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Mark Addy

Mark Addy Johnson (born 14 January 1964) is an English actor, best known for his roles as Detective Constable Gary Boyle in the UK sitcom The Thin Blue Line, Dave in the film The Full Monty, father Bill Miller in the U.S.

Robert Baratheon Sean Bean Paul Bettany Alan Tudyk Heath Ledger Sarah Parish Rufus Sewell King Robert Baratheon Full Monty Knights Tale Laura Fraser Viva Rock Vegas Shannyn Sossamon David Bradley Una Stubbs Ralf Little Kevin Sorbo

Mark Addy was BORN to play the role of Robert! *** this guy has been preparing for this since A Knight's Tale!
Just seen Mark Addy on Married with Children. Awesome blast from the past.
like u gon drop a addy anyway. Mark
The wait's over, time to mark your 🗓️! Here are all the fixtures of Season 5! Which Panga are you looking f…
You a goofy, I dropped an addy and you still refuse to pull up lol mark
Hey Mark, I have a question. Is there an email addy I contact you?
Game of Thrones and Full Monty actor Mark Addy visits Castle Hill Hospital
The Full Brexit - new comedy by Peter Cattaneo, starring Robert Carlisle, Mark Addy...
I'm being accused of inciting harassment against a survey. A new high water mark in the intellectual progress of socia…
trick question its marks addy AND addys mark
Nah, Robert owned every scene he was in. Robert was quality (I'm currently rewatching s1, I miss Mark Addy and Sean Bean)
I've called GARDNER -phones slammed. LEAVE VM. But make sure you put your NAME/ADDY/ZIPCODE or they wont mark it as…
To quote mark Mark Addy in the Full Monty 'Who'd honestly want to see this dance'? :)
Hi Jaime. No W but can I plz try for Mark Addy . And do I no if Scott Wilson will be doin…
I wonder what Mark Addy and Sean Bean think about today's turn of events. I would very much enjoy their input/critique.
Me, Brother and Robert Baratheon aka Mark Addy! Good omen to have a king at my nephews christening
Proof that when visits, she leaves a mark on my wardrobe. 😂💗
Mark Addy is brilliant in that one.
Vince Cable, Steve McClaren & Mark Addy (King Robert Boratheon) all went to my school in York. Vince Cable,…
Mark Addy is there, it may as well be game of thrones
Mark Addy's performance in this scene with Barristen Selmy is one of his best speeches in the entire series
Welcome to the family, "Uncle Mark!" Honored guests Shola and Addy Franklin announced Mark Allen's signing.
. I still feel like you're missing the mark by saying "dish issues" in your ads and not "dishues". DM for addy to mail my fee.
THE Full Monty stands the test of time. Can't believe it's 20 yrs old! Tom Wilkinson and Mark Addy at their finest.
None of the actors bare Sean Bean and Mark Addy who barely made it out of the blocks are previously known actors
Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon Game of Thrones autograph card Season 1
I have never seen any casting as perfect as Luke Evans as Gaston, except maybe Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon.
Game of thrones season 1 Mark Addy as King Robert Autograph auto Full Bleed
We pullin up to Crystals party. Hit me for the addy
when I hit 20 bmt Ima be so peng. Mark my comes the 'You already look 24 addy' suck your mum.
. My wife & I just began watching "GOT.". When Mark Addy showed up, she asked, "Who's he?". "Jackie Aprile Sr, " I replied.
According the Weiss and Benioff, the easiest casting decision was Mark Addy as Robert. Toughest was Arya.
Weiss names Mark Addy the easiest actor to cast.
Ready for the second half of The Hypocrite starring Mark Addy. What a bloody excellent play!
Excellent farce with See it while you can with Mark Addy and Caroline Quentin
Jimi Mistry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, that dude from Heroes, Zoe Wanamaker, Mark Addy. .. . It's a Wonderful Afterlife has an all star (ish) cast
My dad's coming to watch me in tonight During which my character urinates on Mark Addy's. Reckon he'll be proud.
What a great actor that gets no love. Mark Addy is awesome. I've loved all his characters I've seen.
Can we make the housing association 'mark' as recognized and trusted as the mark?
Apologies for disappointing you, Mark. Please DM us your cell and email addy, so we can raise this with our team?
is it true yung_vr0 gave you his addy and you still... — I gave that mark my addy and he ain't pull up either
Its a 0-2 victory for Chelsea tonight. Mark my words!.
A special thanks to the real heroes, The Mark Addy Inn has a special offer to show their...
Ahh soo close, who's gonna nudge the total for over the £900 mark?? 5weeks until I run the 🙈
henlo addy. henLO you STINKY adDy. go buy a mark cohen scarf uglie
Want to see Mark Addy live? RT+FOLLOW to win a pair of tickets to T&Cs: Imag…
A must see play: the Hypocrite with Mark Addy, Caroline Quentin . Very funny but based on incident in Hull in English Civil war.
alums and reuniting for an Amazon pilot called Out of this world!
Loved . Fantastic performance by Mark Addy & all the cast!
Ace cast; Paul Bettany, Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell, Alan Tudyk…yeh the guy who should've been in UC4 before Druckman F'd it up 😡
There is a movie on TV starring Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, and Shannyn Sossamon and it ISN'T A Knights Tale. WHAT.
I sort of knew Mark Addy and Sean Bean weren't perhaps in season 2, deffo not 3 so I knew bad stuff would happen
even I know that's not Mark Addy's body.
Have you seen our new website yet? Today's featured page is THE HOTEL:
Best day of the year. Farina day. go ed Mark
I spoke to Mark Nichols of this week about Threadneedle European Select
Addy. - Sweet sunshine. - Will marry Mark Lee (or date him because marriage is a serious thing). - Tall because she has so much love. - An Angel
One of the differences between HBO and other television is that they demand the same coverage tha
A really awful trans escort board auto-subscribed me to their newsletter. I love the "Mark as Spam" button.
Sometimes, you feel like you've sold your soul. But if I win the lottery, I'm going to buy it bac
Addy explaining who mark is 😂😂😂😂 now chief isn't mad about the punching 😂😂😂😂
where Addison found out for the 2nd time that Derek and Meredith did it & then Derek found out abt Addy & mark again too 😄
Will your RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) special with Mark Addy be available on iTunes?
Oh no Mark! pop us over your date of birth, email addy & order num in a DM we can take a sneaky peek at this for you 😊
So honored to be selected as a 2016 Spectrum Award Winner by
hi guys trying to get in touch with Mark Berry, lost his email addy as it was on old email lost in server change..
Mark ya Calendars & Dm me for addy lets just turn up no beef 💯🎉
Watch the trailer starring Mark Strepan, Ben Tavassoli, Mark Addy and Anna Chancellor:.
Yep. Wales Comic Con in April along with Mark Addy, Amy Manson and Oliver Walker 😊
Just seen The Nap at The Crucible. Great play, Jack O'Connell, Mark Addy & Ralf Little smashed it along with the rest of the cast
Was casually drinking with Jack O'Connell, Mark Addy and Ralf Little last night
This is totally not based off the fact that Mark Addy is in both Game of Thrones and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.
'By the way, 5 stone.' 'What's 5 stone?' 'My *** ' Nick Blood and Mark Addy are brilliant together.
Party for my cousin Mark fwm for addy🎉🎉
I love Bettany and Tudyk in it - they're so funny. And Mark Addy's just lovely.
A lot of people say that comedy doesn't travel well. I found it very access...
I wanted a closer look at the avi don't get too excited
I would too but defiance has one festivity every month so not much reason
regretting nighttime decisions in the morning. Yourself?
Still not got over the Mark Addy being closed down due to the Xmas floods, makes it worse there's no Boat to the match.
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Getty at my place Saturday night hmu for addy :)
Mark Addy and Cersei Lannister just *kill* it. They hit so many levels in acknowledging the state of their relationship.
Reminder that Gendry is supposed to be the spitting image of Robert. Look at Mark Addy and further appreciate Robert's fall
so glad those girls found your stuff, Mark. Can help you never have that happen again. DM ur addy & coming at ya:)
Why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes to work everyday
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Ooh stick you. Your mamma too. And Mark Addy
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It was lame. Mark Addy was good but the rest was boring, no competition for Merlin at all.
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Also watching A Knight's Tale for Laura Fraser. Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk are just bonuses.
mark and lexie and addy and MerDer are my faves and i know Meredith is the only one left in recent seasons! :-(
Sad news about the Mark Addy, might never reopen after the floods
From The Thin Blue Line to Game of Thrones via Flintstones and Full Monty - somebody, somewhere needs to recognise Mark Addy at some point!
A Knights Tale. 4 minutes in and already 'we will rock you' and Mark Addy. Starting strong!
Mark Addy feels sorry for new Game Of Thrones actors: 'The expectation is huge' - Irish Examiner
Mark Addy pub may never reopen following flood damage
Hi Allen, know it's a tough time but cld you spare 2 mins to speak to about Mark Addy please? Cld you DM your no?
Video: River Irwell breaks its banks and Mark Addy pub flooded in pictures.
Same. Should have left it when Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy left.
but I bet they smoked weed before they take addy I bet
Watching The Full Monty because Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy are awesome people
When Sweden play Denmark on Saturday, the scoreboard will display SWE-DEN. The remaining unused letters are DEN-MARK!. …
Mark it in your calendars! Freestylin' comes to the Mark Addy on…
seen it higher! I've lost my photos so here are a workmates ones! This was the Mark Addy.
I fear for the mark addy with the height of this river at the moment! Bottom part is already flooded
Last night charity gala night in memory of Josh our Son Vincent Regan, Adrian Rawlins,Mark Addy
Less than 20 % of the tickets left, Prohibitions boat party with a FREE after party. The last one was...
I did the same thing with Mark Addy when he came to see Witness! Nodded and smiled back though.
Mark Addy turning out to support at our charity gala this evening
With pretty Meryl just now . Spot the stars behind us . There's Mark Lee , Vivian Lai and Addy Lee .…
Both are from Swinton born and bred. Go speed dating on the Mark Addy
wasn't until I checked my real apple account saw no detail of the 'order', checked and saw real email addy
Hi Mark, I'd like to give your double-header in Montrose and Arbroath publicity. I have no email addy for you, though.
Don't miss the last chance to dance to electro swing in Mcr this year!
Yesterday it was Mark Addy. Wonder who tomorrow’s famous clumsy *** will be eh?
So very nice of you! Please send to Carrier Talent, Vancouver if possible :) you can find the addy here:
Trollied is back. Mark Addy left around the time Atlantis started... now Atlantis is over, Sarah Parish has joined the show. Huh.
Chanel Cresswell is back in Shame she couldn't bring Nick Blood & Mark Addy with her but Katie is a great character.
Broadcast: Mark Addy and Anna Chancellor join the cast of Anthony Horowitz’s New Blood
Jonathan Pryce as Corbyn, Mark Addy as Watson, Tom Courtenay as McDonnell, Olivia Coleman (Tom Hardy-style) as Eagle twins
Mark Addy, Una Stubbs and David Bradley are being honoured by my university in November!!! The ceremony will be in York Minster!
Mark Addy, Una Stubbs, and David Bradley are going to be at this years YSJ graduation. I'm stalking the Minster that week!
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas 😍 Mark Addy is so cute in that movie
Jack, Donnelly, Mark Addy, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, MARK SHEPPARD. I want to go so badly
Yes, this email addy will come directly to me (michele) or mark. Thanks!
well technically it was Salford I suppose. Was called The Mark Addy. I lived in Manchester from 94 to 2000
Were you the Mark at the top of our Bracket? We were looking for an Email Addy! We've got you hooked up!
I mean I can see why Addy went for Mark. If he's 42 then I'm 42😍❤️
Mark Tornai picked up his Ranger Z520C All American at MARE of Aquia from Richard Addy. Thanks for you business...
I was asked by Mark Addy to contact him, but lost details, would it be possible to pass a message on to him on my behalf ??
"I've been swimming for 10 years and I still don't know where the 15 meter mark is"
Ahh, sorry. Thought you were actually asking. You're right, it's pretty good! Naturally, Mark Addy is the best ;)
"All I wahnted to do was crahk skulls and fook girls" -Mark Addy's magnificent accent
not again! It really is quite sad. We need a modern day Mark Addy x
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This time last week I queued behind mark addy in the airport who plays Robert Baratheon in GoT n was in a Knights Tale w Heath leger 🆒
Could you possibly contact Mark Addy on my behalf, he asked me to get in touch reference my charity, but lost contact details
Have you ever seen baywatch? That's me this afternoon, giving up my time to save lives a sort of local hero like Mark Addy 😀
Great view of the MCR at from the Mark Addy.
Alas, the Mark Addy is no more, sir. But we're looking forward to Mondongo opening...
So I've just realised Mark Addy the guy who plays Robert Baratheon in GOT also played Fred Flintstone
Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Alan Tudyk, Mark Addy and Rufus Sewell. Despite's its flaws I still love that film.
Catching up on It's actually very good. The zombies are well done and Mark Addy's always awesome. Sarah Parrish, too.
only 6 episodes - not a good sign. Thought it was pretty good. Mark Addy and Sarah Parish helped of course!
You would be correct! Mark Addy, also played King Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones, Friar Tuck in(Russell Crowe's)Robin Hood!
... Colin Morgan, Mark Addy, Kate Winslet, Dylan McDermott, Michael Chiklis and plus lots more!
Bagged a nice Pirlo hat from the man himself Ian at the Mark Addy
gotta love the legend that is giving Mark Addy a run for his money.
lemme get the addy I'll make it liveR?
I'm glad there's a burn mark on my stomach from when I spilled soup on myself yesterday, I really think that says a lot about me
But it had a lot of interesting stuff-- had a helluva lot of unexpected cameos. Arny? Owen Wilson?! MARK ADDY? SERIOUSLY!? It's beautiful.
More than likely Mark,as Addy Lee seem to have most accounts in London,
Think San Carlo open. Mark Addy used to so maybe Rosy Lee will instead?
was great. It had Xena and Kieron from Trollied in it! (Just needs Mark Addy now). FitzSimmons though 😢.
Atlantis! Enjoyed the 1st series. Mark Addy excellent as always.
is just it me, or is this Alfred kind of a diet Mark Addy?
Tim Curry would make the most diabolically suave Blackbeard. How about Mark Addy?
I see, if you can DM the email addy you used to send the correspondence I would be happy to chase them up for you Mark.
Tomorrow will mark the end of my professional shooting life ! I will however still shoot , compete as a hobby shooter t…
Mark posted this on IG about an hour ago (via
🐠🍄🌸 my bite mark was my way of saying how much I 💙 you and that I've branded you as mine.
had me on shipping container, but boat & Mark Addy are big bonuses :)
All purpose parts banner
Mark Mathews on a Cape grinder a few hours ago...see the complete set of 12 images at this addy...
Glad to see Mark Addy still working at what he does best
Tonight's film is going to be A Knight's Tale because Shannyn Sossamon and Laura Fraser and Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk and Mark Addy.
True. Although anyone going to the Mark Addy who doesn't just have an enormous lump of cheese is missing the point.
I'm hoping they're building to something dark plot wise. Capaldi has the range to do it. Otherwise it's a little weak.
Pint with my iPhone 6 128GB at the Mark Addy
U troll for rustle league mark? bad move. your ip addy is
really is crap! So I receive paymt from Buyer (not via PayPal) mark item as 'payment received' & Buyers addy is no longer available!!!
Who falls for this malarkey? If you're going to try to run a grift on someone over email, at least choose a name & email addy the mark knows
You couldn't have left it any later to get off the mark for this season! All the best at widnes big man
Doors just opened! Get yourself here and don't miss a second! Dj Addy, Mark Vidovik, Jayforce, Paul Quzz and of...
Here are the openers for today's End of Summer Pool Party with Mark Knight!. DJ ADDY...
Finally, the weekend is here! What have you got planned for today? A trip to The Mark Addy we hope...
Sice mark is moving I'm having a going away party text me for the addy where something tight ***
He may have been Robert Baratheon, but Mark Addy will always be Dave Horsefall to me.
President Obama, First Lady, and Vice President Biden mark moment of silence for the victims of 9/11
However, when I finish my review of ep 3 you'll get some Mark Addy love
Can't believe Bobby B. wasn't on there. Mark Addy was the only actor who made me go, "That's EXACTLY how I pictured him."
glad to hear The Mark Addy is still open/opened again, was gutted to hear it was closing
What's the mark addy like in town for prices?
have found pub that you mentioned Thomas. The Mark Addy. Looks very interesting and reasonably priced.
been in the New Oxford, Mark Addy and the black lion (?). Shame about the Crescent, had heard good things.
Used to be a great pub, recent reports though... Salford Arms, New Oxford, Eagle, Kings, Mark Addy worth look
Congrats Addy Mac's Creamery for winning our latest Mark Etting drawing! See below for YOUR chance to win!
Attending today. Lots to lean about this topic.
You should do its quite good, It's got Mark Addy in it (y'know Robert Baratheon) & as you know he's super funny! XD
Literally a glorious occasion mark this day on your calendars ☺️📅
Please DM a mailing addy. I want to send a book as thanks for your service, and what you have done after.
Addy and Madisyn cheering for the Falcons
It had its moments - we loved it when Mark Addy was in it.
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Fat medieval man, played by Mark Addy
hi Mark - Tracy here from First Stop. I have a private project Id like you to quote me for - can you send your email addy? ta!
Got the cups, balls & 2 tables.. All I need is a case now... Hmu for the addy invite only
don't you know Miguel & Mark??? It's their party lmao they haven't even up out the addy yet.
Mark Addy agrees to be stripper to make money so he can stops stealing videos from asda
Mark Addy is the dude you are thinking of. He also played Robert Baratheon on Game of Thrones.
Saw a couple of your canvases at the Mark Addy on Saturday. Quality stuff.
(c)...mine, and tonight it told me that Mark Addy (yes, THE Mark Addy) was following me. WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME, PHONE?!
Hi Mark. I'm trying to connect with someone in your Marketing you have an email addy i can send my media kits to?Thx
Canon CAD CPS thanks for sending my Mark III to the wrong addy.
Some say there's just too much choice at The Mark Addy.
carvalho or khedira to arsenal next. Mark my words!
nope ☺ takes alot to make me mad markus. Although for no reason yesterday you dumped that whole salt shaker on my shoulder 😒
I got my eyes on you . You're everything that I see. And lastly, I can't get over you . Your left you mark on me 😍
Cheers that is one of mine. Mark, dm me an email addy and I'll mail you a copy.
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Served mark addy at work last night!!
Rain spoils final day of Twin Tiers. Cal Addy named winner after leading at 36-hole mark. Ryan Spady finishes 1 shot back.
New on Ebay UK Game of Thrones - Season 1 - Sean Bean, Mark Addy Game of Thrones best
Well, if it's sunny up there you could head to Stanley St. near Canal St. to the Mark Addy
"You see that pub, The Mark Addy? That's the best pub in Manchester, mate."
Schwalbe-TOUR-Transalp: Team Herbalife with Michael Johnson, Mark Addy and Dr. John Heiss. Beautiful day and warm-up ride before starting our Epic 7 day ride with 1300 riders from 22 nations. Herbalife24 products at all the aid stations and Herbalife branded travel bags for all the riders. So proud and blessed to be a part of this company. Healthy Active Lifestyle at its finest!
It was nice to see & at the bash at the Mark Addy in town today. Thanks to Nick & the boys.
Served Martyn Williams today, Kevin Mcloud yesterday and met Mark Addy and Robert Lindsay on monday
Today's Joe & Co x RBN launch at the Mark Addy in Salford. Good times ahead... Thanks to all those…
Who's at the Mark Addy this afternoon for the product launch? Just spotted
Of all the Game of Thrones casting I think I like Ned and Robert best. Sean Bean and Mark Addy really embodied their characters
Queenscliff to mark start of WWI - check out our feature on the first shot of the war in today’s Addy:
Sounds great! Had a yearning walking past the Mark Addy today for a session. Not so good with 7 kids in tow.
It is. Didn't see Q in the Mark Addy though
Good luck to the boys at on their launch at the Mark Addy tomorrow. It should be a memorable occasion.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
im hoping Gareth, Eve & Kai do one together but apparantly theres no plans for tht at the mo! I want them to get Mark Addy too!
Never knew about the link between the costa del Salford and mark addy
Papa K! Mark says you're a crazy sleeper and that you have a story to tell me 😂
There's not much on there yet, I only set it up the other night... let me get a few other things on then I'll give you the addy
Just finished re watching GoT season 1 and I gotta shout out to my boy Mark Addy, who was amazing as Robert Baratheon and Fred Flintstone.
One of Ser Ulrich's squires in A Knight's Tale is played by Mark Addy...Who plays King Robert Baratheon in GoT. Talk about upjumping.
If you're not already down to go. Get there. This Saturday the launch at the Mark Addy. It's the hottest ticket in town.
it can't happen Jen! I'm obsessed w/ Addison and mark but addy likes Alex but now shes in Cali and finding herself.. I'm going cray
Congratulations !! Loyal tops the 1 million mark this week in digital sales! PLATINUM BABY!!!
also fred flintstone and the guy in Knights Tale. Mark Addy is a god.
I did before know that he's also in A Knights Tale and Robin Hood, but man this guy. Mark Addy, such an enjoyable actor.
As if Mark Addy, who plays King Robert Baratheon in GoT, was born in Tang Hall.
Dear Game of Thrones fans, Stop calling Charles Dance, Mark Addy and others by their screen names. We've known and admired them for their stage and screen acting for a very long time. Sincerely, Devotees of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish acting.
we've only just met and yet my johannashopping email addy & Shopping (mark-down day tracking) calendars have been dreaming of you!
of course Joanne. 4pm at Mark Addy i believe although not sure what time I am leaving. U ok?
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett Thank You Heather Schwartz Mark Addy & Jill Addy For planting the seeds to harvest such greatness & impact
Watching season 1 of 'Game of thrones' I LOVE mark addy and Sean Bean working together!!!..x
I can't get over how The Mountain looks like a bigger jacked up Robert Baratheon/Mark Addy. Apt if he does turn out to be Robert Strong.
Hi again-it's David from FL Can you pls follow me or DM me an email addy? Have a private qstn. Thx.
Chicken Vindaloo 10 stars hot at Sizzling Bombay in Bel Air. This is going to be delicious (and…
Huge list of Fantasy Author Blogs here: If yours isn't on there do sign up and add it, or T…
The lure of the Mark Addy after college has finally proved to be too tempting.
Hi Mark can you DM me your email addy so i can send info on please tx.
learning frm mistakes? good then. make sure you mark all of your word :) before dia punya prasaan dekat kau hilang xD
You can catch great comedy on the last Wednesday of every month down at the -
"I forget those things that are behind me, and I stretch myself to what's ahead of me. I press towards the mark...
Frying up some clams for dinner and man are they good.
In the Mark Addy watching England it's like being at home couch right in front of the telly.
We're with Jack Donnelly and Mark Addy at the read through for series 2. Filming starts soon. http:…
Need somewhere good but bell end free in town to watch the Uruguay v England game. Might try Mark Addy as I bet it’s pretty quiet.
nah, apart from that coronation street place but think u need tickets. I'm on mark addy if you fancy that?
Mark 10:45. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
"Hot Mark Addy" works too... But maybe just for me.
Not to be outdone by her older brother Addy is now riding her bike without training wheels. Mark that off the...
Boat Party Sunday 25th May 7pm til 10pm from the Mark Addy pub in Manchester, £20 a ticket gets you into Entourage too for the Afterparty, Garage & Old Skool.
Mark Addy as Hercules my fav.Character Then the Jason-Ariadne love story and Robert Emms as Pythagoras
Today I met John cosmo (Lord commander), Ian Mcelhinney (ser barristen selmy), Mark Addy (Robert Barathion, aka the chubby guy from the Full Monty), Ellie Kendrick (Meera Reed) from game of thrones. Ken Stott (Balin the dwarf), Graham Mctavish (Dwalin the dwarf), Mark Atkin (Thorin Oaken shield stunt double) from the Hobbit films. Zach Galligan (Billy from Gremlins) and Kenny Baker (R2D2 from Star Wars), also Shane Richie (he didn't seem to fit in with anyone else). I also saw wrestling legends Tanaka, Rikishi and Vader and not forgetting Chris Masters ha. Comedian/Actor Warwick Davies and talkshow host/comic writer Jonathan Ross. Wales comic con was a great day! Pictures soon
Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Alan Tudyk, Rufus Sewell, Paul Bettany what better way to spend a rainy Tuesday...
Zomg, I just realized that King Robert in S1 is Mark Addy, aka Roland from A Knight’s Tale!
Found out today my new boss is British and is moving here from the UK in a month. I hope he is 1/3 Ricky Gervais, 1/3 Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon on Game of Thrones) and 1/3 James Bond.
People who like True Detective should really check out the Red Riding trilogy. Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, Mark Addy, etc.
Mark Addy is going to Wales comic con. Pls let someone from GoT go to mcm LDN.
Weaste Cemetery February 2014. 1.Snowdrops. 2.Goodier vault with Brotherton memorial in background. 3.Nelson memorial (next to Mark Addy memorial - Charles Nelson was a Millwright who lived in Hulme). 4. Hunter memorial (red granite column). Samuel Hunter was the disgraced manager of Salford Gasworks who was prosecuted for taking one shilling per ton of coal from coal suppliers!
Chris Judge and Paul McGillion from Stargate, Mark Addy from GoT, Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Colin Baker from Dr Who.
It took me way longer than I'd like to admit to find out that Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones/the dad guy from Still Standing) is actually British (he's from York, apparently) and not just an American with a really good accent. In my defense: have you seen Still Standing? He is much more believable as a fat, lazy American than he is as a fat, lazy Brit. Also his accent in Knight's Tale does not count. I mean, if anything he seems more American because Alan Tudyk. I mean, they do have Americans that do a lot of British stuff.
Rare Sunday entry...hope you're all enjoying your weekends...caught Atlantis from last night on BBCA. It's a show based on Greek mythology, and it sort of brings me back to the days of Kevin Sorbo on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess. On Atlantis, we follow the exploits of Jason (Jack Donnelly) of Jason And The Argonauts fame, Hercules (Mark Addy), and Pythagoras (Robert Emms) aka the man who gave us mathematicians the Pythagorean Theorem. Of the 3 men, Jason is the cool one who acts with a clear conscience. Hercules, on the other hand, does not act or look very mighty, and is instead more of a comical bumbling buffoon who acts on impulse, sometimes without thinking...he has the hots for Medusa (Jemima Rooper), a normal-looking girl before her hair became snakes. Pythagoras is the other guy with the clear head, who pretty much just goes along with whatever Hercules and Jason does. The 3 of them remind me very much of the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ...
Eve Myles, Gareth David Lloyd, Kai Owen, John Challis and Mark Addy will all be at and I can't go. FLIPPING HECK.
Hey Gran-pa what's fer dinner? -- I pan-browned 4 quarters of chicken. de-boned and added to 1 cup (uncooked) rice that I cooked while browning the chicken, 1 block cream cheese, microwave softened with 1/2 cup nacho sliced jalapenos and 1 tblspoon lemon juice, 1 can of cream of chicken soup (or mushroom), 1.5 lbs frozen chopped spinach - combine in a large pot and sprinkle graded sharp cheddar over top - then bake for 20 min. and call Mark Addy and Wilford Brimley, to come over.
I blame Rupert Young. Guessing Atlantis boys next year, meh. Apart from Mark Addy who was in A Knight's Tale
today in 1998 - Movies debuting in the U.S.: Jack Frost (“Jack Frost is getting a second chance to be the world’s coolest dad... if he doesn’t melt first.”), with Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, Mark Addy and Joseph Cross; Life is Beautiful/La Vita è Bella (Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film), starring the Academy Award-winning Roberto Benigni (Best Actor), Nicoletta Braschi, Giustino Durano, Sergio Bustric, Giorgio Cantarini, Marisa Paredes; and Star Trek: Insurrection (“The Battle for Paradise Has Begun”), with Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Levar Burton, Michael Dorn and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise.
Sarah Parish has snogged David Tennant and David Morrissey. *_* And while he is no Kevin Sorbo, I love Mark Addy as Hercules!
I didn't spot him! Who does he play? Sarah Parrish is in it! AND Mark Addy. AND Juliet Stevenson. AND Alexander Siddig!!!
...okay, it's already getting bonus points just because I know Mark Addy and Sarah Parish are in this thing.
Away from the nastiness of town at the Mark Addy
BBC America debuts the new series Atlantis starring Alexander Siddig & Game of Thrones vet Mark Addy
A KNIGHT's TALE- by Alan Tudyk as Wat Falhurst, Mark Addy as Roland, Paul Bettany as Geoffrey Chaucer, Kate and Sir William
Mark Addy now serving Shuffled Deck. See full list on
Watching the reruns just how good is Mark Addy# legend
A lot of US articles about Atlantis seem to include Mark Addy interviews. I suppose because of what a big hit Game of Thrones is.
Mark Addy going from GAME OF THRONES to ATLANTIS is the biggest step down since RJ went to the Jazz.
My advance review of BBC America's ATLANTIS, starring Game of Thrones' Mark Addy:
flicking through the metro webstie & thought I saw 'Mark Addy almost got on board 50 Shades movie' it wasn't, it was infact Mark Wahlberg xD
Game of Thrones' Mark Addy Talks Atlantis: We chat with the cast and creators of the BBC's Atlantis about thei...
Game of Thrones' Mark Addy Talks Atlantis: BBC America is set to debut their new take on the l...
i want to drink at just so i can say i am drinking inside Mark Addy
Watching Mark Addy in Atlantis after him being in Game of Thrones is a bit weird to say the least.
Also surprise Mark Addy! Shame about his character though. Hedge clippers. Ouch.
Trollied has gone downhill massively since Mark Addy left.
I'll take a look for you Mark? DM over your full address, email addy & tracking number. =).
Mark Addy discusses getting Herculean in ‘Atlantis’ and the cost of making ‘Game of Thrones’ right
We talk to about getting Herculean in & the cost of making right
I can't make up my mind on I don't know if I like it or not. I think I just love Mark Addy.
“There should be compulsory holidays when the Ashes are being played.” This man talks sense
I am at the mark addy with a lot of losers
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