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Mario Goetze

Mario Götze (born 3 June 1992) is a German footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga.

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wow like that Picture of the big bulge ...Mario götze do you?
She: Amazing people are born in June. Like Mike Tyson,Sonam Kapoor,Mario Goetze,Messi . He: Donald Trump & Rahul Gandhi too 😉
This one kid had a Mario Götze jersey in one of classes...was pretty *** Jealous
someone said Gini was back up option to Goetze. Mane is too direct and pacy compared to Mario. Not sure he was
Mario Götze going back to Dortmund is better than any love story. Still true today
Mario Götze: "I've only played 15 games and scored two goals, but there will be more - goals and assists. I have hi…
Thanks to Mario Götze's extra time goal, Germany are World Cup Champions.
Mario Götze failed at Bayern because he popped a *** on that boat
Mario Götze appears to be forcing a move to Burnley, however no bids have met his £2.5m valuation. (La Gazzetta)
Mamba? Find out all you need to know about Mario Götze's 100% unique Nike Magista Obra B...
AZ | and his former clubs Borussia Dortmund had already agreed on Sunday a date for a secret meeting to talk about Mario Götze
With the increasing likeliness of Mario return to read our debate on the pros and cons of that deal.
I know that most of Bayern fans love Götze, but Mario isn't playing an important role in the team & is always on the bench...
and Borussia Dortmund had already made ​​an appointment for a secret meeting on Monday to discuss Mario Götze's deal. [AZ]
FC Bayerns world champion Mario Goetze unhappy at the bavarians? Late-night snapchat mystory
Rummenigge on Götze to "This is wrong. We have a good relationship, but there has not been talks on Mario with Han…
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Hey Mario Götze Check out my XXX webcam. Its free all u need is an email. (Click the link in my bio)
Mario Götze shows love to "an idol" in Kobe Bryant with his new boots. Likely to be worn tomorrow vs. Werder Bremen.
What would a move to England mean for Mario Götze and
Mario Götze is ready to leave Bayern Munich at the end of this season having set his heart on a summer move to Liverpo…
If Klopp can get performances like this out of Joe Allen & Dejan Lovren, what on earth could he do with players like Mario…
In summer I still want a left back and a goalie.. A dominant midfielder and a Mario Götze please
Spotted in Germany today... No mouth for Marco Reus and dodgy eyes on Mario Götze. The Euro's are approaching.
Mario Götze: "It was very good for me to play the full 90 minutes again. I’m healthy and feeling fit."
Speculation is building in Germany that Mario Götze could return to Bild started the rumour, Welt picked it up
Round of 32: What makes you culers the MADDEST: Rodrigo Palacio or Mario Götze?
Mario Götze retturn to means only one thing to me. Someone, big name, is def. going to go in the summer. No doubt in my mind.
Marco Mario and Matthias in training ahead of the friendly v England on 23 March. 😊🇩🇪
Jogi Löw with a little dig at Pep: "It's always worth supporting Mario Götze because he can do things that others can't."
Who is Mario Götze going to replace at when/if he comes back. Surely he won't want to stay on the bench again. 1/2
Löw: "I know that Mario [Götze] can be a very important part of the team. We will discuss with him the best solution for his future."
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Liverpool or Dortmund? Some initial thoughts on the Mario Götze news:
Borussia are planning to make a move to bring Mario Götze back to the club, according to
Everyone seems to be forgetting just his injury prone Mario Götze is ...
📰 | BILD have revealed that Borussia Dortmund have contacted Bayern about resigning Mario Götze.
Mario Götze: "It felt great. I'm happy to be back. My priority is to be fit again"
Pep: "Mario Götze played well today. Lewandowski was a bit tired that's why I didn't start him"
IF mario götze were to leave bayern, which club would you rather he go to?
Borussia Dortmund are planning to sign Mario Götze in the summer: submitted by /u/p...
Mario Götze is going to Juventus this summer if Ancelotti can't convince him to say. It's as clear as day
Mario Goetze is very unsettled and unhappy at his club, what's waiting for to go tempt him away?
Mario Götze has a chance to become the best German player in the English Premier League.
BILD are now reporting that Borussia Dortmund will attempt to re-sign Mario Götze in the summer.
When you're trying to enjoy your Saturday night but you remember that Pep Guardiola is ruining Mario Götze's career
From :Reds agree Mario Götze deal in principle. Fee believed to be around £31.5m.
big clubs as they make their way to the title! Saw a link earlier where Götze's agent did accuse Guardiola of "destroying Mario"
Just here watching Mario Götze compilations, just hoping wishing & praying
Guardiola on benching Mario Götze:. "It was my decision and it was best for Bayern. When we win, then I'm right." https:/…
I knew Lallana was good. I knew Klopp was coming and I know Mario Götze is happening. I can feel it in my BALLS
Sport1 | Mario Götze is almost certain to leave Bayern. However, if Ancelotti wants him, Bayern won't sell
Mats Hummels: "It's sad Mario Götze is not playing, but for Germany his role is important; we will cheer him up."
Guardiola changed his team on 4 positions today. Mario Götze still on the bench 90 mins for Bayern. Hello England! Be …
Mario Goetze, of the German national football team and Ann-Kathrin's husband came to reclaim the car. Jason told me he…
Alright Toni Kroos and Mario Goetze in the summer please mate
You don't understand how in love with Mario Goetze I am 😍
Mario Goetze wins the World Cup for Germany with this stunning goal. Congratulations ... (Vine by
Mario Anel for sure would win every (!!!) Mario Götze look-a-like contest! :-)
Kloppo on Sterling - "This is Mario Goetze’s story with Dortmund. You cannot hold the player when he doesn’t want to be there."
If I fail, I try again and again and again. Faith! . Cit. Mario Götze🎲
“I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man” —Marco (When asked about the Mario transfer)
good morning just found out mario götze is now TEN minutes away from me and I'm headed to my first day of school crying inside
marco and auba are definitely closer now than marco was with mario götze or robert lewandowski before they sold their souls to the devil
Bayern 2nd half will feature the return of Franck Ribery & Mario Goetze. Pep rotation of players keeping everyone fresh and fit the key.
Just seen a lad the spitting image of Mario Götze in Newcastle emptying some bins. I don't think it was him.
oh wait u r actually the only one that likes Mario Götze. *** YES
I mean, did Mario Götze ever score 2 goals in the Overton jamboree? Cause I did.
True, but the question is if they know who Mario Götze is.
I'm pretty sure Tom Brady is well known throughout the world. Don't know if more or less than Mario Götze.
Mario Goetze? Aye, must have been a right come down scoring the winning goal of World Cup Final!
Ali//Mario Götze. Have you seen these curious Kaka images? You may want to see:
I added a video to a playlist How to Dribble like Messi & Mario Götze // Technique Training Tutorial
I already miss Götze... But I'm happy that Gomez is there, a Mario for another :)
Mario Goetze is gone man, last year he won me Champions League 😪
Mario Goetze has signed for Arsenal from Real Madrid on
12 - Mario Götze played all 12 games since the World Cup. He was the only one to start in the last 11 matches, too. Answer. …
If you're looking for some post-match reading, here's something on Mario Götze & his precarious situation at Bayern.
i get it now im so dkmbmsmsj im talking about mario götze im crying
"If Mario Götze was a woman you'd marry him right?". " *laughs shyly* I prefer to say nothing"
Bayern injury blow. Mario out until 2016.
My favorite players all the time : 1) Super Mario Gomez 2) Super Mario Goetze 3) Super Mario Basler
"It’s a real shame for him." is injured and will be out for ten weeks:
Terrible news: Mario Götze will miss the next ten to twelve weeks after getting injured yesterday.
This comes just after the news that Mario Götze could be out for up to three months:
Kingsley Coman and Mario Götze injured during the fabulous international break. And there are still some matches left to play...
Neuer: "It's tough for Mario Götze but I'm sure he will come back stronger"
Mario Götze didn't look like he's suffering a serious injury coming back to Germany yesterday
Sport1 | Mario Götze is doubtful for Wednesday's Champions League game against Olympiacos
Bild: Mario is fit and will travel with to Greece for the CL game
Mario Götze trained with the team today and is fit for the game against Olympiacos
"it's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be" - Mario Götze
Mario Götze has signed for Bayern Munich according to Bild. With Pep at the helm, every other team in Europe may as well g…
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Mario Götze watching today's game with his girlfriend Ann-Kathrin
Mario Götze is likely to be available for the Champions League opener away to Olympiacos on Wednesday. [] http:/…
BILD: Mario Götze will travel with the side to Greece for the Olympiakos game after missing Saturday's win vs…
According to Bild, Mario Götze is fit and will travel with the team to Greece tomorrow
I was hoping to see the likes of Mario Goetze, Sergio Aguero, Hazard and others...
But remember Adidas owns 9% shares in Bayern Munchen , and they have been tempting Mario Goetze to leave Nike but in vain.
Mario Goetze's World Cup-winning boot raises £1.6 million for charity The German striker auctioned off his boot for charity - and the result was absolutely overwhelming. A few weeks ago Mario Goetze announced that he would be auctioning off the boot which won the World Cup for Germany this summer. It is, according to German newspaper Bild, “the most famous shoe in the world” - and now it's also the most expensive as an anonymous bidder paid a staggering €2 million - that's £1.6 million - for what is a unique piece of memorabilia. The Bayern Munich playmaker scored the only goal of the game as Germany triumphed over Argentina in Rio, and the Nike boot which volleyed the ball into the corner of the net has now made a huge contribution to Goetze's nominated charity, Ein Herz fur Kinder (A Heart for Children). "Two million is such a huge sum, the good thing is that it's for a good cause and not just for a boot," Goetze told Bild. Germany's forward Mario Goetze scores past Argentina's goalkeeper Sergio ...
Mario was present at NYC's annual New Year's Eve Party! 😍
You want to know more about Then please check out my fanpage about Mario!
A little piece of Diego Maradona & Mario Götze from me in this, you seen my Mario, here is the Maradona 7 plus...
join the cult!! its die mannschaft cult, dont forget to bring a squirrel as this week we are summoning mario götze
“Dilan saw Marco Reus and Mario Götze and didn't talk to them tf” because i didn't want to lose my front row place for justin.
Mario Götze likes to leave nothing to the imagination, not ever.
Could we stop comparing every decent youth player with Mario Götze?. I don't think we are raising an army of little devils.
When was the last time you screamed? — When Mario Götze faved me ☺️
my own jokes make me laugh so hard i feel like mario götze and his love for himself
if i actually get a boyfriend in the future im making him play with my hair and worship mario götze with me
Happy Birthday to the craziest guy I know or is he Mario Goetze? 😂😂
5min ago Mario Götze was on the pitch. I can't find him now. Where is he? Did he get out? If yes he only played 15min!
I had a dream I was best friends with Mario Götze last night, it was pretty awesome
No sus but why does Liam look like Mario Goetze
On this day six months ago, Germany won the World Cup thanks to Mario Götze’s extra time goal.
Hot wife, World Cup, playing for one of the best teams in the world. Mario Goetze definitely wins in life 👌
Mario Goetze playing darts in the valiant!
Фотосет: Manuel Neuer and Mario Götze react to a missed shot by the German Handball Team during the...
"(...), but unfortunately Marco Reus got injured again. Keep your head up and get well soon my friend!" Mario Götze via fac…
A phenomenal goal by Mario Götze, which brought us back to the promised land.
Jabari Parker and Giannis are the Marco Reus/Mario Goetze of the NBA, which makes Jason Kidd the Klopp of bball
Mario Götze's World Cup winning cleat sold for 2 mill smhh
Mario Götze is a robot sent from the future to save the world
Q10) Mario Goetze scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup Final. But who did he come on as a substitute for?
Mario Gotze and Marco Reus during a family dinner last night
SHAN - this dirty boot cost over S$3m!!. It is the left boot worn by Mario Goetze when he scored the winning goal...
The cleat Mario Götze used to score in the World Cup Final just sold for 2.5 million at auction...
Mario says that table tennis has helped him get back among the goals:
My sister met mario Götze but hasn't asked for a picture. How dumb can u possibly be?!
3 final nominees for the ballon d'Or in my opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo (winner), Mario Goetze, and for sure messi is gonna be there
Bayern Munich opened a seven-point lead in the Bundesliga on Saturday as they warmed up for their Champions League clash at Manchester City with a 4-0 hammering of Hoffenheim.Pep Guardiola's Bayern have already claimed their last 16 place as group winners with two Champions League games to spare and have now opened an ominous gap at home.Mario Goetze and Robert - Read more:
Ah yes Mario Götze is just the same age as me and he is already a great player. I'm still stuck at trying to figure out what I want
I think Mario Götze is a better player coming on as a sub. Ribbery looks ready to start games now. Bring the old Bayern Munich XI back.
What do you think, if Robert Lewandowski and Mario Götze would have benn in BVB side, what would be the result? I...
“You know, when I’m not feeling so good, I find that large amounts of pretzels help.” quem é que falou isso? Mario Götze obviamente
I think I'm falling in love with Mario Götze.
mario Götze makes me wanna slam my head repeatedly on a brick wall
2014 World Cup Day 05 ]Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal controls the ball against Mario Goetze of Germany - Hi_story
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My eyebrows are on a maximum Mario Götze and I feel blessed.
Anonymous said: Did you saw Audi Star talk with Mario Götze?? If yes, what do you think about the moment...
lucky-number-sev7n: Marco Reus and Mario Götze are in love, they are stupidly in love and if you can’t see...
"No, I don’t know… anymore…" - A stottering and smirking Mario Götze on whether Marco Reus will play for...
Bundesliga top scorers: Nov 1 (Infostrada Sports) - Top scorers of the Bundesliga on Saturday 6 Mario Goetze (...
“I wonder what will happen if Mario Goetze assists a Lewandowski goal.”
Brings back memories when Mario Götze scored against BVB, but then he didn't celebrate..
70 Franck Ribery replaces Mario Götze, who did not contribute much today
Ribs Ribs Ribs.he is coming on for Mario Goetze. . Need the golden touch from u, Your Excellency!
Mario Götze: . "Of course I'd love it if Marco Reus comes to but it's his decision (to make).".
Will you please make one lockscreen of Mario Götze? Thank you ❤
No midfielder in Europe’s top 5 leagues has scored more goals this season than Mario Götze (6).
don't sleep on the real Mario (Götze), his goal turned us into World champs. :P ... sick squad tho! :|
Pic : Mario Goetze during the game against CSKA
"In the match it all happens intuitively.'' - Mario Goetze
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PSG sink Barca; Chelsea, Bayern win 30 September 2014, 23:10 Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Paris St- Germain went top of their Champions Leagues groups on Wednesday with valuable victories in the second round of matches. Bayern won 1-0 win at CSKA Moscow, Chelsea prevailed by the same score at Sporting Lisbon and PSG edged Barcelona 3-2 in the most eventful match of the night. Bayern's goal in Moscow came in the 22nd minute when Thomas Mueller calmly converted a penalty after CSKA's Mario Fernandes had recklessly pulled down Mario Goetze in the area. The closest that CSKA came to equalising was when Roman Eremenko hit the Bayern post with a left-foot drive, five minutes before half- time. The Bundesliga champions managed to play out the second half without too many scares for goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. "This was an important win for us, and I think we just about deserved it," said World Cup-winning keeper Neuer. "To be honest, we should really have killed the game off with a second goal." This video is not ava ...
I feel like Mario Götze is very underrated because he's a good player but no one talks about him
I've said it before but I still think Mario Götze and I should be best friends
Remember when Mario Götze scored and like no one really celebrated and he stood there like, "K then"
Mario Götze: "We can be happy that we scored that one goal in the first half. But all in all we just were not clinical enough."
Mario Götze: "We had a lot of possession and created a lot of great chances as well. We missed them and should have scored more goals".
mario götze's girlfriend is so hot I need to step my game up
Mario Götze has the same fat face that I have. We're practically the same person
Mario leaves the pitch for Xherdan (76')
Mario Götze isn't in the top ten number tens in the world I'm sorry I don't rate
The penalty was because of a foul on Mario Götze. Breaking a streak of 4 penaltys because of a foul on Robben. (via
There should be a law in which it should clearly be stated that Mario Götze & Marco Reus are not allowed to be shirtless, bc the chest pains
"The number on Mario Götze's jersey is the percentage that Neuer has been outside his box.". - ESPN Deportes Commentator
No chance for CSKA to stop Götze when Bayern push so many onto the defensive line, and then Mario drifts in between the lines.
GOAL Bayern: Thomas Mueller converts the penalty kick from the foul on Mario Goetze to give Bayern the 1-0 lead over CSKA …
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Photo: Mario Götze before the Champions League match against CSKA Moscow on 30.09.14
Mario Götze/Marco Reus; this unrequited love to me is nothing but a one-man cult and cyanide in my styrofoam cup. Dem feels
Back Mario Götze to score first tonight at 5.00 on bwin. All odds here -
Mario Götze has been going ham this season. What are they feedin' that boy
Mario Goetze and Muller who is your player of the month
Finally made an edit of this cutie Mario Götze 😘 // + btw thank you so much for 200 followers 💕
Especially with Xabi Alonso and Mario Götze in top form, We should be able to dictate possession and shot totals.
Mario Goetze (third R) of Bayern Muenchen runs with the ball in the course of a coaching session
Judas, *** "Mario Goetze moving to Bayern Munich from Dortmund, before semi final with Real Madrid
Vídeo: mario-gotze-fanpage: Goalscoring Götze’s Silky Skill Move And now it would be nice if a non german...
Mario Goetze netted a brace as Bayern Munich moved top of the German Bundesliga with a 4-0 win victory over Paderborn as Mainz 05 missed their chance to take top spot after only drawing with Eintracht Frankfurt. Goetze put Bayern in front in the eighth minute, calmly slotting the ball past Paderborn goalkeeper Jose Reina from just inside the area after being set up by Thomas Mueller. Robert Lewandowski made it 2-0 five minutes later with a longe-range effort and almost extended Bayern's lead further shortly afterwards but for a timely block. Mueller was again the provider for Goetze's second goal of the game 12 minutes from time and the Germany winger got on the scoresheet himself with five minutes remaining to complete a comfortable win. The result sees Pep Guardiola's side move on to 11 points, two clear of Mainz, who let a two-goal lead slip against Frankfurt to end up drawing 2-2.
2014 World Cup Day 05 ]Joao Moutinho takes on Toni Kroos of Germany, Mario Goetze and Philipp Lahm - Hi_story
Pic : Mario Goetze during the game against Hamburg
Always knew had some german in him 👏 s/o Mario Goetze
“someone take justin to get his eyebrows done” Mario Götze could teach him
Just got told I look like Mario Goetze. I'm happy with that
It's weird how Mario Götze is 5'9" and looks like a midget compared to players but if I were to stand next to him I'd be so much shorter.
Jaani, youth main injuries to must haen. Also, Mario Goetze, Griezmann. Lovely generation ahead, my burhapa is settled.
I wanna go to germany just for the oktoberfest rn and to meet the eyebrow god mario götze
Hey;. gotzemario. Hey Mario Götze; just wanna say dat ur my No.1 German soccer player of all time, hope…
also today is Octoberfest and I'm here spending my night with some little previous things of mario götze
now writing a new Mario Götze OS I have such a lovely idea hehe
Rafinha goes out, Mario Goetze going in
so left my phone on charge in the kitchen last night someone lifted it and questioned why mario götze is my lockscreen.. why would he not be
New trailer for WE 2015, Asia's version of Video features rain and a familiar goal from Mario Götze:
I like how perfect Mario Götze face fits perfect between the wifi and the time
UEFA have confirmed that winner vs Man City has been given to Jerome Boateng, despite a deflection off Mari…
Mario Goetze makes me all weird, because he is sexy af ♥♥
When thinking of similarities between & 1st thought was we don't have Mario Goetze & then I realised Dortmund doesn't either ;)
A boy in the biggest loser teen looks like the fat version of Mario Götze
Congratulation Mr. Götze and to your team hope you will read my message and will reply one day it's my big dream :)
idk if it was a dream but i had seen mario götze in a chelsea jersey done deal 😪
you gotta be joking.what of Kroos,muller,schurle and Mario goetze ? those lads are performing well for there respective clubs
mario goetze score in dying minutes of FIFA WC 2014 :-(
mario götze is so beautiful, if u disagree i will slap you into another dimension.
In that picture I somehow look like mario goetze... lol
i would probably sell my soul to protect mario götze if i'm being completely honest so you're in good company
A guy that looks exactly like Mario Götze goes to PCC!!!
Mario Goetze. For moving to Bayern Munich from Dortmund, days before their semi final clash with Real Madrid
MUNICH, Germany, Sept 17, 2014 (AFP) - A superb strike by Jerome Boateng with a minute remaining earned Bayern Munich a dramatic 1-0 victory against Manchester City in their opening Champions League game of the season on Wednesday. An inspired performance by City goalkeeper Joe Hart looked to have secured his team a point in the meeting of the English and German champions at Munich's Allianz Arena. But former City defender Boateng hammered a volley into the net in the dying seconds, although his venomous strike appeared to take a deflection off Bayern's Mario Goetze on its way in. Hart had pulled off a string of fine saves from Thomas Mueller, David Alaba, Goetze and Boateng but the England international was finally beaten as Bayern earned a deserved win in their opening Group E fixture. Manchester City had come back from two goals down to beat Bayern 3-2 at the same venue in last season's group stages and they started with Edin Dzeko, who has yet to score this season, leading the attack instead of Sergio ...
this is my home screen and iM SO DEAD i loVE mario götze
Mario Götze will always be bae. No matter how ugly his shoes are. 😂
Mario Goetze is younger than me. How do you think that makes ME feel?
Wow Mario Goetze wishing happy birthday to She's too popular!
why is there so much mario götze on my timeline what is going on
yo josh d, . where u been at, you haven't been playing good so ima need you to step ur game up . love, mario götze isabella
This is the new PES 2015 Cover featuring Mario Götze!. Read more
Mario in yesterday's game against Scotland.
Shaqiri, like Mario Götze, will get "Neil Ruddock" fat within seconds of retiring from football.
3 Guys you should never mess up with:. Mario Götze ♥. MarcoReus ♡. And this girl ;) ♥♡
I’ll only be satisfied if Marco Reus marries one of two people:. 1.Me. 2.Mario Götze
Mario Götze is the greater technical player but I still feel he's less of a loss than Reus would've been.
"The little one wanted to help out," says Scottish commentator on referring to Mario Götze
how can you not love mario götze. he's the textbook definition of perfection.
"It's nice to be loved by the fans, thanks for singing my name! Really grateful!" -Mario Götze
In theory, with Mario Götze Germany are the perfect team to play with a false nine. However, as we know, theory and reality can differ.
Last year Pro Evo Soccer had no marketing strategy, unlike this year's with Mario Götze in the front cover.
Let me tell you something about Berlin, there are no advertisements featuring Mario Götze there
mario götze is president of the marco reus fan club and he's so lucky he gets to see his idol every day at work
Mario Götze was whistled and booed by some sections of the crowd. . It makes me too sad.
Mario Goetze is a player...class act
Awww, baby...There's a next time, Mario :)
Mario Goetze has bigger boobs than Alex Morgan. Facts.
Mario Götze being booed and whistled at was the best way to find out they're playing in Dortmund.
“Mario Götze receiving a tiny amount of jeers from the Signal Iduna Park crowd.” BVB never let go
Photoset: cfnm: Mario Götze CFNM. - Get a look at more HERE Get your CFNM updates @
mario götze's icebucket challenge oh gosh i could watch it all day 😂
mario götze's voice while he talks english is so deep and clear :(((
Can't help but feeling Mario Götze left Dortmund way too early for the big move to Bayern
That sub Tommy Thompson was VERY impressive v. FCD. Reminded me of Mario Goetze. Hope to see a lot more of him.
Mario Goetze can sit down and do nothing the entre season and we wont be mean because the World Cup.
Mario "Manboob" Götze's ice bucket challenge was weak he basically flinched out of it before it finished pouring
remember when Brina and me looked at *** pictures of Mario Götze? :D
mario götze doing the ice bucket challenge was the cutest thing ever
this one emoji reminds me of mario götze: ☺️
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yeah of course neymar is hot but have you seen mario götze?
i like how mario götze just dumps the water right on his face,, i laughed
Vídeo: jynmikaelson: mario götze ice bucket challenge. I knew that Mario will normalize marco. that was so...
Mario Götze did the ice bucket challenge my life is complete
Mario Götze being adorable with one of Jerome Boateng’s beautiful twin daughters. …
Mystery solved: Why did Mario Götze keep waving a jersey that doesn't belong to him?
mario götze is so hot and so his girlfriend i already can imagine what their kids will look like
Mario götze's ice bucket challenge is probs the highlight of my day what a ***
Diaporama : g-oetze: Ice Bucket Challenge ↳ Mario Götze (x) "David, I knew that you will nominate me. Thank...
He's a very ice man for doing this. Mario Götze joins to support ALS charity (via . ht…
As they left they told me I looked like Mario Götze 😏⚽️👌
Day20: Last day upploading pictures of my love Mario Götze, Ich liebe dich liebe😍 💙
mario götze's eyebrows are the reason i breathe
Oh my gosh! My sassy cousin, Melanie and I finally agreed in one thing after all these years! She thinks Mario Götze is cute too. 😭😍🇩🇪
I loved him so much, don't think I've loved anyone as much/more than him since Thierry Henry. Mesut Özil is way up there, Mario Götze too.
So since You're wearing Bayern München Shirts, can i ask you something? Do you like Mario Götze bc i love him 😊🙊🙈
Álbum de fotos: nakedfabray: i watch for the games but you’re a great bonus - mario götze
Mario Götze honestly my favorite player right behind Cristiano.
Psssh I'm totally not obsessed with Mario Götze
Last night with my favorite girl, favorite rapper, and favorite soccer player Mario Götze
“People call me the German Messi, I prefer being called the German Cristiano Ronaldo”. — Mario Götze
only a month! I don't think I'll be able to top my signing of Mario Götze for free though!
Hope we try Götze at CM this season, Lahm needs to be played there because he's good at reading the game and moving the ball. Mario might.
World Cup JerseyAve.mnl goes football!⚽️. Featuring Mario Götze and his championship goal at the 2...
big up for your post " Mario Götze || || || Winning Goal || Super Mario || ...
I just meet a Mario Götze fan like me , we've been following this player since 2010
If I could change my name it would be mario götze 👏👌
I know that one day im going to meet Thomas Müller and Mario Götze or maybe the whole German team!!
Mario Götze, Germany's soccer star, gets love from supermodel girlfriend and ... - New York Daily News -...
Mario Götze with Marco Reus shirt, that if you are a Friend.
Thank you, Mario Götze, for scoring the winning goal for Germany. Here, have some cake.
Mario Götze edit by me. Just added a bit more quality to it and a few effects.
Reporter :If Mario Götze were a woman, you would marry him, right?. Marco Reus:(laughs) I prefer to say nothing ..
"Germany have two wonderful young players: Mario Götze and Marco Reus. And the best part is that one is..."
my ideal weight is the weight of mario götze on top of me
Mario Götze must feel weird when he plays bvb bc that's his old club and he went to their rivals...
“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone”. — Mario Götze
Mario Götze's girlfriend nearly left him when he signed for Bayern; she's a huge Dortmund fan
Relate to this if you understand football...The same reason Mario Goetze left Borrussia Dortmund for Bayern Munich is the reason Robert Lewandoski left BvB for the Bavarians...wa kufura wafure..truth is always so nuh sell out me bredda fi piece of silver...
Mario Goetze has alerted clubs across Europe to his availability after admitting he isn't happy with life at Bayern Munich. The 21-year-old, who headed to the Allianz Arena in 2013 after making his name at Borussia Dortmund, has grown tired of sitting on the bench at the Bavarian giants, as noted in a recent interview with German media, via Metro: "Of course I'm not happy," Goetze said. "I want to win back the trust of the coach to play more." Metro indicates Chelsea are interested in the talented playmaker, but they will have to fend off interest from Arsenal and Napoli if Goetze becomes a viable target.
Current Affairs at Glance From (13-07-2014 to 21-07-2014): - BRICS 7th summit will be done at Russian city of Ufa. On the sidelines of 6th summit this declaration was made in Fortaleza. New Leader of the reconstituted BJP Parliamentary Party for both Houses of Parliament is Narendra Modi. New Head for E- Seva in Telangana is B.Sreedhar. New Secretary to Department of Fertilisers is Jugal Kishore. New Secretary to Department of Department of Telecom is Rakesh Garg New Secretary to Department of Administrative Reforms is Sanjay Kothari Football World Cup Lifted by Germany by defeating Argentina. This is the new chapter in the history of Germany. Germany is the first European team to lift the World Cup in South America. All important goals made by Mario Goetze in 113th Minutes. Cygnus, Private Spacecraft, Launched in US. In a mishap on 13th July 2014, INS (Indian Naval Ship) Kuthar Warship was damaged. After INS Sindhurakshak Sank on 14th August t 2013, this was the 15th such incident. International Jawa Day ...
kissing her chin is love? My love for mario götze is greater than elounor One Direction
, hey luigi guess what! what mario? Guess who scored goal at World Cup! Who mario? It was me mario, you Goetze believe it lol
I have watched so many Mario Götze interviews that I can tell you he like to rub his ears (it's his thing)! It's so adorable!
Bayern Munich have signed Felix Götze, Mario's 16 year old brother, from Dortmund. He will play for Bayern II.
'Who's Mario Götze?' 'Annabelle's boyfriend of course' sometimes I love the people at my scouting
- World Cup 2014: Mario Götze's stunner wins cup for Germany for fourth time | World Cup 2014 final |
Reus' agent is Volker Struth. Same agent of Mario Götze. He's laid out career plans for all important clients. Do the math.
Had a dream last night that it that Mario Goetze was not eligible to play for Germany. Cue catastrophic footballing consequences...
what a take.and what a beautiful finish Mario you beauty!! Deutschland ist Weltmeister!
Following Mario Goetze's Game-Winning Goal, His Girlfriend Steps Into Spotlight now he's just be se…
Mario Götze scored the winning goal at the to clinch the finals for Germany against Argentina. . Did you...
love/hate Mario Götze bc he scored the goal against Argentina but bc he's so *** cute 😩😍
Congratulation Germany thanks to Mario Goetze for amazing Gol 😃😃I won the bet🙋🙅
Ishant is the Mario Goetze of this win ... Messi (aka Bhuvi) ne khilaya phool, phool ko le gaya Mario Goetze
"Hello? Mario Götze? Yes, I am the one who bought Toni Kroos..."
Mario Götze "Barcelona are a great team, but I think every footballer's dream is to play for Real Madrid."
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