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Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer (born December 4, 1988 in Thailand) is a Thai model and actor.

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I added a video to a playlist Meet and Greet Mario Maurer - Jakarta, 25 Februari 2017
When you wake up from a good dream ❀. Nanood ako ng live thai/kdrama sa panaginip. Srsly? Ha Ji Won and Mario Maurer 😍
Hilarious! The Sands-Maurer Wendy Berlowitz bit alone is worth the price of admission. And Mario Cuomo'…
Is this from the movie first love? The one that mario maurer starring in?
so nice and charismatic with Mario Maurer (Thai model, actor).
[PHOTO] Penshoppe shared a couple photo of their model couple Sandara Park and Mario Maurer for their summer campaign.
A Chao Phraya River cruise to remember for two Mario Maurer fans
Pee Mak tho. It's been 2 yrs Idk where to find (dat was OnoD as Mario Maurer lololol)
Nonton take me home ajalah. I saw mario maurer i click.
Nw friends never die starring mario maurer for the 3rd time 🎈
that guy looks a lot like Mario Maurer😍😍
Recently started with ThaiDramas. I have to admit that i liked most of them . Especially ( Mario Maurer ) dramas
and she had shows with Mario Maurer before?!
isn't that Mario Maurer's friend with Lisa? she's also become Dara's friend.or is it a diff person?
Mario maurer is my last fave thai actor and i stopped fangirling him for quite awhile but Puttichai Kasetsin is BAEEE
February 2, 2017:. Had a dream about the love of my life, Mario Maurer. First for 2017. –  10% Off
Ost from Mario Maurer's new drama BanLanDokMai will 1st onair tomorrow 8.20 PM Thai time ~😊.
Sooo when is unnie penshoppe photoshot will be realease? With mario maurer right.
Mhhm. It's a school-life series. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ are not getting bored because of Mario Maurer?
Mario maurer can tear my heart into pieces and i still will thank him
Thailand, I'll see you on April. Mario Maurer wait for me πŸ˜™πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚
Mario Maurer makes me gon crazy yas
how can I sleep, I keep on finding Mario Maurer's vids. Oh life πŸ˜‚
One of the best and one of those movies that touch my heart, Friends: Movie of Mario Maurer.πŸ’•
Friends: movie of Mario Maurer was kinda quite tragic but I learned more things and I envy him for having those kind of friends all true.
yayayay... Thank God i meet Hana now lol~ i am mario maurer stan too lol
I liked a video Sandara Park and Mario Maurer Holiday 2016
Ill go and succeed to date Mario Maurer one day πŸ™βœ¨
Im watching Two Spirits Love of Mario Maurer. When can I find those w eng sub 😭😭
Edward really reminds me of Mario Maurer.
December is going to be a really bad month for the rest of the game developers who aren't Nintendo.
An ate gurl from the bus station told me I look Thai. Kabahan ka na, Mario Maurer.
Press conference with Mario at Inya Lake Hotel for Meet&Greet and Fashion Show
So Tita Maritz brought us to her friend's house and the subdivision they're living in turned out to be Mario Maurer's place too.
We're all set for our Press Conference with Mario Maurer! Live updates comin'!
Rosalyn, go and succeed, then date Mario Maurer ok?
Sandara Park and Mario Maurer for Penshoppe Holiday Campaign!. >>
Mario is all set for tomorrow's meet and greet in Myanmar! Will you be there?
I am into Mario Maurer this past few days. I love him soo much. He's so humble 😍😍😭😭
OMGG IM SCREECHING AHHAA WHAT THE UTT! "Which celeb has a hard time with the comp? The ans is mario because mario Maurer (mouse-error)"
Mario Balotelli has now scored 6 goals in 5 games across all competitions for Nice this season. Return to form.
yes, the woman is Sandara Park, a korean actor and singer from group 2ne1 and the man is Mario Maurer, a Thai actor. Why?
Woah! One of my fave Thai actor Mario Maurer is promoting πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
i went to a mario maurer fanmeet back then in PICC. I can say 3k is not worth it if CAT4 is in the balcony
Jerome Ponce x Mario Maurer si left guy
Find a man who will look at you like the way how Mario Maurer look at Dara
Meet Black Singles 300x250
One of the saddest stories in history is Cacai Bautista + Mario Maurer
Mario Maurer as Gun is so perfect. Ah dont know how to describe this feeling right now 😍
Kakai posts short message for Mario Maurer's brother
Kakai posts short message for Mario Maurer's brother: Comedienne Kakai Bautista congratulated the brother of ...
My gallery full with mario maurer images . 😍
watching crazy little thing called love for like the 3rd time and I hecking love mario maurer
Mario Maurer! SanRio is taking over the city soon hehe
Grabe looks, voice, the way they speak. Yong is Mario Maurer talaga
Happy birthday to my fave Mario Maurer look-alike! Intradventures soon, love you! ❀️
did u see mario maurer's new paracetamol ad yesterday? I DIED
Cgu In dlm cite first love dlm cite first love with mario maurer
''Experience Thailand with Mario Maurer'' gets off to successful start in Philippines at
"Friendship doesn't last just for few days, but they last for your whole entire life." . ~Gun(Mario Maurer)
. From the first day till the last second. We won't know how many true friends we'll have in life. ~Gun (Mario Maurer)
Watching romantic comedy movie starred by mario maurer but lastly i fall asleep sorry lmao
Everything is more totally awesome with Mario Maurer. (note to self: Google "Mario Maurer")
''Experience Thailand with Mario Maurer'' campaign gets off to successful start
"You know I'm scared of ghosts, but i'm scared more of living without you" ~Mario Maurer
πŸ” as Mario Maurer actor from thailand. Naive clan. Welcome and have a great sex!
Hi, base! I'm Thailand Actor Mario Maurer, 1988 line. Wanna join in desirous as Naive clan. Verify me?
mario maurer 2016 our handsome Thai idol: via
Mario maurer's ig is full of cars, advertisements and HIS MOM IM SO DEAD
i thougt it was something bad omg BUT JFJDJFFSJ MARIO MAURER IM SO WEAK?
Thai people are so handsome and beautiful. And when I say Thai people, I only mean bambam, nichkhun and mario maurer
Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer gives the ins and outs of Thailand; Instagram-worthy tourist spots, food, and more!
Visiting Manila, Mario Maurer on how to enjoy Thailand via
When you see Mario Maurer's singing skills wayback in 2013
I added a video to a playlist Friendship β™₯ Mario Maurer β™₯ β™₯
*decides to watch Mario Maurer's movie*. *Mario starts to speak*. Me: 😢
Good Night with Mario for today kaaa 😘😘😘. . . Cr. pom__prakarn πŸ™.
Mario Maurer wants you to go to Thailand
What lakorn has turn me into..after mario maurer, toomtam yuttana and now this dj push…
I remember Mario Maurer feel in love with Cacai's voice. .
Cacai has been unfairly bashed b4 when she got close w/ Mario Maurer,like what the *** Sagaran ang inggit ng mga bashers.
Mario Maurer :) this is the first time watching you on a movie and speak mandarin! Sooo stunning!
thai magazine so you can find his info online. for a more famous super hot thai model, google Mario Maurer
Idk why mario maurer has to be so cute
"I have to make you ligaw and harana." . -Marcus(Mario Maurer). Why sa gwapo Mario? So cute ☺☺☺ 󾌧󾌧󾌧 β€” watching Suddenly It's Magic
hi mario, I was your fans from Indonesia
Maurer asian girls dream lover since childhood.
Take Me Home is also a horror movie *** Mario Maurer
Probably pre recorded female screams coming from a speaker. They use it for pop groups and guys like Mario Maurer.
*** DANIEL 😱 he looks like if siwon and mario maurer had a baby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
I just wondered what if niall met mario maurer in thailand
Watching Mario Maurer in horror+funny movie is a lot of fun tonight
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Irrelevant research has just revealed that my SEA babe Mario Maurer has acted in a *** film as one of the *** boys, I am abandoning work rn
A new horror movie of Mario Maurer. TAKE ME HOME (Sook San Wan Klab Ban). This Songkran. [pic] β€”
Happy birthday Mario Maurer of the Philippines! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Miss you. I love you! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
Instagram: Dara Shares a Picture with a Friend, Posing with Mario Maurer at Madame Tussauds lewat
One of the best movie... True Friend ft. Mario Maurer plus its a true story...thats was the best,shows man friendship! I need dvd...
"I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t until you tell me you will be my girl..." Mario Maurer, Suddenly it's magic.
Mario Maurer is such a sweet cute guy but weird
For the record I have 4021 friends. Thanks Mario Maurer.
Handsome gila kot he he tapiii tgk a little thing called love. Tu Thailand ah time Mario Maurer ((spell)) handsome
Oh My God. Mario Maurer so cute, so handsome, so cool 😍😍😍 .
Goodnight, Mario Maurer ng Pilipinas. I love you :-) See you again soon!
[Prof, saya book visual Mario Maurer as Fred Jorgensen, Amanda Steele as Fresia Jorgensen, Isabelle Drummond as my istri ]
Hi i'm Mario Maurer want to join smutisclosed as sanguinismut want to verify?
I liked a video from Mario Maurer Is The Hottest Bachelor
I really really like Mario Maurer because the film crazy little thing called love you funny.I want you...follback me thank's
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Which celebrity would you like to meet? β€” mario maurer & Brunno Mars
Super Robin Hood World : Hero Bros - archer archery for free games - Mario Maurer: This gam...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAM!! much love from Mario Maurer Indonesia fans :)
Yo my love! You're probably there in the land of my Mario Maurer now. Anyway, tignan mo yung first and latest...
My friend and I watched ' Crazy Little Thing Called Love' with Mario Maurer in it when I slept around her house :) Heard of it?
I like this movie! Mario Maurer and Erich G. Feel good movie talaga. PROUD TeamEMax
You know brother Mario Maurer? he is version Mario Maurer of Indonesian, looks ordinary when…
Mario Maurer at the Men's Show from now on
Mario maurer at this hour awww melting af 😍😍
That thai movie with Mario Maurer lol I forgot the title
Who cares about Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas when there's Mario Maurer king of pop
Barbie-Bailey Love Story reminds me of Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales Movie
I liked a video Cacai Bautista cries over Mario Maurer
I liked a video Mario Maurer and Cacai Bautista - Suddenly It's Magic
Mario Maurer, 1D, Cara Delevingne, Sean O'Pry, and now KENDALL JENNER?! I so love you Penshoppe!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’‹
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
A heartbreaking scene from crazy little thing called love πŸ’” i cried a lot really. Btw, Mario Maurer is so perf πŸ”₯
Jerome Ponce really reminds me of Rico Yan and Mario Maurer combined! A young hearthrob!
The Authority of Thailand (TAT) has appointed Thai pop star Mario Maurer to promote the kingdom in
SNR. For the Local it's Erich Gonzales and Loisa Andalio, and for International Lee Min *** Mario Maurer. :)
Mario Maurer who acted as P Shone in A Crazy Little Thing Called Love! HE'S SO HANDSOME!
yes, i must ask manager oppa to do a trip to Thailand. and i meet Mario Maurer then. HEHEHHEHE
ati. Please watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It's a movie of Mario Maurer to...
I love watching Thai movies especially if Mario Maurer is in it 😊
Yeah thanks again friends. I also like mario maurer lol^^
But there this cute guy sitting behind me during the Ateneo entrance exam that looks like Mario Maurer ohmygoddd 😍
IG : urassayas. the rising sun showcase fun meeting!.
OH my god (*:~)|Vogue fasion's night out bangkok : 26/09/14 : Siam center |
Ini film true friend never die mario maurer nya😒
Please do a movie starring Sandara Park & Mario Maurer.thanks!!!
Erich G, you lucky girl! From Enchong Dee to Mario Maurer then now JC De Vera 😍
Mario maurer , im fall in love with you 😍
In virtual world, I'm in love with Mario Maurer & Natcha Jantapan 😍😍😍 in reality he he ofc there is someone 😚
Watching first love. Mario maurer :* old movie~~
eonnie,,,he's mario maurer,,,thai actor...right ??? Are u like him too ???
The message of Mario Maurer's film Pee Mak is:. "In a group of friends, there's always an *** " . LMAO. ^___^v
this is a thai movie feat Mario Maurer? haven't seen the 1st movie yet
Omo Omo !! :D Comedy Horror movie! It's called Pee Mak starred by Mario Maurer :p One of the most handsome Thai actor xD
For me before & the only Luis and Mario I know are my role models Luis Manzano & Mario Maurer...
Bc dara is so shippable. They're shipping her w mario maurer's brother
Mario Maurer is here in the Philippines recently~
a new friend, Marco Maurer, Mario Maurer's bro, a rapper/model from thailand.
he's the brother of Mario Maurer a famous actor in Thailand
That moment when BJs are all hoping Dara will do the lapdance with Mario Maurer but turned out it was with Marco. πŸ˜‚
O.O is that Marco Maurer? Freak! How I wish that was Mario Maurer instead! Lol XD
Dara liked Mario's manager pic with Marco Maurer waiting for AON to start
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Less people on the mall coz of Mario Maurer. Perfect time to shop. 😜 @ Zara Ayala Center Cebu
I told him to go and watch Baifern and Mario Maurer at Ayala Center Cebu and send me a picture of them…
Just got home from Ayala Center Cebu! At last i've met you Mario Maurer and Baifren. I so love you…
Welcome back Mario Maurer & Baifern Pimchanok! Catch them at the FanCon tomorrow,5pm at Ayala Center, Cebu http:/…
[Fancam 2014.08.17 Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok arrived at Ayala Cebu Center for
bro mo si Mario Maurer (High School in St. Dominic School of the Salesians of Don Bosco).
i like watching Thai Movies and i couldn't help but notice... Most of their actors and actresses were look-alikes of our local celebrities... Local: - Thai Celeb: Piolo Pascual - Ananda Everington Melissa Ricks - lead girl from the movie Just Kids Enchong Dee - lead boy from Grean Fictions Julia (from Mara Clara remake) - lead girl from Grean Fictions Caselyn Francisco (90's) - girl from Just Kids Kim Delos Santos - Mario Maurer's love interest in Friendship and a lot more like Yasmien Kurdi, Bea Alonzo and etc... My apologies if I couldn't give the names because the credits in the movies mentioned were written in Thai.
i like it MARIO MAURER , adele, and JUSTIN BIBER :-*
It started from Mario Maurer my labsss πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
Najah reminds me of how i was into Mario Maurer back then. Lol. It was crazy, honestly. That dude is so fakin hot its illegal
Mario Maurer was here in Chiang Mai yesterday. Didn't see him. πŸ˜” and original F4's Ken is living here na rin pala, in one …
Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok remain in Penshoppe as their models.
I don't know, what can I say .. But, I know if you're (mario maurer) is very very handsome, cute, sweety ? I Love You so much !! ?
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities... β€” richard gutierrez, mario maurer and kim bum.
i feel like ur talking about mario maurer BUT I COULD BE SO WRONG
Next movie to watch:Pee Mak of Mario Maurer 😍😍
Watch video about Mario Maurer’s dream trip to Korea! Make your imagination become a reality! Win a trip to KOREA!
*I Love you Mario Maurer, Bamboo, Jericho Rosales, Paulo Avelino & most of all Vhong Navarro! Wooaahh... Hope to see U personally...
Get schooled in the art of cool with Mario Maurer & Baifern Pimchanok.
Walaupun di sini Mario Maurer too sweet, too cute, too romantic to be true, tp tetep Mike… β˜… Suddenly It's Magic β€”
I liked a video Exclusie Interview with Mario Maurer and Director Banjong Pisanthanakun
I liked a video mario maurer wonderful moments
does anyone on tlist know who Mario Maurer is??
"I'll stop the world and melt with you. mario maurer 😘😘😘
yung kay Mario Maurer! Love the bee sting scene...even my dad was laughing XD
To Mario Maurer Fans! he will come to PP July 5th based on this page… at AEON Mall…. Chok Dee.. :)
Mario Maurer has never been more honest on his love life, first dates and being single. Visit 2Magazine channel for more video: ...
Thai star Mario Maurer admitted that he really missed the Philippines and its people.
Ugh. I want to watch Peemak 2 kaso wala na si Mario Maurer.
Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer guested on "Gandang Gabi Vice" on Sunday night as he promoted his movie "Suddenly It's Magic" with Erich Gonzales. If you are ...
Mario Maurer's update on June 4, 2014 . Hi Po :). What do you think about this pict?. cr :
jongin? that dark oppa? lol okay. stop talk abt mario maurer or i'll be get ignored by sehun xD
I remember when I traveled to Thailand last year. I swear I was all out searching for Mario Maurer. ha ha ha
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would ... β€” Kung sino man yung girlfriend ni Mario Maurer my labs...
Mario Maurer is so cute in Pee Mak πŸ˜‚
Kim Soo-hyun and Mario Maurer will fly to Cambodia to attend grand opening of shops in Aeon mall 😯
the Mario Maurer in the Philippines is Jerome Fonce
Dahil i miss you na and nam. I miss you bie Mario Maurer .
Cooming son teenage love mario maurer (with [pic] β€”
mario maurer and his friends in Peemak checking his wife whether she is ghost or a normal human being like
Mario Maurer again OMG why so handsome
Mario Maurer reminds me of my highschool classmate back then.
Do you know Mario Maurer Our Featured Artist of the Month?
Megan Young and Mario Maurer can't be a couple since she is rumoured to be dating Mikael Daez :)
Tbh, Idk if Peter is up against Hwanhee and someone who is like Lee Seungi or perhaps Mario Maurer. LOL
Breast Cancer Awareness
is that right that you have a special relationship with Megan Young(miss world 2013)? i'm so jealous :((( please answer me.
I'm always waiting for you,u're an idol who inspired me to become a better,i like you, i love you moreβ™₯β™₯ good morning ツ
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose? β€” Rizky Nazar or Mario Maurer lol
hey! how did you know about Mario Maurer? O_o
Pee Mak is the most sweetest comedy horror movie ever!!! How I really love Mario Maurer *screaming* :*
What famous person would you like to meet? β€” Mario Maurer and Emir Mahira
Mario Maurer, good morning oreos. Be a nice Friday ;)
There's a boi here that looks like Mario Maurer 😍😍
Ano bang status mo ngeyen? :)) β€” in a relationship with Taylor Lautner, married with Mario Maurer, dating Daniel...
Natural . So very handsome . Love you na kaa~
"a guy named Jan passed away, he is considered Mario Maurer of their school -my …
β€œvideo Mario Maurer & Baifern Pimchanok // Crazy Little thing Called love par…
I'm just dream that I met with mario maurer and 'eh natcha juntapun. And I didn't know why natcha call him self as mouse
please! Mario Maurer and Yoona of Girls' Generation together..
bang over in BKK already been met with mario maurer ?
Mario Maurer in Love on That Day is adorable as ***
Big birthday shoutout to the super awesome Mario Maurer who turns 24 today!
No doubt I'm still in love with Mario maurer. My heart will always belong to him.
I'm so afraid to love you, because I do not deserve you,but I'm also afraid of losing you. ~ Mario Maurer
Mario, u're the only one that i want to meet, always love you!
i love you you you so much more MARIO MAURER ;)
Yang main di Film First Love bukan pe ?? :p RTHey, I'd just watching your movie and it's awesomeβ™₯
Hai Mario, i really idolized with you, i like you, i love you more.
Hey, I'd just watching your movie and it's awesomeβ™₯
MANILA, Philippines Cacai Bautista turned emotional as she expressed gratitude to Mario Maurer for their strong friendship amid the intrigues surrounding the...
Happy birthday Mario Maurer :)) long life and wish you all the best ! :) β™‘ *30
It is officially 25th birthday in Thailand! Happy birthday to my forever love Mario Maurer!!!
Happy Birthday Mario Maurer wishing you the best enjoy your day and God…
4th December ! Happy birthday to my handsome boy Mario Maurer β™₯β™₯ I love u so much, dear ^^~
Happy 25th birthday Mario Maurer cheers and enjoy your day God Bless you :) β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
Well today is mario maurer's birthday!! Happy birthday to you, mario maurer!! I will always love you and adore you! x
Happy Birthday 25th long life, more success, more kindness, more smile for your big fans:))
Happy brithday mario maurer. Long life, good health and hopefully more successful career.
Jay Z has the same birthday as me, as well as Mario Maurer and Tyra Banks
Happy Happy 25th Birthday Mario Maurer. σΎ”–σΎ”– May God continue to bless you with projects and take care of your self...
Besok ??? Bismillah.. and Happy brithday mario maurer ;))) *good night*
Mario Maurer face is cute and handsome :)
May God Bless you always in your career! hope you had a great day & stay handsome. Mario maurer β™₯
hey, now is mario maurer's birthday hmm so special for me and for all fans of mario. We hope that him always has a good life☺
Happy Birthday dearest , may God bless you all the way, and wish the best to ahead..β™₯ :*
Happy Birthdayβ˜€ 25th Mario Maurer, iloveyou β™₯☺ hope you always be a good actor,actress,always be my boy ;*
- Exactly 12 am here in the Philippines. Happy birthday, Mario Maurer! :*** God bless you! Take care. I love you!
Happy Birthday MARIO MAURER.. wish you always be happy .. I love u and i miss u. OREOS love u so much..:))
Rahtree Reborn. Mario Maurer in the house yaaa !
san wan gert β™‘Mario Maurerwish you all the best cc
Hmm cter best plok on tv. Hantu thailand. Mario maurer starring. Awww
Mario maurer on tv. Gtg. And this is last maybe. Dadaaa
happy birthday Mario,. wish you aLL the best,
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her bes... β€” mario maurer as shone in a crazy little thing called ...
SHINee's Key took picture with Mario Maurer /cries
Ayo-ayo siapa yang tau Mario Maurer chat with me now, ditunggu !!
First love,also known as crazy little thing called love,is a 2010 Thai romantic comedy film and also a 2011 asian sleeper hit film starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok luevisandpaibul. The story depicts love in the eyes of young people who first experience it and how it affects their lives and their inspirations FirstLoveLovers :D
"FRIENDS are the light when its dark .. -mario maurer(bangkok assasins) Must ssseee movie guixx .. Really inspiring !!:))
grabe Firstime akong pinaiyak pinatawa at pina inlove ng isang movie... world class tlga ang thai movie!.. Napaiyak talaga ako ni Mario Maurer ... wata story.. try nyu !.. you'll be a maze. love the ending! ^_^
Mario maurer you are on TV now..excited to see you.. Revenge
Ahm!finish to watch suddenly it's magic starring hot love team Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales
Just watched "Suddenly its Magic" starring Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales
Surprise, Miss World 2013, Megan Young and Mario Maurer now like a couple :)
Throbbing. Hmm. Mario Maurer is a heart throb. Teehee.
Indonesia love mario maurer so much! :)
I have so many male crushes like mario maurer,lee minho and so many handsome boys but Lee taemin why I'm so crazy with u? U're my no. 1
Why do people call Logan Lerman the caucasian Mario Maurer? . (Simon cowell's voice) . it's a no for me
well. this is Mario maurer. he is my dream future husband.
Mario Maurer hello, I'm from Indonesia .. I am very, very idolized you .. I cry because I love you .. :( :(
Trip to bangkok finally booked!! Bangkok I can't wait to see you again!! Maybe I'll run into Mario Maurer while im there
Name a few movies you can watch over and over? β€” A crazy little thing called love...i like the hero,Mario Maurer...
New header and new background. All about Mario Maurer :)))
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? β€” MARIO MAURER & TAYLOR LAUTNER ❀️
I wish my daddy go back home together with Mario maurer β™‘
Mario Maurer. I just can't get enough 😍😍😍 [pic] β€”
a little thing called love MARIO MAURER !!
Mario Maurer -naszalart,sorry if it does not look alike,for more my fan page here>
who wants to candle light dinner with Mario Maurer? waiting for you
mario maurer lu gnteng bgt sih... lope2 sma aktor thailand yg satu ini... would you YD an with me
Go behind the scenes of Mario Maurer's shoot for PENSHOPPE's Spring 2013 campaign.
Hi Good afternoon!pls.Like the Page of Suddenly its magic!Staring Mario Maurer And Erich Gonzales!
Get a chance to be 10 lucky winners for Exclusive Meet&Greet with Mario Maurer by Pre-Order MARIO MAURER's Perfume at
I said im thinking of John Lloyd Cruz, Kim Soo Hyun and Mario Maurer! duhh for me and ur information i didn't think of you
ayyyiiieee!!!? thanks po u made my night... i can sleep much better now... thx Mario Maurer
One of my fav. AahRT Mario Maurer, smile :)
Hi Mario Maurer would you like to play Super Mario with me? U'll be Mario and i'll be the mushroom so u can just eat me to grow STRONGER β™₯
omg can't believe I'm actually fangirling with u over Mario maurer! ☺☺
she mentally rejected everyone n boss.. cauz -she THINKS n waits of a boy who looks like MARIO maurer , BIEBER n RanbIR but ma question iz , does she look like BAIFERN PIMChanok ( nam/ fern) , SELENA gomez n KATRINA ?? simultaneously He mocks others n HOPES of getting a GIRl like KATRINA but did he look like RANBIR or SALMAN ? i do hope :-P
Mario Maurer you so hot. I love you. 😍
Can I at least have a dream about going on tour with and coincidentally meet Mario Maurer in the crowds during the concert...??
Pacar gue ganteng bgt.RT Aa mario love you so muchRTΰΈ‘ΰΈ²
GD β™₯"Mario maurer juga handsome and cool "G-dragon dong handsome and cool :*"
then what? you like him? RT"Mario Maurer don't even look like Thai.."
ehhh mestilah. We watch together with my family also bahh. Hhaahhaa. Good daughter kan me. Mario maurer will be proud!
My new haircut is like Mario Maurer in Love of Siam. or sean kingston
oppa't ba kasi ang tanda mona..pareho lng kayo ni MARIO MAURER..TSK.TSK. FACT:you easily change the direction of your eyes when your's and your crush's meets..
Watching mario maurer movie ..pimak..ang cute ni mario kahit pinapanget xia s movie..i love mario so much
Mario maurer. . . . . . . . .nobody person like him. . . .
i cant seem to stop laughing at this movie. Bisan unsa nimo kayagit sa movie Mario Maurer, your still so gwapo! with Mary and Vinz
Kissing Scene of Mario Maurer mario_mm38 and Erich Gonzales :)
Goodmorning my kind of Mario Maurer :">
Give her the song from Pee Mak.. she just love mario maurer and that movies.. feel na feel mo talaga..…
just remembered that I saw my Malay crush in the past few days cause he really looked like Mario Maurer! 😍
I saw this cute baby and you have many similarities and very special.
mario maurer is really really good looking imo. like really lol xD
wr friends dati ni mario maurer but now were like strangers! See? :( ugh.
have u watched A Little Thing Called Love? Mario Maurer is the actor! U know he is one of Key's friend?
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