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Mario Impemba

Mario Impemba (born March 18, 1963) is an American sportscaster, currently the TV voice of the Detroit Tigers and the radio and TV voice of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies men's basketball team.

Rod Allen Kirk Gibson

why on earth does Miggie bat before Victor? Could have been a 2 run HR. And on average likely.
Texted my mom (age84) to see how she liked the final score today and she's watching again too ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
you find out Castellanos' middle name yet? its nowhere on the internet
Good catch. That was a national broadcast so it didn't come to mind.
Actually we are pronouncing correctly. You are thinking of the pronunciation for "Jimenez". His is spelled with a "G"
You and made up for it once you knew that it was gone!
That was a pretty pathetic HR call on Maybin...NOT that I blame you. Things had been going South since that excuse me HR!
Thank you Nick for not losing your cookies on Trever Thompson!
What happened to getting out of the way to avoid getting hit? Not swinging into it and taking a base.
2 "reverse" jinxes with Miggy's two run single and Castellanos 50th RBI. Will you get credit for it?
Kinslers longevity and impressive numbers are starting to generate consideration
You had a graphic up showing these last night, so why was the tag up reviewed?
- last appeal play was v KC, huge. How soon we forget Hernan Perez.
The Tigers were called out on a game ending appeal against the Indians on June 24th! Ended the rally in the bottom of the 9th
Hey guys Jimenez is pronounced he-MEN-ez, w/H sound up front, not GEEmenez. Love yr announcing Just tryin to help
With all his annoying quirks, Jimmie is still the best broacast partner you could ask for.
ur straight-up. I think on-deck batter & base coaches should have done more to corral Miggy, if only cuz, well, basics. You?
This is so horrific that just said "the Tigers had their best chance when they were down just 4-0."
How long is that flight from Cleveland to Toronto an hour??
.Can you please teach these guys how to pronounce "Carrasco"? It's driving me crazy.
is in the park 162x a year but you cant make me believe he has a clue what hes watching. Anibal hasnt been all that bad?Lol K
did Iggy really hit into the DP? He wasn't the second out. "For someone who runs well he's hit into 3 DP's" Moya's bad there.
that's surprising that Cleveland has the worst attendance. I figured it would be the Ray's that place was empty.
I am no fan of the Detroit Tigers but their announcers -- & especially -- are *** good & arent homers like some!
When you're at work and have NO choice but to listen to Cleveland's announcers...
Talked to on the today with rotation, farm system and more:
go tigers. Just wish either gibby or jack was ur partner.
. Who are the Tigers 4th and 5th starters for the next 15 days?
Getting the field prepped for tonight on FSD.
Next up on Were joined by to talk We'll talk guarantees. Listen on
.joins and me on the How can the crack the Tune to
Fingers crossed. We need to beat those pesky Indians.
Found out today that is an author! Looking forward to relive some childhood memories in this book!
I'm glad the Tigers get nationally televised games but I'll take & over those national bums any day.
why is no one talking about he was safe at first and McCain had an eligible slide is why he was out
want to chat about Madden Football Creator Mark Mongie real time play call app launch in fall. DM ME!
So glad call of Miggy's deep fly out woke me up so I could see Nick's home run.
Do you guys realize the flag on both team's uniforms are wrong?
miggy trying to rip oven mitt off Raji on first lmao
Mrs. Drum guy looks embarrassed by Mr Drum Guy...
great to hear you and tonight. Keep up the work guys. Go !
very classy. The family was very touched.
No Bait And Switch by the Grounds Crew this time? Go
Thank heavens! These jokers talking basketball makes me want to stick forks in my ears. ๐Ÿ˜จ
that's only 8:30 here, so I'll give it a shot
Meanwhile Toronto helping out our cause vs KC. Up 4-1 bot 7th. Wait... Make that 6-1!
if I get some coffee, maybe I can stay awake
thanks for referencing Rod, big fella
nevermind...just saw that ESPN is also covering the game.
two Tigers fans in California watching ESPN not talk about the game that should be on appreciate your update, Ser Impemba ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
wonder why this game was scheduled during the evening on the 4th? Most clubs played early.
Tarp coming off for real this time. Game time 9:30PM
my app says no rain as well. What's the deal? Hope it's not the only storm to the Indians this week
Maybe a rain out is best case scenario. Couldn't they, in theory, skip the Sanchez start tomorrow?
guaranteed a win tonight...take it to the bank! I see ya, !
IDK if I should watch Independence Day in lieu???
is it a down pour there? You think they will get the game in, tonight?
Whattaya think, are they gonna play today??
I think the Indians are fatigued and looking for an extra day off. The are hot right now. Swept both Florida Teams!
When are the Tigers getting the show on the road tonight? I need me some Miggy
Mario Impemba and Rod Allen are legendary. Dan and Jim and rounding out Detroit's current hall of fame broadcasters.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I really wanted Jeremy Bonderman on this list
wow, no work for you! You know what I do when I don't have to work? Go to a Tigers game.
Yes. Kenny Albert and Tom Verducci on the call.
I know Vmart is a switch hitter, if he was having trouble from the left side last yr, why not hit right against righties?
Will Ferrell in spring training is MLB trying to appeal to the younger fans. Got to bring them in some how.
.Will did it for charity. So it wasn't just for laughs. But I agree that it takes away from real players.
If Billy Butler stole a base, I would have to assume the other team was dead.
he went on to his 5 HR over the next 2 games. And set many records. Unbelievable.
the Total Bases record story is amazing. Reporters kept bugging Cobb about Ruth. So Cobb told them hitting HR was easy.
Re: and Aren't all MLB hitters "professional" hitters? They get paid. They are professionals. They are hitters.
you and Rod are the men..heard you and Dave are going to switch roles during the year?I watch you everyday from Jackson WY.
The Royals are in 3rd place, have a recent 5 game losing streak, and lost to the Nats 13-2 = no playoffs.
14-12 with inconsistent SP and slumps in the batting lineup. Wait for that month Miggy carries us by himself
It's all about loyalty and love of the game. You cheer for your team win or lose, and hope only that they win more than lose
Long ways to go and lots of talent. I usually wait until June but I think they need to look for an SP any way possible now.
face it, Mario. Only 1 good starter, failing to get it done with RISP, inconsistent.
I've watched every game for the last 3 seasons.When the Starters come around and they will..this team rakes..Tigers are fine there's still time to release Verlander and allow a Dbl-A guy to pitch better baseball in his place?
I don't pay for wins. I pay to support a great organization that has brought me countless hours of joy.
shut out 3 times already. Terrible base running, defense not as good as advertised
last year at this time you & brad said seasons early and then the tigers ended in last place mr. I pays a lot for last place
we play xbox one and PlayStation 4. Those are the games we play!
Is there a band playing during the game?
Mario can't give a straight answer who is best player in game. Vanilla and boring.
It's like hearing from an old friend when announces games with
Talented announcer and weather prognosticator...what don't you do Mario??
Jim Leyland is scheduled to be in the booth with Mario & Rod at the top of the 3rd inning.
Cloudy right now. Light rain in the forecast.
How's the weather look in Cleveland?
The best of the Detroit Tigers, by jersey number:
Yes, that was the word potty from you just heard :)
Do the Tigers or Fox Sports Detroit realize how profoundly boring Mario Impemba is? He stinks!
I can't stand Allen nor Mario Impemba. I will admit I admired Ernie Harwell on Tiger radio broadcasts.
from the replay it doesn't look like J.D. was ever tagged
Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey if this is TV or radio. If just TV, I'll go with and
ok tigers are 9-0 scoring first. What's there record coming back winning this year.
I'd say probably not. Close though.
A question on a board this weekend: If Joe Mauer never played another inning - would he be HOFer? Whatcha think?
Do you know what brand of shoes that Miggy is wearing this year?
Better but I don't know about deeper. Lose Wilson or Lowe and it's just like last year.
it's awesome - cozy, only gods 40k. Great food, cold beer. Take the train to the stadium.
I want to see if they can keep this streak going against other teams besides Oakland and Minnesota. Go Tigers.
After attending the first 2 in Miami I was shaking my head but kept thinking it should good. It has shown well so far. ๐Ÿ‘
Tigers need to work on their base running. One doubled off second which cost them a run and one near doubled off.
It seems the right field wall is REALLY high. Can each stadium decide its wall's height?
Hey Did you "jinx" Sano by saying that he was a great base runner? Thanks! lol
how long of a leash is left for Pelfrey with Norris on the incline?
you at all worried it'll burn out if the SP doesn't start going deeper?
Five scoreless innings out of the bullpen today. So much deeper than last year.
So good to see sweep the weekend. and in booth all 3 games. Coincidence? Best TV duo in MLB
Just a correction for you...the 1983 Astros started 0-9 and finshed above .500 at there's hope for the Twins.
.thinks viewers would rather see boring post-celebration footage than the dugout receptions. Not.
Ha Ha tell Nick about that jinx.NOT
There R inherent risks in many things, keep the game pure
the best of the best since Ernie Harwell and George Kell! : l
Still can't get a Saltalamacchia shirt at the ballpark! And it is the longest last name in the MLB
Does anybody ever notice how Rod Allen & Mario Impemba give phony praise? They talk like every player is great, until traded to another team
educating about Fetty Wap is a perfect example of why Rod should ALWAYS be in the booth. No one better.
I'm with Mario Impemba at Joker Marchant Stadium. Lakeland, Florida. Saw Tigers beat the Braves 10-6.
It's a shame it didn't work out for him...
Went to play with a few failed prospects: Rizzo (SD), Russell (OAK) Fowler(COL), and Castro (CHC).. Poor guy
Is it named โ€˜Antiโ€™ due to people with sight ignoring what๏ฟฝ.. (via
some say he went on to win the NL Cy Young
Chris Bosio is MLB's best pitching coach right now.
evil brother plays for the Cubs.tearing it up...
There used to be this guy that pitched for the Orioles named Arrieta. He wasn't very good. Wonder what happened to him?
A 98-win team should not be wild card. Make top 2 each div be in a tourney, 1st round best of 3, beginning w/ doubleheader.
Sipp is a FA. Tigers should make him a target.,
The Astros closed out tonight's game with 45th rounder (Sipp), a guy waived 3 times (Harris) and a 28th rounder (Gregerson).
I wish & were announcing this game... baseball just doesn't sound the same.
freshly painted In my 9 year olds room.
you make the season for us fans when we can't be there at the park. As always, FABULOUS JOB!!!
I knew 20 years ago when you debuted with Mr. Starr you would be a great voice. Congratulations and good luck in 2016.
Already looking forward to next year with you and Thanks for all you do!
See you next year, Rod & I'm a fan in Vegas. I watch you guys, thanks to
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great job Mario! Going to be a long winter without you and your team on tv!
Until next year Rod, it's been amazing listening to u & ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Thank you Mario. You guys do great work and we learn so much from you, Rod, and Gibby. Have a great winter.
thanks, hopefully it's you and Rod next year.
Have a great off-season Mario. Looking forward to next year.
God Bless you & your family,Spend some time with the grandchild & we can't wait to see both you and next spring!
Thank you for making a tough season still very enjoyable to follow. You guys are the best!
Thanks you for always keeping it interesting, even during. Tough season.
thank you, Mario. Always enjoy listening to your broadcasts. โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ
lived loved laughed and learned. Thanks for your hard work.
Mario had a better year than the Tigers
i will miss your banter with and every night! Enjoy tho off season.
thanks to you Rod, Gibby, and Jack, we love watching. Counting the days to next year.
All will be quiet this winter without you and Enjoy the offseason and see you next year!
Thank you for entertaining and informing us all season!
Hamilton Collection
Thanks for another year of quality commentating.
You're the man, thanks for keeping this rough season manageable...see you in the spring.
Thanks to you and for another great season! Looking forward to 2016.
We have the game on every night. We appreciate the job you do. Now what the heck are we suppose to watch ?
A gigantic thank you to and for bringing us another season of Tigers baseball. Two of the best in the business.
loved listening to you, Rod & Kirk. It couldn't have been an easy season to commentate. Enjoy your time off!
sorry I missed the playing here in Seattle..but I'm hoping they come back next year here in Seattle
.you're welcome,God willing I'll be there
Nooo! What will I do without my daily fix of Impemba
Thanks for making the 1000's of hours I watched during this season entertaining.
top notch production, night after night. How could we not tune in?!
once again, great job Mario to you and your Team!
Great season guys. U did your part. Games w/were the best.Gibby was top notch player,Rod is top notch broadcaster
you as well Mario, stay safe and healthy. God bless.
fans, thanks for watching this year. I appreciate you tuning in every night. Have a great winter!
& Incase you're wondering there are 186 days until
Ruining the 68 team ball is the saddest story ever!
Heard you guys talking about autographs, my uncle when I was 5 accidentally let Paws sign his over my Ernie's autograph
Hey look, it's bought and paid for shill admitting he's not allowed to criticize the team!
The interaction between Mario Impemba and Kirk Gibson never fails to crack me up
.talks with members of Military Veterans Program on Tigers Live!
.meets with veterans for his MVP program!
Red flag: Your rookie catcher takes it upon himself to embarrass your All-Star SS in public. If it's that bad, it's your job.
Red flag: Putting Rajai on the pine for long stretches after abandoning the running game. For example, not playing him today.
Red flag: When your starting pitcher is somewhere in the clubhouse even though you haven't removed him from the game.
Red flag: When a starter convinces you to leave him in the game and then pats you on the back with his glove (2014).
Red flag: Game management skills still in question. Two words: Jose Altuve.
Red flag: come north running, but get thrown out and abandon the running game. Terrible success rate. Confused.
Maybe Ausmus is better suited for a job upstairs. He's intelligent, but his cerebral approach not what these needed.
This season is such a disaster, I can't wait until writes his book about it.
So Tram did better with a lesser team and got fired. What make Ausmus different? You can't play losing ball at home
.I'm with you. I prefer getting up at 10. 5 is waaay too early! ๐Ÿ’ค
also, have we ever discussed why McCann wears a turtleneck?
Every time Gibson is on, I learn something new. He needs to come back next year. You guys make a good team to listen to.
. Tell if he's looking for a red flag on Ausmas, he was just out-coached by Francona assuming Indians would bunt.
Really impressed with Gibby in booth, soft-spoken yet intelligent and thought provoking and with humor mixed in.
Just not appropriate for Gibson to discuss Ausmus' future when JV is working on a no-hitter. You should have cut him off,
agree with Gibby Tigers should keep Brad as manager
Let's go Tigers! ! Beat the Indians! ! Happy birthday to my son Jason today! ! 40th! Lordy! lordy! ! look who's 40
Mario I agree with both you and Kirk Gibson! Brad Ausmus has done an awesome job. Tjgers need pitchers, like Soria, lol
You mean there's a baseball game going on? Let's talk about which managers might get fired instead of Verlander's outing.
Thanks for focusing on what's happening with Verlander, rather than Kirk Gibson's editorializing.
How about equal time for those who want Ausmus fired? You want red flags? I'll supply them. Both sides, please.
Tell Gibby the opposite of modest and humble is Donald Trump.
You guys are being way too modest today. Gibby way to break the 0-for against the fans
Oh good! .& .are on today's broadcast. They know their stuff, plus they're funny.
I really hope itโ€™s you and exclusively in the booth again next season. ๐Ÿ˜”
Best line from tonight: "Nobody called you 'Guy who cases the pitcher?' "
I see ya and I see ya Let's Go Tigers
Heading out to the game today? Bring along some new/used baseball/softball equipment to donate to and
Well, got to meet Paul Simon yesterday, while I met It's close, but I think I win.
The are 2-12 since that promo night. It's just bad juju to wear that green. As would say
Good company there. If you could have gotten him to sing "Me and Mario, down by the schoolyard?" EPIC.
Jack White is rocking my brother's company, Neo Tiger shirt!
as I pulled in my driveway coming from the game Mrs. Robinson on radio. Then I read this.
if they r not going to Fire Ausmus then what is he doing to change what is happening pitiful
ifTigers haven't quit on Ausmus than what would a team look like that has quit
I see you and being like Rock Stars :)
Well, at least the parts I can hear are great (other than the frequent results). Thanks for the great work!
How many pitches thrown in this unusually long game?
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Mario how about getting me some tickets for my birthday on September 12 2015
I really enjoy listening to you but you use the phrase "no doubt" too often. It drives me crazy.
yay!! is back with The perfect pair of announcers! :)
he has been better in more recent starts against the Tigers, though
Mario Impemba and Rod Allen broadcasting games next year? A fan can dream, right?
Mario Impemba honored by veterans with appreciation award | FOX Sports -
Do you know what the record for the longest HR is? And by who please? Love JD's 467!! โšพ๏ธ
My good friend Jeff Smith from Grosse Isle is your twin!!!
Miggy hit the camera well earlier this season
did & forget just hit the camera well a few weeks ago? Amazing but settle down boys
CRUSHED that ball! Love it when drops the professional broadcaster style and just talks like a fan!
Didn't Eric Munson hit one on centerfield camera well roof, too?
J.D. Martinez hits what announce Mario Impemba says is the longest home run he's seen at Comerica Park. trail 5-3 in the 3rd
Now Mario Impemba with his nonsense about "What if they run five or six win in a row" and Rod being giddy. Unreal.
Earth to Mario Impemba: the are not "gonna run off 5-6 wins in a row." Haven't done it all year
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Why do we care if Shane Greene's pitch count is high? He's getting rocked. If he pitches 9 innings, he'll give up 15 runs.
Games are so much better to listen to when it's n not no *** Kirk Gibson
Would mgt. really trade David Price? He's the only decent pitcher Tigers have this year.
Glad to hear it. Enjoy the day and the game tonight!
Hope you received my email I sent to the Tigers about your book Enjoyed it and thought you would find value in some feedback.
Cracked me up tonight when and Kirk couldn't figure out who was driving in the Miggy/Ajax pic!
what would Asmus hit for McCann but not Davis if he is playing the r\l natchup?
stuff in the can was called Eythel Chloride
..watching this Ump. getting hit so much... why don't they use the old couch cushion protector anymore?
he's been good. But he & should save something to talk about rest of season.
. Who is commentating with you tonight?
Mario Impemba corrected Kirk Gibson on his "mute point"
So cool to hear Gibby broadcasting during tonight's him!
I respect for saying he's not good at math on air. Humble man.
Tonight's guests for the MVP program courtesy of
Mariners SS and C have different socks on. Uni violation - free out is what I'm thinking ๐Ÿ˜‰
I haven't watched many tigers games this year but this announcer is terrible (not Mario impemba ) this guy's a snoozer
I sure do wish was in the booth with They have much better chemistry than the duo tonight.
that looked like that hurt! Does he choose to throw a ball or does it just happen?
Love the former Tigers in the booth (Gibson, Morris). Keep 'em coming.
Watched Morris w/my dad, as a child. He recently passed:(. I'm coming to game Wed, can u help me get my Morris jersey signed
They should vote in announcers for the too. .
explain why Krauss plays before Marte if it's D BS
In junior high school he had a phase where he insisted we call him Chaz Fair. Fort Gratiot intermediate school.
how can u defend having Krauss w 138 BA be better than one of our minor prospects sad
for good of team put ego aside Verlander to bullpen
So sick & tired of making excuses & defending this team! They don't even look upset playing this bad!
come on man. Toughen up on verlander a little. He never looked like verlander of old during his last start. Almost hit mute
You're good broadcasters and I hope u guys don't leave but when were losing and we hear the it, its tough lol ๐Ÿ˜ good job tho!
example by Cespedes to end game - 3 runs down, baserunners needed - swings all his might at bad pitches
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It's not like Avila would be sacrificing a lot of HRs by bunting. He rarely hits HRs.
The have too many selfish players who won't take a bunt single against a shift. Make Avila always do it!
This is why I can't stand Mario Impemba. He shows zero emotion in the game. David has 10 Ks. Show a little emotion. I know Hawk would.
Jack Morris was so good in his prime he could strike out the side on 2 pitches. Stay thirsty my friend.
a question for you. Is the base running sand, gravel?
Frankenmuth tournament not so bad here
I wanna go to the game tonight but I don't know about that heat...any extra space in the booth? ๐Ÿ˜
Coming to the game tonight? Start drinking water & hydrating now! Remember you can bring in sealed bottles of unflavorโ€ฆ
great view. You guys should auction off a night with you guys in the booth for charity. If I lived in the area I would bid
Beautiful crowd, beautiful field. Good finish - on our way to successful 2nd half!
best broadcasters there are you and watch your broadcast every Tigers game and i love it.
Also wish I could reach the remote so I don't have to listen to Mario Impemba and Rod Allen's annoying commentary
. What the heck is that annoying music at Comerica DURING the game?
Hey and I'm at beeks bar in monroe mi at the give me a shout !!!
I highly doubt that & actually believe this team can even win a wild card! r garbage!
All good things come to an end. Last Miller Light All-Star Show on the . Guests today: 1-866-838-HUGE
Thanks to Detroit Tigers play by play man for coming on The Sports Pen. Catch the interview at 4:15pm ET
One thing Detroit does well is announcers. Ernie, George Kell, Paul Carey, Dan Dickerson, Mario Impemba on tv is pretty good.
great! Add battered women to dead kids and lost puppies. Awesome commercials so far!
Hey check out Some had me laffing pretty *** hard!
Every commercial this year is about some sort of life lesson. What a joke! Sell ur product and STFU
none of that during baseball season, right? Please??
I received "If These Walls Could Talk" for my bday yesterday. I travelled from Ottawa, Canada to witness Alverez's no-no.
MLIVE:5 things to do around Ann Arbor this week: see Kathy Mattea, Mario Impemba and more
about to start this book. Pretty excited.
Keep in mind I was a 3 time All-Star in the Farmington Little League, Mario
lots of familiar names to me. I'm originally from Jackson.
Honored to be asked to be part of the Michigan Baseball Hall of Fame selection committee.
And that's why you don't give Max that money. You give it to DP!
Half of David Price's starts in 2014 were eight innings or more.
Can't wait to be listening to you and again!!
Just me or does is he hugging a guy who looks like the main character from Prison Break lol?
can't wait for March 6 arrival date
it's 64 in Panama City. Going to First Pitch Classic tomorrow to watch Gulf Coast College. Ain't but it is
Wonder what the temperature is in Lakeland?
ICYMI, the establish a Michigan Baseball Hall of Fame via
Does this get you pumped for the season? You seem to love calling Miggy bombs!
Keep doing what you do, Rod. You and are the best in the biz. Wouldn't trade you guys for anyone.
Hey Mario mi amigo, thanks a million, means a lot. Best to you and the - take good care of Yoenis
They'll win the Central again. โ€œGive me some good Tigers news, buddy. My heart needs it.โ€
Congratulations to friend on his award from the Southern California Broadcasters.
"Can't wait for baseball to start and 2 hear "It took just 7 pitches for Zeid to retire the side"
NEW DSR ARTICLE: Rod Allen and Mario Impemba still hate each other. And Fox Sports Detroit Execs ponder what to do.
At the start of the 5th, Mario Impemba was talking about the fact that with a Tigers win and Royals loss Detroit would wrap up the division title. He could have, and in my opinion should have, stopped right there, but no! He had to break the cardinal rule and say "and it looks like things are headed that way, with the Tigers leading 1-0 and the Royals trailing the White Sox 3-0." I screamed at my TV, "Mario! This one's on you now!" By the end of the 5th, the score was Twins 6, Tigers 1 and now the Royals are on the scoreboard in the windy city! I know Mike Vitale won't agree with me, and with an offense like the Tigers they can certainly come back, but c'mon Mario... yer killin me!
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