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Mario Lopez

Mario Michael Lopez, Jr. (born October 10, 1973) is an American television host and actor who has appeared on several television series, in films, and on Broadway.

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King brings Candy Crush TV show host Mario Lopez into mobile games
"Like they say, you can learn more from a guide in one day than you can in three months fishing alone." --Mario Lop…
Mario Lopez hosting Candy Crush is yet another reason i want to tear my eyes out and die, but moving on
Camilla Belle felt dorky thinking of Mario Lopez running with the antelope in the exit
If your self esteem is low, a FB ad just informed me Mario Lopez is hosting an enormous interactive game of televised candy crush this week
PLEASE take that ridiculous Mario Lopez likeness off my app!! I don't want to play the game because his face pops up.
Hi Mario Lopez and Courtney lopez have fun great at time at concert.and stay safe…
Mario Lopez used the hashtag on instagram 😂
Wonder what celebrity will tell my generation about reverse mortgages. I'm guessing Mario Lopez.
Dude I met Mario Lopez earlier this year. I'm the BIGGEST Saved by the Bell nerd.
If you mean God's the one improvising- I always thought a Mario Lopez-hosted show based off a cell phone…
I never saw the resemblance between you and Mario Lopez until I saw this on family guy and I had to…
I dare you to tell me Mario Lopez hosting a version of "Candy Crush Saga" on CBS isn't mentioned somewhere in the Book…
and Saved By The Bell's A.C. Slater, Mario Lopez is the official host.
Won't have enough money for 3 max deals only have money for 2. Kcp and Lop…
Also Mario Lopez asked her to describe her fiance in one word & she said confident. I only remember her…
Trippin out cause I came to shoot this baptism and Mario Lopez is here *** !!'
Want to see Mario Lopez as a candy? Of course you do! Check out Candy Crush Saga on from July 9th
Mario Lopez IRL is pretty darn good looking.
I got told last night that I look like Mario Lopez..that was pretty sick
Patriots Extra is that new Matt Chatham/Mario Lopez venture. Mixes jocksniffing and starfuc…
It's a good feeling to both fall asleep, and wake up to Mario Lopez on TV.
If all else fails tune in Sunday nights to the Candy Crush game show with host Mario Lopez
You have to see 'Mario Kart' in which is a real thing that you can play
the frustration on your face when you were talking to Mario Lopez about MayMac 😂
.at Extra TV talkshow with Mario Lopez, promoting
18 Wheels of Justice anyone? Pensacola wings of gold? And the other one with Mario Lopez they used to bee…
Mario Lopez is so bomb and he has the cutest family
Things I'm certain Mario Lopez never thought he'd say:. "This is full contact Candy Crush!". Why is this a show???
You could have replaced Megan Kelly with Mario Lopez and gotten the same responses from Putin. She's a glorified Mary Hart.
Germany had a wall and David Hasselhoff had to tear it down. Who is the millennial Hasselhoff? Mario Lopez?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I'd wager that nobody knows ultimate women like Mario Lopez. Have you SEEN Jessie Spano?
I agree, this is a complete waste of money. Next we'll see a rebooted Godfather with Mario Lopez as Michael Corleone
Alexi Lalas and Mario Lopez (AC Slater) were at Raw last night, it's like a dream mash-up from the best of the 1990s.
Judging by the way he doesn't age, my pick for TV's favourite Time Lord is Mario Lopez
Hope ur home wasn't affected by those California rain storms. This is Mario Lopez's collapsed backyard.…
Mario Lopez talked to Melissa Rivers about what's in store for tonight's Golden Globes red carpet!
I can live with . Could NOT live with Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest or Ross Matthews! No.
George Michael dead. Carrie Fisher dead. And Extra has Mario Lopez's daughter interviewing him and his wife. Channel now changed.
Dear universe, . Please return George Michael & Carrie Fisher. You can have any politician-elect you'd like, plus Mario Lopez & Beiber. Thnx
absolute best one is Holiday in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan heart and Mario Lopez.
Nah if Mario Lopez is Mike Goldberg's replacement in UFC that is an actual joke. Also, will he sit with his chair backwards? 🤔
"Hey Mama, Wanna Wrestle?". Mario Lopez aka A.C. Slater is rumored to be taking over for Mike Goldberg on the UFC...
Mario Lopez couldn't possibly be worse than Mike Goldberg. FFS there are bright 2nd graders who would be better than Goldberg.
Word is Mario Lopez is going to replace Mike Goldberg. The only thing more depressing is if Mr. Belding replaces Bruce Buffer.
Burned ABC Family's classic Holiday in Handcuffs to disk. Mario Lopez, Markie Post, Melissa Joan Hart, the lady from Lassie. Stacked cast.
Hamilton Collection
Here’s Trump in 2012 talking Halle Berry’s love life, Mario Lopez and David Petraeus (“he’ll be back”) on Extra
Was supposed to go to Zoo Lights tonight but didn't, and then I find out the babe Mario Lopez is there 😭💔
I'm not gonna lie. Holiday in Handcuffs is my fave.. with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez..
One time Adrian was like *** paparazzi don't leave me alone" but it was the lightning...idk who he thought he was..Mario Lopez or sum
“Adrian Zmed was the Mario Lopez of his generation.”.
nice to see an actor who sticks with his team and doesn't go Hollywood *cough* Mario Lopez & Eric Stonestreet *cough*
Jeffrey on Extra tonight with Britney Spears and Mario Lopez to promote the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation!...
Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez!! They did an amazing job MCing the Awards Gala!!…
Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen just said they want to quit their jobs & come work for Rodan+Fields! AMAZING! Best company…
.on Star studded gala with Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez & Meghan Trainor! How we celebrate at…
"I think we're going to quit our jobs and go work for Rodan + Fields". - Andy Cohen & Mario Lopez.
Wow! Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez and the amazing aerialists!!
Enjoying my last night of my Hosts Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez!! Fun night.
Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen playing Plead the Fifth at 😂 @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
We are having so much fun! Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen are killing it! This is like the Oscars but way way more FUN!...
Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are in the house! @ MGM…
The R+F party has started!!! Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are the Masters of…
Just hanging out with Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen, and will be ending the night dancing and singing…
Hanging out with Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez at our gala!
THE Red Dress is getting down with Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez, & Meghan…
Sooo when Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are our hosts and Meghan Trainor is our musical guest...…
I may not be able to watch Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez in person in…
So Andy Cohen and Mario Lopez are here tonight to celebrate with us! so …
What an RF event!! Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen in the house!!!
Gala event hosted by Mario Lopez and Andy Cohen!! .
Pre-Gala VIP red carpet event! Ready for more awesome announcements, Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen and Meagan Trainor!
My moms chillen in Las Vegas at an event for her skin care line, with Meghan Trainor, Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen... 😫😍😫
We are having so much fun in Vegas! Celebrating before the Gala. Can't wait to see Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen &...
Gala-ready, Vegas style!! We are a bit excited for Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen, and Meghan Trainor! Eek!
Getting my Amy Cuddy power pose on!. What's next?! Celebrating with Mario Lopez, Andy Cohen &…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Krusher Kovalev, Egis and Kathy stopped by today to talk to Mario Lopez and Steve Kim about
Pixal Paint allows you to paint digital pixels with invisible light and captivates all audiences from Mario Lopez... h…
"Mario Lopez is the white Ryan Secrest" -
I guess Walter Cronkite was right all along, Matt Lauer is no Mario Lopez
.reaction after qualifying to Men's Doubles Final with Mario Lopez .
Mario Lopez and Tiffani Amber Thiessen Have a Mini-Reunion at the Movies: A.C. Slater and Kelly Kapowski are ...
You pay $810 to see . Mario Lopez is now playing Alexander Hamilton. Michael Strahan is now playing Aaron Burr
knowing at least one person who knew Mario Lopez
Kelly Ripa’s next co-host may be Mario Lopez: Wait, what?...
Tht's either Demi Lavato or Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor giving us some Mario Lopez realness.
I think it’s like trading Luke Perry for Mario Lopez.
Ok this Elie vs Mario Lopez has now gotten corny. IMO.
This getting personal with Elie Seckbach and Mario Lopez these better be prepared to fight in the street if they meet never mind the ring.
Y'all making fun of Mario Lopez with all them dancing gifs; but all that shows is he has good balance. Elie might get sent to ***
Elie "I'll pay for the Wall" seckbach has accepted Mario Lopez challenge
Will he pay for Mario Lopez vs Elie Seckbach though!!!. That's the real question!!!
Why are Mario Lopez and Elie beefing? Wish we all just got along
I think it shlould be the other way around!!!. Mario Lopez vs Elie Seckbach. Undercard. Mayweather vs McGregor
Whats Elie Sekbach's Beef with Mario Lopez? He is talking mad trash on him
I'm distant relatives with Mario Lopez & I just wanna hit him up and be like pls help ur fam get rich n famous
Jane Lynch snaps a in her classy with Mario Lopez.
Does anyone remember from 1988, Sean Penn, Robert Duval, young Don Cheadle, Leon, Damon Wayons, Mario Lopez what an all star cast
Sergey Krusher at radio show with Mario Lopez
Luis Manzano is Mario Lopez of the phil
"Usually I'll go to San Diego to hang out with my parents if I want to unwind." - Mario Lopez, Actor/Television Personality
Mario Lopez celebrating his birthday at club Gallery at Planet Hollywood ...
Mario Lopez just casually walks into the universal studios broadcast center. And I'm lounged out on the couch.
Ladies and Gentleman, Mario Lopez as Greg Louganis Don’t say I never give you anything of value.
Happy Cinco De Mayo! I'd like to be doing tequila shots with that darling Mario Lopez. h…
The girls in my office said I look like Mario Lopez again. Now my hatin *** boss is calling me Screech. He's bout to catch these hands smh.
Saturday at Lee's Discount Liquor during Mario Lopez in-store signing of CM TEQ bottles
Also we saw Mario Lopez and Carson Kressley so that was a thing.
Just in case y'all didn't know, Slater from Saved by the Bell was played by Mario Lopez 😏
Tonight I am going to a Grammy Event with Mario Lopez and Charlie Wilson. Rocking Blue, Silver…
Britney Spears is back in Vegas tonight with her newest and hottest dancer Mario Lopez. 󾍌
Can't wait for the show tonight with 😱 love this pic with Mario Lopez!❤😊
I liked a video Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza's BIG Announcement
My aunt was talking bout Luis earlier and she said "Mario Lopez" I left my house so quick
Mario Lopez is like the worst version of Rod Sterling.
Why does Mario Lopez literally host EVERYTHING like I see his *** everywhere
Mario Lopez as Vince Fontaine on 'Grease Live!' -
Once at Wild Card Gym I rejected a fight w/ Mario Lopez. I wasn't sure I could beat him but I was POSITIVE I couldn't live w/ losing to him.
Mario Lopez seems to have turned this production into upscale community theater.
Mario Lopez doesn't look like he's had any work done and yet he hasn't aged since Bayside. What is his skin care routine?!
This scene would be a LOT less creepy if that was Mario Cantone and not Mario Lopez.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Mario Lopez as Vince Fontaine on ‘Grease Live!’: Mario Lopez plays Vince Fontaine on Grease Live! Get the deta...
The biggest own I've ever received was when a girl told me I looked like a young Mario Lopez then later said she meant G…
great celebrities tonight love Mario Lopez
"Hollywood Game Night" is back!! And tonight features Marlon Wayans, Mario Lopez etc. Gonna be good. Coming on now on NBC
You may feel like you're in a rut but at least you're not Mario Lopez in a toenail fungus commercial.
I'm not sure what's worse: a chick watching a Melissa Joan Hart/Mario Lopez movie on the treadmill or me watching her …
"I feel Taylor Swift is the closest thing we have to a princess here in America" someone @ me Mario Lopez so I can block him for that
have you seen the Christmas kiss? Or the one where Mario Lopez is kidnapped by Sabrina the teenage witch?
Sarah... It's Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez in the most ridiculous of ridiculous.
Trudie is about to have a come apart, and Mario Lopez, aka David, is not prepared
The model on this Nerf Vest accurately depicts the spawn of Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar:
Mario Lopez gives thumbs-up to 'campaign poster' featuring Ted Cruz
wow! I'm sure La Raza and their politicians like Luis Gutierrez are going to paint Mario Lopez as a self hating Latino now.
When u look over and ur mom is googling pictures of Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez drinks vampire blood.. Aint no other way
I swear I thought that was Justin Bieber on the left until I saw Mario Lopez. 😂
Mayer comes to mind but not actor. And Clooney got married. Maybe Mario lopez? He played the part of louganis lol
Me: Mario Lopez is so cute. Emily: does he go to our school? . .🙃🙃🙃
"Idk why but adults love mario lopez"
Mario Lopez. Just who I need to see when im pumping gas
I had a dream where i hugged Kendall Jenner and did Mario Lopez's eyebrows...
maybe he meant Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell...he was almost a Hawkeye.
I wanna marry Mario Lopez.. why am I not famous
Continuing efforts to get a Speaker Series at my Alma mater, Did I mention that I worked with Mario Lopez?
Mario Lopez transfixed by Christina Hendricks’ ‘big chi chi’s’ [pic]
These are 10 best shirtless moments:
But I did have a dream last night that I asked Mario Lopez to get in my bed and he said okay and then we cuddled 😂
Chatting away: After his momentous moment he had a chat with TV favourite Mario Lopez
When you tag your best friend in a picture of Mario Lopez but she doesn't get it
I want to have a threesome with Mario Lopez and Vin Diesel
talking about The Grove? Ah, that time when I saw Mario Lopez, I'll never forget that
nope she isn't. She gave interviews to Mario lopez
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — mario lopez ✌️
A Great Big World has a new album out, and they're joining me next! -Mario Lopez
Thank God. I was just thinking today, "What does Mario Lopez have to say about UFC 193?"
Thankfully Mario Lopez weighed in on the Ronda-Holly fight. I can proceed with my life now.
Seth McFarlane is joining me in minutes! -Mario Lopez
Major Crimes Sneak Peek: Mario Lopez Has a Surprise for the Detectives - TVLine
Okay. I'll just say it. I really enjoy Mario Lopez and his wife as radio hosts.
I get told I look like Mario Lopez like 50 times a day!😂
Aha! Knew it! That fool Mario Lopez just outed himself as a conservative repube! I knew it the whole time! Pig!
I just found out Mario Lopez is a republican . A bit upset
You look like a mixture of mario Lopez and justin bieber
CNN anchor: We'll continue to cover the events in Paris on this somber day ... commercial ... Mario Lopez: Whoa! Toenail fungus?!?!
I'm looking at Mario Lopez on this commercial and the rant by might have been warranted. LOL
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I wonder if L is dating one of her society reconstructing folks. Maybe the boy with the Danny Tanner/Mario Lopez in Saved by The Bell
Mario Lopez had his first kiss with Fergie on ‘Kids Incorporated’.
Mario Lopez & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Remember Their Days on 'Saved by the Bell'
By the way, I also share this day with Winston Churchill, Mario Lopez & Jets QB, Geno Smith.
Happy birthday to Marina Diamandis, Una Healy, Mario Lopez, Bai Ling and singer Mya!
Mario Lopez is still slaying the game YEARS after Saved By The Bell.
Mario Lopez is doing toenail fungus commercials now?!? How the sexy have fallen
"Jack Daniels is like *** to me I will swallow it with no problem" -mario lopez
Agh we have crap radio stations here like we get Mario Lopez like *** is that.
9,900 to go man, hoping Mario Lopez will see it, maybe put it on Extra. 1,000 votes and I get 6 more months to get 10K
I know this guy is a premium grade *** but I still firmly hold that Mario Lopez is
Just saw Mario Lopez in an ad for Jublia, the medicine for toenail fungus. Funniest thing I've seen today
Gonna take advantage of the Spanish last name and call my daughter Carmela Louise Mario Lopez Gomez
Mario Lopez is in a toenail fungus commercial. In case you were wondering what AC Slater is up to recently.
It really bothers me how Mario Lopez doesn't seem to age at all
To be fair I met Mario Lopez on a moving sidewalk in SkyHarbor Airport.
So stinkin cool! Mario Lopez. ..yep I said MARIO LOPEZ giving out Jamberry Swag at the Emmy's!. Jamberry is...
Mario Lopez how have you fallen so far
Im missing the first episode of greys anatomy but its okay bc i saw mario lopez
my dad still mad about the time Mario Lopez only tipped him $1 at the bar
Mario Lopez just came out saying Harry is said to be playing Frank Sinatra in a movie😳...yeah sure okay
Mum: I can't believe they can get Mario Lopez to be an announcer on a Woodstock radio station!
This weather has me looking like Mario Lopez at the Emmys
Like 85% sure Mario Lopez is a 400 year old vampire that was bit when he was 20
Mario Lopez is doing toenail fungus commercials? What is happening to my childhood?
Hanging out with a little Mario Lopez before our Theatre Weekend.
It could have been worse, she could still be married to Mario Lopez.
if you watch E! tonight with Mario Lopez look for me and in the background 🙋🏻
I just saw the commercial on tv with Mario Lopez she's getting it!! (Her toe)
Dear Mario Lopez! I would like to send my children's book. It is a Mexican/Maya story. Thank you!
Hey Mario Lopez : nastyoldmrpike Wanna get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? Kindly check my Bi0. Thanks
Excited/nervous for this marine workout with lopez, Sanchez, and Mario 😁
I wanna go to the San Antonio women's expo and meet Mario Lopez😩😭
Maybe JB can replace Mario Lopez on Extra. Both make a living off rumors and enundos.
Mario Lopez is doing Jublia foot fungus ads - so sad. As bad as Gary Busey for amazon.
Mario Lopez had to put on a tuxedo for this
my life wouldn't be near as great as it is if it weren't for Mario L. B. Lopez
I think Mario Lopez must have a portrait of himself in his attic that keeps aging for him.
Mario Lopez with our Marra Forni oven! How amazing! Thanks to Vito Iacopelli for the photo. : )
yeah the one she wore for entertainment tonight interview when she did Kung fu with Mario Lopez 💜
1of MCR's family members went to my youth group's church's camp, but Mario Lopez went to my High School- & my good neighbors know Jason Mraz
I missed Mario Lopez at first but I don't mind watching Jason Dundas! He's HOT! 😍
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