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Marion Davies

Marion Davies (January 3, 1897 – September 22, 1961) was an American film actress, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist.

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Citizen Kane is over-rated, and Orson Welles was a nasty piece of crap for what…
Marion Davies. appearing in drag in a silent film. 1926
MARION DAVIES being a practical joker, she once got President Calvin Coolidge drunk by feeding him wine & telling…
Sweet movie. So is the earlier silent version with Marion Davies. Would recommend either.
I LOVED this moment in the movie "Show People"...when Marion Davies' character sees the real, famous Marion Davies.…
There is a great one-act play to be written around an imagined conversation between Marion Davies and Gloria Swanson in the late 1940s.
The Dark Knight, starring Ray Liotta and Marion Davies. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Eskimo Joe. Budget: $75m
For Marion Davies with 2 of her 3 sisters--Reine (middle) and Rose (right). Ethel, who looks mo…
Former Marion Davies estate with 10 bedrooms changes hands in Rancho Mirage
WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER is a home run in nearly all ways, not least of which is Marion Davies' performance.…
Just visited the Marion Davies Guest House in Santa Monica and realized I haven't s…
His mistress Marion Davies and her movie star friends. She always had a big white house on the beach in Santa Monica that is a tennis club
Marion Davies and good friend Kay Gable (wife of Clark) visit James Cagney and Shirley Jones on set of NEVER STEAL…
The view from Marion Davies' guest house.
Marion Davies wears the glam version of a mullet dress- sleek satin business in the front, wild tulle party in the bac…
More huzzahs from PopMatters for my triple release of Marion Davies silents!
📷 Show People - 1928 Charlie made a cameo in this Marion Davies, William Haines film. The joke - the...
Dagwood Bumstead married the love child of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst?
Robert Montgomery and Marion Davies on the set of Blondie of the Follies (1932).
Actor Arthur Lake in 1987. Marion Davies' son-in-law, he's in her mausoleum at
Of course Rosebud was really William Randolph Hearst's nickname for mistress, Marion Davies' *** She told Welles. He told all.
Marion Davies and Joel McCrea during the radio broadcast of "The Brat" on Lux Radio Theater. July 13, 1936.
A spectacular compound originally built for American film actress Marion Davies has went on the market. Rodeo...
Publicity collage of M-G-M star players, circa 1931 [From left to right] Greta Garbo, Marion Davies, Norma...
Ernst Lubitsch, Marion Davies, Ramon Novarro and Mary Pickford on the set of Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, 1927
How is the Marion Davies book going?
Thanks at University and Marion for the quick, painless and free notary work. You made my day of paperwork that much better!
Marion Davies on the cover of Photoplay magazine, March 1929.
Portrait of Marion Davies. So gorgeous! See her on the big screen June 26, 4:15 pm. Music https:/…
Real life Ziegfeld girls Marion Davies and Billie Dove in Blondie at the Follies (1932)
New seeks to release THE BRIDE'S PLAY (1922) w/Marion Davies on DVD featured in NBC s Science of Love
Delving into Photoplay for first time today in looking at 1922 (lost) Marion Davies film "The Young Diana"-what a treasure trove!
1/2 Having a lot of fun with this PhD chapter. Compare promo image of silent movie star Marion Davies in 1922 rejuvenation flick "The Young
My favorite silent star with a revitalized career? Marion Davies! One of the screen's funniest comedians!
Marion Davies in The Fair Co-Ed (1927). Marion was a talented basketball player in school at P.S. 93
MARY BRIAN, Norma Shearer, CLAUDETTE COLBERT and MARION DAVIES as portrayed by Henry Clive
Marion Davies visits and Shirley Jones on the set of Never Steal Anything Small.
May 15, 1923: Indiana Gazette calls Marion Davies in Little Old New York "quaint and whimsical." I agree! 1 of best.
2 of 5 stars to The Times We Had by Marion Davies
OPERATOR 13 (1934) offered Gary Cooper his choice of a black or a white Marion Davies
Marion Davies, leaving her mark for the forecourt of Grauman’s on this date in 1929.
It's not enough that I win. Marion Davies must also fail.
Now accepting submissions of jokes that entail Marion Davies, Orson Welles, Hillary Clinton, and a blackberry.
Yep! Looking at the novel alongside surviving info on the (lost) 1922 Cosmopolitan adaptation starring Marion Davies :)
📷 kittyinva: Kittyinva: 1927 still of Marion Davies - as a very pretty brunette - in “Tillie the...
Healthcare Assistant of the Year is awarded to our Marion Coyle Ifor award
May 11, 1926: article in Chicago Tribune with nice words abt Marion Davies in Beverly of Graustark. Love this photo.
Here are two amazing silent comedians sharing the screen: Marie Dressler & Marion Davies!
the signs as silent film actresses . gemini: Marion Davies
comedies: Marion Davies in Show People, Harlow in Bombshell, Leslie Howard in Stand-In, Cagney in Lady killer & Boy meets girl
the 3rd season is all about MGM. I like the eps on Marion Davies, Jean Harlow, & William Haines
Tony and I are watching a Drunk History on William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies and it's like AWH tbt to The Cat's Meow :(
Just found your blog searching for info on Marion Davies home. Great post and love that you promote classic v…
Chaplin as Napoleon at a fancy dress party given by Marion Davies at the Ambassador, 1926
Marion Davies reading a script in her dressing room at the Biograph studio in New York City, early 1920’s
Marion Davies also has the best "hoo boy" GIF. This one is from LITTLE OLD NEW YORK
Marion Davies & I are busy keeping the internet safe from bad photo labeling.
Leslie Howard and Marion Davies in "Five and Ten" directed by Robert Z. Leonard, 1931.
Photo: Gloria Swanson, Marion Davies, Constance Bennett and Jean Harlow look here there and everywhere
A of 1928s The Patsy is Marion Davies impressions of Mae Murray,Lillian Gish&Pola Negri
Marion Davies' ghost still wanders the halls of Hearst's Castle, along with her lover, William Randolph Hearst,...
Staying at The Warwick, Marion Davies former pied-a-terre, don't you know...
Charlie Chaplin dressed as Naploeon at a costume party hosted by William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies .
Nor why the son-in-law is willing to be the Marion Davies of Placer County academia.
I just uploaded "I Was an Evacuee by Fay Marion Davies" to Vimeo:
In April, I will be celebrating my & favorite silent actresses, Pola Negri & Marion Davies. They were born on the exact same day!
Our wonderful "It Girl" for May 24th, Marion Davies. Can't wait to see "The Patsy"
She's sort of a Myrna Loy, Marion Davies and Norma Shearer hybrid.
Jean Davies to continue as SPENS president with Helen Bauld as Vice President and Marion Straub continuing in her role
On the set, Marion Davies with Director King Vidor on the set of THE PATSY 1928.
So sorry about that, Syd! Hope you're feeling better soon and we'll see you for Marion Davies on May 24th.
Our next screening is "The Patsy" starring the one and only Marion Davies! Mark down May 24th
Marion Davies: The Times She Had. The life and career of actress Marion Davies, known for being a silent era film...
Lights of Old Broadway 1925 Marion Davies I look at these photos & marvel at their innocence. http…
"He was always in a very happy mood." - Marion Davies, on working with Bing!
Does everyone hate Marion Davies or just me?
Photoset: United Artists group photo including, but not limited to Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davies, Gloria...
Welcome to our prestigious group our newest member Michelle Curtis!! Who accepted my invitation 2 weeks ago to join our group on January 3rd. She was giving a birthday tribute to the silent/sound actress Marion Davies. But her sincere intentions got tangled up in people's agendas on Marion Davies . Now it was my original intention to do this special post that night. But was traveling and dealing with other matters. Etc. Now this is the proper way to welcome Michelle Curtis. Who's admiration for Marion Davies led to my friendship with Michelle and defending her post. To inviting her to our group. Of which she is a honored member indeed. And that we on this rare occasion (that should have occurred on January 3rd), pay a late birthday tribute to that wonderfully talented actress on her birthday Marion Davies and that we In our group shall give Michelle Curtis the proper respect due her and her post on Marion Davies birthday celebration. Welcome to our group Classic Foreign Movies , Michelle Curtis!! Glad t . ...
KCRW spoke with Santa Monica Conservancy docents about Marion Davies in "Which Way, LA?" today! Join us Sunday...
Remember star Marion Davies on the occasion of her 118th birthday.
Happy birthday, Marion Davies! A party in the film star's honor this Sunday:
April is going to be class of 1897, specifically January 3. Marion Davies & Pola Negri were both born on that day.
Gloria Swanson, Charles Chaplin and Marion Davies at the premiere of City Lights in Los Angeles on 30 January 1931. The police found it hard to control the huge crowds
Wow, never realized that two of my very favorite silent film actresses, Marion Davies & Pola Negri, were born on the same day in 1897
Born on the same day and year as Pola Negri was another huge star of the silent screen, Marion Davies. Much has...
Gloria Swanson, Constance Bennett, Marion Davies and Jean Harlow at a Halloween party!
Or should say was killed by William Randolph Hearst by mistake as he was aiming for Chaplin for flirting with his mistress Marion Davies
Buster Keaton, with Marion Davies, Joan Crawford and others in the "Singin in the Rain" sequence in HOLLYWOOD... http:…
Magnificent Beverly Hills estate by architects Greene & Greene (think Gamble House) will soon arrive for sale. Known as the Anthony-Kerry House, the beautifully maintained residence (almost 5,000 sq ft), was once home for Marion Davies, George Jessel, Fanny Brice, Helen Hayes and composer Lorenz Hart who penned "Isn't It Romantic?" in the living room. Home and adjacent carriage house are sited on a prime (north-of-Sunset), 3/4s acre park-like parcel. Bret(John Aaroe Group, Sunset Strip).
Remembering May 2, 1936: William Randolph Hearst's Mexican Fiesta Birthday Party at Marion Davies' Beach House. Bill Powell and Jean Harlow attended and signed this page of a home made card.
Reminder: Thursday, May 1st, 7 pm, Big Picture Theater The Silent Clowns A Celebration of Silent Film Comedians: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Clara Bow, Marion Davies, Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy and more! Guest speaker Rob Mermin, founder of the award-winning company Circus Smirkus, actor, teacher, author, and director. Mermin studied with mime master Marcel Marceau before embarking on a forty-year career in circus, theater, TV and film, and was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence, Vermont’s highest honor in the arts. Sponsored by the Friends of the Joslin Library, Friends of the Moretown Memorial Library, and the Warren Public Library. Free and open to all ages.
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King Vidor + Marion Davies + Marie Dressler = THE PATSY (1928)! This delightful comedy has a beautiful enduring quality that makes it a join to watch. Davies shines under Vidor's direction and proves she had a gift for comedy! Screening next Friday evening at the Carlton! Not to be missed!
Back in the day, actress Marion Davies' luxurious beach house in Santa Monica had more than 100 rooms and an ornate swimming pool. Little of the original mansion still exists, but what's now known as the Annenberg Community Beach House still has plenty of oceanfront allure.
GODFATHER HORSE-HEAD HOUSE IN Beverly Hills JUST LISTED FOR $135 MILLION The historic Beverly House—where JFK honeymooned in 1953 and the Godfather horse-head scene was shot—has hit the market for a staggering $135,000,000. Built in 1926 for banking exec Milton Getz, the Gordon Kaufmann-designed home was purchased in 1946 by actress/mistress Marion Davies for her lover, newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst. (It's changed hands since then.) The expansive residence sits on 3.7 acres in Beverly Hills and despite its stuffy, old-money interior, contains a multitude of modern conveniences, including two projections rooms, a tennis court that has its own media center (and bar!), and a commercial kitchen. CONTACT ME nassil if you are interested!!
This Day in Geek History: April 18 Happy Bday David Tennant … keep on Doctoring 1846 R.E. House of New York City is granted a patent for the first telegraph ticker capable of printing messages as letters, rather than Morse code, at the rate of approximately fifty words per minute. (US No. 4,464) 1902 Denmark becomes the first country to adopt fingerprinting as a method of identifying criminals. 1924 Simon & Schuster publishes the first Crossword puzzle book. 1925 The first commercial transcontinental radio transmission of a radio facsimile in the United States is sent from San Francisco, California to New York City. The facsimile is a photograph of Louis B. Mayer of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures giving actress Marion Davies a make-up box. 1950 An Avro Canada jetliner becomes the first international jet passenger flight to arrive in the United States, traveling from Malton Airport in Toronto, Canada to the International Airport in New York City. The flight caries three crew members, three passengers, and ...
Watching "Show People" on TCM. It is a silent movie from 1928 with Marion Davies and Williams Haines. William...
We have (3) tickets for "Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood" at the Greenhouse Theater Center for tomorrow, 2/16/2014 at 2:30PM. We bought them for $39 each, but won't be able to go. We're asking $30 each OBO. "Come to lunch with Hollywood celebrities when George Bernard Shaw and his wife Charlotte meet with Clark Gable, John Barrymore, Marion Davies, William Randolph Hearst and Louis B. Mayer on the set of MGM Studios. Based on a true story, this Hollywood comedy is told in 1930s style as only the wit and wisdom of George Bernard Shaw can evoke." Hit me up if you're interested. Thanks!
Homes for Rent at $600,000.00 per Month. Former residence of William Randolph Hearst/Marion Davies and Honeymoon...
This picture starring Marion Davies opened the Pantages Theater at Hollywood & Vine | via
Photo: Ava Gardner and Lana Turner at a party Marion Davies threw in honor of singer Johnnie Ray. October,...
Happy Birthday Marion! On Sunday, January 12, 2014, Santa Monica Conservancy docents turn the spotlight on Marion Davies: actress, philanthropist, famed party hostess and mistress of media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Event takes place at Davies’s 1928 Julia Morgan designed Guest House at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Join docents as they highlight the woman often celebrated as the "bubbles in a glass of champagne." Guests are welcome to come in their favorite Gold Coast era attire or in costume as if attending one of Davies’s famed costume parties. Happy Birthday Marion! 2014 is a free event. Space is limited; reservations are recommended. All ages welcome. Guests are welcome to redeem their reservations any time between 11am and 2pm.
Today (Jan. 3) is the 117th anniversary of the birth of Jean's friend Marion Davies, who, like Jean, was a brilliant actress with a remarkable gift for comedy. (In this well-known photo of a Venice Beach costume party are two other great stars, Gloria Swanson and Constance Bennett, who also sparkled in many comedies.)
Whew! Today is a busy birth date for actresses! Happy birthday to actress Marion Davies (January 3, 1897 - September 22, 1961). Discovered in a Broadway chorus by publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, she became his mistress and protegee, and would remain with Hearst from 1917 until his death in 1951. They lived together at Hearst's San Simeon and beach house. Though many have drawn parallels between Marion and the "Susan Alexander" of "Citizen Kane," the fact remains that Marion actually DID have talent, especially when she was in her favorite metier - comedy. Her best known film today remains "Show People" (1928), in which she hilariously bites the Hollywood hand that feeds her. Hearst wanted to make her a great dramatic actress, and she could be decorous and tragic if need be, but she really shone when she was allowed to cut loose. Marion married once after the death of Hearst, to Captain Horace G. Brown. They remained married until Marion's death. She had no children. The photo below ...
Today in In 1897 actress Marion Davies born. Best known as the long-time mistress of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst.
In Memory of Birthdays 1/3: * Hank Stram (1923-2005) renowned American football coach and athlete. * John Thaw (1942-2002) played the role of Inspector John in the police procedural show "The Sweeney." * Maxene Andrews (1916-1995) soprano singer and member of the Andrews Sisters singing trio from the 1930's to the 1940's and they sold more than 75 million records. * J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) English poet, author, and professor created "The Hobbitt" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. * Marion Davies (1897-1961) actress and love of millionaire William Randolph Hearst. He financed het 1918 film "Cecilia of the Pink Roses." * Grace Coolidge (1879-1957) wife of President Calvin Coolidge. She served as First Lady from 1923 to 1929.
Truth and a couple of fictions. William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies.
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profound posting of Grant Devereaux: "Franklin Graham, Billy's errant son said that Pope Francis made a mistake saying he could not judge homosexuals. He said, God's word does not change. Well, two points. One, God never has said one word against homosexuality - nor did his son. Some Rabbis declared it was an abomination in Leviticus, along with eating shellfish and pork, shaving one's face or a woman cutting her hair - but God never said one word on the subject. Second, his Father Billy Graham became famous when he told William Randolph Heart that God would for give him for his adulterous affair with Marion Davies. Now we know that God allegedly did speak quite vociferously against adultery - it made his top ten list - but Billy felt empowered to override that. William Randolph Hearst used his vast newspaper empire to build up Billy Graham after he forgave him for his adulterous affair - which was on going. If Billy had not forgiven William Randolph Hearst, he would have remained an itinerant tent preach ...
Learning from Ron Genini's book that the Brabins to the late 40's held parties at their home where champagne and not hard liquor was served. They ended such social occasions with one party per year in the end for industry and film friends as a thanks for welcomes they'd received throughout the year. They visited with Max Linder and Grace Darmond. They also had over theirs Marion Davies, William Randolph Hearst, Wallace Reid, Thomas Ince, Rudolph Valentino and Louise Brooks in addition to others mentioned here from other research.
I watched the documentary "Battle Over Citizen Kane" and apperently the word Rosebud was the pet name William Randolph Hearst used to to call Marion Davies *** I belive this might have been the last straw for hurst and led him to accuse Orson Welles of being a communist.
Fact: Marion Davies once got President Calvin Coolidge drunk by offehe real source of everlasting peace, which is Jesus,
Photo: deannmartin: Ava Gardner at a party in Los Angeles given by Marion Davies, c. 1952. Photo taken using...
Photo: theniftyfifties: Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and Fernando Lamas at a lavish party Marion Davies threw in...
Co-Stars: Dorothy Comingore From "My Lunches with Orson" Edited by Peter Biskind: Interviewer: Dorothy Comingore, another fresh face, was so great as Susan Alexander, Kane's mistress and second wife, the one based on Marion Davies. How did you find her? Orson Welles: Chaplin, you know, told me about her. Interviewer: What was she in? OW: Nothing. He just found her. He'd seen her in some little play or something. Her singing "Come and Go," was a real fabricated performance, because we sprayed her throat before every take with some dangerous chemical that made her hoarse. Her performance as the younger version of the wife was herself. The older one was chemical. Interviewer: So, what happened to Comingore? OW: For two or three years she just refused everything, waiting for another Susan Alexander. Well, you know, those parts don't come along so often. Interviewer: God, in a way, it's the worst thing that can happen, to get that at the beginning of your career, isn't it? OW...Everybody loved her in "Kane," s ...
Marion Davies' bedroom and dressing room and William Randolph Hearst's bedroom and dressing room and some wall decor.
Marion Davies - Operator 13 (1934) "A charming actress whose career spanned from the end of the silent era to the first decade of the talkies, Marion Davies' substantial talent was overshadowed by her storied personal life and ongoing affair with powerful newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. It was as a 19-year-old performer on Broadway that Davies first met Hearst, a married man who, after falling in love with the young actress, vowed to make her one of Hollywood's greatest stars. Literally sparing no expense, Hearst created a production company solely for Davies' projects and leveraged deals with major studios to distribute her films. Although her benefactor preferred to see his star in such elaborate costume dramas as "Buried Treasure" (1921) and "When Knighthood was in Flower" (1922), Davies' impish personality made her far better suited for comedies like "Tillie the Toiler" (1927) and "The Patsy" (1928). Whether justified or not, it was Davies' off-screen travails that earned her lasting notori ...
Wednesday 2 October Silent Film: Show People with Marion Davies & Williams Haines (King Vidor, 1928) @ 7:00 pm. Featuring live organ accompaniment by Rick Parks at the “Mighty Wurlitzer Organ”. A good-hearted spoof of the early film industry and it’s performers.
I am also pleased to report that I have contributed two pieces to the 2013 San Francisco Silent Film Festival program. (That's two years in a row with two pieces!). This year's contributions include an essay on the Marion Davies' film "The Patsy" and a short biographical sketch of actress Alma Rubens, the San Francisco born silent snowbird.
The Ziegfeld Follies (based on the Folies Bergères of Paris) were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City, opening on this day in 1907, and successfully continuing annually through 1931. Produced and promoted by Florenz Ziegfeld, these stage extravaganzas brought to life his ideas of perfection in music and dance through elaborate stage productions, with lavish costumes and sets. Choosing the chorus girls through his excellent taste in feminine beauty, membership in the elite company of Ziegfeld Girls was prestigiously glorified, and launched the careers of many future film stars,including as Marion Davies, Paulette Goddard, Joan Blondell, Eve Arden, and Barbara Stanwyck. From the music of prominent composers as Irving Berlin andGeorge Gershwin, and taking the best from vaudeville (Fanny Brice, W. C. Fields, and Eddie Cantor, among many others), the Follies became significant in establishing theatrical revue format in the United States. * In History: 1497 Vasco da Gama s ...
f you want to see several stars all in one place, then the place to go is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Of course, the stars that you'll see there are all mostly long dead and gone; I say mostly. Founded in 1899 and located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery not only is it the resting place for hundreds of Hollywood's stars and other famous persons, but it remains a fully operating cemetery to this day still performing new burials and cremations every week. Today its owner was once an advisor on the television series, Six Feet Under. Some of the famous stars buried here include Douglas Fairbanks, Tyrone Power, Peter Lorre, Marion Davies, Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, and Charlie Chaplin Jr. Recent additions, in the past few years, include Fay Wray of King Kong and guitarist Johnny Ramone. Cecil B. Demille's Grave Other colorful characters of note include the director of "Ten Commandments", Cecil B. DeMille. During the making of that film, he buried his enormous Egyptian set ...
moviequeen Look who we saw in this pic with Ms. Davies on the wall of Marion's Guest Cottage in Santa…
Our top 3: Anna May Wong, Marion Davies, Lillian Gish “50 icons of the 20s: Who are your faves?
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Marion Davies..her sweet face would make a lovely flash piece for a tattoo. pretty.
Oh, it's a stunning place to meet up! Always enjoy playing hostess, especially at Marion Davies' place. ;)
The lovely Marion Davies Guest House in Santa Monica! The style is and it's been…
have you been to Beautiful! The Marion Davies Guest House is lovely.
the "guest beach house"! I would expect nothing less :) I was just reading about Marion Davies in Silent Stars ^PG
Goin into Marion Davies guest house to see talk on fashion in film but 1st a tour!
I feel the presence of Marion Davies!!! (@ Beverly Hills Hotel - w/ 2 others)
Give Dan Marino in his prime, Julius Jones, Marion Barber or DeMarco Murray and he's winning a Super Bowl.
Still in the midst of an all day CalParkBoards meeting on Santa Monica Beach (@ Marion Davies Guest House)
Hearst's lover of 32yrs, actress Marion Davies.
"Roast Beef" was the real nickname of Marion Davies hoo-hoo-dilly
Marion Davies was better known as William Randolph Hearst's mistress, but she was an amazing and underrated...
Marion Davies was quite a character not the least of which was mistress to William Randolph Hearst. Oh to be at Hearst Castle.
Staying at The Santa Maria Inn. William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies slept in this very room.
Nation’s most expensive rental may be most famous for ‘Godfather’ horse head Not to be outdone, the Beverly House in Beverly Hills, Calif., is muscling its way into the stratosphere with what is believed to be the most expensive rental home in the nation: a staggering $600,000 a month. You probably know the house without even realizing it: Remember the scene from "The Godfather" where a Hollywood mogul finds a horse head in his bed? That was filmed at the Beverly House. But the home has an illustrious history beyond that, too: William Randolph Hearst left San Simeon -- the California setting of his never-finished Hearst Castle -- to move into the Beverly House, which paramour Marion Davies bought for him in 1946. And John F. Kennedy honeymooned at the Beverly House with Jackie. Plus, the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston vehicle "The Bodyguard" was filmed there. Some vital statistics: The 50,000-square-foot estate, at 1011 North Beverly Drive a few blocks above Sunset Boulevard, has 17 bedrooms and 29 b ...
the Leonard Ross estate once owned by Marion Davies hasgot a spread in Shame not in it. Looks gorg!
"'Rosebud' was William Randolph Hearst's pet name for an intimate part of Marion Davies' anatomy."
"Marion Davies' mentor William Randolph Hearst" oh really? Mentor, that's the word we're using. ok...
The legendary property, once owned by William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies, has returned to the market, this time as a rental $600,000
and the show is.THE CAT'S MEOW. Based on the true story of a mysterious Hollywood death, The Cat's Meow offers a fascinating cross section of Jazz Era characters who intersect for one notorious weekend on board William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924. The play was adapted for film in 2002, with a screenplay by the author, directed by Peter Bogdanovich, and starring Kirsten Dunst, Eddie Izzard, and Edward Herrmann. Weekend guests include: Charlie Chaplin, who has been carrying on with movie star Marion Davies, a secret known to Davies' paramour, the married – and much older -- Hearst; and movie mogul Thomas Ince, who is hoping to revive his flagging fortunes by forming a partnership with Hearst. Playing with fire, Ince tries to convince Hearst that he can handle both Marion's movie career... and her private life as well.
Sleep in the same home as William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies, John & Jacqueline Kennedy slept in
Robert Paige (December 2, 1911 – December 21, 1987) was an actor and a TV newscaster and political correspondent and Universal Pictures leading man who made 65 films in his lifetime: he was the only actor ever allowed to sing on film with Deanna Durbin (in 1944's Can't Help Singing). He was a graduate of West Point and was related to Admiral David Beatty, hero of the World War I Battle of Jutland. Born as John Arthur Page in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1911, he began his screen career in 1934. His handsome features and assured speaking voice earned him prominent roles in motion pictures, such as Cain and Mabel with Clark Gable and Marion Davies. In 1936, to avoid confusion with another rising leading man, John Payne, Paige briefly adopted the screen name "David Carlyle". He worked primarily for Warner Brothers and Republic Pictures during this period.[citation needed] In 1938 he signed a contract with Columbia Pictures, which changed his screen name to Robert Paige. Columbia cast him in "B" features and st ...
Charles Chaplin with Gloria Swanson and Marion Davies at the premiere of his City Lights at Los Angeles Theater - 1931
Great photo of Chaplin with Gloria Swanson and Marion Davies.
We're running a competition! just for a laugh! if you can answer a simple question (no googling now) we'll give u a password to use at Bristol Old Vic to get TWO tickets for the price of ONE for Funny Ladies with Lucy Porter (and Marion Davies) on Sunday at 8pm. Q. We all know that Marion Davies was game for a laugh but who did she get drunk by feeding him wine and telling him it was fruit juice? (Clue - it was a man!) Message us your answers! Aand - go!
Back to the debunked show-biz legends. Not many today, but I'm doing other things (amazingly): Walter Brennan was so bigoted that he refused to ever film a scene with a black actor. Walt Disney would not have made training or morale-boosting films during WW2 if the government hadn't forced him to. Throughout the run of Groucho Marx' YOU BET YOUR LIFE, the fact that the show had a writing staff was hidden from the public. None of Marion Davies' films made money. She was starred only because of her boyfriend W R Hearst. With such rare exceptions as KNUTE ROCKNE and KING'S ROW, Ronald Reagan only starred in B pictures.
Patriots Week Event The Trenton Historical Society & The Trenton Film Society Present JANICE MEREDITH A LONG-LOST MOVIE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Wednesday, December 26, 7-9:30 pm at the Mill Hill Playhouse E. Front Street at S. Montgomery, Trenton Admission $5; free for Historical Society and Film Society members. Colonial-style refreshments will be available. In this visually stunning 1924 silent film, the title character (played by Marion Davies), daughter of a wealthy New Jersey landowner, manages to help Paul Revere with his ride, give information to Gen. Washington for the First Battle of Trenton, be present at the Battle of Yorktown, and marry at Mount Vernon. (153 minutes with a sound-track; discussion afterwards.)
Diane and I attended the 125th anniversary celebration of the Hearst Corp. Wednesday night at the beautiful Asia Society Texas Center at 1370 Southmore. The evening began with appetizers and champagne, wine, and mixed drinks provided by Hearst. The appetizers consisted of soft pretzels and cheese sauce, fried potatoes, lobster and shrimp corn dogs, pop corn with M&M's, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts and a licorice stick, and mini hot dogs. Background music was provided by the Caceres Trio. We then saw a documentary film called "Citizen Hearst: Now You'll Know Everything" directed by Leslie Iwerks. ( She was present and is a granddaughter of Walt Disney.) The documentary gave the history of the Hearst Corp and family that formed it. It showed the vast contributions of the Hearst Corp. in newspapers; Metro Tone films, comics to animation to newsreels; Cosmopolitan movie production to give a job to William Randolph Hearst's mistress Marion Davies; radio stations; TV networks such as A & E and ESPN; and a ...
"Show People," the 1928 satire of Hollywood, could be considered the great-grandfather of last year's "The Artist," the Oscar-winning homage to the early days of filmmaking. The fast-paced comedy , starring Marion Davies and directed by King Vidor , spoofs the top stars of the day (many of w...
This lavish adaptation of Victor Herbert's operetta The Red Mill proved to be one of Marion Davies' most delightful and best-received silent vehicles. Davies...
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This is the penultimate entry we have for our spooky cemetery series: 9. Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles. Hollywood just lends itself to ghost stories, doesn't it? So many broken dreams and scandals. And a lot of them seem to have ended up at Hollywood Forever. Some of the ghosts that have been seen include Clifton Webb, Virginia Rappe (the girl at the center of the Fatty Arbuckle murder/rape scandal), and William Randolph Hearst. Now, Hearst isn't actually buried at Hollywood Forever, but people have reported seeing him visiting the grave of his old mistress, Marion Davies.
"In Hearst's medieval dining hall the long, narrow table is set for dinner with antique silver and extra ketchup. Nearby, almost invisible in the elaborate parlor, is a little card table where Hearst's beloved mistress, film star Marion Davies, worked jigsaw puzzl...
A behind the scenes look at the 1936 movie Cain and Mabel starring Marion Davies and Clark Gable ~ Please visit my blog
this is the Annenberg Community Beach House...our community beach house that was once the property of Marion Davies. In other words, Clark Gable swam in this very pool that the family deeded to the city for public use
Aug 31, 1933: Bing Crosby's at MGM for the 2nd day of shooting "Going Hollywood" w/Marion Davies. Hilarity ensues.
A little luxe nonsense in icy black and white Crosby and Marion Davies... see what money can buy
14th August 1951: The American newspaper publisher and tycoon William Randolph Hearst died in Beverly Hills at the age of 88. Born in San Francisco, California on 29th April 1863, his methods profoundly influenced American journalism. His life story was a source of inspiration for the development of the lead character in Orson Welles' film "Citizen Kane". His mansion, Hearst Castle, near San Simeon, California, on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, was the idyllic frame of his love affair with Hollywood diva Marion Davies as well of that of Joe Kennedy with Gloria Swanson.
Whether you're a local or a visitor this weekend, there's a quintessential L.A. must-do on Saturday; the legendary (L.A. gothic) film noir, Sunset Boulevard will be projected onto a mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The cemetery shares a lot with Paramount Studios and is the final resting place of several famous (and infamous) icons like Jayne Mansfield, Virginia Rappe, A couple of The Ramones, Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, Vampira and Marion Davies. (google the names, you'll spend hours... it's fascinating) screening is part of Cinespia, weekly screenings at Hollywood Forever where adoring fans can watch the legends of Old Hollywood... 6ft away from them. It's not as scary as it sounds ;)
A tribute to Marion Davies, the silent film comedian overshadowed by her relationship with newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Their relationship was t...
Have you seen the film,"The Cats Meow"? Old Hollywood rumor about William Randolph Hearst & Marion Davies.
This recently-opened Annenberg Community Beach House is on the site of the former Marion Davies estate, and comes with its share of history, including the original pool, which is open weekends in September and October from 10 a.m.
So here's something to make you go HM. The other day I was at Hurst Castle. The next day, I found myself on the Uni Cal at Santa Barbara campus watching The Godfather on one of those free movie nights that colleges usually have during the class seasons. As I was watching the movie during the "horse-head in the bed" scene, I remembered overhearing a guide at the castle telling someone that Hurst actually died at girlfriend Marion Davies' house in LA. He said that the house was used in the Godfather during the horse head scene! It even looked a little like San Simeon on the outside, like a mini version--no surprise there. I just thought that was an amazing coincidence that I went to Hurst Castle and the next day, totally by loopy luck, I was watching the movie that was also a small part of the Hurst legend/legacy.
A bonanza of birthdays today: Anna May Wong, Pola Negri, Marion Davies, Alma Taylor – and ZaSu Pitts.
Photography by Alfred Cheney Johnston, the official photographer of the Zeigfeld Follies. His portraits of the Zeigfeld Girls are considered fine art today. Thanks to the internet his photography is being re-discovered by photographers and collectors worldwide. The beauty of his work and the depth of creativity can no longer be denied. Ziegfeld Girls were the chorus girls from Florenz Ziegfeld's theatrical spectaculars known as the Ziegfeld Follies (1907~1931), which were based on the Folies Bergère of Paris. Many future stars were Ziegfeld Girls, Marion Davies, Paulette Goddard, Joan Blondell, Barbara Stanwyck, Billie Dove, Louise Brooks, Nita Naldi, Mae Murray, Bessie Love, Dorothy Mackaill, Claire Dodd, Cecile Arnold, Iris Adrian and other society and business successes such as Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Helen Gallagher, Anastasia Reilly, and Irene Hayes. Although many future stars started out as Ziegfeld girls, several others were turned down by Florenz Ziegfeld to appear in his revue. Norma Shearer (in 19 ...
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