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Mario Impemba

Mario Impemba (born March 18, 1963) is an American sportscaster, currently the TV voice of the Detroit Tigers and the radio and TV voice of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies men's basketball team.

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I wonder what the record is in games you've called.
.. Think we could get a look at the folks in the "New York command center" that make these decisions
love hearing the kids in the background chanting "lets go tigers" on every home telecast. Should give them some tv time.
"foul tip", OBR 2.00. A ball that goes directly from the bat into the catcher's mitt and caught. All else is a foul ball.
Suarez's nickname should be "Bambino." My husband has been calling him that since his 2nd game
Why I dislike Mario Impemba: in an empty, matter-of-fact tone, "The Tigers bullpen ERA is starting to creep up a...
After yesterday's telecast happy to be listening to and
If Suarez keeps this up, what happens next year when Iglesias is back? Castellanos LF/RF Suarez 3B Iglesias SS?
. Could you guys give a shout out to my father today? Dennis Wansiter. I can't be home with him today.
Happy Father's Day Mario...No better place to spend this day than at a ballpark. All the best to you and your family.
Can't wait to see things back to normal with and back in the booth today. ⚾️👌
I'll be there today with my dad. Go Tigers!
Best view in all of baseball. Have a good call today. Green Tigers
Don't know who those guys were that called the game today but they have a ways to go to catch up to and
If Suarez keeps this up what happens to Iglesias?
Mario and are slowly becoming a single announcer. “Suarez. E-Money”
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Our guys are so much better announcing the games. Not the same!
we all got together already and decided we're going with Geno
Rod said he had to hit a few more home runs until you were allowed to call him that. So for now it's. E-Money?
If he keeps this up he won't be in the 9 slot for long...
ironically, the more popular get, the fewer broadcasts you and Rod do! FS-1 & ESPN picking up slack
Wether the win or lose watching them on t.v. without and just isn't the same!
just yanking your chain. Got a big schnozzola myself.
hey Mario, is that a nose on your face or are you just happy to see ???
you guys are the best in the business give me something to stride for! Thanks for that!
Hurry back big fellas, this game is not the same without you.
hello to my two favorite announcers from the SRO !
I'll be going to school at UCF for sports business management and communications! Only hope to be as good as you and Rod!:)
Next step a Zubaz selfie with or do you both believe in The Curse of the Zubaz?
And yet you follow me. Makes sense.
The best. "The NHL sure has some great traditions.
domain names
I can't believe how much heart those players have.
The NHL sure has some great traditions.
I don't understand why Nathan keeps pitching. DET fans pretty smart did u hear bos?
why does the front corner of Nathan's hat look like dark/ pine-tar like? Sure it's not...but similar?
Mario Impemba just suggested calling Suarez "E-Money". look into new broadcasters for baseball
"Tigers again threaten, but failed to score! " Mario Impemba
Catching a glimpse of and from the StubHub Ultimate Seats
just watched the Leyland robot ejection on you tube. Classic!
Friday the 13th and a full moon? That's almost as scary as pitching to and Victor Martinez
Honored to play understudy for the on the mic the next 2 nights. Hey another Spartan in the press box!
I'm a VN Vet. How do I become a Monday Nite Veteran for the Tiger games that U sponsor?
There's no such thing as luck. You guys are fine.
Stop blaming** Mario for jinxing pitchers. That's totally moronic. Especially when the Tiger offense goes that quiet.
Mario is like Linda wearing Robbie's Van Halen shirt in Wedding Singer
Thank you for picking Tyson's picture as your pic!! So cool!!!
I took your advice and I "stayed tuned" Tigers didnt win but it was for sure interesting like you said lol
it's raining in East Lansing right now
Why was Ian Krol called for a balk there? I didn't see him move at all!
Mario I agree, a mgr loses his challenge and gets a free pass after the 7th inning! Makes no sense!
Your spot on with that assessment. You blow your challenge call early that is managers fault! No extra replays!!
I LOVE being able to watch the on TV but I HATE having to listen to the other teams announcers.I need &
that is not chalk out there... Painted lines, have you watched them sweep the line ?
Mario impemba might be worse than pierre.
you just future jinxed. Gonna take a Delorean or a Terminator to fix it now!
Kudos to for a great job helping the veterans with his MVP program
how does a vet sign up for the MVP program?
I'm not a fan of the Replay Challenge. Especially when it causes a 3 minute delay in the game.
The system is like ALL Govt intervention - unintended consequences far outweigh any pluses.
Lorna Collard gets a hug from Torii Hunter. many challenges do each team get?
Geesh Ausmus went to an Ivy League school & HE thinks you are powerful enough to jinx
Its amazing how much better and are compared to the chicago announcers
and watching the tigers on the iPad in Florida on vacation can't miss a game
Love watching the on with and in Lakeland, Florida!
Mario Impemba talking about Alex Avila "There's one bat that the Tigers need to get going". Seems like we have been hearing that same saying for the past 3 years. DADY
Thanks for your support for veterans It's nice to see that token of thanks to those who served.
Respect for and his work with Operation Opening Day and MVP We got our opening day DVD all 3 yrs while stationed overseas!
Can I feature you on a sports podcast in the near future?
.meets with his Military Veterans Program at the set!
The game is on tonight in Calgary... Really hope its the FSD coverage and not Hawk and WGN!
May 24th at Barnes and Noble in Grosse Pointe at 11 AM, May 7th in Shelby Twp. at 11AM and Brighton the same day at 3:30PM.
10 minor leaguers currently on the team - Romine, Worth, Avila, Holaday, Castellanos, Kelly, Miller, Coke, Krol, Putkonen
About to get my Monday afternoon on 🐯🐯
Interested in finding out other dates/locations for your book signings. Thanks! :)
3 of the best hitters in baseball in the same park for 3 days and all three in MAJOR slumps... what a weekend...
went to game today and had a huge sign saying you and are my Tigers! Ya see me?!
Or is it Grade 12 Calc??? loool. Awesome way to start off the school day
Estoy de acuerdo. I've never pronounced it any other way.
Just ordered a copy of 's new book. Can't wait to read it!!
During the Angel's challenge of Torii Hunter's non pickoff, Mario Impemba gets on his soapbox about the flow of the game being disrupted with the 3.5 minute delay. What flow of the game? That's one pitching change, one commercial break, one Sean Casey at-bat taking on and off his batting glove twelve times or one Sweet Caroline at Fenway.
I understand the replay thing & think it can be good, but they seem to be reviewing every little call.
Rod Allen and Mario Impemba may be the worst TV broadcasting duo in baseball, maybe all of sports.
Today you said they were doing the first wave of the year at the CoPa. We were doing it there Friday night. And well.
Hey Mario and Rod what is JV supposed to do, drive Kate around in a Buick?
Angels were waiting to see if they should review Romine steal.
I thought the same thing when you guys said it. Changing the timing to hold the runner.
and are always fun to listen to, exceptional descriptions and interesting stories, two of the best MLB announcers
. sitting out in left field and Rajai Davis looks like he's wearing a massive glove. Any reason for that?
I love when and have personal conversations on air.
Hey you can always become a Custodian at FSD. (Ask or Enberg)
love Mario, .but *** Enberg can fill in anytime. Just call in sick once in.a while &write nother gr8 book
Likewise buddy. Have a great season.
It was great hangin' with ya this weekend Mario!
bummed that the lost but loved the Ron Burgundy send off by !
thanks for not reading directly off the prompter. Great closing line. You are always classy. Now go play some yazz flute
So glad I experienced the 1st slice of cheddar just now with and Go Tigers!
When will Operation Opening Day DVDs be ready? I know a Michigan Marine on deployment who would dig it!
Thanks for letting *** Enberg call an inning. Met him as a CMU undergrad. What an absolute gem!
Can we trade chase headley and *** enburg for Mario impemba? He has the kind of voice that will make a wolverine purr
: The Padres coaches look like UPS drivers.
Class move on & part to have *** Enberg broadcast a inning for Detroit TV broadcast.
I love *** Enberg but and make a pretty good broadcasting team
Great job in the booth with that yahoo
...SD can appreciate a great voice calling baseball on a Sunday...thanks for letting us listen fan right here
Mario Impemba is lightyears ahead of ***
The “don’t jinx the no-hitter crowd” is already plotting ways to keep Mario Impemba from leaving the booth.
just got my MLB extra innings now I can watch every game
I love Mario Impemba but *** Enberg is WAY better. Awesome voice
tie it up at 1 with some clutch hitting from V-Mart. Special thanks to Mario Impemba for the kind words regarding the Padres
Listening to *** Enberg after Mario Impemba is like hearing Mozart directly after Rebecca Black.
*** Enberg makes me realize how bad of an announcer Mario Impemba really is
Announcer swap! *** Enberg working on and Mario Impemba on
*** Enberg hitting the booth with while joins the Great voice. graduate, as well.
Holy Cats what a play in left - Mario Impemba. Don't know why, but it makes me laugh.
Holy cats what a play by Rajai Davis - Mario Impemba. Who says holy cats?
lets get a CMU baseball shout out from Enberg here next inning if you could Mario! Chippewa and Tiger roots right here
- Mario's guys in the fancy field level seats with another dropped foul ball.
Whenever I'm streaming the and I get the opponents broadcasters, I realize how spoiled we are to have and
Favorite thing to hear during a game.. saying "I see you" well guess what. I'm in SD and I see you! 🐅⚾️
Today's April in the D Schedule: Pistons vs. Raptors on FSD now! Tigers at Padres at 4 pm on FOX Sports Plus. Padres broadcaster *** Enberg will be on with Rod Allen during the fourth inning of the Tigers game, while Mario Impemba goes to the Padres booth.
- Great book. Finished it on SB trip from GRR to MCO and then return flight. Great runs for the Tigers and Spartans.
I must confess to tuning into Scully for a while myself!
I been listening to the away broadcasters for this trip, some major HOF'ers Scully & Enberg
Any more book signings coming up on the east side?
when you see Ausmus let him know to get that line up card to the media a little faster.
Thursday in Ann Arbor and Saturday in Allen Park. Barnes and Noble.
Your book is great so far - love the early look into your time with the Angels!
Does it help you pick up the player "vibes"? I think its a great ritual. I'd pay money to try it once!
Pet Co. one of your time 5 ballparks?
only when we went to Taco Bell with McConnell! When I had to float him a ***
That's great! I'm really enjoying listening to you and Rod again this year. It's like I'm watching the game with you guys.
Hanging out in the dugout when it's quiet. No one at the park yet. One of my rituals for a day game.
Thought I was being humorous! Sorry! I watch/listen to you and Rod every time a game is on the tube!
"Nathan in search of a clean 1-2-3 inning here," - Mario Impemba. Very next pitch, Everth Cabrera single to right.
do you know what the pitching rotation is for the Cleveland series yet?
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I feel sorry for y'all baseball fans who don't get to hear and call a game. Best in the game!
how come you kept calling Ian Kinsler: "KENNEDY"?
JV gets his hit tonight. I can feel it. Go tigers
As a tiger fan, I found what announcer Mario Impemba is in his college party days 😂
Castellanos was impressive today. What type of expectations do you have for him this year?
local If you have time, could you vote for
individual game tix go on sale tomorrow morning in at 10am at Comerica box office or at
Note to self. Never get into word play with a writer or broadcaster...Stay warm today.
Depends on which bases you're talking about touching.
Gee wonder what you would have said if I said getting the sod laid!
With below 0 temps this AM, hard to believe season is just a month away.How are they going to get grass planted?
Well deserved my man. Congrats on your years of service in the Tigers broadcast booth. Where does the time go!
A shout out from this morning. My day is complete.
Eh, not that bad. Atleast you dont have to experience Mario Impemba and Rod Allen constantly...
The first spring training game on FSD is March 10th!
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I guess all announcers cannot be as good as the and everyone should learn from the and
Can't wait to hear Rod Allen and Mario Impemba back on my T.V
Can't wait for my favorite teams, The Detroit Tigers, and and
Getting Tigers updates on MLB means :) now to hear on
Pleasantly surprised to hear calling a game on the radio when I started my car this afternoon
INCYMI: Podcast of last week's Show hosted by wsg at
Are you learning how to be an even bigger shill than already? Getting ready to pretend Coke and Joba will bounce back?
Similar view in the Midwest except that the glare is a reflection off the glacier.
"Alan can't come to the phone right now, he's too busy dreaming about Opening Day."
that's beautiful but it's missing snow. Wait...what am I saying! Come on spring. Go Tigers! Have a blessed day.
does not seem possible that opening day is 33 days away... But can't wait!!
When you talk to ask him if he can get to record one for me...!!! 😉😉😉
I miss baseball & spring so much, I might ask to record a voice mail message for my cell.
exact place I now call home. Pretty big step up from metro Detroit huh.
the longer I'm in Cali, the more I miss the Great Lakes
I bet nothing can compare to the view of Comerica from the broadcast booth though! Right, Mr. Impemba?!
Fox Sports seminar in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA. I could get used to this view.
There is a Tiger game today. BASEBALL IS BACK!!
5 weeks from today I'll get to hear that old familiar sound of "play ball!" Can't wait to hear and
Mario Impemba when do you have ur first board cast? I'm sitting in Jamaica missing baseball MON
epicenter was in Nashville--EMU scores 35 runs this wknd in two games
Nice job.looks like the Griz need a closer...
Mario Impemba is the most famous person I've ever interviewed, and it was for a story that was never published by anyone. /coolstorybro.
Is that your son playing for OU,Mario?
Wow 2 upsets for local teams in baseball last couple weeks
Earthquake tonight in Stillwater registered 3.1 on the Richter Scale. And thats not counting the one the Golden Grizzlies bats laid on OSU
headed to Lakeland the 12th.can't wait!
"I cannot wait to hear and voice again." March 10th my man!!!
It's going to be so refreshing to hear Rod Allen and Mario Impemba soon. I can NOT stand Joe Buck. D:
We're excited to be working with Mario Impemba this season!
Mario Impemba (born March 18, 1963) is an American sportscaster, currently the TV voice of the Detroit Tigers and the radio and TV voice of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies men's basketball team.
The 2014 season will mark the 13th season that most Detroit Tigers games will be called by play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba for Fox Sports Detroit. Mario began calling Tigers’ games in 2002 and has won several awards along the way, …… [ 1517 more words. ]
I have Mario Impemba sitting in the floor three lounge talking about the Fister trade. Not something you see everyday.
Love Coach D too, but I think he is going to wish he had handled that better.
Podcast of this week's "Greg Kampe Show" with special guest Mario Impemba as heard on the flagship station for Oakland basketball 1130AM WDFN!
Podcast of this week's show with special guest as heard on
thoughts on trying to sign Jeff francoeur and peter bourjos ??
Addition by subtraction. This is a GOOD move for the Tigers.
I think the quotes should be around the word "some" not the word protection
also you see these these guys on a daily basis. This is really gonna hurt Cabby. Both at the plate and in life.
In this fans mind it is the beginning of the end. What is Scherzer don't sign?
that they do.But the camaraderie theseguys hadwas irreplaceable.Baseball was funin TheD again.That's what baseballis about
I've always said the Tigers needed more players that are multi-dimensional. That's why I like the deal. Salary savings helps too.
I don't get your beef w/ Mario? It's liketrolling for an argument ?
I kinda have the feeling it was mutual on both sides.. Fielder leaving.. Prince and the Organization. do u?
You kind of block people when they say that. Which is an unreasonable reaction because it is not an overly harsh assessment.
Is "some protection" good enough? I think team will miss Prince more than fans currently realize.
hope we didn't give Phil minor league coke more than like say $3 for next year he's terrible
why the *** would they resign Coke?? Have seen no positive posts from fans
That leaves $138 million and 7 years left. That is an average of 19.71 Million. Kinsler's contract averages $15.5 Million.
The Tigers signed Prince to a 9 year $214 million dollar contract. They will end up paying exactly $76 million of it.
I love the fact that this will open up 1B/DH to keep Miggy healthy.
The difference between what is now owed on Fielder's contract and Kinsler's contract is a little over $4 million a year.
Nope. It was a good trade. But if the Tigers traded Kinsler back to Texas for Fielder tomorrow, you would probably "like" it.
I don't get your point. So I'm not being a forward thinker because I agree with the trade?
V-Mart has your back for sure. Which base do you prefer to play? 1B or 3B?
Victor and Tori only have 1 more year on their deals. Taking on Kinsler's $16 M a year doesn't save much money
Interesting that you are being positive about the trade. I thought you might go outside of the box and disapprove of DD.
Vmart is a way better hitter than Prince but if tigers get Beltran OH baby
Plus, who says DD is done making moves?
that deal is old news. Phil Coke's back, Mario.
Victor's strong second half last year may have made this deal easier to make. still have some "protection" behind Cabrera.
thoughts on the trades?? What possible signings do you see us making?
Great to reconnect with on the Greg Kampe show last night. Miss hanging with guys.
Is there a podcast, or is the audio available somewhere?
Great time last night on the show with talking Tigers on
nan how bout tgat Dave dombroski this guy always has some trick up his sleeves I think this is a good move & I like fielder
Great Greg Kampe Show tonight! S/O to for taking time to be on the show with and
In between talk w/ on radio, answers sweater-vest question: "I wear them because they show off my physique."
Listening to the and on the Greg Kampe radio show on
I wish and could have a special on FSD tomorrow to discuss the trade.
We'll this turned out to be pretty good timing...listen to the "Greg Kampe" show tonight at ten with myself, Coach Kampe & Mario Impemba! We will get his thoughts on the trade on 1130 AM WDFN or
Mario, I'm in shock. Did you see this coming? What's next? Go Tigers!
What bothers me most about trade is he was never called out by Mario Impemba or Rod Allen all season.
I like the trade. Gives us more speed and better defense. I never doubt Mr. Dombrowski
I would guess Castellanos at this point.
if the Kinsler deal goes thru, does he play 2 or 1st? If 2nd does MC move back to 1st? Who plays third?
Sounds like is going to have a lot of fresh fodder for radio show tonight at 10.
Mario Impemba just signed at my gym?
Staff-ace Mike Jones Mario Impemba 1m Great move in bringing Jeff Jones back as pitching coach. Very instrumental in getting JV turned around last year.
I think I just saw Mario Impemba at my local Kroger.
It looked like Max Scherzer had Xander Bogaerts struck out. They ended up walking him on a really close, what I thought was a strike-three pitch. If he gets that strikeout, then it's two outs and who knows what happens? - Mario Impemba
I thought listening to Rod Allen and Mario Impemba was bad, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver make the game nearly unwatchable
I also learned that my education taught me how to read a book, but not how to write one. What's the difference? It's a bit like a sports commentator and his color man. Rod and Mario, to the Tigers fans. Rod Allen, a former player,understands how the game is played. Mario Impemba knows how to talk about how the game is played. I was taught how to talk about a book, not how to make one. The two do not coincide.
Dang! Let's hear Buck get excited about something the Tigers do. I miss Mario Impemba and Rod Allen!
Honestly if Rod Allen and Mario Impemba were calling this game I'd feel better about myself
Missing your daily dose of Rod Allen and Mario Impemba...Check out the Post Season Show on Fox Sports Detroit.Directly after the last out. In the meantime...a quick shot of the Fox Sports National Broadcast Team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver via Jeff Dunham
So we go from Buck Martinez on TBS to Joe Buck on FOX. Mario Impemba, I miss ya. Yeah, you too Rod Allen.
Can an amendment be written to replace the announcers for the ALCS with Rod Allen or Mario Impemba? How do I start a petition?! YEA ALDS Championship Tigers! Stunned, and grateful. Bless you Boys!
I wish Mario Impemba & Rod Allen were calling the game. They are so much better than these jack ***
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I've always felt that Mario Impemba and Rod Allen do an outstanding job calling the Tigers' games, but after listening to these guys on TBS, I have an even greater appreciation for the job Mario & Rod do. These announcers suck.
Is it just me or are these announcers just stating the obvious and being annoying? Sure miss listening to Mario impemba and Rod Allen!
I hate post season announcers. I wanna listen to Rod Allen and Mario Impemba, not these ugly guys who aren't cheering for the Tigers.
bring back Rod Allen and Mario impemba i can't stand these tbs announcers
Let's just go over the TBS announcers and where they come from. Play-by-play man Don Orsillo is the announcer for the Boston Red Sox on the New English Sports Network... not a Tiger lover, by any stretch. Buck Martinez played for the KC Royals, a division rival. And then there is Dennis Eckersley, a former OAKLAND ATHLETIC!! Screw you, TBS. I want Mario Impemba and The Rod Allen Drinking Game.
Proof positive why the Marlins are the WORST organization in baseball, Mario Impemba and some Tiger fans were about to have a picture taken when Marlins security...
Mario Impemba has got a wicked beak
Did Mario Impemba just tell a girl to bend over and pick up a foul ball , in a dirt old man voice ? (During tigers broadcast)
"what a ninth inning for the Tigers!" Mario Impemba. Take a respite from the UofM debacle and let's watch the Detroit Tigers
I never thought I would like a Tiger announcer as much as George Kell or Ernie Harwell, but Mario Impemba is kinda growing on me.
Mario Impemba: ...and the Tigers are makin it rain, right now!! Rod Allen: Whatchu know about makin' it rain. Priceless.
"Usually when Prince Fielder slides it resembles a lawn dart, but that was pretty smooth!" -Mario Impemba, 9/19/13
Mario Impemba just said something you don't hear very often: "Right now, Don Kelly is the difference."
Mario Impemba - "Infante's double back in the 2nd inning snapped a 3 for 20 skid." Sorry Mario. All it did was make him 4 for 21.
Dan Dickerson has earned his spot next to Ernie Harwell. Mario Impemba is also employed by the team.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I am not a fan of the Chicago announcers calling Pretty Ricky's game instead of Rod Allen and Mario Impemba, can't wait to come home
Mario Impemba just uttered three words I haven't heard all season: "Butler is out."
If you don't like Mario Impemba. Listen to this monotonous guy. Like listening to paint dry.
Mario Impemba "Jose Iglesias is definitely handsome enough to be an actor." Thanks Mario, great commentary...
If is listening to this Rod Allen/Mario Impemba conversation about Porcello's win total, he might jump off a tall building.
And the emotion turning grown men.. Into little boys. -Mario Impemba (Hope you stayed, Ed Golembiewski.. Hope you stayed.)
Just met the Tigers play by play announcer Mario Impemba at the car wash! That made my day lol!
Fox Sports Detroit Tiger Announcer Mario Impemba."the next homer for Cocoa Crisp will be his 100th of his career. Hopefully not here. There's a long drive." Thanks guys.
My Grandma Virginia Molstad is a big tigers fan she turns 90 on Sept 29. can you give her shout out on the air for that game?
Devon Travis the future Tigers 2B. Reminds me a little of Dawrin Barney and Dustin Pedroia combined.
Devon Travis has the most hits in the Tigers org, and 4th most in MiLB with 158. Of anyone with 300+ AB, Travis' .353 …
I'll never get tired of watching Miggy make pitchers look stupid
Watching the replay and can't believe my eyes. I envy you!
On Miggy's Home Run: said it best. "This has turned into a video game"
interesting stat comparison between Miggy and Pujols today. Both induce head shakes when you witness them at work...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I know this isn't part of the discussion - but congrats! Here's to another great 12 years!
These announcers on Sunday night baseball are lame. Can we have and do every game? No better duo in baseball
Very cool. Bulova has a nice model called Precisionist that should be renamed "the Cabrera." lol
I'm a watch geek, Mario, and you had a sweet looking timepiece on today. May I ask what kind it is?
you went to the WS with the Tigs though, didn't you? That's ALMOST as good :)
It's a great day in Arizona when you can listen to and call a Tigers win!
I try to do a whole lot of nothing.
Can you remind me what year you started as the Tiger telecaster?
Seems like you're the one that's a little edgy, bro.
Dave was a great guy. Sad to hear of his passing.
Just got done watching the Diamondback and Pirates in extra innings and now I appreciate and even more
At least 6 innings and 3 earned runs or fewer.
I can't express how much fun is obviously having calling this season.
I was wondering where that tie went . . ..
What would a lazy Sunday be if ya didn't hear and come across the tv.
In fact, the "Sounds of the Game" on FSD made us realize Comerica would be better if you two sat w/ us when we attended!
In our house, you guys are kings. Neither my wife nor myself like games on other networks. Not the same w/o Mario and Rod.
at 37 years old, can I still say I want to be Miguel when I grow up?
I bet could wear a clip on tie & no one would give him %$have the best job calling the best hitter
How can you not like Mario after a response like that?
Yes. I grabbed it from your closet. "is that tie a clip on?"
coud you please tell Rod is Miquel not Magel, sounds really bad.
hello Mario, admire your comments always right on the money.
and great job! Always awesome to hear you two call a game! Keep up the great work! Nice ring Rod!:-)
All strikeouts are NOT punchouts. Punchouts are called 3rd strikes when umpire punches the batter out.
if you watch, Gordon not only blasted into the wall... He hit the where the post is! Ouch!
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