Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong

Marion Lois Jones (born October 12, 1975), also known as Marion Jones-Thompson, is a former world champion track and field athlete, and a former professional basketball player for Tulsa Shock in the WNBA. Lance Edward Armstrong (born Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist who won the Tour De France a record seven consecutive times after having survived testicular cancer. 5.0/5

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Hire Jobe Watson, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones and Ben Johnson. All legends of sport
Only difference is they Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong cheated & admitted to…
Lawrence, I believe that like they did with Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones, Trump should be STRIPPED & HRC POTUS!
Those who win by Cheating, like Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, come Down Hard and Disgracefully, never to recover!
Lance Armstrong, Michelle Smith, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson all had many fans... and took many drugs.
Please don't let this go the way of Peyton Manning or Alex Rodriguez or Lance Armstrong or Marion Jones or Mark McGw
Lmao you just hope that one day they will find out this Barca team was cheating like Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong
Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong got cleared too. We know how that ended.
Russian track team. Kenyan track team. Lance Armstrong. Justin Gatlin. Marion Jones. Nike sure can pick them.
Lance Armstrong, Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa/Alex Rodriguez, Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin. Some people do anything to win.
I wonder why Marion Jones went to prison but Lance Armstrong didn't.
Probably; remember we all 'wowed' about Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong? We remember how well those stories ended...
Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong all have been stripped of their medals/trophies for cheating. 4 games is nothing to a 4 time
Marion Jones went to jail for doping and Lance Armstrong didn't. Riddle me that?
I guess you're all Lance Armstrong & Marion Jones fans too!
have you paid any attention to the Lance Armstrong or Marion Jones cases. 'Proof beyond reasonable doubt' is all they need
tell that to Lance Armstrong or Marion Jones both got busted without testing positive
players DO need to prove innocence. How do you think Lance Armstrong & Marion jones were banned
It's been a minute, so it's time for KSat's, the NBA Playoffs are here, Weekend Musings:) 1) They say Black Is Beautiful, and judging by the attached picture, they ain't lying:) * I know, I know, I promised that I was going to dislike this FB page, but it won't let me:) ** Click on to the photo:) 2) I can't wait for the eve of the NFL Draft, and my commentary on QB Johnny Manziel as Elvis, before Elvis became Elvis. 3) I'll say it again, former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hines, Lance Armstrong, and the engineers and executives over at General Motors, should all be sharing the same jail / Federal prison cell, as Chris Brown and Marion Jones. And the fact that it hasn't happened, tells you all that you need to know about America and her "colorblind" criminal injustice system. 4) Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. And this is what I will be thinking about - the crucifixion and ascension into Heaven of three of Jesus' Finest, that occurred on June 21, Neshoba Mississippi, 1964 - Freedom Summer. The 50th Anniv ...
"Cheaters never prosper" It's a beautiful thing when right over throws wrong!!! Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were denied acceptance into the Baseball Hall of Fame today and hopefully forever. I have about as much sympathy for them as I have for Lance Armstrong,Marion Jones, Alex Rodriguez, Ben Johnson or any other athlete that cheats their sport and the fans. None!!! My sympathy goes out to the men and women that finished second, third or fourth. Too lose doesn't make you a loser. Too win by deception makes you a loser and much worse a COWARD!!!
Ben Johnson, Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong doping says the association of pigeon fanciers.
Puma and Absa have shown SAFA a red card. It was a matter of time. Sponsors rate BRAND IMAGE highly and are not prepared to be associated with bad publicity. Cricket SA, Oscar Pistorius, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones etc can confirm my gospel
Marion Jones accused of taking doping substance, so as to win, so is Lance Armstrong. Ok. Is there anything real that comes from America?
my least favorite quip, but, agree to disagree. A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones are human, yes, but hardly heroes.
Marion Jones banned & stripped of her Olympic gold medals, and Lance Armstrong stripped of 7 TDF titles. 0 tests involved.
I don't even know who Marion Jones is :P And no, I do not have Lance Armstrong on there
Marion Jones went to jail but Lance Armstrong has been as free as a bird. White privilege is REAL.
Oh Marion Jones was such a nice individual...Lance Armstrong was such a humanitarian ..Oscar Pistorius was a nice lad ? pointless in the end
Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong, Carl Lewis for example. Superhuman achievements all aided by PEDS
I wonder how many athletes competing at Bedford today idolized VCB just like I was inspired by Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong etc
Luis Suarez will feel right at home with Nike and the other stars like Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorius, Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones.
Essendon, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Caroline Wilson have never been tested positive for banned substances. This is my opinion
In an intervw with Oprah Marion Jones is speaking off taking drugs, strip'd of her medals & sent to prison,when Lance Armstrong a go prison?
You must me kidding. You sound like Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong. Never faild a test. What does that mean?
Rutgers, Penn State, Bobby Knight, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire, Marion Jones, etc. Sports is in the midst of its Dark Ages.
MArion Jones did steroids, lied and went to jail.. Lance Armstrong did roids, lied and... is hoping for a comeback
What I'm wondering is if a footy team takes performance enhances and it doesn't really enhance their performance should the players be in trouble or the sports scientists for supplying dodgy gear? Lance Armstrong at least won 7 Tour De France's, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson and so on all won. Sharkies poor buggers lol
The exploits of South African, Oscar Pistorius, astounded the sports world last year during the London Olympics. Now we are astounded again, this time for the wrong reasons. This week the two time Olympic gold medallist has been arraigned on charges of the murder of his celebrity girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp. We witness once again the fall, from fame to shame, of an athletic super star. Marion Jones the five time gold medallist, Tiger Woods the billionaire golfer, Lance Armstrong, Mr Titanium cyclist and now, the latest among the "Sports Oscars"... Oscar himself. Ah, why must lessons of grace come from disgrace and lessons in humility come from humiliation? Perhaps it is all part of the mystery of God's exquisite dealings with human nature. This from IAN
Nike have a new advertising campaign, after Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and ...
Why can Lance Armstrong lie, cheat, steal; still be given benefit of doubt? What about Marion Jones?
You know why Lance Armstrong will not cooperate? Because he is ALLOWED to!! He did a lot worse than Marion Jones; they tried to crucify her!
The Wall Street Journal is the best newspaper in America, in my opinion. An article by Futterman in the Friday, Feb 15th, issue is illustrative. Entitled "The Big Business of Fairy Tales", the subtitle is "Nike Takes Fire Again Over One of its Athletes". Nike endorser Oscar Pistorius, the Olympian blade runner who lost his lower legs in childhood, was arrested this past week charged with murdering his girlfriend. Pistorius joins a who's who list of fallen Nike endorsers: Tiger Woods, Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Joe Paterno and Lance Armstrong. Nike sells shoes. Lots of shoes. It's has a $2.7 billion annual marketing budget. It spends $4 billion on endorsement fees, or about 15% of annual revenues. Can Nike's strategy of paying big bucks to sport celebrity endorsers continue to sell shoes when the celebrities keep leaping off their pedestals into the muck? Yes, Futterman says. "The thing about Nike that rarely gets acknowledged it that it doesn't sell shoes, or even athletes, as much as it buys an ...
Nike should do presidential type background checks of sponsored athletes after Michael Vick,Marion Jones,Lance Armstrong.. Forgave Tiger tho
The Nike curse. All of these have been sponsored by Nike: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Oscar Pistorious.
Nike sure knows how to pick them. The latest is with Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee runner from South Africa. Friday he will have a bail hearing for charges that he shot his girlfriend. Add to the list some of their past endorsements: Tiger Woods, Joe Paterno, Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones.
Nike spends 2.7 billion$$ on marketing a year. Their 'team' has included: Tiger Woods..Michael Vick..Marion Jones..Joe Paterno. Lance Armstrong.and now the legless South African runner,Oscar Pastorius. Who blew away his model girlfriend couple days!! That's some lineup!.did O.J.wear NIKES? ? Pete Rose?... Anyone on the Jets?
Marion Jones,Lance Armstrong,Tiger,Justin Gatlin & now Oscar P whoa Nike PR section do know how 2 pick them!
Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorius, Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin - Nike are not having much luck with athlete endorsers
What's taking so long with bringing Lance Armstrong to justice? Didn't take this long for Marion Jones! IJS...
Lance Armstrong was a powerhouse thru the middle and Marion Jones provided dash off HB. Ben Johnson showed promise..
If Marion Jones had to go to the pen, then so should Lance Armstrong dammit!
Marion Jones goes to jail for doping for the Olympics. Lance Armstrong isn't even gonna be tried and he swindled people for a decade. Dawg if you're black Bruh it's a struggle. And y'all know I'm the furthest from caring about the race card. Just think about it.
On The Dan Patrick Show today someone called in to defend Ray Lewis and the allegations of him taking a banned substance found in deer antler spray. The called said that "Ray Lewis inspires love in our hearts here in Baltimore"... and I really can't say anything about that except shake my head & say "That explains alot then". Ray Lewis gave the "I never failed a single test" we have heard from people like Marion Jones & Lance Armstrong (both who later were found to have used P.E.D.'s) and I imagine it will come to light that Lewis did use something on the list of banned substances... but it will most likely be after the Super Bowl and after he has already retired. Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin was defending Lewis, and I think it figures considering how Irvin was an offender of other banned substances (of the non performance enhancing kind) in the past. It doesn't surprise me that Ray Lewis used something to cut corners & get back to playing sooner. I just wonder if they find that he did use a banned s ...
Every time I hear a denial of PED use, I hear the voices of Lance Armstrong, Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens & Marion Jones in my head
Ray Lewis denies PEDs, but this time it's totally different from when Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Shawne Merriman.
Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test. Neither did Marion Jones.
True damage of Marion Jones, Rafael Palmeiro, Lance Armstrong is we know the biggest stars will lie, so we now assume they're all lying.
Nothing surprises me anymore...Lance Armstrong & Marion Jones have shown us that you never know who is "clean"
Still waiting for folks to say Lance Armstrong needs to go to jail like they did Marion Jones.
Lance Armstrong admitted on Thursday to Oprah Winfrey that, yes, he had taken Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and no, he could not have won seven Tours de France without them. The Festina affair, which came during the 1998 Tour, exposed the shocking extent to which PEDs had permeated professional cycling while the BALCO scandal in 2003 dredged up evidence of the systematic doping which took place in baseball, athletics and elsewhere - an investigation which eventually led to the downfall of Marion Jones, the American sprinter. Football has not yet had a Festina or a BALCO. Cycling, after the false start which was the Lance era, and athletics both now ostensibly take a zero tolerance stand on doping; drug use is highlighted, condemned and punished. DON'T MISS Football has already missed too many chances to admit its problem because - quite simply - there is nothing to suggest that the use of PEDs is any less prevalent here than it is in those other sports; those dirty sports whose legacies and records a ...
Hollywood is a very strange and racist world, really. If you are a white celebrity and have done something wrong, like doping or you appear in a sex video, all that you need do is to sit on Oprah's coach and confess you are forgiven and get welcomed back in the world of celebrity, as a hero...with a few millions dollar deal or two, plus a cameo role in some movie, if not a reality show. Look at Lance Armstrong...he is now a hero of confession but, Marion Jones, being black, didn't escape that easily. She even had to serve a little stint in jail. I could name a few people...dope-heads like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen went on to revive their careers after having done despicable things but black celebrities like Lil'Kim and T.I had to serve time and are battling to revive their careers. Yah neh...blackman, you are on your own indeed
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One day Usain Bolt will make Lance Armstrong look like a Saint. Usain Bolt and his team use Angel Heredia as their strength and condition coach! He is the biggest convicted Steriods/performance enhancing drug dealer the world has ever seen! Responsible for supplying drugs to Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, Tyson *** Maurice Greene & currently working with Juan Manuel Marquez! Why would he use such a person hey!!! You have to ask yourself !
Now that it is official that Lance Armstrong is a sports (cycling) cheat. Does anyone know why Armstrong is not in jail or facing the threat of imprisonment like Marion Jones?
Watching the DVR'ed interview with Lance Armstrong. A kick in the gut. Quite a bit similar to when Marion Jones came clean. I chose to take them at their word when they said they never doped. I still choose to take other athletes at their word. I prefer to be that person, whether you call me stupid, naive, pollyanna, whatever. I respected Lance. I admired Marion. Now they are each a liar and a cheater. Armstrong denied, litigated, and lied even when it would potentially destroy the lives or the careers of others. I do not think he can atone for that, in particular. He has always been a raging *** but I accept that and still respected his complete domination of his sport, just made a mental note not to accept any invitations to dinner with him -- LOL I think he did lie about other things in this interview, just different things. Anyone who wants to point at me and laugh and say "TOLD YOU!" you are welcome too. Yes, I was wrong. Like I said, it is my choice to take them at their word until ...
Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens... Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods... Michael Vick, Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, Jovan Belcher, Jerry Brown, Josh Brent... It seemed like when I was a kid, sports were just sports. Have people changed that much or do we just know that much more about people? I feel like watching SportsCenter now is more like watching CNN Headline News.
Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, and Alex Rodriguez all confessed to using PEDs. Tiger Woods confessed to marital infidelity. not the same.
Tiger Woods' mea culpa is not in the same category as Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, and Alex Rodriguez. apples & liars. cc
Word is that JJ Abrams & Paramount are developing a Lance Armstrong movie. Looks like Armstrong is gonna make MORE money after his confession than before. Funny thing is Marion Jones confessed to the same act but all she got was jailtime & shame. The documentary by John Singleton wasn't as big as this Lance Armstrong film is supposed to be. But then again this is Hollywood so what do you expect?
Marion Jones (USA) track&field; Lance Armstrong (USA) cycling; do we really trust in US swim-stars and in the results of doping controls?
So will Lance Armstrong go to jail like Marion Jones did? I mean they always quick to throw us in jail.
3.) Marion Jones cheated & lied, she went to jail. Lance Armstrong? Goes to Oprah's couch. It's a cold world.
Just watched the Oprah/Lance Armstrong interview. A few notes: 1) Lance should have agreed to be interviewed by a real sports broadcaster first. 2) She asked if he was a "bully" to his teammates?!?! Does she not get sports at all? He was a bully like Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Mark Messier, etc.The captain (which he was) might need to be a little rough in professional sports to get the best out of the team (boo hoo). 3) He should have said that he cheated because everyone else was, and he was the best of the cheaters. He should have said he lied about it because everyone else does and he needed to protect his name (corporation). 4) He should have also said that he is just re-branding himself now for future business opportunites, which he is. I never even liked Lance before, but at least now we can put him with Marion Jones, Raphael Palmero, Barry Bonds.
They should make a new "Surreal Life" with Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Flavor Flav, Dana Plato and Jesus.
People are also shocked about Lance Armstrong! I said he was juicing since 06! What he accomplished was neatly impossible by a next person they will catch in juice is_ _ It took them I think 7 years to catch Marion Jones. No Person peaks that many times and continues to break records almost every time they run! NO MAN IS THAT MUCH GREATER THAN THE NEXT MAN! (This person jumped on the scene and breaks records in races they werent even known for) crazy world! People better watch the Ben Johnson story!
Sports fans have a right to be skeptical these days: McGwire, Bonds, Marion Jones, Steve McNair, Joe Paterno and ARod just to name a few. It appears that Lance Armstrong finally ran a race he couldn't finish and Manti Te'o has a problem that even he can't tackle. Lies don't catch up with you; the truth does!
"Inside Edition" has a poll for the Biggest Liar: the list is completely made up of Democrats (Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner) and athletes (Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Marion Jones)...hmm.
I invite the wisdom of my friends..all of whom are smarter than me: Lance Armstrong. I need to say that when my cancer recurred in '01, his book was a major source of inspiration for me. Be careful judging. The ends do not justify the means- people have been hurt- but how often in sport do we see our greats fall (JoePa, Tiger, Marion Jones, a lot of MLB, more..) in an attempt to elevate their cause. As a cancer survivor and Livestrong supporter, I'm sad. Any one have a clear understanding that I can process?
Question - What did Marion Jones do different from what Lance Armstrong is about to confess to? Will Lance serve time? Marion did...
If the black woman has to go to prison for doping I don't see why the white man Lance Armstrong should be spared
Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones simply support my view that no matter how many tests are done daily several top athletes are on PED
ESPN's 30 for 30 on Marion Jones, the poster woman for Ped's. A sad story and reminder that Lance Armstrong will be confessing to Oprah.
Lance Armstrong...go over there, with Bonds, Clemens and Sosa and Marion Jones and rest of the turds that wrecked sports in the last 2 decades. Cheater
Lance Armstrong is right up there with Marion Jones now. Deny it and claim others are lying and then admit the truth only when caught. Loser
So if Marion Jones went to jail..I'm gonna need Lance Armstrong to go too.
First Marion Jones, now Lance Armstrong. You can't have athletes as your role models nowadays. Everybody got dope
“Lance Armstrong with Oprah next week. APPALLING It will be all gushy... She did same with that cheat Marion jones. all nice ***
Lance Armstrong's Oprah interview: will he cry more than Marion Jones? YDNews
If Marion Jones had to go to jail then so does Lance Armstrong.
Pete Rose, Alex Rodriguez, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong. Is it better late than never?
Hold up, Marion Jones went for lying to feds about steroids? Reaaally? And no federal agent ever bothered to ask Lance Armstrong?
The mentality of the steroid user in MMA How Bonnar, a veteran of the sport, got caught a second time is a different question. It could be he was unlucky. Perhaps he did the drug several weeks before the fight, but his system played a trick on him. Guidance on drug clearance time isn't 100 percent foolproof, which is why even experienced drug users on rare occasions get caught in what is generally considered for UFC fighters as an IQ test. Perhaps, taking the fight on relatively short notice, he did it to make sure he made weight. Perhaps it was being faced a fight with Anderson Silva, a scary proposition to just about anyone. He's being heavily criticized, and rightly so. He broke the rules, got caught, and whatever the repercussions are, he has to live with them. But there's a much bigger picture, bigger than Bonnar, far bigger than UFC, and that is the drug culture in our current sports scene and hypocrisy it causes. National heroes from Lance Armstrong to Marion Jones did what, behind the scenes, almo ...
"Lance Armstrong dubbed the "biggest villain in sports" Should he sent to prison, like Marion Jones?
Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones should have a baby so two wrongs can finally make a right.
Marion Jones went to jail for taking steroids, the same thing could happen to Lance Armstrong. I think singer's should go to jail for using auto tune!
The Giants are true champions just like Lance Armstrong, the Patriots of the early 2000s, the 1972 Soviet basketball team, and Marion Jones! Wo!
So Marion Jones goes to the pen for doping, but not Lance Armstrong. Hm.
Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong. How the mighty have fallen.
I hear Alberto Contador is defending Lance Armstrong - who will be next Ben Jonson, Marion Jones ?
ESPN 30 for30 made films about Marion Jones and her fall, Ben Johnson and his fall!!! Who's going to direct/produce, bring forth the story on Lance Armstrong!!! Too much money has been transacted in his name(cancer survivor, fund raiser, foundation starter) for this story to go untold.
After more than a decade of outrunning accusations that he had doped during his celebrated cycling career, Lance Armstrong, one of the best known and most ac...
Cheating never pays... Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Dwain Chambers, Justin Gatlin. If its in you, It is!!! If not... Just let it go.
If Lance Armstrong didn't leave the u.s to ride for Astana he would still be the 7 time tour winner. Same like Marion Jones. If she didn't raise the Belize flag she would be the fastest thing in the world still.
"on another note ill bet Lance Armstrong won't spend one day in jail ala Marion Jones" or Roger Clemons
Americans are discovered when they retire. Lance Armstrong, Flo-Jo, Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, etc. Why?
It seems the steroid-doping fiasco just wont end and now with Lance Armstrong added to a list of many respected athletes like Mark Mcgwire, Ben Johnson, Manny Ramirez and Marion Jones just to name a few, it's gettig to the point where nothing is sacred anymore. Now we here that the UCI is standing firm on a published report that seven time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong was heavily involved in a doping program. It's a shocking reminder that haunts all of us in thinking these sport figures are nothing more than self destructive individuals when they elect to take performance enhancing drugs to gain an edge in a sport. Armstrong's credibility, endorsements deals with various companies have all been tanked, not to mention he has been banned from cycling for life and stripped of his seven tour titles. With this, Tour officials are also looking to recapture the 5 million dollars in winnings Armstrong received during this time. This is just another blemish on the sports we love to watch and root fo ...
Good Afternoon.. As a Sportsman, I lack words to express shock and disgust on Lance Armstrong's current debacle. The cyclist gave hope to so many aspiring sportsmen. Though he really messed up, I tend to disagree with UCI's president, Pat Mcquaid who said that Lance Armstrong ought to be forgotten. Stripping him medals and cancelled endorsements is good enough, what we shouldn't forget is his deliberate actions to cheat and 'win-at-all-costs' doping. He was a role model to many and did indeed let them down. I was hoping Marion Jones' story was to be the last of these doping cases. Utterly gutted. Let's embrace integrity. It costs nothing but goes a long way in shaping our lives and those who look up to us.
Lance Armstrong officially ushered into the HALL OF SHAME. He now joins the like of Ben Johnson and Marion Jones...just do things the right way n u shall be a blessin
Ok that,s it for me and athletes! I believed in Marion Jones. I believed in Lance Armstrong... Now I believe in ME. Everyone else is GUILTY until proven innocent!
The United States of America was built on the merits of honor, freedom, liberty, dignity, strength, peace, and prosperity. However, when it pertains to American sports figures, these morals and values are tainted by an endless drug investigation. As a young child, the window of influence is left infinitely wide open. So when I watched prominent national figures like Mark Mcgwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong and countless others accomplish seemingly insurmountable feats, I celebrated just as any proud American would: emotionally with a big smile on my face. But the revelations of alleged drug use, falsified statements to a grand federal jury, and admissions of shame or guilt has lead me to believe that my childhood viewership and commendments of these cheating athletes were all just a lie. It pains, hurts, shames, sickens, and saddens me to see these people undergo such a fall from grace. But more important than that, it reaffirms my belief in children's needs to discontinue t ...
You are not a star until God says you are; Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones...lessons learnt!
First it was Marion Jones, now it's Lance Armstrong, maybe we're gonna get to Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Zizou, Federer and Kirsty Coventry.
Just finished reading up on the case against Lance Armstrong. Isn't it kind of late to be stripping the guy of all of his medals. I mean, *** they technically didn't ever really catch him. He won seven Tour De France races in a row.that in itself is suspicious, and the last one was seven years ago. I guess there's no such thing as a statute of limitations. I am no cycling enthusiast but it seems unfair. Lance, remember- no confession no conviction. Don't pull a Marion Jones and start spilling your guts. Lastly, who are all these *** shooting off their mouth about their part in the doping scandal. Just goes to show you, before you rob a bank u better know who's driving the getaway car or ur azz may end up stuck out when u walk outta the vault.
Lance Armstrong's reign on the cycling circle ends on a low as he's striped off all his tour-de-france medals as well as paying back all the price monies. I used to think and imagine that Marion Jones has an all-time disgrace and bringing the fairness in competition to naught; now am wrong. Lance has even paid heavily to cover his dope acts to perpetuate himself as a leader... Goosh!!! Hope, someday i dont hear same about an Usain Bolt, a Lionel Messi/Christano Ronaldo et al. I ask, is Sports and Band drugs on collision course or a necessary evil for the emergence of record breaking sports world champions?
Lance Armstrong, you will remain an all time great. No matter what! So will Jim Thorpe ( 1912 Olympics ) , Ben Johnson ( Seoul 1988 ), and Marion Jones ( 2000 Sydney ).
Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven cycling awards and removed from his own foundation, "Live Strong." Now, just as Marion Jones was stripped of her five awards and convicted of doping and was sentenced to six months in jail, so should Armstrong do a little time too. What do you think?
And I will not even get into discussing how sick it is to see White (you can replace white by :patriarcal and/or sexist) America defending their little role model, Lance Armstrong, calling him a scape goat and stuff like that. Where were you when Marion Jones went to jail for doping and perjury ??
So is Lance Armstrong world's worst ever cheat? Worse than Hand of God, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson... and all other cyclists?
referring to role models, not sports heroes, but the concepts come from the same deep-seated need to make things what they are not. We crave illusion, and athletes have historically been vessels of our self-deception. In light of the dramatic falls of Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Tiger Woods and now Lance Armstrong, we need to either recalibrate our definition of the sports hero or scrap it altogether. The concept is based largely on ignorance: the less we know about an athlete, the easier it becomes to invest him with lofty ideals. The ideals have little to do with the athlete’s character and everything to do with creating an artificial construct that serves a need.
10 years ago, a man could proudly point his children toward heroes such as Lance Armstrong ,Tiger Woods, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa or even Marion Jones. Liars and deceivers, one and all. Just whom will my children find disappointing from today's sporting world a decade from now?
Lance Armstrong stripped of his 7 Tour De France titles, i always knew he's a cheat just like Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin etc. And i'm also not surprised they are all Americans. The only thing i'm surprised about is why everyone in USADA is yet to lose their jobs...
Lance Armstrong must go to jail. Marion Jones went to jail.
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I quess Lance Armstrong can ask Marion Jones how it feels to have your record deleted as if it didn't happen.
what the *** is wrong with these US so called athletes, first Marion Jones now Lance Armstrong! am starting to have some doubt on Lebron James. just a thot
Lance Armstrong joins the list of fallen angels already with Marion Jones, Tim Montogomery in front seat. The doping substance meant to increase his red blood count and stimulate performance has led to quick reversal of history and fortune. A man I knew with cycling as I knew Sampras with Tennis saw Seven titles blotted from his record. When you reach that pedestal of tiredness and you have seen enough applause to quit the stage, be humble to let other follow your steps. Filthy stream of immorality to keep up, poisons the still pond you worked to ather.
The International Cycling Union has stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour De France titles.
Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Rio Ferdinand, Marion Jones... what do all these people have in common? Makes one wonder who is next. Usain Bolt!?! and you will all say i told ya!
For the record I still consider Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire, Marion Jones, and Roger Clemens as All-Time great U.S. athletes
Doping jus kip unfolding our sporting world...1st it was Marion Jones, followed by Justin Gatlin, now its Lance Armstrong stripped of 7 cycling titles. Celebrating records holder in sport now seems momentary.I jus hope Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps etc who ar now being idolised won't be found in future as fake champ & drug cheat.
Move over Marion Jones and Ben Johnson.Lance Armstrong is officially now the greatest sports CHEATER in history. Atta boy. Stripped of 7 tour titles today. Wow.
Quite disappointed with our pro athletes Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones and this whole doping thing.all those records and titles mean nothing.being a role model requires integrity. There is no achievement if you can't achieve within the rules and laws. Maybe in a few years we will find out the same thing about Usain Bolt.
Lance Armstrong becomes the latest to join the pantheon of cheats.Maradona,Marion Jones,Hansie Cronje,Ben Johnson,Barry Bonds & many more!
Now that Lance Armstrong got stripped of his titles and banned from cycling, will he have to go to jail and pay money back like Marion Jones?
Just a few weeks ago, I thought to myself how one of my greatest female athletes of all time is Marion Jones. She displayed true strength of character in this day and age by coming out with the truth of her own volition. Now looking at the way Lance Armstrong, cornered by these allegations is still acting... (pause...) cornered, it re-enforces my perception of Marion Jones as a person of a different class
Let's not forget Ben Johnson in Seoul and Marion Jones in Sydney. Of course Lance Armstrong is the biggest cheat of them all
I knew Lance Armstrong was a doping fraud years ago, and I am amazed it has taken so long for the rest of the world to catch up with me. No human can repeatedly beat everyone in the world more than 3 times--Lance Armstrong winning the Tour De France 7 times was always ridiculous. If Lance Armstrong (if this is his real name) were Black--he would be on his way to prison like Marion Jones. Instead, is PR spinning himself into being a cancer champion. Did Lance Armstrong really have testicular cancer or was this another of his public frauds to enrich himself?
Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Ryan Braun, Carl Lewis.great examples for our young athletes.cheaters Win!.or at least get rich.
Milli Vanilli, Marion Jones, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and Lance Armstrong star in the hit new comedy series "Honesty Island"
Congratulations Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and Roger Clemens...Lance Armstrong surpassed your worthlessness of an athlete.
They tryna take out Lance Armstrong like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and Tiger Woods! And Tiger didn't even cheat! On the game at least...
Quote from Daily news on Lance Armstrong: by Craig Lewis "For him it seems to be a case of 'deny till I die', but where is the proof, where is the evidence that can somehow explain the damning details of the Usada report? Maybe the day will come when he eventually faces the public and admits his wrongdoing, just as Marion Jones did years after winning Olympic gold, but then it may be too late."
says its ok Lance Armstrong everyone cheats/blood dopes, juice, hgh etc. at the Pro Level... just ask Mark McGuire or Barry Bonds, *** even track star Marion Jones admitted to using 'gear'... just very few ever get caught.
great to see that a-hole Lance Armstrong going down. I've said all along he was a doper and I said the same about Marion Jones back in her "glory days" .Americans just don't want to believe thier winners cheat. Lance also has been in possesion and distibuted illegal drugs, both felonies. Anyone can pass a drug test.
My heart is not exactly bleeding for Lance Armstrong. He is going through what every other exposed doper has, just ask...Marion Jones!
A week after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency documented beyond any doubt that Lance Armstrong had cheated his way to seven Tour De France medals, Nike finally tossed him aside like an old sneaker. Finally, why did it take them so long to take back everything this man lied about? When Marion Jones lied she was all over the news, but they are trying to down play this, ESPN had a 30 seconds segment on Lance lying this morning, but when Marion Jones went through this they had her cover story all over the ESPN news many times. Where is the justice, they took the money back from Marion, but they didn't say anything about taking back this guy money?
Maradonna,Lance Armstrong,Marion Jones, Barry Bonds,Ben Johnson.. All cheats!! Why are we suprised?Next we'll find out Messi is on drugs to.
: So NIKE drops Lance Armstrong because they do not condone "alleged" doping. I guess they fully support admitted doping (Alex Rodriguez and Marion Jones), alleged sexual assault (Kobe Bryant) and adultery (Tiger Woods) because they never dropped ANY of those athletes. Funny because I don't remember any of those athletes changing countless lives by raising millions of dollars for anything.
Nike drops someone who raised 1/2 billion for cancer, but they're ok with sponsoring a Kobe & Tiger. I would take the "they cheated on wives, not sports" defense, but they never dropped their sponsorship of Justin Gatlin or Marion Jones. Yes, I know they sponsor Kentucky Athletics. I'm not wanting to boycott, just curious why Lance Armstrong would "damage" their image. Cycling isn't exactly known for its "clean" athletes as it is.
Marion Jones. Barry Bonds. Lance Armstrong. You can fool the world for a while, but in the end you end up the fool.
Does anyone have any idea why we spend tax dollars to investigate steroids in sports? Who cares that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire, A-Rod, Lance Armstrong , Marion Jones, etc. did steroids? Sports are meant for entertainment, all those people entertained me for years. We spend years and millions of tax dollars investigating steroids in sports, yet Casey Anthony walks free. C'mon man!
Nike Inc. said it ended its contract with Lance Armstrong after a report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency detailing his alleged use of performance-enhancing substances.
What does this say about Nike and our values as a society...? Nike dumps Lance Armstrong after overwhelming evidence that his career was fueled, start to finish, by illegal performance enhancing drugs. Nike ended contracts with quarterback Michael Vick following his conviction for crimes related to dog fighting and with sprinter Marion Jones after a doping confession. -- So far so good right? Nike DID NOT end contracts with basketball player Kobe Bryant or golfer Tiger Woods following acknowledgements of adultery.
Watching the doccie. So who's the bigger cheat? Ben Johnson, Marion Jones or Lance Armstrong?
Flo Jo, Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong - all cheats; forget the charities and the legacies they leave behind, if they didn't cheat we'd be saying Flo Jo, Barry, Ben, Marion & Lance WHO? Go directly to jail mongrels. J;(-
Lance Armstrong turned out to be a cheat. Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and Marion Jones all stuck out like dogs-balls but Lance. really let the good-guys down. bloody shame aye.
Lance Armstrong should just admit the use of performance enhancement drugs , Martina Hingis, Marion Jones seemingly the pressure is too much in sport, who is next
Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Karl Lewis, Justin Gatlin etc.America is just full of cheats.
Marion Jones...Barry Bonds...Lance Armstrong...yea, they're all in the same category
Question...What do Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong, and SERENA WILLIAMS have in common??
Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Ben Cousins all prove what most athletes have known for years- Drug testing is close on worthless
They tried to ruin Tiger & couldn't. He still dominates. Marion Jones got screwed but Lance Armstrong's fake *** retained ALL
First Marion Jones, now Lance Armstrong. I pray Usain Bolt won't b same in a couple of years...
Marion Jones had to forfeit medals after her admission of using steroids. Why is Lance Armstrong above the rules? There's no shade of gray
Is it a coincedence that the feds convicted Barry Bonds and Marion Jones but the country supports Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong what's the difference.
Lance Armstrong seems to be another case of systematic doping in American sports in the 90's. Marion Jones, Bonds, Gatlin, Clemens (allegedly). Livewrong Lance, Livewrong
The fall of Lance Armstrong isnt shocking @ all. It's been hanging over for long. Now he has been exposed. Trust in the game would always wane with stuffs like this. I remember Marion Jones and for me Bolt is suspect. For now up Bolt.
Marion Jones was jailed for doping. What makes Lance Armstrong so special? Colour of his skin?
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Lance Armstrong is not Barry Bonds or Marion Jones. Its pathetic to compRe him.
Unfortunately for Lance Armstrong his doctor worked for BALCO. The same company that oversaw Marion Jones athletic career. She also never tested positive to performance enhancing drugs.
Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones. What do these people have in common? They used roids...and GOT CAUGHT.
Grace to Grass Lance Armstrong stripped off his titles by US Anti Doping Agency for tested positive to doping He has been under influnce throughout life‘s competitions in Tour De France What a disgraceful&shameful ruin of career Remember Marion Jones!
Barry Bonds and Marion Jones lied about steroids. Both are now felons. Lance Armstrong lied about steroids but its okay cause he had cancer
"If Marion Jones can get her Olympic medals stripped from her, and the entire Major League can be put under the radar for using banned substances, Lance Armstrong should be put in the same category. People shouldn't feel sorry for him just because he battled Cancer. If someone with Cancer committed murder or theft, would they be exempt from the law??? He broke the rules and he has to suffer the consequences, especially if he chooses not to defend the allegations."
For anyone that thinks Lance Armstrong is innocent, here's a thought: Marion Jones never tested positive, but crumbled when the weight of testimony went against her. Maybe Lance was afraid the same would happen to him.
:Heroes: So another one bites the dust. Or did he? We live in a society where we love our heroes. Yet it is devastating to watch as the pedestals that we put them on somewhere beside Jesus and Abraham Lincoln crumble. I can think of a few of my heroes that have blown it big and left me stranded in the wake of disappointment. Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Joe Paterno, Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Lance Armstrong. These are all people that I would have encouraged my children to aspire to become. I suppose after the Jerry Sandusky case broke I realized that I needed to reevaluate who my real heroes are. People that have in some way influenced my life in both tangible and intangible ways. People that have inspired and encouraged me to keep going even when I wanted to give up. Here are some of my real heroes some of them you may know. Paula Jones, Marvin A. Jones, Richards Miller, Jim Warner, Chuck Zink, Sally Zink, Jesus Christ, Myron Jones, Wilhelmina Mitchell. I am probably leaving out a handful. Th ...
I.e. Lance Armstrong.Marion Jones never tested positive for a banned substance in her life, confessed to doping. Ben Johnson in the 80s failed one test in his 10 year career as a sprinter, was doping whole time. Dont tell me cause Lance Armstrong never failed a test he is innocent! Pluse there is substantial evidence against him (Blood Tests included) and he quit trying to defend himself. He is a cheat! End of story
so Lance Armstrong is a cheat! just like all other great american athletes that i worshiped thinking they were genuine superstars. Im reminded of my Marion Jones... shame, im done with these american athletes they are drug cheats, period.
Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones and many more have cheated other athletes with their doping. Mxm
Andre Agassi, Marion Jones and now Lance Armstrong.legends that never were.disgraces
Marion Jones & Barry Bonds both shunned for "perf. enhc. drugs". How will this (white) world see their hero Lance Armstrong.
Barry Bonds,Marion Jones,Ben Johnson...fact is our sports heroes r flawed & Lance Armstrong is the latest public let-down
Lance Armstrong, Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, American basketballers & NFL, etcetera, etcetera. Still, the U.S.A imagines itself as the champion in the war on drugs? Laughable, now their invincibility is whittling out like a punctured tire! Imagine Junkie Carl Lewis pointing the finger at Thunder (Usain) Bolt: American officials accusing China at the Olympics... What a wicked selfish world this life has become.
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I think Lance Armstrong is as guilty as Barry Bonds and Marion Jones. The conversation is only different because of skin colour.
Lance Armstrong passed every drug test but like Marion Jones, the relevant authorities do not believe that they were clean. This goes to show that there are other importnat indicators that go in making a decision about accusing and then ultimatley banning an athlete
These anti-doping guys just amaze me. They first let an Athlete dominate a sports discipline till their powers wane. Then they storm. Remember Marion Jones? Now they are on Lance Armstrong. Wonder what they have up their sleeves for Usain Bolt.
First was Marion Jones, now it's Lance Armstrong...Who's next? Usain Bolt?
It's official. Lance Armstrong has been STRIPPED of his Tour De France titles and SUSPENDED for life from cycling for doping! He's worse than Roger Clemens and Marion Jones!
Believe me, I'm all for rooting out all the cheaters in sports. Its definitely a baseball problem, but it is rampant globally in the top sports in these days of megabucks and mega-glory. Ryan Braun, Lyle Alzado, A-rod, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones...all your favorite teams and sports are likely infected, not just the Giants and the A's.
So the economy was on steroids during the George W. Bush Administration. As was MLB players, Marion Jones, and Lance Armstrong. American Exceptionalism entails not letting your opponents know your synthetic competitive advantage. This is why we will never see Romney's tax returns.
All well and good when drug cheats are stripped of titles and medals but what of the damage to the careers of those they beat unfairly? How can they ever replace the their rightful moments of glory and all the income lost from them not getting endorsements and fees? How many of you know who was 2nd to Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones etc?
I have no idea whether Lance Armstrong is or is not guilty, because I don't have access to all the evidence. But I do know that stripping someone of all their titles on the basis of "non-analytical evidence" doesn't set that well with me. When a person passes more than 500 drug tests and yet you take the word of former teammates with axes to grind and use it as the basis for action, that is troubling. Unlike Marion Jones, who ultimately confessed to using PED's, Armstrong maintains his innocence. I wish he would have continued fighting until this could be resolved, once and for all. Now, it's more like USADA won a war of attrition rather than actual proof.
Kinda shocked by the comments on articles about Lance Armstrong... overwhelming support. I don't get it... he's in the Ben Johnson, Marion Jones (who likewise failed no drug tests) category. They didn't deserve any support, and neither does he.
Goosshh! Unbelievable! Lance Armstrong stripped of all Tour De France titles. Irony - the man dat beat cancer n won 7 Tour De France titles, gives up his fight against d USADA. Accepts title of ‘drug cheat’! Deeply hurt after Marion Jones too admitted d same sum years ago..
Lance Armstrong is about to be stripped of ALL SEVEN of his Tour De France titles.dude has been battling the anti-Doping Agency for years! He won't be able to coach cyclists, he can't compete, or own a team.its a shame that almost EVERY great athlete we put on a pedestal in our generation was thought to be "super human". Barry Bonds was the best home run hitter of all time...Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa battled to be the best home run hitter in a single season...eventually McGwire won..only to be surpassed by Barry Bonds.Marion Jones was "the best female track start ever". Roger Clemens and Andy Petitie both busted.IF ANYONE IN SPORTS IS DOING ANYTHING EXTRADORDINARY...YOU SHOULD BE SUSPICIOUS OF P.E.D. USEAGE...Usian Bolt, he just jogs to the finish line after being the second slowest out of the gate, Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer we have ever seen, he is more physically fit then any golfer, and he had been treated for an injury by a know Dr that provides pathients with p.e.d.'s. Michael Phelps? Al ...
How sad that we all can't watch a professional sport anymore and say, "Wow, that guy is absolutely the best at what he/she does." What a shame that professional cycling did not do more to combat doping. The fact remains that we can no longer assume any champion in any sport is clean. In fact, we now have to assume otherwise. Special, facetious thanks goes out to team management, so-called doctors, sport anti-doping investigators, Lance Armstrong, Tom House, Mark Mcgwire, Jose Canseco, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Sammy Sosa, Lyle Alzado, Barry Bonds, Alvin Roy and the '63 Chargers, etc., etc., etc.
Marion Jones stripped of her medals and now Lance Armstrong..history is being re-written..Is it only fair to give the medals to the second runner up?
Has anyone noticed the desparity between Lance Armstrong's steriod use versus other athletes like Marion Jones, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Etc. I guess if you raise $100 million for cancer research I'll give you a pass.
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I am bummed about Lance Armstrong and still want to believe him. I was equally bummed about Marion Jones. On the bright side, no one who has ever witnessed any of my athletic achievements (or lack thereof) could accuse me of doping!
Lance Armstrong has grown weary of fighting the accusations and opinions of those who want to smear him. As a result of not going forward with the appeals process the US Anti Doping Agency has decided to strip him of all his Tour De France titles. What bothers me is he was NEVER positive on any drug test in his career yet they keep pursuing him into retirement. What also bothers me is the motivation of his former teammates saying he was dirty...the other things that bother me are Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire, and Marion Jones making me look like a fool.
Awww *** ! They got Marion Jones in 2007 and now they got Lance Armstrong!?!? What am I gonna do with all my LIVESTRONG bracelets?!?!
Marion Jones USA track star caught dopping after she hd retired now Lance Armstrong stripped of all titles after he hd retired.Usain Bolt??Watch da space
Lance Armstrong doping charges! So was he guilty all this time? I am shocked, this is as bad as Marion Jones. It seems some cheats are better than other cheats. Thought he was a legitimate Champion.
Way to go Lance Armstrong. Got to give it up to all the cheats: Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Ben Johnson,Marion Jones, O.J Mayo, Mark Mcgwire, Shane Mosley, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield. I'm sure I missed a ton of them. Oh yeah, let's not forget Tiger Woods. Sooner or later, the world will know that even the most talented golfer, I have ever seen, cheated too. What is fair play? We all love the Avengers. It is really cool too boost up a drug-induced superhero, like Captain America, who defends American ideals - I guess. Thing is Superhero and Superstar are too totally different things. Stop cheating!
Lance Armstrong, Marion jones, Ronnie Coleman, all tha best athletes are on roids hgh or what ever so why not just have a roid freaks Olympics it'd be awesome. The SuperHuman Olympics.
Lance Armstrong stripped of seven titles for accusations of using steroids. Marion Jones pull jail time for similar accusation. What is wrong with this picture!!!
Lance Armstrong is as innocent as Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire, Floyd Landis, and Sammy Sosa. That is all.
At least Lance Armstrong isn't going to prison like Marion Jones did. Guessing they figure no titles & one *** = enough punishment...
come on now Lance Armstrong was doping .. hmm Marion Jones, Barry Bonds .. What if Mike Jordan was Doping?
Lance Armstrong joins the "yeah he cheated but does it really matter because every one of his peers probably cheated too? Also he was awesome in his prime," Mount Rushmore with Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson and Marion Jones. So at least there's that for him.
Barry Bonds and Marion Jones were found guilty of perjury but Roger Clemens walk and Lance Armstrong had charges dropped against him...that's not racist...just like people constantly heckling and disrespecting the President while he is giving speeches is not racist either, though no other President has been disrespected like that.I'm just saying.
Roger Clemens found not guilty. Barry Bonds, not guilty. Two other baseball players found not guilty. Lance Armstrong will also be found not guilty. MARION JONES, GUILTY sentence to Five years in prison. Stripped of medals and broke. FAIR? I THINK NOT.
Not only is Lance Armstrong being called a cheat, but the words being used are "world class liar and cheat." Armstrong's alleged doping scandal is being ranked right up there with LeBron's "decision" and Tiger Woods' fall from grace. I cannot accept that. To me, though I am no particular far of cycling, it is without a doubt and beyond question that Lance Armstrong is probably the strongest most atheletic person to ever compete in any sport. To win as he did over a career is untouchable by even the best of the NBA or NFL. But now, Armstrong (again) is a claimed cheater; alleged to have used performance enhancing drugs and doping. Threats are being made to take away his SEVEN world titles. Now retired from Cycling, Armstrong has gone on to participate in triathlon competitions. On the mere accusation Of wrongdoing alone, Armstrong has been banished from the Triatholon competition where he was dominating. Hey, I dont care if he was using performance enhancing drugs or not, The choice should be his ...
Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his medals. Says nay nay a 1000 times nay. As Marion Jones did. It's rife in all countrys, including Australia.
Amazing how emphatically Lance Armstrong still denies doping. Wonder if he'll cry harder than Marion Jones when he finally admits the truth.
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