was related to Mark Antony
Well said. I have often thought about that. Mark Antony did nothing wrong.
If Mark Antony had won instead of Augustus, would he have tested the Xtreme boundaries of Imperial Over…
It's very good probably James Purefoy's best performance since Mark Antony.
Wellington 2019 ATH Mark-Antony Richards will go up to Auburn before coming back down to Florida's Friday Night Lig…
Was a forged document responsible for the defeat of Mark Antony and the rise of Rome’s first emperor?
...I admit, comparing any other rant to Mark Antony's "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" is a tad unfair, but still.
Hawass has said in the past that he was close to finding the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and found nothing. D… Salsa mark antony - I reach for you Visitenos
Mark Antony aka AK Antony was more worried abt his kursi than country in UPA akaal. Bullet p…
"If Caesar never died, she would have never known the bliss of Mark Antony"
One of the best moments on The Cosby Show was Theo and Cockroach doing the rap version of Mark Antony's speech from Ju…
Eh, then who is Mark Antony? Ivanka? And which Koch brother is Marcus Lepidius? You gotta flesh this out more.
Come on You haven't even commented on Mark Antony's abuse of captured Gauls during his campaign with Caesar--no comment ever.
3 contestants pictured training with Mark Naylor (partner of Robin Cousins)
Well, this is a bit like Mark Antony said in Shakespeare's drama, that Brutus must be opposed for sake of R…
is nearing the 1M mark 💪. 1st time ever for an Indian Film 👌. HBD THALAPATHYVIJAY.
Reincarnated Zadie spies a clone of her ancient-lost love,Mark Antony. For him, she'll risk her future to reclaim their past
Pompeo Batoni - Cleopatra and the dying Mark Antony
That looks like a Mark Antony coin.
Well done to Mark Forster on winning the BDGA Snrs Championship. Watched by Past Capt's Len O'Hagen, Steve Horner &…
Kind of feel like the CBC is using "honorable" in addressing Trump the same way Mark Antony did in Julius Caesar -…
Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates try opposite paths to education tech in India.
match goes on, Gavaskar has been the Mark Antony Caesar Kumble needed. & Kohli is an honorable man
George Smith tracing the history of fake news back to disinformation spread about Mark Antony, 30 BC
The moral of Julius Caesar is to never let Mark Antony open his mouth.
"All those actors." Brutus wasn't black. Mark Antony wasn't black. Half of the senator…
Pretty enjoyable so far. Can't quite figure out Mark Antony's accent. I swear it began sweet country and is now northern Irish
MTV tonight is always outright with the both of you... Good evening mark.. Looking sharp and inspiring
At the thats under fire/getting mad press, who does Brutus and Mark Antony resemble? Anyone we know?
The most famous speech in it is Mark Antony making it clear that the conspirators are lying hypocrites.
What a day at the stand! topped of with a visit from Minister Mark Garnier once again working…
It is all too easy to whip up a crowd (witness Mark Antony in Julius Caesar.) Much harder to calm one down. Genies, bottles and all that.
Happiest birthday to this silly person! Hope your day goes as weird and great as you! Always a queen you're still t…
Once you accept mark of beast.. You can not go back.even if you cut it will go to *** …
The pound falls after Mark Carney says it's not yet time to raise interest rates in Britain
She must be repeating the words of Mark Antony from Julius Caesar: .Mischief, thou art afo…
Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Augustus made pilgrimages to Alexander’s tomb
Re-read the sentence. It's positively Mark Antony-esque. I'm sure Trump thought he was getting praised.
Mark Antony's Speech via How does NYC crowd react when Antony speaks of Caesar/Trump murder?
And when my own Mark Antony . Against young Cæsar strove, . And Rome's whole world was set in arms, . The cause was,—all for love.
But you ignorant right-wing rubes stop Mark Antony from doing this:
To them 'Caesar' supporters out there who hard-on over this play. Remember your literature? Those wh…
Didnt Mark Antony kill all the attackers later? Trying to re…
Whoever has seen him as Mark Antony can easily imagine what a great performance he could do…
My Company, Sirius, Will simply conduct no further business with you ever again, and can only encou…
No thank you - I have spent weeks trying to speak with 'customer service' and have experiences the joy of dealing with you.
Really sorry to see this Mark. Please DM your full name, dob, postcode & policy number. ~ Andy
Will be taking off our renewals quote list permanently, as explained to the unhelpful 'customer service' rep who dealt with us...
Atrocious 'customer service' from to a long-term customer (no more!). Penny piecing refusal to backdate renewal cancellation...
By Caesar's nephew, Lepidus and Mark Antony. Message of the play: political violence begets vi…
And it not advocating assassination. You dolts did not…
country? Well, I suppose to an illiterate Trump supporter it is. Br…
good morning Mark Antony will do me good this Mon morning
She was excellent but it was super odd because the analogy breaks down pretty quick. Brutus=Wayne Swan? Mark Antony=...that Scottish one?
Or-- if the play has a villain, it's Mark Antony. Historic…
They probably think it ends with Octavius, Lepidus & Mark Antony running a "Great Triumvirate" on Cleo…
Prince William, Barack Obama and Donald Trump Jr. mark Father's Day with charming pictures of their families
Have you never seen the play? The speech Mark Antony gives over his body turns sent…
Also Mark Antony was being specious when he said "honorable men".
Maybe a Mark Antony speech will save me
Mark Antony? Did you not understand how he calculatingly…
Didn't end up too well for the mob that murdered Caesar, either. Mark Antony took care of them. Cicer…
University of Virginia, I stared as Mark Antony in a uniform in '17 the select Jonathan Allen.
Make sure you don't let any of the vipers live. Kill ever…
They should have waited for Mark Antony's speech and then rioted with the stage mob but alas they don't know the play.
Silly Mark Antony! Come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him. And praise him. And praise praise prai…
Rich in his father’s honor, creeps apace Into the hearts of such as have not thrived - Mark Antony A&C 1/3…
I love that the audience couldn't tell if people yelling during Mark Antony's “Friends, Romans, countrymen” were ac…
10$ says they don't even who Mark Antony was
Wikipedia has become the new cliff notes and it's sad. I played Mark Antony in my HS play. Love every minute of it.
If Trump is “Caesar”, who is “Mark Antony”? What about “Brutus” and “Cassius”? Who’s playing them? Spoiler alert: Everybody dies in the end.
Julius Caesar is also portrayed as having bequeathed Rome to the Roman People (Mark Antony'…
Martin Hutson as Cassius and James Corrigan - Mark Antony were outstanding in Julius Caesar great a…
A masterclass in rhetoric from James Corrigan as Mark Antony in He'd have got my vote
The contributor is right: James Corrigan was a very convincing Mark Antony.
Update your maps at Navteq
It doesn’t matter if you’re handsome (Clark Gable, Justin Pierce, Mark Antony). Suicide and depression can affect anyone.
Caesar, Crassus, and Pompeii. Clay, Webster, Calhoun. Lepidus, Mark Antony, Octavian. I could go on 😭
Listen to Mark Antony. Lend me your ears. The sea level will rise 6 feet. Over the next 80 years
Found Wife of Alcoholic in Pain and Needing Help in Christ:
Hmmm. At the level of EJK, drug wars, and Marcos burials, methinks Duterte is playing Mark Antony to the wired class’s Brutus.
.coach Tom Abel compared RB Mark-Anthony Richards, brother, to Derrick Henry, kind of.
.ATH Mark-Antony Richards talks offer and his sophomore year.
Mark Antony would've been a beast on social media.
Publius Canidius, a friend of Mark Antony. At the bottom, in a rare example of her handwriting,
If Trump get's assassinated:. Just replace 'Tyrant' with 'racist' and Mark Antony with Ted Cruz.
The HBO series ROME is a must watch. is in my top 5 favorite actor ever. Purefoy's Mark Antony character is amazing.
Mark Linaker of Ginger's Grill in Prestatyn, Wales, is giving a 20% discount to customers with red hair because "they deserv…
AK Dance at the Mark Antony concert at Benidorm
Mark Antony: Today is truly a tragic day. Julius Caesar was betrayed by those most close to him. He will be avenged!
Everyone better keep an 👀 on they're gonna be big. Mark my word
Bloody foreigners. Mark Carney, coming over here and saving our economy after 17m people voted for a recession. https:/…
We, girls, are crazy! But who is that could say no to a man like Joe Carroll or Mark Antony? Not me, anyway!
Getting the goss on the love affair between Mark Antony and Cleopatra
Pound falls ahead of interest rate cut decision at the Bank of England | Business News | News | The Independent
As popular today as it was when Mark Antony and bathed here in 40BC!
Mark your calendar, as Friday's the day & finally drop 'I Want You'!
The people of Rome clamour, call for fire & sword, pledge themselves to death. Mark Antony might have been underestimated...
Rome *will* be satisfied. Yet peace will be hard won, as Brutus, Cassius, and Mark Antony render conflicting views of Caesar's death...
What will an interest rate cut mean for you? | Business News | News | The Independent
"Your tongue is old, but sharp, Cicero. Be careful how you waggle it. One day it will cut off your head" MARK ANTONY
Antony and the Johnsons - I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy via
£25. If I had won the million I'd have taken you to Vegas, Mark. Oh well 😂
Please please please let the question be on Brutus and Caesar or Decius or mark Antony and not Cassius
1 - Mark Clattenburg now has 1 more Champions League trophy than Arsenal. Tattoo.
MARK ANTONY: friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. SENATOR POTATO HEAD: [making his way through the crowd] st…
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"I love usama he's like the moon to my sun, the cleopatra to my Mark Antony, the peanut butter to my jelly, the sun fo…
Shakespeare and the American elections: Bernie Sanders, the modern-day Mark Antony via
Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend us your ears: Bernie Sanders is the modern Mark Antony https…
Macbeth is played by Kirk Bage, who has recently played Shylock, Falstaff, Iago & Mark Antony for us. Hope that helps.
Bernie Sanders, the modern-day Mark Antony - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, that master of political theatre whose quater...
The panel & Niki Savva having their Mark Antony moment after the Ides of April.
whenever I have extra mad time, I use it to fume about Mark Antony's decision to execute Cicero
MARK ANTONY: Thou look'st like itself and EUPHRONIUS
always the same... an Octavian (West) an Mark Antony (Russia) and Cleopatra (Middle East)... is to establish the Empire or a new world order
When Julius Caesar discovered he had an inny and Mark Antony had an outy, it triggered one of the greatest navel battles in history.
I think our wrongs in us As of a foul mis-shapen. stigmatic, Mark Antony, your son; who said ,'God sends a warrant. For my poor country !
Mark Antony's Heroes - How the Third Gallica Legion Saved an Apostle and Created
mark antony blackthorn (the dark artifices). «I cannot hear my heart or what it tells me. I can only hear the wind.»
No probs.His Mark Antony style speech minus passion has probably put paid to any success for 'IN'
His Mark Antony style, minus passion, would kill 'IN' chances for scotland
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Agreed.His speech was like Mark Antony speech for Caesar minus the passion
{ Enter Mark Antony(and others) With Caesar's body} Here comes the body,Mourned by Mark Antony,Who though he had no hand in his death, 3
Happy Birthday to my other brother Antony 🎈
Legs are in pieces courtesy of mark_antony_b and his leg routine. I got pretty stale with my…
Mark Aston, Garry Lo and Matt Fozzard in visiting on behalf of
Will they have a bust of Cleopatra? If not, I'm willing to settle for Mark Antony
On 4/14/43BC. @ Forum Gallorum. Mark Antony, besieges Caesar's assassin-Brutus-in Mutina, defeats Pansa, but is then defeated by Aulus Hirtius
u could drink And work out that's what Mark Antony would do
What a legendary coin issued by Mark Antony!check out to lea…
JC's speech hasn't help,it was like Mark Antony's speech in support Julius Caesar but without passion
EU speech whiffed of Mark Antony speech in support of Caesar.Had no emotion.Wasted opportunity for IN
Our regulars are part of production of Comedy of Errors. Antony Sendall, Tom McGrath, Mark Oldknow and…
In 43 BC, Mark Antony engages the Roman Republic in battle at the Battle of Forum Gallorum.
AK like Mark Antony in Baasha Film..a baddie.
Mark Antony. His artful manipulation of the mob and the way he placed his will in their hearts? Beauty incarnate.
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Come on, but Mark Antony: let. him put The manage of my present partner in this action At our quaint. spirits.
I added a video to a playlist Charlotte Crosby X Mark Hill
in 43BC, Mark Antony defeated the consul Pansa at Forum Gallorum, only to then be defeated by Hirtius
Mark antony killed ceaser.. And thats all
14th April 43 BC Mark Antony, besieging Caesar's assassin Decimus Brutus in Mutina, defeats the forces of the consul Pansa.
Creo Mark 1 Specs & Features Review: Why it is NOT good to buy? via /r/tech
Mark Antony said to the people, "Lend me your ears." Be wise and listen to what is being said.
did you sleep with Caesar and Mark Antony?
"The lack of success of any of his measures" I'm Mark Antony
someone said stepdads and now I'm thinking about my amazing Mark Antony and caesarion step dad movie idea
Actor Marlon Brando was born 1924. No one could have matched his Mark Antony
Starshot Project: Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg to send tiny rockets to Alpha Centauri |The Independent
"I saw Mark Antony offer him a crown... he put it by once-but, for all that, to my thinking, he would fain have had it."
James Purefoy on playing Mark Antony in "Rome". One of the greatest performances in the history of TV.
Quote from 'Carry On', hinting film about to see. Bilius: Hail, Mark Antony!. Mark Antony: Hail - snow, rain, thunder, lighting - the lot!
3. Julius Bassianus was a seventh generation descendant of Mark Antony & Cleopatra, father-in-law of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus...
Hey what's grades did you all get on the Mark Antony speech for Larson?? I'm curious
I never did get my ears back from that Mark Antony guy. You said lend, not give, ***
Portrait of Mark Antony from my silver denarius, dating to the Second Triumvirate c.41 BCE
MARK ANTONY: Say, our strife if I Have notice what temperance should do discandy, melt their sweets On blossoming Caesar tells 'I am…
Four bedroomed detached family home in
Today from 1pm, Mark Radcliffe will host a special show saying thank you to
. The Mystery since the time of Cleopatra and Mark Antony,Romeo and Juliet, Orpheus and Eurydice. 😊
Well *** My next guess was going to be Mark Antony or Mark Wahlberg. But I guess that guy you draw all the time makes sense.
MARK ANTONY: 'Tis spoken true evidence to whom I must thou dispatch we punish us, requires Our separation so quickly cut the mad Brutus…
It wasn’t even him. It was Antony Kay, in 45 minutes time.
But tbh the guy who plays Mark Antony is cute...sort of
Antony. The calls will come. I don't predict he will quit, but mark my words, we've seen this movie before. Calls will come
They are showing Julius Caesar in the telly with Marlon Brando as Mark Antony. forgot how bloody amazing he was
I've read a few different POV's about Mark Antony and Cleopatra's relations and tbh I'm sort of touched...
She was termed to be real mother of Jesus by many historians. Mark Antony as father of Jesus
are you looking for more leads in 2016? Have a look at this
Still, didn't you have a thing with Caesar, and Mark Antony?
"Mischief, thou art afoot." Mark Antony realizes small amount of what he's done but doesn't know the full detrimental damage.
Mark Antony: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Van Gogh: You got it, pal
Mark Antony used unorthodox & theatrical techniques in his funeral speech for Caesar
watch this and pay close attention to the change in Mark Antony's rate and volume of speaking. Mark on your paper.
Was important the red colour of the beard because Mark Antony and Erik Thorvaldsson have been with such beards.
Hey Steve!! Happy New Year buddy! Hope you had a great Christmas, and that the US is still agreeing with you! :D
appreciated. Happy New Year to you Glyn, and hope you have a lovely Christmas...
There's something about James Purefoy as Mark Antony & Polly Walker as Atia that makes them so...mesmerising. http…
I know right? Fun fact.. Did u know that Mark Antony when he ruled the Roman army marched with his men into Germany
James Purefoy was such a perfect Mark Antony. Never understood why HBO's Rome got only 2 seasons.
Mark Antony. Did you see...I can't even remember what it was, reading from Shakespeare's warriors or smthn at Trafalgar Studios
In Julius Caesar he's incredibly beautiful, and also manages to do what you've got to do with Mark Antony:
Goalshot for the from Alun Armstrong. Great play from Mark Antony and Armstrong kicks the ball in with his soccer cleats.
Alexandra Leaving abt Mark Antony too. told me:
Sorry, I just couldn't help it. Mark Antony's speech at Julius Cesar's funeral.(paraphrased_
oh man you caught me, I think we should all go see it again, purely because of the Mark Antony actor yeah
Mark Antony's bath night was good fun!
Just like Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde.Sampson,...
Paul Heyman drops Pipebomb on Vinnie Mac via than Shakespeare Mark Antony.
Jamie Hall and Mark Tyson of talking about using data to prove the customer experience at
you know you're having a bad day when Mark Antony forms the 2nd triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus and murder you
You may have seen Brando, but Charlton Heston as Mark Antony is sheer class! What intonations!
Mark Antony Bradfield - Belstead Road Ipswich very busy. Motor cyclist has come off his motorbike police and...
Figurative Sculptures by Antony Gormley. To mark the Landmark Trust's 50th anniversary,
Mark Antony Thank you for following me!
Congrats to Mark Anderson & Jodean Manu who have just won themselves Double Passes to Antony & Cleopatra.
Angling was not contemptible in the days of Mark Antony and Cleopatra,- Izaak Walton
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Life-Size Figurative Sculptures Installed Along the Coastline of Britain: . To mark the Landmark Trust's 50th a...
At the suggestion of /u/ProtoJazz and /u/Almyar, I tried to make a ghetto Shakespeare thing, so I ran Mark Antony's funeral oration through…
Searching for the Lost Tomb of Antony and Cleopatra - ancientorigins: Mark Antony and Cleopatra are among...
I need to finish watching Cleopatra ..after Caesar died & she started dating Mark Antony I was like why am I watching this? 😭
Lovely new 'still' of James Purefoy as the magnificent Mark Antony in HBO's Rome! ~Jan
Wishing Mark Webb a successful day conference on 18 June, with great tips on maximising value from site i…
Mark Francis' new haircut is very Antony Costa
ddCheck out Mark-Antony James Nevills' junior highlights on
Check out Mark-Antony James Nevills' junior highlights on
Dreamt of Cleopatra giving head to Ceasar back in BCs... something also tells me she corned Mark Antony with her head game
An Evening of Grimm Tales. Adapted by Mark Bowden. Directed by Antony Law. 2nd-5th July. Graduates:
July 31, 30 BC – Battle of Alexandria: Mark Antony achieves a minor victory over Octavian's forces, but most of his army then deserts him.
YAS I WAS HYPED AF WHEN WE DANCED IT WAS GR8 and they played mark antony but i missed a part of it so i was v sad
Imposter sauce!! But it will have to do Mark Antony Lavine
If the AAP leadership were to deliver a Mark Antony speech it would start: Frauds, Rogues, Cheats, lend me your ears!
Is there a scene between Mark Antony and Caesar??? Rex and Richard together... Oh my stars... *fans self*
I'm about as prepared for tomorrow as Mark Antony was to fight at Actium
As a nod to 'Mark Antony' the Roman general. Because I'm classical TRASH
Hi On the same wavelength! depedestalled Richard Burton as Mark Antony in
All the best to the 'magnificent marginals' in Notts: &
mark whelan+antony kelly(r passing this off as there's called Classic Album Sundays (2/2)
Just watching my aunt and mom dancing to mark Antony!😂😂
Mark Antony's funeral speech is the definition of passive aggressiveness.
just had a fab weekend at crantock beach Newquay! Mark Antony was fab any idea how to follow him to see the pics?
I don't get Cicero why didn't he just chill after his consulship not everyday go and fight mark Antony in the senate?
"And for Mark Antony, think not of him, / For he can do no more than Caesar's arm / When Caesar's head is off" (II. i. 188-190).
why the heck is Cicero talking to Mark Antony as if he's there at his first Philippic?!
Not going to lie Mark Antony's speech is very thought out good job Shakespeare
Join Antony Sher tonight at 6.30 for an event to mark the publication of his new book Year of the Fat Knight
MARK ANTONY: What say'st thou art honest so high in Egypt, Caesar, drawn it art The wine peep through the world, and horror, that, and show…
MARK ANTONY: Favours, by a kiss The next time most she died she which now All length is the greatest prince o' the flow o' the east my end…
I always found it amusing reading Julius Caesar when Mark Antony spoke bc I jus thought of JLo's ex
Mark wright and Michelle Keegan are relationship goals😫
Thanos is like Littlefinger + Mark Antony and Death herself is his Cleopatra. Pretty cool if done right.
Second Lord My noble lords, health, alack, my lord, I put. it in their silent kind More than Octavius and Mark Antony.
Remember this dog loves love sweetheart Rome - Mark Antony - I Just Wanna Live - YouTube
because of my true friend, Mark Antony, he gathered a group of people to seek revenge in honor of my death
MARK ANTONY: No, Lepidus, Keep off them, for ever I struck The seven fold For not sad, Nor make your fellow that power to weet We please To…
Should have taken Mark Antony down while we had the chance.
Does anyone want to write a paper on Mark Antony for me?? It's due tomorrow :)))
Solid day at Mt. Blue Crit for ACG athletes, Antony Haivanis, Kioko Mwosa, Brian Albert & Mark Roman! The ACG coaches had a strong day too!
All this time . & i thought mark antony meant he came to praise caesar . Rather than to bury him . Who knew?
MARK ANTONY: Her tongue will subscribe gentle Eros
Just in case you felt left out Antony (or Antony :-/) and Michael :-D
'Just because' it's Sunday and he's James Purefoy as Mark Antony in HBO's ROME! ~Jan. 'Marcus Antonius'
I'm just going to be very obvious; "Cleopatra, consumed by her love of Mark Antony's Roman D..."
The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar - Mark Antony
Is it weird when i'm 4'11" tall? Cleopatra was as tall as me 80 BC and she had both Mark Antony and Julius Caesar all for herself
Oído al pasar: about Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra - Mark Antony: If you’re from Africa, why are you white?...
Mark Antony didn't like your writing, and neither do I.
him unaware. Cleopatra with her son fled to Egypt. And Mark Antony
Taking our work experience student Antony for lunch at to mark his last day. Tacos are about to be consumed.
Everybody hates to hear that they were wrong. Mark Antony's speech is a good example of how it can be handled.
Mr. Ndongo performing Shakespeare's Mark Antony at Omega Talent show. Well done...
When I saw word 'Caesar's' in lights I would think of Caesar's palace or of Mark Antony's eulogy. Now horror alone brands me.
"The April 's in her eyes: it is love's spring, / And these the showers to bring it on. Be cheerful." . Mark Antony. Act III Scene ii
Antony & Mark have agreed to buy a pair of for the whole office to encourage us all to be more social
Stamps featuring nation's popular comics mark . by (Pic
you did me bogus. It's like I'm Julius Caesar I be like Mark Antony
Yaar this Dragon Blade is turning into a Amar Akbar Mark Antony of a Roman Cheeni Bhai Bhai melodrama.
Mark Antony was that dude in HBO's Rome
Because memorizing mark Antony's speech will help me so much in life!
last line of Mark Antony speech at Caesar's Funeral after instigating people against the killers while pretending otherwise.
"There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned." -Mark Antony, Antony & Cleopatra
"Mark Antony’s wife, Fulvia, totally ignored the traditional wifely activities of spinning and..."
The tomb of Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Greek Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman triumvir Mark Antony
None but he Whose being I do fear;and under him my genius is rebuked,as it is said Mark Antony was by Caesar.Banquo chid the witches when 5
But stirr'd by Cleopatra. / /Now, for the love of Love and her soft hours, / Let's not confound the time with conference harsh. Mark Antony
There was no Arnab Goswami in Caesar's time, or Mark Antony wouldn't have got beyond "Friends, Romans & Countrymen!"
Same would have happened between 1st BC me and Cleopatra. She'd have dropped Mark Antony like a bad habit.
I'd like to send a Big TankU! to D'Major, Gen0, Oni, Mark Antony & Energetic Matrix for believing in this...
ha. That was meant to say thank you! (Accidental question mark...) :-)
Arvind Kejriwal rivals Mark Antony's orator-ship in this edited AAP video, Spe…:
Indian version of Mark Antony speech playing out in the media !
Merattiteenga sir. After a long time people are talking about a villain. Your character is on par with mark antony of Baasha.
sorry jeopardy, but mark Antony was not Julius Caesar's "successor"
Was just imagining you doing Shakespeare. Mark Antony? Henry V Oh, Petruchio!
I'm using my mark Antony speech oops
meratiteenga ponga.After Mark Antony of bashaa its Victor Manohar of YA. Your character has matched ajit's screen presence.
Yoko Ono will release two 10-inch vinyls to mark her 82nd Birthday called 'Antony & Yoko' and 'Yoko Ono & John Zorn'.
You didn't know that ?!?!? Cleopatra also hooked up with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. ;-)
There have now been 2,500 goals in games involving (1,731 scored, 769 conceded). The Reds are first to rea…
Hi my name is Antony and I'm obsessed with Mark Hammer
Mamillius, Art thou good. Kent, Mark Antony Is come on; but my body's a trim rabble let in. Susan Grindstone and Nell.
thanks pal.. He wasn't supposed to be on the wall, I'm guessing he snuck in and put it up himself
we went this morning. It's great! You've done an amazing job with it. Only negative is the pic of on the wall!
Marlon Brando is spot on as Mark Antony in this film adaptation of
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