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Marion Ross

Marion Ross (born October 25, 1928) is an American actress best known for her role as Marion Cunningham on the television series Happy Days from 1974 to 1984.

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Next is this Thursday, 7 PM at the Marion Ross Theater in Albert Lea. Check out Mina's story:
don't forget your fix of Ross later. It's the last one. So many grumpy females by 10pm!!! 😂😂xx
How to shift your life and from negative thoughts - Marion Ross Lilou Mace & Marion Ross
Keep an eye on...cornerback Ross Cockrell, who asked for Antonio Brown and is getting him today. Cockrell...
“I truly think is one of the most kind and truly brilliant people in the world.” Noah Marion longtime friend
See Also: RenFest, Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Breendoggle, and the PAGAN community who would rather sign…
Waterloo Road actress Holly Matthews pays tribute to her "incredible husband" Ross Blair who has died
Happy to the MM of THUNDERLORD by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Find out more here:…
It's good I think you will enjoy it. Even if it's rubbish you will still enjoy spending an hour with Ross 😜
Time for my weekly date with Ross Poldark.
16-year-old Aries Clark from Marion, Ark. died in a hospital shortly after being shot by Marion police officers.
My mom. Marion Ross of Happy Days fame. Continues to be a big influence.
(2) Marion Ross appeared in a current day sitcom as an unnamed woman who could possibly be Marion Cunningham from
“makes everyone around him happier. He makes people laugh and think.” Noah Marion. longtime friend
Crowd favorite: There were lots of „Marion, Marion!“ chants for
Try to Practice seeing others as self and be of service to another from Being-ness not Ego. Marion Ross   10% Off
Any filmy togs out there interested in my pa-in-law's Soho Reflex (Marion Kershaw patent) large format SLR with two…
Pastor Ross Marion talks about a stranger in his car on
Jesus christ yes, Ron Howard and Henry Winkler hold him while Marion Ross kicks him in the ***
Holy crap! Marion Ross looks younger than Ron Howard!
Scott Baio/Ron Howard/Donny Most/Anson Williams/Henry Wrinkler/Marion Ross..Sorry on the passing of Erin.
Hearing loss very often is such a gradual phenomenon that the person...
HOF Finalist is today's guest on the RTFP w
Would much rather see Phyllis Harrison-Ross honored in East Harlem than J. Marion Sims. Wouldn't you?
Mary Tyler Moore has left us, so has Florence Henderson in recent times. I hope Marion Ross (Mrs Cunningham) is doing okay!!! Legends!
It must feel like Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians to Marion Ross, right now.
I want to be very clear... BOTH Tracee Ellis Ross and Marion Cotillard are intelligent goddesses.
Possibly the best ever with and legendary Marion Ross.
watching a 1985 episode of 'love boat' with swimsuit clad Marion Ross as a guest star, and she's absolutely *jacked*. *** mrs C
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MIL watching an old Hat to Hart TV movie. President Trump with the end of movie cameo as Marion Ross's long lost brother.
Rule number one is, make sure that you face the person with hearing l...
it was great and just to be random I watched one of my favorite episodes of Happy Days Marion Ross became a belly dancer
🤔Days was a wonderful, wonderful experience and I would not have traded it for the world. 👉Marion Ross
Is anyone keeping an eye on Betty White, Tony Bennett, Bob Barker, Marion Ross, and Sidney Poitier since we still have 3 days to go in 2016?
Dear 2016: stay away from Marion Ross! And Debra Jo Rupp. And Jessica Walter. We need our TV moms to get through the holidays.
Also set to appear in THE ODD COUPLE's Garry Marshall tribute are Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Don Most, Pam Dawber and Cindy Williams.
You can listen to my podcast celebrating my mom, Happy Days icon Marion Ross:
Often wondered about Ellen. Loved you two together. That is neat that Marion Ross is your neighbor. Hope…
How cool would it be if Marion Ross, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donnie Most, and Ron Howard rolled up next?
Happy Days? More like CRAPPY Days. Donnie Most? More like Donnie LEAST. Marion Ross? More like Marion LOSS. Tom Bosley? More like
See hasn't come up, but I love Marion Ross. I've been pals with uber talented son 4 years.
J: we will be like Marion and Ross Woodman. He's dead now too, you know.
You lot are unreal . Ross the great pretender Desmond .
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Plays like Aaron Ross tackling Marion Barber on a bad shoulder, holding the Pats to 14 points, Corey Webster's OT INT.
Belita Moreno, Vicki Lawrence, Shirley Jones, Patty Duke, and Marion Ross. Any other Disney Channel grandmas you can think of?
Great Interview with Marion Ross and Lilou Mace about how to create lasting change:
Saturday night at 7pm. Marion Ross Performing Arts Center. Let's show our love for Kathy.
screenwriter Marion Hargrove was the author of See Here, Private Hargrove, filmed w Robt Walker & Donna Reed in 1944.
(dead now) comes to mind. I have worked with Kevin Spacey, Mercedes Ruehl, Irene Worth, Marion Ross, Joel Grey, Chris Noth,
This moment is your portal to the future. Use it ~ Marion Ross
One of the best sci-fy t.v. movies all time - Colossus:The Forbin Project- Eric - Susan Clark , Marion Ross , Georg Stanford Brown
Jump back to the 50s with us and guest star Marion Ross from tonight on a new !
If you love or just want to have a happy day, watch Marion Ross guest star TONIGHT at 8:30 on a new
Wendy O. Williams & *** Butkus as bikers holding Marion Ross as a nun at gunpoint on a hockey rink, thanks MacGyver
How to your life from negative thinking - Marion Ross
I'm still bummed about Natasha Richardson, but Yay and Amen to Marion Ross!!!
Watching S3E10 and suddenly it hit me: Ed Herrmann is dead, but Marion Ross, who played Richard's mother, is alive.
I never knew Marion Ross, who played Mrs Cunningham in Happy Days, also played Lorelei Gilmore (Gran) in Gilmore Girls. Till now, obviously.
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I liked a video from Merrie Lynn Ross As Marion Davies
Only 4 weeks until opens in cinemas, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.
Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings. - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Marion Ross with a ground out RBI. lead 1-0.
How to get unstuck and manifest. Check out this great interview! Ross
Wait. Jim Meskimen the impressionist is Marion Ross's son?
Ross boys soccer vs. Marion Harding Thursday at 5pm
Wait! Marion Ross is going to play a game on the Wii?
Yes! Marion Ross just took a kickball to the chest and was knocked over. She's the only good actor here.
Hunt down this JIRNI v2 Dragon*Con Exclusive ASPEN COMICS Variant by V Ken Marion and Ross Campbell this weekend!
Beautiful...a great week indeed Marion Ross PhD!
"...(Marion) Ross, clearly enjoying the opportunity to play a harder-edged role than usual, displays her ... -
Done my best to repair Edward & Marion Ross's wedding photo 1885 Huge rips across Edw's face!
Marion Ross talks about working with co-star Erin Moran in our new promo!
Series artist V. Ken Marion teams up with colorist Ross Campbell for this epic Jirni Dragon Con 2015 exclusive...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Don't miss this if you are interested in Shifting! SHIFT: How to shift your life! Marion Ross
That's right... I DO have an autographed photo of Marion Ross! :)
Photoset: Knowing that Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham on ‘Happy Days’) is Grandma Sponge to SpongeBob...
One thing I was mad about the finals was the didn't put Shawn Marion in.
My favourite lost folk LP is 'Sweet William's Ghost' by George Deacon & Marion Ross. Yet to be "rediscovered" AFAIK.
your right. But reality is he didn't have them. Jr.was garbage. He wanted miller. He didn't play much Marion same thing.
Marion Ross! so she was, I almost missed her. . it's a decent film, I like it.
I just watched the Jeff Ross roast of that prison in Texas. Maybe he should go to Marion to help them out. Seriously
Bittersweet and exciting moment: appointments to Marion Eastmoor (Ross) and Marion Valley (Amanda)…
One of my favorite interviews was with Marion Ross our guest celebrity narrator for The Brick and the…
Thankful to have a friend like Marion Ross III that can teach me all the ins and outs of being an Audio Engineer.
Chucking out NME's in the Bowmore Co-op this morning, Ross. Good interview, so gave a copy to your Aunt Marion!
Hung over opening. Loved the mother may eye villian. Reminds me of Marion Ross
Didn't realise your mother was Marion Ross! Looking beautiful as ever :)
On this day... 1642 - Battle of Ross. 1975 - IRA Volunteers Dolores and Marion Price transferred to Armagh Jail.
As of March 2015. Rick Ross is 39. Wiz Khalifa is 27. The Weeknd is 25. Trey Songz is 30. Action Bronson is 31. Vince Staple…
This testimonial just in from Jim Meskimen (comedian, actor and son of Marion Ross - TVs famous mom from Happy,,,
Tune into now to see Anson Williams Donnie Most & Marion Ross from Happy Days now, …
...that night Florence Henderson and Marion Ross was all over me...
Marion Ross, Florence Henderson, and Doris Roberts on --3 great TV moms.
Had a blast at The Chiller Convention in Pasippany NJ today visiting with Cindy Williams, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross & Debby Boone!
Henry Winkler & Marion Ross from "Happy Days" + Cindy Williams of "Laverne & Shirley" to appear at NJ memorabilia con htt…
I've known a few Marios. Most were respectable, but the only Marion I liked was Marion Ross.
yeah they do but they *** near have 3 players that were on the heats bench on their bench now. Plus add Shawn Marion.
precisely . After 100.days Marion Ross will come make you sack lunch
DID YOU KNOW? Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley and Marion Ross were in all 255 episodes of Happy Days. None of the other cast members were.
Check out the new T. Ross Kelly Family Gallery artists: Marion Amatto (painter) and Patty Lange (jewelry artist)!
Sources: Cavs work to add free agent Marion
Marion Ross ❤️ as guest star on the set of Signed, Sealed, Delivered - http:/…
Review: looks at new feature A REASON: (w/ Marion Ross!!)
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Music Within - Still a fun movie to watch again. Music Within is a 2007 drama film directed by Steven Sawalich and starring Ron Livingston, Melissa George, Michael Sheen, Rebecca De Mornay and Marion Ross. The film tells the true story of Richard Pimentel, a respected public speaker whose hearing disability attained in the Vietnam War drove him to become an activist for the Americans with Disabilities Act. The film, which takes place in Portland, Oregon, was filmed on and around the Portland State University campus.
today in 1984 - Joanie (Erin Moran) and Chachi (Scott Baio) got married on Happy Days! The comedy series, starring Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley and Marion Ross (Ron Howard and Anson Williams had already left the show), was winding down in its final season on ABC-TV. In the same episode, Fonzie (brilliantly portrayed by Winkler), filed papers to adopt a son.
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Another post of another article covering a unique and creative way *** takes care of people beyond normal expectations. The actors get to feel at home; the stage crew gets to use their creativity in a cool way. : Actors working at New Theatre Restaurant get the plush treatment in remodeled houses By CARLA CORBAN KATH Special to The KCStar Despite the popular notion that he is most at home on a barstool, where he portrayed the lovable Norm on “Cheers” from 1982 to 1993, actor George Wendt says that “home is really where I’m working.” Recently, Wendt was at home in suburban Kansas City as he wrapped an almost 10-week production of “Never Too Late” at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, co-starring his wife, Bernadette Birkett. The actor, husband and father of five is familiar with Kansas City. His sister, Kathy Sudeikis, mother of actor/comedian Jason Sudeikis, lives in nearby Lawrence, and Wendt co-starred in New Theatre’s production of “The Odd Couple” in 2011. “I wish Rich ...
Well done to Marion Peters, Hilary Jones, Madeleine Ross, Sarah Maher and cox Ellie Dowling! Great win at Head of the schoolgirls regatta
Spotted Marion Ross on Hawaii Five-O. Didn't recognize her at first because Mrs. C ain't no murderer.
Who is Jerry Lomak, and why does he hate lawyer Marion Ross?
'A Reason' star Marion Ross is in a new promo for View here:
Oh! And Marion Ross had a cameo as Glinda the Good Witch.
There isn't even any snow on the ground in Marion, like at all lololol
Ok, the promo has Barry Williams, Betty White, Marion Ross, Bob Newhart, & Ed Asner. I have become my father.
Iconic TV Mom, Marion Ross says "I always felt I was 'too special' to be part of the pack." Full review
Proof that picking through movie credits can be fun: The original "Airport" is my all-time favorite film, and just for the "hey" of it, I went through a list of unbilled actors who played passengers on the imperiled flight to Rome. Among the standouts? Marion Ross -- who would become famous several years later as "Mrs. C." on "Happy Days" -- and Pat Priest, who had been TV's "Marilyn Munster" several years earlier. (And who would go on the next year to shriek her way through "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant," in which she was rescued by ... Casey Kasem!)
Boy, do you all have some wildly different ideas about who should play the various characters from the Chesapeake Shores series. Over the next couple of days, I'm going to list the top eight vote-getters for each character and ask you to cast another vote, along with any comments. So, for Nell -- in no particular order -- Marion Ross, Finnoula Flannigan, Betty White, Michael Learned, Doris Roberts, Patty Duke, Olympia Dukakis and Florence Henderson. Really think about Nell as you see her -- wise, warm and witty.
Originally a sketch on Love, American Style, it starred Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham and Marion Ross as one of television's favorite moms of all time, Marion Cunningham. They would be the only two who made it to the series. One of TV's favorite dads of all time, Howard Cunningham, was portrayed by Harold Gould in the sketch, replaced by Tom Bosley, who was the spokesperson for Shasta Soda back then and most recently the Harry Boyle on the cartoon sitcom Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Younger child Joni Cunningham was played by Erin Moran. Originally, no one wanted to make a show taking place in the 1950s into a weekly series, but with the success of Grease on Broadway and American Graffiti at the box office, the latter starring Ronnie Howard, ABC picked up the show. Originally centering around Richie and his pals Warren "Potsy" Weber (Anson Williams) and Ralph Malph (Donny Most), Henry Winkler started getting attention as rebel greaser Arthur Fonzarelli. Originally, The Fonz's last name was going ...
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Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! Forty years ago this week, this iconic TV show premiered on CBS. “Happy Days was such a joyous time for all of us. We were like kids at play,” Marion Ross, who played the beloved Mrs. Cunningham, told Parade in 2012. What if Happy Days Was Still on the Air? 8 [...]
Watching a LoveBoat episode w/Marion Ross, Loni Anderson playing mother and daughter. And Lauren Tewes is cracked out.
What do Brody Hoying, Bobby Hoying, Ross and Adam Homan all have in common? Find out at ...
Congrats to SCRC award winners at awards luncheon Ross Yeo (make umpire) and Marion Markarian recreational coach
Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble. »Frank Tyger, from Marion Ross  
Watching the Friends episode where they're trying to move Ross's couch 😂😭
we can always come to Marion for one night
Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis, Vince Carter & Shawn Marion parody The Beatles in this "All You Need is Mavs" video. http:/…
At least one of my faves is on "There's No Place Like Home" with Tim Conway and Doris Roberts and Marion Ross
😩😩“Rick Ross is in the illuminati, his titties upside down make a pyramid.”
Today in History -- Friday, Oct. 25 (Marion Ross, Bobby Knight , Jon Anderson of Yes, Katy Perry) The Associated Press Today is Friday, Oct. 25, the 298th day of 2013. There are 67 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Oct. 25, 1910, "America the Beautiful," with words by Katharine Lee Bates and music by Samuel A. Ward, was first published. On this date: In 1760, Britain's King George III succeeded his late grandfather, George II. In 1854, the "Charge of the Light Brigade" took place during the Crimean War as an English brigade of more than 600 men, facing hopeless odds, charged the Russian army and suffered heavy losses. In 1859, radical abolitionist John Brown went on trial in Charles Town, Va., for his failed raid at Harpers Ferry. (Brown was convicted and hanged.) In 1912, the song "My Melancholy Baby" by Ernie Burnett and George Norton was first published under the title "Melancholy." Country comedian Minnie Pearl was born Sarah Ophelia Colley in Centerville, Tenn. In 1918, the Cana ...
Anson Williams (born September 25, 1949) American actor and director, best known for his role as gullible but well intentioned singer Warren "Potsie" Weber on the television series Happy Days. Williams was born Anson William Heimlich in Los Angeles, California, to a Jewish family. His father, Haskell, legally changed the original spelling of their family name to "Heimlick", unlike Williams' second cousin, Dr. Henry Heimlich, namesake of the Heimlich maneuver for treating choking victims.[3] Williams attended high school, where he was captain of the track team and acted in multiple school productions. In 1972, Williams landed the role of "Potsie" in a segment of the comedy-anthology series Love, American Style titled "Love and the Happy Days", which also introduced Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), Richie's mother Marion (Marion Ross), and other characters that would be spun off into the television series Happy Days. (Only Williams, Howard and Ross reprised their roles for the spin-off). The new series' fir ...
Moved pensions motion at TUC Congress this morning. Gen Sec spoke on comprehensive education and Marion Ross on fair pay on Monday
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Every time I see Marion Ross, in my head I hear her say "Cookie, Spongebob?" 😂 “GRANDMA'S COOKIES
Mrs. C (Marion Ross) is still around, and a native of SE MN. She could be the hostess.
So I was just informed that Joyce owns a physical DVD of the recordings from Marion Ross week.
I added a video to a playlist Marion Ross, Godmother of Emerald Princess
Hey Brent -Have you ever met Marion Ross? aka Mrs Cunningham (also from Tisdale for those who don't know)
guest tonight are Marion Ross, Tim Conway,Doris from Raymond, all suspects in a death at elders complex, really funny
Roberts was on Major Crimes the other night with Marion Ross, Ron Glass, Tim Conway... it was like a 1979 ABC preview special.
hehe this week's episode is guest starring Marion Ross and Tim Conway and the guy from Barney Miller
What an incredible heist lineup tonight! Marion Ross, Tim Conway & more!
tonight on the dvr. Drum roll: Paul Dooley, Marion Ross, Doris Roberts, Tim Conway, Ron Glass and Paul McCrane.
Just realized Doris Roberts Tim Conway Ron Glass Marion Ross are on tonight!
This episode of with Tim Conway, Marion Ross, etc. is the greatest thing on TV in forever.
Okay, I admit I loved the geriatric tonight. Tim Conway and Marion Ross were my faves of the guest cast. :-)
If you have not seen tonight's Major Crimes, do it!! Tim Conway,Marion Ross,Ron Glass..just to name a few.
what's is Ike working with Tim Conway and Marion Ross ?
Did you see Ron Glass on Major Crimes?If not, please do.He is wonderful. Also has Tim Conway,Marion Ross,Doris Roberts..
Paul Dooley, Ron Glass, Tim Conway, Marion Ross are all guest staring on tonight's episode of
loving tonight's episode with all my fav's Ron Glass, Tim Conway, Marion Ross and Doris Roberts
Ok, if you aren't watching Major Crimes on go, run, turn it on! Tim Conway, Paul Dooley, Marion Ross, Doris Roberts, Ron Glass are on!
I just watched Marion Ross, *** Butkus, Rich Little, Richard Dean Anderson, Wendy O Williams, and Abe Vigoda, fight it out on a hockey rink. Yup.
"My Fair Lady in Concert" in Santa Barbara went off w/o a hitch...and Marion Ross loved it!
When I heard about Jean Stapleton the first thing I thought (after she was still alive?) was not about All in the Family, but Arsenic and Old Lace. I saw her in San Diego in the late 80's playing one of the Brewster sisters along with Marion Ross. It had an all-star cast of 70's TV names, including Larry Storch, Jonathan Frid and James McArthur. If this were to be revived now with more recent TV personalities, I would choose Fred Willard for Storch, Ted Danson as Mortimer Brewster, Michael Richards for Barnabus Collins, and Kelly Bishop and Katey Segal as the Brewster sisters.
Sad Hollywood news today. TV and stage legend Jean Stapleton died to day at aged 90. Probable best known for her role as Edith "Dingbat" Bunker on All In The Family. She was nominated 8 times for an Emmy winning 3 in her eight years on the show. She started as a stock playing on stage in New England in the 1950's and 1960's. After her stint on All In Fmaily she turned down the role of Jessica Fletch on Murder She Wrote. (Angela Landbury to the role for 12 years). I saw this fabulos actress on stage in a production of Arsenic and Old Lace. Brilliant performance by her and Marion Ross and Gary Sandy. Madom Stapleton you are a classic who will be missed. Thank you for being a part of out lives. Goodnight sweet Princess
Was sad to hear about the passing of actress Jean Stapleton...Sheila and I saw her - along with Marion Ross ("Happy Days") - in the play "Arsenic & Old Lace" back in the 80's when we lived in LA. The entire cast had come on our radio talk show, and they invited all of us producers to see the play. Afterward we went backstage to say hello and SOMEHOW wound up in Ms. Stapleton and Ms. Ross' dressing room (!!), with both ladies running around in curlers and taking off their costumes, greeting us warmly and hospitably. I turned to Sheila and said, "Can you believe we're standing in Edith Bunker's and Mrs. Cunningham's dressing room??" Great actress, gracious lady. RIP, Jean Stapleton. :)
just saw Marion Ross in a cameo appearance on television. Probably best known for her television mother role on Happy Days as Mrs. Cunningham & what a good performance at age 85 - still such a great actress ! ! !
The TV Mom We Would've Liked to Have Most is . . . There aren't any surprising entries on the list, until you get to which is Michelle Duggar from "19 Kids and Counting". Here's the Top 10: 1. June Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" . . . played by Barbara Billingsley 2. Clair Huxtable from "The Cosby Show" . . . played by Phylicia Rashad 3. Carol Brady from "The Brady Bunch" . . . played by Florence Henderson 4. A tie between Marion Cunningham from "Happy Days", who was played by Marion Ross . . . and Donna Stone from "The Donna Reed Show", who of course was played by Donna Reed. 6. Harriet Nelson from "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" 7. Lucy Ricardo from "I Love Lucy" . . . played by Lucille Ball 8. Samantha Stevens from "Bewitched" . . . played by Elizabeth Montgomery 9. Roseanne Connor from "Roseanne" . . . played by Roseanne Barr 10. Michelle Duggar from "19 Kids and Counting" (Seriously? Was the thinking in this poll that you'd be her only child? Because I think having a mother that spends all h ...
Ongoing july 19, 2011, first team drunken days costars, Erin Moran, master the most, marion ross, Anson Williams:
I wanted to share a beautiful Thank you note to all from Marion Ross Morrone, the daughter-in-law of one of our...
Ross baseball vs. Marion Harding Wednesday at 5pm.
Anent october 19, 2011, inimitably and four with regard to his meshing days costars, Erin Moran, marion ross, an:
Holy Cow! Marion Ross, Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days, paid us a visit at Harry's!
I just met Ed Asner and Marion Ross - and yes I have pics to prove it! Hanging with Lou Grant and Mrs Cunningham!!
TV icons performing sitcom in Chicago: Television icons Ed Asner and Marion Ross are performing in a ...
Dr Ross and Marion got out for a chilly bike ride this am! Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy this weekend!
Mrs. Cunningham, Marion Ross, stopped in Tavern for lunch today. Happy Days indeed!
Emmy-winning cast from the sitcom “I’ve Got a Life in Kalamazoo!” Actors Ed Asner & Marion Ross share their favorite stories in the biz
WGN-TV: So Thurs. Marion Ross mentioned to WGN Morning News that she once played in a so...
Marion Ross mentioned to us she once played game at Wrigley. Indeed! hat tip
Sat and & Sun Museum of Broadcast Comm: reading of new sitcom with Vicki Lewis , Ed Asner, Marion Ross and more.
Tickets on sale for Ed Asner, Marion Ross live taping at MBC | Video |
Ed Asner & Marion Ross on ABC 7 in Chicago with show creators Teresa L. Thome & Patrick W. Ziegler at The Museum...
Happy Friday gang!! Are you up and ready? So excited to see Marion Ross from Happy Days live on the show (she's...
Today on the show Marion Ross aka Mrs. Cunningham plus our N. Korea expert tells us if we are all going to die this weekend.
I have big boy pants on and a dress shirt tucked in with socks that match my shoes. For Hooter girls? Nope. Marion Ross, baby. Aye
Ed Asner finally shares stage with ‘my sweetheart,’ Marion Ross
Ross varsity baseball vs. Marion Harding Wednesday at 5pm.
Ed Asner, Marion Ross to appear in performance to be used as sitcom pitch...
Ed Asner, Marion Ross to perform new comedy at MBC -
Marion Ross and Ron Howard attend the Academy of Television Hall of Fame on March 11, 2013 (Photo...
Ron Howard "It was great to see Marion Ross again" days
So Happy Days was just Laurel & Hardy, with Marion Ross as Stan Laurel
Ron Howard and his on-screen mother Marion Ross look delighted to be reunited... but she's the only one who's...
From Marion Cooney: Elder's Meditation of the Day March 12 "The old people say, `Learn from your mistakes'. So I try to accept everything for what it is and to make the best of each situation one day at a time." --Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA
Just saw Ralph malph in a movie this morning. Who can tell me his real name?
oh come now. Marion Ross was a handsome woman.
To one of the most powerful butter makers I've ever known: Mother Marion Ross. You Can present the butter to the king but can't make the cake until I get 2 heaven with you :~) Loved, remebered, and will always be apart of my life!! To the one & only, Momma Ross!
Well exactly 11yrs ago I was laying in anderson hospital changing my life forever! On March 11 2002 I had my wonderful and oldest son ZACHARY MARION ROSS. So today he celebrates his bday and I waNna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I LOVE YOU !
Introducing Penelope Marion Ross. And, I say this with all objectivity, the Most Beautiful Girl Who Ever Existed.
It's only been 57 minutes since I dropped my Clara kitty off for her procedure today (to remove a mass on her chest and have some dental work done) and I am already a freakin' wreck. This is going to be a very long day. :*\
We kick off our Sitcom Smackdown, a bracket that pits Cheers, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and twelve more comedy greats against each other to find the ultimate champion.
The Children of Kings: A Darkover Novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross (Mar 5, 2013) Pre-Order at
Bad timing for Marion Ross to be in a hallmark movie right now tho. Now I gotta watch this cause she's precious.
This is my first 5k that I am getting ready for this Saturday..if anyone wants to join me, let me is not too late to register and I like that it helps some Seminole schools!
Thank you to my lovely daughters Kat Kerr and Christie Kerr for the cards, Lillies, Bubbly and jammies. All my favourite things from my favourite people xx
We dont hate nor discriminate...It takes a villiage to raise a child lets make ours the best we can...GRAMMER IS'NT ARE MAIN CONCERN ON THIS PAGE.
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mums out there , especially to my mum Marion Ross xx
***MARION SHOPPERS*** Pickup tomorrow is 10:00 at MEIJER under the light pole with an A, look for a burgundy Ford Flex.don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight.see you in the morning!
A.L.Human Rights Commission & Paths to Peace to host screening of "Living for 32" Marion Ross Center April 9 PM
This town is killin me...NOTHING.TO.DO.EVER! I love being close to my family, love my church, but geez can I get a Target, a Starbucks, and some shops around here!!
From my youth the seeds were planted. Thank you to James Talbert and Marion Cook Talbert who when I was a young man, planted the seed of missions in my heart. You never wavered in your walk with the Lord. Thank you T.J. Ross who instilled in my youth to know the Word of God. He couldn't read, but always had is Bible with him and asked people about their salvation. Thank you to Ernest Williams who always said he loved me and encouraged me. Thanks to my Dad, Sam Carty who had a devtion and read the bible to me and took me to church, and to my Mom, Ruth who prayes for me every day. To the Clark family who treated me like their child in a Christian home. To Carl Williams who taught me the plan of salvation To all of you who encourage me with your kinds words and prayers. I have some many seed planters in my life and I thank you. I hope you stand beside me in Heaven when I place my crowns at Jesus feet, because you all played a part in everyone that I have led to the Lord. I love you all and will miss our cha ...
Is a bit disappointed in herself. Sitting here, I've come to realize how many successful people were in my life. I remember the days chillin with Pretty Ricky, getting drinks with Trina, meeting Rick Ross, I mean the list goes on... And can't forget to mention all of the 518 artists coming up! I've been in "the rock - Dwayne Johnson" house, same goes for Jason Taylor, Brock Marion, Zack Thomas, Oj Simpson... And my happy *** is in Schenectady NY. My life has had a huge change in the past 3 years... I will never allow a thing change my thoughts on terms of what I want for myself, and how I will go about it... I will make it to the top, till then. I won't stop. And everything will be strictly professional. No behind the scenes fun... I will prosper! Determination and Motivation... I WILL MAKE IT!
YUM... Lovin' me some Choffy. Just had two cups with a little bit of coconut milk. Then I put the grounds in my smoothie. Excellent health benefits!
In two short weeks I will be able to snuggle with my first grandchild, Penelope "Penny" Marion Ross. I can hardly wait to pinch those cute little cheeks. Much love to parents Colleen & Andy. xoxo Gran
So thankful and so blessed.found out today that Michael was offered a job in our hometown. I haven't lived in Marion since I was 22 or 23 years old and am so excited to be able to go back home! Now let's get this house sold!
I fuk wit gotta but 2nite we at ClubPolish Marion Wit Fredo Santana turn up!! Vello Charlie Hustle *** fuk wit us Bottles&Bandz
Seattle, 1974: While Marion Dean Ross focused on the Paramount Theater at the corner of Pine...
Think i may be coming down wit Strep throat.. Ugghhh.. Help me Ashley Fortenberry
The names of Scottish female scientists do not readily spring to mind, but that certainly does not mean they did not exist.
Scottish Women of Science. Edinburgh Library Celebrating Trailblazers from our Past including Physicist Marion Ross
Hard to believe it has been 3yrs. since we got a phone call from Dad telling us that our brother Mike had left us. RIP Michael
TODAY FRIDAY REFLECTION Friday is always the most happening day of the week since it is the last working day in all major countries. Friday marks the end of a busy working week which makes you tired and fatigued. Saturday and Sunday follow Friday. Friday night can be used as a night to bust stress by indulging in some sort of merriment. Thus, Fridays are generally happy and happening. One should make the most of the weekends to bust stress and restore and rejuvenate one’s own self. This is vital to start the next week with renewed zest and vigor. This way you will also have reinforced eagerness and the will or desire to work efficiently, the next week. Fridays ought to be quite happening and one should leave no stone unturned in making the most out of your Fridays. In the words of Marion Ross, “Happy Days, which we did for 11 years, we did with three cameras in front of a live very special audience. We had a party every Friday night.
Hi Ross, you have won the Song for Marion poster in our competition. Please come in and collect your prize!
Finale hour of the Knock out Jamz..holla back..
Classic rock coming to Ross Center: A taste of classic rock is coming to the Marion Ross Performing Arts Cente...
To all BandsMen'Woman Our band Master is on his way to Manila he's traveling right now he calls me and tells me that we have a practice tonight March 7, 2013 yes today,,, he calls our attention for the new music piece and we must practice in tonight and on the other days to come hope you will come to practice and support.. Godbless us all... Marion Mae Mayo Rose Cortez Daphne Cortez Ross Magcanlas Montilano Emmanuel M. Montilano Rhaye Ann Sunga Clint Marilao Amiel Clark Casidsid Jenny Ann Calagos Agoncillo Alfie Carbungco jr carbungo Jm domingo
Valerie Harper is facing a devastating diagnosis: terminal brain cancer.The television icon - beloved for her role as brash New Yorker Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-of...
the Leonard Ross estate once owned by Marion Davies hasgot a spread in Shame not in it. Looks gorg!
Dating when your a teenager is so pointless , spending all your time and money on a girl your not going to marry. Waste of time my friend.
Wud just like to Thank everyone for your support and well wishes on d Birth of our Beautiful Grandson Ross. To my brill daughter Lynn so proud of u.Cormac both Rich and i luv u to bits. U both will make great parents.and thank u to all d brill friends u both ave got. Cant wait 2 get bak up 2 d hospital to see little Ross.
Fubble Entertainment LLC announces a staged public reading and filming of their sitcom in development, "I've Got A Life In Kalamazoo." The event, in partnership with The Museum of Broadcast Communications Chicago, Me-TV, and WCIU features an award-winning cast led by triple threat performer Vicki Lewis (NewsRadio, Chicago, Finding Nemo), multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe winner, Ed Asner, and Emmy® and Golden Globe Nominee, Marion Ross (Happy Days, Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls). Gregory Jbara (Tony Award® – Billy Elliot, Blue Bloods/CBS) and two-time Emmy® winner Patrick W. Ziegler are also featured in the cast. "I've Got a Life in Kalamazoo" is based on stories from Teresa L. Thome 's one woman show, "Warm Cheese". Thome will serve as narrator for the presentation. For more information and tickets visit 11
Josh hope u like your new bike enjoy the rest of your birthday son I love you dad
Website Builder 728x90
Please can any one help me I need any landlord numbers with cheap bonds for a family I working with
UPDATE--- Winter Storm Warning begins at 4PM. A mix of rain, sleet and snow will begin shortly after that between 5-7PM. We will see the mixed precipitation switch to all snow between 9-Midnight. Moderate snowfall rates are expected for several hours overnight bringing snowfall accumulation amounts to 3-6 inches across most of Central Ohio. What to watch. we have a pretty good handle on the amount of QPF (total liquid) but we are not confident on when the rain/snow mix turns to all snow. If the rain switches to snow before 9PM we will see more accumulation. If the mix turns to all snow later than Midnight we will see less.
Central Kenya has taught a good lesson by their zeal to vote for their own. the turn out was amazing and commendable. Other commmunities pia musinye family planning sana. zaeni tu sana. we might need the votes later.
Making updates to the forecast right now. Tune to 10TV News at 11.
Auditions for "CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES" will be March 10th and 11th @ 7:30 PM at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center, 147 North Broadway in Albert Lea, MN. The show dates are April 25, 26, 27, May 1, 2, 3, and 4 at 7:30 PM and April 28th at 2:00 PM. There are roles for 4 women and one man. The show is being directed by David Dahlquist.
At 3:00 this afternoon, 29 year old Kristen Almand Ross left for her heavenly home. Please pray for her husband, Joseph, who not only has the burden of mourning his young wife's death, but must now rear two young children who will grow up without their mother. Please pray also for all the family as they deal with Kristen's death. Today is Kristen's Dad's birthday. My heart breaks for all the family.
Just realized all the episodes of Golden Girls are on YouTube. I may not get anything accomplished for several days.
Morning all - just to remind you iMYC is NOT open tonight as we're training! To those going tonight from Team iMYC - leisure centre foyer just before 6pm! Have a good day everyone
Brand new computer models coming in tonight are trending slightly colder and a bit farther south. This could shift heavier snow slightly south although still looks like heaviest snow falling NW of Columbus... from Dayton, Lima to Kenton and Toledo. Nothing is set in stone yet as we'll have to see if the trend southward continues. I'll have the latest on this potential winter storm coming up in minutes on 10TV News at 11pm. I hope you'll join me!
Thanks to everyone who prayed 4 my Grand mom she is doing exceptional!! She came through her surgery! The Doctor said she is the strongest 94 year old lady he has seen!! She is my heart and soul Lila key!!
PLEASE READ.URGENT! Learn how SC Bill H3492 and S194 threaten the existence of animal shelters and rescues across our state and what you can do about it. Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Save SC Shelters Save SC Shelters Currently there are two bills in the SC Legislature that threaten the very existence of public and private animal shelters and rescue organizations in our state. These bills were initiated by the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians (SCAV). Among other issues, these bills seek to limit the amount of services that shelters and rescues can offer to the community. These bills force shelters and rescues to spend large sums of money on veterinary staff or private veterinary care as well as increasing administrative costs to deal with the red tape that complying with these laws will dictate. These bills force adopters to seek private veterinary exams within 72 hours of adoption which will seriously dissuade people from adopting from shelters and rescues .. ...
R.I.P., Bob Colliver. I bought my very first album at his store, The Rock Rack, when I was in 3rd grade. In case you are wondering, it was Donny and Marie's "Deep Purple." For those who have lived and still live in Sitka, he was a big part of our lives. Thank you, Bob! Heaven got a good one today.
Sorry girls there is no boxing class on Monday or Wednesday but back on for Saturday, I'm working back shift next week. Sorry for messing u about but hopefully I'll find out next week if I can get somebody to help with the classes when I'm working fingers crossed. If there is any change I'll let u know as soon as.
- Current rival executives believe Dallas will look to rebuild the ship if they continue to put numbers up in the Loss column. Current names doing the rounds are Shawn Marion as he is owed $9.3mil in 2013-14 (final year) and Vince Carter as he is owed $3.1mil in 2013-14 (final year). - The Utah Jazz are now 3-0 in OT's this year. Keep an eye out on this one if the Jazz keep on playing extra periods. Today's win was helped by the ejection of DeMarcus Cousins just on the half time siren as he spat the dummy at the ref. - Jose Calderon made his Detroit debut today notching 15 points and 3 assists in their loss to the Knicks. With Calderon looming as a future prospect for the Pistons, keep your eyes peeled on guys like Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum as they are expected to be next out the door. - Kevin Garnett is quite happy to leave Boston via trade at this stage.oh but there are strict rules. Firstly, he's only going to agree to leave if Paul Pierce also gets the boot. And secondly, he's only going to be tra ...
I've coined a new term: FB Whiplash. It occurs when my most conservative friend and my most liberal friend post one immediately after the other on my news feed, and they don't even know each other!
It's all about politics, police and the Super Bowl Monday on The Gary Snyder Show on 1400 WBAT from 3-5pm and Indiana Talks from 3-5pm & 9-11pm. Guests include: Jim Shella, WISH TV 8 political reporter and host of Indiana...
A belief is either false or true. Have you questioned your "facts" lately?
All things great and good come from Marion
Saturday night: The big reveal, Music returns to Ross Country Jamboree! The entire Ross Country Jamboree Band, Melanie and Margaret, and the staff and all who plan to be there will welcome Brooke Thornsberry, Daniel Marion Hobbs, Roger Conley, and Lanny McIntosh. Join Brad and Tammy, Jenny and Ronnie, Brian and Dave, and Roz as the stage is once again playing all those wonderful songs.
Who do You Think are the Players that Will Likely be Traded Before the Deadline in the NBA? -Flash
If Monday had a face, I'd punch it .
Good luck everyone this week of getting successes! Hoping to receive my first reply in February soon as its been pretty slow for me but going to try and send a few out tomorrow!
How you gonna host the super bowl and don't pay yo light bill ...lmao
I know you know each other..Dr Marion_ >Ross_ Outranks both of you!
I would like to thank my family and marion for making my 70th birthday a hoot,also my darling Abbie for baking me my birthday cake,Ross loved my lovely card and mannymoo my lovely present.You all made my day god bless you all xx
Just back from out of hours doctor who tells me I have picked up the' Norovirus'...I sincerely apologise to anyone I have been in contact with, and may have infected, over the past 3 or 4 days because this is bloody horrible..!!! x
Week 4 of the Marion Marathon training in the Books. What a great group we had this morning for our 9.2 mile run. Thanks to We Run's very own Ross Salinas for the awesome 9.2 mile route. See you all next Sunday when we go 10.2 and the question is where will Ross take us. Thanks Mikhail Eric Arey for the delicous after run cake yum.
Back when Marion was worth somethin lolol
We live in such busy times that time itself just seems to fly by. If you'd like to slow it down, if perhaps you'd like to feel two hours linger like two long days at a tax law seminar, may I suggest you go see "Rust and Bone," the new French film at the Ross? It's basically "Streetcar Named Desire" set in the south of France. But unlike Tennessee Williams' characters, the inhabitants of this film have no depth, no consistency, and no good sense. The film is so tedious, so devoid of any actually human characters, so filled with repetitive violence and grime, that the minutes hardly move. Quel dommage.
u right...I'm stayin in ross' house. And please, Shawn Marion got a better lookin J then u
What not to do ... forget your Mother-in-law invited you to dinner. Really.
Steve Nelson, “Mythic Astrologer” and good friend of “The Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.), returns to share his wisdom. Steve is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. He was raised by a part Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Mo...
Sign up now for Peek-a-Boo I Love You, a baby sign language program with Marion Ross. It's happening every Tuesday in February at the Blake Library at 10am. Call 221-1407 to register!
What is it with all the tims laughing at the gers get a life we,l be back WATP !!!
INTERACT: What are the conditions outside your house? Is it snowing yet? Upload your pictures on - just search "PIX" to get started.
Hey peeps. We're after destination suggestions for SA. We are currently at coffin bay on the eyre peninsula and deciding where to go from here! Anyone? Xx
Enter to win one of 25 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Jan 10-Feb 10, 2013. This is a brand-new novel of the Darkover universe, expanded by Ma...
I was alone falling free Trying my best not to forget What happened to us What happened to me What happened as I let it slip
225 likes in 16 hours, lets try and get to 1000 please share and get your friends to like and share. Thanks, the committee.
just showed Marion primrose lodge online. She said 'If I stay there I want Ross to ring me my bacon and egg in the morning.' OK?
A little late? The National Weather Service just issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for snow and wind. Snow is over here in Columbus and should end by 1AM south of here. Still... wind will blow snow over rural roads and everybody will deal with ice on side streets. Be careful out there!
Rick Ross - i'm just doing my thing . Elle date mais elle est daaar
ok!!! I'd rather be young Marion from raiders and u can be Sr. Jones (you know) and can be Indy!!!
Weekend Planner: Hotel California, an Eagles tribute band, will rock the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center this...
Two gun owners recently that should obviously never have been allowed ownership: One shot a majorette that had just marched in the President's Inauguration Parade, and the other AS WE SPEAK has a little boy that he carried off into an underground bunker after shooting the school bus driver. Neither one of those things demonstrate responsible gun ownership. The both demonstrate that we are totally ambivalent about helping so many that are in deep need. There is an immediate reaction deep inside me when I see a seemingly ordinary person out of work holding a sign that says I am the 99% being blocked, guarded, harassed, pepper sprayed or weapon pointed at by something that looks like a cross between an Imperial Stormtrooper and Robocop. I want to march right up with my grandfathers Woodmaster and scream back off, I am a citizen militia of one. And then I realize for all my wont and worry I am not Marion Ravenwood, Maddie Ross, or even Betsy Ross for that matter. I can read and occasionally write a clear sent ...
When the Memphis Grizzlies dealt three solid players and a draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for little-used Jon Leuer last week, the general consensus around the league was that the Grizzlies had effectively nickel-and-dimed their way out of having … Continue reading →
"If suspect they hurt anothers feelings, they might suffer for days."
What are the chances this could be a good? I think the guy who directed it worked on DEADGIRL in come capacity. "Kicking off the month on Saturday, February 9 at 9PM will be Heebie Jeebies, starring Robert Belushi (Valentine’s Day), Marion Ross (Happy Days) and Cathy Shim (MADtv). In the movie, gold miners trapped hundreds of years ago come back to life as a supernatural monster seeking revenge. When the creature comes into contact with its victims, it inflicts an uncontrollable fear (the heebie jeebies) before tearing them apart. Heebie Jeebies is a production of MPCA."
What SF can we get that would be preferable to playing TA at SF and Ross/Bayless at SG for 1 year? Dudley or Marion.
Getting killed by an AK-47 in a driveby he set up would have been the most gangster thing Rick Ross' diabetes-infested *** has done ever.
I think fans are scared. We've had 'guys' come through. Hedo, Marion, etc... This, again, could slow growth of Ross/DD.
you gonna be in Marion during summer for some golf?
SAG Awards commentary (red carpet right now): Jim Parsons is adorable and should be cloned. Best interview so far. Sally Field looks lovely. I'm concerned that Ben Affleck and Argo are doing to sneak in there and steal awards from Daniel Day-Lewis and Lincoln. The press keeps basically carving Daniel's name on every statue headed his way and calling him a sure thing for the Oscar. It makes me think of the press calling the Titanic unsinkable. Look what happened to that sure thing. I am, however, sacrificing the necessary chickens and drinking unicorn blood for Daniel and Lincoln to win big through the remainder of awards season. Hush, this is my thing.
And so the journey begins. waiting for the train on my way to Melbourne for the aussie millions
I'm supposed to be driving to West Sussex tomorrow for the 2nd part of the Bob Ross Floral. I hope the weather man is right and this snow goes tonight!
Attention ladies: Lambo Moss (2 Doors Up) and B.G.M.S will be playing the rating game called 15. Dimes are the new nickels but a 15 you rarely see. We will rate u by looks and occupation( cant include personality cause we dont know everybody) 0 - 15, plus your best feature and if u Close to Swagging, or if u Swaggin, or if u got it all Swazy baby. Play at your own risk cause we know how people feelings get hurt easy, so im sorry in advance. This is how u play. You have to LMS and put your occupation in the comment and if u in school put what are you going for (major). If either dont comment. We will accept submits starting now till 6:00 pm then at 7:00 pm we will start posting ratings on your page. Trust me you aint been rated until Moss rate yah. LETS GO! B.G.M.S
I would love to see Henry Winkler (The "Fonz") on Dancing with the Stars! I watched an episode of Happy Days last night where he was doing the "tango" with Marion Ross (Mrs. C), he was so good! :-)
Ok please no more heart breaking bad news. First my cat has passed away and I am so trying to deal with that and then my aunt Sharon calls me and told me she was at the hospital with my Granny because she fell and broke her hip today. Not good at all she is 88 yrs old and the recovery is going to be pure *** for her. So once again I am asking for your prayers now for my Granny.
Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz chats with one of America's favorite TV moms, Marion Ross from the TV classic show, "Happy Days". Ross fondly recalls her ...
Check out TV's all time favorite moms! Shirley Jones, Barbara Eden, Cloris Leachman, Doris Roberts, & Marion Ross:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Thanks to everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes.. We do have a good day and had a nice evening with David & Rachel...They took us out to see "Holmes for the Holidays" or "The Game's Afoot" with Marion Ross over in Overland Park at the New Theatre Restaurant...We had a nice evening with them so Thanks to Dave and Rachel for helping us celebrate our 60th..Only thing better would had been if all our family could helped us celebrate...Missed all of you...
"Trix" on Gilmore Girls Died.. Same Actress is playing her Niece. Marion Ross is a Time Lord! lol.
Dream this AM: Me & Marion Ross taking on Mike Huckabee & Brock Lesnar in a basketball game at a high school gym. Beat that.
Tickets are on sale and the events are booking! BUILDINGS OF BROADWAY documentary will be shown at the Marion Ross theatre Dec 28 and at the ALHS auditorium on Dec 29! tickets can be purchased at Prairie Wind as well as The Convention & Visitors Bureau. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Check out the Blog!
Soft Sounds of Christmas concert 7:30 tonight, tommorrow night and Sunday 2:00pm at the Marion Ross Arts Center. White Chrstmas at the Lighthouse Event Center tonight and tommorrow night 7:30pm. Saturday, Dec. 15, noon, The Met: Live in HD featuring "Aida" noon at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center. Sunday is the Albert Lea Community Band with Harmony Junction at United Methodist Church 3pm and again at St. Theodore Catholic Church at 7pm. Candy Cane Hunt Saturday 1pm at the Fairlane Building. $1.00.
Name your favorite fictional couple (movies, novels, tv shows). **preps for onslaught of "Edward and Bella"
Friday, Friday, all gonna die next Friday. Everybody's gettin' ready for the world's end. Gotta make My mind up: Which souls should I take?
My mom is the best cook in the whole world
Maxine & Marion Ross (AKA Mrs. Cunnningham from 'Happy Days') having some Fun @ Hallmark in Kansas City :) Just gotta love Mrs. 'C' !!
you think them GD's on rick ross *** only a marion barry pass is gonna get rob parker safely in and out of DC alive.
A shot out to former Pioneer Ashante Ross with his performance with Chowan University in a loss to Frances Marion with 21 points and 11 rebounds in 40 minutes of action! Pioneers going to work!
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